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Radioactive Jet Streams

Published on April 28, 2011

I climbed this mountain in North Carolina with Dutch right after publishing “Beyond the Door” on Monday. Even after all the devastating information I have been publishing about the nuclear disaster, I was shaken. It is not easy to understand the implications and follow the math of what is happening in the northern hemisphere but let’s try.

One can go absolutely crazy trying to track and understand units of radioactivity and by the end of this article I hope to have made it comprehensible. Fortunately for me physics was my favorite subject and I did teach a semester of it in a technical college many years ago in Maine. So confusing though are the many different units that even for me the challenge is daunting. (Actually I will get around to a physics lecture in another essay.)

Bottom Line: 10,000 terabecquerels (10,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels) of radioactive substances will be released into the atmosphere from the plant during the coming three months, according to simple calculations based on the estimated emission rate as of April 5. It is now safe to assume that there will be a lot of radiation circling at high altitudes and all that stuff is going to come down everywhere eventually, especially when it rains or snows. Where is all this radiation coming from?

Amounts of radiation as far as 60km from the Fukushmia nuclear power plant have measured far above the levels measured in Chernobyl. – Dr. Chris Busby

“I’ve been studying overhead photographs of Fukushima. It is very disturbing,” said Robert Alvarez, formerly a senior policy adviser at the Energy Department under Clinton. “The steel wall of the pool seems to show damage. All the surrounding equipment, including the two cranes, has been destroyed. There is smoke coming from reactor No. 3, and steam coming from the spent-fuel pool next to it. That indicates that the water in the pool is boiling.

“And that means the spent-fuel rods are getting hot and could start burning. If the rods start to burn, huge amounts of radioactive material would be released into the atmosphere and would disperse across the northern hemisphere. Unlike the reactors, spent-fuel pools are not—I repeat not—housed in any sort of hardened or sealed containment structures. Rather, the fuel rods are packed tightly together in pools of water that are often several stories above ground…” continued Alvarez.

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Dr. Chris Busby said that three spent-fuel pools have burned, which he calculates puts the radiation levels at 24,000 Hiroshimas x 3 spent-fuel pools, or 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima now in the atmosphere. This amount represents only that from the spent-fuel pools. Radiation will continue to escape from the reactors until entombed. Perhaps it would have been better if we had fought a limited nuclear war instead!

What’s the official story? Radioactive levels were about 250 times higher than a month before. TEPCO said the levels of caesium-134 and -137 increased about 250-fold and iodine-131 increased about 12 times compared with one month ago, after the accident had already happened. The water level in the No. 4 reactor’s turbine building rose by 20 centimeters in 10 days. TEPCO has detected 8,100 becquerels of caesium-137 and 7,800 becquerels of caesium-134 per cubic centimeter in the water in the turbine building’s basement. The utility company said on Tuesday the 26th of April that the water level in the tunnel of the No. 3 reactor rose by 10 centimeters over three days.

Of course all this radiation at the plant is hampering work to bring the accident under control. If trends continue it might easily become impossible to approach the plant meaning the chances of ever getting the disaster under control are decreasing with each passing week.

Most of us are in shock—the consequences are so dramatic and will be with us for so long it is beyond most people’s psychological capacity to deal with the full reality, and governments are happy to assist in ensuring that we stay in our comfort—not panic—zone.

We are in the middle of a planet-changing historic event that has extinction of life written all over it, and the best evidence we have of this is actually seen in the complete censorship of hard facts about this nuclear disaster by the media and our government.

Everyone should watch this video at least twice. Dr. Chris Busby is the number one most trusted scientist in the world on this and the implications are stupendous. This is so bad that they cannot talk about it in the media at all and that’s exactly what they are doing, not talking at all.

When Busby says this is a serious matter he is meaning serious in terms of life and death. I have friends in Hawaii and many on the west coast in California and they all have front-row seats to the open nuclear furnaces in Japan. I wish I was allowed to start cursing in public meaning my language would turn fowl right at this very particular point.

Plutonium goes up into the air in huge explosion and we hear nothing of it? Where is the plutonium story???? Where did it go or is it going into the lungs of millions in the northern hemisphere as we speak? They might as well have pulled up front-row seats as when people actually watched the atomic bomb blasts!

The Plutonium Angel of Death

Plutonium represents certain death; it is death, concentrated in nuclear form. Riders of death come swooping down from the upper air currents on plutonium steeds and just one tiny particle of it has a deadly effect if it touches down anywhere inside of human or beast. But don’t worry about this and do what your governments want you to do. They want you to proceed with your life as if everything is normal. And while you do, they want you to spend and borrow and do anything you can to keep the deteriorating economy and financial system from collapsing altogether. The last thing they want you to know is that an alien race of nuclear super particles called plutonium are gathering and scattering around the world like Hun Hordes. We have this going on already with mercury and other heavy metals and chemicals; now the toxic soup on our planet is going nuclear in a big way and it will continue that way into an increasingly toxic and frightening future. We have just had another disaster on a day 11 and it has already changed the world in a very dirty and nuclear direction.

