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The World Cries with Connecticut

Published on December 16, 2012

Who Was the Killer’s Doctor & What Drugs Was He Taking?


The peace and security of the suburban Connecticut community of Newtown was shattered on Friday after a gunman attacked a primary school in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. Tragedy strikes again most viciously and we are wounded to the core as a race of beings that is losing its way after making so many mistakes and doing so many stupid things, pretending all the while that we are an intelligently evolved race. Friday’s shooting came only three days after masked gunman Jacob Roberts opened fire in a busy Oregon mall, killing two before turning the gun on himself.

Surrounded by increasing violence of the most senseless kind, our future is increasingly brought into question. A tearful President Obama said, “There’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the overwhelming grief that I do.” The president had to pause to compose himself after saying these were “beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10.” As he continued with his statement, Obama wiped away a tear from each eye. “Our hearts are broken today,” Obama said.

That night I think for the first time in my life I cried myself to sleep thinking about the suffering that many parents and children are experiencing now and will probably have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I was praying with all my soul seeking some way, some miracle to soften some of that suffering.

After the deadly rampage, psychologists and pediatricians are strongly urging parents to shield their school-age children from too much exposure to the news. But what they are not warning parents against are the drugs that psychiatrists will recommend that might have caused the killings in the first place. We are being told very little or perhaps law enforcement in the United States cannot do what hackers, when breaking into ones online identity, are supposed to be able to do in a few moments.

Is it Pharmaceutical Drugs at Work Again?

According to Medco Health, 1 in 5 American
adults are currently taking mind-altering
psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants.

Research shows long-term exposure to psychiatric drugs has proven to be far more dangerous than originally anticipated, and includes the threat of medication-induced obesity, diabetes, heart disease, irreversible abnormal movements, emotional and cognitive disability, and an overall deterioration in the patient’s clinical condition and quality of life.

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Johnson & Johnson, the company that makes the antipsychotic
drug Risperdal, has tentatively agreed to a settlement of $2.2 billion
to resolve a federal investigation into the company’s marketing practices.

Jon Rappoport says, “From this point on, the rest of the events in Newtown, Connecticut will be brought to you by Merck, Glaxo, and Pfizer. It always happens at these mass murder events. The grief counselors. The social service workers. The psychologists. They pour in. And they end up referring people to psychiatrists, who will in turn prescribe some of the very drugs that trigger murder and suicide. The drugs that cause people to kill. The sequence is always the same, because it’s set up that way. After the mass murders and the shock and the horror, the grief industry arrives, and then come the referrals to psychiatric drug pushers, along with the memorials and the “healing.”

Rappoport asks: “Who was Adam Lanza’s doctor? If the school shooter was seeing a psychiatrist, we want to know who the doctor is, now. We want a list of all medications Lanza was taking, now. Newtown is a small community. Somebody there can step up and say who the doctor is and what this kid was taking.”

Rappoport continued, “If they’re so interested, along with the public, in figuring out why Adam Lanza killed all those children, you would think, with their enormous resources, they would find out who Lanza’s doctor-psychiatrist was in five minutes and ask him about his patient.”

Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation, and dozens of high profile shootings/killings tied to psychiatric drug use, there has yet to be a federal investigation on the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence.

Get the facts about psychiatric drugs. The psychiatric drug database. At

The Department of Justice has now enforced a total of $8.9 billion in criminal and civil fines against GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Johnson & Johnson. They are criminals representing criminal intentions to deliberately harm people with their pharmaceutical poisons, which is exactly what most if not all drugs are that are prescribed by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists do.

Health Canada approved a new warning label for Paxil that read, in part: “A small number of patients taking drugs of this type may feel worse instead of better. For example, they may experience unusual feelings of agitation, hostility or anxiety, or have impulsive or disturbing thoughts, such as thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.

There were 39,000 adverse event reports submitted to the FDA’s Medwatch, according to award-winning investigative reporter, Robert Whitaker. And that number is said to represent only about 1% of the actual number of adverse events. “So, if we get 39,000 adverse event reports about Prozac,” Mr. Whitaker said in an interview for Street Spirit in August 2005, “the number of people who have actually suffered such problems is estimated to be 100 times as many, or roughly four million people.”

A women crying in the phone.

As the world joined Americans in mourning the school massacre in Connecticut, many urged U.S. politicians to honor the 28 victims, especially the children, by pushing for stronger gun control laws. If they were honest they would be urging the US government to finally put a stop to the criminal and vicious attack on children by Big Pharma.

We have made a culture of abusing children through drugs, letting them eat junk foods and drink Coke and Pepsi, mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam, etc. The children who escape sexual abuse (about 70%) find abuse at other people’s hands and that list starts with pediatricians who not only stab them obsessively with dangerous vaccines but also overdose them with antibiotics that compromise their health. Then the psychiatrists and psychologists who prescribe brutal drugs get into the act when the children do not do well.

Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz from the Child Mind Institute said, “When tragedy strikes, as parents you find yourself doubly challenged: to process your own feelings of grief and distress, and to help your children do the same. I wish I could tell you how to spare your children pain, when they’ve lost friends or family members, and fear, when disturbing events occur, especially when they’re close to home. I can’t do that, but what I can do is share what I’ve learned about how to help children process disturbing events in the healthiest way.”

People are trying to understand just what could make a person
perform such despicable acts. People are grasping at straws
to make sense of the deaths of these innocents and adults to
bring some sense and meaning into these meaningless killings.
David J. Kozlowski, Stamford

The neighborhood where gunman Adam Lanza lived. (Jason Sickles/Yahoo News)
The neighborhood where gunman Adam Lanza lived. (Jason Sickles/Yahoo News)

Besides finding out what drugs this kid was on it would be valuable to know the kind of training he had in those weapons. Who was this kid? Who are his mother and father really and where did they get the money to live in the wealthiest area of America? Who were his doctors and/or psychiatrists? So far we have another mystery kid doing a senseless terrible thing but the senselessness seems to build up around a lack of information. The only motive that I can think of for such a hideous crime is a special kind of insanity that is provoked by pharmaceuticals.

Rappoport  concludes, “Killing your own mother, and then breaking into a school and killing 26 people, most of whom are very young children, doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, resolve by assigning a motive. There is no motive that can explain such a crime.”

Special Note: Yesterday and today it has been hard to get away from this event. In a few days I will publish part two, which will deal directly with the catastrophic suffering many parents are suffering with parents around the world feeling for the safety of their children in public schools.

I will deal with what should be the appropriate medical response to such suffering. And that is certainly not dangerous pharmaceuticals! I got into thinking of sending someone to Connecticut with an arsenal of all-natural agents that would help to soothe and calm people and slow their breathing down. I saw myself or someone standing in for me on the corner with 50 breathing devices handing them out.

Cannabidiol (CBD) would probably stand up as the best natural pain reliever and when used with magnesium chloride would probably help anyone having difficulty with sleep. I did manage to talk to the people in Colorado who have perfected Cannabidiol as a concentrated medicinal equaling the effect of pharmaceutical pain relievers and anyone from Connecticut who mentions this essay on their phone lines or my name when ordering online will receive a courtesy discount in the same spirit that many local businesses are extending their help to the afflicted.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
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  • theoneoflight

    All does not seem what it is. Can we really believe what is reported by the media. There is much more behind this that would be difficult for some to comprehend could even be possible or real. Not everything we see on the news is real or true.

  • Ronald Slyderink

    It is not just a single factor like guns, drugs, autism, upbringing,
    even cultural influences that we can say has caused the murders. There
    is something more fundamental that has caused this obnoxious killing spree. It has to do with human nature itself. Any murder, can be attributed to a
    number of factors. But what does underlie all of them is the reality
    that humans do it. We are ALL capable of murder, certainly hateful and
    murderous thoughts. The remedy lies in dealing with the root cause of
    murder, which is our selfishness, our lack of respect and love for
    others and of God who created life. These other factors may predispose
    the ‘murderer’, and society can manipulate them to some degree, but they
    are not the prime reason. Only when we submit to God and seek his
    forgiveness and he rules our minds and hearts will we not murder and do
    anything that leads to it. We all need God living in us and the sooner
    we turn to him, then peace, love and harmony will flourish. Your Kingdom come Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Shirley Marsh

    We, the people, have allowed the world to be turned into a toxic soup because we think in terms of profits only, and we’re too lazy to educate ourselves to make the right decisions. We can’t blame it all on governments and corporations; we ALLOWED it to happen by laziness, apathy, not taking personal responsibility for ANYTHING, and a manic obsession with the almighty dollar. Instead we continue to gorge on absolute rubbish including ‘fast foods’, run to the pill bottle as soon as things get a bit hard, believe whatever crap is handed out by big pharma, the media and everybody else instead of finding out for ourselves (the Internet has far more valuable contributions to make than the chit chat on Facebook, it’s a veritable university!), and then we turn around and blame everybody else. Keep this up and we’ll self destruct for sure. But I believe all the wonderful, intelligent people who are working to change the status quo will end up in the majority, and then critical mass will tip things in favour of sanity and a wonderful, safe, happy, caring future for us all, especially our children. Join us. Make responsible, educated decisions. Take democracy seriously; it’s a gift hard won by our ancestors.

  • Unobserved by the public are the thousands of children who get maimed and killed yearly by vaccines. Not to mention the parents who are sighing in prison on charges of Shaken Baby Syndrome, Münchausen by proxy, or

    For me Newton is a false flag operation serving two goals: the taking away of guns, and the creation of fear and unrest so the populace will ask for the Hegelian solution of a One World Order Facism.

