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To Kristy

Published on June 4, 2010


Most forms of magnesium taken orally are not absorbed very well.   There is the problem of them causing diarrhea which is the single most limiting factor in getting enough magnesium in your system.  That is why Dr. Sircus recommends the transdermal method of magnesium chloride, a purely natural form.  Taken this way the magnesium bypasses the digestive stytme is is much less likely to cause the diarrhea which causes most people to stop using it.   Oral forms such as magnesium oxide and others are only absorbed at about 40% and it can take up to a year to raise magnesium levels to an adequate level.  It only takes a couple of months using magnesium chloride transdermally.  You can read about Dr. Norm Shealy’s experiments on this in the Transdermal Magnesium book.


Claudia French RN, LPHA

Assistant Director, IMVA

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Márcia Veloso Oliveira

    Esta é a 2ª vez que escrevo e não obtenho resposta.
    Gostaria de saber se o livro do Dr Sicus sobre a terapia transdérmica com o óleo de cloreto de magnésio tem na versão em portugues. Quero comprar mas é necessário que seja em portugues, pois não leio em ingles.
    Aguardo resposta.

  • Arpna

    My father has prostate cancer which has metastasized to the bone. He is in a lot of pain. Will magnesium oil help with his pain? He also has mild diabetes and suffers angina.


  • Paul Reynolds

    I am 79 , healthy, exercise 3 times a week with weights and walking. I had a stem cell transplant 8 years ago for non hopkins lymphoma and results were great . I now have a touch of prostate cancer but with no symptoms except higher PSA of 5.5.
    My energy is lower than I would like and I have lost some muscle tone, but my DR. will not give me testosterone shots although my testosterone is at 100.
    Will magnesium help the energy with DHEA ? If so what method of taking it would be the easiest to use and how much ?
    Thank You

    Paul R

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Yes magnesium will help you greatly. You need to use it transdermally as we believe this is what impacts DHEA. Please read the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy – 2nd edition and get some magnesium oil qne w5q45 uwint i5. Use up to two ounces / day on your skin. But start off with a lower amount…one ounce, until your skin gets used to this.

      Find the link to the book here:

  • Lori


    Thanks so much for the quick response! I hope the magnesium helps my issues as well as it has helped my hubby’s heart. So refreshing to see that his specialist put him on magnesium and that was all he needed! I have started the magnesium oil! 🙂

    May you have a blessed day!

  • Lori

    May you have great responses with magnesium as well!

    Take care,

  • Bhaven Heeremans

    Dear Lori
    Thank you for sharing.Lovely to hear your husbands heart responding so well.I am awaiting the magnesium oil from and is said to be from one of the purest magnesium forms from the Zechstein mine here in northern Europe.Looking forward so much.Thank you dr Sircus and thx dear Claudia for your quick reply.I will stay in touch with your site.for info and further contact.Warmest Regards Bhaven Heeremans Somatic and reg.CranioSacral therapist Amsterdam Netherlands.Love Bh.

  • Lori Copenhaver

    Dear Claudia,
    I have witnessed the wonders of magnesium therapy first-hand. My husband had so many ER visits for his heart over the course of several years, as well as some hospitalizations. He was seen by an electrophysiologist who came to the hospital, who has monitored him for years now. After 2 heart procedures, my hubby (now 50yrs. old) has only needed daily magnesium to keep his heart in proper rhythm. I am so thankful and am thrilled that he can take a natural supplement to help his heart function correctly! I do have a question. I have had idiopathic peripheral neuropathy for about 8 years now. I just bought mag. oil for my arthritis, but do you think it can help with my neuropathy (not diabetic)? Also, my mom has Poyarteritis Nodosa. Can it help her?
    Thank you for your time…
    Lori C.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      What wonderful news about your husband! Thanks for sharing it here. And yes, magnesium can help your condition as well as your mothers…don’t forget it is a basic mineral necessary for hundreds of actions in the body! It is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents we have!

  • Bhaven Heeremans

    Dear Claudia
    Thanks much for your reply and suggestion.I’ll look into it.For now I also found out that the oil is available in the Netherlands from a very pure form of Magnesium Chloride from the province of Groningen.I ‘ll check this out and enquire also at LL’s Magnetic Clay.Thank you so much for your reply.Warmest Regards Bhaven.

  • Bhaven Heeremans

    I had a new Aorta valve put in ,in oct 2010.Pretty much recovered and doing well.I want to take care of my precious heart more consciously,and this information is the first I com across,that will rovide direct care for the heart tissue and blood circulation,ea arteries and veins.Please let me now how to obtain the oil,where and cost.I would like to stay in touch thru your newsletter.
    I am a registered cert. somatic psychotherapist.and Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapist and teacher as well.With love and great appreciation.Bhaven Heeremans.Amsterdam Netherlands.

  • skon

    Can you advise how to use Magnisium therepy for a Leukemia patient (CLL)
    thanks for your help

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear skon,

      Please get a consultation with Dr. Sircus for this information.. he will also advise getting on his full protocol for cancer treatment. He will also need much more information from you than can be provided here.

      In general, magnesium oil should be used transdermally to bring magnesium levels up to par quickly.

      You can find information on how to use this on the magnesiumforlife website and this would work for leukemia as well as many other diseases.

