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Pastoral Medicine

Published on June 13, 2011


I was recently certified as a doctor of pastoral medicine, which is an ancient tradition of friars and priests who tended to their flocks with natural medicines without compensation. Here in Sanctuary we are surrounded by simple folk who live close to the land and they do need attending to.

I have recently been brought into the pastoral fold and it delights me to no end to be officially bestowed the title of doctor of pastoral medicine thus making me responsible for not only the physical aspect of disease but also the spiritual. My training in Chinese Medicine also dealt with multidimensional views of the human condition but it was my study of Nuclear Evolution, the work of Christopher Hills, which gave me the throw weight to reach the deepest levels.

I am bringing something new to pastoral medicine and that is my Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol. It is amazing what one can do for people simply by teaching them about and giving them magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and iodine. Add some superfood and one already has the nuclear core of a protocol that shames typically practiced pharmaceutical medicine. There are many dimensions to a complete protocol and the next addition to mine is sulfur, which I will publish about shortly. Sulfur has been missing from my protocol. It also is lacking and deficient in most people like magnesium and iodine are so supplementing with it yields great health advantages.

Magnesium is a basic building block to life and is present in ionic form throughout the full landscape of human physiology.

When one is attending to a person’s needs, it is good to work with affordable medicine that addresses their basic medical requirements.

Among the people I deal with here in Brazil I have to repeat over and over, whenever I see someone eating white foods—white rice, white bread, white sugar and white pasta—that there is no magnesium in these foods. Just about everyone these days is severely magnesium and iodine deficient, it’s quite shocking to me. It’s tragic, stupid or just outright mean of governments to neglect their people on such basic levels. Both the United States government and the Brazilian one here would rather spend enormous funds poisoning their citizens with fluoride instead of tending to their basic nutritional needs.

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I stopped by to see this elderly woman who is from one of the oldest families in the valley. She was having thyroid problems and brought out a big plate with pharmaceutical boxes piled high on it. She said, “Every time I take any of these I feel worse, what should I do,” she wanted to know? Of course none of her doctors ever mentioned anything about iodine and how its deficiency is the cause of most thyroid problems. For some people I actually go to the pharmacy and personally purchase for them the magnesium chloride, Lugol’s iodine and sodium bicarbonate when my own stocks run out.

Pastoral Medicine and Retreats at Sanctuary

With the creation of our shrine, Sanctuary now has the aura of pastoral medicine and that means we will cater to much more than people’s bodies here—we cater to their hearts, minds and souls as well. We are offering retreats in a most pristine valley in Brazil far from the maddening crowd. Three week retreats are the suggested time frame. A trip to heaven on earth is possible; and maybe one will even catch a glimpse of the Garden of Pure Love I have spoken about.

I have recently received a nice endorsement from someone very important in the world of medicine, Dr. Garry Gordon, who is known as one of the founding fathers of chelation therapy. There are certain people in the medical arena that I have relied on for certain foundational stones upon which I have built my new medical approach; Dr. Gordon is one of them. Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. George Georgiou are others. Actually there is a long list of genius type men and women in the area of medicine and science and all one has to do is totally identify with them to become one with their wisdom and experience. Total identification is of course achieved with perfect and pure listening.

Losing magnesium makes the blood vessels constrict, affecting our energy levels and causing an increase in blood pressure. We begin to understand the intimate connection between diabetes and heart disease when we look at the closed loop between declining magnesium levels and declining insulin efficiency.

Dr. Gordon gives me credit for “writing extensively and finding references others have missed on every nutritional topic he writes on including iodine, cardiovascular disease and cancer.” He said, “I endorse the value of his books that are sold as E-books.” He was presenting to his readership my writings about magnesium and diabetes when he said this.

Insulin plays a central role in storing magnesium but if our cells become difficult time storing magnesium in the cells where it belongs. When insulin processing becomes problematic, agnesium gets excreted through our urine instead, and this is the basis of what is called magnesium-wasting disease.

