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High Dose Hydrogen, Magnesium, Bicarbonate Therapy

Published on August 23, 2017


This is actually the ultimate form of hydration therapy. Thus, it is the most basic of treatments applicable in all medical and health related situations. Every patient needs to be fully hydrated and how one does it, makes all the difference in the world. We are talking about innovative medicine, the latest and best; however, everyone will be surprised that it is also one of the least expensive, safest and easy to administer form of serious medicine there is.

The foundation of every medical and health approach is water. Water Medicine is a new and evolving science because we have discovered that what is in our water makes all the difference in the world. We can drink poisonous water laced with fluoride, chlorine, lead, antibiotics and a host of toxic chemicals including pesticides or we can drink pure water laced with natural medicines like hydrogen, magnesium and bicarbonate.

We start with the smallest molecular medicine—hydrogen gas or hydrogen water—at intensive levels. We then inject bountiful magnesium into the mix, enough to lubricate every physiological reaction in the body, then the perfect amount of sodium and potassium bicarbonate, because every process in the body is pH and oxygen sensitive, we end up with the ultimate elixir, and importantly the most primary one.

In the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Treatment in Acute Cerebral Infarction was safe and effective in patients with acute cerebral infarction. These results suggested a potential for widespread and general application of H2 gas.[1]

It has always been possible with naturopathic protocols to push back on the advancement of death, ageing and disease. We of course recommend adding lots of iodine and selenium and some other choice substances. However, the heart of the elixir is made available by combining only two products, pH Adjust, which is quite inexpensive and easier to swallow than plain old baking soda (because it has less salt, though I like bicarbonate with lemon) and the Vital Reaction hydrogen tables, which of course can be substituted with a hydrogen inhalation device or hydrogen-infused saline IVs. It should be noted that Japan’s health ministry approved in early 2016 hydrogen-infused saline IVs for medical use to help treat (solo or alongside other medications) everything from dehydration to serious infections.

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We are talking about serious medicine and we can see evidence of that in all the new research. We even see that inhaled hydrogen promotes survival of retinal cells. The results of one study demonstrated that post conditioning with inhaled high-dose H2 appears to confer neuroprotection against retinal I/R injury via anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptosis pathways.[2]

What we are talking about is turning your water into magic medicine, miracle water, into a divine cocktail that will excite every cell, reach very extremity. This simple protocol will water you down to your roots putting out the fires and the dryness (dehydration) easier than anything can. Yet hydrogen will help fire up the mitochondria (our internal energy producing furnaces) to create more energy, more brightness that we will even feel in our consciousness. Hydrogen will cool and stimulate at the same time being balanced in its ultimate smallness.

Flooding the body with magnesium is now easier because it is present in both of these products. I have written books to cover the important magnesium story. Magnesium is responsible for membrane function, nerve stimulant transmission, muscle contraction, protein construction and DNA replication. Magnesium is an ingredient in hundreds of enzymes with life becoming increasingly more difficult and painful the more deficient we become in this vital mineral.

The optimal magnesium administration instructions now would read transdermal magnesium treatments (massage and bath) combined with a gram a day through oral means using the above products in combination. Unless you are an advanced kidney patient, it is hard to get too much magnesium though if one uses magnesium as suggested there will be a lot of intestinal cleaning going on.

Dr. Julian Whitaker reports:

A businessman in his 60s reports that since he started drinking hydrogen water, he has more energy and his memory is sharper than ever. A runner says it has improved her endurance and sleep, and she has fewer aches and pains.

The daughter of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease noticed rapid improvements in her mother’s ability to remember names and events, and now she’s doing activities such as showering without help and “getting back to her old self.”

A young man awoke from a three-month coma following a motorcycle accident with a dire prognosis due to severe cognitive, speech, and mobility problems. Hydrogen water jumpstarted his recovery, and today he is back working as a fitness instructor.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease who drank hydrogen water in a placebo-controlled clinical trial had significant improvements in their symptoms, while the placebo group got worse. In addition, in a pilot study of people with rheumatoid arthritis, it caused notable reductions in joint pain and swelling.

