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Pharmaceutical & Medical Madness & the Colorado Shootings

Published on July 22, 2012


This story takes on special significance for it is being reported by ABC News that the Colorado shooter that massacred and terrorized a cinema full of people was on pharmaceuticals. This is a strong story and an important one but before you read it I want to give readers a warning. You will find strong language communicating a cruelty and arrogance in medicine that has been clearly visible since doctors put on their Nazi boots and practiced experimental medicine in the concentration camps, one of which was built by I. G. Farben—the really bad boys from Big Pharma of the past century.

Many years ago I coined the term “pharmaceutical terrorism,” but the more I read about drugs, their side effects, the ignorance of doctors and their resistance to talk to their patients about the problems that come hidden in the package with most drugs, the more I feel that mainstream medicine has lost its marbles, preferring to practice medical terrorism rather than practicing medicine.

I reserve especially potent venom for the oncologists and what they do on behalf of their pharmaceutical overlords. Next to them we can line up against the wall most psychiatrists who have gone completely mad and then hang up on a hook the entire field of psychology for they are aligned with the psychiatrists who are quite a bit more insane than most of their patients. Psychiatrists and psychologists live in denial of the fact that they themselves are the mad ones. They are blind to the hurt and the harm they cause—under the pretense of helping people with mental disorders.

Then we can move onto the pediatricians who, like sexual offenders, go after the young and even newborns with their heavy-metal-laced vaccines and their dead end antibiotics. They should have their white coats and their smiles and stethoscopes permanently welded to their bodies and then connected to an IV of vaccine liquids without letup.

Whenever one wants to take a trip into hell, all he has to do is to walk into an oncologist’s office. In a book by Eve Hilary, Sarah’s Last Wish—A Chilling Glimpse into Forced Medicine, we find the evidence of why many oncologists do not deserve to exist except in the perpetual torment they cause others. This is a story about court-ordered chemotherapy that will rip your heart right out of your chest.

Oncologists seem to have secretly studied the methods of the doctors who administer drugs to criminals on death row.

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The nurse programmed the button on the IV pump ad started the infusion. Di, Sarah’s mother, held her breath and took Sarah’s hand without the rubber gloves she was supposed to be wearing. A minute later, the first drops of chemical hit Sarah like a violent blow. She immediately felt desperately ill and retched violently. She reached out to her mother but Di could do little more than hold the vomit bowl for her. When Sarah realized that nobody could help her she took a sickening plunge into helplessness and looked utterly abandoned. She tried to go inwards into a safe place in her mind but when she closed her eyes, the nausea engulfed her. Instead she focused intensely on her mother, her only source of comfort. Di held Sarah’s hand until her skin became too tender to be touched.

It was only the beginning. Soon her skin became hot and her lungs felt on fire with every breath. At the same time her teeth shattered with cold and shock. Red welts had suddenly developed on Sarah’s body, front and back.

The medical abuse of vulnerable children and their families is as bad as child sexual abuse or rape and should be considered an equal crime. Doctors who step over the line should receive even heavier punishment and not be allowed to ever work in “helping-people” roles again. We do not let sexual offenders be involved in situations requiring trust and neither should we let doctors.

In Sarah’s case, the oncologist did not hesitate to use his powers to inflict unwanted chemotherapy and surgery on an innocent child, using threats of imprisonment (for breaching a court order) to prevent her parents from even asking questions about their daughter’s medical treatment. If Sarah’s parents did not comply with court orders, they were threatened by the prospect of Sarah being put into foster care.

Moreover, Dr. Capewell decided that Sarah’s parents were a problem and got new orders that effectively incarcerated Sarah in the children’s oncology ward and limited her contact with family members to two hours a day.

On the oncologist’s recommendation, Sarah was also ordered to eat a diet of unmitigated junk food—preserved meats and fried food. Her mother’s home cooking was banned from the hospital. To ensure that Sarah wasn’t cheating on her new diet, nurses regularly searched her room to ensure that she didn’t have any fresh fruit or other nutritious contraband.

Do these sound like legitimate doctors and nurses or Nazis working in a concentration camp? For more information about Sarah, please read Eve Hillary’s book.

Many Suffer at the Hands of Doctors & Big Pharma

Please watch the following video: The Mission – Gwen Olsen – the Rx Reformer. Her goal is to open your eyes to the truth about medicines.

