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HOMEMEDICINECancerKidney Disease

Using Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) for Kidney Cancer

Published on September 6, 2012


Dear Dr. Sircus,

My name is Annmarie and I’d like to thank you for your research and for making it available to us. My children were able to enjoy another summer with their Grandfather, 74, who had been diagnosed with 4th stage kidney cancer last November, and we give glory to the Lord for helping us to find your Sodium Bicarbonate book, which we believe helped save his life. My father-in-law was declared cancer free this past May! We spent two weeks with him in northern WI boating and fishing and just enjoying spending time with him. I thought I would share this good news with you!

Annmarie Kampf

This is good news and one can easily cry when reading such things. I intend to start to hit the world of medicine over the head with a crowbar about the use of sodium bicarbonate. I am still learning new things about baking soda and why it is the stellar medicine it is. I am trying to take more myself to reverse the process of ageing that coincides with increasing bicarbonate deficiency.

One would think that because it is used so frequently in emergency room and intensive care wards more people and health professionals would get it. But like iodine there is a phobia against it especially when it is recommended as a prime chemo agent against cancer.

Everyone knows (or should know) that taking sodium bicarbonate orally or bathing in a tub saturated with it results in a shift of the body’s pH to less acidic and more alkaline. That’s because baking soda is an electron donor and turns into carbon dioxide in the stomach. Bottom line, as the pH rises, so does cellular voltage as well as cellular oxygen levels. I will be publishing a lot about this in the next few weeks because one of the great secrets of life is found on this axis of O2, CO2, pH and cell voltage.

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We increase cell voltage when we take sodium bicarbonate. It’s amazing but it’s true—when  we take simple baking soda we raise the energy and performance level of cellular activity. This is good for the cells and helps them shake off infections and cancer. Baking soda has long been known as an excellent medicine for the kidneys, and dialysis units use bicarbonate regularly but they, like everyone else, don’t want to brag about it. The medical effects of sodium bicarbonate administration make it obvious that carbon dioxide is a nutrient with an instant and positive effect and this has been known for a long time.

Carbon Dioxide Medicine

Carbon dioxide is, in fact, a more fundamental component of living matter than is oxygen. Life probably existed on earth for millions of years prior to the carboniferous era, in an atmosphere containing a much larger amount of carbon dioxide than at present. There may even have been a time when there was no free oxygen available in the air,” wrote Dr. Yandell Henderson from the Cyclopedia of Medicine, 1940. He also said “Carbon dioxide is the chief hormone of the entire body, it is the only one that is produced by every tissue and that probably acts on every organ.”

According to Henderson, carbon dioxide exerts at least three well-defined influences:

(1) It is one of the prime factors in the acid-base balance of the blood.
(2) It is the principal control of respiration.
(3) It exerts an essential tonic influence upon the heart and peripheral circulation.

Because carbon dioxide is absolutely crucial to life and because it is an absolutely essential component of protoplasm, and because therapeutic increase of carbon dioxide is the most effective means of improving the oxygenation of the blood and tissues, we need to finally learn about sodium bicarbonate and why we should use it so much in general medicine, cancer treatment, and as a frontline medicine against the new antibiotic resistant pathogens that are spreading out from hospitals now into people’s homes.

Kidneys, Dehydration, Voltage & pH

Sodium bicarbonate has to be high on the list of medical priorities for anyone with kidney cancer or any kidney disease. Research by British scientists at the Royal London Hospital has shown that sodium bicarbonate can dramatically slow the progress of chronic kidney disease.

Dr. S. K. Hariachar, a nephrologist who oversees the Renal Hypertension Unit in Tampa, Florida stated, upon seeing the research on bicarbonate and kidney disease, “I am glad to see confirmation of what we have known for so long. I have been treating my patients with bicarbonate for many years in attempts to delay the need for dialysis, and now we finally have a legitimate study to back us up. Not only that, we have the added information that some people already on dialysis can reverse their condition with the use of sodium bicarbonate.”

John, a dialysis technician at the same center as Dr. Hariachar, who used to be on dialysis himself for two years as a result of kidney failure, had his kidneys miraculously start functioning to the point where dialysis was no longer needed. He states that he was prescribed oral doses of sodium bicarbonate throughout his treatment and still takes it daily to prevent recurrences of kidney failure. Dr. Hariachar maintains, though, that not everyone will be helped by taking bicarbonate. He says that those patients who have difficulty excreting acids, even with dialysis using a bicarbonate dialysate bath, that, “oral bicarbonate makes all the difference.”