  • Mattie

    What protocol is used for epilepsy and severe fungus?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Mattie,

      Dr. Sircus recommends using transdermal magnesium therapy heavily for seizure disorders, in addition to his full protocol which includes iodine, sodium bicarbonate, various vitamins, clay and probiotics (for systemic fungus infections)

  • Quinn

    Is it possible to get enough magnesium (through daily topical application)to remedy ongoing constipation?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      It would be very unlikely that you would relieve constipation by topical application of magnesium oil, but I suppose if you used it frequently in very great amounts this might happen. It is much more likely to remedy constipation if an oral dose of either the magnesium oil or one of the other magnesium products available on the market is used as this is one of the limiting factors in getting enough magnesium into your system. Magnesium needs to stay in the gut about 12 hours to raise blood levels if taken orally….but instead it causes loose stools or diarrhea before that can happen.

      You can try using magnesium oil…..put a few sprays into some water and increase the amount until you reach bowel tolerance (when loose stools start), then cut back the amount you add to water. This may take several days to a week so don’t take too much right off the bat. Start slowly and increase daily.

  • john tek

    These people work out of Brazil?

  • john tek

    What scientific studies have been done to prove ANY of these medical claims?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Dr. Sircus’ books on magnesium are some of the best around with everything fully referenced and backed by accepted studies. You only need to check some of the essays posted online to see the wide range of references we have to support these works. If you have a moree specific question regarding the use of magncium chloride for maintaining health, I will try to help you. Please be more specific and read the books or at least the essays on the magnesiumforlife site.

  • Kathy

    We just found out last week that my husband has Cardiomyopathy. I wiuld like to know if there is a connection with low Magnesium levels and what would be the best way to bring levels up? I have been rubbing your oil on his feet but I know he needs more then that. Is there a loading dose,like maybe a bath with flakes? If so please tell me how much and what to do. He is 45 and would like to have his heart function improve.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Kathy,

      Sorry to hear about your husband’s cardiomyopathy. For sure magnesium levels need to be at their best level to assure proper heart functioning. Dr. Sircus has written a book on magnesium and the Heart called Magnesium: The Ultimate Heart Medicine. It would be good if you could read that book and get up to speed on why magnesium is so important to good heart functioning.

      Your husband probably needs more than what he is getting in the foot rubs. Most people need 1-2 oz. per day applied to their skin…..all over is fine. Or baths with bath flakes might be of help as would a combination of skin applications and oral use of magnesium. But you must consult with Dr. Sircus for more specific direction on this if you need it after reading the books or information on our Magnesium for Life site.

  • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

    Hi Thomas,

    The problem is that blood testing is not an accurate measure of the
    magnesium in our tissues. It only measures magnesium in our blood which is
    very tightly controlled and only contains about 1% of our total tissue
    stores of magnesium. In order to maintain this tight control the blood
    will pull magnesium from all other tissues to remain within normal limits so
    we don’t have heart attacks. If your blood magnesium shows a low reading,
    you are at very high risk of having severe problems.

    Please read the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book-2nd edition where Dr.
    Sircus explains this and goes over the various tests available to check
    tissue levels which are more accurate.

    You can also read about this on our magnesium for life site.

    If after reading more information on this, please let me know why. I would
    be curious to know why you do.

    Claudia French

  • Thomas K.

    My blood was tested for magnesium and it was just fine. Unless you are changing the “normal” dose range I don’t see any need for anyone to up their magnesium levels.

  • Orsi

    Hello. I suffer from MS and i recently bought a magnesium oil spray to massage it into my legs and body wherever i had discomfort/numbness or pain and i found it quiet useful. I read that mixing 50:50 magnesium chloride and water would do the same using it as a spray for absorbtion through the skin.
    I found your site very helpful, I watched the video too, and I understand that Mg oil can be sprayed into mouth or into my drink . My question is: if i mix the mg chloride with water to use can I use it internally?(with drink or sprayed in mouth)
    Looking forward to your answer! REgards,Orsi

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Orsi,

      You can use magnesium oil as a mouth spray or put into water for drinking but IMVA only recommends using Ancient Minerals brand from LL”s Magnetic Clay Co. IMVA endorses this one because of its high level of purity and extraction from deep sea sources which are untouched by the pollution that so many ohter types of magnesium oil sold are exposed to.

      You can dilute the oil by 50/50 with a pure water to use as a spray on the skin if skin irritation is a problem for you. But this is not necessary when used as a skin spray. For adding to water you should add about 5-10 sprays into an 8 oz glass of water. For use in eyes you should dilute at least 15:1 parts water to magnesium oil.

  • Cindy

    Hello, am planning to order the magnesium gel, but first want to know about taking calcium with it. I’ve always heard that you need to take magnesium & calcium together. Does that go for using the magnesium therapy described here? Thank you.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Most of us already get plenty of calcium in our diets. Researchers estimate that we are getting between a 6:1 to 10″1 ratio of calcium to magnesium from our diets in processed and fortified foods.

      Calcium to magneisum ratio should be 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. In general Dr. Sircus doesn’t recommend taking a calcium supplement because of this. Maggnesium and calcium both are needed and in proper balance for each to work properly in our bodies.

  • Marie

    Hi Claudia,

    I have had a bottle of Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil for about 2 years. I initially stopped using it, because it made my skin burn and itch so badly, I couldn’t stand it. I just tried it again and am not having that reaction. I have now been supplementing with oral magnesium for quite a while. I’m wondering if the burning sensations stopped because the Magnesium in the oil may be too old, or because the magnesium levels in my body have been raised from the supplements, so my reaction may not be as strong. Does the magnesium oil expire after a period of time?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Not much will grow in the magnesium oil we recommend which is the Ancient Minerals from LL’s Magnetic Clay company. It should be kept out of high heat and out of the sun though to be safe. Don’t leave it in the back seat of the car in warm weather for example!!