Gwen Olsen says, “A large number of psychiatrists are dishonest because I see them giving people drugs that they know are brain-damaging therapeutics, that they know do not have positive long-term outcomes, that they know will not cure anything.” They are also the stupidest doctors on the planet, along with psychologists who do not have the slightest idea about the science that shows that magnesium makes the best depression medication. Saying best actually does not cover half the story as you will see as you read the cases below.

The Department of Family Medicine, Pomeranian Medical Academy, states that dietetic factors can play a significant role in the origin of ADHD and other mental disorders and that magnesium deficiency can result in disruptive behaviors. Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause increased sensitivity to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, and insomnia.

If the above stories are not enough to prepare you for what I am going to say in my conclusion below, then perhaps the following will. Here are some surprising and deeply disturbing stories that should shock us profoundly:

7-year-old Macauley Showalter died from the use of Ritalin and three other psychotropic drugs.

12-year-old Adrian Wade committed suicide after taking Strattera for ADHD.

15-year-old Leanne Bessner was prescribed Concerta for ADHD. After two months of taking the medication, Leanne committed suicide.

12-year-old Candace Downing was prescribed Zoloft. Her mother Mathy found her hanging from the valance of her bed.

20-year-old Meg Blanchard [Gwen Olsen’s niece] was prescribed Effexor. After failing to hang herself from the ceiling fan, she burned herself alive using lantern oil.

16-year-old Jeff Wiese was prescribed Prozac. On March 21, 2005 Jeff killed his grandfather and girlfriend, seven Red Lake High School students, wounded over a dozen more, and then killed himself.

18-year-old Eric Harris was prescribed Luvox. He and his friend Dylan proceeded to kill 13 students and teachers at Columbine High School before killing themselves.

15-year-old Kip Kinkel was prescribed Prozac. On May 21st, 1998, Kip went into his high school in Springfield, Oregon and killed four people while wounding 23 others.

23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui was prescribed antidepressant medication. Experts say he exhibited the classic signs of “manic anti-depressant-induced behavior.” On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui murdered 33 fellow students and professors at Virginia Tech University. Antidepressant medication is the common ingredient in nearly every school shooting in history.

The most stunning statistic in modern civilization is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional, government-sanctioned medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S. [Gary Null]

Who are the people and what is it about the system of medicine and the people who work in it that could possibly cause so many deaths?

Open Hunting Season on Arrogant Doctors

Doctors seem to go through a special training in medical schools that leaves most of them open to practice medical horrors on men, women and children.

This is deadly serious business and sooner or later we have to ask ourselves if the medical school system puts so much pressure on medical students that their brains are affected and specifically their dopamine physiology.

Researchers from Vanderbilt University have found in a recent study that the brains of psychopaths have a dopamine abnormality that creates a drive for rewards at any cost, including ignoring risks. The brains of many doctors seem to be wired in this way, as shown by their habit of practicing medicine with pharmaceutical poisons that harm people, but having no qualms about getting their reward—their money. The fact that their patients pay dearly for this—in more ways than one—doesn’t seem to matter. Don’t ever forget that over 100,000 die in America alone every year from properly-prescribed medicine.

“Psychopaths are often thought of as cold-blooded criminals who take what they want without thinking about consequences,” said Joshua Buckholtz, the lead author of the study. “We found that a hyper-reactive dopamine reward system may be the foundation for some of the most problematic behaviors associated with psychopathy, such as violent crime, recidivism and substance abuse.”

Experts also tell us that many politicians also share traits with serial killers. Specifically, in 2009, using law enforcement experience and data drawn from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, Jim Kouri of the National Association of Chiefs of Police assembled personality traits common to a couple of professions. What he saw as common denominators were traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse and manipulation of others.

Kouri stuck his neck way out saying, “But—and here’s the part that may spark some controversy and defensive discussion—these traits are also common to American politicians. Violent homicide aside, our elected officials often show many of the exact same character traits as criminal nut-jobs, who run from police but not for office.”

Kouri notes that these psychopaths are psychologically capable of committing their dirty deeds free of any concern for social, moral or legal consequences and with absolutely no remorse. “This allows them to do what they want, whenever they want,” he wrote. “Ironically, these same traits exist in men and women who are drawn to high-profile and powerful positions in society.”

