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Beyond That Door

Published on April 25, 2011

Beyond that door is death. It’s death’s door and it has brought us a new hell on earth. What’s behind this door and several others like it is so hot, in terms of death, that its effects can be seen 10,000 miles away. Though thanks to the media we almost forgot about this and other similar doors and the nuclear meltdowns that are occurring right here right now on planet earth.

Today you have to be a hound dog to sniff up any credible news about what is actually going on at that destroyed nuclear plant. It’s very scary how the media has clamped down on most of the news so it seems like multiple nuclear meltdowns are not a big deal.

On April 21 radiation levels stood at up to 110 microsieverts per hour in the air in the town of Okuma in Tokyo, some 3 kilometers southwest of that door you see above.

If a person is exposed to this quantity of radiation for about nine hours, the cumulative dose is estimated to reach one millisieverts, the annual safety limit set by the government. Do the math. In just 30 days a person living there would have a lethal dose!

On Sunday, April 24, 2011 Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) disclosed a map of radiation levels at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Radiation levels around the No. 3 reactor building, which was damaged by a powerful hydrogen explosion, are higher than in other locations, and 300 millisieverts per hour of radiation was detected in debris on a nearby mountainside. Stand near that and 30 hours later kiss life goodbye.

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Work started on April 6th to remove contaminated rubble that had been obstructing the restoration process. TEPCO says much of the debris around the former office building has been removed, and it has started clearing the rubble around the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors. Enough debris has been removed to fill 50 containers, and it is being kept in a field on the mountainside.

The radiation levels one meter away are 1 to 2 millisieverts per hour. Gee that would be a walk in the park meaning we could hang around endlessly until 20 days go by and then we too are radioactive toast.

Okay so let’s translate that into a bit of practical reality for people 10,000 miles away on the east coast of the United States. We’re getting pretty far away from that damn door and yet its nuclear wretchedness is reaching around the world just like Chernobyl did.

Radiation a Personal Account

I am a retired biologist who used to work in radiation biology. Just wanted to share with you what we’ve been doing lately. We live in the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. We have a Geiger counter and have been testing daily for radiation (am and pm) since the Fukushima incident. Since March 11, our numbers normally are 25-30 cpm inside and 31-35 cpm outside (Geiger counter sits at an open window). This is within background radiation numbers. When it rains, the numbers rise to about 35 cpm for inside and 40 cpm for outside. Our grass reads around 50 cpm. I noticed today after I did some weeding (sunny day) and washing my hands that they read around 50 cpm. I had to wash them 3-4 times before the reading went down.

Also noticed a couple of dandelions looking abnormal (their stems were twice as thick as others and heads were joined). Never saw that before.

We had ordered kelp granules from the company Maine Coast three weeks ago. We typically use kelp in our foods, and this was a bigger order than usual because of the nuclear incident. Just got the shipment today! We tested the bags of kelp for radiation and they tested 182 cpm! We called the company but they had their answering machine on, stating that they won’t be open until April 25th because they’re doing inventory. We plan to return the kelp! Noticed the expiration date is April 16, 2013, which makes us wonder if they filled the order after the Fukushima incident (maybe April 16, 2011?).


Life with Geiger counters will become much more common in our futures as well as nuclear weather reports. They might as well have ripped a hole into another universe with so much hell to be released each month for as long as we can see into the future. Best-case scenario at this point would be several years of relentless radiation buildup around the world but most particularly in the northern hemisphere where it will be increasingly difficult to get uncontaminated food. Let’s not even think of worst-case scenarios for not many of us will be around for long if such were to occur.

Authorities will keep everything under their hat for as long as humanly possible to avoid panic and migrations. With financial collapse on the horizon, private citizens will not be able to afford any movement anyway and will have to dig in and weather the radiation. With the help of the media, the entire populations of the north are caught like deer in the headlights and are totally unaware of and unprepared for this increasing nuclear radiation. In case no one has informed you, radioactivity makes it harder for our bodies to live.

Today’s Nuclear News

The Number 4 spent fuel pool stores 1,535 fuel rods, the most at the nuclear complex. TEPCO says it will inject 210 tons of water into the pool on Monday, after finding on Sunday evening that the temperature in the pool had risen to 81 degrees Celsius. The utility firm had earlier limited the amount of water being injected into the pool to 70 tons a day, saying the weight of the water could weaken the reactor building, which was already damaged in last month’s hydrogen explosion.

On Friday, TEPCO found that the pool’s temperature had reached 91 degrees, so it began injecting 2 to 3 times the amount of water. TEPCO says the pool’s water temperature dropped to 66 degrees on Saturday after water was injected, but started to rise again, to 81 degrees. The operator says the water level in the pool was 2.5 meters lower than normal after 165 tons of water was injected on Sunday.


