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Electron Medicine with Surgical Precision

Published on January 10, 2017

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Imagine never having to use a knife to do surgery. It is easy if you have a device that allows you, with precise measurement and application, to pour a flow of electrons into the body at just the right voltage, and just the right frequency, to do wonders. Many doctors have discovered this. Dr. Gary Gordon sees microcurrent therapy as a great help in avoiding and treating cancer and he is correct for low voltage, pH and oxygen are implicit in cancer formation and needed for successful treatment.

Electricity is as important for powering our bodies as for powering our computer and other household appliances. Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells which produce electrical signals that run almost instantaneously through the body as nerve signals, controlling all bodily functions both conscious and unconscious.

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This device is a diagnostic and treatment dream machine that a child could operate when using it in its basic operating mode. Fortunately, one can get in on this technology cheaply if one is willing to reduce all the bells and whistles and just plug oneself into the wall (batteries) and charge one`s self with voltage. This machine, like many of today`s computers, knows what to do.

The Biomodulator from Dr. Jerry Tennant, and other models from the manufacturer (Avazzia) have (in their more deluxe models) the capacity to basically imitate the function of the tricorder. First it reads you (your voltage/resistance to current at any particular part of the body) and then it automatically treats (with voltage) and then shows a minute later the result (increased voltage/capacity to conduct current).

The medicine of the future is here. If one remembers Dr. McCoy from Star Trek and the tricorder he always walked around with you are getting the basic idea of what I am introducing in Human Voltage – Medical Secrets of Electrons, pH, Oxygen and Light.

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Medicine does not get easier though I am not saying that this technology (microcurrent) is going to resolve all your medical problems. It is not quite a wand of power or like being touched by an Angle or by God. Nothing magically about it. Nor am I saying that it is the only thing one needs to do to resolve cancer or anything else but having a wand of power (electrons) or an electrical surgical tool really comes in handy when confronting both chronic and even acute medical situations.

That said try to imagine the difference between driving your electric car after a night of recharging or after forgetting to charge the car up. We are all electric cars in need of constant energy though this becomes more critical the sicker and more run down we are. When we are in pain and sick with disease it is safe to assume our voltage is low, that we are deficient in electrons (as we can be deficient in any nutrient). Many times, voltage (electron) deficiency gets concentrated in one location, in a tumor or ulcer for instance, that systemic treatments lack the power to penetrate.

Therefore, we do surgery electrically by going directly to the area of concern and blast it repeatedly with beams of microcurrent. What we do in electric surgery is to electronically chip away at diseased organs or body parts with pure energy, with electrons, with voltage and of course with higher pH and oxygen at the same time. If our bodies can accept and hold enough voltage it can fire up the immune system, which needs all the voltage it can get when it has to battle cancer.

Invisible World of Voltage made Visible

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Our bodies feed cellular electrical information back to the devices through the electrodes. The software analyzes this data and responds, resulting in the very next signal being modified. This is possible because of the development of modern high-speed microprocessors, which are able to establish a “cybernetic loop” between electronic instrument and living body.

Our bodies have a measurable voltage. The body is electric. Every organ in our body has its own measurable electromagnetic current, which can be measured. Electrocardiograms for the heart and electroencephalograms for the brain measure this current. In the above screen, which both top of the line machines presented below sport, we see the sophistication and simplicity of reading what initial voltage and ongoing reaction and then what treatment result is.

If the frequency and voltage of our bodies drop, disease sets in so it should be easy to understand why it is important to keep our voltage high. Once we have identified the points most in need of being raised to a higher millivoltage through the assessment modes on a micro current device, we simply add electrons to that point until it reads 50 mV or higher at which point the body can utilize the electrons for healing. The mitochondria of our cells will eat the electrons alive and produce more ATP.

Different Models to Choose From

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One can go with all the bells and whistles or get a simple less expensive consumer model and just touch the device to the area of the body that hurts and press the button. If one does not have a fancy machine with easy to use diagnostic (access) powers one can press to areas of pain and discomfort. Prices (without important accessories) start at 300 dollars with the top end at 5,000 dollars for the professional Biomodulator.

