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Thievery 101

Published on October 15, 2010

Jason Lee and Tom Green in Columbia's Stealing Harvard - 2002

Taxpayers, senior citizens, and everyone who is even near approaching retirement are facing their own Waterloo. Bondholders are going to be competing with the pension beneficiaries for scarce government resources on the local, state, and federal level for there is just not enough money to pay everyone their due. Already Social Security is failing the elderly by not keeping up with inflation, but that is just a whiff of what is yet to come.

Big U.S. cities and counties are being put in a headlock by unfunded public pensions as they face a $574 billion funding gap. The gap at the municipal level would be in addition to $3,000 billion (3 trillion) in unfunded liabilities already estimated for state-run pensions, according to research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the University of Rochester. The financial demands of unfunded pension promises come as state and local governments grapple with years of falling tax revenue related to the recession.

The government has to do something so they will probably do what they do best—steal from the common man and give it to the rich. Until the very end when the system just collapses in on itself, we will see evermore-desperate plans to save the sinking ship. Actually, according to some, it is really not a rescue attempt but just efforts to give the “rats” more time to abandon ship, leave the country, get into gold, build underground shelters, and have more fun at everyone else’s expense.

Paul Joseph Watson over at Info Wars is saying that Americans should be prepared to see their government seize the private 401(k) pensions of millions of its citizens while enforcing an additional five percent payroll tax as part of a new bailout program that will empower the Social Security Administration to redistribute pension funds in a frightening example of big government gone wild and desperate. Desperate times demand desperate answers but there are limits to everything—or are there?

The cities, counties, and authorities of New York have promised more than $200 billion worth of health benefits to their retirees while setting aside almost nothing. The federal government has promised a mountain range, over $100 trillion in benefits in terms of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to retirees, but has done worse than New York in terms of setting aside nothing. People have been taxed for decades and the government has been borrowing and spending that money (stealing, actually), so there is just an empty vault of promises good for wallpaper and toilet paper.

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Modern civilization seems to love thievery—certainly it condones it in a huge way allowing the elite of the world to suck up (steal) trillions. They have gotten super rich and have plenty of money to build underground cities and huge please boats and have whatever they want. Where do you think all this money flowing up to the top one percent of humanity is coming from? A great part has been literally stolen from the future, from people’s retirement accounts, from future medical payments and social security and everything else they could get their hands on. They certainly sucked up hard on the housing boom, raking in billions upon billions on the huge scam and fraud that most economists and the media gladly helped them out with.

There is very little good and a lot of bad and a growing sense of ugliness that is gripping the world, so it’s time to clear the decks for action—all hands on deck.

Law-abiding middle-class citizens are deciding that playing by the rules is nothing but a sucker’s game. Just like the poker player who’s been fleeced by all the other players and gets one mean attitude once he finally wakes up to the con. I’m betting that more and more of the solid American middle-class will begin saying what Brian and Ilsa said: Fuckit. Fuck the rules. Fuck playing the game the banksters want you to play. Fuck being the good citizen. Fuck filling out every form, fuck paying every tax. Fuck the government, fuck the banks who own them. Fuck the free-loaders living rent-free while we pay. Fuck the legal process, a game that only works if you’ve got the money to pay for the parasite lawyers. Fuck being a chump. Fuck being a stooge. Fuck trying to dothe right thing—what good does that get you? What good is coming your way? Fuckit. When the backbone of a country starts thinking that laws and rules are not worth following, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to anarchy.”

The New York Times reported, “One city, Schenectady, found the cost too overwhelming to calculate, warning that it ‘will be astronomical, with the potential of bankrupting municipalities.’ The city even said in a document accompanying a recent debt offering that it did not know whether it was really required to comply with the new accounting rule.” One of the biggest tools of modern day thieves (government-sponsored theft) has been greasy accounting rules that mostly allow banks, insurance companies, local, state, and federal governments and agencies to count crookedly. The Federal Reserve has bought a trillion dollars of paper and their accounting rules allow them and other banks to count this paper at full face value when perhaps they will be worth pennies on the dollar or less in a few months or in a year’s time.

The Times continues saying, “The $200 billion that New York State and its localities owe retirees in the aggregate is less than the amount they owe their bondholders, about $264 billion. But health costs are rising, and in some places the obligations have already eclipsed the value of the government’s outstanding bonds. Most credit analysts seem to expect that if a municipality has to default on something, it will default on its retiree health promises, not on its bonds. Pensions, meanwhile, are considered protected by the New York State constitution. But no one knows for sure, and no one is predicting that retirees will take the loss of a valuable health plan lying down.”

If you have not figured it out yet, a lot of people on this planet are owed a staggering amount of money. These people are divided basically into two classes. There are the bondholders (the rich) and the rest of humanity, who are owed pensions, health benefits, and governmental services including infrastructure investments as well as teachers for their children, librarians, fire, policemen, and judges to protect them from thieves. It is an illusion and a heartbreaking fantasy to expect that there will be money for any of these things, and that is what civilization collapse in our modern times is going to be all about. There will be a breakdown in currencies and the entire financial and money system because the system cannot hide forever from the massive lack of money (unless printed in stupendous amounts causing a hyperinflationary collapse).

