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Ebola – No Cure, No Treatment, Only Fear, Fraud, Confusion

Published on August 17, 2014


Yesterday Dr. Raul Vergini in Italy asked me if the Ebola epidemic is real. Last week I was called about 30 seconds before Dr. Rima Laibow started her radio show to be a guest (I was not scheduled) and I listened to the first ten minutes of her going on and on about her NanoSilver product that she was claiming was a cure for Ebola. My stomach started turning and I was smart enough to hang up the phone and not get on the show. What could I possibly say on live radio that could support such a dangerous claim? Imagine my surprise to read the other morning the New York Times reporting on this and other news sources posting on fraudulent Ebola cures.

Recently, the foundation’s medical director, Dr. Rima E. Laibow, posted an “open letter to heads of Ebola-impacted states” dated July 29, claiming that NanoSilver cured Ebola. She also claimed to have addressed 47 African health ministers at a 2007 conference and to be in touch with “West African governments and their advisers.”

Dr. Laibow could not be reached for comment. On Friday afternoon, after The New York Times emailed her a series of questions, two of her websites briefly became unavailable, then reappeared with headlines saying they were “under attack” and directing readers to other sites selling a different product, Silver Solution.

The Times said, “Silver kills some microbes on surfaces and in wounds,” which I and many others agree on. However, it is not known, except seemingly by Laibow, that it can cure Ebola. Certainly, it is enough to say it should help and would be a better bet than experimental drugs. I listed silver as a possible treatment at the end of my essay Ebola – Saving Lives with Natural Allopathic Medicine as an afterthought because my concentration is on several emergency room and intensive care medicines that have proven themselves through decades of consistent use.

Laibow makes a distinction between colloidal silver and NanoSilver, stating “the virucidal properties of Nano Silver far exceed those of the better known “colloidal silver” or “mild silver protein” preparations.” “It is comprised not of colloidal or ionic silver particles (which can show some minor toxicity) but very small metallic silver particles. Its efficacy as a non-toxic, novel anti-viral therapy which leaves normal biota intact is extremely promising.” “Extremely promising” does not equal proof.

I do not trust the World Health Organization (WHO) nor the Centers of Disease Control as far as I could spit into a hurricane wind. I trust the New York Times and their motives even less. The Internet lit up a few days ago about fraudulent Ebola cures with the New York Times themselves leading the charge presenting the most absurd and fraudulent statin treatment for Ebola one can imagine.

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The western world of medicine stands obscenely naked in its assumptions that distance the public from natural medicines used in hospitals that save lives every day. They use baking soda and magnesium but do not want to talk about it especially in relationship to viral infections. These are safe medicinals where statin drugs are not. Even the WHO did not like the dangerous suggestion about using statins for Ebola.

Confusion and Despair

If one reads the news these days about Ebola or anything else one is destined to get confused and be in despair as a dark craziness grips the globe. Ebola is front and center in this all with none of us knowing where this is all going but we are about to find out. Courtesy of international airlines, we all have front row seats.

Staff writer Elizabeth Palermo for Live Sciences says, “Most people who become infected with Ebola will not survive. But despite this somber prognosis, health experts in the United States aren’t particularly worried about the threat of Ebola in this country or in other developed countries.” So relax there is little to fear even though there is no drug or vaccine proven effective against the Ebola virus in human beings. To date, only one person — Dr. Kent Brantly — has apparently recovered after receiving one of the three prominent putative drugs, and there is no proof that the drug was key to his improvement. None of the potential vaccines has even undergone Phase 1 safety trials in humans, though at least two are scheduled to enter that stage before December of this year. The Huffington Post also reports the CDC believes that there is very little to fear.

The WHO has decided we should be scared and a Pulitzer-prize winning writer of The Coming Plague warns, ‘you are not nearly scared enough about Ebola.’

