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Cost of Cancer Treatments – Natural Allopathic Vs. Allopathic

Published on January 2, 2013

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol that I have developed is effective for most diseases. The first 4-7 components of the 17 level protocol gives lower-income or under-insured people of the world a fighting chance of recovering from cancer or other diseases. The core of the protocol are natural emergency room and intensive care medicines with extraordinary medical horsepower. They include magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate, iodine, selenium, glutathione and vitamin C.

Cost of the most basic seven them could be as low as $250 a month or roughly $7.50 a day. Add low-cost walks in the sun, purified water and homegrown medical marijuana and one has a protocol that powerful and safe. Treatments with concentrated nutritional medicines far surpass toxic oncology treatments with respect to a positive outcome without the risk of negative side effects that oncologists fear when they themselves fall victim to cancer.

To incorporate the full protocol we can estimate that it would cost approximately $7,000 for a six month treatment plan, which is necessary for late-stage cancers, though cancer can sometimes be cured in less time for less cost if a person has not been damaged by radiation, surgery and/or chemotherapy.

This would include all the medicinals (supplements selected from the best companies offering the best products) sustained at high dosage levels, full professional support through phone and text chat/ email, and an array of medical equipment that the whole family can use for years to come.

Included at this cost level are some very interesting pieces of medical equipment/ healing devices that facilitate quicker and easier returns to health. The full protocol gives each individual and their family full control over their medical destiny.

Included is a far-infrared BioMat, EarthPulse, and a breathing retraining device (an important treatment component ignored by just about everyone). Breathing device is Russian medical technology coming to the west offering levels of treatment until now available in the west.

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This cost would not include massages (that can be done by a family member at home), home nursing support (that can also be provided by family), or other professional services or treatments.

Costs of Othodox Oncology

Researchers from Harvard University, National Cancer Institute, and National Bureau of Economic Research published in the December 1, 2007 issue of Cancer findings that the average life-expectancy for lung cancer patients raised by less than one month between 1983 and 1997, while costs rose by over $20,000 per patient. Cost effectiveness, as measured by the cost of an additional year of life gained, was poor, with a high average cost of $403,142. When analyzed by disease severity, the cost per additional year gained for local and regional disease was $143,614 and $145,861, respectively. For metastatic cancer, the cost per additional year gained was $1,190,322.

There’s a dramatic increase in the cost of the new drugs. And there’s
a shift by doctors to newer drugs that are substantially more expensive.
Dr. Len Lichtenfeld
                                                                  Editor for the American Cancer Society

Even patients with insurance are thinking hard before agreeing to treatment because out-of-pocket copayments for drugs that could easily run $10,000 to $20,000 a year. One of the few cancer drugs with a higher monthly price tag than usual is Erbitux. The drug, used for colon cancer, sells for $9,600 monthly. But don’t tell anyone that a late-stage clinical trial in advanced stomach tumors failed to show that Erbitux had any significant benefit in progression-free survival. It is the second blow for Erbitux in 2012.

Back in May Merck said there was no additional benefit when [Erbitux was] given with chemotherapy to colon cancer patients after surgery to remove their tumor. In December of 2012 the company got bad news about its innovative new lung cancer drug Stimuvax, which did not improve the overall survival of patients at all in its phase III study. Also in December a major trial of Merck & Co. Inc.’s Tredaptive medicine to increase “good” HDL cholesterol has raised safety concerns and showed it was no better at preventing heart attacks, deaths or strokes than traditional statin drugs that lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, the company said.

In modern oncology the cost of doing nothing is actually quite expensive. Active surveillance is a reasonable option for men with slow-growing cancers because it is not known whether treating the cancer with surgery or radiation will actually help them live longer. These treatments have definite risks and side effects that may outweigh the possible benefits for some men. Costs still range from $6558 to $11,992 a year if one is under the care of an oncologist.

Dr. Leslie S. Wilson, at the School of Medicine, University of California, compared costs of all prostate-related treatments over five-and-a-half years of 4,553 newly diagnosed men stratified by age, risk, and ethnicity. In the first six months, the mean cost after treatment was $11,495 and was directly impacted by treatment type. Cost ranged from only $2,568 for watchful waiting (by 2010 that cost was estimated to be $6,558 to $11,992) to $24,204 for external beam radiation. Subsequent annual cost was found to average $7,740 and ranged from $5,843 for watchful waiting to $12,590 for androgen deprivation therapy. Cumulative mean cost over 5.5 years for all risk groups was $42,570, with watchful waiting costing the least at $32,135 and androgen deprivation therapy costing the most at $69,244.