The kidneys alone produce about 250 grams (about half a pound) of bicarbonate per day in an attempt to neutralize acid in the body.

The human body is a bio-electrical water machine that requires approximately a liter (quart) a day for every 25 kilos (55 pounds) of body weight. The kidneys are especially sensitive to changes in hydration for the kidneys rule the water element.

The kidneys monitor and control the acidity or “acid-base” (pH) balance of the blood. If the blood is too acidic, the kidney makes bicarbonate to restore the bloods pH balance. If the blood is too alkaline, then the kidney excretes bicarbonate into the urine to restore the balance. Acid-base balance is the net result of two processes: first, the removal of bicarbonate subsequent to hydrogen ion production from the metabolism of dietary constituents; second, the synthesis of “new” bicarbonate by the kidney.

Sodium bicarbonate possesses the property of absorbing heavy metals, dioxins and furans. Comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue from the same person shows that the cancer tissue has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. This is reason enough why bicarbonate is indicated in the treatment of cancer.


An imbalance associated with the water element is indicated by: adrenal exhaustion, general fatigue, hearing loss, premature aging, bone problems, urinary problems, infertility, memory difficulties, back pain and knee weakness—all of which point to disruption of water energy and kidney function in Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a lot to teach western allopathic doctors about the kidneys, its dysfunctions and treatment. For 5000 years kidney weakness has been the main focus of Chinese medicine while allopathic medicine is young and inexperienced in this regard. When it comes to kidney dysfunction, orthodox medicine demonstrates a lack of sensitivity by paying attention to what is going on in the kidneys “only” when they begin to fail. TCM has diagnostic tools to monitor kidney function on much subtler levels enabling effective treatments long before an allopath begins to take notice of anything wrong.

The job of the kidneys is to keep the right amount of water in the body and purify the blood.

Along with controlling the amount of water in our bodies, our kidneys filter our blood and excrete waste products in the urine, leaving nutrients in the bloodstream. In order to fulfill their main function of excreting waste products our kidneys require a minimum amount of water. Healthy kidneys vital to every organ system. The kidneys control the creeks, mountain streams and rivers of our body. They give us our ability to be like a young person: flexible and fluid in body, mind and spirit.

The effects of dehydration at a mild to moderate level:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Decreased metabolism

We can easily say that these are all symptoms of low voltage and low pH as oxygen levels drop and CO2 goes into short supply. If you feel fatigued, vaguely ill or worse, chances are you are experiencing drops in all of these basic parameters.

There are so many reasons why bicarbonate should be used to treat kidney cancer and kidney disease in general but it is also useful to remember that magnesium is the mineral of rejuvenation and prevents the calcification of our kidneys and other tissues that is characteristic of the old-age-related degeneration of our body.

Bicarbonate ion concentrations decrease the formation of acid by carbonic anhydrase enzyme (Le Chatelier’s principle). In the presence of magnesium and bicarbonate ions, less acid is produced by carbonic anhydrase enzyme.[1] Sodium bicarbonate-rich mineral water in conjunction with a low-salt diet has a beneficial effect on calcium homeostasis.[2]

Sodium bicarbonate administration increases urinary pH. Urinary pH between 6.5 and 7.0 can keep uric acid ionized and prevent its crystallization in renal tubules.

Sodium bicarbonate can prevent the formation of uric acid kidney stones and can help dissolve existing uric acid stones. Sodium bicarbonate makes the urine less acidic, which makes uric acid kidney stone formation less likely. Kidney stones develop when urine concentrations of minerals and other dissolved substances get so high that the minerals can no longer remain dissolved. Stones can also form if the pH (acid-alkaline balance) of urine is too high or too low. In all cases, the minerals form insoluble crystals and precipitate, or drop out, of the urine, exactly the same way too much sugar drops to the bottom of a glass of iced tea. The crystals collect in the kidney ducts, slowly solidifying into stones.

