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BioMats – Your Life and Health

Published on June 27, 2014

The two most basic nutrients are light and water. Then we add both oxygen and carbón dioxide and we have the basis for life, especially if we add some minerals like magnesium, selenium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate (which turns to carbón dioxide in the stomach). Taken together these are the core components of my new approach to medicine called Natural Allopathic Medicine.

Light infers heat, which is also essential for life and health. Any drop in core body temperature will be reflected in reduced function and efficiency of the immune system. The BioMat, which is a far-infrared mattress that you can sleep on, is great for cancer patients because it alone can raise immune system status by 40 to 50% just by raising core body temperature.

Anyone who is sick or even suffering from stress and great upset will love BioMats and every hospital bed should have one. Want to survive the flu without great discomfort? Treat your next flu on a BioMat and you will understand through experience what a thousand words cannot share. Threatened by some of these new viruses gaining ground in the world? You are going to want to fight them with increased immune strength—with your BioMat.

I have solar panels that heat the water in my house and now that the initial investment has been made I can count each month the savings on my electric bill. I have two professional BioMats on my bed and they save a fortune in heating bills during the winter since we heat our bodies directly with BioMats instead of the air in the house. Thus, the one-time expense can be offset by reductions in heating bills. In terms of health they will reduce the need for medications and other treatments because we simply are healthier when we have more light and thus more energy and heat to propel us through life.

There is nothing more delicious than owning and using a BioMat. I call them medical love machines. Older folks especially love them because they nurture and sooth our aches and pains. Personally, I receive my magnesium massages while lying on my BioMat and my wife does her Reiki work with her patients lying on them.

When one is trying to stay ahead of sickness and disease (meaning having enough health to stay away from doctors and all their tests and treatments) or when one is already sick but trying to summon the energy and strength to pull out of a dark place, nothing will comfort and empower a person like a BioMat will. The only thing I know that is as strong as a BioMat medically is Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy (which combines exercise and oxygen) but it does not offer comfort, only extraordinary healing power.

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I have written essays on BioMats and now am releasing The BioMat Book, which was formerly known as Light and Heat Medicine. It covers the incredible story of the secrets of light, which is the key to understanding why the BioMat is a dream machine for life, health and even for death. I cannot think of a better way to leave this planet when I die than on the comfort of a BioMat. The book will be offered for free for new subscriptions to and will be offered on amazon for the lowest price possible.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Introduction to Natural Allopathic Medicine eBook Cover


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  • diego

    help me out here…. the link for the biomat store shows prices for the bio-mats at $650.00 -$2,000.00 not including shipping. Jaw dropping is all I can say at the prices for these mats, wow…some folks are really making a killing…lets see I live in brasil and make the minimum salary which is 1, 100.00 reais a month which translates into $400.00. only for the rich I see. time for a DIY on making a bio mat.

  • okop

    Whats the most effective way to receive heat energy? Dark pigmented skin.
    Melanin receives and **transforms heat from the sun.
    Besides,there are no so called white people.its only people who avoid uvb radiation for most of their lives.

    Not only heat activates sweating,by far the most effective detoxmethod,it also kills viruses,fungi,cancer cells.

    It does not stop there,heat makes us beautiful. How? More nutrients,water minerals reaching the skin and hair. Now you know why brazillian ppl are sexy.
    Ok consumers,time for your daily coffew with cream ang sugar!
    Plus some daily dose of stress over economy …

  • okop

    Yes! Heat is crucial. As well as light and oxygen. Try to live 5min without oxygen. Or 5 days without light… or in extreme cold.
    Heres the real secret. Discovered by Arnold Ehret. The key,i mean a real deal,1888 pound gorilla thing
    Is,… the diameter of our blood arteries and capillaries. If they are small – no oxygen or antioxidants can be delivered.
    Thats why heat,relaxation,yoga,humming,massage are healthy.
    Want to be sick? Spend time outdoors in thecold,eat meat,cheese milk which calcify arteries