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Cancer, Children and Cannabis

Published on April 2, 2012

There has been a lot happening in the world and in my work as of late so I would like to give an update. First of all, for those of you who enjoy following me closely, my daily communications continue on Facebook.

I have not been publishing as many newsletters as usual and one reason is that I have been into my cancer writings. This week The Changing Landscape of Cancer goes into final production and it will serve as a primer for a suite of five books that cover the depth and breadth of my work in oncology.

I am presently working on Breast & Prostate Cancer, which will cover all sexual organ cancers as well as the soft underbelly of cancer in general—the emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual stresses and trauma people go through. For those anxious to read my work in this area, see my Soft Medicine book. It holds much of the material that will see the light of day in this new cancer book.

Then I will come out quickly with a second edition of my Winning the War on Cancer book, which will be more focused and cover everything that my Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment book, my Medical Marijuana book and these other books do not cover. With five books covering the subject of cancer I will have a totally comprehensive medical approach to the treatment of cancer.


In terms of medical marijuana, the question is being asked, “What more evidence does the U.S. government need to understand that the current approach to fighting the Mexican drug cartels is failing? All the evidence suggests that the efforts to crush Mexico’s violent drug cartels have failed. Why won’t the White House listen?” They don’t listen because they are cruel and psychopathic beings who have sold their souls to the system and everything they receive from it.

It is clear beyond doubt that medical marijuana should be prescribed in large oral dosages (hemp oil or raw cannabis) to everyone with cancer (for those in search of complete cures) and that many of the symptoms and even the stress of this disease can be addressed by smoking, which, yes, means getting high.

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3-Year-Old Uses Cannabis


Marijuana is the best medicine for 3-year-old Cash Hyde of Missoula, Montana. The boy’s parents defied doctor’s orders—and Montana law—to get their hands on the medicinal treatment their son needed after he was diagnosed with recurring brain tumors at 22 months old. “I’ve had law enforcement threatening to kick my door down, but I would have done anything to keep Cashy alive,” Mike Hyde, who said he has long been a proponent of the drug, told

Missoula Police Sgt. Travis Welsh said, “Obviously, this man’s intentions are for his child.” The Hydes and the doctors decided to wean the toddler off a cocktail of drugs that included methadone, ketamine and morphine. Their son went through 30 rounds of radiation without one bout of nausea or any pain medication other than medical marijuana, according to his father.

Dr. Allison Dering-Anderson, clinical assistant professor in the college of pharmacy at University of Nebraska does not condone breaking the law even if it’s to save a child’s life from cancer. “It’s not acceptable to break the law,” said Dering-Anderson. “I’m sorry for this child and for this family and for all they’ve gone through, but… our licenses depend upon upholding the law.”

Dering-Anderson said she has deep concerns about children taking medication (medical marijuana) that is not specified by a doctor and without clear oversight of their care. From my perspective doctors are forced to be more interested in their licenses and following the lockstep of a type of medicine that hurts more people than it helps. I am concerned for people who put blind trust in these card-carrying doctors who refuse to look beyond what is mandated by the AMA and the FDA. Oncologists are cornered and have no choice but to put the law ahead of the wellbeing of their patients. It is a sad state of affairs when doctors are forced to abuse their patients because of laws and governmental medical rules that dictate which treatments are legal and which are not. Today, to stand behind the law is to become alien to the truth about how to best care for patients and address their needs. We have cruel laws administered by cruel people and aggressive institutions that have no right to accept responsibility for the health and wellbeing of any human being.

Raw Michelle published about other cases where medical marijuana is the right choice for medical treatment.

At 16, Kristen Peskuski was suffering from joint inflammation and an array of autoimmune conditions which made her organs and other tissues swell, including interstitial cystitis and lupus. She was prescribed over 40 different anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and painkilling medications to combat the symptoms. Still struggling to bring the symptoms under control, Kristen developed steroid toxicity. She was told that the most she could hope for was reduced discomfort, and with luck, she might make it to her 30th birthday. Seeking alternative treatments, she began juicing raw cannabis leaves every day, and within two months, Kristen’s back pain had been eliminated, and she had stopped using any other painkillers.