Doctors in white coats know how to smile (superficial charm) and they certainly have an exaggerated sense of self-worth—there is no doubt about that. It is very rare that doctors show remorse when their medicines or vaccines kill their patients. And the oncologist who attended to Sarah in the story above certainly exhibited some of these traits as he manipulated her and her parents.

Becoming a doctor or a medical professional in general is a great career for these kinds of people because the mainstream medical world guarantees that its doctors are exempt from having to feel any kind of remorse. Most of us would like to think that medical students go into the profession with noble motives but have them beaten out of them through the unusually cruel medical schools that fill up the students brains with pharmaceutical lies that they are expected to swallow wholeheartedly.

Please remember from my HeartHealth work that I define the heart as the truth and thus it is impossible to stay in the heart when we define and live our lives with lies. When we say psychopaths are heartless this is accurate. This is a good way of understanding and defining a psychopath. The only problem with this is that en mass modern man has abandoned the vulnerability of the heart so we and especially our professionals are in serious trouble.

Pediatricians can inject as many vaccines into little children as they want at one time and so what if the child drops dead a few hours later—it’s not their fault. That’s why I wrote The Terror of Pediatric Medicine and that is why I have been giving it away for free for years.

As long as doctors follow their medical boards’ rules and prescribe FDA-approved medicine, it does not matter how many they kill. They will just keep on killing without remorse for, after all, they are doctors.

Seems like a vast number of doctors should be locked up in mental institutions for life and for humane purposes have their frontal lobes removed—something doctors used to be quite fond of doing to others in the not too distant past. For the people (sheep) who are led to slaughter and torment by these demented terrorists, all I can do is pity them for they have been led astray by wolves (the medical media).

They, their pharmaceutical overlords, medical officials from the government, local medical boards and national medical associations all join forces in creating a tragedy out of modern medicine, making the good doctors with noble souls a rare find indeed. I have been fortunate enough to know many of those good doctors through the years.

Also I do not want to pick only on allopathic doctors. Alternative healers are often not much better. It seems like arrogant people with inflated ideas about themselves are attracted to the helping professions so that they can feed their own inflated sense of self-worth. We live in a world with way too little love and it shows almost everywhere we turn.

Special Note: It turns out that this shooter in Colorado was on pharmaceuticals of the same types listed above so this terrible tragedy should be laid at the feet of pharmaceutical executives. ABC News reported that the shooter had taken 100mg of Vicodin about two and half hours before the shooting. The report of "100 mg of Vicodin" is somewhat misleading though, since all Vicodin pills weigh more than 100 mg. What the sources most likely meant was 100 mg of hydrocodone, the actual narcotic in Vicodin, which means Holmes took ten or twenty pills depending on the pill size.

I wonder if anyone is angry or anyone would agree with me that many psychiatrists and pharmaceutical executives should be hauled off in carts through the streets and fed to hungry lions. We would do no good to haul them in front of judges who are suffering from the insanity of devoting themselves to the corrupt laws of men instead of the sane laws of the heart.

It’s with caution that we must read these media reports of the amount of Vicodin reported to have been taken by Holmes just prior to his violent actions. Vicodin (hydrocodone/apap): is a pain killer, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen….with both mixed in one tablet. Routine doses of this drug range from a tablet containing 5-7.5 mg. of Hydrocodone and 325-500 mg. of acetaminophen and up to 10mg. of hydrocodone and 660 of acetaminophen in longer acting formulas.

If Holmes had actually taken 100 mg. of Vicodin this dose (ten tablets of the 10/660 dose) would contain 6600mg. of acetaminophen which is reported to be a toxic and near lethal dose.

Just as I go to publish this document, which was prepared weeks before the Colorado shooting, I am reading outrageous stories about how this could be another 9/11. Certainly it will distract the public from other horrors for a while and certainly anything is possible in this crazy world of ours. Whether this shooter acted alone or with others—people are dead and many more terrorized into their dreams. Many are going to avoid the movie theatres like the plague, certainly few Americans will be able to enter one without thinking twice. It is a sad time and psychopaths are having a field day.

