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Iodine and Radiation Insanity

Published on April 17, 2011

The news is so bad this Sunday morning that I don’t know what to do or write. I could try screaming but I am not the type… or crying, well that comes almost too easily. Perhaps I am crazy. After all, Ann Coulter got on TV and actually said, “The only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.” And Dr. Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT, said,I repeat, there was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity from the damaged Japanese reactors.”

I wrote some pretty crass words the other day to begin an essay:

Avoiding exposure and radiation-induced diseases might come down to, I am terribly sorry to say, running for our lives. Anyone who cannot accept this is the reality millions of Japanese face is probably not worth saving so let them consume all the milk and unwashed leafy vegetables they can.

I got two probably well-deserved complaints about it. I allowed myself the expression as my first lines in a terrible document about the worsening situation in Japan and I could feel my anger building about the insensitivity of our world civilization and its institutions.

My editors also allowed me the expression and still I don’t know how to express it differently, not really. My heart keeps crying silently for my friends and family in America. I mean I know how everyone must feel knowing that radiation exposure will very shortly be drizzling into most places in North America and the rest of the hemispheric north 24/7. Today, if you look at the maps, mid-range levels of radiation are hitting the west coast. The forecast for the 19th looks like this:

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How I’m supposed to be real and not use four-letter words is a mystery to my heart this second. Tell me how am I to feel saying something like that. What kind of being would take pleasure in making such a radioactive weather forecast? How many fathers are sitting on the beach, like I was yesterday with four of my six kids, looking out from the point furthest east in all the Americas, the point closest to Africa, and see about 2,000 miles away the leading edge of the nuclear pollution hitting a back draft from northern Africa. And my wife is attached to our life here in this great sea city and does not want to move to Sanctuary in the interior.

I have to be upset for I have to make sure everyone in the house, and that’s a lot of people, are taking their iodine way out in advance of any incoming iodine radiation. Down here that really will not be a problem because of its very short half-life. After three months there is very little left but all the other nuclear particles will have no problem eventually finding their way down here to the southern hemisphere. Just look at what has been from one month of exposure to the north. Look at these maps repeatedly for effect! That is unless you prefer to drink some milk with some radiation. I don’t think any of my readers would want to but I am not so sure about all the people who buy the mainstream news hook, line and sinker.

There are plenty who are saying radiation is good for you and probably are planning on going to the northeast of Japan instead of the Dead Sea to bathe in the healing waters. Well perhaps not, but remember, there have been a lot of important people running around for decades saying that nuclear energy is safe and use it all the time to treat and diagnose disease.

Even radioactive iodine is pumped into people by doctors, so hurray for the nuclear disaster, bring on some more, which might be coming if you look at what is happening in terms of increasing earthquake and volcanic activity. So yes, I am sorry, but I will stick to my guns. There are people on this planet I would say go ahead, drink the milk and consume lots of big leafy vegetables—it might save them a trip to Japan!

Meanwhile for all those who think: okay, well it’s only four or five nuclear reactors out of control and only a few nuclear pools with older spent nuclear rods melting, but we should be able to handle that right? Remember the other day when Dr. Michio Kaku said all it would take is one thing like a pipe breaking or another earthquake to make this situation even more catastrophic than it already is? Look at this video about seismic activity in the world.

Twisted Medical Establishment Lost on Radiation Issues

How are the good doctors of the world going to deal with medical insanity and pharmaceutical terrorism now? One of the reasons the medical establishment is incapable of responding to the nuclear threat and the spreading contamination from Japan (that is circling around the globe) is that it is an institution that loves to use radioactive iodine, a substance that causes cancer, to treat cancer. Sounds kind of crazy and it is. Many patients are getting a thyroid cancer treatment that kills thyroid tissue, causing harm to other tissues while at the same time actually increasing the potential for thyroid cancer.

According to a new study published in Cancer, researchers are fingering doctors who are treating patients with early-stage, low-risk thyroid cancer using radioactive iodine, which does not increase their chances of surviving but does instead put them at risk for a secondary cancer. “Our study shows that these low-risk patients do not need radioactive iodine,” Dr. Ian Ganly, one of the study’s authors from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, told Reuters Health. “Therefore there is no need to expose these patients to any risk from (radioactive iodine) treatment,” he said in an email.