At two years old, she was diagnosed with terminal brain tumours. Her mother was told that with treatment, Amber had a 10 percentchance of survival. After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the tumours were still spreading. Her parents were advised to take their child home, make her comfortable, and prepare for the inevitable. A month later, her parents reported a startling change. The tumours had decreased in size and number. The family had been juicing cannabis leaves and feeding their baby a few ounces of the juice each day.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Introduction to Natural Allopathic Medicine eBook Cover


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  • Adam Smith

    I believe the “warning below is fake: When I searched for one of the below doctors I found the same exact wording on many sites. This takes lots of time and effort to accomplish – therefore its a planted comment designed to fool the public – like the which is also designed to turn people off of alternative healthy choices using scientific sounding arguments IMHO. I work in internet marketing – thats how I know.

  • pgo2109

    There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

  • Rosemarie johnson

    I’m Mrs Rachear from USA and all gratitude from my heart goes to Thanking Doctor Henderson that saved my family linage with his Hemp Oil and the Delta9 that he sold for us. Doctor Henderson, You are the best, as regarding the treatment, my son is now healthy and has started school and he is happy and learning fast with no more cancer in his life. My husband is also now very caring for me all because of your hemp oil.
    Doctor Henderson God will never forsake you, you shall be the First and the best in everything you are doing. Thank you for saving my family that had cancer running in our veins, we are healthy now and very happy. Thank you So Much. Thank you So Much Doctor Henderson.
    You are a miracle and God sent to Humans. Thank you thank you.
    Please contact Dr. Henderson for treatment of cancer and all kinds of diseases at:

  • alyx kerr

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  • karen

    You know I have been reading so much on all of the radiation problems that are happening, and some authors say we common folk are brain dead and can’t come to grips with reality, but you can reverse the coin and say a lot of people whom run their own blogs or web site don’t want to listen to some of us common folks, everyone has to have a high IQ or use fancy words. And there are lots of people who just don’t want to know, there is some other help for cancer, and maybe some will listen, a man by the name of Robert Barefoot he is a bio- chemist and has some awesome help for all Coral Calcium best treatment you can find research Robert Barefoot and coral calcium supreme.

  • Jim

    “Why won’t the White House listen?” They don’t listen because they are cruel and psychopathic beings who have sold their souls to the system and everything they receive from it.”
    The reason is simple, if the USA makes it okay to use cannabis they won’t be able to make the billions of dollars they now make on importing and selling it. They import it, sell it, arrest those using it, put them in prison where they get paid thousands to keep them, and they pay prisoners a few cents an hour to work, slave labor. not hard to see why they don’t want to make it legal.
    Even banks have admitted that they would be broke if it were not for the money they get through drug dealings. Just look at the military, they help grow it, harvest it, pack it, and they import it to all countries they can to make as much money as possible. If it were legal we would grow it in our yards and have it when we need it. The government makes a lot more from importing it then they ever could taxing it. It is pretty simple to see, just look at the facts, not on CNN or main stream garbage, watch alternative news on the internet, that is where you will see the truth. But some of this is on mainstream, like the military helping with the production of all kinds of drugs. England became rich by way of drugs dealing with China and the slave trade, now the USA is trying it.

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  • vickie

    wish i had of read this before tonight….my nephew died 2 days ago of cancer…he was 37 and a father of 2 children…

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      So sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you.

  • TruthTopics

    In addition to cannibis, which is exceptional, approaches related to Vitamin C therapy, amygdalin therapy (nitrilosides) and others are worth reviewing as well.
    Always Sircus provides truthful information which is designed to make your life better.
    A very good man.

  • Z.Latz

    visit this link(bottom) for a story what Israel is doing with Cannabis.

    Israeli medicine goes to pot

    By Karin Kloosterman
    March 29, 2012

    Israel has one of the most progressive medical marijuana programs in the world. For thousands of Israelis suffering cancer, MS, Crohn’s and chronic pain, pot provides vital relief.

    • Vladimir

      Cannabidiol: an overview of some chemical and
      pharmacological aspects. Part I: chemical aspects
      Raphael Mechoulam , Lum?r Hanus?
      Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products, Medical Faculty, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
      Cannabidiol is not psychoactive. it has anti cancer effects without the pot high. It is not medical marihuana. It is grown legally and you take it as tea.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    You’re doing a lot of good work. Wish I could get some of your books but the situation grows worse. Getting magnesium and some other products is getting to be more difficult. Learning the truth from you is, however, priceless. Keep these bulletins coming. It is the most that some of us can afford.

    I will be starting my blog ‘Fighting back Against The Dark Side’ on Good Friday at // Check me out!

  • Ann Cianflone

    If I had cancer I’d be interested