Though we are talking microcurrent devices of different costs and abilities the easiest way to see the differences is as if you were buying a car. Each of them will get you where you want to go but not everyone wants a Chevy and not everyone can afford a BMW. The big differences are in the frequencies the two companies’ machines put out and in the training, you will receive in how to use the equipment. Dr. Tennant is the main person in this field and he offers the best training manuals, online courses and workshops one can attend in the United States.

He has also developed the proprietary frequencies that his machines put out. He says, “Now you will understand why I created the Infinity Frequency Set in the Tennant BioModulator. It emits a wide range of frequencies and each frequency series it emits is different from the previous ones. Thus, it is an effort to duplicate what is found in Nature—a wide range of frequencies that will be able to transfer energy to the cells by having the frequencies that will resonate with the various types of cells in the body. Thus, it is an effort to have the same effect as applying numerous different essential oils and not having to figure out which oils are needed.”

That said even the least expensive machine a person might choose will do the job and yet how effectively one can use any of the machines is dependent on the training, knowledge and experience of the person using it. Not so easy to become proficient in sophisticated uses but still can be used simply like plug and play.

Instead of a knife and dangerous anesthetic to cut something out, we stream in healing voltage. Microcurrent therapy stimulates the body at the cellular level, restoring cellular metabolic activity and tissue function in the area of treatment–instead of just cutting out the offending organ. Warning: Microcurrent therapy is not intended for individuals who are pregnant or who have a pacemaker or another implanted electronic device.

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It is as easy as it looks and one needs only the device itself but as shown above the below wand makes application easier especially when one is treating oneself. Though I started with the full kit I used only the device without the wand for two weeks.

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For micro current devices in the United States we need a prescription for a TENS category FDA approved machine. Microcurrent therapy is more than helpful when dealing with pain syndromes such as skeletal muscle pain as found in the neck, back, shoulder, arms and legs, as well as soft muscle as found in abdominal pain and cramping. It can be used for diverse conditions like infections, hormone and glandular imbalance, liver or kidney support, adrenal-stress balance, sleep balance, and mood and depression recovery. I am using it to heal a stubborn ulcer and neuropathy in my feet.

All the machines above are from the same manufacturer and were developed as simple, easy-to-use, hand-held devices for non-pharmaceutical pain relief. They all produce microcurrent electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with your nervous system for pain relief and healing.

These devices are controlled by a high performance embedded microcomputer chips. Dr. Tennant`s units have a more sophisticated program and thus electrical signature and are more ideal for doctors who want to associate with the principle doctor who pioneered this work. He also offers the most in-depth training.

What the sellers of these machines do not say is that these devices are good for everything including anti-aging and especially for cancer patients who need the entire healing boost that electrons can give. We can plug our electric cars into the wall and we can do the same with micro currents and charge up our lives on a daily basis. We then have more energy for everything including recovering from cancer.

Cell replenishing with voltage is a safe, non-toxic way to help cells regain their electric field balance, which will restore normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and even make the skin be full and lustrous. Most microcurrent devices on the market are actually for facial rejuvenation but Avazzia and Dr. Jerry Tennant with his Biomodulator have taken this technology to the moon.

This is a doctor’s dream, just touch this instrument to any part of the body and diagnosis the energy (voltage) present. Both doctors and patients can check their bodies, especially the parts that are giving trouble and see how low the voltage is. Obviously if it is very low there is only one thing to do and that is raise the voltage up with the hope that the body will heal itself if it has enough voltage to do so.

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Just to give you an idea of other companies and their microcurrent devices, to see where this is all going, see a new $300 device called Thync, which is just one of a cadre of products in the next frontier for wearable tech. In sessions lasting five to 20 minutes, the gadget zaps a low-voltage electrical current through nerves of the forehead.


This is a modified and sophisticated Zapper that I will be experimenting with and it can be had for less than 150 dollars. Do not let anyone talk you out of getting into electron medicine. It should be used with a group of other medical basics.


You can start enjoying battery assisted living. Everyone who is suffering from any disease should have a microcurrent device. There is nothing simpler in medicine than touch a probe to a point, receive a diagnostic reading, and then treat over the next sixty seconds, and then just keep repeating the diagnostic and one-minute treatment cycles until one sees with one’s very eyes the voltage rising.

