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Iodine and your Heart

Published on November 15, 2009


According to Dr. Stephen A. Hoption Cann“Iodine deficiency can have deleterious effects on the cardiovascular system, and correspondingly, that a higher iodine intake may benefit cardiovascular function.”[1] Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have been shown to have negative effects on the heart. Clinical cardiovascular features of hypothyroidism include: bradycardia, reduced cardiac output, increased pericardial and pleural effusions, increased diastolic blood pressure and peripheral vasoconstriction.

Dr. Michael Donaldson says, “Iodine stabilizes the heart rhythm, lowers serum cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and is known to make the blood thinner as well, judging by longer clotting times seen by clinicians. Iodine is not only good for the cardiovascular system, it is vital.

[1] Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 25, No. 1, 1-11 (2006)Hypothesis: Dietary Iodine Intake in the Etiology of Cardiovascular Disease

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Introduction to Natural Allopathic Medicine eBook Cover


For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Stefanie

    Will magnesium and iodine help someone who has had a heart attack – has two stents and Parkinson’s disease ? Thank you

    • Searchin4Truth

      You need to read about the value of D-Ribose for your heart and why you should always carry at least 5 grams on you or within reach. “Energize your heart Save your Life” by Life Extension in a search. Prevents reperfusion injury if taken at time of heart attack or stroke. DMSO, with stop platelet aggregation like “BOOM”, to bust a clot.
      Serrapeptase will help keep that stent open, along with alpha Lipoic acid 600mg x 2 /day, although do not take at the same time..Read about these things and you can be a Living Ghost, like me. Should have been FUBAR after near 2 hour, 100% LAD atrierial blockage with NO MUSCLE DAMAGE 🙂 Ain’t it great!

      I use 200mcg. Selenium and 60 mg. SSKI a day. I am 68.99 years old and feel like I am 35 years old. Ican work in 100+ degrees in the sun with humidity making feel like 127 degrees, cutting the lawn for a half hour and feeling GREAT, sweating my *s* off ! Did that 3 days in a row at 4 pm 😉

  • Karla King Miller

    why after taking iodine did i start bleeding- i am in menopause 57 years old- it started after doing the iodine test on lower stomach -doing iodine patch to see how quick it absorb it disappeared quickly – started on iodine been bleeding for the past 2-3 days

  • Reba

    Dr. Sircus: You are the best…I love doctors like you, Dr. Hulda Clark, etc. who really take a stand for natural medicine. You have my and I’m sure you know, many, many others utmost respect and admiration…Thank You…

  • Gig

    when I started supplementing with Lugol’s Solution I got petechiae on my lower legs and feet. Is this connected, and why does this happen if it is? Lugol’s Solution 2% is the only new addition.

    • This could be a sign of detoxification of bromides which iodine can bring about.
      Claudia French

  • Dany


    If someone has IV. stage of kidneys demage and multiple myeloma, is it safety to take Lugol solution? Won´t it be dangerous for kidneys?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Hi Dany,

      Iodine in excess of 2 gm. is believed to ba a risk for the kidneys but people generally wouldn’t be taking near that much. Radioactive iodine can be harmful and so can the iodine dyes used in various kidney tests… sure you don’t let anyone use thses dyes on you.

      You should use iodine under a doctor’s supervision.

  • Lee

    There is chatter Net about Vitamin C having the capacity to actually change the composition of Lugol’s Solution. So if I take mine with a glass of low carb cranberry juice (I’m also insulin resistant) am I not getting both iodine AND iodide? Has the Vitamin C converted one form into the other? I try to take 3 grams of Vit C a day, but since I understand that the body needs both forms of iodine,(Brownstein) am I doing this wrong?

    What is the actual difference in Lugol’s and Nascent? If I need both forms, am I getting them with Nascent?

    And once and for all – Is iodine, no matter which form, to be taken on an empty stomach or with food?

    • Jessie

      Sure wish someone would answer the above 6 questions by Lee. I think they are very good questions and apply to me as well. Thanks.

      • To Jessie and Lee,
        Your questions can be answered by reading Dr. Sircus’ book on Iodine.

        In general we recommend taking iodine apart from any source of vitamin c as the vitamin c can reduce the amount or effect of elemental iodine which is more beneficial to our bodies than iodide. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and iodine can perform both as an antioxidant and as an oxidant…so may be changed by the vitamin C according to some…..others don’t feel this is the case. Lugol’s contains both elemental iodine and potassium iodide. Nascent , due to its unique formulation has the ability to transform into the type needed by the organs after ingestion.
        Iodine is best taken on an empty stomach.