  • Peter Joneleit

    The following link raises some serious questions about the Media reporting of Newtown events. The potential issue is FAR larger than a drugged psychopath run amok!

  • With broken hearts, again we see the horrid results of mad-science pharmaceuticals.
    Dr. Rima Laibow, MD sees many of the same issues that Dr. Sircus so eloquently expresses:
    Genome Disruption Syndrome, Massacres and Psychiatric Drugs

  • Tudley Smith

    This horror was not unexpected after OZ,s port Authur That was originally meant for NZ but for a very watchfull pollie.The poor patsy in jail for life never stood for trial and had trouble shhooting a rabbit with his Osprey air gun .My sympathies are fully with the Newtown innocent victims,and of course the thinking population of US because now they have bear the confiscation of their hunting possesions.The propegander machine is also full throttle in OZ>

  • Addryanne Adamsyn

    Nothing like trying to profit from tragedy.

  • Dr. Sircus

    I have been following the thread of information that is leaking out from many sources and one conclusion is plain. We cannot trust the public media for anything! If they lie, distort, manipulate the information about this we might as well not have a public media….but for sure certain people are living Hitler’s dream…..

  • jayjay

    2 choices = either some mind controlled robot like the many who have come before (Sirhan Sirhan, Jack Ruby etc) or some more sap on legal pharmaceuticals. The former means a NWO connection, the latter is the same except not perhaps designed.

  • Gordon

    Americans have gone from Infancy to senility without going through a stage of maturity

    • Here is another one. The Washington Post of July 16, 1932 included the following English translation of a passage that appeared originally in the French newspaper La Liberté. The French paper was unhappy with statements made by the American President Herbert Hoover [WPLL]:

      “Does this government, which obeys gangsters, which capitulates helplessly before thieves and assassins of babies in the cradle, dare to assume such a height of moral authority that it thinks it can dictate to Europe and France?

      Americans are the only race which passed directly from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization.”

  • Isabel H

    I empathise with you all. An insightful article about this horrendous event can be read here:

  • Peter Joneleit

    It is by no means certain that Adam Lanza was the killer! Google “Conspiracy Cafe” and view the ABC helicopter videotape posted there – it shows 2 possible shooters, apprehended by the “Police” but not publicly announced or identified! This could well be another COVER-UP (like 911) by TPTB to conceal the true identity of the perpeTRAITORS and their hidden agenda for this heinous attack, most likely the DISARMAMENT of American citizens through new GUN CONTROL laws! TPTB have very good reason to FEAR 100+million irate Americans, armed to the teeth and looking to exact “Frontier Justice”, American-style.

  • Isabel H

    I empathise with you all. However, an insightful perspective – IMO – is to be read here:

  • Isabel H

    I empathise with you all. However, an insightful perspective – IMO – is to be read here:

  • Fair Dinkum

    Americans are an illiterate lot. They can’t read. And those who can, they just don’t understand what they read. In this example: ‘He who lives by the gun, dies by the gun’.

    • Joe

      Those who live by the gun die by the gun? Australia’s people were conned
      by their own government to give up their guns to be “safe” and what is
      the result? Murders by gun are up 19%, armed robberies are up 59%,
      assaults using guns are up 28% and these numbers are growing. To
      “believe” taking guns from law abiding people will reduce crime is a
      childs reaction to an issue far too complicated for a child to
      comprehend. Facts speak for themselves and offer the only solution to
      this issue if one is want to ignore the base problem which from the
      statement of fair dinkum shows is the case here. However facts must be faced so face these keeping in mind the words of George Santayana that those that do not remember the past (or do not bother to learn) are condemned to repeat it. Do you Fair know how many school shootings happen in Israel or in Texas and do you know why?

  • CobainMatrix

    Again, Americans allow themselves to be distracted by the gun debate. Again, they fail to see the evildoers, Big Pharma and their shills, who prescribe psychotropic drugs to children who are forever changed as a result. If Adam Lanza was on mind altering drugs, he is as innocent as the children he killed. America’s best and brightest are being turned into suicidal/murderous zombies and nobody seems to be noticing.

    • Addryanne Adamsyn

      What he should focus on is the mental illness that causes people to make stupid statements like this.

  • valkyrie

    Obama can save his crocodile tears for his own victims. Let us not forget the many children that have been killed and maimed through the endless US imperialist wars, and continue to be killed, injured and made orphans and homeless every day. May be someone ought to check if he is on psychiatric drugs, ditto Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz … the list of psychopathic warmongering killers goes on endlessly … because the American way of life is not negotiable apparently :'(

    • Indeed valkyrie – they are the BIG TIME mass murdering psychopaths.