Treatment Essentials Second Edition E-Book

Treatment Essentials Second Edition E-Book:

Practicing Natural Allopathic Medicine

Dr. Sircus’s practical teaching manual for how to use his natural allopathic medicine protocol including dosages and treatment methods.

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What I have gone ahead and done is put together enough information, delivered in the right form, to enable patients to realistically think about beating down their own cancer in their own homes without excessive medical intervention. It is all laid out in my Treatment Essentials book.

Natural Allopathic Medicine has stolen the high ground, medically speaking, redefining as it does the core of medicine, which can be visibly seen in emergency room and intensive care medicine—places where medicine has to deliver the goods in terms of instant therapeutic effect.

The core of the protocol presented in Treatment Essentials redefines the way emergency room and intensive care and even hospice care should be practiced with a profile of highly proven fast-acting and safe, concentrated, injectable, nutritional medicines. At home these same medicinals taken orally or used transdermally (topically) will save the day when all else fails.

There is something in this book for everyone. The poor people in the third world and the rich and powerful with unlimited funds to throw at their disease, doctors and healthcare practitioners of all stripes will find at least one key answer that will fit into their present framework of practice.

Section One

  • Introduction
  • A Beautiful Form of Medicine p 7
  • What This Book Is About p 12
  • Treating At Home p 16
  • What You Need to Know About Treatments p 19
  • What Is This Protocol Useful For? p 22
  • Natural Allopathic Medicine Protocol Components p 25

Section Two – Cancer

  • Turnkey Cancer Treatment Program p 29
  • Divine Cancer Mathematics p 41
  • Catching Cancer Cells in a Deadly Crossfire p 47
  • Chemotherapy is worse than Worthless p 52
  • Transdermal Breast Cancer Treatments
  • Testimonials to Surviving Cancer p 62
  • Cost of Cancer Treatments – Natural Allopathic Vs. Allopathic p 67

Section Three – Protocol Components

  • Magnesium Chloride Is Dose Sensitive p 73
  • Magnesium Massage for Cancer Patients p 82
  • Better Sleeping with Marijuana & Magnesium p 86
  • Sodium Bicarbonate & pH Medicine p 91
  • Iodine p 102
  • Selenium p 113
  • Using Vitamin C for Heart Disease, Cancer & Cell Protection p 124
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) (Legalized Medical Marijuana without THC) p 131
  • Breathing Retraining p 137
  • Blowing Bubbles - Revolutionary Cancer Treatment p 145
  • Tears of the Melting Heart p 147
  • Far-Infrared Thermotherapy Heat Treatments p 153
  • The Sun & Vitamin D p 167
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy p 173
  • Seawater p 189
  • Gerson Therapy & Sodium Bicarbonate p 196
  • Real Salt p 201
  • Medicinal Quality Water p 207
  • Healing with Sex, Love & Intimacy p 218
  • Superfood Medicine & Nutrition p 223
  • Essentials of Natural Chelation p 231
  • Enzyme Therapy for Cancer & Digestive Diseases p 237
  • Juice & Water Fasting p 244
  • Aloe Vera & Cancer p 256
  • Diabetes Epidemic Rising Dramatically p 274
  • Organic Sulfur, Glutathione, Garlic, Sodium Thiosulfate & ALA p 261
  • Treating & Preventing Diseases of the Colon p 275
  • Yoga for Cancer Patients p 285

Section Four – General Applications & Information

  • Avoiding Complications & Death from Influenza p 293
  • Medicinal Baths p 300
  • Difficulty of Lifestyle Changes - The Agony & the Ecstasy p 308
  • Self-Diagnosis p 315
  • Nebulization p 320
  • Hospitals Don’t Have a Clue p 329
  • Sugar Addicts p 336
  • Natural Allopathic Medicine & Humane Pediatrics p 344
  • Prevention & Treatment of Vaccine Damages p 346
  • Malaria, Tuberculosis p 354
  • Parkinson’s Disease p 360
  • Multiple Sclerosis p 366
  • Back Pain & What To Do About It p 376
  • Dealing with Detoxification Reactions p 378
  • Warnings & Contraindications p 383

Please be advised that this is an E-Book but not a pdf. It is in ePub form meaning it's beautiful, you can print and navigate to references inside the document and outside to resources available on the Internet.

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Aproximate Number of Pages: 400
Avaible File Formats: .epub and .mobi
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