The American Thyroid Association endorses the use of radioactive iodine even though it also causes cancer of the salivary gland—where radioactive iodine may accumulate—as well as leukemia. Dr. Ganly said the risk of leukemia increases because radioactive iodine circulates in the blood, thus exposing bone marrow to its tissue-killing effects.

Don’t be totally surprised if they announce that radioactive iodine from the out-of-control nuclear plant is good for the public and will save money because then patients will not need to pay for their radioactive iodine medications. The radioactive iodine taken in from the air, water and food will find its way into everyone’s thyroids saving oncologists the trouble. Excuse my heavy sarcasm this morning; it’s difficult to stay even-keeled as I write.

There are people and doctors who have said the little bit of mercury found in the flu and other vaccines is good for kids but, lo and behold, I read this morning that Poul Thorsen, the principal coordinator of multiple studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who used to deny a vaccine/autism link, was indicted on April 13th on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money-laundering. The charges relate to funding for work he conducted for the CDC that claimed to disprove associations between the mercury-based vaccine preservative, thimerosal, and increased rates of autism.

Now anyone with a cow’s worth of sense would have understood that a strong neurotoxin like mercury was a strong neurotoxin. Gee people, don’t you see how retarded ignorance rules in the CDC, FDA, AMA, WHO and dozens of other medical organizations? Stupid does not quite cover it does it? Now we know it’s criminal, it’s greed, and it’s the politics of power and darkness on earth at its best.

Why should we be alarmed about nuclear fallout of radioactive iodine? Doctors use it so why should we be afraid of breathing it, eating it or taking it for breakfast in our milk and coffee? And why take nutritional iodine? It will only interfere with the uptake of the radioactive type! That’s what oncologists seem to want and it seems that is why these are the last people on earth we should trust during a nuclear crisis.

Dr. Edward Golembe, who directs a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn, said he had treated serious radiation injuries to the jaw and called them “a horrible, horrible thing to see.” When we deal with radiation we deal with death for it is the death principle that doctors are trying to harness with terrible results. Most people who employ radiation in their treatments for cancer suffer horribly, but some worse than others.

Just being alive today is to walk through the valley of the shadow of death in terms of radiation exposure. Background radiation on earth has increased in the nuclear age coming from all the above-ground testing of the last century, nuclear plants, nuclear waste, uranium mining, and from depleted uranium weapons that are commonly used in the American, British and Israeli armies and navies and air forces. In addition there is constant and increasing exposure to other forms of radiation from microwave towers, cell phones, wireless phones and computer systems.

My response to this disaster, besides my almost daily news tracking of the Japanese nuclear disaster, which is, unfortunately for the rest of us, not only a Japanese catastrophe but also a world mega disaster:


My new book on iodine is not just a second edition—it’s a new edition focused on iodine as an absolute necessity in the age of increased radiation exposure. The new edition which includes information about iodine during radiation emergencies will be published next week some time. We will announce it when its ready. You can get the information first by subscribing to our newsletter.

Most mainstream doctors believe that nutritional iodine only protects us from radioactive iodine and not the rest of the dangerously hot radioactive particles. Though this is true in a literal sense (and still neither the government nor doctors are recommending iodine supplementation) it is NOT TRUE in a medical sense.

Radiation causes death not only through cancer but also through heart disease, diabetes and other chronic situations. In the first edition of my Iodine book I started out with these words:

The role of iodine in the body goes far beyond its function of making thyroid hormones. Iodine is related to the ability to resist disease.

This book you have in your hands is a medical text about one of the most useful medicinal substances that exists. In fact just over a hundred years ago iodine was allopathic medicine’s most universal medicine. Today many doctors are seeking alternatives and many alternative health care practitioners are in search of more powerful and safe ways of helping their clients. Iodine should satisfy everyone because it has the potential to help just about everyone who supplements with it. We all need iodine to survive; it is essential for human physiology, so our health is dependent on its presence in sufficient quantities.