# # #


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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr

    What these commenting remarks have said about this write are correct about mind control, which can involve the use of pharmaceutical drugs and also doping with biological and chemical agents and illicit drugs. Yet, the article and remarks are just the tip of the iceberg of the unbelievable evil that is happening – not only in the USA- but around the world, mostly NATO countries, but also China, and India. No rational unaware mind can believe it. Only the government perpetrators (likely CIA, DOD, military, some FBI, gov contractors, etc.) partnering with citizen force perpetrators know its “real”. The culprit is remote political control technology and methods. Christian Dr. John Hall, Austin , TX, has written a book, “A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism.” Cheryl Welsh, JD and recognize expert in remote weapons, has likely the most credible website, about political control technology and methods.

    Mind control is operational, experimental, and in some cases extermination. Mind controlled people, or those who have it attempted on them, are known as “Targeted Individuals”. No one will investigate these cases that involve horrific harassment, discrediting, and harm, all the while the perpetrators , within their given parameters of modes of operation, are above the law and protected. Sheriff Departments and some police and fire and paramedic personnel, along with a secret citizen force from all backgrounds, vocations and ages, are intimately involved. (Training starts as young as three or four years old in a family by the adult perpetrators). Hence, these are “government approved crimes” that are essentially the perfect crime due to the assurance that plausible deniability can be achieved in every targeting or mind control case. There is a corporate media blackout on what really is happening, who push the myth and government propaganda cover-up that schizophrenic and delusional mentally ill people are doing these now frequenty community shooting sprees and are prone to be dangerous.

    The capability of remote weapons, including “mind-hacking” applications (read thoughts; permeate the unwitting mind for silent sound hypnosis used to program assassins; remote control of body; mind, speech; voice-to-skull to cast audible “voices-in-the head”, dream insertion, etc.) , and the secret criminal citizen forces that compliment them, perfect the symptoms of chimerical “odd” thinking and/ or psychotic serious mental illness such as schizophrenia .

    Virtually absolute power and control of a person’s life can be achieved from fetus to the grave now using remote political control technology and methods- if the person is allowed to be born. The controllers (positive loop and negative loop) using remote weapons are unseen assailants and the compliment of the citizen force uses stealth methods to infiltrate families, churches, government, businesses…….everything.

    These people participating in building a mass mind controlled society, as part of the citizen force, on behalf of the New World Order (Global Mafia Super-predator Network with tentacles down to the local level), either by coercion or volunteering to attain carnal rewards, power, money, control, number in the millions and have been reported in all states and most communities to a nonprofit human rights support group, and most countries as well, by targeted individuals who are closely monitored by stealth moving surveillance actors 24/7/365 as targeted individuals of national security mind science or mind control.

    When a person becomes a targeted individual, they usually realize it is a death sentence, especially if they will not compromise with the perpetrators and join the national and global perpetrator network. Guns or knives are not usually used on targeted individuals to kill them, rather the government and its partners practice using political control technology and methods which can be survivable for many years, especially if one is astute enough to figure out and learn by experience their methods to discredit, harm, and kill. Targeted Individuals come from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds e.g. some doctors and lawyers are targeted individuals. It is not unusual for targeted individuals to become disabled, unemployed, divorced, victims of conspiracy manufactured or provoked situations with overzealous perpetrator police and citizen actors.

    Circumstantial evidence from Targeted Individual testimonies lend some proof that every citizen, whether they know it or not, are in “electronic captivity” linked to to a super-grid , and are under stealth moving surveillance and some form of manipulation, even if only via a perpetrator telling them slander about a targeted individual to discredit and motivate them to be against a targeted innocent citizen.

    Targeted Individuals are not only linked to an electronic super-grid, against their freewill, but also experience “electronic slavery” , which involves harassment, torture, and harm that cannot be broken due to remote connection to unique brain resonance frequency, the “finger print of the brain” (as unique as fingerprint) . Remote weapons have nonlethal and lethal applications, and are termed “soft-kill weapons” because some applications over time are capable causing harm leading to premature death.

    Barry Trower, a UK military weapons scientist since the 1960’s, now retired, has said remote weapons with intent of mind control applications, has been developed and used since 1960 and were fully functional by 1977. Supercomputers now have the capability to store millions amount of information about every person living on earth, per Jack Van Impe, the Christian Bible prophecy expert. Mr. Trower said the mind-hacking applications used on Targeted Individuals will fool any psychiatrist to believe a victim has severe mental illness. Trower also said targeting is essentially unprovable because any court case to prove targeting would take an estimated fifty years in courts fighting the government and its corporate partners and such a case would take over a million dollars to sustain and win.

