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Killing People with Sun Deficiency

Published on April 20, 2017

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Are you deficient in vitamin D? For most people today the answer is yes, you are not getting enough vitamin D. If you are listening to your dermatologist, you definitely are because he or she has a problem with the sun.

You do not want to be like them—you want to love the sun. More than three-fourths of people with a variety of cancers have low levels of vitamin D, and the lowest levels are associated with more advanced cancers so you really want to make friends with the sun.

A study has found that the number of people being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency has tripled from 2008 to 2010 in the United States. Some researchers believe that up to 75% of the United States population may not be getting enough vitamin D (levels below 30 ng/ml).[1]

Essential for brain health, a strong immune system and weight management, Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body can get through sun exposure, food or supplements. However, nearly 50 percent of the population worldwide suffers from vitamin D3 deficiency.

Much of this problem is create by dermatologists. God forbid one of their patients steps outside on a sunny or a cloudy day, they had better cover their skin with sunscreen and do it right so the minimum amount of sunrays actually touches the skin. Did you know that 90% of Alzheimer’s disease patients have low levels of vitamin D?

Respect the Sun

Dermatologists are not the only ones that hate the sun but at least they do not pretend it does not exist like global warming fake scientists and governmental officials do. It is very important that we get into a correct relationship with the sun because without it we would die. The sun gives life to our earth and everything on it. The sun gives health for we need different wavelengths of its splendor. The sun is a primal medicine as is water. We do need to treat the sun with respect, as the dermatologists insist.

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Health professionals recommend getting at least 5-30 minutes of sun exposure daily—no sunscreen invited. Sound easy? Well, for those living too far from the equator, getting that daily sunshine fix can be tricky. Even short periods of direct peak sun exposure — 15 minutes 3 times a week, for example — can give you some of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D if you live in the lower latitudes. It is impossible to overdose on vitamin D from the sun though of course one can burn.

Learning from Sunlight

Actually, we need to go beyond respect to worship. Perhaps a little return to ancient Egypt would be instructional. They had the right idea of having a sun god. It certainly brought a lot of their attention to the actual giver of life in a physical sense. When patients learn to tune into the light of the sun they will gain several medical treatments that increase their chances of getting and staying well.

One can inexpensively treat one’s blood directly with infrared light for healthier blood. One can sleep on an infrared Biomat and soak up its healthy rays to raise core body temperature, increase immune system strength, keep warm on cold nights, and just plain old sleep better. Moreover, one can just go out in the sun every day (it is free), without sunscreen unless you are going out in midday sun and going to stay there. Even then, a hat and some protective cloths is more than sufficient.

“It seems clear that light is the most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily function,” reported Richard J. Wurtman, a nutritionist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Water is light sensitive as we are light sensitive and the frequencies of life that shine on us that we absorb or reject reveal much about how we think, feel and react to things and our environment.

Killing People with Sun Deficiency

Dermatologists want people to get cancer, they want their patients dead, and they want them to suffer all because they want their patients to stay out of the sun.

An epidemiological study by Dr. Cedric Garland focused on the relationship between breast cancer and vitamin D levels as shown in the medical literature. Their conclusion: If women kept their vitamin D blood levels at approximately 52 ng/ml, they could expect a 50% reduction in the risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Pamela Goodwin and colleagues retrospectively analyzed more than 500 women over a period of 11 years. Results: Women who had been deficient in vitamin D at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis were 73% more likely to die from breast cancer than those with sufficient vitamin D at the time of diagnosis, as well as being almost twice as likely to have recurrence over the 11-year period.

Dr. Joan Lappe and her colleagues looked prospectively at more than 400 postmenopausal women over a four-year period of time. Women in the study group were given 1100 IU of vitamin D and 1000 mg of calcium daily. The control group did not receive this. Results: Women who took the vitamin D and calcium reduced their rate of cancer by 60%. The authors found that for every 10 ng/ml increase in a woman’s vitamin D blood level, the relative risk of cancer dropped by 35%.

Another study by scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon and the European Institute of Oncology in Milan reviewed 18 trials involving 57,000 people finding that those who took vitamin D supplements had a 7% lower risk of death overall during the six-year period of the study.

