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Nuclear Deception

Published on May 24, 2011

A New York Times news service article from March started with these words, “Amid widening alarm in the United States and elsewhere about Japan’s nuclear crisis……” Today that widening alarm has diminished and we hardly hear much of anything in the mainstream news. But two months ago we heard, “Authorities reached for evermore desperate and unconventional methods to cool damaged reactors.” “Washington presented a far bleaker threat than the Japanese government had offered.”

“The decision to focus on the No. 3 reactor appeared to suggest that Japanese officials believe it is a greater threat, since it is the only one at the site loaded with a mixed fuel known as mox, for mixed oxide, which includes reclaimed plutonium.”

“Western nuclear engineers have said that the release of mox into the atmosphere would produce a more dangerous radioactive plume than the dispersal of uranium fuel rods at the site. The Japanese authorities also expressed concern that the pressure in the No. 3 reactor had plunged and that either gauges were malfunctioning or a rupture had already occurred.”

Today in the mainstream press we get confirmation and official admission of the meltdown in this most dangerous reactor in addition to reactors number 1 and 2. And with the recent seismic breakout of 7 earthquakes along the northern sector of Sendai Japan we can virtually expect more troubles than the ones we already have there. The earth is agitated and is not calming down.

“Maps of the plume of radiation being given off by the plant show that an elongated cloud will stretch across the Pacific.” Yes of course they said there was nothing to worry about but that does not change the fact that they admitted that such a plume exists and that it has been blowing most of the radiation toward North America. I hear reports that the wind is about to shift and that the Japanese further south including Tokyo are in for a greater bite from the nuclear hell their nuclear industry has unleashed on them.

Everything quoted above was from two months ago from the mainstream press and now we get confirmation across the board of worst-case scenarios from experts but again not much from the crowd-controlling mainstream press. Sex scandals are more important though the one about the IMF chief does seem like a setup. Osama bin Laden celebrations are ebbing and even the Libyan war is old news. “Plutonium Rain” would not be a very appealing headline so we are not going to see it. Weddings are much more pleasant even if it is for the children of families who own the most uranium mines.

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We do need a greater sense of heart to hold us to our souls as world developments worsen, especially those centered on the nuclear nightmare unfolding in Japan and in a widening area around the Pacific. I have been trying to distance myself a little from world events being that I am mostly off the Internet and in Sanctuary. But when I came into town the other day to get my email and see what is happening in Japan at Fukushima it felt a knife had been plunged into my heart.

My wife has been continuing to plead with me to get away from doom and gloom and end-of-the-world stories and I am trying but that entails me staying away from going online and looking at what is going on. I deserve a vacation anyway from my seven-days-a-week work schedule that stretches back as far as I can remember and it is a pleasure publishing essays about the heart and spiritual matters. Being in Sanctuary for the first full week ever spending a great deal of time alone in retreat is wonderful but seeing what continues to evolve in the nuclear and natural world news is not.

When asked if this is an end-of-the-world scenario,
the hedge-fund manager replied, “It really is. I tell my
fiancée this from time to time, and I’ve stopped telling
her this, because it’s not the most pleasant thought.”

The health effects of low-level radiation exposure can take as much as 20 or even 30 years to show up. It’s one of the reasons that people can dismiss the effects so easily. So relaxed seems everyone that I have lost my sense of urgency to finish Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome thinking of myself and a little time off but I woke up this morning feeling quite the opposite and will get hard to work on it today.

So much for a vacation from doom! But is there any vacation any longer from what is going on today on our mother Earth? Is there any way to duck and cover from plutonium and many other heavy radioactive particles that are circulated heavily in the northern hemisphere and soon to come (in lighter densities) into the south?