That means that iodine will help prevent radiation of all kinds from tearing our health down to the gutter. It along with magnesium, selenium, sulfur, bicarbonate, vitamin C, chlorella, spirulina, superfood formulas like Rejuvenate, clay, chelators like HMD, IMDglutathione and nebulizing it with bicarbonate, ALA and intestinal formulas loaded with apple pectin, NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) and a long list of other things will help mitigate radioactive cellular damage and help eliminate radioactive particles from the body. Edible clay of course is an essential as is really pure water and lots of it.

Not everyone dies from high-level radiation exposure! That’s the good news!

It’s a hard moment but we are only receiving tastes of what is to come. That’s the bad news.

I am preparing a chapter on sulfur for the Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome book and I have been meaning to get one out about zeolite—because first they were arresting people in Japan for selling it and now we hear the nuclear company is using it at the plant to control radiation. I can tell you Dr. Garry Gordon has a lot to say about zeolite as do the Russians.

In the old days you would hear shouted from the mastheads, “Prepare to repel boarders,” as the enemy would gather to try to board your ship. Today someone (that someone being me) is finally shouting, PREPARE TO REPEL NUCLOID PARTICLES. PREPARE DEFENSES IN DEPTH. PREPARE EARLY.

It has only been five weeks since we hit the nuclear iceberg and over the next few years, or perhaps even a shorter period, millions will go down just from this particular mishap. I am afraid that we are only just beginning our lessons in worst-case scenarios playing out in our lives.

I really should stop but I just read an interesting article and want to include it at the end.

On April 4, the Japanese government also has requested the Japan Meteorological Society and Japanese universities not to release data from radiation measurement to avoid “public panic”. Rainwater samples have all demonstrated elevated concentrations of radioactive Tellurium-02, Ruthenium-04 and Technetium-04.

280 sensors to measure radiation release from atomic bomb testing were established under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996. These sensors are detecting levels equivalent to Chernobyl releases. One scientist, Gerhard Wotawa, noted, “I’ve never seen data like this in my career.”

So how do we deal with disaster? Austria, Germany, Canada and Australia have banned eight episodes of Matt Groening’s U.S. anime series, The Simpsons, dealing with nuclear crisis. The Simpsons, now in its 24th season with 480 episodes, has been one of the few outlets to show the greed of nuclear operators, groveling toadies and a complacent public to a mainstream television audience—meltdowns caused by jelly doughnuts!

Kopp Online, Xander News and other non-English news agencies are reporting that the EU implemented a secret “emergency” order, without informing the public, that increases the amount of radiation permitted in food by up to 20 times the previous food standards.

According to EU bylaws, radiation limits may be raised during a nuclear emergency to prevent food shortages.

Japan itself has now restricted rice planting in soil with more than 5,000 Becquerels per kilogram of radioactive caesium, the first time maximum radiation levels have been set for soil anywhere. The Fukushima prefectural government announced on April 6 that rice paddies 20-30 kilometers from the nuclear plant have shown as much as 15,031 Becquerels.

People, we are into only five weeks of intensifying contamination with no end in sight. And the growing red spot in northern Japan demands that we think of the people there with empathy and compassion, for the axe of one-world medicine, government and industrial power is falling on these people hardest. They are a people who are still not being officially warned away no matter how high the radiation gets.

On Saturday April 16th it was reported that levels of radioactive materials in the seawater rose again. The level of radioactive iodine 131 jumped to 6,500 times the legal limit, according to samples taken Friday, up from 1,100 times the limit in samples taken the day before. Levels of cesium 134 and cesium 137 rose nearly fourfold.

# # # #

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  • Finally I found someone who is as worried about the radiation exposure as I am. I wrote an article about Fukushima disaster (its causes and consequences) on my site, too. Unfortunately, most people don’t care at all about governments ruining our health and that of the generations to come.

  • Lloyd Thomsen live wallpaper

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • I know first hand how hard it can be.. thanks for your post.

  • Kim Roberson

    Please sign my urgent petition! Pass to your facebooks immediately.