    Dr. Nick Begich, son of deceased politician from Alaska, also has disclosed the remote weapon capability of HARRP to use on people and the weather. HAARP is a hi-tech military weapon of transmitters that sit on top of a large oil reserve for energy that propel radio waves to become an ionospheric heater to tap into the electromagnetic grid that covers the Earth that is exceedingly strong and can be weaponized. Scientist already know the equation on how to slice the Earth in half using this enormous electromagnetic power as a remote weapon.

    The Air Force has said by using HAARP it will have control of the weather by 2025, and that it can be used to for crowd control e.g. nonlethal heating of the skin that feels like inescapable furnace heat, often to the feet. The US government official Cohen has admitted in the mid-1990’s it has an “earthquake weapon” . Dr. Loren Moret has spoken about the US government being involved in “tectonic warfare” on other countries that has caused an increase in earthquakes and tsunamis.

    What is happening is Biblical. God is the inventor of “wireless communication”. If it were not so, then God would not hear prayer. Satan and man have always wanted to rule the world and ascend to become God-like. It is inevitable that man would abuse “wireless communication” and ” wireless energy” to manifest Satan to give rise to the Ant-Christ One World Government spoken about in the Bible. Christian retired General Boykin said he was angry at Homeland Security that has stated veterans and Christians are to be considered plausible terrorist. Boykin said (on YouTube video) that the US government has decided tobecome a Fascist State and is building a citizen force with citizen leaders with weapons to be as strong as the US Military.

    In my own personal targeting case, law enforcement I consulted with made it clear, albeit by innuendo, that they could not investigate and hold my reputed millionaire father and other relatives accountable (who are believed to be interested in life insurance proceeds) because they had manipulated Homeland Security and the government against my twin and I – we both are devout Christians. Our father , a likely high ranking professional who said he is from the streets, also said he is connected to the people who run the world including the underworld. He was adamant when duping doctors and authorities that my targeting claims since 1997 were from “schizophrenia” and sought to do a hostile takeover of our lives. Police said they know my father knows he is lying and they realize I am a Targeted Individual. I have no juvenile or adult crime record, and no factual psychotic mental illness history.

    I moved from Henrico County/Richmond , Virginia area to Utah in 2007. My father said it wouldn’t matter where I moved to, I would be framed for jail or a mental institution. In Utah, doctors, Sheriff department, and police, and the secret citizen force using corruption have been trying to build a plausible case of psychotic schizophrenia or delusional personality disorder and premature death via plausible vehicular organized timed hit and/or bear false witness using a self defense claim, and also possibly the corruption may go for in the future plausible suicide, especially if they manage to get me in a controlled environment.

    We had never met Gilmore before. Gilmore is a Richmond native. Gilmore was Virginia’s governor when the 9/11/01 WTC attacks occurred in NY. His Virginia State Attorney General, Mark Earley, was having breakfast with NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani the morning of 9/11/01. Earley, post Gilmore Administration, went to work for Chuck Colson, the ex-Watergate criminal involved in “prison ministry”.

    An honest doctor wrote in my medical file, “shot by air-projectile weapon” and I had to have emergency surgery to remove most my colon to save my life from degenerative functioning. Like other Targeted Individuals, I have unbelievable experiences with both the remote weapon technology and citizen perpetrators who many masquerade as community leaders of “Light” vs. darkness.

    In my opinion, the USA government has been overthrown by the “New World Order.” In the 1990’s , Targeted Individual Charles Schlund , of Arizona, became the enemy of elder ex-CIA director George Bush that according to Schlund was targeted to the discovery of the “Don Bolles papers’ . The Don Bolles papers were alleged to be government papers stolen by Bush he hid in Arizona that a burglar then found and stole and gave them to Schlund.

    They Don Bolles papers outlined that Bush and other leaders had been architects of the New World Order with plans to use political control technology and methods for terrorism, including future plans to orchestrate a “Pearl Harbor scale event” for political capital to take away citizen freedoms and privacy and to overthrow the US Government.

    The FBI tried to intervene in the 1990’s to help targeted Charles Schlund, but then told him they could not help him because “the new world order” had already infiltrated the FBI too much. During Bush’s presidency, he said “New World Order” over 200 times and also said that the United Nations would take its rightful intended place as a governing body (One World Government). Schluld died in 2008 due to targeting related injuries and likely remote weapon induced cancer.