I really hope I am coming in loud and clear. Geiger counters measure decays but they do not tell you what kinds of particles are decaying. It is confusing, it is invisible and not even our Geiger counters tell us the whole story of increasing dangers that surround us. Anyone who thinks life is going to be the same on our planet with multiple open nuclear sores ripping apart the soft skin of our ecology and physiology is mistaken.

Nuclear harm happens in ultra slow motion. Yes it can happen in days, weeks and months to a few but the harm to the many happens in the years and decades that follow. We don’t look down and see that we are now sterile until we cannot participate in a conception. Cancer does not start between one day and the next. But these days tornadoes do.

Nature Threatens

Deadly tornado outbreaks are attacking the underbelly of America killing and destroying many and much. Yesterday the storms dealt a severe blow to the Tennessee Valley Authority on Wednesday, causing three nuclear reactors in Alabama to shut down, knocking out 11 high-voltage power lines, the utility and regulators said. All three units at TVA’s 3,274-megawatt Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama tripped about 5:30 EDT (2230 GMT) after losing outside power to the plant, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency said.


The earth is literally blowing its top (volcanic activity) and we are already threatened with intense cooling because of the materials being vented into the atmosphere from not one but many volcanoes coming to life. And yet geologists are hinting we have not even come close to the opening curtain where the intensifying earthquakes and eruptions come to a climax.

The earth beneath these Japanese feet is not stable and neither is the entire world as we have just recently entered an era of dramatically increasing seismic and volcanic activity. Most of us are used to watching just about everything from our arm chairs in front of our television sets but today world events are beginning to come down just about everyone’s block. If it’s not flooding it is drought and fire and if it’s not record-breaking temperatures in terms of heat its record-breaking cold.


Will Japan ever stop shaking? A 6.0 quake brings aftershock total to 1,071 in 43 days since the atomic disaster began. None of these quakes are bringing any rest to those who fear the breaking of one more pipe at the nuclear plant. We actually have a lot more to worry about now than ever though the serious worrying should have started decades ago before they built nuclear plants in dangerous places all over the world.

On April 7, just one month after the 3/11 earthquake in northeastern Japan, there was a large aftershock. At the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant the electricity was shut off . The pool containing nuclear fuel and the radioactive liquid waste were (barely) cooled down by the emergency generators, meaning that Japan was brought to the brink of destruction.  But the Japanese media, as usual, paid this almost no notice.

The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant is where expended nuclear fuel from all of Japan’s nuclear power plants is collected, and then reprocessed so as to separate out the plutonium, the uranium, and the remaining highly radioactive liquid waste.  In short, it is the most dangerous factory in the world.

At the Rokkasho plant, 240 cubic meters of radioactive liquid waste are now stored.  A failure to take care of this properly could lead to a nuclear catastrophe surpassing the meltdown of a reactor.  This liquid waste continuously generates heat, and must be constantly cooled.  But if an earthquake were to damage the cooling pipes or cut off the electricity, the liquid would begin to boil.  According to an analysis prepared by the German nuclear industry, an explosion of this facility could expose persons within a 100 kilometer radius from the plant to radiation 10 to 100 times the lethal level, which presumably means instant death.

There are many accidents waiting to happen and many happening that we are not paying close attention to like the huge oil leak now happening in the Arctic Circle.

Food Crisis is Intensifying

Since from before the nuclear crisis we were already entering a terrible disaster in terms of food security and now this month the president of the World Bank has warned that the world is “one shock away from a full-blown crisis.” Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk “losing a generation.”

Prayers in Europe this Easter holiday weekend are not being heard in the heavens (or by anyone else around the world it seems) as they face serious fears over the wheat harvest , its impact on already sky-high global food prices and, of course, devastating brush fires all from the lack of rain. We are not hearing much from China but their wheat also is not coming up strongly because of drought. Texas is in real danger of burning to the ground and exploding with all the oil wells and natural gas they have all around with their worst drought in memory taking the state down.

Commodities have been going absolutely ballistic for months. Price increases in other commodities like wheat, beans, and rice, which have, for the most part, been subdued on the consumer retail side because companies were willing to take the margin compression for a while, are now becoming a painful reality. Provident Living, a huge food storage and dry goods distribution organization for the Latter Day Saints has alerted their members that prices are up from between 11% to 49% on basic food staples. The most stunning aspect of the price increases is that they have occurred not in the last year, but over the last 90 days.