Fidelity Investments, which oversees some 12 million 401(k) accounts, has a study saying that an average 65-year-old couple retiring in 2012 would need to have $240,000 in savings to pay for out-of-pocket health-care costs in retirement. And that’s $240,000 in today’s dollars, so a couple retiring in 10 years would need the inflated-adjusted equivalent in the year 2022. (In its 11 years of doing this study, Fidelity has found the rate of health-care inflation to average 6% per year; assuming that rate stayed constant, a 2022 retiree would need about $430,000 set aside.) With 50 million people on food stamps I wonder how many Americans are going to have this kind of money. The cost of choosing the wrong medicine is not only expensive but it can also cost a person their life.

Forbes Magazine writes, “When people talk about expensive drugs, they usually are referring to drugs like Lipitor for high cholesterol ($1,500 a year), Zyprexa for schizophrenia ($7,000 a year) or Avastin for cancer ($50,000 a year). But none of these medicines come close to making Forbes’ exclusive survey of the most expensive medicines on the planet. The nine drugs on our list all cost more than $200,000 a year for the average patient who takes them. Alexion Pharmaceutical’s Soliris, at $409,500 a year, is the world’s single most expensive drug. Unlike pills that come in standard doses, all the most expensive drugs are injected biotech drugs whose dosing varies by weight or other factors.”

[1] "The Value of Medical Interventions for Lung Cancer in the Elderly: Results from SEER-CMHSF," Rebecca M. Woodward, Martin L. Brown, Susan T. Stewart, Kathleen A. Cronin, David M. Cutler, Cancer; Published Online: October 22, 2007 (DOI: 10.1002/cncr.23058); Print Issue Date: December 1, 2007

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Anjana

    Hi I am from India my father had cancer tumor in neck removed by surgery n given radiation therapy for a month. But after a year It came back in the liver. We gave soda bicarbonate with maple syrup for 10days.his pH level was got the PET scan done today and it has spread to the pancreas as well. What should we do now please advise. Thanks

    • Adriana Elbaunm

      You might want to consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus to discuss this and to get his recommendation on what would be best for you at this point. He will probably recommend he get immediately on his protocol of sodium bicarbonate, iodine, and magnesium to keep the cancer and tumors at bay.
      The best way to judge how much bicarbonate to take is to go by pH testing. You can purchase pH test strips all over the internet. Get some and start checking saliva and urinary pH. There is a safe limit to how much sodium bicarbonate can be consumed and its on the package of sodium bicarb, usually no more than 7 doses/day. Then you have to stay off of it for a week or two before restarting again. The danger is too much alkalinization which can cause other problems.
      For specific dosages of the iodine and magnesium you will need to request a consultation with Dr. Sircus. He will need much more information from you on before he can give you specifics. In general Magnesium can be used as a body spray, up to 2 oz/day. And the iodine can be taken orally and you can also nebulize those. Again, dosages depend on your condition and tolerance, but there is a wealth of information that will be useful to you in the Iodine book.
      You can have a brief consultation with Dr. Sircus or you can join our online clinic for continued support if you still have questions. Please see: for more information on this.
      Best in health!
      IMVA Support Team

  • Jane

    Hello. Does anyone know if tnere are similar protocols for dogs? I am a Registered Nurse and have a sanctuary for dogs. Over the past 7 years there have been at least 6 cancer deaths here. I tried surgery for one dog that had a malignant melanoma in her mouth. The University of MN. Failed to do repeat blood work prior to her surgery. She died of internal bleeding, post op, due to low plateletts. She should never have undergone the surgery, given her pre-op status.
    I was horrified to be told they had skipped the pre-op blood work because she had perfect blood work one month earlier. As in human medicine, veterinarians are brain dead, and many university hospitals are inept.
    I am looking to supplement what we already do here holistically.
    Thank You

  • jo

    i was diagnosed with prostrate cancer six months ago and i have been using cannabis oil, essiac teas and baking soda. am looking for advise as i do not have asupport in terms of how and when to take them as it is i am just believing GOD will guide me

  • Lou

    Can someone give me the address to purchase Cell Smart Selenium. Cost around $100 / oz

  • Jason

    My mother has stage 4 cancer and has been fighting it naturally for 5 months. She is very bloated. Hospice has started giving her pain meds and she is healthy all but her liver is viral. We need help now and from ohio we don’t know where to turn. Ive been looking at making our own CDB oil but not sure how to buy a high grade plant. How can we get oil now?