Medical News Today recently reported on a study from the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine, which suggests a link between vitamin D deficiency and premature death. Now, new research published in the BMJ links vitamin D deficiency to increased risk of death from all causes – including cardiovascular disease and cancer – and it may even play a part in cancer prognosis.

A study found that U.S. women with ovarian cancer were four times more likely to have low vitamin D blood levels than women without ovarian cancer. This study compared vitamin D levels greater than 23 ng/mL (58 nmol/L) to lower levels.

The rates of breast, colon, and rectal cancer decrease rapidly as vitamin D increases from very low values. The decrease in cancer rate then slows until vitamin D levels reach about 40 ng/mL (100 nmol/L), after which there is little further change.

Treat Cancer with High Dosages of Vitamin D

Doctors have known for a long time the connection between Vitamin D and cancer so it is no surprise that researchers have taken human breast cancer cells and treated them with a potent form of vitamin D. Within a few days, half the cancer cells shriveled up and died. Theories linking vitamin D to certain cancers have been tested and confirmed in more than 200 epidemiological studies, and understanding of its physiological basis stems from more than 2,500 laboratory studies, according to epidemiologist Dr. Cedric Garland, professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. High dosages of Vitamin D are recommend for cancer patients and others suffering from both acute and chronic disorders.

The Sun offers Less Suffering and Pain

Adult women who took just 400 IU/day of vitamin D had a 40% reduced risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Another study showed high dose vitamin D supplementation resulted in symptom improvements in an astonishing 89% of patients, with 45% experiencing complete remission.

One study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people who received a 1200 IU/day of vitamin D had a 42% reduction in influenza A during the winter months in most of North America. Researchers from Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York, found that giving supplements of vitamin D to a group of volunteers reduced episodes of infection with colds and flu by 70 per cent over three years. An exhaustive epidemiological study of vitamin D and the flu published in Norway, suggests vitamin D may be the major controlling factor in influenza epidemics and even most pandemics.

Worshipping the Sun as a model for worshipping our Hearts

There is a secret to life, health and disease. It is little known, understood or talked about. It is important because it explains largely why one person gets sick and another does not under the influence of the same causes. Our bodies have a core, a central point, just as the solar system does.

Without the sun at the heart of our system, the planets would just fly off and away because without a coherent center, there is no harmony. The sun obviously leads to life through a combination of forces and factors. Gravity, light, warmth, radiation on non-visible spectrums, magnetism—its place in the center anchors the entire system.

In each human, such a center exists and it provides cohesion to all the cells in the same way that the sun unifies the entire solar system. The word sun does not do justice to the immense importance that exists in such an object or space. The center of our individual inner existence is never given the justice it deserves.

So seriously, for many reasons we should worship the sun. Our health will be more robust and if we go really deep into worship we can bring our hearts into the equation. The yellow of the sun brings happiness and joy, optimism and rational level of perception.

[1] Surge in US Outpatient Vitamin D Deficiency Diagnoses: National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey Analysis

Karen E. Huang, MS, Brandy-Joe Milliron, PhD, Scott A. Davis, MA, Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD

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  • Fatima Pizani

    Luckily we live in a place where there´s sunshine 290 days a year. However, I´m not the kind to hang out and expose self to the king of stars. My husband was tipped, here on Disquss, on the use of infrared light for treating my kidneys. I now ask for the 40 minute sessions, twice daily, since they make me feel sooo good! Full disposition to cook and work, and husband is also enjoying it too. It has helped him ailing inflammation, and he no longer depends on the vitamin supplements he used to take every morning! His memory has improved greatly too!!
    This is a fine spot for discussion!

  • What is the real reason the elite are depriving us of the sun with their chemtrails spreading across the skies everywhere? Is it another covert method of gradual depopulation?