      We don’t yet know the maximum shelf life but know that it is good for at least 4-5 years if kept under good condition.

      On oral magnesium the effects of raising the levels in our body usually take an extended period of time….sometimes up to a year, so it could indeed be that your body level has come up sufficiently by now and the sting is not so prominent. Glad you can still use the oil.

  • Steve

    I saw the posts on nebulizing Mg. Is there an easy way to run magnesium through the central air of your house all day, i.e., through the central humidifier?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      We are not aware of anyone who has tried to run magnesium through their house via the central air conditioning system.

  • Sherene


    I have been suffering from hair loss which recently seemed to become far more extreme particularly around the hairline, despite improving my diet and taking supplements to benefit hair growth ie MSM.

    A few years ago, I detoxed for a month and the hairline grew back. So I am trying it again, until recently with no effect but I have begun using Epsom salts in the bath to help me with insomnia and have read that Magnesium may help hair loss by reducing calcification of the hair follicles. My hairline seems to have baby hair growing in now and I wondered if I would benefit by a topical application to the scalp at all? Please could you advise on this.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      This is very true. We used to get reports and pictures from one man who was also losing hair on his head. He sent before and after pictures of balding spots that had shown new growth of hair after continued use of magnesium oil applied directly to the scalp. Other people have reported return of color to their hair.

      It can be applied daily to the scalp and hair.

  • Justin

    hello, i am just starting to learn about natural healing and am fascinated by it and want to konw more, i have 4 ruptured discs in my back s-5 l-1 up to the thorasic area, very painful sometimes and im a stay at home dad with 2 children (son 2.5 and daughter 10months) it is a struggle to care for them somedays because of the pain, and the goddamn medication the doctors have me on makes me lethargic emotional and just plain not me. i aslo use cannabis on a daily basis however it is illegal where i live so it is hard to come by(it is however from an actual medical dispensary from a neighboring pot friendly state) and its very expensive, id love to juice the plant whole(just read a great article on this on also use it for the oils and food and everything else it is used for, i know its healing benefits well and do not want to stop using it, its much more effictive than morphine and oxycodone, the doctors hate when i say that! matter of fact i am this very day running extremly low on my prescriptions and am debating on weather or not to get them refilled, i just recently started taking massive amounts of vitamins(compared to what i was taking) and eating much better(organic when ever possible)and i must say that i feel great, i do not believe the withdrawl effects will be sever for me due to being healthier and having an alternative taht is better for me anyway(cannabis). Im probably rambeling but i was wonderin what your thoughts on using cannabis are and what do you suggest that i take for my daily back pain? will magnesium help? what else will? i have many questions that im seeking answers to that i believe can be found in the natural world of medicine i.e. plants and vitamins. Any help would be appreciated thank you so much!!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Justin,

      Dr. Sircus’ book on Cannabis will be coming out in a few weeks..,. Watch for it as I think you will find it extremely helpful for you. In it Dr. Sircus strongly recommends the use of magnesium combined with cannabis , and this includes for pain control. Both individually provide a great relief from pain. Together they should even provide more. Dr. Sircus calls this his Batman and Robin approach! You will be reading more about this in his newsletters.

      Specific protocols for you can only be given in private consultation with Dr. Sircus…but get some magnesium oil and start using that as soon as you can. Its available from LL’s Magnetic Clay at:

      Use it on your skin or in baths or foot baths, daily. Massage will be even better to help relieve your back pain.

  • Joey

    Dear Claudia,

    I’m so happy to have found this website! It gives me hope that I can significantly improve my health. What Dr. Sircus says abotu the relationships between calcium and magnesium make sense to me.

    I was recently diagnosed with prostatitis and BPH, and an ultrasound confirmed that I have significant (very significant) calcification of the prostate. Even though my doctor is a naturapathic doctor, he didn’t give me much hope of being able to reduce the calcification. It seems that the prostate is a tough organ to detoxify thoroughly.

    I believe that many of the suggestions that you have provided others could benefit me as well. Perhaps trying magnesium oil and focusing on applying it in the perineal area would be helpful. Would you agree? Would you also suggest sodium thiosulfate? I’m a little hesitant to try it since there seems to be a bit more risk with it as a supplement. Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Joey,

      Both sodium thiosulfate and magnesium might help you… can use both in a bath….which would expose all areas of your body and promote absorption. Both can safely be used orally as well (only small amounts of thiosulfate are needed) Of course direct application of magnesium oil or lotion is always recommended, but please be aware that application to sensitive areas can be more irritating, and sometimes causes rapid absorption (as in direct contact with the mucous membranes).

      Get some Ancient Minerals bath flakes to try in baths.

      For more specific instructions you should consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus. Then he can advise on doses and other things that might help you specifically.

  • patzy

    I’ve sent for the Mag oil. I’ve always been “high strung” and have had bouts of severe depression. I took care of my Mother who had colon cancer (would that we had known about the benefits of Magnesium earlier, for her sake!) and after she passed I suffered from anxiety attacks, lack of sleep due to panic attacks nightly..this went on for four years and in desperation, I dug out a bottle of Mag Citrate/calcium (Now brand) took 2 teaspoons before bed time and amazingly enough I’m sleeping and waking up with a better outlook. I’m looking forward to many of the other benefits of magnesium I’ve read about. I’m looking forward to the day I might be able to toss the psych meds out for good!
    Sleeping again peacefully is such a blessing, even if that was the only benefit I got,I’d be satisfied!