        Claudia French

  • Lee

    I have Low blood platelets, dropping steadily and at 98 thousand last count this past July. The superficial bleeding beneath the skin that goes with it, petechiae, is also present. My doctor is not concerned, but I am. I’m taking iodine, but since both low PLT and Iodine have a blood thinning effect, should I keep taking my 12.5 daily iodine (4 drops of Lugol’s 2%)or stop it until after I see a blood specialist in October?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Just cut down on your dose for awhile and see if the skin shows less sign of bleeding, then go up more slowly.

  • Cindy

    I have a large (size of a golf ball) cold benign thyroid nodule with some calcification, as well as some smaller nodules. My blood tests have shown that my thyroid is functioning within the normal range, but I feel tired and have an overall lack of energy most of the time. Recently my blood pressure was low at around 45/80, which it has never been that low before (it is normally around 70/100). I also suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome where blood vessels pop in my fingers & feet. Will magnesium oil help break-up or shrink the size of the nodule? Will it help with the Raynaud’s? I’m desperate to find a treatment, as my doctors can find nothing wrong with my thyroid and say there is no treatment for my Raynaud’s!

  • Jean

    I had written regarding Atrial Fib and you suggested Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil – how is this used – and how much, etc. Is it used on a daily basis or just when in AF? Should he be taking some kind of a magnesium supplement? Thanks! Jean

    Also have a daughter with polycystic disease – it is getting to the point of either dialysis or transplant – any suggestions on that? Thanks! Jean

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Jean,

      Please go to our magnesiumforlife site and start reading the essays there which explain all about transdermal magnesium, what it is, what it is used for and how it is used.:

      You should also get Dr. Sircus book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy – 2nd edition or one of his other books just on Magnesium and the heart…..look under the “books” menu for these.

      Basically Ancient Minerals is a pure brand of magnesium chloride taken from deep undisturbed sea beds and used on the skin instead of taking an oral magnesium supplement. Most people are deficient so need to use it daily for at least a few months to bring up their levels. Definitely use it as soon as symptoms of atrial fibrillation occur. Put about an ounce on the body or chest and massage it in, leave on for at least 20-30 minutes before rinsing off. Many do not need to rinse it off.

      Magnesium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate have shown promise in polycystic kidney disease. Another beneficial book would be Dr. Sircus’ books on iodine and sodiukm bicarbonate in addition to the magnesium book.

      If you or your daughter still require guidance after reading these books, you will need a consultation with Dr. Sircus. We do not have a specific essay on polycystic disease right now that I can point you to, but we do have one on sodium bicarbonate and kidney disease showing the new research that shows how the bicarb has prevented or delayed dialysis and there are many mentions of polycystic disease in other books.

      Magnesium must be used with great caution in kidney diseases and only under the supervision of a qualified health care provider.

  • carol

    Hi precious friends. does n vitamin k2 help reduce blood pressure?
    love Carol

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Hi carol,

      I believe that vit K is supposed to help reduce blood pressure. So will magnesium,.

  • Hi,

    If someone has antibodies leading to hypothyroidism, is the iodine helpful?


    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Yes, Sharon

      Iodine is helpful if you have antibodies that lead to auto-immune hypothyroidism under a qualified health care practioners supervision.. You can do a search on our iodine site or the blog site for thyroid and find many of Dr. Sircus’ writings on iodine and the thyroid.

  • Jean

    My husband has atrial fibrillation, with it happening every 2-3 weeks for 24-36 hours. The heartbeat is not rapid, just irregular while he is having the AF. He has had episodes since 1994. When it first began, it happened only 3-4 times a year and over the last couple of years, it started happening more often. What might you suggest to possibly help with it. Open to any suggestions, thanks!

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Suggest you keep Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil on hand to use when the episodes start…..magnesium is crucial for proper heart functioning.

      See this essay on Mag and atrial fibrillation:

  • Kathy

    My husband was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma as well. I’ve been studying iodine over the past few years because I have had thryoid problems.

    He is taking Vitamin D2 and D3 ……… and a multivitamin. Do you recommend extra iodine as well?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Kathy,

      Almost everyone today is iodine deficient and so on Dr. Sircus’ protocol he recommends that iodine be taken, and especially when there are illness or disease processes going on.

