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String the Bastards Up

Published on November 12, 2011

In general I am against the death penalty as I am against killing of any kind. Though the Bible sanctions death and killing, it is clearly against murder and the taking of innocent life. We could argue all day about what some people clearly seem to deserve and we could argue about the legitimacy of many things from the Old Testament or anything else written that the elites of the world have had their dirty fingers in.

For all those who are for the death penalty, my message will be clear. I am calling for the conviction and the worst possible punishment under the law for certain people in government who are in the medical field. There seems to be no limit to what our present society will accept. We are letting the bankers and the shysters on Wall Street destroy western civilization, allowing them the fattest paychecks on earth as a reward. And we are letting doctors in white coats inject poisonous heavy metals into babies and paying them well for it.

They say there is a sucker born every minute but I think things have gotten out of hand. Before I go into detail about what has been clear to many of us for years I want to bring the image of the case of a monster who commits mass murder and torments children and their parents. In this case we have a group of them who deserve to be lynched and they work for the federal government at the Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Most people would have no contention with lining up mass tormentors of children against a wall with the punishment of life imprisonment in solitary confinement. It certainly looks like we have solid evidence that there are people who have conspired to mislead doctors so they continue to inject highly dangerous chemicals into children.

“I can assure you that death from vaccination is neither quick nor painless. I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an excruciatingly slow death as she screamed and arched her back in pain, while the vaccine did as it was intended to do and assaulted her immature immune system. The poisons used as preservatives seeped through her tiny body, overwhelming her vital organs one by one until they collapsed. It is an image that will haunt me forever and I hope no other parent ever has to witness it. A death sentence considered too inhumane for this county’s most violent criminals was handed down to my beautiful, innocent, infant daughter, death by lethal injection.” Christine Colebeck [1] whose daughter died 24 hours – after receiving DPT OPV vaccinations

On October 25, 2011 the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) exposed communications between Centers for Disease Control (CDC) personnel and vaccine researchers revealing: U.S. officials apparently colluded in covering-up the decline in Denmark’s autism rates following the removal of mercury from vaccines.

Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show that CDC officials were aware of Danish data indicating a connection between removing thimerosal (49.55% mercury) and a decline in autism rates. Despite this knowledge, these officials allowed a 2003 article to be published in Pediatrics that excluded this information, misrepresented the decline as an increase, and led to the mistaken conclusion that thimerosal in vaccines does not cause autism.

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Kids who received 100 micrograms of thimerosal were over ten times more likely to have autism than the kids who received no mercury-containing vaccines. – Dr. Mark Geier

So you can understand why I think these people should be lined up against a wall. Actually there is no punishment that could possibly compensate for the suffering of autism and the tragedy of vaccine deaths. There is a sizable community of scientists and concerned parents who have tried to sway the government away from its use of a neurological poison like thimerosal but it has not listened or cared.

In Denmark, thimerosal, a controversial mercury compound used as a preservative in certain vaccines, was removed from all Danish vaccines in 1992. The well-publicized Danish study published in Pediatrics (2003) claimed that autism rates actually increased after thimerosal was phased out. This study subsequently became a cornerstone for the notion that mercury does not cause autism. However, one of the FOIA documents obtained from CDC clearly indicates that this study omitted large amounts of data showing autism rates actually dropping after mercury was removed from Danish vaccines.

One coauthor from Aarhus University, Denmark was aware of the omission and alerted CDC officials in a 2002 email stating, “Attached I send you the short and long manuscript about Thimerosal and autism in Denmark… I need to tell you that the figures do not include the latest data from 2001… but the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.” (emphasis added)

We know the article’s lead author was aware of the missing autism data because he stated in an email reply, “I am not currently at the university but I will contact you tomorrow to make up our minds.”

Nevertheless, in the final draft version of the publication submitted to Pediatrics, the data from 2001 showing a decline in autism was not mentioned. Ignoring this omission, the CDC continued to endorse the article and in a December 10, 2002 recommendation letter to the editor of Pediatrics encouraged expedited review and publication of the article. The misleading Danish article was published by Pediatrics in 2003.

Dr. Poul Thorsen, one of the co-authors and “scientist in residence” at the CDC 2000-2002, was subsequently terminated by Aarhus University and indicted in Atlanta for embezzlement in relation to his $11 million grant from the CDC.