  • hi , i started using mag. oil orally and had great results but my right kidney started hurting really bad and i notice that i was having what looked like sand in my urine are these calcium deposits being expelled i also had symptoms of detoxing. kidney still hurts is this normal or am i taking to much? i take 1 tsp. twice a day. ( weight loss, sleep much better, skin clearing up wrinkles gone, teeth healthier, r.l.s. depression, fatigue, knee pain and weakness all gone this really is miracle mineral ) thank you so much for you time.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Maria,

      I’m not sure why this would be causing kidney pain and sand in your urine. The only way to tell if you are taking too much is to cut back on the dose and see if the symptoms stop. Start out by cutting the dose in half and if its still a bother, cut it back further or stop altogether and restart after a few days and go very slowly in taking the dose up.

      the sandy granules in your urine is not identifiable……usually if you were passing a stone or fragments of stones it would be fairly painful throughout the urinary tract, though this could be what is passing.

  • carol eden

    Hi Claudia, please can you give me correct daily dosage of selenium. and which is best one to buy.
    Love Carol

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      The dose of selenium is variable. We at IMVA trust the information by Christopher Barr here:

      We also like that brand that he advocates using: Innate Response.

      If you need furtther direction specific to your condition please request a personal consultation with Dr. Sircus

  • brian

    Just to understand your response – Mag sulfate will still build up in the cells of the body, but the doctor thinks Mag chloride will do it quicker?

    We use a product that we really like that has mag sulfate and because of how well it helps with pain etc.. we want to keep using it.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Brian,

      We know magnesium chloride stays in the system longer than magnesium sulfate does. And magnesium chloride has a greater safety profile. If you like the mag sulfate and are not interested in building up your body stores of magnesium and are only using mag sulfate for pain, then by all means continue using it. But for people who need to get their magnesium levels up to prevent heart problems, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, asthsma, depression, and a host of other problems magnesium chloride is better to accomplish this!

  • PJ

    Hi Claudia,

    I am about to purchase the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 64oz, and have a few questions on it’s use & application please. I have a few health issues, mainly having Diabetes Type 2, which I am trying to control with Metformin 1000mg, taken twice a day, and herbal supplements such Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre, Alpha Lipoic, and being on a low carb diet.

    I read an article online stating many type 2 diabetics may greatly benefit from Magnesium therapy, and that some researchers even feel it is a lack of magnesium in the diet that may actually trigger the development of the disease.

    I saw the video on your website showing Dr. Sircus spraying the mag oil directly in his mouth and also in a glass of water, so I wanted to ask you, for those of us who would rather drink the oil than apply it on the skin, (or don’t have the time for skin application), how much oil do we ingest daily? I am purchasing the 64oz bottle, not the spray, so that is why I need some type of measurement. Also, can the oil be mixed with any type of juice to mask the flavor? And lastly, could you tell me how many milligrams of Magnesium are in each dose so I know how much to take daily?

    Thank you very much Claudia for your assistance. I can only hope Magnesium Oil can help with my diabetes type 2 symptoms and bring some form of relief.

    Best Regards.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear PJ,

      Magnesium oil can be sprayed into water (or juice) and drank, but only if it comes from a pure source such as Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil ….other sources of magnesium oil may be contaminated and not suiitable for drinking. Magnesium takenn orally can cause diarrhea, even magnesium oil if you put too much into water….each person’s tolerance is different but this makes it very difficult to get enough in the body to combat such things as diabetes. You need to use it transdermally for best results, as over 60 % of the general population is deficient in magnesium and of the diabetics, over 50% are severely deficient meaning they do not even get one half of the RDI for magnesium. Transdermal use of magnesium oil will get your levels up much faster than anay oral intake of magnesium.

      Magnesium is crucial for diabetes. Dr. Sircus and I co-authored a book titled New Paradigms in Diabetic Care which availabe as an e-book and goes into full detail on how magnesium can play a life changing role in diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. Some of this information is available at our diabetes site:

      When using magnesium oil for diabetes you must keep a close eye on your blood sugars as magnesium can lower blood sugars as well as decrease the insulin resistance. This may lead to a need to decrease your metformin.

      So before taking magnesium oil orally I suggest you read all you can from our sites and books on this. FYI each spray of magnsium oil (depending on the sprayer size, contains about 18 mg. of magnesium. I think it would be impractical to solety depend on oral intake though it can be combined with transdermal use for greater effect.

  • Brian

    Hi Claudia

    My wife and I have had great success with a mag sulfate oil but it seems as if you favor the Mag Chloride over Sulfate for almost everything. Are there circumstances where mag sulfate is better (sensitive skin, certain conditions?)



    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      We favor magnesium chloride because it has a better safety profile and because the mag sulfate is excreted from the body faster than magnesium chloride is so the effects are not as long lasting with mag sulfate.

      In some cases, when sulfur is an issue, magnesium sulfate is recommended, for example in autism, but generally Dr. Sircus likes to have people use sulfur separately from magnesium. Generally it takes longer for magnesium levels to be brought up to optimum with magnesium sulfate.

      You can read more about these things in the essay on our magnesium site: Magnesium Chloride vs. Magnesium Sulfate.

