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World’s First Oil Volcano

Published on May 11, 2010


Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Justin Stumberg/US Navy/Reuters

It’s our first oil volcano and its spilling black lava into the sea. I feel sad for the younger generations for mine and the one that came before have done so much to damage our environment. Sociologist Steven Picou at the University of South Alabama calls the Gulf oil leak a “monster catastrophe that boggles the mind.” Some believe that the pocket of oil that’s been hit is so powerful and under so much pressure that it may be virtually impossible to contain it. Many things are being proposed but no promises have been made.

BP said it was trying several options to control the leak without being sure they would work. Among plans under consideration for the gusher, BP is looking at cutting the riser pipe, which extends from the well, undersea and using larger piping to bring the gushing oil to a drill ship on the surface, a tactic considered difficult and less desirable because it will increase the flow of oil. That’s a scary option but at this point they are “trying anything people can think of” to stop the leak, said Ed Overton, a LSU professor of environmental studies.

The oil began washing up on beaches in thick blobs last weekend bringing a renewed sense of urgency as dime to golf ball sized balls of tar washed up Saturday on Dauphin Island, three miles off the Alabama mainland at the mouth of Mobile Bay. Initial reports were of only 1,000 barrels of oil a day (46,000 gallons) but now the estimates are up to almost 4,000 barrels a day (175,000 gallons) or more.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration video, shot as officials coordinated response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, shows that federal officials almost immediately worried that the oil well could leak up to 110,000 barrels per day, or 4.6 million gallons. In one scene, officials say that the estimate for the leak in a worst-case scenario is between 65,000 and 100,000 barrels per day. A dry erase board on the wall reads “Estim: 64,000 to 110,000 bbls/day. CNN reported 300,000 gal/day.”

At that spill rate, 32 million gallons of oil would enter the Gulf every week. We were originally told that a thousand barrels of oil was leaking per day but now almost 20 days later we are told an estimated 3.5 million gallons has risen from the depths since the April 20 explosion that killed 11. Now two days later their estimates put out in the press are 4 million gallons.

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If the wellhead is lost, oil could leave the well at a much greater rate, perhaps up to 150,000 barrels — or more than 6 million gallons per day — based on government data showing daily production at another deepwater Gulf well. By comparison, the Exxon Valdez spill was 11 million gallons total. The Gulf spill could end up dumping the equivalent of 4 Exxon Valdez spills per week.

AP Photo

Fears are growing of a prolonged environmental and economic disaster for the U.S. The projected westward spread of the massive slick, swelled by crude gushing unchecked from a ruptured BP-owned seabed well, has raised fears of an impact on rich fisheries areas filled with shrimps, oysters, crabs and crayfish, and even on major shipping channels off the Louisiana coast.

There is no doubt that this is a catastrophic event with catastrophic consequences. If the river of oil cannot be stopped the United States of America will be in real trouble as the oil makes its way around the gulf and then up the East Coast, which is where the Gulf Stream will eventually carry the oil. It sounds like already it’s going to be a total wipeout to the fishing industry in the Gulf and that really matters with world food stocks being so low.

Mike Adams said, “This is disastrous for both the seafood industry and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. It’s also devastating to the local wildlife which could begin to die off from petroleum toxicity. There’s no telling where this continuous stream of oil will end up and what damage it might cause. We cannot live without life in the oceans. Man is arrogant to drill so deeply into the belly of Mother Earth.” Adams is already talking about this as a life extinction event, and though it’s a little early to call or even utter such words this is a really serious event that will keep expanding if they don’t cap that well.

Seems like the Coast Guard early on had similar concerns.


(AP Photo/U.S. Coast Guard) This image provided by the U.S. Coast Guard Saturday April 24, 2010, shows oil leaking from the drill pipe of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig after it sank. A confidential government report on the unfolding spill disaster makes clear the Coast Guard feared the well could be on the verge of becoming an unchecked gusher shooting millions of gallons of oil per day into the Gulf.

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  • Reinaldo Irizarry, Sr., Ph.D.

    Mother Earth is Bleeding”

    Little did “BP” know the negative effect it would have on “Mother Earth,” by drilling so deep an not be prepare to deal with the consequences in the event something went wrong. After the facts, they are in denial of their blunder and in a desperate mode trying to repair the damage they caused. Further more, the US is being too arrogant in not accepting assistance from other countries which have offered their help.

    “BP” has cut one of “Mother Earth’s” arteries and if is not fixed, it could cause her to eventually bleed to death… How could the US not have anticipate such a catastrophe when they gave the Oil Giant the exclusive right to drill so deep. For the benefit of all the people on this Earth, there should be more stringent methods in place to prevent this from ever happening again. Obviously there isn’t a watch dog to keep their eyes on companies from eventually repeating the same mistake.

    Lets wake up people… before is too late.

  • kitto

    now now!
    there seems to be a lot of blame shifting on the news, off the news, on the internet, i am wondering why there needs to point a finger at anyone. may be it helps us to go on living without having to make any changes? this is simply a consequence to an action. an action taken by all of us by the life style we choose. money more money! food food more food! land land more land! oil oil more oil!
    does anyone know what happens to the empty spaces left in the earth when the oil is drained out of it? did the oil get there by itself or did the earth put it there by a processes that keeps itself in balance – stable may be even! would the earth have to do anything to counteract our actions of moving vast amounts of matter from one place to another! or is the earth a dead rock hurtling around the sun with no purpose and no personal processes and abilities to preserve itself. does this… may be cause the earth to reposition its matter particles… gee! may be i dont know – through something like an earthquake? or rearranging the sea level? may be pole shift even???
    any one??