Dr. Gordon also said, “I have researched magnesium for years and I assure you most patients are deficient. This will be found only when you do intracellular testing of RBC or sublingual cells (Exatest). Magnesium is very difficult to replete and most of us have our tank below half full. When you are seriously ill, as in the intensive care ward, the low energy (ATP) means you cannot keep pumping out the calcium. Remember, there should be 10,000 times more calcium outside the cells than inside the cells. When you are ill you cannot keep pumping calcium out fast enough and when calcium is high inside cells it is the same as magnesium deficiency. So anyone that is very ill needs more magnesium and I like IV, although Dr. Sircus sees many who respond to a transdermal form he champions in his book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. Magnesium deficiency is one reason I believe so many patients are helped with IV Myer’s cocktail, as most people can benefit from the extra B complex but almost everyone except those in advanced renal failure benefit from extra magnesium and oral absorption is poor.”

Magnesium improves and helps correct insulin sensitivity, which is the fundamental defect that characterizes pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even full-blown diabetes and heart disease.

I tend to be rational and look at things for what they are—not the way I want them to be. Though I write mostly about physical medicine of a natural kind, when I am working face-to-face with people I let others take care of the physical side of the Natural Allopathic protocol while I sit down and get intimate with the person, acting as a doctor of the heart and soul.

Diabetes mellitus is positively associated with magnesium depletion, which in turn contributes to metabolic complications of diabetes including vascular disease and osteoporosis. Intracellular depletion is directly connected to the impaired ability of insulin to increase intracellular magnesium during insulin deficiency or insulin resistance.

I enjoy working deeply with people though I have to say these past three weeks in Sanctuary all alone in this huge almost finished place was a great trip into solitude. And I am very happy with myself at how I enjoyed that. It was also made easier with the thought that this would probably be the only time I would be alone there so I better enjoy it while I can. Though we are not quite done with the building the first two levels are complete so we are open to taking reservations for peoples’ retreats.

A new study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition from a team of Brazilian researchers has found that low levels of magnesium worsens the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, as this often results in low levels of insulin and elevated blood sugar.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • GreenEagle

    You are a crook.

  • notnearlyanonymous

    When a pastoral medicine practitioner has a patient who is in distress of some sort and has made a diagnosis, how would such a practitioner evaluate the likely efficacy of the various treatment options? What sort of information would a practitioner use to determine which of several treatment options to use? What sort of information or evidence would you use in order to decide which treatment among several options is most likely to be of the most help? Please describe the thought process, the decision-making used to determine the value of different treatments that are all touted by different people as most likely to help a particular individual?

  • Terrry McGannon

    Here are the facts. “cultural_truth” sounds like “Dr.” Shalomim Halahawi himself because only he touts his trademark as meaning something important or exclusive, its not. In fact, this “fraud” got his “Dr.” credentials from PMA itself. His only work it seems is to badmouth PMA with his trademark status and it appears he has no providers to practice pastortal medicine; PMA has thousands practicing alternative, pastoral, spirtual-based medicine in every state and many countries.

    The only law suit about to bud is the one agsinst Shalomiom (his real name is something like McNabb) because he either believes or simply dosen’t care the truth. His trademark doesn’t means he is THE only legitimate authority for certifying pastoral providers; fact is, there are many bodies that certiufy providers in the pastoral medicine area and they are far more legitimate then “cultural_truth” who likes to send emails to even PMA’s providers to try to convince them that they are violating the law somehow by being licenced under PMA instead of his “copy-cat” association. Surely, his being a licensed pastoral under PMA tells you all you need to know.

    By the way, his trademark is being challenged because he doesn’t use it for the limited purpose it was granted and he lied about when it was first used, etc. And,. also by the way, a tardemark doesn’t give the holder any exclusive rights; it simply gives the holder the exclusive right to use and display that particular logo or mark. His is a disney-like combination of words that are restricted to those four words, in that combination and with those pretty colors.

    If the only energy one puts into a business is attempts at undfermining the competition or legitimate counterparts, there isn’t much spiritual healing going on. Go to his website and you will see that he is a verbose,self-absorbed and deluded character of little substance but a possessor of a long, and I mean long, list of credentials. Integrative Pastoral Medical Association is the name of his personal fantasyland.

    • Interesting information but I need to inform you and other readers here that Dr.Sircus does not have any relationship with this Integrated Pastoral Medical Association that you describe above. Dr. Sircus belongs to the legitimate and well respected Pastoral Medical Association.
      Claudia French

      • Olen

        Legitimate & Well Respect? Come on now. What crap…practitioners of suspect techniques and pseudoscience self-accrediting themselves just so they can spread bullshit, untested, unproven garbage theories…so they can make money. Period.