  • Peach

    Hi Claudia: I have just found your website/blog and am keenly interested. I have been researching/trying magnesium forms…found that the oil spray, even diluted with distilled water, and then showered off after 20 minutes left me very itchy and irritated. I have insulin resistance, fight weight constantly,some depression, sleeplessness (hence the foray into magnesium) and high cholesterol. I ran across an article on another site the other day where a Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT is positing that heart disease, and these other things may be a result of cholesterol (and particularly a cholesterol sulfate deficiency) deficienty problem. She recommends increasing sulfate by diet and by soaking body in magnesium sulfate baths (3/4 cup/tub of water 2 x week). I am therefore wondering about
    trying the magnesium lotion you recommend (of which I was unaware – but the mg water does cause my sensitive skin problems) and seek your opinion on: 1) would the Epsom baths, mg lotion cause any sort of toxicity overload? 2) if the lotion is more diluted, should I had some of my bottle of mg oil spray to water to get amt of mg up, or would that be too much? 3) does any of this make any sense? I know I do not understand the relationships between the magnesiums, but know also that I would prefer the more pure mg choride flakes if I didn’t think I need the sulfate. Is there another way to get sulfate? Sorry this is so long. Confusion reigns! Thank you for your site. I find it very helpful. Peach

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Peach,

      There are many ways to get more sulfur into your body and Dr. Sircus has a few essays on this. See: The Beginning of the Sulfur Story He generally prefers that magnesium chloride be used over magnesium sulfate as the effects of the magnesium from the chloride are much more prolonged in the body than magnesium sulfate. The magnesium chloride is generally safer too. And you can learn more about this by reading the essay on magnesium chloride vs. magnesium sulfate :

      So while magnesium sulfate might be a way to try to kill two birds with one stone, the effect of raising your magnesium levels may not be so great with this method.

      Some people are more sensitive to the magnesium chloride, and for some this passes after a few weeks of use as the skin becomes more tolerant. You can also use the magnesium chloride in baths and foot baths which should be less irritating to the skin.

      If you have good working kidneys there’s little risk of toxicity from magnesium as the excess is readily excreted by the kidneys.
      You might want to check with LL’s Magnetic Clay who’s Ancient Minerals Magnesium products we recommend to get their take on adding the oil to their lotions. Or try it and let us know how it mixes.

  • thank you Claudia. nice to know your web. to me, the product is new.

  • in Malysia, where can i get it from?

  • alex

    Hi Claudia,
    Thank you for your reply. He’s already taking magnesium chloride oil. I will get him Iodine and sodium bicarbonate. How do we aerosolize sodium bicarbonate?

  • alex


    Just wondering does magnesium chloride and/or bicarbonate soda help with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)?
    My dad has had only 70% lung capacity until recently and it has decreased to about 60%. I’m very worried.

    Thanks, Alex

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Alex,

      Magnesium , sodium bicarbonate and iodine will all help with COPD. The magnesium will relax the bronchial tubes, preventing any spasms which occur frequently in COPD. Iodine will get into the thick bronchial secretions and prevent the infections that so often occur. Sodium bicarbonate aerosolized elevates the pH of tracheobronchial secretions and makes them less obstructive and easier to cough up.

  • Barb


    Good information. Please put me on mailing list. Interested in iodine, Magnesium, Selenium and use as supplements. Your site is new to me. will look at website.

    Best, B

  • Ann

    Claudia, having spoken with my sister, I have a couple more questions. She is currently taking about 1600-1850 mg Mg/day, all at once in the evening. It is in forms of Mg Malate and Mg Glycinate. She has found that Liquid Calm powder fizz helps her bowels but sometimes irritates her throat. She is willing to try the Mg oil, mixed with spring water, but is afraid to decrease her oral Mg, so scared of non-functioning bowels, which is a huge issue for her. How would you suggest she go about the transition, do how much spray and how much oral Mg? Her functional medicine doctor did indeed find her deficient in Mg. Also, does using the Mg flakes and soaking ONLY the feet in it, actually provide a means for Mg to enter the body or is that simply for localized foot neuropathy? Thank you very much

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Ann,

      Foot soaking is an effecting way or raising magnesium levels…In fact this is how Dr. Norm Shealy first discovered that magnesium oil can raise mag levels with a combination of foot soaking and daily body spraying.

      A small amount of mag oil can be added to drinking water and gradually increased till looser stools occur. start with 2-3 sprays into a cup of water and gradually increase. But with all the various types of magnesium she is taking already, perhaps it would be to your advantage to work directly with Dr. Sircus for more specific direction .

      Sounds like the oral magnesium is not being absorbed properly through the digestive tract.


  • Ann

    Claudia, thank you very much for such a detailed response. I hope to encourage her to try this.

  • Ann

    My sister has reached a point of great illness with severe constipation, gastritis, esophagitis, and what she believes is peripheral neuropathy. Because her constipation is so extreme (and makes her interstitial cystitis worse), she is taking so many Mg pills (in various forms) and a fizz powder form (which helps the bowels but aggravates the throat due to esophagitis), I realize Mg oil may be an answer to her problems. Do you have any guidelines for her to use the oil (she has sensitive skin), as the pain in her legs and feet has become almost unbearable? I know she will be scared to stop the oral pills for fear her BM’s will be even less. What would you suggest?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Ann,

      Using Magnesium oil transdermally will help her neuropathy a great deal. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil from LL’s Magnetic Clay is the most pure oil available and is also recommended for oral use, mixed with water. This may help her constipation much more than the oral pills do which are only absorbed at 30-40% from the digestive tract, and even less if digestive problems exist. :

      For sensitive skin she would mix the magnesium oil half and half with spring water, or use bath flakes in a bath.

