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Unbelievable Events in Antarctica

Published on July 28, 2011


We only believe what we see with our own eyes and then even then, if we do not want to see something, we will not see it even if it’s there. Lately I have been taking virtual journeys down to the Antarctic Circle to the Neumayer Station, which has a 24/7 video cam set up and it is really hard to believe one’s eyes at what has been seen all the way down there in the underbelly of the world. Anything approaching from underneath the orbital plane of the solar system can be seen from the South Pole.

Neumayer Station in the Antarctic was established on the Ekstrom Ice Shelf as a research observatory for geophysical, meteorological and atmospheric chemistry measurements, as well as a logistics base for summer expeditions. If you want to see what’s going on you can go there yourself. You just click on this link and you will go to the video cam. The German site that is responsible for the station changes the stream each day. The date is seen on the top of the video screen and you will see that the cam captures a frame every ten minutes.

Above is a shot from 10:40 this morning the 28th with the sun shining from way to the left illuminating the side of the station where the name is.

What I am requesting is for my readers to do this not only today but every day for a while. Together we can monitor events that are concentrated at the southern pole of our planet. Be prepared to see some strange things, unexplainable light sources and celestial bodies. Since viewing the below video things have calmed down but the one thing everyone will notice is that every day, after our sun has set, another light source comes over the horizon sometimes pulsating, other times not. Whatever it is we can see it is not a regular sun for it does not illuminate the landscape like our sun does.

About two weeks ago I saw this video presentation from the live web cam from the 14th of July that showed these three men in these interesting suits pointing up to the sky. That day’s video cam caught all sorts of things that are unbelievable and I have not seen anything as dramatic since I have been tuning into the cam feed. But still there is an unexplainable light source that keeps popping up behind the station that shines through below the station that is supported on hydraulic support lifts.

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Below is a typical series of photos from the web cam. It is 4:10 in the afternoon and the sun has already set. We never do see the sun from this angle but you can see the effects of our sun starting at around 8:15 each day. The last few days it has been very stormy so the sun brings only a little illumination. At the Antarctic Circle, where the station is, there is only one day when there is no sun and one day when the sun does not set.


The sun sets around 4 p.m. so any light coming from the horizon or in this case under the station would not be the sun. Look at the time stamps on each frame on the top right of the images. The camera takes frames 10 minutes apart.


In the video from July 14th the images and this light source are much clearer. As you can see I am using live shots from the 25th, which was a stormy day.



Day after day lately we see pretty much the same thing. The video from the 14th was so mind-blowing that I had to see for myself. After a week of monitoring I have to say that the video from the 14th seems real enough though it’s impossible to ascertain if the Germans have been manipulating or changing the video in any way. Sometimes we see the image of the station shifting to the right and then back into normal position. But what does not lie is the way the landscape receives the light from the different sources. Thank God the sun seems normal enough in this regard.

That video gets into explanations or what some people might call speculation. It is all too easy to dismiss what our eyes see as a problem with the camera or lens glare and that is why I now make going to this station a regular part of my routine.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Argonaut

    And how about asking directly the crew of Neumayer III station, about this strange happenings at their place?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      I have personally attempted to contact this crew to ask for more information on what we are seeing there. Unfortunately no one responded.

      • geno

        They are NOT allowed to respond to the public or anyone the like.
        They are not allowed to tell the public / taxpayers about the
        strange happenings at Antarctica. If people really knew what
        goes on down there. People would freak out.

        • geno


          people on here can laugh if they want, at what I’m about to say.

          A lot of UFO activity has nothing to do with aliens from space.

          Some maybe but not all.

          The general public , mankind has been lied to. There have been many past civilizations on this planet. Some not advanced, but others that were much much more advanced than our civilization today.

          There is all kinds of evidence that some of the many past civilizations

          here on earth were highly advanced way beyond our technology

          of today. If you all just took the time to read, do a little imvestigation

          of your own. Ancient India hindu text’s describe the effects and aftermath of a Nuclear Bomb Explosion.

          Look this up–>> ” Bhagavad-Gita ”

          It accurately describes what a nuclear explosion looks like;

          such as the super brilliant light, all those thousands of years

          ago– they describe an explosion that gives off the light of

          a thousand suns. they describe a rising column of billowing smoke and fire. the list goes on.

          Just how did they know all that from thousands on thousands

          of years BEFORE the supposed first atomic bomb explosion?

          Look up —>> ‘ Bhagavad-Gita ‘


          Russian, scientists have dug down to the strata that corresponds to tens of thousands of years ago. They found radioactive skeletons of people holding hands in the street. They tested the bones and found what are known as Radioactive daughter products in those bones.