How does hydrogen do it? Hydrogen is small and when ingested travels throughout the bloodstream and—according to a 2013 review published in the journal Medical Gas Research—squeaks its way into the mitochondria, the energy centers of a cell, and penetrates the nucleus, where the majority of DNA is stored. Once there, it significantly reduces free radicals—inflammation-causing molecules linked to everything from accelerated skin aging to cancer.

Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone said, “I truly believe we’ll reduce health-care costs by a third when people start drinking hydrogen water.” A 2010 study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed that when 20 overweight or obese subjects with symptoms of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, insulin resistance) drank 1.5 to 2 liters a day of hydrogen water for eight weeks with no other dietary changes saw remarkable increase in healthy biological markers. They saw a 39 percent increase in an enzyme that fortifies the body against free radicals. ; a 43 percent drop in thiobarbituric acid, a substance linked to oxidative damage; and a 13 percent decrease in total cholesterol—results comparable or better than those of cholesterol-controlling meds.”

After reading the science presented in this essay and in my essay Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Water it might be a good lesson to read what Time Magazine has to say about hydrogen. I think Time Health is staffed with medical terrorists for they have the same access to hydrogen studies like those listed above and the best they can say is, “The science behind those claims is weak.”

New Medicine at its Best

What we are enabling here is a new type of therapy that is now possible with the hydrogen made available with the newest and best forms being made available. In Japan, they already have hydrogen IVs but it will be a while before that spreads to America and Europe. In the West, we now have the arrival of hydrogen inhalation units and finally a tablet that one can simply drop in a glass of water and watch it fizz. When the tablet dissolves you just drink down the bubbly magnesium laced hydrogen drink.

You can also try some super hydrogen power drinks with some interesting ingredients (Beet-Powder or Cognizin with Sustamine coming soon) added to put even more rocket fuel in your boots. Hydrogen seems to be a great enhancer. When one tries some of these hydrogen drink products, we get to experience how hydrogen enhances the effect of the substances carried in on flooding waves of hydrogen.

In the basic design of my ultimate Water Medicine presented here it is magnesium that is being enhanced, not only by the hydrogen but also by the bicarbonate, which radically shifts pH to the alkaline, which immediately increases oxygen saturation as well as cell voltage. Medicine is just not going to get any better no matter how much money we want to throw at a medical problem. For about ten dollars a day one can flood the body (for intensive care) and bloodstream with hydrogen, magnesium, bicarbonates and potassium using only the above formulas.

All other medical and health approaches will be enhanced by a basic hydrating approach that thrusts hydrogen healing with magnesium medicine and bicarbonate pH medicine. No one can argue that water is essential and the most basic medicine every patient needs along with oxygen, healthy blood CO2 levels and concentrated nutrition. There are many essentials and it does not pay to skip over them unless one has a death wish.

Hydrogen Inhalation Works For:

Salons, Spas and Massage therapists.

Think of the added benefit that offering Hydrogen will bring to your customers. Not only will they leave feeling more refreshed and relaxed, but also more healthy and beautiful. Hydrogen has a wonderful effect on all skin types.

Sports Medicine

From professional athletes to your weekend golfer, hydrogen therapy may be an effective and specific innovative treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury. With the potential for improvement in exercise performance.

Dental and Cosmetic

Inhalation of hydrogen has potential benefits for healthy teeth and gums by helping treat ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Anti-inflammatory properties may help patients get back to their normal life after a cosmetic procedure by helping reduce swelling and infection.

Antiaging and Personal Care

For the young, middle-aged and seniors, hydrogen has the potential to protect your whole family. From simple day to day prevention of minor ailments to possible disease prevention. You can breath pure hydrogen while watching TV, reading a book, etc.

If one has a big family, is very sick and in bed or has late stage cancer, think about investing in a hydrogen inhalation machine. Remembering that hydrogen works best when enough is supplied to all the cells, it pays to have an unlimited supply.

[1] Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Treatment in Acute Cerebral Infarction: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study on Safety and Neuroprotection.