When used with a full protocol of natural medicinals and health practices, direct electron transfer opens up a futuristic medical approach that we can get into our hands today. It is powerful medicine and basic in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

All microcurrent electro-stimulation devices are US FDA cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain, post-traumatic and post-surgical pain. What they do not want you to know is that relief is not just symptomatic with electron medicine. Voltage medicine cures pathological weakness and loss of cellular voltage, which is the cause of much of our pain.

Important Note – The study of either acupuncture or Shiatsu will give doctors and patients a better idea and feel for the possibilities of doing microcurrent therapy because both provide maps of the rivers of energies (meridians) and the points found all over the body that can be treated.

Special Note – We have recently moved from the small hydrogen medicine to even smaller electron medicine and now I am experimenting with photon medicine (even smaller) to directly treat the blood.

Image result for BioQuant NSImage result for BioQuant NS

One just clips the applicator in the nose and infrared laser light is applied to the passing blood in a safe, easy and inexpensive manner. Cost are 658 EU with freight. Will be publishing more on this later.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Desiree Sun

    Why does the Biomoudlator have to be so expensive. It is really not justified. it is a simple device and very cheap to produce. The treatment technology is not new.
    The common men cannot afford such a device.
    I had success with the Dr Hulda Clark Zapper and Dr Beck Blood electrifier, these two Doctors, are really noble, they gave the the instruction to built for free. There is never a blessing if usury and profiteering is involved.

  • JimPas

    Years ago I had an accident in which I ended up with 3 herniated disks in my cervical spine (herniated toward the throat). I was always in constant pain, was unable to wear a hat (felt like someone squeezing my head), and was forced to forever wear v-neck tee-shirts (felt like I was being choked). After a couple of years of failed medicine, a neurosurgeon and pain management doctor suggested I use a medical device to see if it would help. I was given a medical device (an elaborate version of a TENS unit) with 4 channels and was set up to provide electrical impulses at one frequency for 15 minutes – to alleviate pain, and a second session of 30 minutes at another frequency to help with muscle tone. My muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back were wasting away (atrophy). This was a $2,600 USD unit back in 1999. I still have it and use it as needed. Works wonders.

  • Kate

    Thanks for this information. I’ve recently had treatment on an An-Di machine and wonder if you see these as effective/different?

  • MaxWebXperienZ

    Thank you very much for the head’s up about the ground noise from the power companies. Only in America! Grounding mats should have rf chokes in their wire.

  • Brit in Switzerland

    It’s nice to see a serious medical commentator take up the Tennant machines, as the Dr Jones Star-Trek scanner type approach always seemed like the direction to aim for (since days of Becker’s ‘the Body Electric’ and more recently ‘Earthing’).
    Being a long-term sufferer from reactivating EBV I was interested first in the Royal Rife frequency based machines, which led me to the various zappers getting a mixed reception like those from Dr Hulda Clarke and Bob Beck. Later I saw Jerry Tenants Healing = Voltage book come out and was hoping this might become mainstream. A very elegant logic but a dangerous area if you attract much attention in the wrong jurisdictions!
    At the same time, my fairer half (a natural medicine doctor) had taken on the Scenar, a Russian device coming out of the extensive Russian military research machine. The Scenar has impenetrable manuals and instructions but was slightly cheaper than the Tennant machines.
    Anyway I’d be interested to know if you think investment in the Tennant Professional machine and better training (for a doctor) would move us further on than the Scenar. I imagine JT has been further developing his machines and approach since we originally compared. Maybe you are getting big results?
    In my own case I have a set of machines from Sota Instruments (nice people who have carried the Bob Beck mantle onward). The main idea there was to electrify the blood via the wrists and kill bugs (like EBV) but I’ve not used it for a while. Your article woke me up there – I’m surprised I’ve seen so little electro-medicine news in the last 5 years or so.
    Given more of my family members are now succumbing to the same viral problem, would you see JT’s devices as a solution there? Many Thanks for your series of enlightening articles

    • Kate

      Have you explored the book Medical Medium – all about EBV?