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Contemporary Medicine is a Disease

Published on November 15, 2010

Contemporary Medicine is a Disease


Dr. Andrew Weil is remarkable and shares some of the communication dynamics I talked about a month ago when it came to Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s attack on the autism community and defense of the use of mercury in vaccines. Dr. Weil starts out saying, “Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is promoted online and elsewhere as a treatment for cancer. One rather bizarre theory behind this idea holds that cancer is actually caused by a yeast infection and that the sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast and cure the cancer. This is nonsense. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this notion about yeast.”

Please pay attention to the use of words like “bizarre,” “actually,” “nonsense,” and “absolutely.” Strong words drawing a line in the sand and of course we are to believe the good doctor is standing on the right side and everyone who trusts and believes in Dr. Simoncini is nuts. Dr. Scott-Mumby used words in a similar manner and my confrontation of him drew heated fire back. I was told by my assistants that he hit back below the belt in such an ugly fashion they did not even want to show me.

Neither doctor had much to say scientifically; both merely attacked what they perceive as their opposition. Both resort to character attacks as we see below from Dr. Weil. “Although a small study published last year reported that oral bicarbonate may have a beneficial effect against cancer metastasis in mice, the concept that it can treat ‘cancer-causing yeast’ in human beings comes from an Italian physician who has written a book on the subject and promotes his views on a website and in various videos posted online. You should be aware that Italian authorities have revoked the medical license of this physician and that he has been convicted for wrongful death and swindling, but according to Cancer Treatment Watch he is appealing his conviction and continues to advocate his treatment.”

Many good doctors have their licenses taken away and that has “absolutely” no bearing on the truth of their work. In fact we know that medical authorities routinely go after those who rebel against the lockstep of pharmaceutical interests and usually they are the real heroes. In medicine the truth-teller loses their prestigious positions as Dr. Simoncini has suffered.

With just these few words, Dr. Weil dismisses the work of decades, not only of the good doctor from Rome but also of many doctors, emergency wards, dialysis centers, intensive care units, and patient testimony. Contemporary medicine is a disease and it is quite dismaying when those who we perceive as good guys defend that disease.

Three quarters of America’s physicians still take some kind of handouts from companies who want them to prescribe their medicine to their patients, according the study. CBS News

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Modern medicine is now totally dependent on a steady flow of lies and propaganda for its very survival. If the truth be told out loud in the mainstream press, the status quo consensus would collapse. Lying has become the expected norm in medicine. To tell the truth is now tainted and suspicious; the truth-teller is reviled as “putting on airs” of moral superiority, and they will be shunned and cut off by the liars around them.

In other industries you might call it a bribe, but when drug companies provide travel expenses, consulting fees and other goodies to doctors, it’s just called doing business. – CBS News

The American and world populations are being destroyed by orthodox medicine with the government and the media lying every step of the way. The United States of America has become the country of The Big Lie. Those who facilitate government and pharmaceutical lies are well rewarded, but anyone who tells any truth or expresses an impermissible opinion is excoriated and driven away. If we cannot trust what the government tells us about weapons of mass destruction, terrorist events, and the reasons for its wars and bailouts, can we trust the government’s medical officials at the CDC and the FDA? Apparently not.

The World Health Organization, in examining the health risks from exposure to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), agreed that it would be “premature” to take any public health measures to regulate or ban the chemical.

A mark of our times is the medical gibberish passed off as logic—nonsense passed off as truth. These doctors have made public statements so glaringly unsubstantiated, so at variance with reality, it is almost as if they were broadcasting from another planet. And they get away with it for few have the gumption that I have to put my hand up in their virtual faces. They use the trappings of their medical authority—their academic degrees and the technocratic aspects of the subject matter have allowed them to repeat with impunity that two plus two equals one.

With bugs in baby formula, glass flakes in intravenous drugs and foul odors emanating from Lipitor and children’s Tylenol, a steady stream of high profile product recalls is undermining confidence in top drug makers. Reuters

We have been living in a world so upside down that nonsense is feverishly worshiped, common sense is rejected as heresy, and anyone who dares challenge the status quo is attacked by troll-like acolytes wielding their technocrat credentials like clubs. Orthodox medicine is like a cancer on our planet. Wrong in its theories, wrong in its assurances, wrong in their predictions, and wrong in virtually everything they have done. Like a biological disease, allopathic pharmaceutical medicine needs to be contained and quarantined.

Yesterday I published a new essay and video on Dr. Simoncini’s work and in these past three years I have written a full length book and medical review on the use of sodium bicarbonate in medicine. The book is 120,000 words with 333 references and if one is to weigh in on an important subject to humanity, then one should dive deeply into one’s subject, something neither Drs. Weil nor Scott-Mumby have done when they attack medical practices or principles they seem to understand little of. One might not agree with every word I say in my bicarbonate book but only a complete idiot would ignore the overwhelming clinical and scientific evidence gathered for more than a hundred years about the important use of sodium bicarbonate in medicine.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Santo Belin

    It? s the initial time I’ve heard that in Macedonia, obits are an uncommon observe. You have wonderfully written the post. I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.