  • cultural truther

    best get your legal facts right before you vomit on the web! your dates and sitations are legal non-sense, and in a court of law would end up in very expensive litagation, depositions, and finds of fact -a-hole!

  • cultural_truth

    Notice & Warning. This is not the Orginal Pastoral Medical Association..It is a Copycat
    If people actually do their research they will see that the Pastoral Medical Association in Nevis and Texas was orignally called the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners, which was a Copy of the Original World Organization of Natural Medicine based in Canada( under Dr. Sheila Mckenzie. Professor Charles McWilliams & his wife was excommunited from the WONM & their Hospitallar order & decided to Establish his own knights order, and with Dr. Holt & then Eric Carter created a bogus version of WONM adding practitioners. they originally claimed to license Monastic Medicine practitioners & accredit Colleges(
    The Integrative Pastoral Medical Association, which is headed by Dr. Shalomim HaLahawi, has a Trademark/Certification Mark as listed on their website and can be verified by the The USPTO listing shows this organization has been in operation and the Pastoral Medical Certificaiton mark has been in use since January of 1996, established by Dr. Shalomim Y. HaLahawi who is also a Jewish Rabbi.& an actual board of directors and was in operation long before Dr. Carters Organization. He also has a public biography which openly explains his name change from Anthony Mccraw To his current name(which is common in Jewish religion). So he has been very transparent about himself. Don’t see how that affects anything ( (
    Dr. HaLahawi met Dr. Carter and Professor McWilliams a few months before they abruptly changed their name from World Organization of Natural Medicine practitioners to Pastoral Medical Assocation in 2011, in Orlando florida, where Dr. HaLahawi shared his organizations Pastoral Medical care & licensing procedures in the Jewish community to the then WONMP Audience…… A few months later, Dr. Carter and Prof Mcwilliams took the idea for themselves in the same manner as they did with World Organization of Natural Medicine under Dr. Sheila Mckenzie, …
    Both of the Orignal Organizations headed by Dr. Sheila and Dr. HaLahawi are registered as United Nations NGO’s, Both are affiliated with the International Blue Cross & Both are registered with Federal Governments in the USA and Canada as Tax Exempt Organizations.. Both have physical addresses and are not hiding behind PO BOXES as is with Dr. Carters PMA…
    Dr. Carters Organization is not registered nor recognized by any governmental entity and they hide behind a po box and one of the ecclesiastical entities they are affiliated with, as justification of being faith based, is listed as having Bank Fraud ties(Dominion of Melchizedek). Prof McWilliams is listed as one of this organizations ambassaodrs( (Banking Fraud)….furthermore they were known to promote “Monastic Medicine”, before they infringed and started using pastoral medicine…. (( )
    They also issued fake naturopathic licensing and also bogus Doctor of Natural Medicine Certifications which are issued by the original Board affiliated with the Orginal World Organization of Natural Medicine..They also claimed to Award MD Degrees via their Knight Order…
    ( here Prof Mcwilliams list himself as pres of WONMP instead of Eric Carter: )
    Professor Charles McWilliams now claims to no longer be affiliated with the Texas Pastoral Medical Association. He also changed his “self founded” knights order” after the original order threatened legal action…
    Their record of PMA Organization copycat and infringement speaks for itself….. This PMA herein listed has no legal or government accountability or registrations nor a way to establish that their practitioners meet any high standards of healthcare practice…… The Original Organization has registrations with the Fedearl Government that ensures those who recieve the federal license/certification mark have meet specific standards and clinical skills neccessary to practice the professional on “Integrative & Pastoral Medicine”…
    the USPTO lists the facts and the purpose of the marks, and only someone who has legitimate verifiable documents are able to successfully recieved Trademarks and Registrations. They don’t come easy!!!
    Those practitioners who are licensed and certified by the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association carry and use a “registered trademark suffix as apart of their credentials: such as MD(P) ®, I-MDP(P) ®, NHC-P ®, DPH ®, PsyD(PC) ® etc etc and are able to register with all of the FDA, cGMP naturopathic, oriental and homopathic pharmacies that Licensed Naturopathic Physicians of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians use….etc etc..
    They are also able to registered with the Department of Health in each state without problem..
    The PMA in Texas practitioners cannot use such registered certification marks, and thus have no way to be validated & their licensures are not recognized by the cGMP pharmacies ect, unless such practitioner holds a state license also……
    People beware. Do your homework and verify everything….the Truth and facts are clear and are not hidden in regards to who is who……