CoMeD has demanded that the CDC launch an immediate investigation of the CDC officials involved based on scientific fraud. CoMeD is also calling for the full retraction of the deceptive article that appeared in Pediatrics. “This type of malfeasance should not be tolerated by those who are entrusted with our children’s health and wellbeing,” stated Lisa Sykes, President of CoMeD.

The newest study about thimerosal from the University of Brazil warns that while vaccines are essential to the wellbeing of children around the world (which of course is utterly untrue), the use of thimerosal should be banned. The author, Dr. José Dórea, reviews the published science that demonstrates that infant exposure to the amount of thimerosal in vaccines is toxic to human brain cells.

A number of recent studies have further suggested that the mercury used in everyday medical products, such as flu shots and amalgam, or “silver” dental fillings, contributes to causing a wide variety of illnesses, including autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults.

Vera Hassner Sharav writes: “Public health officials on both sides of the Atlantic have lost the public trust because they have been in alliance with vaccine manufacturers in denying that safety problems exist. If vaccines posed no safety problems, why has the U.S. Vaccine Court awarded more than $2 billion dollars to settle 2,500 cases involving vaccine-related debilitating injuries in children?”

There have been numerous reports of miscarriages occurring shortly after receiving flu vaccines but so great is the pressure to promote swine flu shots, it is being offered for free to any pregnant woman even though the shots are loaded with mercury![2]

Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of the book, The Truth About Vaccines, said: “Thimerosal is an extremely toxic substance and a known poison to the brain. There is enough convincing evidence linking thimerosal with developmental disorders and learning problems in individual children to warrant its removal from any childhood vaccine.” Eli Lilly developed thimerosal and sponsored its use for many decades even though they knew it was dangerous from the very beginning after everyone in the first medical study died. Mercury, a heavy metal and a potent neurotoxin, can compromise the health of anyone—adult or child.

My daughter Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998 at the age of five weeks, about 15 hours after receiving her second Hepatitis B vaccine booster shot. Lyla was a lively, alert five-week-old baby when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of a newborn child that she would die that night.[3]

So what should society do to punish the doctors and medical scientists who have deliberately set the conditions for babies to either die or live a life of dire stress with autism and other neurological conditions? If we make them the stars of society and worship them like the priests of old, we doom ourselves, our children, and our civilization. Some say we get what we deserve, but are we so bad that we deserve being abused by a class of madmen who, without any sense of guilt, inject poisons into our children while getting paid for it?

Let’s face it, most people really do not care who gets hurt unless it’s themselves or their loved ones. What else explains why we have allowed this without much complaint?

There are a few men and women in this area who deserve special mention in that they throw their full weight into lying to the public about vaccines and make a lot of money doing so. I do not want to mention names and I really do not want to get angry but there is a fire in my belly that rose high when I saw the latest in the thimerosal saga.

They say that the clergy from the Church during the Inquisition truly believed in their mission as they tortured innocent men, women and children and there is no doubt that most pediatricians truly believe in their vaccines no matter how many children they hurt. As a group they continue to wear blinders and follow everything their medical superiors say. These superiors are corrupt down to their very bones so no wonder the practice of medicine is no longer really the practice of medicine. I am not sure what to call it but certainly the profession is loaded with oath breakers doing so much harm even when they have sworn to do none.

[1] Colebeck, Christine. Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection.


[3] Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress. Tuesday, May 18,1999  Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • We are a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful info to paintings on. You have done an impressive task and our whole neighborhood shall be thankful to you.

