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Iodine, Thyroid and Low Body Temperature

Published on August 2, 2017

Who will benefit from taking iodine? Actually, the answer is just about everyone will benefit from more iodine. Did you know that over 30% of the US has thyroid problems and that is probably a huge underestimate considering how iodine deficient the population is in the United States and around the world.

Chronic fatigue, low body temperature, weight gain, dry skin and hair, constipation, heavy menstrual periods, thin or hairless lateral eyebrows, depression, even bipolar disease (2/3 of all bipolar patients become normal with correction to normal thyroid activity)—all of these are symptoms of low thyroid activity.

The best method to diagnose the condition of your thyroid is not a blood test, but is to take your temperature. Just take your oral temperature a few times daily. If your temperature is not 98.6, but instead runs lower, then the latest thyroid research says that your thyroid needs treatment. Unfortunately, doctors often overlook low body temperature as a serious sign of disease.

Iodine is the agent, which arouses (kindles) and keeps going the
flame of life. With the aid of our thyroid, in which the iodine is
manifesting, it can either damp this flame or kindle it to a dissolute fire.
Scholz 1990.

Iodine is the primary treatment for thyroid conditions. It is as the coal shoveled into the engines of a might ship. Iodine lights the fire, not only of the thyroid, but also through the function of thyroid hormones, the fires of every cell in the body.

When the body does not have enough energy to function properly, many things begin to go wrong. For example, if the brain has too little energy, thought processes such as memory and focus become impaired. The body needs energy to keep itself warm – a low body temperature, therefore, usually accompanies low metabolic energy.

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The primary symptoms of under-active thyroid functions include cold hands and feet (low body temperature), fatigue, underweight or overweight, constipation, fuzzy thinking, dry skin, low blood pressure, fluid retention, depression, and slow reflexes. When using high-dose iodine supplements then watch out for signs of over-active thyroid functions. These include anxiety, insomnia, rapid weight loss, diarrhea, high pulse rate, high blood pressure, sensitivity or bulging eye and vision disturbances.

Temperature is an indicator of the amount of heat contained in a system and our temperature is an extension of basic body metabolism. Heat is a form of energy and every reaction in a human body occurs at a certain energy or temperature level thus tracking with cell voltage and pH and oxygen levels.

The core body temperature of a human body is an important factor, which is always why it should be considered while evaluating the health condition in a checkup. Normal core temperatures are at the exact temperature at which all the functions of the human body can operate with optimal efficiency. The same can be said about pH because all physiological processes are pH sensitive. The same can be said about oxygen levels and thus the quality of our breathing, something we do correctly or not 24/7.

Normally the rectal temperature or vaginal temperature is considered as the core temperature. The ideal core temperature is considered to be around 98.6° Degree Fahrenheit or 37° degree Celsius. However, this temperature is an average body temperature because the overall normal temperature varies from a minimum of 97.7° Fahrenheit (36.5° Celsius) to a maximum of almost 99.5° Fahrenheit (37.5° Celsius). Any temperature above or below this range is abnormal. Actually, the best time and way of establishing one’s basal body temperature is to take it first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.

Dr. David Jernigan says, “Much emphasis in conventional medicine is usually placed upon feverish conditions; however, a low body temperature can be a much more sinister condition. Where a fever can be viewed as an active developmental and corrective process of the healthy body, a low body temperature can never be viewed as a normal or healthy condition, nor is it a mechanism for a learning or developmental process in the body. The colder a body becomes, the slower the electrical oscillatory rate and therefore the thicker, more viscous, or syrupy the body fluids become. The more viscous the fluids become the more difficult it is for the body to push the fluids through the body. The lymph fluids that are normally supposed to bathe the outsides of all of your cells become progressively stagnant as it is too thick to move efficiently.”