Today’s financial situation is dangerous beyond everyone’s imagination but no doubt elite-backed think tanks have been pondering over these issues for a long time. “It will be a mess. There will be a lot of disputes, a lot of litigation,” said Jerry A. Webman, chief economist for Oppenheimer Funds, being quoted in the Times. “Defaults and bankruptcies by governments were still so rare that there was little legal precedent, and no way of knowing which pledges would survive a court challenge.”

The courts will be overwhelmed and certainly they will in no way be able to counteract the collapse. The situation is so dire that when the next crisis hits the wall of humanity (with officials actually losing control), events will move like a flash fire instead of an organized retreat into poverty. The collapse will probably feel like the roof falling in on a house full of people with so many being caught that the scream and wail of humanity will be remembered for a thousand years or more.

In the end, contemporary capitalism has not been about the freedom to achieve financial security and get ahead based on one’s efforts. It has been about theft and destruction and an evil that is centered at the very top layer of humanity. All of us who believe in the system and walk around smugly and comfortably are voting for the thievery to continue and for the rich to get even richer, or for them to at the very least keep what they have stolen, not only from the rest of the planet but from mother earth and our precious environment.

Meanwhile as we wait for the day of reckoning, First World families better get ready to tighten their belts. Many people around the world who are already feeling squeezed are going to start feeling the vice tighten even more in the months ahead. The price of gas is starting to spike. The price of food is moving north. Health insurance premium increases are being announced coast to coast, and a whole slate of tax increases is scheduled to go into effect in 2011. Meanwhile, household incomes are down substantially all over the nation and the U.S. government is indicating that there will not be an increase in Social Security benefits for the upcoming year once again.

But there is nothing to worry about. One day soon we’ll all be billionaires. The history of hyperinflation always begins with creating money that doesn’t represent economic value-added and ends with photographs of pensioners using wheelbarrows of marks to buy a loaf of bread or stacks of rubles being used as roofing materials as they’re worth less than shingles.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Tod G.

    Listen, this is a symptom. One of many you see. A symptom of a simple fact – money is created as debt, but with interest owed. No money is created to pay the interest. So there is never enough money to pay all debts. So debt grows and grows. This is a scheme created by bankers to get you to trade your real things for worthless paper. Think about this – for the average goods you purchase at any given time, 40% of the cost is due to interest owed by the manufacturers. Think how much money that is in total. Where is it all going? It is unnecessary, and it is killing most every society on Earth. I think the government is doing a lot of things it probably shouldn’t, but one thing it must do is to create money interest free, as a public service. You will see massive prosperity the likes of which you have never seen. And no inflation, if money is created as a receipt for work. Not willy-nilly whatever amount they want to print. Just money for commerce. A simple alternative to this is to create additional money equivalent to the interest owed. Put it into public works by the government to defer income taxes. Without all that interest debt, you may not even need income taxes.

    Pennsylvania did this with their scrip money in the 1700s, as did other colonies, but they were the best. Full employment and no inflation for over 50 years. This pissed off the British though, who wanted cheap goods. They had inflation because of their system we now suffer with. So they banned the currency, and the economy suffered. THIS is why there was a Revolutionary War, not ^%$ tea.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    Very interesting! Being a poor man, I long for the day when those who ride roughshod over others to accumulate money get their just desserts. Those who make do with little will be the least affected. Then the well-to-do and the wannabees will come to their senses and realize what living is all about. Then they will discover that the world has been hijacked by the elites and bankers and that the system we live in is one for the control of the lower levels of the pyramid. Then maybe, it will dawn on humanity that there are other ways of spending the time we have.

    Money created from thin air has become the goal of all living. While Wall Streeters have money to burn, the poorer echelons of this economic caste are starving. Farmers in India are committing suicide when crops fail and they can’t repay their loans. Who is more important to the society… it the farmer or the banker? Obviously it is the farmer, and he should be getting all the money he wants. But the banker-driven system says that it is the banker and others who work with money or lawyers. What about the Philosophers…..those idea specialists? No! The bankers wish to stifle ideas and program people.

    Its a topsy-turvy world the elites have created …..a kind of madness animated by buying and selling, consumption, ownership, accumulation, profit, working for others, obsolescence, etc etc. God and soul counts for nought. The really meaningful pursuits in life are being relegated to the dustbin while the occult aristocracy foists satan and satanic lifestyles on dumbed-down populations. I say if it drives people back to sanity, let ruination come. Mankind is already ruined by issues like ‘comfort zones’, ‘profit and loss’, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, ‘credit’, ‘fashions’, 401K’s, ‘divas and celebs’ etc etc. The soul needs some wiggle room for it to function as was meant to be. Unless people see how unjust the system is, they will never want to dump it!

  • Elliot

    Wait till the European nations demand austerity from Greece and when they refuse are forced to kick them out, leaving them to default on their debt. I’m guessing that U.S. banks were the primary lenders to Greece and we’ll then have an even worse crisis than before. I suspect this will all take place following the November elections.

  • Sue Blanton, DC

    Wish it weren’t so, but can’t imagine how it’s not the truth. I think many of us have been hiding this from ourselves, and in some ways, it’s a relief to hear it said. I’m retired, have no idea what to do at this point, wonder how the young will survive and just how criminal the powerful will take it. Wonder why we let our denial keep US from limiting the corporations. Why did WE let govenment roll on and on, knowing exactly this and doing NOTHING to stop it, including telling the citizens what was up when they first knew it.

    Thanks for the reality talk. Thanks for your work at educating us all about healthcare and how to take care of ourselves. We’re going to need it.