    The most important thing to know is that only people who are susceptible to hypnosis can be programed as an assassin (Project Open Eyes). That is by far not most people, even those who are Targeted Individuals. Targeted Individuals are rarely violent. And, the perpetrator actors in the government, contractors, and the citizen force, the people who are doing these Nazi-level crimes against humanity, as part of mind science and mind control, are much more dangerous than targeted individuals, including any, like Holmes, who are either framed or actually become community spree killers via mind control programming. The perpetrator network is conceivably killing many people every day.

    Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr

    2011 Board Member

    Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

    • Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr

      (#15th paragraph) One of my father’s prime contacts to the government is James S. Gilmore, who calls himself a friend of the Bush Family, who was a NATO Intelligence Officer in Germany, was on the Air Force Board, Council of Foreign Relations, ex-Virginia Governor and Republican Party Chairman, 2008 Presidential candidate. Gilmore is also intimately associated with Homeland Security, and is a national leader of the citizen force mob that is using stealth methods to harm innocent American citizens using political control technology and methods. In 2003, in Richmond , Virginia, the week of aftermath of hurricane Isabel, Gilmore led a kill mission using organized group vehicular surveillance and stalking to attempt a timed heavy vehicular hit on my twin and I at the Richmond Food Bank using a high short-nosed utility vehicle that was built like a tank . Gilmore passed us on the road in route to the Food bank in his Jaguar and he strained his head and eyes to give positive ID on my twin and I as we traveled in my twin’s truck to the food bank. Prior to leaving the house, I noticed when on the phone getting directions to the food bank odd clicking noises as if our residential line was wiretapped. It recent years an NSA whistle-blower case has revealed that the Bush II White House authorized illegal wiretapping on US citizens phones.

    • Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr

      NSA wiretapping of US innocent citizens

  • Here are my general thoughts on health, medicine and food:

    First and foremost, eat and drink the proper foods/beverages…ultimately stay away from red meat and any and all processed foods…stay hydrated with distilled or purified water…work out, get fresh air…think positive thoughts…believe in and know that there is a good superior spiritual being who is looking over us…and to stop giving so much credence to the American Medical Association, which ultimately was founded on lies.

    It seems there is a war going on…between traditional medicine and alternative medicine…and yet not all…but some sanctions from each side are obsessed only with money and making more money…even at the expense of patients’ health. In short, PREVENT disease by caring for yourself in a healthy way, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually…and stay the heck away from colonoscopies, chemo and radiation. These treatments NEVER cure ANYTHING!

    For example, like chemo and radiation, colonoscopies are a money-making scam created by the traditional medical community, not to mention that the side-effects are horrific. Do the research and you will see. Meanwhile, all of this “must have a colonoscopy after 50” stuff is just misleading. If there is any issues with your colon now, you can PREVENT them and HEAL them…WITHOUT a colonoscopy…which only aggravates your system. PREVENTION is the key. If you take care of your colon and your entire body temple there would be no need to test anything from the get go. You would be too busy living a full and happy and healthy life.

    My Dad died of lung cancer, and sometimes, no matter what we do or don’t do consciously in this world, it is our soul’s plan to leave this world when we do. One way or the other, the time of our death is planned before we are born. That said, we live in a broken world…and yet, we still must make every attempt to fight the good fight…even if the end our attempts prove futile.

    In the meanwhile, employ loving-kindness whenver you can in all your affairs, and just be nice to people…do what you have to do in life, and don’t let anyone make decisions for you that you do not feel comfortable, doctors or no doctors, traditional medicine or alternative medicine.

  • Betty Sibley

    My husband died at the hands of doctors, drugs and radiation. He was mis-diagnosed with squamous cell cancer. A bioenergic test showed he did not have cancer, but an overgrowth of candida/fungus. A swollen lymph node under his left arm was surgically removed in April 2010 and the wound never healed. He was given 6 rounds of antibiotics, pain medication and 13 rounds of radiation in his open wound — then he broke out in fungus on his back and stomach. The radiation finally killed him December 2, 2010. It was candida/fungus and not cancer. Against my wishes, he agreed to these horrendous procedures, because he trusted the doctors. Before his death he asked my forgiveness for not going along with my trust in natural medicine, but it was too late.

    I tried to file a law suit against the radiation doctor for putting the radiation in his open wound, but the best law firm in the area would not take my case — because they represent doctors and nurses.