Laurie Garrett states: “Attention World: You just don’t get it. You think there are magic bullets in some rich country’s freezers that will instantly stop the relentless spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa? You think airport security guards in Los Angeles can look a traveler in the eyes and see infection, blocking that jet passenger’s entry into La-la-land? You believe novelist Dan Brown’s utterly absurd description of a World Health Organization that has a private C5-A military transport jet and disease SWAT team that can swoop into outbreaks, saving the world from contagion? Wake up, fools. What’s going on in West Africa now isn’t Brown’s silly Inferno scenario — it’s Steven Soderberg’s movie Contagion, though without a modicum of its high-tech capacity. Last week, my brilliant Council on Foreign Relations colleague John Campbell, former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, warned that spread of the virus inside Lagos — which has a population of 22 million — would instantly transform this situation into a worldwide crisis, thanks to the chaos, size, density, and mobility of not only that city but dozens of others in the enormous, oil-rich nation.”

The FDA states, “There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat Ebola,” so anyone who says there is-is lying. However, some people do recover from Ebola even though there is no specific treatment or cure for the disease. “When a person becomes infected with Ebola, the virus depletes the body’s immune cells, which defend against infection,” said Dr. Derek Gatherer. “In particular, the Ebola virus depletes immune cells called CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes, which are crucial to the function of the immune system. But if a person’s immune system can stand up to this initial attack — meaning their immune cells are not as depleted in the first stages of infection — then studies suggest they are more likely to survive the disease. The patients that survive it best are the ones who don’t get such a bad [immune] deficiency," Gatherer told Live Science. In my first essay on Ebola, I write about some of the fundamentals of the disease that suggest intelligent treatment.

I am in total agreement that there is no cure for the virus, for I have no choice legally or otherwise than to say so. I am not a virologist and am not on the front lines treating this disease. However, there are ways to support the immune system and best ways to treat infected people. Health officials and organizations as well as the media are not being intelligent nor honest about the realities of surviving viral infections. According to them hundreds of thousands of people die every year from viral infections. Doctors and the medical system itself just does not want to address why some people die and most do not from these infections.

For those who so totally doubt the media (for good reason) I would just say it is very hard to fake the kind of hemorrhaging we are being told that comes with Ebola. It is an especially nasty way to go. Ebola is just part of the madness and fear gripping the globe. Death is waiting in many forms for millions as war, drought and pestilence, as well as extreme climate change grip the globe. It has always been my assertion that love will cope but governments will not. Only the United States, as far as I know, is ready for the worst in a nightmarish way by having in place Home Land Security FEMA camps with martial law only a signature away.

It is a good time to listen to this thoughtful video. What is most important is the assertion that Ebola is an airborne disease that could start spreading like wildfire in the next few weeks. However, health and medical officials are acting as if it is not and are risking the lives of millions on their big assumption.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that Ebola was able to travel between pigs and monkeys that were in separate cages and were never placed in direct contact.[1] Though the method of transmission in the study was not officially determined, one of the scientists involved, Dr. Gary Kobinger, from the National Microbiology Laboratory at the Public Health Agency of Canada, told BBC News that he believed that the infection was spread through large droplets that were suspended in the air.

"What we suspect is happening is large droplets; they can stay in the air, but not long; they don’t go far," he explained. "But they can be absorbed in the airway, and this is how the infection starts, and this is what we think, because we saw a lot of evidence in the lungs of the non-human primates that the virus got in that way."

Emergency Room and Intensive Care Treatments

In my early essays on Ebola I talked about how hemorrhagic viruses strip the body of vitamin C and that is why people bleed and die. It is a good moment to read about liposomal vitamin C and study this video about how to make it. We do not have to say vitamin C will cure Ebola but it certainly will treat the underlying condition that develops and prevent the acute scurvy symptoms of massive bleeding. In addition, we can go all the way back to 1926 to an Arm and Hammer publication about the medical use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and how it saved lives during the Spanish flu pandemic. My E-book Sodium Bicarbonate was recently published in hardcopy by a New York publisher and is a good read for anyone fearing viral infections and a host of other problems, including cancer, which we are increasingly facing in the 21st century.

Even the alternative medical community avoids talking about such basic, inexpensive and safe treatments preferring other obscure medicinals like Monolaurin that are designed to prevent viral infections. It is my assertion that a combination of emergency room and intensive care medicines that together represent hundreds of years of clinical experience represent humanity’s best defense today against Ebola and extremely nasty antibiotic resistant infections. Though vitamin C is not on that list (it should be), iodine, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium and injectable selenium are.