  • Wenli

    Hi Dr. Sircus,

    I was wondering what would be safe to use as detox for pregnant women. I’m currently in my first trimester and am really concerned about all the radiation coming straight to our area of Sacramento, Ca. I even went to Disneyland with my family a couple of weeks ago knowing there were radioactive clouds covering that area but other family members do not seem concerned. I am considering leaving California for Florida because my parents live there but I don’t want to leave my husband here alone unless I have to. Just want some ideas about detox for now and how much of each supplement to take.

    Thank you very much!

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dr. Sircus recommends pregnant women take the same amount of nascent iodine for radiation protection as non-pregnant women do. 40-50 drops/day he said. Though it depends on your size, general health, prior iodine use and many other things.

      But please ask for a consultation with him if you have other questions about this. He (and I) cannot answer all medical questions on this blog.

      • Wenli

        How can I get a consultation with Dr. Sircus?

    • Calcium Bentonite is safe for both you and your baby. Study this amazing gift of the earth. Believe in the truth and the truth shall set you free.

      I’m working on our websites and I’ll have some beautiful clay from very honest sources within a few weeks for sale on our site, but for now go get AZTEC brand for about $10 at your local health food store. Bless you all…..guitar betty

  • organicfrances

    interesting article and comment section.
    thank you, everybody.

    I have a question for the author.
    I’ve been wondering about why you wrote ‘the sanctuary of the interior’ and exactly what you were meaning…
    I puzzled over this the first time I read the article, and grateful that you republished in order to give me a chance to ask.


    • organicfrances

      Just checking back here for replies, and see there are none so far…

      Inviting anyone to share their understanding of this with me.

      Thank You!

  • amy

    where can I locate the article that used to be at the top of the blog, the one with 83 comments? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere on the website. Thank you.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Are you looking for Treatments for Radiation Contamination?

      This was the most recent one that was changed. If its not this one I would need more information on what the essay was about to help you find it.

      • Sheri


        Thanks for the info. I’m sure you’ve heard of the EPA test results showing contaminated milk in California, Los Angeles to be exact. I live here and have 2 young children (1 yr and 3 yrs) who drink a lot of organic milk. At this point, do I not give them milk? Should I put my little one on formula and hope that I can get some cans that are pre-Fukushima? I’ve been reading all the articles and am trying to figure out what we should do as a family for detox and protection. Is it too late given it’s end of April and we haven’t taken any Iodine yet? Thanks for any suggestions!

  • casey

    Dr Sircus

    I have read that doing things like putting huge amounts of baking soda and boron
    ie borax in the water and soil will “clean” the soil and water of the nuclear radiation poison and the BP OIL spills we recently had in in florida I had heard that certain plants also clean soil up after a radioactive incident. If I were to clean my soil in my yard and then cover it with a hot house, I think I would be OK to grow fruits veggies etc without contanmination. However I also think I would need to clean the water I am using to water my garden with baking soda using some sort of filtering device
    that would clean the water as it comes out the water drips. I have learned so much from this site it is amazing thank -you again. I think we need to detox and mitigate our exposure as much as humanely possible. We also need to vote with our wallets and in that way take the profit out of these greedy corporations. Lastly we all need to get out and run for our local offices so that we can bring our country back to the constitution. Get involved locally in everyway and we need to hurry. Our votes need to save the planet and the constitution, the only way to do that is to educate everyone we meet!! Hurry hurry hurry is my motto, or there will be nothing left!

  • Natalie

    Thanks to Dr. Sircus for the truth, however depressing!
    Inasmuch as I’ve been forwarding this info on to folks, I felt like it would also be good to send out something to help balance out the depression factor.
    So I’ve put together a compilation which I have abbreviated for this post and it follows:

    The following are excerpts from these sources: Suzy Ward at
    and Jean Hudon, the compiler of the Earth Rainbow Network at :

    “Alleged UFO’s intervention to mitigate the scope of the radiation level from Japan’s damaged nuclear plants

    A small ship had landed about a mile from the nuclear facility and the crew was using their technological equipment in conjunction with more extensive equipment in ships overhead; no one at the facility would know the crew was on the ground.: Somehow the radiation leakage from those reactors has been suppressed miraculously under critical level. I believe ETs’ efforts are being manifested. There have also been video reports showing small UFOs flying at the sites.”