    • Charlene Collins

      I have 4 beautiful children,2 of my sons age 10 and 3 years are both autistic..
      For years I tried so hard to beleive that my children didn’t become disabled after receiving vaccines,but the evidence was there in front of me,but when my twin boys both received the same vaccines and only one has autisim,how could it be the vaccines I asked myself?How could they both receive the same injections but only one be disabled?But that was my heart misleading me,although only one is autistic,the other seems to have severe coping issues,unable to self soothe,possibly ADHD…..They both show signs of ditress,despite my constant 1on 1 attention,i’m a stay at h0o0me mother,my boys have never had a babysitter,other than family and thats few and far inbetween(mostly because my oldest son does not like change,rather he cannot handle change….My heart breaks every minute of every day,although I have all my children with me,I mourn the loss of my son’s dreams,hopes for friendships,successful futures,independance,i mourn the loss of a normal life for them…Although my one twin son functions much more easily than his twin brother who cannot go 3 minutes without spinning himself,or a toy,or constant hand flapping,can’t eat because his need to flapp his hands takes over,I still worry about his future…
      My oldest child my daughter,who was born perfectly healthy,normal,and developed to be a bright,above normal little girl…Surpassing her classmates in reading,writing,math,and english skills as early as junior kindergarten,is the only healthy,normal functuoning child in my house to this day…As a mother I did all the right things,ate the right foods when pregnant,excerised,to ensure all healthy babies,even my twins who were born nearly 2 months early,were over the 5 pound mark,and when trusting my doctor,who in turn trusted his guidlines set out by the governements,gave my children vaccines that were intended to save their lives,was the very poison that literally took them away in so many senses….Everything I had done to give my babies the best start before taking their first breath,was ripped away….My heart was broken,my children will never be the same again,their life our life consists of nothing but severe strickt to the line routines,rehabilitation workers,special needs assesments,sensory therapists,and in between were just left with 3 withdrawn,sensitive,little boys….that most times we cannot reach…We have hope for our one twin boy,and we have hopes and dreams for all our children,but we have had to change those dreams,and focus on more realistic hopes for our two sons,who are diagnosed already…Unfortunaly we have to wait until our one son starts school,before we can have testing done for ADHD,and how long that will take,we have no idea,we do what we can in the meantime to help him,therapies to lengthen his attention span,therapies to help with self soothing,all things we shouldnt have to be doing,he should be playing cars,with his twin brother(who just spins everything),collecting bugs outside,and just being the little boys they were born to be…..Many people don’t understand my heartache,or why I mourn my children when they are not dead,but I say to them,yes i have them here with me,I can see them,I can touch them and hold them,but when I look into my son’s eyes,I dont see their beautiful souls like I used too be able too,I see blankness,as if their looking right through me,when I hold theem,they most often just lay there,they dont wrapp their arms around me(on good days they do,but those are not often)smiles are rare and when we do get them were on the moon,and most times cry because we miss it so very much……So I dont not mourn the loss of my children,rather the loss of their social lives,my hopes,my dreams,for them,the loss of friendships,and the ability to become independant,and successful,the loss of their self worth,and their identity of themselves…
      There is no way to save my children now,the damage is done,all we can do is work hard to increase their abilities to thrive in their given conditions,but new lives can be saved,children can be saved from a lifetime of torment,and so can their parents….something needs to happen,people need to be held accountable for their lies,and their deciet….A murderer on death row gets it easier than my children do everyday,a murder gets put to sleep before the poison rides through their bodies,but my children are awake every day,we dont get to go to sleep until the nightmare is over,because this nightmare will never be over…..Why are the children of this world being subjected to such disregard,like their nothing,and who cares if a few are lost,or a few lose control of their brain functions…My God we really are nothing but ratsn to these people,our children are nothing more than human gineapigs….And it has to stop!!!!!!these children were supposed to be tomorrows leaders,future presidents and primeministers,doctors,and laywers,yet their lives mean nothing!!!!
      i will love my children forever,no matter what,and yes i’ve had to change everything I ever wanted for them,but they are mine,and it is hard but i’m here for the long haul,it’s when i’m not here that scares me….

  • james

    IN response to “string the bastards up”.I,for one am all for it.However,how could we as americans and not only us,but people in other parts of the world be able to bring those responsible for these horrific crimes to justice when some of these people in govermental positions of power were once employees of some of these Pharma/Chemical Complexes.And then there is also the many people who, because of being products of their prussian type schooling would not be willing to believe that certain people in govermental positions would allow such a thing! Litigations alone would never acclomplish anything.I can not see the sum total of human victims of the world overthrowing this activity simultaneously.So how Dr.Sircus? Seems to me the best you can do is minimize by avoiding products that are taking lives.

  • Skeptic

    I was wondering if any of you could tell me how well children in France and England did with measles this year by avoiding the vaccine? How about small pox? How many people are getting that nowadays? And of course the list goes on.