Nature has suddenly turned forcibly against us and we find out we are vulnerable and nowhere more so than with the foods we depend on to live. I know most are hoping for a return to normalcy, even the Federal Reserve, which wants to stop the emergency buying of every government bond in sight. But if interest rates go up, America is finished. In fact many people feel and think it is sinking fast and one look at the landscape of municipal, city, state and federal finances tells a story of imminent collapse.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • rduanewilling

    Who has knowlwdge on the possibility of some kind of intentional or accidental harmonic relation between HAARP and CERN? Is it possible that this type of harmonic vibration could go out of control, either by design or accident. Welcome to the age of the scientific insane and the advent of the GOD Moloch, origin of all pollution and money at interest, perpetual debt and stock exchange(mortgage swindle) finance. Good luck

  • Denis Frith

    It helps understanding of what is happening to think in terms of two universes, Myopia and Real. Myopia consists of the thoughts and decisions, good and bad, of society. Real consists of materialistic operation of the environment and of the systems installed in civilization. It uses natural forces that have been in control for eons.

    The article provides a range of information on what Real has been doing in response to the decisions made by Myopia. The consequences of irreversible rapid climate change, the depletion of the many components of natural capital, including oil and potable water, the devastation being caused by radiation are just some signs that Real has been emitting.

    Myopia is slowly waking up to some of these signs but has yet to realize that the foundations of its edifice tower are crumbling. The immutable wear and tear of natural forces continues to ensure the demise of that tower.

  • earth first

    Do you have more info (links) on SOL 10M as ‘radiation remedy’?

  • Alexa Sunshine Rose

    Check out this link:
    “You’ve received the light. Now it is time for you to give it out.”
    Best article I read yet about radiation exposure. Starting with a spiritual perspective and including the most comprehensive list of things we can do physically as well. It really confirms a lot of things I’ve been feeling and understanding about our world situation, in myself. I feel like I am an innocent… raised in peaceful relationship with the earth, animals, humans. I do not understand the minds of those who wish to harm others… but I know that the power of love will always prevail. As one of my favorite sayings goes: “The power of Love is absolute. The power of humans to resist love is not quite absolute. Therefore, Love will always prevail.” Bless all of you reading this… do not give in to fear.. just do the best you can and extend love to all, in every situation. Dr. Emoto (who has done all the water crystal studies) said that writing the words “love + gratitude” on your water has profound healing effects on the water, changing “broken”, irradiated water cells into beautiful crystals. Also, a alternative medicine doctor, a friend of mine, says to write “SOL 10M” on your drinking water supply, as it is the remedy for radiation poisoning. It will transfer that energetic to your water. Love water love water love water…. we will get through this. I love you all, my extended family. <3

  • jane

    anyone else thinking about evacuating ???? The levels will be much lower in the southern hemisphere….Thoughts about location or creating a,” save yourself group”?

  • Hoo

    I really wanna know more about this HAARP
    any recommended website with more info less BS?
    like, how’s it made, materials, constructions etc.. not What it can do.
    sorry for my english..

    • Leuren Moret

      If you are interested in learning more about HAARP, do a search on my name “Leuren Moret + HAARP” and there are many interviews and articles on the internet. I worked at Livermore Nuclear Weapons lab where HAARP was secretly co-developed with the Soviet Union and in Russia during the Cold War. There are HAARP facilities held by the US, UK, RU (they have the most), Japan, China and other countries. Almost all of them are located where major mining projects are planned. Subsurface mineral exploration can be done with 100% accuracy using a 30 watt radio signal called “radiotomography” transmitted from satellites. The weather warfare that just occurred in the southern US – over 600 tornadoes, wind and hail storms – were mapped and identified to be on parallel tracks that correspond with the integrated HAARP-GWEN-GPS systems. Most of the “disasters” mentioned in this article are a cover story for global plundering and the destruction of the biosphere by the same people who have been doing it as multi-generational crime families for centuries. We are now living under a Totalitarian Scientific Oligarchy that has the technologies to destroy the earth (CERN in Switzerland). We must find our way through this disaster zone or humanity will not survive the global genocide now being carried out invisibly, silently, with the complicit consent of our politicians and governments.

      • earth first

        Excellent comment, and thanks for the HAARP info – you put it all in the correct context and very clearly.

  • tacky tommy

    If you were then researchers should be compared with experimental data prior to Fukushima.
    This data is due to underground nuclear testing in North Carolina.

