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Iodine and Immune System Strength

Published on November 15, 2009

The body’s ability to resist infection and disease is hindered by long-term deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals.  Importantly poor immune response is correlated with impaired thyroid function; a deficiency in iodine can greatly affect the immune system because low levels of iodine lead to problems with the thyroid gland.


In sufficient amounts iodine can not only adjust a dysfunctional thyroid, it can assist with a host of glandular imbalances as well as a wide assortment of internal as well as external bacteria, fungi, and virus’s. Iodine has many non-endocrine biologic effects, including the role it plays in the physiology of the inflammatory response. Iodides increase the movement of granulocytes into areas of inflammation and improve the phagocytosis of bacteria by granulocytes and the ability of granulocytes to kill bacteria.[1]

Iodine’s ability to revive hormonal sensitivity seems to significantly improve insulin sensitivity. Iodine attaches to insulin receptors and improves glucose metabolism.

[1] Stone OJ (1988) The role of the primitive sea in the natural selection of iodides as a regulating factor in inflammation. Med Hypotheses. 25:125-129

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Catherine

    Thank you for responding. Does Dr. Sircus’ book come in a hard copy? I don’t like e-books. I have read Dr. Brownsteins books. He doesn’t mention anything about taking iodine around probiotics. I also take fermented foods for their healthy bacteria and find it very hard to remember to take the iodine around these products. I do take 50mg of lugols a day and am wondering if this dosage is high enough to kill beneficial bacteria in my gut and in the supplements that I take. How much is too much?

    Thank you!

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      The Iodine book is only available in e-book form, but can be given to you for reading on i-pods, Kindle and other reading devices if you request that after purchase:

      I believe this paragraph from the essay you read answers your question about how much is too much iodine:

      The amount you are taking should not harm your normal, beneficial gut bacteria.

  • Catherine

    Dr. Sircus,

    Does taking high doses of lugol’s iodine kill or affect the bodies flora in anyway? Does it kill the good bacteria off as well as the bad? Can I take iodine with probiotics or should they be separated?

    Thank you for all your research and for getting this info out!

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Taking the proper dosage for your bodily needs should not kill beneficial bacteria.

      Iodine and probiotics should be taken separately, best would be at least two hours apart.

      The same goes for taking other supplements, especially vitamin C as that will oxidize the iodine.

      Please get Dr. Sircus’ book on Iodine, it will give you very good information.

  • Bonnie

    Dr. Sircus:

    Is there any published studies showing that Lugol’s Iodine DOES in fact make insulin receptors more sensitive or does this happen just in SOME people?


    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      We have seen published studies showing that insulin receptors are more sensiive to insulin when iodine exposed. We do also have reports from some of the best iodine doctors who have seen insulin need and resistance decrease with high doses of iodine.

      Here’s a link to a paper written by Jorge Flechas, one of the doctors who supports the use of high doses of iodine.

      You can do a search on PubMed for iodine and insulin sensitivity to find the studies that arfe currently published.

  • mesa

    Does the maple syrup and baking soda really kills cancer in ite early stages? and does it harm any part of the body?