  • Kaz

    Having lost a son to vaccination death I feel the pain. When we buried him a mysterious butterfly flew up from the coffin. If you love butterflies don’t kill the caterpillars, however destructive they are. I refused vaccination but they arrested me and my child and forced him against my wishes to be vaccinated. My three unvaccinated children are doing just fine. Education is the key.
    I would recommend the movie THRIVE to anyone. A renegade, Foster Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble Corporation fame, has laid out the case for change very well indeed. He puts these cretins right under the microscope and invites the world to join his struggle for a better world.
    The ‘Killer’ doctors have been brainwashed in accordance with the depopulation and eugenics programs outlined on The Georgia Guidestones.
    A Freeman Cox once suggested; don’t ask a person if they would die for freedom and liberty ask them if they are willing to fight and kill for it if necessary. The mid-way is Gandhi and Martin Luther King, the non-violent pathway, unless your very life is threatened and self-defence is the only recourse.
    A parents’ duty is to protect their child from harm; so is a doctor’s duty likewise. I would most definitely use force to protect my child from any medic who attempted to jab them with anything without my informed consent.

  • Annalisse Mayer

    Free speech has legal limits. Where there is a clear and present danger of violence, free speech can be curtailed. Calling for the death of government officials — as set forth here — may cross that line.

    The five stages of grieving are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance (DABDA). Parents whose children have died or been disabled are naturally angry, and seeking for an explanation and a scapegoat. They grasp at straws in this grieving process. This is part of the natural grieving process, but, in fact, some of these parents cross over into rage and scapegoating to the point of insanity — even criminal insanity.

    There has been lively scientific debate about these vaccines. There is certainly no consensus in the scientific community that they cause the problems that some parents see in their children. To call for the death of government officials is dangerous and irresponsible.

    • Charlene Collins

      have you lost a child?Do you have any disabled children?I would like to know,because even though we are angry,does not mean we look just to place blame,some of us are well informed people in regards to all theories,and medical eveidence,we dont just pick one and say”yup thats what i’m going to blame it on”,we research,we listen,we learn…..So perhaps your statement is dangerous!!!!


    Vaccinations were created as a way to SPREAD disease in addition to provide a venue for human experimentation without consent.

    1918 “spanish flu” was spread through a Typhoid fever “vaccine”

    HIV/AIDS was spread through a smallpox vaccine in the late 70s in Africa and via the Hep-B vaccine targeted at homosexual males in the US in the early 80s, under direction from Dr Wolf Smuness as directed by Aurelio Puccei of the Club of Rome.

    All of the H1N1 vaccines are ineffective and off-target genewise, and even if the vaccines were targeted correctly, they are more likely to cause lowered immunity and adverse reactions from the high levels of mercury from Thisimerol and adjuvants such as squalene. These vaccines are made using insect larvae and are incubated in chicken eggs, among other gut-wrenching truths.

    I currently support NVIC,,, and, among other anti-vaccine and pro-choice health freedom advocacy groups.

  • Lindy Schultz

    My son had the same screaming, back arching reaction, that lasted until over 3 years of age. i knew he was in excrutiating pain, but I could do nothing to help him. the last episode he had he turned blue and stopped breathing. i rushed him to the ER. He was “ok” by the time we got there. My son survived, but at 20 years old is severely Autistic(since age 18 months), has had no speech since age 3, he has no academic skills, very limited communication, no social skills, limited personal care skills and has severe tic disorderthat interrupts all aspects of life including sleep as well.

  • Carol

    I love the fact you are trying to hold these people who have done indescribable harm accountable. But, one of the reasons they get away with this, is people are reluctant to name names. Do name them. Put their names on the Internet, in forums, on websites for all to see. If you know who they are, name them. Let all the world see their crimes. They escape because they can remain anonymous. Their colleagues, their families, their professional connections, should all know what they do. Let them be named!!!

    • Charlene Collins

      Most are bound by legalalities…Especially those working for CDC,are protected by the government….Perhaps if he were to name names,he wouldnt be here to long to continue informing people….
      Government of any kind doesn’t like those who sqeal on them,we already know this….

  • C

    it’s cute when people pretend they know science.

    • Angela Dickie

      I think it is hilarious, that when obviously the truth has been clearly spelt out, people write comments like yours because there is nothing else they can do to refute it. It is like the last pathetic gulp before they drown. Is there some ‘real science’ you would like to share C? Please do I would be happy to read it.

      • DJEB

        Little one, if you have a specific claim regarding immunology, make it (and don’t neglect the very large burden of proof that comes with claiming established medical science is wrong). Until then, off to bed.

  • Ray

    We get plenty of aluminum from the chemtrails they spray around the globe. Which is destroying organic crops. And who benefits from that? The people who sell GMO seeds. We are being attacked from all sides.