  • Ralfie Loos


    I’m wondering now whether there REALLY is an “oil shortage” or if it’s just ‘manufactured,’ more-manure LIES !

    … lot of that going around lately …. since we left the caves. LOL


  • Daniel

    Maybe they did it on purpose so people change preference. I’d better think bad of them. There is always a conspiracy going on. Thay are always shaping our behaviour. They know what the are doing. I am sure it’s a setup so we say: “We want electric cars!!!” And then they make mony on electricity. As always, they win.

    Daniel Rostand.

  • Daniel

    The structures of the mind are falling. New leaders will come. People are going to learn that everything is connected. I am so sad that ordinary people are suffering when the government throws bombs everywhere. Karma always works. Powerful people only cares about geopolitics. REad Geroge Friedman’s book THE NEXT 100 YEARS. They don’t care about us (like killed Michael Jackson said).

    The word DEVIL, in greek, means MIND. As long as the mind takes over things will be bad. When the mind knows the heart she surrenders. Look in the heart, in the middle of the chest. Connect with it and you will see what happens. Pay attention to that feeling in the heart, pay attention. If someone needs help write to me at .

    I have been going opposite to what society tells me. I was so succesful and had a wonderful “society life”. But inside I was empty. Now I am not empty and I am experiencing what we all humans have inside. Forget religions, it doesn’t work. Religions belong to the mind. You are the temple, in you resides what you are looking for. But you must abandon all your concepts, your labels, your goals, do it for God’s sake. Abandon your mind, I can help you.

    When the mind feels what the heart has it is like when you try a nice desert you say: “Hummmm” and your mind shuts up. When the mind feel the sweetnes of the heart she shuts up and shows you good thoughts and good feelings. It’s easy.

    Daniel Rostand.

  • My next question beyond stopping this “leak” is , Why are we allowing foreign companies to drill into our resources? Aren’t we supposed to be keeping those for the US? Why is not a large point in the media or with the American public?

  • Gayle

    I don’t know if you have seen this video, which is posted on YouTube. Oil cleanup using various kinds of hay or straw from the farmlands of the US. It would certainly be worth trying to clean up this mess without resorting to more chemicals, if possible.

  • Mary

    How arrogant of them to think that this would never happen and not have some kind of plan for a disaster like this. The government needs to get all of the clean up ships out there and start working on something instead of trying to decide who to blame – that can come later. Why are they discussing a cap on fines? They have the money so they should all pay. Mike Adams also stated that they knew that dumping the cement would cause it to break. How many other people think this is another “accident” and not something else the government is using to control us or whatever else their plans are for? Again, the government is not protecting the people and is showing they are only concerned about themselves and big oil with this disgusting mess. All Obama has done is put drilling on hold for now.
    What will happen when there is another hurricane coming through this summer through the gulf? That will certainly push the oil farther inland. Louisiana and Mississippi were just recovering from the other hurricane.
    This disaster is too horrible to comprehend.

  • There are cars that run on air, water, electric and I believe even magnetic engines. But they are not produced in large production for some reason… probably because the arrogant powers that be won’t allow anyone to make crude oil obsolete. This disaster of oil gushing in the ocean is bad for all of us not just the life in the oceans or not even just the fishing and tourism industry. This will hurt ALL of us… mark my words. You can not do this kind of damage without it effecting everyone somehow. One way is just being able to go swim in the Gulf of Mexico or the east coast. This is a good example of why we (the people of the world) need to demand that cars that run on water, air or whatever be pursued heavily no matter what the oil producers want. I am sick of hearing about how the big boys will be out of business. Who cares? They should be! They have made their billions over the years and destroyed the environment in the process. I realize we all drive cars (most people anyway) and we do demand oil, but only because the alternatives have been suppressed. Ford built a carburetor that got 1000 MPG a long time ago, I am pretty sure and Toyota had an engine that got 100 mpg I think several years ago but the big boys shut it down as they always do. Someday soon this enslavement of the world by these evil people is going to stop and I can’t wait till it does. Personally, I think someone better get some prison time and a HUGE fine out of this and the fine better not go to the government either. It needs to go to cleaning up this mess and compensating those whose livelihoods have just been destroyed.

  • c. eisenhart

    I think it a moot point as to whom to blame. Transocean, Halliburton or BP. Or which politicians have been recipients of their respective lobby monies.
    What matters is the current administration, after stating it was ameniable to offshore drilling, is doing nothing! The US has more resources available than just the Coast Guard. I think eeveryone knows the military possesses things of magnitude even greater than HAARP. Microwave and laser technologies that are downright scary. But could very easily be employed to stop this disaster. Instead, it seems they are content to let this thing escalate and let the oil companies take the body blows. Unfortunately, I don’t think that myopic view is going to work. Certainly not for people from the Gulf, who have been the victims of governmental ineptness before, and most certainly everyone else who will see the costs of everything skyrocket.