  • mar

    Excellent article and true to the core. I had an anesthesiologist inject a substance into my spine 14 years ago and cripple me, I had physical therapy and worked very hard to regain my walking ability. I called the anesthesiologist the day I woke up and could not walk to ask for advice and help and he showed pure evil when he said, ” Not my problem.”
    After I learned to walk again I turned to what is called alternative medicine but what is really true medicine practiced by humans for probably millions of years if you count very early humans and their counterparts the neanderthals.

  • vmv

    Thanks for this bold and truthful article. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions in regard to the Colorado movie shooting. For example, the authorities are not giving any information on a possible motive, and the suspect is being kept in solitary confinement “for his protection.” If you do a search under Rauni Kilde and Mind Control, you will find out there is technology available (in addition to drugs) that can make a person go out and commit mass murder. Dr. Rauni Kilde is a doctor who is from Norway and lives in Sweden, who has researched the subject of mind control for 10 years; she says she is also a target. After the shooting that took place in Norway, she said in an interview that she had no doubt that the young man who did the shooting was a victim of mind control.
    What a convenient time for a mass shooting! The U.N. right now is trying to have an Arms Trade Treaty, and needs the U.S. to agree to it. The Treaty would include tracking of firearms, which is equivalent to the control of firearms.
    Regarding pharmaceuticals–my granddaughter who has Asperger’s Syndrome was on Prozac for many years, in addition to other medication such as Concerta for ADHD. She says Prozac made her feel like killing herself. She is now 21 and has been off Prozac for several years. She is able to hold a job and function in society, but is immature for her age. She has said that she thinks taking medication most of her life made her “messed up.”

  • robert

    Interesting and true. In our area, last year, they closed the mental hospital. They shifted the people to another area out of the metropolis. Now the other place that was being used is now closing and the people are being shifted farther out into the country. What do you think about that?

    The city that desperately needs help is closing all its mental hospital doors. While we could say, that is terrible to not have places for these people to go if they need help, perhaps might the closing of those doors be good in a way, the people will not further be destroyed with the drugs at high doses.

    But, the real reason this is happening here? The city know they have tons of these people and they wish to close the help doors so the people who need that type of help, will leave the area and move to other big cities.

    All the people, better than 50% of the people of all ages are all affected with PTSD after a natural earth event. So every one got the drugs and they just never stopped to quit the drugs. With the excess of alcohol, even the police are driving and drunk.

    The world is turned upside down, we do not need to wait until the December date, we are all already lost.

  • Ethan

    Thanks for this article. Eye opening and educational. I shared it with friends. Thanks for saying it like it is, for writing this, for being bold and not afraid of speaking out the truth as you see it. Most people trust doctors way too much and act is if doctors were demigods, or think their doctors are really great healing people. In reality medicine is the business of disease, not about healing. Even some of their medschool books are written by pharmaceuticals, and in the U of MN med school i heard that a lecturer was an employee of pharmaceuticals. Doctors are just people, busy people, book worms used to believing what their medical books tell them, have a ton of debt, big egos, many regulations to live uo to leaving them in reality like pawns controlled and not able of independent thought.. they have gone through the system and now earned their right to get paid and practice. mainstream medicine is good for surgery and emergency situations only. some exceptions exist of course.

  • capricorn45

    This was sent to me by a friend:

    Re: CIA MIND-CONTROL SLAVE: James Eagan Holmes, Mass Murderer and The Dark Knight Rises

    Earlier this rainy evening in New Zealand I painstakenly watched the 6 o’clock TV news running the US mass media propaganda about the tragic July 20th James Holmes killing of at least 12 and injuring 59 people at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, at Center 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado, I thought I would briefly, add a few more pertinent facts (if anyone is interested!) that the mass media goons and and big business prostitutes have conveniently forgot to mention:

    According to public records (see attachment article below) “Holmes attended the University of California , Riverside (UCR), and graduated with a BS in neuroscience in the spring of 2010. Most recently, he was studying for a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Colorado Denver, but withdrew from the program last month for unknown reasons.” Well, well, well! What a coincidence! If you do a bit of research, you will find the the psychiatry departments in both these two universities work with the Tavistock Institute in London, the head of global mind control, whose agents, set up the various CIA mind-control programs like MKULTRA and its sub-programs, to hypnotize victims to create the so-called “Manchurian Candidates” (zombie assassins) we have today. Good examples of CIA “lone assassins are: Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinkley (Reagan assassin), Eric Harris, and Dylan klebold (Columbine High School) etc. The aim of course, is to use these mind-controlled “Manchurian zombie assassins’ (usually always ‘lone nutters’) to commit assassinations, massacres, and other major terrorist events to manipulate the public masses to accept the abolition of privately owned firearms, and to allow the Anglo/American aristocrasy to implement a global fascist police state takeover through the reformed UN using “the urgent need for increased security measures’ to abolish all individual free rights (now well under way – and hence the greatly increased focus on the Holmes massacre now, and massive military buildup at the upcoming London Olympic Games).
    Anton Chaitkin, wrote an outstanding, almost prophetic article entitled on the subject, British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination (just Google the title on the web and you can read it). In this amazing article, he writes; “The CIA planned early in 1954 to hypnotize a man they considered disposable, to get him to make an assassination attempt, be arrested for attempted murder, and be “thereby disposed of.” A CIA hypnosis study was done by Alden Sears at the University of Minnesota and was moved by Sears to the University of Denver, Colorado.” This just happens to be the very same university that James Eagan Holmes was supposedly studying for a PhD in neuroscience!
    Holmes shot and killed his victims in a movie theater launching The Dark Knight Rises. Who is this British “Dark Knight? Why he is the characterization of Antichrist (the Devil incarnate) who is soon to come and save the world of course!
    But why on 20th July 2012? In Freemasonry (Satanism) and witchcraft virtually ALL MURDERS and human sacrifices are executed over the New Moon (Dark moon). According to The American Ephemeris 2001 to 2050 at midnight by Neil F. Michelsen, July 19th 2012 was the New Moon! If you look at the dates of all the people associated with Bill Clinton who were allegedly murdered, it will be seen almost all of the were executed over the New Moon! see:
    The US police and media tell us Holmes was planning this massacre weeks or months in advance. What they forgot to mention was so were his Satanic handlers at the CIA – and their goons at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Denver, Colorado.

    My, my, what a great lot we’ve got running this ol’ world! Roll on the New World Order/Disorder police state! I appreciate I shouldn’t be the one blowing the whistle about this, hopefully the American patriotic moverment will soon be on to what’s happening and do a much better and more detailed job.

    Anyway, this is my little effort for the evening
    Have a nice week everyone, and watch those media goons. Only good for birdcage liners or fairytales!


  • Vladimir

    Thanks. See Marketing of madness for the full story starting with Sigmund Freud paid by 2 pharma companies to market cocaine, this is is documentary that is worth the time. However, we are in the midst of an X class solar flares. Solar flares, events from the sun and way beyond the sun, are hitting earth with high frequency energies. The third dimension energies of these pharma companies (also Monsanto in agriculture) cannot survive in the new energies. So thanks very much for another eye opener and I would rather focus on purification of self as a high vibrating person has massive effect on everything. Dr Hawkins in a recent paper wrote that human consciousness affects the evolution of the cosmos. Dr Bruce Lipton a biologist, focuses on the quantum field..a neuroscientist says choose to shift to the right brain and the heart-for solutions.

  • Now that I published this I am wondering how in the heck did anyone know how much Vicodin the shooter took? Was someone watching him at home while he prepared? I seriouslly doubt it. I am reading some credible information that suggests this to be another 9-11 job….very disturbing indeed….we know the biggest psychopaths are not the ones who do the shooting…….for that we have to look all the way to the top.

    • mel

      this smacks of mind control

    • vmv

      I agree.
      In order to bring in a one-world government, the “powers that be” will need to disarm the people. America is a problem (to them) because many Americans believe in the right to own a gun (the second amendment). Whenever there is a mass shooting like this one in Colorado, there are calls for gun control. But I don’t hear authorities or citizens complaining about the violence in movies. I believe our children are being programmed through video games, movies, and TV to be violent or accept violence.
      God is fed up with the sinfulness of America and the rest of the world, and is planning to intervene soon (based on the website called “”). “The Warning” will be a worldwide event in which every person will be made aware of the state of his or her soul in the eyes of God–it is a last chance to repent. But everyone should repent now, because there are some who will not be able to bear the shock when they become aware of their sins, and will not survive.

  • There is no more time, implore heavens for soon coming upheaval and new Realm under the basic laws of God’s Creation.
    Pierre Turin