  • Dave

    Hi Dr. Sircus,
    I bought a bottle of Nascent Iodine and began using it approx. one month ago. At first, it stabilized my heart rhythm and the skipping beats I’d been struggling with ceased after 8 months of intermittent bouts of what my cardiologist diagnosed as PVCs and PACs.

    After about three weeks of taking 9 drops daily (approx 3.6 mg, which is what the bottle suggests), I began to feel odd, grew concerned I was taking too much, and stopped. Some of my symptoms included leg cramping, a funny Iodine taste in my mouth, and my pillow cases started showing purple patches where my head rests. I’ve never seen that before and assume it’s related to the iodine intake somehow.

    I have been off the iodine for 1.5 weeks now, and I continue to have the leg cramps in my calves as well as significant leg fatigue. I also have cramping in other muscles upon use and random muscle twitching.

    I’m wondering if I took too much Iodine, or took it for too long, and if my symptoms of leg cramping is related to that.

    I also am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on Tuesday, June 1, and I am wondering about any possible interaction between the possible buildup of iodine in my system and the radioactive Thallium to be used in the stress test.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear David,

      Have you been using magnesium oil? This would also have a great effect on your PVC’s and PACs and on the twitching and cramping. These symptoms are not necessarily due to nascent iodine….the amount you were taking each day was not that much, but its good to have cut back to see if your condition improves.

      In general, symptoms of too much iodine consumption are:
      An iodine overdose can bring a number of different symptoms.

      •Abdominal pain
      •Metallic taste
      •Throat pain
      •Mouth pain
      •No urine output
      •Shock seizures
      •Shortness of breath
      Hyperthyroidism can also occur.

      The website of LL Magnetic Clay on Nascent Iodine at: recommends 6 drops daily not 9 and also recommends building up to this dosage slowly so as to avoid more severe detoxification reactions. Please see their page on this at the link above. Perhaps this was a detoxification reaction you were feeling.

      Its not clear if this will have any effect on your stress test, so please tell the technician about your iodine supplementation. Hopefully he can determine what effect this might have on the stress test.

      Magnesium is known to be deficient in many cardiac problems including arrythmias, and is also found to be deficient when leg cramping and muscle twitching occur. You may be magnesium deficient.

    • Jerry

      Do you drink enough water?

  • stuart

    Hi.Because of high intensity farming, the nutrients in soils are depleted, so these days we get our calories from food but not the minerals and trace elements that we need, this is why Spirulina, Chlorrella and kelp are so good they not only contain the vitamins we need, but also the minerals and trace elements essential for life, this is because they are grown in the oceans, However not all seafood is good, large fish etc., contain mercury, but the sea plants are generally low in mercury.
    Nearly everyone in the western world is deficient in iodine, magnesium,

  • Barnabus

    Dear Jan,
    About a multiple Myeloma story, you’ve Got to read this . . .

    From Well Being Journal Vol. 8, No. 2 ~ March/April 1999

    Personal Stories of Healing:
    Healing Multiple Myeloma with Spirulina

    by David Schrieber

    When I was sixty-five, I went to the Island of Oahu and had a routine physical exam and blood test at the VA Hospital in Honolulu. A few days later, the doctor called me at my home in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. He said something seemed wrong with my blood. He was sending the sample to the military hospital (the Tripler Army Hospital and Medical Center). I became scared.

    After that, my doctors sent me for more tests, at the oncology department blood lab. They took ten blood samples during three days of tests, including bone scans. These tests were sent to the mainland for analysis and profiles on blood plasma cells. They found too many antibodies and too much protein in the blood. The tests, the doctor said, meant that I had multiple myeloma. He said, “I’ve got bad news. This is cancer of the blood—and there is no cure for it. You will be dead in four months.”

    I not only felt rotten by this time because of the diagnosis, I just felt rotten in my body. I looked like a scarecrow. I had lost lots of weight. I often felt like keeling over when I was standing. I had no energy. During this time, I had to go to Honolulu every month for analysis and treatment. I did that for about a year.

    The doctor had not started me on chemotherapy in the first few months. I had heard of wheatgrass and the effects its high chlorophyll content had on the blood. (Ed: The chlorophyll molecule of wheatgrass juice is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule of human blood.) I started taking wheatgrass juice soon after my diagnosis. I drank at least two eight-ounce glasses a day for almost a year. I even grew the wheatgrass myself.

