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CDC Scientists Accused of Crimes against Humanity by Whistleblower

Published on August 20, 2014

Contemporary medicine has become a practice of pharmaceutical terrorism, with too many doctors joining in who think they know better about how other peoples’ lives should be lived or ended. “The FDA has assumed for itself Godlike power, requiring that its official approval be obtained before any substance can legally be used in the prevention and treatment of disease. The FDA’s legal-regulatory control therefore is totalitarian and Napoleonic in construct; what it does not explicitly permit as a medicine is implicitly forbidden,” writes Sayer Ji, founder of

Below is a video that will bring you to tears if you still have a human heart. Obviously top officials at the CDC are heartless monsters yet that is what we have in the world of medicine—mind monsters with no hearts—as good a definition for psychopaths as any.

Has your local pediatrician turned his or her back on the heavy use of antibiotics on your children? Are they still recommending you poison your kids with the yearly flu shot that contains highly toxic mercury in them? Probably not. Will they watch this video and turn against their own evil men and woman at the CDC, FDA and local medical boards that hold the whip over them? No.

Andy Wakefield certainly is vindicated as the fine doctor he is and the field of pediatrics is caught red-handed as terrorists who are no better than the Islamic monsters who are burying women and children in the sand.

How many reasons do we need not to trust them? There is not a single medical institution that openly discusses the issues and reasons why so many people are killed and seriously hurt by contemporary medicine. Police forces have internal departments to review the mistakes and abuses of power but in medicine, it is the opposite. Medical boards lock in and enforce the mistakes of medical practice. In the case of these doctors at the CDC they should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and remembered in the darkness of other mass murderers for all times.

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I started out the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) in 2003 with my writings The Terror of Pediatric Medicine and was the one who coined the phrase pharmaceutical terrorism. In terms of my own perception I felt like I had stolen the high ground behind and above enemy lines—the CDC—and my essays have been firing down on them since. Eventually I was led away from negative confrontations and into the creation of a new form of medicine called Natural Allopathic Medicine, which is designed to bypass the pharmaceutical paradigm of terror.

Doctors in General

It almost does not matter what contemporary medical diagnoses you have—it is still the underlying inflammation, dehydration, stress and malnutrition that needs to be treated. Doctors are slowly recognizing this or at least some researchers are, but oncologists insist on using diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery—all of which increase inflammation, toxicity and malnutrition to the point of causing more cancer and death. When a doctor treats inside the pharmaceutical paradigm, he or she is treating the diagnosis, not the condition and what underlies it.

Oncologists are fools—using tests and treatments that cause cancer to treat cancer. You would think by the 21st century they would have evolved their approach but that is not about to happen. One might as well as try to reform a terrorist or psychopath, which is virtually impossible according to modern psychology.

Doctors pretend to have an inhuman ability to predict outcomes for their patients when they treat them for cancer. Doctors, when they talk to you, pretend there will not be unpredictable consequences to their treatments, little or no serious side effects, no bad mixing of chemical compounds when multiple drugs are used, no consequences to massive overuse of antibiotics etc.

Surgeons make their operations more dangerous simply because they do not apply magnesium before, during and after surgery. Doctors get the simplest things wrong. The intense conditioning of medical school, internship and residency leaves doctors unable to think straight because pharmaceutical medicine’s incorrect principles clouds and crowds their minds.

Even after 150 years of knowing, they cannot wash their hands sufficiently. Most of the nurses, doctors and other hospital workers filing in and out of the room caring for patients are not washing their hands. Washing hands is one of the single most effective ways to prevent the spread of dangerous infections — ranging from pneumonia to MRSA, a life-threatening staph infection — in U.S. hospitals. Nevertheless, do they wash enough to make hospitals safer?

Superbugs known as CRE — called "nightmare bacteria" by federal health officials because they are deadly and virtually untreatable — are skyrocketing in the Southeastern USA, new research shows. Experts fear a growing national problem, and some say the spread of such superbugs may portend a "post-antibiotic era."

Cases of the antibiotic-resistant CRE rose fivefold in community hospitals in the region from 2008 to 2012, researchers at Duke University Medical Center found, and they said those rates are likely underestimates.

CRE are carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, These are a family of bacteria that have over time become resistant to last-resort antibiotics. They prey mostly on vulnerable, hospitalized patients and kill nearly half who get bloodstream infections.