  • Kathleen

    Dear Dr. Mark Sircus,

    I fell upon the Iodine Deficiency purely by accident, but well worth the fall as it has taken up my enquiring mind and with further research that I have done and still searching. I have come across a possible link between our health deteriorating and that of other biological factors that live off our food scource. It is more than probable that this is what is causing the demise of the Bees, Birds, Butterflies along with many other creatures great and small! So here is the question..if we do nothing to putting Iodine Supplementation back in to the earth how will the bees, birds and butterflies get over this? Secondly, has anyone ever tested the iodine content in Honey for surely this is what makes honey good for us? We are currently looking at the possible end of life if no-one takes the stance of getting this message over that without Iodine (which I suspect is the key to life) then what does the future hold? Medicines that are being made do nothing to elevate the illnesses that they have been made for, there is no on going testing on patients that are taking these medicines to establish whether they are making any improvements, whether they are creating other problems due to long term usage. It is also better for an indiudual to be ill naurally than to be taking medication as in most cases the medication creates even more problems than at the onset. How do we train people in to understanding the human body and its daily requirements. There are too many opinions on the RDA and not one expert seems to agree on the correct dosage of nutrients and Vitamins and Minerals that we humans need to live normal healthy lives. Where is this information and why is there so much discrepency, surely everyone had the same training with the same research papers that were originally good enough for the past generations. We can only progress forward if we use the intelligence that has gone before us, from that we should be able to live life as we were meant to. Too much time is spent on trying to up one manship at the cost of what??? What will it take to wake up these so called would be wantons of people who think they’re gods? Time the medical world got back to what it should be doing, instead of arguing just to get their names in history. Well, for sure, these current idiots should be in the history books for trying to kill humanity and everything with it in one single swoop – Iodine Deficiency – the killer to all biological factors including the land, trees, and every other living organism that requires this trace mineral. Well done guys!

    On another note, I have really taken to this subject and would like to go back to studying, if I want to become a specialist in Iodine and its importance to our existance what should I be looking to study? I touched upon Child Pyschology in my twenties but didn’t go any further with it due to circumstances. I am now in my early 40’s so would like to go back studying, I am young enough to still be able to make a difference. I also have 15 years of First Aid, so doing presentations, working with people and traing people has given me good presentation skills, and people do listen to me. With this knowledge I do have good people’s skills.

  • alison cline

    If iodine is a good treatment for the immune system, can it work to treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis?

  • I have ESOPHOGEAL CANCER i was told that 100% maplesyrup & baking soda would help me. I allready had chemo and radiation treatments and was opperated on. They removed part of my esophogus that had the cancer. when i left the hospital the docter told me that i still had some cancer left. I havent been able to find out if my cancer is spreading due to the fact that they took my insurence away. So if you can help me i would apperciat it.

    thank you JOHN SORIANO

    • Alkalize your body eat as much GREENs as possible drink whetgrass or barley grass to alkalize.
      Eat at least one green salad a day
      As much fresh air as possible
      30mins sunshine and exercise a day
      Detox do NoTconsume poisons quit smoking alcohol artifical sweetners vitamins ( most are synthetic)
      Zeolite to detox. Corriander/cilantro pulls out heavy metals.
      Eat ORGANIC food
      Eat at least 51% raw uncooked PLANT food at each meal to prevent luecytosis
      Make sue the Baking Sodayou use is aluminium free, if it doesnt say it is it isnt !

      Garlic Tumeric FlaxMeal Cold pressed Hemp Seed oil Cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar

      Epsom Salt baths

  • Hi Mark

    Lovely site.

    I started using iodine and lost my insulin sensitivity (diab.2) after about six months and of course changing to a better diet, lost 25kg in the process whilst cutting out most added sugars.

    I have replaced any added sugars with stevia in my drinks.
    Could you research and write something about stevia in the future?

    I have found somewhere that stevia in it’s natural form was used by Sth American women as a hormone suppressor/contraceptive, and wonder whether that has any effect on male’s organs or whatever.

    • Mark Sircus

      We’ll be looking at Stevia in depth in the future. But for what we now know, Stevia is the best sugar substitute available at this time. It is completely natural and about 200x sweeter than sugar. If you still have a sweets craving and are diabetic, pre-diabetic or have metabolic syndrome use Stevia and stay away from Aspartame and Splenda. But the best thing to do is to shy away from sweets or sweet tasting foods or snacks. Cut down on carbohydrates altogether to regain insulin sensitivity. Its not easy to do in this day and age of convenient foods, but in the long run will be better for you. Watch for our upcoming site on diabetes and get more indepth information on reversing diabetes in my book New Paradigms in Diabetic Care. In this book you will also learn about the chemical causes of diabetes, the role of magnesium which is so important it ranks first place in my protocol for diabetes, the role of iodine and niacin, Vit C and once again Vitamin D. Other important nutritional substances are Alpha Lipoic Acid and Spirulina.