  • Helvi

    Dear Dr. Circus,
    The link to The Sacramento Bee no longer exists. Do you have a copy of the article that was there? Could you distribute it or describe in more detail what were in it?
    Thank you.

  • adam

    Dr Sircus

    Is it possible for parents who innocently have their children vaccinated and find their is a problem after they return home, to use baking soda and magnesium and even benonite clay to detox the poison from the baby or childs system? For example a neighbor of mine had her child vaccinated on the advice of the family pediatrician and when they got back to their home the baby was already running a fever and showed discomfort. This baby made it through the storm OK, however when the story was told to me by the mom, I wondered if the baby should of
    been detoxed immediately after showing a reaction to the vaccine.

  • vmv

    Dr. Sircus, I agree with everything you have said in this article/essay. Another thing I’d like to mention is that, with regard to the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, one of the the ingredients is polysorbate 80 (also called “tween 80”). This ingredient IS KNOWN TO CAUSE INFERTILITY IN LAB RATS, and this vaccine is RECOMMENDED FOR ALL YOUNG GIRLS beginning at age 9! It is now also being recommended for young boys! There have been at least 68 deaths associated with Gardasil, and thousands of adverse reactions. Some girls are disabled for life.

    • Alissa

      I am doing lots of research on this and I wouldn’t doubt that this is the goverments ploy to sterilize the population to decrease the population, because they are concerned of the strains on the enviornment and resources.
      I guess we will soon find out when the young generation can’t concieve, then it will all be clear. God I hope I am wrong!

      • Charlene Collins

        Wow glad to hear this,my daughter was scheduled to have the gardisil vaccine at school last month…She ended up being sick that day and not receiving it….I did consent do to my own issues with cervicle cancer,but if it causes issues like that,i’m pulling my consent..Thank you..

  • Prince

    How prescient is it that the Vaccine Court for years has dismissed cases brought by parents whose children were injured by vaccines based upon the fraudulent evidence that you cite here and the Supreme Court in its recent Brussewitz decision denied vaccine damaged childrend their constitution right to a trial by jury based upon the same fraudulent evidence.
    How corrupt has this society become.

  • Karen Scribner

    I have read that the mercury has been replaced with aluminum. Is that true? Also, The Doctor Within has written about the peanut oil used as an excipient in the vaccines, thus explaining the extraordinary rise in peanut allergy.
    If they can make “just in time” parts to deliver anywhere to manufacture almost anything, why can’t they do that with vaccines?

    • Tim

      Mercury is used as a preservative, so multiple shots can be given from one King-Sized vial. ( Saving you money…)
      The aluminium is used as an “adjuvant”, ie it increases the body’s immune response to the virus which the shot is designed to protect you against. It is this adjuvant which is thought to be highly significant in producing the devastating range of conditions such as those seen in the Gulf War Syndrome.
      So, no, the aluminium is not replaceable, it has a different function altogether.

      • The craziest part is that vaccine “controls” are not saline. They preume the aluminum is safe. So the control is a shot of everything BUT the biological component. Sometimes the control is another vaccine. Such as with the HPV vaccine where the safety was tested against another vaccine.

        So, you have several hundred serious reactions and dozens of death… but that’s in both the vax and the “Control” so they say, it falls within the normal range of everyday life chances of dying suddenly or getting GB or other diseases.

        Anyone can look up studies submitted by the vaccine companies and read for themselves what the control was. It’s never a saline injection, for what its worth.

        It’s all a giant lie. And our children are dying in larger numbers than they would die from the disease.

      • adam

        Aluminium is death and destruction to the human body and mind, why are you commenting here, you are obviously very ignorant about the human body and how it works. You need to do a lot of research, you sound very foolish

    • Joyce

      I have read that they have added monosodium glutamate (MSG the flavor enhancer)
      to the vaccines and calling it a preservative.

      Ladies and gentlemen, recognize this for what it is and you will know who and what is behind it. If you are not familiar with excitotoxins, research them and you will find that they are so named because they excite the neurons or nerves of the brain and central nervous system to death. You will find that the two major excitotoxins are MSG and aspartame. You should recognize that both of them are heavily laden in most all of our processed foods. Why? The hazardous waste by product sodium fluoride is in most public water supplies? Why? It is another neurotoxin and was used in Germany in the water supply to keep the detainment camp prisoners compliant while they waited to be carried to the gas chambers.