  • The HCG hormone diet plan is unforgiving. To some it may possibly even be dangerous. They are going to you show a list of the potentially significant wellness challenges you’re probably to get inflicted with really should you decide to attempt such a diet plan. Despite the dangers loads of folks appear to be unconcerned almost certainly simply because they’ve not heard something really serious have befallen users.

  • Wow – and I thought Dr. Weil was one of the good guys

    By the way, I thank God for your information on nebulizing magnesium. It literally was a life saver.

  • The United States of the WEST COAST

    Thank you Dr. Mark. This World has become nothing but *SYSTEMIC TOXIC PROFITEERING (*the title of my future book).

    We live in a plastic BPA world,
    we sleep on PVC-Pthalate beds,
    we ingest pesticides, herbicides and GMOs,
    we put parabens and pthalates on our pores,
    we pop pharmaceuticals left and right,
    we outlaw Organic seeds and farming,
    we Geoengineer our skies with aluminum chemtrails,
    we shoot up Mercury in vaccines,
    we put estrogenic growth hormones and antibiotics in our meat and dairy products…


    Why did Barack Obama appoint Tom Vilsack as secretary of agriculture when Vilsack, from Iowa, is nose deep in GMOs and agri-business?!?!?!? We rape the land and do not allow for Nature and Plant based medicine to heal and help us thrive…

    This country does NOT have its priorities straight… but I vow to help change that…


    (I hope Monsanto/Xe/Blackwater is reading this… I am coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • N

    If Weil is on the cover of Time magazine, you know right there he is a sell-out.

  • Tim

    It’s all being said. Thinking back to the Hippocratic Oath, one wonders why your average doctor ( and they’re all average, if you’re lucky !) would prefer to initiate therapy by injecting people with lethal chemo drugs, spraying them with radiation and cutting pieces off, rather than starting out with something which demonstrably”does no harm”. Maybe there’s something we’re not being told. I don’t think that Dr.S is saying that baking soda cures cancer, but it’s certainly an important part of the treatment. As is vitamin D, selenium, etc. All the sugary junk ingested by your average cancer patient ( see Linda N above ) is going to be manna from heaven for cancer cells, which respire inefficiently and so require vast amounts of sugar to stay alive, the inevitable by-product being a simultaneous increase in local acidity. Hence the need for BS.
    For the information of our 77-year old Dutchman, I sent a 2-page letter to my local European Member of Parliament drawing his attention to the highly destructive provisions of the Codex Aliumentarius. Several months have passed, without so much as an acknowledgement of my concerns. And these people are our elected representatives ?
    I’m moving to Turkey soon. The weather’s better.

  • I read every single newsletter received from Dr Sircus because they are extremely informative. It’s also very encouraging that there are doctors of his calibre, but disturbing that so many doctors act like sheep following FDA and Big Pharma without even a thought about their patients. Well, we know they may do it for financial gains.

    Both my husband and I were prescribed Lipitor for slightly higher than normal cholesterol, but refuse to take it. Our doctor “played” horrified and warned us. Luckily we had already read up on it on the net and knew the many side effects. Another important fact of not believing every doctor on earth is that our grandparents had butter and cream and lived until they were very close to 90 years of age and had no problems.

    It’s been proven that it’s all BS to blind force chemically produced margarines, which are not very healthy at all, onto the population. Why are they supposed to be better than natural products when they may contain preservatives, colouring, butter aroma and other chemicals? Well, research has shown that when they introduced margarine mixed with the doubtful chemicals, people seemed to be inflicted with more heart disease from then on. Today there are many doctors who advocate fat in beef, full cream milk, butter and cream because they’re healthier for you. I know what I think.

  • Dear Dr. Mark, I’ve been reading you newsletter for a while now and l am very moved by your courage and truthfulness! They will probably revoke your license too. But please keep writing and somehow reach out to those who still blindly trust conventional MD’s. Even though I sometimes think that those people deserve the treatment they get, because the alternative information IS STILL available, and they can just wake up from their daze and blind faith in everything that Big Liers of all suites are telling them … after all the responsibility for one’s health is with the individual.
    Thank you for spreading the truth and sanity on all the issues you write about. I wonder how your project in Brazil is doing. I have a lot of hope for Latin America, I think we are in the right place in the right time. Best wishes. Diwamani