I will continue to publish videos from Professor Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks and Arthur Gundersen from Fairwinds who say Fukushima’s highly radioactive gaseous and liquids continue to be released into the environment unabated. With a meltdown at Unit 1, 2 and 3, and Unit 4 leaning and facing possible collapse, the “situation continues to worsen.” Dr. Busby said, “Of course it’s time for the Japanese government to take control. But having said that, it’s very hard to know how you could take control of the situation. The situation is essentially out of control.”

All the major governmental agencies in the United States are cutting back on their radiation monitoring because in their opinion there is really little to worry about.

I will also continue to publish whatever Dr. Helen Caldicott says, such as, “There was a massive explosion—maybe a nuclear critical mass explosion—which would explain how fuel rods containing plutonium were found one-and-a-half miles from the reactor. Witnesses reported a big explosion and dark smoke. The fallout testing in the USA is totally inadequate. The smoke from this explosion probably contained aerosolite plutonium, which could be blowing with the help of the westerly winds to the USA. In fact, plutonium has been found in areas in the west.”

These three professionals seem to be offering the most trustworthy and respectable profiles of what is happening and what we should be worrying about. I am beginning to discount Dr. Michio Kuku. Though he seemed to be the scientist most on the ball in the early days, calling for immediate entombment of the nuclear site, now he seems to be less up front about his warnings and even cheerleading incoming asteroids behind comets that are headed into our neighborhood.

If you plan well enough, there’s no need for you to wait right in the path of the hurricane. We can’t control the whole world, but we can control ourselves and prepare for what’s coming.
– Doug Casey

We all need to do our best to drive our lives in the directions we want to go though we do have increasingly intense radioactive, heavy metal and chemical headwinds that blow us back or off course in terms of our best health wishes. Medicine gets a big fat zero in terms of helpfulness in our present circumstance. Pathetic has been the medical response. It is so bad in a medical sense that most doctors are not even being doctors since they don’t have the slightest clue about what they need to be doctoring. No one in the official world is telling them so they don’t have a clue about the dangers of heavy metals like mercury and the heavy toxicity of nucleoids particles that have both chemical and radioactive effects once they enter the body.

Marianne Barisonek wrote, “Fukushima has just about completely fallen off the front pages. This is not because the nuclear power plants have stopped spewing radiation into the environment or because the situation is no longer dangerous. We don’t really know how much radiation has leaked from Fukushima. Since the insides of the reactors are too hot for anyone to go into, there is no way of knowing how many of the approximately 600,000 fuel rods were exposed to the air. We don’t know how much has fallen with the rain. We don’t know how much has been dumped in the ocean.”

“But the EPA assures us that they can take 30 samples of milk from all over the country, not even one for each state, once in three months and we’ll have a good idea of the health impacts of the radiation from Fukushima. Radiation doesn’t fall evenly. Measuring one milk sample for an entire region is like saying you’re going to find your New York City friend by standing in the middle of Time Square and asking exactly one person if they know where he is,” continues Barisonek.

Authorities in the US assure us that our nuclear power plants are “safe” and built with proper containment units which would protect us should a major earthquake hit there. But see this video from Arnie Gundersen where he explains how lacking our nuclear power plants really are in this regard:

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Christine Wilkes


    I am 36, a mother of two small children. My son is three and I’m nursing my 1yr old baby girl. I’m extremely concerned for their health following the Fukushima disaster. So much, that research and due diligence has consumed my life for the past three months.

    My children have a great start to good health. I had a healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth, no vaccinations, no antibiotics, breastfeeding and whole foods nutrition.

    But, now we have this radiation coming down on us for three straight months and ongoing. We live in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington).

    We stopped consuming all dairy products immediately and stocked up on bottled water and food during the first weeks following the disaster. We have consumed very little meat and have mostly stayed away from the big green leafy vegetables. We are filtering bottled water for drinking/cooking and use a HEPA Air filter. I’m feeding my family lots of brown rice and cooking with rosemary.