    This allows ETs to send countermeasures from within their own technologies to alter the situations. The ETs are also downloading information and ideas into receptive Earth minds of those who are working valiantly to save their people and their country.

    All is unfolding with more ease and grace than you presently perceive. As fears fade your perceptions will clear and you’ll see more Light. Be at Peace. We are with you.”


    ” off-planet technology is lessening the effects of radiation from the power station; and other civilizations are beaming intense light, adding to the outpouring of prayers for the Japanese people, whose resilience and resourcefulness and the assistance of other countries will restore that nation. ”

    “The light in expanded consciousness has led long-oppressed peoples to raise their voices for freedom, and that cry will be echoed over and again until all peoples throughout your world are free.”


    “Another factor in the fearful projections is that the scientists aren’t aware of our assistance or that when we are able to be on the ground in numbers that our technology can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste as well as purify the air, soil and water. Also, it’s not known that Earth is (now) orbiting in frequencies where radioactivity is fractured, and her phenomenal healing abilities aren’t recognized either. With the help of our technological assistance, she can restore her health in months rather than the centuries you calculate as “half lives” of radioactive elements. So look forward with positive attitude — don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, or call them prayers, for Earth to be in full radiance in the near term. A great deal has to be and WILL be accomplished in the time remaining before the end of next year.”

    PS Note from Jean: Let us remember that if they can shut down missiles – see CNN – Larry King: UFOs shut down missiles – they can certainly minimize radiation levels as claimed above.

    “Related evidence:

    Massive UFO activity in Japan prior to Earthquake
    “It began with a report three weeks ago of a UFO fleet being seen by witnesses as it moved over Japan’s Mount Fuji before the individual craft fanned out across the area. This event was reported in all seriousness by no less than China’s main government news agency, Xinhua (see their article here and our article here). on this occurrence. Shortly after, we covered further sightings in Japan (see links at There was no doubt about it, UFO activity in Japan was unprecedented and something was happening in the area. For two weeks now our website’s front page headline has stated “Asia awash with UFO and alien events”. . “The connection between UFOs and earthquakes has been made by hundreds of researchers. Academics such as professor Michael Persinger of Ontario’s Laurentian University have written about the topic extensively.”

  • Elaine

    DR. MARK THANKYOU THANKYOU AND THANKYOU AGAIN!!! If the main stream media…..owned mostly by “GE” ( see )…. can allow lies and bullcrap to be spewed like their radiation is doing right now, then YOU have the right to defend OUR right to freedom of truthful expression!

    And I would say you were putting it mildly compared to what THEY are saying and doing!! This is the WORST of crimes against humaity and the earth!
    We NEED to read your words, for no one else is saying it like you are, and we KNOW you see the truth for what it is!!! THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!

    You PROVE yourself to be a humanitarian. You have done so many things to make information available to others. There is not ENOUGH thanks for us to express. It goes beyond thanks… is gratitude that is felt IN THE HEART so strong that it can be strongly “felt”. It feels like you are protecting us up here in the US with your genuine concern and sharing of your natual allopathic medical advise. And your concern for the Japanese people is very much appreciated. Talk about devastation. They still have dead bodies lying in radioactive mud and debris, in evacuated towns that were destroyed in a matter of hours. I have cried myself into an unhealthy depths of sorrow. How much of these “natural disasters” are actually manipulations done by the “Cowards That Be” who could care lessabout people and Nature. And then I come to read that they have “Event Contracts” ! ! ! ! ! Yes, “Event Contracts”, mostly associated with HAARP!! I found that out from a ning website on chemtrails. It’s all a game to them. How is it any different from the Coliseum to them!

    For those of you who do not know what “Agenda 21” is, you can google it, or find out about it on youtube or google videos. It’s not as if they are trying to hide it. It is also referred to as “Sustainablility” now. It seems they are creating things like the Gulf of Mexico crisis, and Katrina, and Fukushima, and more, so they can turn around and put this UN “Agenda 21” in force. Please read up on it everyone. For if we don’t do something together about it, they will get their evil plans through disguised as saving Nature.
    And Dr. Mark, I fear it may even affect your beautiful Sanctuary. I would urge your wife to go there with you now. Get your feet firmly planted there and do NOT allow the “UN” to get their plans in place using ICLEI (Intl. Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). They just got Las Crusas, New Mexico as of March 7th. Here’s one article you can see at:

    “Dutchsinse” sure sees it for what it is also. He had to make a backup channel for the most rediculous accusations of “copyright infringement”. That’s what YouTube does when they don’t like what you’re saying, and they try to shut you up.

