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Posture and Health

Published on June 17, 2010

The picture on the left has a man standing on two feet with his weight distributed evenly. The picture on the right has a man leaning to one side with most of his weight on one foot. There are many variations observable but essentially ones weight does not get distributed evenly and this throws the hips out. The problem with the right picture is that gravity becomes this man’s enemy when he throws his weight off center. Notice how even the shoulders slant to the side. From the bottom of the tail bone to the uppermost cervical everything goes out and remains in a highly stressed situation.

You would be surprised to know that more than seventy percent of humanity stands on one foot. Next time you go into a bank just take a look around at how everyone is standing. When a person stands off center most of the weight of the body gets shifted off center. This stresses even the internal organs. What also happens when the hips go out of place is that it leaves one leg shorter than the other. This can be seen by looking at the difference between the ankle bones below.

This becomes a chronic problem with the hips being constantly out. It is very rare that a person’s actual leg lengths are this much off. With the entire body constantly off center stress points accumulate in the spinal column, neck, shoulders, jaws, and even in the internal organs. Taken to an extreme you find peoples’ spinal disks herniating and this is painful to the extreme.

Even in the world of Chiropractic, it is only the rare practitioner who will point this out and begin the difficult reconditioning of the mind that entails repeated confrontation with the patient to correct such a problem. It is certainly not an easy habit to change involving both psychological and spiritual aspects of life. Yet what is the alternative when someone is suffering from structural stress? Doctors would prefer to do surgery then bother taking the time with patients.

The fact is that when we constantly shifting our weight to one side nothing will redo the damage and the pain except relearning to position our stance equally even when standing for long periods of time. One can go to the chiropractor or do physical therapy or whatever but nothing will compensate for gravity is constantly working against us and our health.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Chiropractors who use the DeJarnne blocking system know of this problem and treat it. At home we can have someone look at our leg lengths by comparing the ankle bones and then lift the short leg side while securing the long leg side with one’s thigh. The person pulls gently at first and then possibly a bit more firmly on the short leg side if there is no or little pain.

In highly inflammatory situations a professional is needed but for the ordinary person who wants to reposition their posture this is ok to do at home. For even when we start to stand correctly we still have to help the hips move back into position. After each tug on the short leg side reposition the ankle bones together to see the effect. Also, especially in painful conditions, instead of pulling on the leg in any kind of jerking motion, use gradual traction pressure. That means start pulling on the leg and gradually build up the force if there is no pain and then hold for ten to twenty seconds.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Dr. Sircus I would agree that uneven weight distribution is a common underlying factor in a number of different chronic health problems. There are number of good sites out there that discuss this phenomenon. Including, and others. Sincerely Dr. Bill Davis

  • I agree 100%, hopefully more people view this,’liked’.

  • It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.Excellent entry! I’m been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.

  • concernedinNC

    Dear Dr. Sircus,
    Where do I begin! I have had numerous surgeries to correct what was called shallow sockets as an infant. I am now 58 and my last surgery was to correct for an implant that migrated into the upper part of the iliacus with a “triflange”. Long story short-not to be a pun-my left leg was measured as 7/8th” shorter than the right. Therapy is helping to strengthen all thigh muscles. Physiotherapist says I might regain some of the length. Could the DeJarnne blocking system method make a difference?
    I also want to tell you how much I have benefited from reading your essays, and I have your ebook on Iodine and Magnesium The Ultimate Heart Medicine. I am hoping that my bones and muscles heal more by using these most elemental substances. I’m not sure if I’m getting as much as I should on a daily basis, but will continue using.

  • Christina Rudd

    Dear Dr Sircus,
    Thank you for this article and for all the other good work you do. I am an avid reader of your newsletter and a Mc Timoney Chiropractor here in England.
    I spend my days measuring leg length, correcting pelvic (and other) misalignments and attempting to re-educate people to respect and work for the symetry of their bodies. If the whole skeleton is realigned, subtle pressures on the nerves are relieved which allows those nerves to function properly and promotes the health of the person allowing them to live to their optimum potential.
    Your pictures tell me that even standing evenly on both feet your man needs chiropractic !
    Look at the line of his suntan: His right hip is higher than the left….look further at the crease of flesh in the waist…..higher on the right….with a corresponding lower and more prominent shoulder blade on the left. You can actually see that his spine in the waist (lumbar area) veers to the right.
    Misalignments (subluxations) here can cause abdominal organ dysfunction leading to eg. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and sexual organ problems as the nerves going through the spine in the lumbar region are not regulating those organs properly. The subluxations noted higher in his spine will ultimately cause or allow other problems to develop.
    Many years ago the Winsor Autopsies demonstrated a link between spinal segment misalignments and the cause of death in cats and dogs that Dr. Winsor investigated.
    Thank you for bringing this very important health issue to the attention of your readers.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Christina Rudd, Mc Timoney Chiropractor; Chasetown, Staffordshire, England.

  • Marlys Isaacson

    Hi, Dr. Sircus!

    I found this article very interesting. I had two very annoying conditions a couple of years ago: a fluttering or flickering of my visual field, as if watching a video of an earthquake in progress, and unsteadiness of my gait. I could alleviate both conditions temporarily by pressing firmly at the base of my skull.

    I was told about a possible source of help by an acquaintance who heard about a treatment involving the uppermost cervical vertebrae — the Atlas structure. I went hunting for information about NUCCA on the Internet. I have a very useful document in my files, but don’t have the link. I could attach it, but don’t think that is possible with your reply format.

    However, another clear source of information about the Atlas and its correction is:

    A NUCCA practitioner can often tell at a glance if a patient is a likely candidate for NUCCA: head canted to left or right, one shoulder and/or hip lower than the other, and a dead giveaway: one leg shorter than the other!

    When I read that, I immediately called my husband and asked him to come and tell me if I had a short leg, as I lay on the floor with both legs stretched out straight. With a straight face, he looked and replied, “You have TWO short legs!” Funny man. Seriously, though, yes, one leg was actually half an inch shorter than the other! I made an appointment with a chiropractor in the San Diego area who does NUCCA the next day! I responded very positively and quickly to the standard NUCCA manipulation in just two or three gentle adjustments. NUCCA claims many successes with pains and problems of all kinds. This next site is more technical in its descriptions, but also provides a list of many possible problems which have been alleviated by NUCCA treatments:

    This next link is to a video which shows how the technique is put into practice. Montel Williams has MS and has profited from NUCCA:

    I never did have a reason I could think of for having my Atlas out of alignment. Maybe I stood around on one foot too much of my life!

    Keep up your wonderful work. I always look forward to your emails and save them all! I have referred many to your work and expect to do so far into the future.

  • Joan Rousar

    Hi, thanks for this information. I have done this for my clients in my practice of massage. It is good to
    have it written down.

  • Bob

    Ortho-bionomy (OB), the homeopathy of bodywork, can address this issue with its postural reeducation techniques. Pulling on the short leg will not fix the situation for long. The nerves that innervate the muscles that hold the bones in place need reeducating. OB works at this level.