          Radioactive daughter products come from just a very few places–

          1. a nuclear reactor 2. an atom bomb explosion

          Scientists from multiple nations have tested bones, pottery, etc. from that level in archeological digs around India.

          They all have ended up with the same results.


          Long story short; scientists / government’s have found a whole

          lot of evidence, ancient equipment, weapons, cities, etc. in / under Antarctica. Evidence that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt

          that there were super advanced society / civilization’s here

          on earth thousands on thousands of years ago.

          Some of what people think are UFO’s might be our own modern aircraft that were built using ancient technology.

          Do your own investigation–

          look up—–>>> ” Bhagavad-Gita ”

  • Argonaut

    Sorry, I was wrong. I viewed de wrong Video clip. The guy who uploaded the clip on YTube didn’t check out the real location of Neumayer III base in the Antarctic and so did I. Being at: S 70° 40? 8? , W 8°? 16? 2?, it is all normal to have some hours of day light in July, even if the Sun doesn’t really rise and set.
    Sorry again.

  • Argonaut

    “The sun sets around 4 p.m. so any light coming from the horizon or in this case under the station would not be the sun. ”

    There is only one problem besides the strange lights by this time in July. The Sun shouldn’t be rising or setting at all.
    Check it with some astronomy program. It should be night all the time.

  • Norrin Radd

    Look at this Video from is a amazing one…and gives proof to the pics from the neumayer station, here is the link for you..enjoy:
    and some info from my side..nibiru is like the object in the movie SPHERE or the movie Solaris wz clooney as main actor…i catch this in a lucid dream in that nibiru told me his true nature…this is what they dont want you to know…all your belives become much more powerful in becoming reality..that is the reason the want you to have fear…become free of fear and think about the best future you can imagine..that will help a lot to break the evil powers!!!
    and now have a good life you sleeping gods
    Norrin Radd

    • I read your post and wished I was good enuogh to write it

  • sledge

    Karlin your post started out very interesting. However, as it progressed I started finding indications of a closed mind. [a sure sign of a lack of objectivity and credibility in my books].

  • Karlin

    About South Pole radiation, there is an old nuclear reactor from the 1950s that is leaking radiation. They are not sure what to do about it… Scientists that worked at that site are now full of cancers. There is a recent article on it… I have somewhere if anyone is interested.

    But the lights? Most really do look like vehicle headlights on snow [I have seen many long cold dark winters] especially when the camera is on a LOW LIGHT EXPOSURE. Anything brighter than a candle just looks like a blob of light.

    Dr. Sircus is looking more and more like a circus – have you read his interpretation of NASA data that shows “global warming is not a problem because more heat is being lost to space than previously thought, and so we will have dreaded global cooling soon”
    – but he fails to link to any NASA data showing that, or even comments by NASA people.

    AND – he just might be…. one of those…. religious people who believes in God!!! [a sure sign of a lack of objectivity and credibility in my books].

    • Ben

      The fool says in his heart “there is no God”

      author :God

  • MarkoNi

    Also what is this light engulfing the bottom of the station for two hours starting 2011-07-31 05:40?
    Go to and step frame by frame from 05:00 onward to see the “event”.

  • MarkoNi

    Check out the picture taken on 30.7.2011 at 18.00.
    There’s an “explosion” of light jut above the station.

    Compare that to pictures taken 10 minutes before and after the event when everything is calm in the night sky

  • sledge

    Kevin if that planet looking object isn’t a lens flare reflection of the sun. How do you explain it traveling across the front of the building before it goes into the sky?

    The reason the Sun is coming up in July is because the planet has shifted it’s axis. This has already been documented by Eskimo’s who have looked to the stars as a compass for eons. You can verify this for yourself by looking where the Sun and Moon rises and sets. They are off.

    There is undoubtedly something big going on as the Government has remained totally silent on the subject while making unparalleled preparations for an upcoming disaster.

    If you d not know what I’m talking about you need to do some research into our and other Governments activities.

  • ray

    This is all well and good but the sun is not supposed to rise there during july.

    • Sean

      It does, but not between June 3rd and July 11th

  • Kevin

    That is obviously NOT a lens flare. If it was it wouldn’t look like that. It looks like it’s on the ground. Hate to disappoint, but I don’t see any reason to think it’s related to aliens either (and I believe in ETs, UFOs, etc)

  • Josh Van Hooke

    Hi Mark,

    have a look at the Neumayer Station on 29/7/11 at 09:20. It appears as though two alien lifeforms, possibly reptilian, are crawling on all fours across the ice towards a green light reflecting off the far corner of the facility. Also, could the blinding light that appears above the station in the evening be a portal or stargate?