    I don’t see things getting any better. I do try not to be unintentionally negative, but this world seems like it is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. I would strongly urge your wife to take the family and head now to Sanctuary. You were wise enouigh to prepare for it. Now IS the time to be going. I sure would. That place feels like a dream come true. You are such a good provider, Dr. Mark. I know I speak for all your readers when I say you are the best in what you do.
    Thankyou again for ALL you do for EVERYBODY.

  • Becky

    I don’t know what is worse, the corrupt governments or the fools who believe what they say and refuse the cold hard facts. The rest of us will end up having to battle both of these groups in the end.

    Thanks Dr. Mark for saying what many of us think.

    • I agree with you Becky and the rest of you.

      I feel that we’re almost helpless. Not many people want to listen to the dangers of the radiation exposure over the world. Most seem to believe that everything is hunky dory because they live in their own TV entertainment world with mind control and brainwashing. If only more people could wake up from the nightmare of our world today.

      Huge thanks go to Dr Sircus who tells us what we need to know even if it’s bad news. We have to help ourselves in the way we can. The hardest is that not all family and friends want to listen to the bare facts. I try to do my bit with Toxic Agenda on Facebook and on the web.

  • Rose

    Dr. Mark,

    Thanks so much for holding the world with your concern! You’ve articulated so elequently my thoughts and feelings about this crazy world situation.

    I woke up with a terrible sore throat this morning. I’m in SC, USA. I don’t go for walks anymore because I end up with an intense sore throat, which then leads to a sore spine and aching kidneys before it leaves my body. (I am taking iodine, kelp, homeopathics, antioxidants, and zeolite) My husband and daughter like to sleep with the windows open and another wave of this s—t came through the house last night.

    I do my best to seek the wisdom between the peace in the depths of my heart where I know that death has been overcome and the outer second crucifixtion that is taking place on a world-wide energetic level.

    Dr. Mark I know how you feel about how this can cause disruptions in family priorities. We’ve been dealing with this on our homefront too. I was in tears most of our family meeting today due to this very issue. We can not come to a consensus and it looks like our family may have very different action plans. This is not easy to bear.

    Take care all and much love to the earth and all the innocent creatures.


  • isabelle

    how can we get you ebook “Iodine: bring back the universal medicine”…I can’t find it on your site…maybe I am looking for it in the wrong place….

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      The new edition which includes information about iodine during radiation emergencies will be published next week some time. We will announce it when its ready.

  • isabelle

    Thanks Dr. Mark for telling it like it is…..anyone who dares criticize what you have to say is most likely on their side: CDC, FDA, AMA, WHO etc – they really do take us for fools….

    • Chris

      YES! Thank you for keeping us informed. How sad that the news media here in the West (where I live – Central US) is totally silent on this issue. No one anywhere is issuing any warnings to ANYONE! We are not being told anything about radiation levels in the air, in the food, in the water – NOTHING! It is as if a total news blackout of what is going on in Japan is taking place! All we see hour-after-hour is the marxist-fascist, communist infatuation with what is going on in Libya! LIBYA?!! Are they kidding? WHAT IS GOING ON IN JAPAN!!! THAT is what we want to know! It is so sad that the only way we are finding out this information is through internet sites such as yours! In the meantime, we don’t even know if we should be leaving our houses! I mean – is it safe to even leave the house now? I see people out walking their dogs, kids outside playing! Everyone is oblivious to all this radiation poisoning that is happening!

      • Rose

        Yes, Chris, I’m totally with you in your frustration. This information blackout about the radioactivity is crazy-making. Thankfully we have each other and the internet – for the time being anyway. We can’t rely on the govt for anything anymore. Dr. Mark and other like-minded souls help to keep me sane.

        Thanks for sharing 🙂