But there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Doctors are not worried that iodine deficiency will make you much more vulnerable to death rays in the form of radioactive iodine, which your thyroid will mop up like a sponge. But what do doctors or our friendly governments care?

I have been trying to get a prescription for iodine from a medical doctor, but I can’t find one that will do it. They tell me BS like you don’t need it; it’s dangerous to take supplemental iodine without a battery of thyroid tests, and a bunch of other BS ad nauseum. I used to be able to get it over the counter at a drugstore, but no longer. I need to find an MD with common sense that will actually help me.

David Ostrander

This is a gift from Brazil of a music that was first presented live in 1974. Brazil has sung out against atomic energy and thus we have only one reactor in this huge country. I have translated the lyrics below. I hope people can appreciate with their hearts this musical message.

The Rose of Hiroshima
(Vinícius de Moraes / Gerson Conrad) Think of the children

Mute, telepathic Think of the girls Blind, inaccurate Think of the women Routes changed Think of the wounds As warm roses But oh, do not forget of the rose, the rose The rose of Hiroshima The hereditary rose The radioactive rose Stupid and invalid The rose with cirrhosis The atomic anti-rose with no color no parfum, No rose, no anything.

Photograph: Robert Brook/Alamy/Alamy

Radiation Hell at the disused plutonium reactors at Sellafield, England are a slow motion Chernobyl according to Greenpeace campaigners against nuclear energy.

The BBC says, “There are about 440 operational reactors in 32 countries, generating 16 percent of the world’s electricity. Only 27 new reactors are under construction, mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia. Not one of the remaining 22 countries with nuclear power is currently building any new reactors, including the USA, Canada and all of Western Europe. The western world has put its nuclear power program on hold. This is arguably due at least in part to the Chernobyl accident and the ensuing perception that no matter how small the risk, it is just not worth it.”

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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    In my view a more vital question than safe food is that of acquiring uncontaminated water. Even wells will become contaminated in time. And when I sift through ways to decontaminate radioactive water, I find conflicting reports: it can be done, no problem (buy my products) versus some isotopes are water soluble and hence cannot be removed by any means available to the populace.

    Dr. Sircus, we need you to post something credible on this water issue ASAP. NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE SO TO MY KNOWLEDGE.

  • Thank you so much for the information, and the work that you do,

    I live in California, and I have purchased Kelp Pwder, Iclentic Kelp tablets and liquid Potassium Iodine 225 mcg . The liquid recommends 1 drop daily with juice or food. I have previously purshased naciant iodine for energy. (is one drop 225mcg?)
    I am raising 3 grandchildren, and they will not take kelp, eat fish, or swallow the tablets. For radiation poisoning purposes, how many drops in juice for an adult? Children 6-9?
    I would appreciate someone coming forth with appropiate answer. I have been unable to find out proper doses, even reading the advice on sites. I also have Kelp (Iodine Source) Mineral supplement (Swanson)225 mcg tabs. The Icelantic Kelp tablets says Laminaria Digitata Thyroid Health and is also 225 mcg. So all is 225mcg.

    I have followed the (NILU) Norwegian Institute for Air Research every day, and I have read the radiation level is the same as in Tokyo now here. I have also listened to Benjamin Fullford living in Tokyo on utube videos. I am wondering if he is downplaying the contamination, his life has been threatened. He says Japan has been threatend in the past with eartquakes, in his interview with Japans priminister. He also says that this was set off on purpose. (HAARP) (see his latest utube 04/20.) The article on enernews stated that the foodbasket in California is being poisoned. Korea annonced their schools closed, with much less levels of radiation there than in California. Are we o be really worried or not because i can not get any strait answers anywhere as to what is a safe level, (no such thing?)


    Mai Zimbleman

  • Rob

    The quote at the end “The BBC says,” is not really what the BBC says, it’s a community edited section of the site. And it’s out of date as far as I can tell, the UK is planning more nuclear power stations.

  • Judyth

    The sensitivity of many artist’s to the dualities of good and not good energy is written in the expressions of his face, finally as he dispassionately sends forth this song to the universe.

  • Linda Nedderman-Eaton

    May I make a correction? For David Ostrander: One does NOT need a prescription to obtain iodine in the US, if you are in the US. Iodoral, and may other supplements are available online. And even 130 mg tablets are available for sale. If one goes to the American Thyroid Association site the companies that sell them are are listed right on the site. They do not suggest anyone take this large a dose unless told to by governments (but most will not tell anyone to take them even when one lives right close to a nuclear accident, just like Chernobyl and Fukushima) but they are still ONE TIME doses only! For long term supplementation, any number of supplements are available for sale, from 225 mcg potassium iodide tablets to 12 mg Iodoral tablets. I make no suggestions as to how much to take, as I am not a physician.