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Selenium Medicine E-Book Launch

Published on May 9, 2013

Selenium Medicine E-Book Cover

On Christmas Eve of last year (2012) I received a telephone call from someone I will always remember as a selenium angel. Because of him I wrote this book Selenium Medicine and started experimenting on myself by self-administering startling high dosages of a special type of selenium.

This is an important book because selenium figures in so strongly to the cancer story as the latest large population-based cohort study from The Netherlands suggests. This is not the first time that scientists are telling us that selenium may protect against advanced prostate cancer.

The study was presented April 9, 2013 at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Washington, DC. The researchers found that higher selenium concentrations in toenails were associated with a substantially reduced risk for advanced prostate cancer, with men with the highest levels having a 63% reduced risk (hazard ratio 0.37). On the 23rd of the same month another study reported that selenium supplementation reduces and delays breast cancer metastasis but that the wrong type of selenium may exacerbate it.

Antimicrobial Selenium

This magnified image shows that bacteria (marked by arrows) grew more rapidly on untreated polyurethane (left), than the same material coated with selenium nanoparticles (right). Image credit: Phong Tran and Thomas Webster

There’s a new way to prevent medical implants from causing infection: treat them with a naturally antimicrobial element called selenium before they ever enter the body.  To clear up the bacteria, patients often face further surgery to remove implants, as well as a regimen of antibiotics. But these drugs can fail as microbes mutate and develop resistance.

Selenium can kill both cancer cells and bacteria and that means that materials coated with tiny particles of selenium will resist bacterial colonization. In his most recent study, published in the journal Nanotechnology, the researchers pitted selenium-coated polymers against the culprit behind staph infections: the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

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In addition to Staphylococcus selenium can ward off several other strains of bacteria. Scientists and many consumers are already using silver and silver-based compounds for microbial protection. "You can use copper, zinc, silver, selenium — with metal ions in sufficient concentration, you kill the bacteria," said Krasimir Vasilev, who researches antibacterial treatments at the University of South Australia, in Adelaide. "I don’t think selenium will have any advantages over silver."

A large point of contention between silver and selenium is that selenium (unlike silver) occurs naturally in the body and is desperately needed by the body for many reasons.

My book on Selenium is for people who do not want to die from cancer. Just a little goes a long way in this regard as you will see from most of the modern research. Just 200 mcg a day reduces cancer risk by 50%.

The book confronts the absolutely wrong idea that selenium is dangerous. With selenium we have only one case of accidental overdose at 10,000 the normal level of the worst type of selenium. With aspirin we have people all over the world dropping dead every day!

This book tells the selenium story in the same way I told the magnesium, iodine and bicarbonate stories. It is an absolutely crucial mineral that needs to be put on everyone’s anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation radars. Translated—if you want to live a long time you will want to supplement with selenium.

Radiation levels are going up across the board in the northern hemisphere because of Fukushima meaning the level of cancer deaths are already accelerating. Selenium and iodine are peoples’ first line of defense. To not give these minerals to your kids is going to lead to regret and the same goes for bicarbonate and magnesium. All these minerals will help reduce the occurrence of cancer and this is now more critical than ever before, especially for our children, who are more sensitive and vulnerable to radiation’s harm.

I tell the full story of selenium in part one of the book. Part two is called The Rising Tide of Mercury and selenium fits in strongly to that story as well because selenium and mercury are like lovers with a super strong chemical affinity for each other.

Most of my writings about mercury go back to my days of association with Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Boyd Haley, who is a rock of sanity with the mercury issue in vaccines and dental amalgam.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • mindy elias

    I was taking selenomethionine 200mcg daily for several months, along with many other elements and supplements including iodine and glutathione reduced, c, ATP Cofactors, ashwaganda,etc. My rbc selsnium came back over 600 when the max range was around 300. I understand it has a long half life and other than avoiding supplementation now, I do not know of any remedial actions.. Do you?

  • Paul

    Hi Mark,

    I purchased some selenium tung oil (and your selenium
    book). However I can’t seem to find any specific suggestions for
    optimal use. i.e., with food or between meals? sublingually ? any
    absorption interference from other supplements? Look forward to hearing
    your comments.


  • Lisa

    I would really like to purchase Selenium Medicine in a traditional book form. I have zero use for an E-book in practical applications. I’m also looking to build my natural health/healing library. Can you tell me how/when I will be able to do this?

    Thank you.

    • Sorry but right now we only have the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book and the Sodium Bicarbonate book in hardcopy available on We are slowly working our way up to publishing more of the books in hardcopy but there is no time frame set for the Selenium book. The ebook format can be printed out by a local print shop such as Staples….who will also bind it for you. If this is a consideration hat might work better for you I will ask another team member to instruct you how to do this.
      Claudia French

  • freedomdove

    With due respect, the price for all of these e-books by Dr. Sircus is ridiculously high considering there isn’t even paper involved and once you purchase the e-book it seems you still have to have access to the internet to read it. The price for this particular book ($20) would be more acceptable if it were printed (like the newest sodium bicarb book, which I did buy). IMHO, these e-books should be priced lower (and/or put into print) so that those of us on a severely limited budget can afford them–that is, if the purpose of the books is really to help people rather than to make money.