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Stephanie,
      I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s situation.
      You can buy many types of Medical Marijuana in the link below:

      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

  • Belinda Garrett

    I was told Oct. 11,2013 I had stage 2b ovarian cancer I want to avoid chemo cause I also have a blocked kidney

  • baldy522

    The big and deciding Question is if Insurance covers any of these kinds of treatments. My Fathers insurance won’t cover most of what I have researched, but will cover Chemo 100%. I do understand that Chemo is bad, I have worked as an RN for 15 years in large ER’s all over the Nation. But, here is the thing. My father will not move to come live with me. He is incapable, or unwilling to follow any protocol to the T, even when set up completely. He is on an extremely limited budget. We have gotten him some great treatments and wrote out everything. He will do it for a day or two, maybe a week and literally forget about it and move on to something new that he has read, because that current treatment didn’t fix it right then.

    I hate chemo. I have seen the horrors of it. But when someone has less than 6 months to live and modern treatments could give them another 5 years, or they can say they want to go the all Natural route and only do 5% of what is necessary and not even follow that correctly, is the 5 years not better, because what would be the best treatment will not be used correctly and will only fail because of not doing what it needed to be done? It is a cost benefit ratio that has to be weighed and trying to make people understand that is quite difficult.

    • Ethan Leeds

      Chemo giving a five year increase in life is considered to have cured the cancer and is only achieved in between 2-3% of cases for most cancers. There are good arguments that often it reduces the lifespan but certainly it reduces the quality of life. Having said that if you have a person that refuses to take responsibity for their own health the options are limited.

      • baldy522

        Exactly. Very limited.

  • cardreader

    Hi Is there any data on using CBD for prostate cancer and if so, what would be the best method of administration?

    • Take a look at this Project CBD website which lists some of the studies on CBD and prostate cancer…showing benefit.

      You can take CBD oprally in high doses to work against cancer.

      Claudia French

  • Phoebe

    Would the baking soda protocol work for neuroendocrine tumours

    • Dear Phoebe,

      Baking soda alone may not be the cure …Dr. Sircus always recommends following his entire protocol to hit any cancer from every angle. Please see his Treatment Essentials book:

      And you will have a bettter idea of what he would recommend.

      Claudia French

  • d

    do you all sell or prescribe hemp oil for lung cancer

    • The IMVA does not sell hemp oil or products but by joining the IMVA Membership we can provide discounts to the products we recommend and that are legal throughout the US.
      For the high dose CBD hemp oil *Real Scientific Hemp Oil” for cancer:
      “The cost on their site is $3,600 (After introductory instant rebate) for a two month supply of the highest concentrated CBD on the planet. The normal price is 4,995 and that is inexpensive for a truly natural chemotherapy agent. IMVA Members receive an even higher discount.”
      Claudia French

  • Pandava

    Cancer is an end-stage disease. Would baking soda destroy the bacteria and viruses that have not fully manifested as Cancer? Should it be mixed with honey, mollasses or Maple Syrup? Does Arm and Hammer make the real McCoy, or does it have aluminum?

    • While its not necessary to take baking soda with any thing but water, some people prefer the original recommendation of using it with maple syrup…Dr. Sircus prefers molasses be used as it has more nutrients.

      pH must be checked daily and this guides dosage. If no cancer is being treated, long term use is not necessary. Keeping your body in an alkaline state with life style and diet and occasional baking soda use can be a better way to go. There are long term effects of using bicarbonate.

      Arm and Hammer does NOT contain aluminum..

      • Pandava

        Thank you!

        My experimentation with Magnesium Infusion tells me that it is not as effective as Magnesium Oil, despite the claims of the manufacturers. It, however, does not necessitate showering afterwards or re-moisturisation. Infusion is one of my greatest let-downs!


      • Eric

        Hi Caludia, what are the long term effects of using bicarbonate?

        thank you

        • Long term effects of sodium bicarbonate use can include interferance with our digestive enzymes, folic acid deficiencies, and an alkalosis which can cause more problems. Excess sodium intake by sodium sensitive people is said to affect blood pressure though some evidence shows this not to be so, but if used long-term blood pressure should be watched.
          There’s a full chapter on thisd in the Sodium Bicarbonate e-book including signs and symptoms to be watchful for.

          Claudia French

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          Eric (Guest):
          Hi Caludia, what are the long term effects of using bicarbonate?

          thank you

          8:05 a.m., Sunday Aug. 18


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          While its not necessary to take baking soda with any thing but water, some people prefer the original recommendation of using it with maple syrup …
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