  • Tom

    While I am aware of what you describe, I could not have painted it with words so eloquently as you do. I worked in Big Pharma for 20+ years. At one meeting with the CEO of the company, he mentioned introducing a particular drug to our area (Asia) to boost sales. Someone there asked him “But Sir, what about the 5% incidence of irreversible blindness”?
    The CEO slammed the table and in a loud voice shouted “I said we need it”! THAT was my turning point. Now I see it all for what it is. A total sham (except perhaps for some ER and plastic/reconstructive surgery). It’s all about money and EGO and ALWAYS has been. That is not to damn all MD’s…there are very few who wake up out of the dream…
    Thanks again for your continued strong voice and energy…

  • Linda N

    Dr. Sirus,

    There are many more physicians out there that believe the evidence shows that most cancers have a fungal component. Have you ever read the book “The Germ that causes cancer” by Doug Kaufmann? (The older long version not the little new version). Full of scientific references! I willingly spent 50 bucks for the book and was not disappointed! Every cancer patient I have ever met was full of candida and had cravings for sugar, corn, processed foods and the like. They all pass a candida questionnaire with flying colors. Also with one woman I knew, she was changing her diet and all that and starting to address the fungus and doing quite well when she was given an antibiotic for “pneumonia” (Frankly I think she was going through candida die off but that cannot be proven of course.) When she was prescribed a course of antibiotics the cancer went wild. She went back on chemo and of course it eventually destroyed her immune system and she died. Doug Kaugmann of “Know the Cause” has said on his program that people tell him all the time that they were hanging in there or their cancers were in remission and then they were given an antibiotic for one reaSon or another and their cancers went wild.

    When Dr. Weil makes such stupid comments like “bizarre” and “nonsence”, and “no scientific evidence” it just proves his ignorance. All he has to do is read Doug’s Book and he will have all the scientific references he needs. No one will ever want to do a double blind study trying to determine if cancer is a fungus because it will not make money for Big Pharma. I am convinced that cancer has a fungal component and so are many professionals.

  • Hendrik Stins Ham

    When a practioner talks to you about homeopathy, herbal medicine, EFT, color-therapy yo treat him the same way as Dr. Weil treats you.

  • Jim

    Like most people reading any real news on Cancer Incorporated, not what is coming from the bought and paid for mainstream media? I have to wonder how Dr. Weil comes to the conclusion that any well informed person would believe a word he has to say. I believe there are a great number of people, and more everyday that just does not believe anything the medical community has to say; at best each statement is taken with a grain of salt. We are all becoming only too aware that these doctors are bought off by the pharmaceutical and other industries.
    Governments and the medical establishment are using us as lab rats, and making us pay for the studies. I hope Dr. Weil reads this and gets a grip on the facts; there are a lot of people that no longer believe the letters M.D. indicates any kind of respectable profession. Personally, I assume any doctor making any statement is likely not being honest; respect has to be earned it is not a given.
    I believe many people are following that lead in these days of “Profit First, Health Second” and “Don’t cure, treat the symptoms.”
    Thank you for your honest analyses on the many topics you cover.

  • N Litzer

    It is amazing that so many lies can be told. Everything seems to be a lie but one has to know the Creator of all things and and the truth seems to stand out above the lies. Keep on doing what you are doing to expose more of their disinformation.
    Thank you for exposing the lies. Keep on writing your great emails and newsletters.

  • alison

    Dr. Sircus, I read all of your essays and commentary that come to my mailbox. I read them very carefully because the “words” are very important. I am dissapointed in Dr. Andrew Weil that he would use such blunt words to describe the work of another scientist conveying to readers that Dr. Simoncini is WRONG. It is too bad that ego is so important to those who engage in work that is so important to understand.
    I have recently heard of a book I am anxious to read and wondered if you are aware of it/have read it and your thoughts on its contents: “The Emporer of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer”
    Thank you foryour own enlightenment.

  • John F. Vuursteen

    Dr. M. Sircus,
    Please believe me that in Europe due to the dictatorship of the European Government, things will be equal here. For spring 2011 a new law is issued whereby ALL sales of o.t.c. herbal products, minerals, vitamins and the like will be prohibited. It may only be sold after prescription of M.D.´s and Ph.D.´s and when deliverd by licensed pharmacies. The end result will be enormous illegal imports and loss of jobs and natural products shops going out of business.
    f.y.i. I am a 77 year old dutchman/caucasian with over 25 years practise in natural healing.
    I appreciate very much your site, blogs and e-mail newsletters. Please go on like that.
    Yours truly

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  • JB

    Don’t back down doctor. You may very well be an important part of the coming transformation.

  • This is one of the best-written articles that I’ve seen on the Medical Establishment! I couldn’t have said it any better. Average people are being totally duped by advanced-degreed pawns who are defending Big Pharma’s profits. The truth is that proper nutrition is the cure for the vast majority of chronic diseases experienced in ‘modern’ society today. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many autoimmune disorders are a result of the malnutrition and poisoning of the population. I salute you for your stand against the self-proclaimed leaders and authorities of society.