    • Olen

      Both organizations are bogus. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • cindy

    many of us as early members have direct knowledge of “PMA” pastoral medical “association”

    first of all – there is no “association”

    it is ran by one man – eric carter

    a farmer in texas who does not practice any “pastoral medicine”

    therefore, it is “fraud” upon the contract

    there is no “church”

    no “ecclesiastical jurisdiction” per say

    no jurisprudence

    a one man band clanging a tamborine




    Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

    A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

  • whitaker D

    I have heard this PMA is nothing but an internet registry scam and phoney protection racket. A bunch of people have resigned and a lawsuit brewing.

    • Dr. Josh Owens

      I am posting the following response from Dr. Josh Owens with his request and permission to do so, and Thank You Dr. Owens-from Claudia French:

      To Whitaker & Mojus

      We the readers would appreciate your providing accurate information when discussing the Pastoral Medical Association, to which myself and many thousands of other professional and lay members belong. Perhaps if you will “do your homework” before posting unfavorable comments, you will discover that the Pastoral Medical Association ( is a very well respected Private Ecclesiastical Membership Association with members in multiple countries. You might also discover that such organizations are not “required” to have a 501 (c) (3). If you investigate further you will likely find that this so-called pastoral-medicine site, ran by a fellow calling himself Shalomin Halahawi and advertising that he has two wives, may actually be a fellow from Florida born Anthony Bruce McCaw. You might also find that McCaw may have hijacked the programs and trade information from the legitimate PMA and opened this thing he is calling the integrative pastoral medical association. I am sure I speak for all members of the legitimate Pastoral Medical Association (TM) and all other good organizations that are discredited by such uninformed postings, when I say that we would appreciate your posting correct information if you find it necessary to discuss organizations of which you clearly have no knowledge.

      Dr. Josh Owens

      • danimal

        I’d like to hear of more evidence regarding what the PMA has actually done for people, not stories but reports from journalists or legal document…i can barely find anything online thank you! if there’s somebody else we shoud talk to let us know

  • mojus

    I have investigated the pastoral medical association, seems there are two, at odds with each other, both have no “church”, no “congregation”, both are not even US 501 c3 religious corporations ?
    Both take your money and give pretend degrees as doctors ?
    so who are they?

  • Dear Dr. Marcus,

    I have proven the many power of magnesium oil through you. I have been giving it away for free. All I asked is to inform me of the benefit they experienced. I always get positive feedback and it helps in building up my reliance on it’s healing properties. I requested them to pay forward through doing the same.

    Thank you for your healing love and energy!


  • alison

    Dr. Mark,
    I hope you can enjoy your solitude, anytime you find yourself alone in Sanctuary. Your mind and heart seem to be always working overtime to give all who want to partake of your knowledge and research. Your wife and children have to be so in love with you for all of your giving. But don’t spread yourself too thin.

    I take a few drops of nascent iodine most days (if I don’t forget 1st thing in the morning) and use the magnesium oil mixed with coconut oil on my body after bathing. Love it.

  • Yvonne

    What is the webiste address for the discount on magnesium flakes?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      regarding the website to purchase iodine and magnesium products at the promotional price mentioned in today’s essay:

      It is at LL’s Magnetic Clay: and the sale is through 7/26 only.

      • Yvonne

        Thanks so kindly. Im giving to my daughter to help with focus & attention. It is expensive! Did you mean sale through june 26 or July 26?

        • Claudia – IMVA Staff

          Hi Yvonne,

          The sale on Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes and nascent iodine is through June 26th at LL’s Magnetic Clay.

  • Thank you so much for your time spent at sanctuary. And for bringing heart into this world.
    I have been told that adding 1 cup of white vinegar to a seasalt hot-bath soak is a great way to remove radiation. My question is will this make the body acidic and nullify the baking soda baths? I appreciate any research you may have on this. Thank you Nikki