Ebola in the News: “The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is so out of control that governments there have revived a disease-fighting tactic not used in nearly a century: the “cordon sanitaire,” in which a line is drawn around the infected area and no one is allowed out.” – NY Times

3 people quarantined in India: Three persons from Ebola-affected Nigeria, who arrived here Saturday morning, have been admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for screening and treatment if required. The three Nigerians, aged 79, 37 and 4 years had fever and their tests were being done at the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Delhi, an official release said here. In addition to this, a 32-year-old Indian from Durg in Chhattisgarh who returned from Nigeria has been admitted to a hospital in Bhilai. His samples are also being tested at NCDC, the release said. WHO has said air travel, even from Ebola-affected countries, is low-risk for transmission of the disease. WHO has reported a total of 2,127 cases and 1,145 deaths due to Ebola from affected countries. –Times of India

[1] Transmission of Ebola virus from pigs to non-human primates; Hana M. Weingartl et al; Scientific Reports;Article number:811;doi:10.1038/srep00811; Published15 November 2012;

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • larry007

    Ebola traveling between pigs and monkeys means that obama and his goons are at high risk.

    FDA couldn’t tell the truth if they had to. I believe Olive leaf extract, collidial silver will cure this disease among others. I have used it for years, even against parvo for my Matiff dog with great results. It does great against virus’s,

  • davep

    There is no ebola
    There is no such thing as a pathogenic virus

    Ask any authority to give evidence that a pathogenic virus has EVER been isolated, characterised & identified.
    There is a world of difference between direct and indirect identification – people especially doctors need to wake up to the fraud of the medical profession.

  • Caroline Carter

    Ozone kills Ebola,

  • william

    How about a bracelet that electrified the blood stream with a amperage that kills the virus only

  • Donald Garrett

    Isn’t the fact that she is under attack, consistent with the US government attacking producers and suppliers of both Nano and Colloidal silver treatments across the board, including blocking shipments of Nano Silver to the African countries suffering from Ebola outbreaks?

    Why block a remedy that is perfectly harmless? Especially when it is not competing or interfering with ANYTHING, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OFFERING ANY OTHER CURE?

    • Dana Lynn Sharpton


  • Chris

    Saying one can ‘beat ebola’ with just Vitamin C or whatever protocol of your favor of the day is like saying you can build a car with a flat blade screwdriver.

    The body is being depleted of Selenium, it is being depleted of Vitamin C, it is having cytokine storms. All *kinds* of things are happening at the same time.

    I recommend the following protocols combined and why.

    Tumeric in large quantities mixed in hot water – blocks P24 protein that Ebola needs to replicate I found a buried pubmed study that confirmed this. It is also HIGHLY antiseptic in the system.

    Vitamin C – 10-20 grams a day which means you should be going through a bottle of it every two days. Ebola rapidly depletes the body of Vitamin C.

    Vitamin D – In large quantities it will fill receptor sites in cells that viruses bind to. By doing this it is almost like ‘teflon’ for your cells and the virus simply slides off the cell and is unable to bind to it. Vitamin D greatly boosts the immune system as well and will inhibit a cytokine storm

    Selenium – Chinese studies of a previous ebola outbreak showed that they were able to reduce the mortality rate to 0% for weaker variants of the virus and something like 20% for the more virulent forms. Previous research had shown HIV a retrovirus like Ebola competed with the body for it’s store of Selenium. By taking large doses of Selenium it creates a ‘stalemate’ of sorts. Remember the key is to make it to the 21st day where your body will develop an immunity.

    Trophic Iodine – was used to treat malaria and is highly antiviral.

    Olive Leaf Extract – an extreme antiviral agent. It kills viral loads off in the body.

    Nanosilver – A leaked pentagon study showed it killed 99.9% of the virus.

    Blood Electrification – Destroys the viral capsid making it unable to replicate. I found the studies whereby HIV loads were reduced 99% by the application of a microcurrent.