[2] Wang R, Wu J, Chen Z et al. Post conditioning with inhaled hydrogen promotes survival of retinal ganglion cells in a rat model of retinal ischemia/reperfusion injury. Brain Res. 2016 Feb 1;1632:82-90.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Michael Davis

    Mark, can I use magnesium bicarbonate water made as you suggest to add free hydrogen molecules to in one of these methods described on the internet. Therefore Magnesium Bicarbonate + Free H2?

  • Dr.G

    Mark, I have been using the Vital Reaction tablets for about a month. After about 3 weeks, I developed a “metallic” taste in my mouth. The tablet leaves a residue on the surface of the water, kind of a scum. I have been drinking that with the rest of the water, but I am thinking that maybe I need to avoid that and skim it off before drinking. Has anyone else had a similar experience or has any thoughts on this?

  • Phillis Stein

    I have only tried the hydrogen water once so far, so can’t really comment yet, but I will say that I used a glass bottle so that I could contain the maximum amount of hydrogen, and put the lid on really quickly as soon as I dropped it in. In between gulps (once dissolved with cap on) I put the lid on tight until I finished the whole bottle. I reckon a 375 ml glass bottle would be perfect. That was in response to a question below. Anyway – main point is that I did feel an effect – I smiled a lot as I suspect my body was smiling – so I will continue to give this product a try – as I like to guinea pig things for myself to see what I experience. This I see as a very good sign – but a little early to tell just yet.

  • Helix Okenkuma

    These products are very expensive to get here in Nigeria. How can we benefit from all these very helpful health products. I want to be able to extend this good news to more members of my family.

  • Jim

    Please contrast and compare your previous recommendation of the “Active H2” product with your new recommendation of the “Vital Reaction” product.

    The “Active H2” Hydrogen is released by the addition of the tablets into a container of water and sealing it air tight for ten to fifteen minutes. Therefore the full benefit of ALL Hydrogen gas released is available.

    Because Hydrogen gas is so light and unstable it would seem the addition of the “Vital Reaction” tablets into an open glass of water or juice would dissipate most of the Hydrogen before it could be consumed?

    Seems confusing to me. Which is the best product?

    • Mark Sircus

      I thought I made it very clear….vital reaction is a superior product by far

  • Paul

    Thank you for the article. The links in the article, especially the one for pH Adjust; does that one have Hydrogen in it? Your article is about hydrogen but I clicked the link for pH Adjust and am not sure where the hydrogen comes in with this. You say in the pH Adjust article that it is the backbone of your protocol, which is good, but I think I am missing the hydrogen piece in it. A related question about Hydrogen Peroxide – I don’t see you talking much about Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. I take it with distilled water; 5 drops in the distilled water 3 times a day, to get more oxygen in my body. Can you comment on Hydrogen Peroxide therapy like I am doing (35% Food Grade), or maybe do an article on it, since it is very inexpensive? Thank you for your great work, have a good day. Paul

    • mudpuppy

      the title of the article is self explanatory: High Dose Hydrogen, Magnesium, Bicarbonate Therapy
      ph adjust is about the mag/bicarb part. Frankly I wonder if the hydrogen is necessary since bicarb also contains H.
      I used to drink h2o2 and I now see it is an inferior protocol to the bicarbs after having tried both. I found I got hydrated with the latter and not the former. I buy mag carbonate and sodium bicararbonate by the kilo . I mix the magcarb with lime and ascorbic acid, then mix that with a sodbicarb, water, lime and stevia solution to taste and drink throughout the day..wonderful. I figure I get enough potassium in my foods already but you could add potassium bicarb if you want. The bicarb part of the molecule is the key to the hydration. Bicarbs are simply natural, powdered limestone.

      • Paul

        thank you mudpuppy – do you have any links to the products that you buy. Paul

        • mudpuppy

          I responded to your question with links some 4 days ago, but it never posted. By clicking on my name I found it had been ‘detected’ as spam and it gave me option to correct that. I clicked on that and it said it would work to correct error, but still no posting next day. i then emailed support directly and told them about it, but again no response at all.

          • Paul

            if you want to email me directly at paul dot biscotti at gmail dot com that would be fine. Didn’t want to put my address in as normal.

    • Mark Sircus

      pH Adjust has no hydrogen, that is why we are taking two different products together