“Studies conducted at the University of Bari in Italy clearly demonstrated that a hallmark of all tumors, regardless of their origin or background, is their acidic environment. In fact, tumor progression increased with an acidic pH and hypoxia, or a low oxygen level,” writes Dr. Veronique Desaulniers. In the future we need to see the full translation when we read this meaning that the hallmark of all tumors is low cellular voltage and low CO2 levels as well. These researchers say that, “Cancer cells and tissues, regardless of their origin and genetic background, have an aberrant regulation of hydrogen ion dynamics leading to a reversal of the intracellular to extracellular pH gradient (ΔpHi to ΔpHe) in cancer cells and tissue as compared to normal tissue. This perturbation in pH dynamics rises very early in carcinogenesis and is one of the most common patho-physiological hallmarks of tumors.”

[1] Bamberger and Avron 1975 Plant Physiol 56: 481-485

[2] Effect of sodium chloride- and sodium bicarbonate-rich mineral water on blood pressure and metabolic parameters in elderly normotensive individuals: a randomized double-blind crossover trial. J Hypertens. 1996 Jan;14(1):131-5. Department of Internal Medicine, Universitatsklinikum Benjamin Franklin, Free University of Berlin, Germany.

# # # #

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • dahir

    I am diagnosed hypertension so it affect my kidneys now my doctor suggest me to go for dialyses in coming December, can I use Baking soda for a try ?

  • Patricia harris

    I have stage 4 colon, liver cancer.I would like to know if the baking soda and syrup help me

  • Brian

    Dear Dr. Sircus, does the sodium content in baking soda harm kidney function? I have stage 3 kidney cancer and my left kidney was removed. Unfortunately the cancer has spread to one of my lymph nodes in my aorta region and my doctors are not sure how to treat it. Will the baking soda treat this without harming my right kidney?

    • KM Joshy

      Hi Brian,
      Did you get answer for the question from anyone?
      Please share.
      Thank you very much.

  • Gregg Escobedo

    OK. Now you will take note if you will. I am a Walking Living Breathing PROOF that Mixing in Baking soda in a half a glass of water mixed with a Half a Lemon WORKS!! I was diagnosed with Stage lV Colon Cancer in April and gave me the Death notice that only 10% survive this stage with only 2 months to live. That was then. That was them. I AM Here. I Am Alive and my tumors on ALL three areas have either receded or eliminated completely now and all numbers indicate now that I Am in remission and have BEAT the odds. STOPPING all the Sugars Will STOP the Cancer. That is other part of my Solution. If you are able to contact me. You can find me on FaceBook.

    • Mary

      Dear Gregg, how long did it take you to get better after doing the baking soda treatment daily? Your story is totally amazing and I want to have my husband do this. He has stage 4 colon cancer and has done 6 months of chemo, but now it started to spread to liver

    • KM Joshy

      Hi Gregg,
      I would like to add you as a contact on facebook.
      Thank you.

  • I am now not positive where you’re getting your info,
    but great topic. I must spend a while finding out more or understanding more.
    Thank you for excellent info I used to be in search of this info for my

  • Mrs. Jimenez

    Hello Dr. Sricus:

    I have a question and a testimony. The question would be how much Sodium Bicarbonate should I take to treat my kidney? I suffer from hypocalcemia and I am learning this from recent results from blood work. I had a really bad accident and my former doctors ignored my complaints of pain in the kidney area. I have never been an unhealthy person until after the weight piled up due to depression medication. I am working on my depression without pills as I am now classified as morbidly obese. I would like to move toward a more natural way of care and it is the reason I ask about how much to take.

    My testimony concerning Baking Soda is a miraculous one. Seven years ago, I suffered an excruciating pain in the abdomen and left side of my stomach. I had vomiting, diarrhea, and severe pain. I could not bare the pain and nearly fell to the ground from the pain. I was going to faint when my mother prepared a strong cup of baking soda. In 5 minutes I began to feel symptoms subside. I visited the ER just to make sure that there was no bacterial infection that was causing my pain and that all symptoms were functioning. I left with a clean bill of health. NO bacterial infection, no pain, no vomiting, no diarrhea. All ceased by the time I met with the ER doctor. He asked, “What did you do to stop everything?” I told him Mom gave me baking soda. He said smart woman. We all laughed.

    It was a miracle! I take baking soda often, but do not want to overdo it. Everything in moderation right. Baking soda seems to neutralize whatever is causing the imbalance and also I found that it kills bacteria almost instantly. Amazing. I do not leave this out of my grocery list. I love this remedy and would like to know how to take the right amount to treat my kidney. Thank you!