      LL’s Magnetic Clay has a sale on magnesium now till the end of August for IMVA readers……and a free magnesium book (second edition) for sales over $99:

      There is a forty percent off sale on all Ancient Minerals magnesium products and the company has promised to ship a free copy of my book with all orders over 99 dollars. When you go to the LL Magnetic Clay Company site please use the exclusive code provided to my readers IMVA40 to receive the 40 percent discount and if your order comes to 99 dollars or more enter the code MGBOOK to receive the complementary copy of the new Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book

  • Alexandra

    Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for the quick response! And thanks for confirming this.
    And yes that is exactly where I got all the Ancient Minerals products from!

    Thank you,

  • Alexandra

    Hi again Claudia,

    I managed to find magnesium clhoride oil, nascent iodine and magnesium chloride bath flakes (I live in Singapore). Could you confirm whether the magnesium chloride ‘bath flakes’ are ok/safe to dilute in water for drinking? My mother sent me a very small amount of magnesium chloride powder from Australia which I diluted in water and drank a cup every night before bedtime. I have run out of it but it helped me tremendously with sleep and constipation. However it is too costly to buy and have it sent over every time from overseas.
    I’d like to keep drinking a cup every night as well as applying the oil transdermally.

    Thank you,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      We cannot vouch for all brands of magnesium flakes or oil, but if you are purchasing from a reliable retailer of Ancient Minerals brand it can safely be mixed with water for drinking, and that’s either the mag oil or the bath flakes. This is because of the purity and care taken in filtering and packaging of magnesium from the deep sea beds. Other brands which are obtained from evaporating sea water are more readily contaminated.

      There is a distributor of Ancient Minerals in Singapore:

      Omega 3 Global
      159 Goldhill Centre
      51 Thomson Road
      Phone: +65 93835995

      Please see the essay on Product Analysis at:

  • Bonnie

    Would this type of magnesium be helpful for preventing migraines?

  • DK

    Hi Claudia,

    Do you have any information or research on using magnesium oil to heal intermittent CSF leaks (skull)? Also, do you know of any clinics or researchers who are experimenting with ocean therapy for sealing CSF leaks? Perhaps it is the combination of magnesium in the water and water pressure?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi DK,

      No, I’m sorry we don’t have much on using mag oil for CSF leaks.
      We are checking with our contact at Quinton Marine, to see if they are doing or know of any reasearch on seawater and CSF leaks.

      Will let you know if and when we get an answer on this.

  • Hi Claudia

    Is it ideal to apply Magnesium Chloride gel or lotion directly to the part of the body that injured, for instance, the elbow in the case of tendonitis.

    Would using the gel or lotion on legs as well help the elbow?

    Thanks you in advance.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      applying magnesium oil, gel, or lotion is most effective when applied directly to an area of pain. The oil is the strongest in terms of amount of magnesium. Some people find great pain relief if they apply hot towels over the magnesium. Especially if the oil is used.

      Sure the gel applied to legs will still help the elbow, but not nearly as much as direct application.

  • Alexandra

    Dear Claudia,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply!
    I also have a uterine fibroid which doctors say there is nothing which can help get rid of it. Would Magnesium Chloride help eliminate it?
    Thanks! Alexandra

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Magnesium and iodine both have been shown in research to help shrink uterine fibroids.

  • Alexandra

    Hi Claudia,

    I had a total thyroidectomy 1 1/2 years ago and am on daily Thyroxine tablets for the rest of my life. Would Magnesium Chloride interact negatively with this medication? Also, since I have no thyroid how exactly do I protect myself from radiation?

    Thanks, Alexandra

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Magnesium chloride used transdermally should not react negatively with your thyroid medications. You might even find you need less of them…

      Since you’ve had a thyroidectomy, you do not need to protect against thyroid cancer ( unless the surgery was only to remove part of the gland). So you would not need the same amount of iodine as others do in a radiation crisis. But keep in mind that other parts of our bodies use and need iodine too.

      There are other forms of radiation beside radioactive iodine which affects the thyroid gland. Follow the recommendations being made in Dr. Sircus’ essays posted on his blog site: (book will be out soon) and I would even recommend that you get a consultation with Dr. Sircus since your situation is more complicated and your need for supervision in using any medication or supplement is greater than most peoples.

  • Katie

    CLaudia – I am having trouble with oral magnesium citrate causing digestive problems even in small doses, building up after two or three days of use. How can I use oral magnesium effectively without gas or bowel trouble? Should I switch to glycinate form or a certain brand? I am using NOW brand.

    Thank you

    • claudia


      Why don’t you get off the oral magnesim and try the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil used topically?

      You are experiencing the biggest problem with oral magnesium pills, they can cause diarrhea making them ineffective in bringing up our magnesium levels. You will have much better luch with the magnesium oil …read all about it on the magnesium site.

  • Alex Lou

    Dear Claudia,which is your opinion about using footbaths with epsom salt (MgSo4 ) for absorbing magnesium.Thank you !

    • claudia

      Hi Alex Lou,

      Epsom salts would work in a footbath but what we have found out in our research is that the effects of magnesium chloride last much loonger in our bodies than mag sulfate (epsom salt). So treat yourself and get some magnesium sulfate from LL’s Magnetic clay and use that in your footbath. They also have magnesium chloride bath flakes which are a little less in cost and work just as well in foot baths or regular baths.

      MERRY XMAS!!!
      Claudia French

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Alex Lou,

      Using epsom salts for footbaths is fine, but know that the magnesium absorbed won’t last as long in your body as magnesium chloride would so the effects would not be as great. This is a downfall of using epsom salts (magnesium sulfate).