    I wonder how difficult it would be to organise an expedition to the south pole?!

    Your commitment to exposing the truth is outstanding.
    Thank you and much much love!

  • sledge

    If you look at the video from 11:52 – 12:50 you can clearly see that it is a lens flare reflection. You can follow the reflection across the front of the building until it appears in the sky.

    The strobing effect of the light on the side of the station looks to be snow blowing in front of a light that shines towards the station.

    The light under the station could be from an open hatch in the underground storage area or a vehicle.

    I’ve heard reports that the south polar region is getting hit by direct radiation from an unknown source that had to be closer than 3 years. Supposedly they sent up a satellite on a recent Shuttle mission to try and determine where it was coming from. Perhaps this is the reason for the radiation suites the men are wearing.

  • Eric

    I also think the light comes from a vehicle… very localized, but doesn’t explain strange suits, astral bodies, etc.

    Look at image #57 at station, today (july 29), WTF is that weird green gaseous thing next to the station?

    I wish I could just fly there and have a look for myself!

  • Jim

    I say it’s Lady Ga-ga’s egg. But hey, why don’t you ask the Germans who live there? They must know something.

  • Freedomcalls

    The shots shown shown here could just be some artificial lighting adjacent to the station, generated by the station itself. I don’t see any reason to think it is anything else.

  • John

    The atmosphere above Antarctica is extremely clear and crisp and what was the position of the moon during all this?

    The mind has an ability to to interpret what is seen by the eye to what the mind is anticipating!

    The camera also has a narrow field of vision, especially compared to the eye of the people on location, interesting though.

  • james

    I have seen a few of the youtube videos and I have watched the webcam at the german site AWI at different times of the day. Since the camera steps in 10 min. intervals you can not get the full context of what you are seeing. Some of the lights and flashes are from a tracked vehicle that they use to plow the snow. Since they use night vision cameras they are very sensitive to the light of any equipment . When it comes to the strange shadows, sunsets and sunrises that I can not explain.

  • grumpy bear

    Mark & readers, please go to the “German site” which Mark refers to above for a direct link to the entire ‘AWI’ site. There is a contact link onsite which allows for questions from anyone. Why not send them their own footage of ‘anomalies’ asking for an explanation.Would this not be a appropriate journalistic approach? Or do we just go with a you-tuber commentary? The AWI site looks completely open for anyone to read about their activities,etc. If they disable their web cam and/or erase previous info,then we have a interesting problem.

  • grumpy bear

    The commentator on the u-tube video, Donny Gillson,has an agenda.His subject areas are UFOlogy,aliens,etc. The video on face value appears strange because there are no astrophysicists familiar with the Antarctic & this particular station area providing their expert analysis & commentary.Of course,if there is an agenda,we can’t trust ‘these people’ anyway. So it is frought with speculation,unfortunately.Can we really say that all international expert officials who have viewed the Neumeyer station web cam videos are hiding information? Why is the video feed available to anyone/everyone if it could be restricted access? I personally have witnessed many strange things in my life & where there are no explanations there can only be speculation. We cannot expect science to explain everything.When Einstein said there must be a God,he over stepped his bounds of science,however,science has become a religion. The theory that a big bang caused all existence is just that, a theory,a belief,as are all scientific theories.The video shows 3,presumed humans, in thermo-reflective suits ,which later the commentator,Gillson,speculates they are aliens. This is good storyboarding for a Coast-to-Coast program. Coast-to-Coast is a famous radio program that mixes fact & fiction.Its supposed to be a counterbalance,however it is weighted in the fiction area.My opinion here is not to make friends nor enemies,but to maintain a semblance of level headedness.Yes,the strange & unexplainable have existed for eons & thats a good thing because we do need to be awake & not sleep walking in any ‘matrix’ scenario.

  • Cold WInd

    Without credible expertise weighing in on this video, it is difficult to come to any conclusion. Admittedly, the narrator has raised several interesting points here and I am not ready to dismiss them out of hand.I hope others get involved with helpful suggestions either supporting the narrator’s interpretation of the various frames or in offering alternative explanations. I for one, would like to know the truth. Is Nibiru coming?

  • Kelvin Trevaskis

    Hey Marc
    It could be Brown Dwarf “ELENIN”
    It will lign up compltely with the Sun and the Earth on the 27th Sept.
    Google it.
    Huge News.