The colder we get the happier viruses, bacteria and fungus are. Cancer loves cold conditions and dies when things get too hot. The problem with clearing cancer cells, which are always occurring somewhere in the body, even under normal conditions, is that there is no effective immune response when we are too cold. In general, when we are iodine and thyroid deficient it is hard for the body to generate a fever so chronic infections go undetected and cancer goes forward until we are in a desperate condition.

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Extreme cold is a dangerous situation that can bring on health emergencies in susceptible people. Cold is a known source of disease and death. Chinese medicine for thousands of years recognized cold as a principle cause of disease. Cold can be either an internal condition due to iodine deficiency and thyroid dysfunction or it can be exposure to cold. Either way it is important to understand and treat cold body conditions.

The easiest, safest and most effective way of treating most disease, including cancer, is to increase body temperature with infrared therapy and to supplement with plenty of iodine. Both are foundational treatments, which have profound ramifications for thyroid sufferers, patients with adrenal issues and even for people with restless leg syndrome. Doctors waste a lot of their time and patients money administering other treatments, which cannot work as long as core body temperature is not raised.

98,6° F is the ideal body temperature for optimal health. That temperature is the guarantor for good blood circulation and is the mainstay for vitality and strong immune system strength. Low temperatures between 94.1°- 96,8° F is common with most patients with chronic illnesses. It is not too difficult to deduct that a cold person is an ill person.

Cancer tumors grow faster when the body temperature is low. Germany’s bestselling author Uwe Karstädt new book 98,6° F – Ideal Body temperature for Optimal Health offers a wealth of knowledge and a cut through method of maintaining health or returning to it once we have succumbed to low body temperature and chronic disease. According to the author, low temperature is a plague of the 21st century.

“Coldness in the body is much more than a bothersome and inconvenient symptom. Coldness makes us sick. This coldness, which causes such enormous discomfort in the majority of my patients, is not a trivial matter. A sufficient body temperature is more than just a cozy and pleasant feeling. Proper body heat is one of the fundamental pillars of good health. Warmth within the body is like the sun for our life here on earth. 98.6° is an indication of vibrant health, strength and vitality. We are “hot,” full of glowing love when we reproduce; the Grim Reaper, however, takes our life from us with an icy hand. The summer of life is warm and vibrant while winter silences life, burying it under snow and ice,” writes Karstädt.

When we look at the fact that lower body temperature decreases enzyme activity, we can appreciate how important it is medically speaking to maintain optimal body heat. “Give me fever and I can cure every disease,” said Hippocrates 2,500 years ago.

Raising the body temperature is synonymous with an increased immune response. Professor Abo from Japan confirmed a 40% improvement in the function of the immune system by raising the body temperature by only 1.8° Fahrenheit.

Besides iodine supplementation a Biomat offers one of the best treatment for cold conditions and is instrumental in treating cancer because of the increased immune response. One can spend a hundred thousand dollars today for sophisticated toxic chemo drugs designed to increase immune system function or one can purchase a Biomat for between seven hundred and seventeen hundred dollars depending on the size.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
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  • Patti Nelson

    what are your suggestions for someone who has low Iodine- IVe been told my body has issues converting T1 to T2, and T3 to T4 – and my body temp is usually around 96.9 degrees 🙁 if I take Iodine in any form it activates Rosecea on my face? I am now taking 1 drop of kelp every OTHER day – and still have mild rosecea 🙁 is there something else I can do or take?

  • Louie

    is this safe for kidney transplant patient? I have restless legs syndrome. it is really irritating as you have difficulty sleeping at night.

  • nara

    I have been taking 50-75mg of iooral a day for a year and feel very good. I think I will be taking it all my life and theres nothing wrong with that. I started giving 25 mg of iodoral to my 11-yr-old grandson 5 times a week. He is doing well. it just seems to me that we may need to continue it for a long time or forever, something we are not happy about, but there is nothing else we can do. his multiple issues go away with iodine.