      Read about the differences between the two types of magnesium here: Magnesium Chloride vs. Magnesium Sulfate

  • Lesley

    Claudia, I was having super dry skin problems and also I wear a compression ankle/crew style sock which is needed daily to prevent swelling in my feet. Anyway it seemed the MG-Oil was causing some reaction with the compression garment and even a regular style crew sock I wore over it for boots. And then there was the all over dry skin situation. I tried applying different oils straight such as emu or wheat…they didn’t seem to do the trick at all. So finally I tried applying a variety of rich lotions right after getting out of shower and then on top of them applying the liquid MG-Oil. This seems to have helped with the dry skin and I feel I’m absorbing the MG too. My question is do you know of a lotion that might be the best fit here and help the side effect of dry skin? Also though my compression garment are latex free the sores that developed with them suggested a latex contact reaction. Think burned and at the most upper elastic edge about 1/4-1/2 inch wide band. Maybe it’s just the pressure is strong there to hold up the garments? I’ve attempted to not apply any MG-Oil to the area of my legs where the tops of the garments would hit then…sort of skip my entire calf and shin area due to the fact that the socks can and do slip down a ways after putting them on. Sometimes they stay all the way up but most times they tend to slip and on occasion roll down a bit so I never really know where that top compression will dig into my leg the most….just know I’ve got to be diligent not to develop any sores as they take a long time to heal up all the way. So my question basically is do you suppose there could be a break down in rubbers or change in elastic materials to cause a skin reaction when MG-Oil is there? And the other is can you recommend a quality lotion that works well with the MG-Oil without reducing it’s effects. (I’ve used some expensive dry skin ones from the dermatologist as well as had good luck similar with Gold Bond healing lotion and their newest anti-itch lotion both. I just apply a light layer of lotion onto damp clean skin then quickly add the MG-Oil right over the top of that which seems to be mixing and blending it with the lotion.

    • claudia

      Dear Leslie,

      I would suggest putting the magnesium oil on , leaving it sit for about 20-30 minutes, then rinsing it off or showering. You can then apply a soothing or moisturining lotion, and we’ve seen good results from coconut oil and Aloe Vera. The magnesium will be absorbed within this time frame of 20-30 minutes and you can do this 2 or 3 times/day.

      As an alternative, you can purchase the newly formulated Magnesium Lotion from LL’s Magnetic Clay. This was specially formulated for people with more sensitive skin issues and has special emollients included. They also have a gel available now.

      Check it out and I hope this helps!

      Claudia French

  • Paula

    good evening, I just began useing hexahidrated magnisum chloride,,could you please tell me what are the exact benefits from this product, many peolpe told me it is good for everything,,,such as,brittle bones,headaches,bodyaches,back pain,high blood pressure and so on,,it has a horrible taste,,but if it´s worth it, I am totally up for it.

    thank you.

    • claudia

      Dear Paula,

      I suggest you read all you can about transdermal magnesium chloride which is the form Dr. Sircus and the IMVA recommends over oral preparations. Look at our site MagnesiumForLIfe for a wealth of information on this.

      Claudia French

  • Lesley

    Claudia, I thought I sent a message earlier but must not have gone through. I was asking about the use of Sodium Thiosulfate transdermally too. I see on other links to this page that it’s recommended to help clear the body of heavy metals and calcium deposits but it only references it. No directions on say how much to add to your MG-oil or how over you should apply it. Everytime or only 1-3 times a week for example. Any kind of directions would be helpful. I purchased 9 pounds from a chemical store and it arrived today. Yes I could experment with it on my own but if too little no effect and if too much perhaps toxic results. I used calcium without Mg for years as it prevented severe muscle cramps and now trying to make up for that…with the development of joint problems and ganglion cysts. I’m also using clay foot baths and could add it to the clay but since clay is strictly to draw impurities out…not sure the ST would enter the pores anymore than the MG so prefer to apply the MG-oil seperate and daily so far. No change to my Ganglion cysts yet but am not taking clay internally.

    • claudia

      Sorry about not seeing your question on Sodium Thiosulfate.

      When Dr. Sircus was researching thiosulfate he consulted with Dr. Oleg Yasko from Russia who had been taking it orally. Dr. Yasko recommended taking thiosulfate to taste in a cup of water at night three times week. It has a strong sulfur taste, that’s why its mixed to taste.

      You can also put it into a bath for transdermal absorption. Add about a cupful to a bath or footbath. Thiosulfate mixed with water is very watery and difficult to mix with the mag oil for massage or body spraying.

      For more detailed instructions you will have to consult directly with Dr. Sircus.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Beth

    I just purchased Dr. Sircus’s book, “Sodium Bicarbonate,” and I would like to initiate the use of glutathione via a nebulizer for an adult autism client.

    Can you recommend a reputable company who sells glutathione for nebulizing without a prescription or to non-licensed health practitioners (herbalists, nutritionists, health consultants)? I am in Ecuador, so a US company is fine, but I’ll also order from S.A. companies.

    Thank you,


  • Katrynova

    I’m wondering also about using a nebulizer as I have one. Is there a product that one can use in a neb?

  • Beth

    Hi Claudia,
    Dr. Sircus has written that there are 1,300 mg of magnesium per liter of sea water. And, he also mentions the need to make the magnesium concentration of a bath 1 to 4 times that of the ocean to gain the same benefit.

    You mentioned in another post that the recommended dosage is 1-2 oz of magnesium oil per day in order to bring magnesium levels up quickly. Like Emil (respondent above), I would like to find out how much time one would need to spend in the ocean (soaking or swimming) in order to absorb the equivalent of your recommended 1-2 oz of magnesium oil per day in order to raise magnesium levels quickly?