    I recommend that people are themselves with as many of these protocols as they can get there hands on now. I do not say any one of these is a ‘cure’ but rather the combined protocols would lower mortality rates very very low. <5%

    • Rak

      What form of vitamin c do you recommend?

  • Kevin Worldsavior

    The “deadly” Ebola virus is not a problem at all – It can be contained worldwide for just a few days – I got the deadly Ebola virus devastating destroyer – The Personal Virus and Cancer Killer that kills any viruses and any bioweapons the moment they touch us [Ebola, Bubonic (ISIS got plans to use it as a bioweapon – Bubonic Plague – against mankind), HIV, Colds, Flues, Malaria, Dengue, etc.]. That is just an exercise for a minute a day for prevention and for 3 minutes a day for max. 7 days for the sick person to get cured. The Virus/Cancer Killer is by far more powerful than the human immune system itself, keeping it intact all the time (any attempt to stimulate it only weakens it even more) and is the greatest discovery in more than 2 million years of humankind on the planet. If I am paid just 2 billion EURO, I can rid the world of the imminent deadly Ebola virus worldwide catastrophic pandemics threat – Otherwise much more billions of money will be spent to no avail – the deadly Ebola virus will continue spreading and threatening the lives of millions of innocent people on Earth.

    • Chris

      Sounds like you also have $35 million locked up in some African bank account and if I send you $1500 you’ll split it with me.

      Sorry I gave out 5 protocols above that combined will lower the mortality rates I would hope to near 0%. Oh I did it completely FREE.

      • Kevin Worldsavior

        You did it completely free, because it is good for nothing – Nothing on Earth compares to my WVD – The Weapon of Virus Destruction – The greatest discovery in more than 2 million years of humankind on the planet – My WVD will kill the much more dangerous T4 Bacteriophage virus, already set in the wild and planned to be shot by mandatory vaccines (as Ebola cure and prevention), hatched to alter the human DNA of generations to come and turn them into zombies, i.e. to destroy its recipients – Only My WVD can save everybody, for that critter of a virus will be killed the moment it gets into our blood stream.

  • T

    I’m not really surprised that you censored my comment. The great fear monger only wants comments which support HIS view. I have noticed time and again what a HUGE ego presence there is in your writings. I sent you material years ago about ozone/oxygen which you ignored, until you turned it around into “your discovery”. You give out some good information, but it’s ALWAYS accompanied by blowing your own trumpet loud and clear. When people point out that something is wrong (ie phoney Tsunami charts), you ignore it, since to acknowledge it would be an act of humility, which your ego would never allow.
    Hundreds of thousands die from flu every year, but that doesn’t make such good copy as this scare. IV or RHP ozone would take care of it all, but you’ll never write about it unless you can find a way to take credit for it.

  • cedric

    Ebola virus affects organisms like humans and Primates, fruitivores bats and guinea pigs ,that do not synthesize vitamin C because of the lack of enzyme L-gulonolactonooxidase.

    For example medium -size dog synthesizes daily 3 g vit.C, comparatively man should 20 g a day.

    All infections I treat in my family with colloidal Au with Ag topically, by nebulization, supplementing. Ag kills disease-causing bacterias, gold suppreses inflammation, enhances collagen production aiding in inhibition cancer.

    It is very good in all gluten related diseases , mercury toxicity.

    “Mercury and gold salts[edit]

    Haley has speculated that gold salts may induce a wide range of improvements in overall health, in a manner similar to that of chelation therapy. Haley has also speculated that gold salts may be useful in the treatment of autism.[14] This was based on the observation that one of the first autistics known lost his autism diagnosis when treated for rheumatoid arthritis by taking gold salts containing a thiol linkage. Gold and thiols are known to have high affinity for mercury.”
    Gold sequesters Hg and stabilizes cellular membranes – fights cancer.

  • Mark Sircus

    One big oversight of mine in my series of essays on Ebola is glutathione. Will be writing about that today and more on selenium….