  • Cheryl


  • wendell ellerbee


  • Dave Clark

    Iodine is great. but be careful of high doses in excess of 500 mcg/day, for some people who have undiagnosed Hashimotos disease which means high thyroid antibodies, it can make them higher and the situation worse. If nothing else, discontinue high doses if you feel worse afterwards. If you have a good functional medicine doctor that you can work with that is great, but if not, maybe go low and slow. And studies show that proper selenium levels help prevent problems when dosing high iodine, so make sure you are taking a good selenium supplement with the iodine.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Not so. Hashimoto’s and Grave’s are both either helped greatly or cured with high doses of iodine/iodide. As with any condition, it’s a good idea to work with an alternative practitioner who is familiar with Dr. Abraham, Flechas, & Brownstein’s stellar research with iodine/iodide. Feeling worse with iodine/iodide supplementation is usually because the body is detoxing from its incredible burdens of bromine, chlorine and fluoride in storage. One would back off on the amounts and allow the body to do its thing more comfortably.

      True about the selenium, which should be in the diet regardless of iodine/iodide supplementation. The selenium helps the body to make good use of the iodine/iodide.

  • wendell ellerbee

    My elderly mother quit taking her thyroid medicine because of side effects. Is it safe for her to take iodine and is there an iodine test to confirm the need to take iodine everyday? She is extremely cold natured and wears a heavy housecoat inside her air conditioned house. I am her son and we both have temps around 95-96 degrees and I have adrenal problems with low cortisol.

    • Be A Freeman

      blood test for t3, and t4 levels. But I’d bet yes she needs it. 90% of Americans do, so unless she’s SUPER HEALTHY, she probably does.

      Look into infrared for her. A device on amazon to give her free heat.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Read Dr. Brownstein’s book: Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can’t Live Without It. You’ll be amazed at what we’ve NOT been told and is so necessary to know. You both sound like you’ve got thyroid issues, like so many people.

  • Ireneia Nye


    • guest

      wish the amount to take was listed in the article-I would love to know what is an average dose

    • Tony De Angelis

      Based on body weight of 150 pounds you need at least 5 drops of 2% Lugol’s per day until body temp reaches normal levels. Then you can maintain with two drops per day.

    • Frances

      If you go to the earth clinic web site and search iodine protocol, you will get all the info. you need. The supplements needed are very important, otherwise the iodine is not absorbed appropriately. Also, the iodine workshop on facebook also has helpful information; they require you read Dr Brownstein’s and Lynn Farrow’s books on iodine.

      • Marie

        I see a holistic MD here who saved my life after the conventional doctor almost killed me cause he ordered water pills for the high blood pressure and never checked my blood for potassium levels…my heart started flipping real bad…out of rhythm for almost 2 months. I went to EM twice in one wk. They tested my blood and the potassium was below the minimum range. Got potassium pills, took a long time to get better. Had to drink coconut water for the potassium and beet powder. Finally got the level up. Now and then my heart will flip,. but not like before. And it was strange…it only flipped after i ate a meal and then for ten hours! I was afraid to eat so lost weight. Now i gained it back. My conventional doctor fired me as i didn’t want to do what he said. He did tho give me a script for another blood pressure pill which is pretty safe according to the holistic MD. He sent me to a Cardiologist and i got a stress test and echo and it was fine even tho my heart was somewhat flipping. He ordered a blood test and the potassium went up. He advised some suppliments for the blood pressure. I am now able to cut the drug pill in half. He told me not to take the iodine pills every day. He said to take them like once or twice a wk tops., at 12 mg. So i do that now. I think if one gets too much iodine it can go into hyper which is bad too. So i was without a Primary doctor and had a hard time finding one in the country. The holistic MD said he will see me twice a year, check the blood pressure, and give me the script i needed. I have to pay cash, but it does not cost me much as i don’t go every month. And i can always go to Urgent Care if i need to.
        My holistic doc is a real MD who is “Integrated” – uses both drugs and alternatives, but less drugs if possible.