  • Nyan

    Lucy, call Dir Sircus or take the mixture of (baking soda 1 : 3 Maple syrup), 3 tsp in the morning and 3 tsp in the evening for 1 week, then 2tsp – 2tsp for another 5 weeks. Hope work well. That’s my plan to take baking soda. Doctor diagnosed me with kidney cancer. Nothing should be harm to our body. After six weeks take ultrasound again.

  • Jaswant Singh Rathore

    Hi Claudia, this is regarding my mother who is 65 years in age and is suffering from Renal Kidney Failure. she started getting her dialysis treatment 1.5 months back. can you tell me if use of Sodium Bicarbonate can heal her or revive her kidneys? can it help her in stopping dialysis?

    • Dear Jaswant,

      Research has shown that sodium bicarbonate can help slow progression of CKD in people who have chronic metabolic acidosis and difficulty excreting these acids. Whether or not it can reverse need for dialysis once that level of care is needed is not fully known. It can enhance many functions in the body and it will improve nutritional status. You need to talk this over with your doctor to determine if your mother would benefit.
      Claudia French

  • Carrie

    Hi. I have cancer and kidneys are shutting down. Along with a lot of other health issues. I started taking Sodium Bicarbonate tablets. Do you have any other suggestions on things I can do? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • lori26

    I was told i have a tumor of the kidney not a very big one how do i take the baking soda to help shrink the tumor,not sure if its 100% cancer

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Lori,
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.
      Dr. Sircus has an entire protocol of a number of things that may help you. You can read about his protocol and about dosages in the ebook Treatment Essentials:

      Or you can choose a consultation with Dr. Sircus for an in depth recommendation for you. He is available to take patients via his online clinic.

      Please let me know if I can be of further help.
      Best Regards,
      Maurice Guggisberg
      IMVA Support Team

  • Rhonda lamb

    How much do I give my 43 pound dog with cancer? I have Sodium Bicarbonate
    Tablets 650Mg I have nothing to lose please tell me what you think? Thank

  • Rhonda Lamb

    How much do I give my 43 pound dog with cancer? I have Sodium Bicarbonate
    Tablets 650Mg I have nothing to lose please tell me what you think? Thank

    • Rhonda,

      You can get a consultation with Dr. Siircus for dosages. I’m sorry but I have no idea.
      Claudia French

  • Alex

    Dear Claudia,
    How do you think is it possible to water and cleanse the tumor by bicarbonate sodium 20% through administering catheter if the tumor in the abdomen?

    Many thanks,


    • Dr. Sircus states that abdominal tumors can be easily managed with oral intake of sodium bicarbonate. Otherwise I assume a peritoneal catheter is placed for administration. —– Original Message —–
      From: Disqus
      Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 6:33 AM
      Subject: [drsircus] Re: Using Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) for Kidney Cancer

  • lou c.

    Dear IMVA staff:
    I have tumors in both of kidneys. The left kidney has three with the largest being 2.0 x 1.7 cm. My doctor wants to remove the tumors in the left kidney. What recommendation do you have for using sodium bicarbinate to treat the tumors if I do not have them removed.
    Many thanks, Lou

    • Dear Lou C,

      For treatment of kidney cancer you would need to be very aggressive with Dr. Sircus’ full protocol, not just the sodium bicarbonate. You may even need IV sodium bicarbonate treatment as well as oral ingestion.

      Please consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus so more information can be obtained from you and specific guidance given by Dr. Sircus.:

  • lou c.

    What method would one use for kidney cancer? Is this topic cober in the book? Presently I take sodium bicarbonate with distilled water. Would buying a water purifying machine eliminate adding the bicarbonate?

  • Tomas

    What might be any dangers from using an off brand source? What I am able to get here is most likely produced in China.

  • Caroline Hug

    Can anyone tell me if I can use bicarb to help my elderly cat who has chronic renal failure? If so how much should I give him? I would really appreciate some info on this. I am also treating him with Astro’s Oil which is a formulation made by a doctor in Canada that corrects the omega 3/6 balance and has been proven to help and even reverse kidney damage in cats and dogs. I also give him the same alkaline water that I use myself.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Cats and dogs are very different from humans. I don’t know the answer to your question on dossage for your cat. Best to talk this over with your vet. Sorry.

      • Caroline Hug

        Thanks for that Claudia but I know for sure that my pharma controlled vet won’t have a clue about bicarb or any other ‘alternative’ treatments for anything. Thanks for your reply anyway.

  • G.

    My kidneys only are working 18 % .My question i: can I take baking soda or Alkazone ?
    Noboday said that I had cancer,the kidney is very small on the scan,what can I do to prevent a dialysis in the future?

    I am 72 of age.
    ((((I have had a chemocure 17 years ago…with 2 CDA)))).

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear G,

      You can try sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) under proper superviion. Your age may permit you to use less than younger people to prevent dialysis. You also need to avoid all fluoride in your water, food and medicines as this can also lead to dialysis need sooner.

  • Milton Villanueva

    How much Sodium Bicarbonate could I take daily for maintenance?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Milton,

      Please read Dr. Sircus’ book on Sodium bicarbonate and pay attention to the chapter on contraindications. Sodium bicarbonate is generally not recommended for maintenance or prevention except in very tiny amounts in water. Your dosing of bicarbonate needs to be guided by checking your pH daily so you do not get too alkaline which can cause a lot of problems. Lifestyle changes must go along with starting bicarbonate therapy. Maximum doses also need to be paid attention to so you don’t take too much and are different depending on your age. A pinch or two added to your daily drinking water will not hurt, but please read up on this. Even in treatment for kidney failure 1/8 of a tsp is the dose recommended a few times a day and was found to be beneficial.

      • mayleen fernandez

        Claudia my husband was diagnosed with renal carcinoma he is currently on a clinical trial so far its his 4th one and hopefully this would work on him can you please give me some advice i want to try with some oxygen drops to put in a 8 ounce of glass of water, do you think that will help shrink the cell his cancer spreaded to almost his entire of his body except for his neck, brain, head, heart, right kidney as well didnt get it he lost his left kidney can you give me some advice please. thank you and god bless

        • Dear Mayleen,

          Getting O2 to the cancer cells is a one of the priorities on Dr. Sircus protocol for cancer patients. However we have not been convinced so far, by the information we have seen, that oxygen drops in water are a valid way to do this. A better way to get oxygen to the bodily tissues and cells is with the Live O2 system that Dr. Sircus recently spoke of. This ensures a marked increase in the O2 delivered throughout the body.

          This is one of the many things that can attack the cancer cells so along with this you should also be aware of the benefits of magnesium and sodium bicarbonate in cancer treatment. Sodium Bicarbonate can also provide extra oxygen and bicarbonates to our body.
          Dr. Sircus full protocol should be followed for all cancers:

          By following as much of the listed items as you possibly can your husband will have greater strength and energy to fight the cancer.
          To learn more you can obtain a consultation with Dr. Sircus.

          Claudia French

    • Gregg Escobedo

      Teaspoon of “organic” Baking soda. organic is a MUST do NOT get Arm n Hammer. Half a glass of water and half a Fresh squeezed lemon. Every day just once. Twice a day in extreme pain or cases. Please reply with your confirmation if you can.

  • Bob

    Let’ s remember the contraindications that the good doctor mentions in regard to intake of baking soda. One should not take any supplement without first understanding how it will interact with other foods and supplements. Dr. Sircus said prior that anyone taking calcium supplements should not take baking soda.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Thanks Bob, for pointing this out!

  • OliveOyl

    Dear friends at IMVA, how much bicarbonate should a really good mineral water have? I’m drinking a mineral water with 124 mg/L of bicarb. Is this optimal, or should I look for something better?

    Many thanks for this article.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Hi OliveOyl,

      Dr. Sircus is currently recommending the water obtained from Paul Mason’s Adobe Springs and is marketed as Noah’s Water and available on the Internet.

      Noah’s California Spring Water contains 110 mg/L of magnesium, but only 3 mg/L of calcium and 5 mg/L of sodium. It also contains 529 mg/L of bicarbonate ions and has a pH of 8.3.

  • Andy

    i’ve been using bicarb for decades to treat many ailments, and it’s most interesting to see modern medicine finally catching up a little

    bicarb is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal – neither of these agents can survive an alkaline environment

    i use bicarb to treat wound infection, both oral and stomach ulcers, athletes foot, thrush, acid tummy, gastrointestinal infection, joint inflammation & osteoporosis to name a few

    bicarb also makes for the perfect mouth wash, killing most bacteria and works a treat as a sterilizing agent

    thanks for sharing this important simple home remedy