      Most people are not aware they are being poisoned daily by our processed foods and
      especially are not aware that they are ingesting so much MSG because it is seldom listed in the ingredients lists as monosodium glutamate, but hidden under bogus names such as natural flavors, natural flavoring,spices, hydrolzyed plant (corn, bean, pea, soy) protein, etc. To learn more of the names they hide it under just type names MSG hidden under and be prepared to print it out. People must be catching onto the harm in aspartame (NutriSweet, Equal) because the manufacturer is planning to rename it

      Think your drinks are safe? I have known since the 60’s that carbonated beverages
      damage kidneys but did not know why or how. In the last year or so I read an article
      that answered the how. Seems that in most all carbonated beverages you will find
      preservative sodium benzoate, which allegedly is fine by itself but when you add
      Vitamin C there is a chemical reaction that converts the sodium benzoate back into
      benzene. On line search toxic effects of benzene reveals several unwanted side effects but close to the top of the list is CANCER of the KIDNEYS. After reading that one and reasoning that if that combination triggered the chemical reaction in carbonated beverages, it would do the same in other drinks and being curious, went
      to the grocery and started reading ingredients on all drinks including fruit juice, Yahoo
      which looks like it might be a weak chocolate milk drink, and others. Be forewarned to
      start being more aware of what you and your family is ingesting, because most every
      beverage in the store had the sodium benzoate and vitamin C, including the so called sport drinks and gatorade. Hopefully you all know that vitamin C can also be listed as
      citric acid, ascorbic acid, etc.

      Anyone think this is all accidental? Take a look at what is going on in the closer to nature food chain. Monsanto and their confounded GMO seeds. Forty percent of the Eastern United States corn crop next year will be Monsanto’s GMO seeds and will progress to all GMO over the next 3 years. We are still fighting the battle with the
      FDA to demand labelling GMO products so we can avoid them. FDA is still giving
      MSG and aspartame safe rating despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
      India allegedly has already outlawed Monsanto GMO seeds after running their own
      test on the GMO produce. They detected a big difference in activity, playfulness,
      sexual interest after only 2 weeks of being fed the GMO produce. Their litters were smaller in both number and birthweight. There were fewer litters altogether.
      Three generations after they were started on the GMO produce THERE WERE NO MORE LITTERS!

      Most all the soy beans grown today are GMO’s so stay away from this ?health? food.
      The latest thing Monsanto has come up with is a GMO grass. Why? Looks like the
      next contrived crisis is a planned massive famine by killing off wild life as well as domesticated livestock and poultry. It is expected to hit the market very soon despite the fact that problems (including abortions) in animals eating them are already known.

      I agree with Dr. Sircus, but we need to identify the bastards to be strung up and to do that we have to go far above or behind the CDC, Monsanto, WHO, the FDA to find who the one world global government, aka the new world order “elitists” are because they are the ones giving the orders their brainwashed puppets are following. If you are not familiar with their ultimate goal go to and type Alex Jones/ Lyndon LaRouche in their search window. He will educate you in a hurry as to what is going on here and all over the Planet Earth now and has been going on for sometime in the past.

      • RoadOrphan

        ‘Forty percent of the Eastern United States corn crop next year will be Monsanto’s GMO seeds and will progress to all GMO over the next 3 years.”

        for years the info/research on “corn” being used to “sterilize” third world countries has been circulating. We were warned. FDA, not for human consumption.