    My question is, should I be giving my children iodide? And, would the future of their health benefit from moving out of the US all together?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      The answers to your questions are yes and yes. You are living in a very vulnerable area of the US, where radiation from Japan is coming across in plumes. And yes, you should be giving your children some form of iodine and the IMVA recommends Nascent Iodine available from LL’s Magnetic Clay.

  • First of all, the earthquake that set off the tsunami drowning the 6 Fukushima nuclear reactors, was a natural energy artificially ignited through HAARP. Japan teeters on four tectonic plates and is very easily put out of balance. Independent scientist Leuren Moret found evidence of HAARP activity close to Japan in the days before March 11. In WW-II it was discovered that the best way to effectively spread radioactive fall-out was to let it rain or snow out.
    So after the reactors at Fukushima were destroyed weather modification was used to make the radioactive clouds rain out over Western Canada, America and Mexico. The day before the cloud arrived at the American West coast doctors in California got a letter from the health authorities explicitely forbidding them to give iodide to their worrying patients. The next day the torrent rains hit and now both the people and the food production in that whole region are compromised for good.
    The Osama murder nonsens was a false flag to deflect everybody’s attention from the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan (as if Chernobyl were safe now. With the deterioration of its protective concrete mantle that reactor is another disaster in the making).
    Fukushima, the hard kill is on. Basically the whole world is getting nuked right now,

    Do the people hear the truth zbout the health risks of this all? No, because the WHO made a deal in 1959 with the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) not to publish anything without the approval of this nuclear energy promoting institute…
    Against this full blown Fukushima attack against humanity, sensible health measures like taking iodide, high doses of vitamin C and some other things are the only defense we have, next to our consciousness.
    Japanese monks survived Hiroshima because they were concentrating upon meditation, in other words: raising their frequency.
    Another good idea is to wake up and take back our power from the psychopaths that are running this planet into the ground.

  • Judy, You said it all. There are so many of us who live to serve and are running out of funds to serve and are barely surviving. I wish us all the very best.
    Blessings Nikki

  • Bless you. And thank you for your 24/7 work schedule, which I too have followed for the past 16 years in an effort to be of service to this poor dear planet.

    I thought I could develop a radioprotective protocol through internet research and the help of a naturopath, but I was greatly disappointed by him at my appointment yesterday. I told him that I’d been forced to retire from my previous business (a nonprofit equine-assisted therapy program for children in need–high overhead combined with dwindling income given the economic situation), and was living solely on Social Security retirement ($9,000/year). He proceeded to ask me what was wrong with me that I wasn’t able to manifest an income that could meet my needs. I squashed that imbecilic shame attack pronto, only to then receive a list of suggested supplements that would consume my entire monthly income. And a bill for one hour that equates to one seventh of that income.

    Oh, I almost forgot: he told me I was overreacting to the radioactivity dangers, and that I should trust my guardian angel more and surround myself with good energy.

    We need people like you, who are not in denial and who are all about service rather than money and lecturing others (I remember John Bradshaw once saying that if you give psychospiritual advice you must think you know something!)

    My path is one of attempted surrender to the divine will, and these days one of bottomless grief over the outcomes we are witnessing.

    Every day I realize more fully how little I can say I know about the Mystery.

    Let’s love and support each other as we keep on keeping on,


    • Tony

      A wonderful letter Judy,

      Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to live however it is that is ppropriate for you,
      and empathising withyour incredulity at the lack of understanding from your naturopath
      around manifestation. This has been a source of frustration to me for a long time. the fact that certain people, mis-reading their own way of being, then proceed to lecture
      from a ‘spiritual’ perspective how easy it is for them, and how we can do the same if
      we just practice or focus a little more!

      This is known as the Myth Of The Given, which basically states that we mistake our
      own local, cultural and karmic truth for The Truth which ‘should’ apply to everyone!

      No one knows anything!

      That is, except for yourself Judy, you know what is right for you : )

      I wish you luck on your path to surrender,
      we all have our own unique roles to play here : )

      Australia xx