    • Chris

      A very rich source of natural glutathione is Tumeric. The curcumin in Tumeric powder will raise glutathione significantly

  • Do you think, if ebola is a virus, that colloidal silver – or nano silver – will kill the virus? In that case, a little CS a day might prevent the virus from taking hold…. My understanding is that ebola mimics scurvy, so it rids the body of VitC. If someone contracts ebola, my thought is that it’s maybe a bit too late for CS and now it’s time for massive VitC. ? Problem is, this is not a natural virus, but a manmade virus, so it’s a bit of a renegade.

    • guest

      I too think it’s man made, like AIDS. Laboratory in Long Island, this is where from originated AIDS virus, and not fairy tales stories that have been told by the media and “authorities”. Why every virus comes from africa ? Africa is not polluted like western world, from diesel, chemicals…etc.
      Africa is relatively still clean, a lot of wilderness, nature…
      I think the reason is “over population”. This what tell us the media, pharmaceutical corp., secret organisations…
      They are interested to reduce world’s population. And Africa for them is perfect place to release their virus.

    • Chris

      Stop thinking in terms of ‘little bit of nanosilver’ or a single bullet of taking massive doses of Vitamin C. Look at combining many protocols at once such as megadosing Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, large doses of Olive Leaf Extract, blood electrification, nanosilver – doing ALL of these combined I wrote a longer post above you WHY you would want to combine them all.

  • After you survive ebola do you have natural immunity, or it like the hantavirus where your body’s defense mechanism that tries to save you from the disease actually kills you, therefore you do not acquire immunity.

  • One may want to consider administering Rife frequencies using Spooky2. Ebola is listed in the database. It could be broadcast on a massive scale using radio towers. Just search for the term Spooky2 on the net.

    • Chris

      I spent considerable time researching Rife protocols of resonant frequencies in addition to looking at Beck Protocols. People were running 6V megapads etc – blah blah blah. Forget the voltage or the frequency it’s the CURRENT. Run Higher current and it rips the protein capsid off the virus – and it needs this to replicate.

      Take a nine volt battery and two pieces of wire going from each lead to a salt water wetted rag. Apply to a major artery (not near your heart!) It will have a slight burning / electrifying feeling to it depending on the pressure that you apply the rags with. But it is a POTENT disabler of viruses inside your body.

  • Bodhi Mom

    I had posted a comment on Dr. Rima Laibow’s video claiming that her nano silver is a cure for Ebola that the patient will bleed to death before this “cure” can become effective. It is especially bothersome that she is promoting this to the international community and heads of countries as a cure.

    • DannyWhatItDooski

      Why would you question her. Are you a Doctor? No. Do you have Credibility? No. Do you have any other solution? No. As quick as you point your finger is as quick as you will be begging for a drop of this Silver. Your blind by choice, just open your eyes and ask yourself the right questions

      • Bodhi Mom

        If you read the article and other posts above you will see that it will
        likely take more than just one thing to neutralize the virus and heal
        the body from this assault. Just recommending one thing such as nano
        silver could be dangerous as Ebola is a hemorrhagic disease which causes
        capillary fragility and therefore bleeding. Extensive bleeding can
        then lead to shock and death.

        The clinical presentation of Ebola is similar to advanced scurvy,
        which is also characterized by capillary fragility and a tendency to
        bleed easily. Therefore Vitamin C dosing would be necessary to combat it’s depletion in the body by this virus. As the first line of defense, it is important that the patient not bleed to death before before the virus is properly dealt with and the body has all the ingredients to heal itself.

        BTW, how do you know that I am not a doctor? Our Docs in Med School and Dental School have NOT been taught nutrition and how to treat these types of illnesses in a natural manner without Rx drugs.

        • DannyWhatItDooski

          Its an effective way if you read her webpage. With the right dosage and the right kind it was proven in U.S. studies to have a significant amount of stopping this disease.

          • Pat Davis

            As I understand it, the study Laibow quotes was done in vitro. Yes, a certain size nano particle of Ag can neutralize ebola in a test tube but it would be difficult to achieve the same concentration of the element in the bloodstream without IV drip of a 10k PPM solution. No such tests have been done in vivo to determine effectiveness or toxicity.