Contemporary medicine has nothing to do with health as millions are drugged with poisons that do not help people get better. The misinformation that the mainstream medical media puts out allows doctors and the government to advance false treatments all in the guise of protecting and healing when there is mostly hurtful deception at play.

Misinformation is used to promote poisonous drugs and more tests using harmful radiation and other procedures. People do snap out of their dreams and face the harsh reality of what doctors and western medicine in general is capable of when they suffer enough at their hands—meaning when the side effects kick in.

There are lots of things you should not let your doctors do like give you blood unnecessarily, because they have also been linked to higher death rates if blood is given when not strictly necessary. For sure do not let your doctor operate on you without giving you magnesium before, during and after surgery and do not let them operate on you on a Friday. People who have surgery on Fridays have a 44 per cent higher risk of death than those who go under the knife on Mondays.

One of the big traps of the medical system are the general check-ups. Having a regular check-up sounds like common sense but check-ups or what is otherwise known as screenings, which is looking for illness in people who have no symptoms has a nasty habit of doing more harm than good. The potential downsides of screening are that it can worry people unnecessarily, offer false reassurance, or trigger unneeded tests and treatments that create disease instead of health.

Medicine today is a symptom of a corrupt civilization. Most doctors shamelessly poison their patients. Pharmaceutical companies only manufacture poisons calling them medicines. They hide behind a 400-year-old paradigm that shamelessly says, “The dose makes the poison.” To them everything is a poison so they take full license to use them.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Crystal Wogan

    My Granddaughter was given the MMR. She is now 10yrs. I had researched it and found what the Government were trying to keep from us. We live in England. I phoned him to tell him what I had found, but he said he had researched it and his research had said it was safe, so they had gone ahead. He had not found what I had found. Dr. Davis was then discredited.
    To my horror, a few months later she started developing stomach problems, pain, unable to control her bowels properly, was given laxatives as dr. said it was lose movements coming past a constipation blockage. This made it worse. Next they said it was Crohns as it is in the family. Then they decided she was allergic to all milk and anything with any part of milk in it. Finally they said it was Autism.

  • John & Susan Saas

    Dr. Sircus,
    Well done this article hits home…

    My husband and I have not been to a Dr. in 30 years and when we had an extreme stress in a move to a new location, he ended up in hospitable on intravenous on 4-5 drugs. Diagnosed with heart arrythmia.
    After 4 days later I had to pick him up as I made the move without him. Did not know the man who was terribly debilated, loaded up with chemicals.

    We eventually discovered our own way back to health we are seniors. Magnesium is the answer.!!! along with Selenium and Black Cumin Seed Oil.
    Canada supposed to be free health care, only if you dare….

    God Bless you Dr. Sircus and your family

  • rose

    Congratulations on an excellent article. I was damaged horrifically by a doctor, while undergoing surgery. I was unable to hold him accountable. You can’t win a rigged game.

  • Mark Sircus
  • David

    Excellent points and ways of saying the truth.

    There is a slack that exists which should be taken up by the Alternative medicine people. But they’re not ready for that. The Alternative medicine system is living by the profit motive. They are no different from the mainstream in this respect. When they start to serve the victims of the medical mafia without concern for profit margins, their work would have begun. In the interim, the poor and caught will pine away, while alternative medicine skills remain in their offices, and health supplements sit in storage awaiting buyers!

    Their joint epitaphs would read: DESTROYED BY ELITE PARADIGM.

  • Wondering Woman

    You forgot to mention that the vaccines they removed the thimerosal from as a preservative, they replaced with excitotoxin monosodium glutamate (MSG) which also destroys the cells (neurons) of our brains and central nervous systems.
    It apparently isn’t killing us off fast enough in our food chain so now we are injecting it into our children in the vaccines.
    When I typed “have they added MSG to the vaccines” in my search window, it popped up lots of references – some from the CDC itself – that says they have added the MSG to the vaccines. This is the sane substance removed from baby formulae/foods in 2960 because it caused mental retardation. Read Russell Blaylock’s “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” to more details on why and how they act and the problems they cause.
    Our protective FDA continues to give this and another excitotoxin (aspartame or aminosweet) its GRAS rating despite all the evidence to the contrary. The CDC isn”t the only federal government agency following orders from the one world global government, aka the new world order, elitists.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    I hate to say it but the coproaches have absolutely no accountability for their murderous, brutal behavior. Those perps get paid vacations and free license to continue killing the people. The medical mafia is a horrific example of why one should stay as far away from that bunch as possible. And yet they continue to amass more and more power.