  • Tim

    No-one really wants to believe it, but there is a worldwide conspiracy against the so-called ordinary man,woman, and child. It has the satanic gall to be staring us in the face, but no-one wants to name it. Its serpent symbol even adorns the so-called WHO flag. The published utterances of several major NWO groups call for mass depopulation, a decrease from 7billion to 1/2 billion or less is commonly quoted. How much neater if those to be eradicated can also be prevailed upon to pay for their own deaths ! Vaccination is a major part of this agenda. Bill and Malinda are in-your-face contributors. The vaccination schedule for babies and toddlers in the US now costs $2200. Cremation of the remains adds to the bill, of course.The US ranks 31st in the league for infant mortality and counting, so clearly, the medical advice, presumably coming from the unpublished notes of Dr Josef Mengele, is either not working, or working, depending on how you view things. Also, the poisoning of the third world with so-called foreign aid, which takes the form of anti retroviral drugs designed to kill people whose only crime is to be poor ( as a direct result of a World Bank strategy which has resulted in a net outflow of wealth ), is further evidence of this satanic agenda. The AIDS virus has not been identified; it would appear to anyone with a residuum of common sense that this plague is in fact a plague of malnutrition and polluted water. Luc Montagnier states that the condition resolves with an improvement in nutrition and sanitation. So instead of addressing that issue, the money is given to Big Pharma, who in return, push their poisons onto the poorest people in the world. Who then obligingly die, thus confirming the “diagnosis”. The first world is simultaneously poisoned with the industrial effluent commonly known as fluoride. This was put in the water of the concentration camps too; not, as dentists might tell you, to improve the dental health of those people prior to gassing them, but in order to make them more compliant with the wishes of their masters.
    A quotation.
    “Let them ( the goyim ) be wiped off the face of the world. Destroy the memory of the Amalekites”. Talmud Zohar 1, 25a.
    We are going back to the Old Testament again. But people should realise that those who espouse this wicked book are not Jews, the true remnants of whom publically condemn the blatant criminality of the Zionist State of Israel. They are Ashkenazi, who entered into the new land of Israel in 1948, from southern Russia. In ancient times they were known as the Scythians. They are, ironically, Gentiles, as we are. The Ashkenazi are the descendants not of Shem, but of Japheth, so if you condemn their wickedness, you are in no way being anti-Semitic, as they and the media they totally control, would have you believe.
    As the Lord Jesus Christ, who is to return on 3rd October 2016 to usher in a thousand years of righteous government on the earth, said “They say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”.
    Meyer Rothschild’s wife, Gutle Schnapper, said “If my sons didn’t want wars, there would be no wars”.
    Connecting the dots yet ?

    • Michael

      I am curious of your religous background and your sources. I am also curious about how you know that Jesus Christ is to return on Oct. 16, 2016…please give me your source for this since know one should know this since only the Father G-d knows when his son is to return according to scriptures. I also would like to know where you can find the specific sources that show as you claim that fluoride was used by the Nazis to induce mental pursuasion or compliancy to their masters. I am aware of the declasified papers in the US during the Manhattan Project which showed it to be a neurotoxic goitrogen and cause fluorosis of the teeth and bone but I was not aware of this additional application of fluoride. Thank you

      • Joyce

        Michael, sodium fluoride is also connected to cancer of the bone. I also read in a Neurology Journal (1978) that the amount of sodium fluoride (l part per million) allowed in our drinking water was the exact amount that caused Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia.

        You will also find that fluoride is also used quite frequently in pychiatriic medications.

        • Huda Lamah

          From 1978! Clearly a very trustworthy source that is not at all outdated in the least!

    • Hello! I have just left my babies 6 month well visit for shots… PISSED! I am a new young Mom & try to do my hoewromk for what is best. I have been reading books and info on the net to make the best decisions for my son. I went in knowing to ask for “Preservative free shots” of those which are the combined vs. single (single vaccines are not stored the same). I was told I would have to BUY 10 VIALS around $200 just to get 1 for my baby. I was explained that we get a discount from those they purchase from and would be driven crazy if they order what and from the manufactures parents requested. I was asked well do you have 9 other friends that could use the others… NO I DON’T! I am pissed off — are our babies a business venture?? WHY WHY WHY if this information about the thimerosal (mercury) and the possibility would a DOCTOR choose to keep ordering those with these preservatives??? JUST TO BE SAFE WHY AREN’T THEY ORDERING NON PRESERVATIVE TYPES? I feel like a sell out Mother who didn’t take a stand for a voiceless child—Remember in the past staff & doctors used to SMOKE in hospitals!!! We aren’t always right and find out the harmful effects much too late! I will be looking for a new office that has my babies best interst at heart not $$$$. I want to feed my baby the most pure foods, less toxic household cleaners, recycle… change all of these things for a better human- a better life & world, but yet I let a trillion dollar company that could care less put these things in his system permanetly that I only pray have no future effect… I hear my friends say I gave my baby the vaccines and they are fine– How do you know until years later…? I am for vaccinations, HOWEVER the safest way possible!

      • Ferfrieven

        Momma, go to a naturopath pediatrician.
        There are many establishing practices now, as backlash to vaccines grows.
        Do not go to a allopathic pediatrician: