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Garden of Pure Love

Published on May 4, 2010

In most of my writings about contemporary issues I am talking about the gathering darkness and to take care and beware. But in my earliest writings I talk about “a return to a beauty, heaven, and garden that we will create, share and enjoy together.” The garden exists, I have been there, and fallen only to arise again back to its sweet heaven. Actually I have repeated the process so many times and I tell you the pain of the fall is never any less – though lately, despite my own imperfections, I fall less and less and am able to rescale the heights without too much difficulty, though truthfully never without tears.

The garden is a place in consciousness and we know when we are there when we can share it with one other (and others) in what I call small group consciousness in family life. That’s the confirmation, when we see the love light shining back on us through the eyes of our beloved. The condition (price of admission) set forth is the pureness of our love and the openness of our hearts. It is amazing to discover that one can achieve and enjoy pure love without being perfect and that I imagine is the source of the throw no stone teachings in the bible.

Those who have love in their lives will most readily understand what I am alluding to above. It is also those with the most open hearts and minds who will know fully of the difficulties and challenges for those who would dare to scale the full heights of love. Each and every moment we step in the garden reinforces the vision and strength of our resolve to live there in pure love with our totally open hearts shining out so even when we fall from the grace of the heart we remember to where we must return.

Our pure beings need pure love, deserve  pure love, live on pure love. The Marriage of Souls is about pure being sharing pure love. The pure light of pure being, perfectly vulnerable, perfectly feeling, perfectly real.

I wrote a book once upon a time called The Marriage of Souls – The Second Coming of Pure Love – but never published it though I have continued to live it with my wife and children. This love has nourished and supported me these past 14 years and has born great fruit in terms of our children. Being surrounded by loved ones gives one a greater strength in life.

People ask me sometimes why I concentrate so much on what is wrong with life in my writings and they also ask about solutions. But not many people I know of personally are ready, willing or even able to do the hard work of learning how to listen on the deepest levels and how to resolve conflicts from the space gained through such efforts.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Wherever you find a poverty of communication you will find a poverty of love, and wherever you find a poverty of love you will find a poverty of deep listening.

Love will cope in the future but I doubt governments will do so adequately. Most of our world problems can be traced back to the poverty of love, communication and listening among human beings, but even I gave up years ago trying to organize groups. When I was young I used to facilitate what are called Creative Conflict groups as this was the work of my late mentor Christopher Hills; trying in vain to create a broader sense of love and trust among people.

In the intimate places of our souls words lose their meaning for we are looking beyond all the words to a real appreciation for the vulnerabilities of others. We get to see ourselves through the eyes of others, something most refuse to see. You can imagine how unpopular these kinds of groups would be in our society. The culture of modern man does not nourish deeper levels of communication and love so there is none to be found on sufficient levels to save us from ourselves. But when one makes the effort there is a great reward:

The endless dream, the depths of love. Radiating with unbounded freedom. Totally open to be, to feel everything that we are. Safe and secure and an end to all repression. Energies flow out in unselfish ways. We make love with every ounceof our souls with every look and with every touch. Just our presence is a love and then we do not need to touch. but we like to do so all the time just the same. In the Divine there is only One, One love, One energy, One expression. We cease to make any separations, judgments depart. Transcending the chains of concepts, back into the Garden with no shame.

There are many beings walking this planet with beautiful hearts that are deserving of our love, but the secret of course is to become one of them, a being with a love light shining out of our heart. We need to give what we would want to receive. Love answers love, likes attract. Few know though that the crucial key to finding pure love is found in our willingness and ability to be vulnerable. To treasure vulnerable love is the first law of a pure heart. (There are also many incredibly bad beings that have lost their souls and priests who abuse children are just one example that we have to be careful about and not be vulnerable in front of. They say one in a hundred among us are psychopaths and the fear of being hurt by others is the principle reason we are afraid to be vulnerable. That does not mean we have to shut down our vulnerabilities living life with a closed heart.)

When a person is truly vulnerable there is an unobstructed entrance or view to the person’s heart, being and soul.

To be married on a soul level is an expression of pure love, pure commitment between beings. Being committed on a soul level, we love unconditionally and we love forever. Like the children we bring into the world our love endures, our love shines, and our love supports the spiritual growth of our loved ones. When we touch on a soul level we leave human thought, human worlds behind and enter the realm of spirit, the realm of pure being which cannot be regulated or judged by the minds of men. The Marriage of Souls is that bond between beings that touch through the "Oneness of Being." When we enter this space the angels sing their songs and we are rejuvenated into perpetual youth. This is the Garden of Eden, as close as we get to heaven on earth.

The word vulnerable is also synonymous with the words openness and exposure. Being open is a fundamental key to a life. Being vulnerable in this sense is synonymous with being open to communicate, being open to share and care.

My main motive in sharing this more intimate side of my life is to give fuel to the one thing that can sustain us in the terribly difficult time ahead for our race. It is love that will keep us while governments try to control us. Love is always there ready to be nourished by us but the watering necessary requires a commitment. I am not talking about casual love or romantic love; I am talking about a divine romance with love itself. No matter how dark the clouds become we can identify with love itself, with our souls and spirits but this in no way means we can cop out of our responsibilities as a human being in a social sense.

In the strongest or most enlightened person there is no protecting or concealing cover because the person needs none. Such people carry themselves in full view of others because they are not afraid of being hurt, because they are not afraid to suffer and they are not too afraid of change.

I have had a long history of relationships and marriages and basically failed my way to success in this regard as Thomas Edison was known to fail his way to discovery. I am truly a fortunate man to have a beautifully deep woman love me with all her heart and soul. We have survived all our trials and tribulations that have tested our love and a great part of my strength to do the work I do does come from my marriage.

I am not aware of any other factor in medicine, not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery, that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence of illness and premature death from all causes. – Dr. Dean Ornish – Love and Survival

Some of my older readers might remember three years ago my mention of an experience at my Sanctuary project in the interior of Brazil. It was there that I had a visit from Mary because of something that was happening back home with my wife. My heart went completely supernova and the tears ran like rivers. Recently my love and devotion for the Divine Universal Mother and my love and devotion for my wife have merged and even I find that incredible. Not sure if I ever wrote about building a shrine for Mary at Sanctuary and it is sad that the project has sat idle and unfinished this past year and a half.

Deep in the nuclear core of the heart is a love of life and a love of love, at least this is what I have found there. Some beings I imagine come here to earth with such a strong heart that no circumstance can beat it out of them. I always see Mahatma Gandhi’s face when I think of such people. In them is a furnace of heart energy and like the sun it will not be denied though they might have to go through great struggles to release and express their love energy.

Yes grace, the grace of the heart, we will need much of it in the coming years. And love, never before will we find such a need for it and the lack of it will tear many souls apart. Those who surround themselves with love, with friends and deeply committed relationships will certainly find survival with grace an easier task. In a badly crashing world love is going to be the most priceless commodity, one that simply cannot be bought and certainly not sold.

I sincerely hope that the sharing of my love will touch the love lamps of my readers. Love is usually answered by more love and we need to become loving to deserve it. My wife is sometimes dismayed with my concentration on so much of the negativity happening in the world and tells me to identify with all the good that is going on. This is my response to her, and I hope it helps to know of at least this good that sustains my heart and soul.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • alison

    I’m so glad i found you Dr. Sircus–even if it’s only through the internet. So I must express my gratitude to you for all that you share through your writings. I always feel less alone in a world so full of negative energy. I know that the universe is all about positive and negative energy, but it’s hard to dismiss it living in our physical form. The ego is what keeps us alive in most instances on this planet. Would love to experience this beautiful place without so much of it.

  • Terry

    I have been on my journey along time, I have been fortunate to have been enlightened over the last few years. So much to say, tears welling up, so let me say this, I thought I was alone, I can resonate with all that you say. I came to your site orginally seeking health answers. I found so much more, trying to absorb like a sponge now, these days not fast enough. I felt the shift coming a long time ago, I have felt alone….my health questionable at this point, but I ended up here, with you for a reason. I was weak yesterday, lost wanting to talk to someone and there was no one who understands. Everyone is so caught up in the material world, the daily fixes and needs no one hears the soul cry. Thank you for lifting me up and letting me know I am not the only one. Today I go forward with a renewed purpose, strength in my love, unconditional giving. Hopeful now, tell your wife we can not find the beauty in the world, if we do not show the ugliness also. Everyone has a choice, I hope they choose wisely, quickly, I am grateful for coming here today and look forward to reading your previous blogs. I am in service to humanity, my calling???

  • Jerry Johnston

    Dr. Mark – We all have are own personal paths to go down, due to our creation of those paths, and it is good to know you have begun to be in touch with your path back to Him. There are no words for Love as it is beyond the mind or (ego), but in your own terms you’ve touched on what it means to you, and that Dr Mark is beautiful. To get release from the mind, even for very short instances, is joyful and impossible to describe, as it is a personal bond that He has for each of us as He connects when He decides to. One spends their life looking for help medically, or financially, or in any venue one can have problems in, but forget to look to Him, and your connection with Him is your source for giving from the heart. Your work has helped me in many ways, as you don’t have any trouble speaking from your heart, and processing the truth, which is a giving of massive size. One can only hope your qwest for light gets stronger by the day. You have no idea how grateful we all are of having His Grace show you the way to help us in understanding how this body works and how to keep it running on all cylinders while doing our time on this physical plane. Please keep the newsletters coming as it is our only truthful connection with this physical world and His grace to you for doing it so elequently. Much Love to you and your beautiful family.

  • Sandy Goebel

    Dear Doctor Mark: What a devine pleasure to read your writings! You are, indeed,
    special, wholesomely special, and that is a big adjective. I also was a Christopher
    Hills student here in Silicon Valley CA. Perhaps some day my friend and I can
    come to visit your sanctuary and share a bit of the devine pleasures which
    you address. Reference Garry Gordon, next week he will address our
    Smart Life Form meeting here in Palo Alto, yes, he is a prize.
    Take good care and thank you for sharing The Light!
    From an out-of-the-body traveler,
    Sandy Goebel
    Menlo Park CA

  • Wow, Mark,

    I had not seen this personal page of yours, I LOVE IT! … Half way through I sent the link to several people.

    Obviously, your powerful clarity and journey of spirit is a result of lifestyle, alkaline minerals and all that you created out of the God given blessings for you to be of service to others. Your words are inspiring…and I love how honest you are about your revelation through your experiences!

    I truly feel all freedom from pain and suffering becomes so much easier when we mindfully work toward the physiology shifting the psychology… the “Soul” or SALT you educate people about for use in the mind, body and spirit is a truth needing to be revealed, when we are healthy, we are of service to others… Life is for service!

    Thank you for all your wonderful insight! Sharing inner light, Jeri

  • Alan Watts

    sorry for my english, unfortunately words are our biggest barrier when it comes to transmit our deepest meaning or understanding of life.

  • Alan Watts

    Hi Mark,

    Absolutely agree with your message, and don´t worry about the negativity that surrounds us, this is normal, the Crist said that when the shifts of conciousness ocurred the world will see all things combined (the greater good and the greater evil) and then the good will prevail.

    Basically there its nothing wrong or negative in being informing about what its going on out there, just remember to believe deep within your soul to create the world we want and when we reach the critical mass and all that we are join together with our hearts this world will be the garden of eden, Thnaks again and have an excellent day!!!

  • Irene

    Dearest Mark,

    This is the best essay to date! I had to learn to love myself before I discovered this divine love for others. My life is so full of joy and love of my family. I can face all difficulties as long as I have my family.

    • So true. Honesty and eervtyhing recognized.

  • Marie

    What a beautiful message. Thank you.

    I never experienced in reality what you share above but i know it is possible and i am happy to know that it is your experience.

    With much gratitude for sharing it with us, your readers

  • Ann

    Amen, Mark
    And science supports you….at least Quantum Physics does…exciting. Have you read the Field…Lynne MacTaggart’s research? “Science allows the head to believe what the heart already knows”…Heart Math.
    No…I’m not a scientist. My field is art. Love to you and your wife and family.

  • renate

    many thanks… I felt my heart vibrating at the words

  • Mark,

    You made an attempt to help my step father Dan recover from lung cancer, and though we found each other too late for success in this realm, I have no doubt that the connection that was made was beneficial to all of us. Your caring way of dealing with what most would consider a very dire situation was an inspiration to he and I, and it will not be forgotten.

    I often get the same treatment from family and friends as I try to point out what is so wrong with our world today. This essay is going to help tremendously in that regard, and for that I thank you.

    Best regards,