  • Francois

    Ho seguito gli studi e i lavori del dr Coimbra che fa assumere ai propri pazienti megadosi giornaliere di D come supplemento e sono molto numerosi i malati di MS che hanno recuperato una buona condizione di salute.
    Ho studiato il ca so e sono arrivato a questa considerazione:
    la D assunta come supplemento altera l’equilibrio omeostatico del calcio all’interno della cellula. In questo modo la cellula sviluppa nel proprio interno un pH alcalino e quindi fa regredire qualunque attività patogena.
    In ambiente alcalino i mitocondri generano sufficiente ATP e la cellula ritorna in condizioni attive di buona salute.
    Cosa pensate di questo???

  • 7LibertyForAll

    I like being in the sun BUT I don’t like the added exposure to the poison raining down on us all the time via the geoengineering. I see metallic debris on my windshield every morning; I keep my car clean so it’s easy to spot. I hate breathing the poison. There is absolutely no winning with the evil that’s being perpetrated on the world’s people by the filth in very high places.

    • jacob

      kill them?

  • kmwilson

    I’m wondering if there have been studies done comparing Vitamin D supplementation and natural Vitamin D from the sun. It seems from the research above that better health may come from just supplementation alone, but my innersense says that the sun carries much more benefits. Can you speak to this?

    • Phillis Stein

      ALWAYS go with your inner sense, and your inner sense is spot on in this case. Scientists are only just beginning to discover some of the other beneficial effects of the sun – and no, it’s not just the vitamin D. You’ll also notice the Dr mentioned that nobody ever over-dosed from vitamin D from the sun. My advice is that IF you need to use supplements, get the D3 form and if you are taking high doses, it would be recommended to additionally supplement with vitamin K2 which can direct the extra calcium absorbed to the right places. The light spectrum itself has many, many benefits, as does its ability to ‘structure’ water within the body. If you believe plants are the only ones who can convert the sun into energy, then this too is being disproven – we can do this too. I could get into some even weirder aspects of what the sun offers, but I think I’ll leave it to the physical for now. We don’t need studies to tell us that the sun would be far superior to artificial supplementation – do we, really?

      • kmwilson

        No, not really, Phillis:) Whole foods, pure water and full spectrum sun are better than any pill or supplement.

        • Phillis Stein

          Hi there – if you read what I actually said – I think you’ll find that in response to you saying ‘your innersense says that the sun carries much more benefits’, I then said ‘go with your inner sense, and your inner sense is spot on in this case.’ So, in fact, I was agreeing with you. The fact is the sun is way superior, but many people who live a long way north or south of the equator may not be able to get the sun to the extent others may be able to. In some cases, if testing reveals a deficiency, then it can be wise to supplement. Whilst you won’t get vitamin D ‘toxicity’, which is a bit of a misnomer really, from the sun, you may get issues with supplementation and I was merely attempting to explain what I knew about that. LLTL.

          • kmwilson

            Yes, yes… I hear you:) I think the meaning in my response to you wasn’t clear. I was actually agreeing with you when I wrote, “No, I guess we don’t really need a scientific study to show that the sun is far superior to simply taking a supplement:) Thanks for taking the time to clarify,

          • Phillis Stein

            Yes, we’ve been hoodwinked by ‘science’ into ignoring our own common sense, intuition and observation – and I now certainly know which I trust more too. I’m thrilled that SO many people are waking up to all of this, because it would be so great if everyone didn’t have to go through what some of us have in order to learn this. I would rarely (I never say never, particularly as there is one pharmaceutical in particular that actually appears to be pretty good) recommend something artificial over something natural, which is why I am studying naturopathy – natural methods have been the only things to help me, and most, if not all pharma drugs I’ve ever taken in my life merely devastated my body – hence my passion for all things natural. I’m glad we’re both reasonable people who are able to misunderstand each other and simply discuss it and clarify with each other – there is a lot of powerful energy around at the moment, and so people aren’t necessarily feeling “themselves” I’ve found – including me 😉 Cheers to you, Joanna

          • kmwilson

            Cheers to you, too, Joanna:) I do see the world “waking up” and am so grateful for the realization that good health is offered to us in the simplest ways…. if we would only slow down and get in touch with the part of us that “knows.” Thanks for our conversation and best wishes for your naturopathy studies!

          • Phillis Stein

            Thanks to you too and best wishes with all of the wonderful things I’m sure you are also creating in life – whether you are necessarily aware of it yet or not. Joanna