    • Shelby

      This is very true… there has been so much nuclear testing all over the US, like Nevada, New Mexico, etc… and NO ONE seems to care that we have been bombing ourselves ever since this technology was born.The French were even testing bombs in the pacific ocean, what 2001!!! We have already a huge build up of this. It is NOT just this even with Japan.
      In the 80’s, a group of us were studing together and we nocited we all got sick the same way at the same time. We would get a headach, then a metalic taste in our mouths, then a sick feeling stomach, then diahrea and fu-like symptoms for days. Over time we foudn the source was from nuclear testing underground in New Mexico. It took about three days for all of us to get sick.
      Before the Japan disaster, many friends of mine now have thyriod problems and several of them have already had them removed due to cancer. We have already polluted us to a near death stage.
      What does it take for us to stop this and dismantle these death time bombs called nuclear power plants??

      • I have several articles on this topic on my blog, Please take a look at some of them, then sign up for my mailing list on the subject.

  • kathleen koblensky

    there are more good people than bad..but now at the end time the bad are doing gave ills to the earth in the name of greed/control..we can have collective is very powerful…say to yourself..over and over…let the power of the good take control..stop them from causing your prays to the powers of light or good..send these messages to the universe..and remember ..that the fear is food for these beings….never fear …. up your heart ..sing…dance…hug a stranger!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE

  • tim

    The immortal words of Roy Orbison keep going round in my head.
    It’s over.

  • How can world government rule a wasteland? What is the global elite’s end game now??

    Those who study the psychosis of psychopathy say that when psychopaths smell failure they resort to massive destruction even if it they will go down with everyone else. I have no sure idea of anything, but I sure do wish the alternative media were focusing on these kinds of questions.

    Instead, amazingly, the alternative media for the large part have in recent days remained focused on other issues than the rising radiation and it implications for planet earth. If life is truly on the brink of extinction, these lesser issues need to to placed and addressed in that context.

    Ever since I read the worst, including the wipe out of dolphins, whales and other large sea mammals due to the radioactive Black Current; the end of animal rearing in North America; the end sooner or later of all wildlife in North America– over and above the possible extinction of countless human mammals, I have been in almost clinical shock.

    I am grateful beyond saying that Dr. Sircus, who seems similarly shocked, has the strength and courage to keep his wits about him so as to tell us truth.

    • earth first

      For good quality independent media, follow Democracy Now!
      broadcast live, online and download-able as podcast.

  • Thank you, Dr Mark Sircus, for letting us know the real truth, which we will never have from mainstream media owned by the global elite and their MEGA corporations. All these have also infiltrated most governments on earth. The countries still outside of their agenda are invaded e.g. Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc. More will follow while the “asleep” ones watch Idol, Biggest Loser, Entertainment Tonight, and other fun and games.

    To the readers of this blog: What is happening right now is so horrendous, but most people don’t have a clue. Some are even saying that radiation is good for us. Such a person is Ann Coulter. Search the net and you will find all the details.

    HAARP is the most horrific weapon, weather modification “machine” on earth. It should never be used, but thanks to those who tricked Nikola Tesla to sell the patent to them, it’s now being used for sinister purposes all over the world.

    There are many HAARP installations across the globe. The main one in Alaska. Why do the globalists want to cause earthquakes, floods, droughts, tsunamis etc? Because the global elite want a planet and its populations in total chaos with wars and upheavals, so that the “sleeping” masses will BEG for a global government to solve all problems.

    Nobody of a sane mind wants a global government with total surveillance of every living being on earth. Also, no sane person wants United Nations and their evil agendas to rule the earth. Just look at Agenda 21, Sustainability Development, Ecoscience, Earth Hour, Codex Alimentarius. It’s not about saving the environment from carbon dioxide, which is life giving. It’s all about submission and control. Do your research and maybe those of you who are still “asleep” will finally wake up to what’s at stake for humanity on this planet. The rest of us, those who are “awake”, continue to try and inform the unwary.

    Toxic Agenda is also on Facebook.

  • Becky

    Nunya….go educate yourself and open your eyes to reality. Peggy is 100% correct and you are a damn fool. You don’t even have sense enough to mock a parrot. Blind folks like you are one of the reasons this world is in the mess it is in. You refuse to see the truth or look at any evidence so when the shit hits the fan and your silly petty ass is being carted off to one of the FEMA camps I hope you realize you are getting what you asked for. I just hope you are not a parent because your poor helpless kids won’t stand a chance in hell of survival.

  • peggy


    • Nunya Bizness

      haarp. ??? PLEASE — tectonic plate shifts cause earthquakes, not antenna arrays in Alaska. Stop acting like a parrot and THINK for yourself.

      That is all.

      • FreiheitHeute

        yes! There’s no HAARP and nuclear ernergy is safe *roflol*
        Don’t worry, be happy and God bless you … modern techniques won’t

    • Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather

      Nunya, what you say about the tectonic plate shifts is true. Then you begin to sound like a fool. Watch the above. Then try to convince yourself that HAARP and weather modification are not involved…. If you are a thinking person you have some adjusting to do.