    Tests showed that my health condition sort of maintained itself during the wheatgrass time, but I still felt rotten. I prayed the Bah’ai healing prayer everyday. My tests involved bone lesions and nuclear isotope bone scans, and all during the later six months, the doctor kept testing my blood and weight. The protein levels and antibodies had stabilized, and the myeloma was not progressing. And I wasn’t dead.

    The doc said I didn’t need any chemo at that time. By then, I had given up on the wheatgrass, and for three months had been taking spirulina. I started taking six tablets a day, but that didn’t seem right, so I took ten per day. Ten made me feel stronger and less nervous, and I began to feel more relaxed. I was physically stronger.

    I think the spirulina was working because of its whole food aspects: the vitamin B complex, the proteins, the essential amino acids, and the chlorophyll. The rotten feeling I had in my body never came back after I started taking spirulina. I started gaining weight back. Now I even have a bit of a pot belly, and I’ve gained weight on my chest. I weigh more now than I did when I was healthy, before the myeloma set in. I feel like a twenty-five year old, and I am seventy.

    I think spirulina cures and prevents cancer. It is a wonderful supplement for anything. Chlorophyll helps clean out the arteries, and spirulina is very high in chlorophyll. It is grown in such intense sun. I felt so good about spirulina that when a friend of ours for over twenty years began to have constant pain, I had to tell her about it.

    This friend is eighty years old, the wife of a probate judge. She began to have constant pain in all her muscles and she couldn’t sleep. She saw four different doctors, but they could not figure it out. Each time we saw her, she was worse. I told her she should take spirulina, and about my story of taking ten tablets a day. She started taking the dosage.

    In one month, she gained ten pounds. I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt young again. She no longer sat with her arms folded up or walked hunched over. Her husband started taking the spirulina, and he feels much better, too. I feel the spirulina saved her from a lot of pain and made the quality of her life better.

    One more health benefit occurred to me from spirulina. For ten years, I had been going to the Vitreoretinal Foundation in Tennessee for my eyes. I had a cataract removed ten years ago, and I had a retinal tear and laser treatment. Then three years ago, I had a diagnosis of macular degeneration. I would see telephone poles with a crook in them. My center vision was faded. I had tunnel vision. The doctors said it could not be stopped; there is no cure.

    During the time I had been taking the spirulina, and three years after the diagnosis, I had my eyes reexamined for a determination of the health of the retinal cells. The doctor looked them over and then he said, “Amazing! Your retina is not worse. Amazing. In fact, it’s better.” I can now see poles with no center vision problems. I attribute the regeneration of my macular cells to the spirulina.

  • Jan

    Dear Dr Sircus,Thankyou so much for your most informative site.
    My husband has Multiple Myeloma.Is there any connection between low iodine/magnesium and luekaemias that you know of?

    • IMVA Staff

      Dear Jan,

      Please see Dr. Sircus’ essay on magnesium and cancer.

      Radioactive iodine is definitely linked to cancer, but the use of non radioactive iodine is not. (Lugols, Nascent) though low levels of iodine are definitely linked with breast and prostate cancers and probably play a part in Multiple myeloma.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Dee

    I have been struggling with Hi blood pressure for 5 years. I didn’t realize how great my b/p was when it was 90/60 now it’s 190/95. I have refused to take b/p meds, so I really need to get it down.

    I was hoping for some guidelines. I have been taking Sea-Iodine from Life Extension. Each cap. is 1000 mcg. which is no where near 50 mg. or even 6.25. ( I think 1000 mcg is only 1 mg? )

    I appreciate your comments and would love to see more on iodine.

    • Mark Sircus

      Theres many ways you can help lower your blood pressure, which is at a dangerously high level. I consider magnesium to be the ultimate heart medicine and you should be using it to help control your blood pressure. Magnesium plays a crucial role in relaxing blood vessels which will lower bp. Use it in baths and on your skin (magnesium chloride). Get some of the ancient minerals magnesium oil from LLMagnetic Clay and start using this immediately. Magnesium is number one on my protocol.

      I prefer the use of nascent iodine also available at the LLMagnetic Clay link posted above.

      There’s a wealth of information on iodine in my book; Iodine-Bringing Back The Universal Medicine.

      Reducing stress and eating healthy is a necessity, too.