    Thank you,


    • claudia

      Hi Beth,

      Its hard to calculate how long you would have to stay in the ocean to get adequate magnesium absorbed into your body. Consider that the ocean is mostly sodium chloride and not magnesium. A 2006 analysis of a commercial Dead Sea Salt product measured 2.5% sodium chloride content – by comparison, 97% of the salt in normal ocean water is sodium chloride.

      the concentrations in ocean water are dependent on many things such as air and water temperature, rainfall depth, time of year etc. Many can benefit if they live close to the ocean and daily enter the waters, besides which they can benefit from breathing the iodine rich air. Warm waters will allow more absorption through the skin than cold waters will.

      Fick’s Law of Diffusion states that the amount of any solute (e.g. magnesium chloride) absorbed is directly dependent upon the concentration of the solution, and the length of time the solute is in contact with the membrane (e.g. the skin). Additional variables should also be taken into account, including application sites on the body, temperature of the solution, etc. While these points do provide insight into the conditions which would favor effective uptake of magnesium by the skin, a definitive answer as to precisely how many milligrams are absorbed is of course unattainable in vivo; exact values are similarly unattainable when oral dosages are called into question. Far too many intrinsic factors exist to influence exactly how much and how fast magnesium is assimilated and subsequently sent into circulation, whether it be the oral or topical route called into question. ( from the magnetic clay site)

      Another thing to consider is the amounts of pollutants in the waters, and in our oceans this is increasing all the time. .Magnesium Chloride has the highest natural concentration in Brine Seas (below sea level) such as the Dead Sea in Israel or the Great Salt Lakes in Utah and some underwater volcanoes off the coast of Italy. But in the Great Salt Lakes there are also higher concentrations of mercury.

      It is more reliable to use a pure source of magnesium chloride where the amounts can be better controlled if we don’t live by the sea.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Lynda Finn

    I began taking magnesium phosphate as I read that it can help with insomnia but I began to have backache. I wasn’t sure if this was the magnesium or some other cause so I eliminated it from my diet, then, 2 weeks later, tried again. Back came the aches (although I was sleeping better)

    Is Magnesium chloride totally different? If I changed to this, would I still have the same problem?

    I have also read that that magnesium help Extreme/Essential Tremor and would like to recommend this to a friend but don’t want to get my magnesiums mixed up 🙂


  • Emil

    Thank you for this wonderful information. i greatly appreciate and enjoy your site and the thought-provoking newsletter. Many thanks.

    I’d like to ask about getting Magnesium from the sea. I heard the Doctor mention it in the above video. i am very lucky and eternally grateful for having access to year-round warm sea water. i’d like to hear a little more details (it was just a passing comment on the video) about the magnesium absorbtion from the sea:

    how long would one need to be in the water to absorb sufficient amounts of magnesium? and how often?

    is sea water a safe source of magnesium absorbtion (taking into account that most of our society’s pollution and toxins end up in the ocean in a concentrated form)?

    are the magnesium concentrations the same everywhere or is there a difference between different parts of the world (i am in southeast asia)?

    are there any studies about the absorption levels of magnesium from sea water (i know the chances are low for that since it’s not exactly a profitable area of research for the drug companies)?

    what about mixing a little seawater with drinking water for oral consumtion? will that make any difference in terms of magnesium levels?

    lastly, is there anywhere i can find more information about magnesium absorbtion from the sea?

    With Blessings,

  • allison

    How do you know how much one can take of the magnesium and can you use on infants and children?

    Thank you,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Yes Magnesium Oil can be used on infants and children and especially in their baths where it is not so irritating to their skin.

      The general instructions are available in various essays on our magnesium site: The second edition is still at the publisher but will be out in about a month. Also there is a lot of information in essays on the site.

  • Becky

    Do prill beads really work? Any info will be appreciated. I purchased these beads then found many articles saying they are a scam.

    • claudia

      I have used prill beads and definitely could taste and feel a difference in my drinking water. I loved them….just my personal opinion.


      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • josh

    Where do you get magnesium oil, or magnesium chloride and how much do you take, how oftenn???

    • claudia


      IMVA recommends using Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil which is the purest you can buy.You can get it from LL’s Magnetic Clay at: daily by body spraying, massage, foot baths or in full baths. Apply 1-2oz per day for the first few months to get the magnesium levels up quickly. See our Magnesium For Life site for much more information on this.


      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Val

    I’ve been using magnesium oil ‘on and off’ for about a year. My favorite way of using it is to massage it into as much of my body as I can reach. Then I let it sit for 15 minutes before showering. It makes my skin feel soft and my body feels more at peace. My husband has very tight muscles and I’d like to see if consistent use will help them loosen up a bit.

    Thanks for all your great info. Val

  • leon

    Thank you for your site, have used Magnesium Oxide over 2yrs, had problems with diarrhea, the past several months I lost complete control of my bowels 3 times, doing simple everyday things like, walking my dog, twice, doing things around the house, it’s like my bowels had a mind of it’s own…was going to see a doctor, glad I read your articles first…I thank you guys..God bless.

  • Barb Sohm

    I know I am magnesium deficient and have been taking it for years for mitral valve prolapse, constipation and insomnia. I feel like I am needing more and more. I have never heard of magnesium chloride. I have always taken just enough to relieve symptoms. The patch is very interesting. Also, the brand I’ve been taking is the magnesium fizz drink which can get expensive since I need more and more of it.