    • Freedomdove,

      Apparently you have no idea the time and effort and money it takes to have a hard copy book printed out whether by publisher or by self publishing. We are working toward getting all books into print. The ebooks are reasonably priced we believe considering the content and research that goes into each. These all have more substantiated research than most other ebooks you find online and can be used as reference books as well as for lay people.
      As a cost alternative, people are free to search our website for most of the essays can be found there, free for everyone.
      Put your search word into the search box at the top of our pages and it will give you a list of the articles published freely on our site.
      Or click on one of the menu items pertaining to your area of interest.
      We also have a severely limited budget and most of our work is voluntarily given.
      Claudia French

      • freedomdove

        You really don’t need to get so defensive. While I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing books, it just seems that these particular e-books are priced a little high for a doctor who is such a staunch advocate of treating cancer inexpensively. I also most certainly appreciate the information on this website, so thanks to Dr. Sircus for that, and for introducing his readers to things like the BioMats and Deta Elis machines. For several years now, I’ve happily referred people to this website.

        I guess I just don’t get why the sodium bicarb printed book I bought cost me about $15 and the e-books are $20-30 since it obviously does cost more to print a book than to provide an e-book. No worries, though–just as soon as I’m making $250 an hour, I’ll be able to justify the purchase of said e-books (maybe even the new one for $249). 🙂

      • KatSunshine

        I don’t care if a Book is $100…If I think it is something that is going to help my situation I will get it somehow….I find the people that provide the most useful health information always have somebody complaining about the cost of services..I say don’t buy it, get off their site, stick with mainstream medicine for all your needs(I’m in the medical field) and see how that works out for you in the long run…I know personally that the people that complain about can’t affording something or wanting someone to offer something cheaper has a residence full of stuff they could get rid of at a yard sale or craigslist so they could obtain it…Also, they tend to have plenty of cash for WANTS and no cash for NEEDS..So, please keep doing what you are doing and charge what you need to charge to survive just like the rest of us..Thank you, Dr. Sircus and Claudia..Oh and Thanks again for supplying me with another website to help my son because Dr. Sircus did not offer that service..As you can see this site offers many free services and someone wants them to charge $1 for an ebook..Go take a Nap..

        • 1555

          KatSunshine, LOL ! Thank you for bringing this up, as when I owned a health food store, there were those who felt all should be given to them
          free, as they deserved it. My pointing out the time, expense, need to own a production facility for products, all of that fell on dead ears.

  • shane

    hi I need to know is selenium good for cystic fibrosis kids theres a big fight about it on fb my daughter is 5 yrs old and has cf I want to learn more.

  • David Walpole

    I have been using 200 mcgm/day of selenium [Se] for 13 years because of the NPC trial in Florida, see JAMA. 1996 ;276 1957-63. We now know that we must have a level of 1.6–1.9 micromol/lt in plasma for the amazing benefits; halving bowel lung and prostate cancer rates, reducing asthma,fixing mens BPH [prostate problems], better skin tone, and coition. All these problems are caused by a simple trace element deficiency, it seems to me, a NZ. farmer,with a chemistry background.

    Eat 2 Brazil nuts /day and in about 6 weeks the required level will be reached. Then sodium selenate drops 200 mcgm/day, or more Brazil nuts,or organic Se tablets will keep the level up I’ve found. Medi labs can do a Se test to check that the required level is kept.
    1.4 is NOT high enough. Thats the level the Finland population is at so far, with no reduction in cancer rates !!!!!!
    Congratulations Dr. Sircus for putting this information out for the public to read.

    David Walpole Tauranga NZ.

  • I would like to get a half price ticket on this book

  • markg

    What is the wrong type of selenium referred to in the study on breast cancer?

    • It was the Sodium selenite. Sodium selenite was also the culprit in the polo horses death. Theres a great deal of information on the ill-effects of sodium selenite.

  • robert

    Thoughts on aqueous selenous acid drops? Please compare

    • Hi Robert,

      Not sure what you wanted selenous acid drops compared to? Selenous acid contains about 190 mcg. in two drops as compared to the usual recommended dosage of @200 mcg that is generally in a serving of other brands and types of selenium. But the special selenium Dr. Sircus is presenting now is a much higher dose of selenium. He is talking about mg doses. 1000 mcg equals I mg.
      Generally th upper limit of selenium doses has been established at about 400 mcg. per day ….though research is showing that even higher doses are needed for those treating cancer. We have never tried nor evaluated this Selenous Acid drops so would need to fully research that. If you have any good links, please let us know.

      • Cognac

        It appeared that Robert was asking what is the ‘special’ type of selenium that you are recommending and secondarily, how does it compare to selenous acid. Thx

        • Dr. Sircus recommends three differing types of selenium of varying dosages… would need to read through the information provided in the book to learn the differences and why he recommends these. One is a lower dose but very high quality yeast based selenium good for general use from:
          Pharma Nord Selenoprecise Tablets

          150 tablets cost $23.50

          and two others that are much higher dosage for cancer treatments from :
          We have no comparison to selenous acid at this time.