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Praying for a Miracle

Published on September 7, 2011

Description: Jesus is praying

Some people believe that all prayers are answered. Jesus looked up to Heaven and thanked the Heavenly Father before He asked for the miracle of the loaves (Matthew 15:36). He did not pray though for the salvation of an evil system of governance or finance. We do have to be careful about what we pray for.

When faced with a crisis, many people turn to God to help guide them through it. There is nothing more worthwhile then praying to God to communicate and bond with him, or if you lean more to the feminine side, then there is the Goddess. Each religion and faith has their words and prayers and names for the highest forms of beings. The native Indians talk about “the above beings” and my most cherished one is Mary.

There is nothing spiritual or beautiful in judging another’s religious beliefs, though many do just that. One of the reasons we are in the mess we are in as a civilization comes from the messes we make in religious and spiritual terms. Personally I think that the elite classes of ancient times got their dirty hands on religious works and did much to shape religions into forms that come in handy for population control and manipulation.

Though I am very much into Mary, the queen of heaven (who many Catholics embrace), I would not trust the Catholic Church today or even 1800 years ago when they first got together to decide about the Bible and the future direction of the Church. I have an essay I will publish next week entitled Lies, Sex, Priests, Popes and Psychiatrists,and it’s not a pretty picture when even priests abuse our young.

There are so many mind fields it’s a miracle when anyone gets beyond it all and can commune purely and soak themselves with the divine. While there is no magical way to move mountains or receive miracles, conversing with the highest ones can strengthen you and give you a better understanding of the divine will. Thy will be done is one of the highest wisdoms unlearned by man. It is a wisdom that is only attainable with a whole lot of prayer and meditation.

I am publishing these more spiritual writings in what will be a dramatic week for humanity. Yesterday I published about increasing seismic threats to our nuclear plants around the world. No doubt many are having their breaths taken away by the violent downdraft in financial markets and the threat of a great contraction that will end us up in a terrible depression.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Many people are suffering through and dying from violent storms as millions of others are threatened with thirst and starvation. Fire is burning people out of their homes and drought and floods are combining to devastate humanity’s agricultural productivity. I could go on and on but the point here is our feelings and maintaining a positive sense of being.

Remember how Christ wept and prayed to something much bigger than himself? I am sure Moses felt the same when facing the burning bush, and the Moslems in Mecca certainly feel a great presence and power. If you too can feel these explosions in your heart, let love radiate out and pierce you through and through. Warmth will spread like an inner radiance, unfolding like petals, and silent tears will flow down your cheeks without reason.

Through holy moments of communication with our own pure consciousness, with the matrix of the universe or what I call “the Oneness of Being,” we can experience a complete restoration of our original and vulnerable self. We can bathe ourselves in light and renew our faith and strength—something we will need big time in the months and years ahead.

Life and Death

How we come into this life and how we leave it are important. Every time I publish something about birth there is a doctor who reminds me of how OB/GYN practitioners routinely compress women’s sacrum by having the ladies give birth on their backs when they are not busy giving Cesarean sections. This clearly would close the birth canal by about 30 percent making it much harder for us to slip through. You never see on television a natural birth with the woman squatting and that shows you how much Hollywood bought into the medical industrial’s paradigm.

As fetuses there’s not much we can do to abort the terror doctors hold for us, but as adults we certainly are responsible for who and what we are. When faced with dire situations, we do have the choice of rising to the occasion by strengthening our relationship with the divine inside of us.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • alison

    Bless all of you whose stories I have just read. There is always healing on some level. Tread carefully in the “medical” minefields. I am so thankful and grateful for this community of people who follow Dr. Mark Sircus; he is a true healer.

  • kenzo

    Dear Dr. Sircus,

    I am a catholic new born. You tell that judging other religion is a mistake, but I am afraid that you are truly misjudging the catholic faith which has nothing to do with these sexual cases. Although being committed by catholic priests, the catholic church is responsible of theses crimes, but it has nothing to do with our faith and our tradition. Be free to add confusion to this world if it is you desire, but I think it is a grave mistake from your part.
    Feel free to tell any truth, truth makes free, but try not to add confusion. For 20 years now, I know many people being very near our last Popes and can testify their honesty and faithfulness for Jesus. I was never disappointed by what I learnt. Nevertheless the loss of faith of part our priests and a lot of laity people is a great suffering, but not a surprise. The ones who loose truth and love are very fast lost in that present world. We must add that the catholic church is facing a real attempt by organizing evil troops to destroy it. But they can’t succeed.
    I must say that you should know better our catholic church before judging it, I am sure that if you do, you will be conquered by her and not rejected.

    With love and courage for your work.

    PS: To acces a very good point of view about the present suffering of the catholic church by a very faithful catholic, please read the blog , especially the article The Blessed Peacemakers and other article related to it.

  • tony Kuli

    Holy Mother Mary to me is the Goddess Incarnate, The Mother of God who gives us Second-Birth She is the Comforter and the Holy Ghost, She is the Mother the Power of God the Father……as Her precious Son our Lord Jesus Christ….

    “‘Behold The Mother…..all sins against me will be forgiven Man but Sin against The Mother will never be forgiven..”

  • Gilgamesh

    Serrapeptase enzyme clear up old scars,blood cloths , the arteries, purify the blood, clear up the sinuses, help the eye sight, clear up infections, etc.
    I m not sure how it would work on any specific condition, as every one is different, and would need different dosage to work. The daily dosage they put on the bottle I think is very low, and may need 3-4 x as much to get good, and fast results, and I think it is not just with Serrapeptase, but with all natural remedies the dosage is important.

    • Cathy

      Thanks Gilgamesh.

  • Cathy

    Peggy and Olive Oyl- Thanks for your responses. I will continue to check this blog for your insights and those of others. Please pray for us.

  • peggy

    atheism does seem to be trendy, kb.

    i sometimes think that denying the
    existence of the higher power
    that some call god is a way of
    soothing what must feel like
    betrayal. i know i have felt
    that now and then.

    but maybe god wants us to
    not let these things happen.
    maybe that’s why we are
    here right now.

    maybe it’s time for an
    evolutionary leap to a place
    where we can no longer bear the
    suffering of others because
    it causes us to suffer as well.

    it might be time to
    demonstrate to
    the usurpers who
    run this world – enough.
    we have had enough.

    my feeling is that he does
    not want us to give up and
    die so easily, albeit nobly.
    not at all. i think he wants
    us to take back our god-
    given personal power and
    right the world for the
    current and future
    inhabitants – of all

    at least that is what
    keeps me going.
    otherwise, it would
    seem like kind of a
    big waste of life.

    maybe it’s that

  • KB

    I have watched the websites where God and/or Christ are addressed as a topic of various articles, and I have come to believe that America has turned mostly atheist. It saddens my heart to see how many people do not believe in a higher power, or Heavenly Father as I call him.
    There is no way, as far I can tell, to explain away the need for an organized plan for creation of life. It is too far unbelievable that all these species evolved out of a puddle of goo, and especially that man and woman evolved simultaneously out of a puddle of goo because we all know that one of each gender is needed for procreation. The odds are too terrific for that to have occurred simultaneously and equally in the same timespan.
    I additionally find it very odd that people are so quick to blame God for their misfortunes, yet none ever blame the Devil, Lucifer, etc. If there is yin, then there must be yang. One cannot exist without the other.
    All that is happening has been foretold for a very, very long time. It is so heartbreaking that we are at this point of collapse, knowing that wars and famines and their horrors are mostly likely around the corner, and I think of the little ones like my grandchildren and what they will endure.
    The only thing that we can hold onto is knowing that our Heavenly Father loves all his children equally, and that these hard times will decide our characters, what our natures are, and how we will respond to the evil that lies ahead, who we will be. Peace to all.


    Hello from another subscriber devoted to Mother Mary and looking for a special miracle for my daughter who was diagnosed with a toxic thyroid nodule 10 years ago at the age of 12 years. I refused the medical recommendation of surgery and have pursued alternative treatment and prayed for a cure all these years. I know that she will be healed for she is a lovely, very good-living girl. I would appreciate your prayers and any insights you might have about resolving this nodule. I haven’t seen western doctors since diagnosis out of fear that they would make a mess of her health. Except for the large nodule which she is self conscious about, she is in good health. Thanks.

    • peggy

      cathy –

      good for you for not turning your daughter over to the ama!

      i am wondering if systemic enzymes might be beneficial here.
      to be taken away from meals. they can remove scar tissue,
      fibroids, and can even dissolve the protein coating on tumors.

      i just thought of it upon reading your comment so i have not
      yet researched it, but i will.

      perhaps i will have more information for you shortly. i hope you
      will check back.

      in the meantime, i will ‘see’ the nodule gone. having four or five
      people doing that can be very powerful. just a thought.

      best to you and your daughter.


      • OliveOyl

        Yes, Peggy, and along those same lines, vitamin E also removes scar tissue! Bravo.

      • Cathy

        Peggy and OliveOyl- anything you learn would be really appreciated. Just as a note, we eat all organic food and milk, no sugary drinks, grass fed meat etc. I was absolutely shocked when she was diagnosed with this nodule. She was a breastfed baby and always such a healthy child. PS She is named Mary after Mother Mary and I had great devotion to Mary during my pregnancy. I am praying for a miracle and beg you to offer some prayers up for my daughter.

    • OliveOyl

      Cathy, if your daughter’s thyroid nodule was toxic 10 years ago it might still be toxic now. Maybe the body sequestered toxins there to remove them from circulation. The body also stores toxins in body fat.

      Claudia, Dr. Mark, do you have any general thoughts about detoxing thyroid nodules? Is the process different from what should be done for general bodily toxicity?

      Cathy, under the Medical Specialties menu at the top of this page, there are articles explaining detox using safe, simple nutrients. As well, you can purchase the recommended items here –

      May God bless you and your daughter and may she enjoy continued good health.

      • Claudia – IMVA Staff

        Dear OliveOyl and Cathy,

        Iodine is one of the most important things used to detoxify the thyroid. The halogens, chlorine, fluoride and bromide, often compete with iodine in the thyroid and often prevent the needed iodine from doing its job there….this can lead to many problems and is why making sure your iodine levels are kept up to par will diminish the other harmful halides in that gland and in our bodies. Heavy metals can also invade the thyroid, and along with iodine which does have some effects on getting rid of the mercury, other chelating agents can also be used.

        Dr. Sircus recommends Nascent Iodine be used to keep our thyroids satisfied and strong in rejecting the other dangeours halides.

        We have written a good article on iodine and the halides titled Iodine and Detoxification that will explain this.

        • Elaine

          Thankyou for the link, Claudia! What another excellent read.
          I cannot live without my Nascent Iodine…..and I feel better everyday, I really do. I use it topically, orally, and inhale it as well. I just feel better overall.
          I was really hoping that Dr. Mark could one day open up his Nascent Iodine Plant in Brasil. SOOO many people would benefit.

          Thankyou always.

  • Judyth

    Your words again touched my heart on this humid heated day.

    You also reminded me of my birth, by Caesarian, 1st, of fraternal twins followed by a brother. In my 70s now, I was the weaker, and I remember now at exactly 2 weeks, lying on a guerney, looking up at 2 M. D.s with their black beards out from behind their white masks, their eyes terrifying to me because I knew that they were about to cut into me. I thought of rolling off the guerney, but chose not to as I could not escape far on un-muscled legs. Then my spleen was removed, after which I “incubated” for a month. If doubts surface, you can find
    in the New England Journal of Medicine my story, which my parents introdued me to around the age of 5 when it came out, with the conclusion the reaction in my body would likely have cleared up in 2 weeks or so. Evidently my spleen
    had put out so many antibodies that I had too many white blood cells in ratio to red ones, that it was deemed necessary to remove it.
    Later, I became a dancer as knew from Anatomy class that the spleen protects the lungs, but as I had none, had pneumonia at 2 -3 yrs. I instinctively knew very early what to do w/ hospital head father physical exercise teacher prodding me to walk in fresh air. later aided much by Master Hong Liu in many ways for many injuries, but 1st of all removing infection from my splenectomy scar. I concur with your opinions, for that is my story. Only certified to instruct in qi gong now. Thank you for presumed kind attention to my tale.
    Yours centered me in my heart when strayed downward in heart energy.
    Once thought of a visit to Sanctuary, as my mother loved Mary, especially in St. Patrick’s shrines. so I want to place my heart in hers now, too.
    A dios,

    • peggy

      judyth ~

      i am honored to bear witness to your story.
      thank you.

      i did cry while reading it, but it
      seems that you have used the
      unfortunate events of the past
      to create the elegant, noble
      woman that you are now.

      love to you and to your mother.


      • Mike

        I too have early memories as a baby and later ones of doctors. When I was about 3 I was taken for a vaccine. I looked at the doctor and knew with my soul something very bad was about to happen, either death or worse. I ran and screamed inconsolably until it was decided another doctor might be better maybe I didn’t like this one. We went to another doctor. He said to my parents “Maybe he is just behaving that way because you’re in the room, sometimes children are better just with the doctor” They agreed and went outside for two minutes. He took the bottle of vaccine and threw it in the trash, put a bandage on my arm and told me I was a brave boy. Obviously he had some wits and I’m forever grateful to him. I also believe “spirit” set up this circumstance to show me how knowledge can be a powerful decider in ones life, and ignorance truly is evil. We have to make our choices based on the former, and reject the latter for what it is. Apart from that and one or two other doctors I’ve met in my life who had some brains, most are monkeys at best, psychotic, sociopathic, deranged and diseased ones at that. Just my very honest, considered opinion on that.

        Been using magnesium, iodine, bicarb, sulphur, nutrition and I concur: this is true medicine. What the heck is everyone else using?