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Combining Oral with Transdermal Magnesium

Published on December 8, 2009

Transdermal magnesium massage

One of the most luxurious medical treatments on earth is to receive magnesium massages on a consistent basis. Having at least an ounce of what is called magnesium oil rubbed all over ones body by either a trained or even untrained massage therapist is simply heavenly. One can also do this oneself meaning cover ones body all over with the magnesium oil like one would sunscreen and go out in the sun and have some fun.

Another method of administration is pouring magnesium chloride into ones bath at high concentrations and soak in a hot tub, perhaps with a cup of sodium bicarbonate in it. On page 201 of my Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book I recommend 2-8 oz (56,6 -226,4 g) of Magnesium Oil for a full body bath (ca 100liter) These initial recommendations for baths were very low. My excuse is the inexperience of the early days of transdermal magnesium therapy and also that here in Brazil we don’t have a bathtub so my experience has been with body spraying and magnesium massage. I am now recommending much higher dosages for baths ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds to even six pounds for professional use in clinics and spas.

In the early days when a gallon of oil was over 100 dollars even eight ounces sounded expensive to many people. Now you can buy flakes of high quality (low heavy metal profile) in quantity and use three pounds (which is equivalent to a gallon of oil) in an adult bath for approximately 15 dollars.[1] Small baths for autistic and other children with serious problems would probably be about half that for a full strength bath.

I am not talking about a nice hot magnesium bath for simple relaxation and general body tonification but professional baths intended for strong therapeutic effect. The % of magnesium in the bath under my old recommendations came only to 45-180 mg/l magnesium. When you discover that open seawater has a content of 1300 mg/l magnesium we see that our early recommendations were way to low. The driving force behind transdermal intake is the concentration gradient.

Transdermal magnesium bath on a bathtub

The concentration of magnesium in the pure magnesium oil is about 80,000 mg/l and when you apply that directly on the skin, intake rate is high. But in the case of a bath application my new recommendation needs to be brought up to somewhere between 1500 and 5000 mg/l magnesium (1 to 4 times the sea concentration). Dead Sea therapy[2] has a concentration of up to 40,000 mg/l magnesium and people bathe every day in these waters. Fick’s Law of Membrane Permeability says that the amount of any solute (magnesium) that will be absorbed is directly dependent upon the area of contact, the concentration of the solution and the time that the solute is in contact with the membrane.[3]

Need more magnesium? GET NOW

So we are talking about setting the therapeutic level of magnesium chloride concentrations in baths much higher and recommend between 2 and 4 pounds in an average bath. Physical therapists and dermatologists, sport therapists, spas and other clinics will want to be using cost affective bath flakes as compared to ready made magnesium oil to achieve higher concentrations. Shipping costs are less also because the water has been taken out of the oil to make the flakes. The quality of the flakes are an important factor for excess heavy metal ions will also flow in with the magnesium thus my recommendation for Ancient Mineral products that come from 250 million year old deposits.

A third avenue of administration is to simply drink magnesium chloride in ones water or juice. The best way is to combine one of the transdermal routes with oral[4] for concentrated doses that achieve maximum therapeutic effect. Magnesium is important and desperately needed because it is so terribly deficient in people that even at low concentrations people have felt results. But when we are practicing medicine of whatever kind we are looking for dramatic shifts in peoples’ conditions. Below we will have a penetrating discussion about doses and therapeutic effect but the basic idea, when using concentrated nutritional medicines like magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate is to take doses up to maximum levels possible.

A woman drinking magnesium oil diluted in water

Each spray of Magnesium Oil contains approximately 18 milligrams of elemental magnesium.[5] An ounce would contain just over 3,300 mg. Five sprays in a glass of water would thus be almost 100 milligrams.[6]

Three to five to even ten sprays of magnesium chloride in a glass of pure water or juice is an excellent way to take magnesium internally. It assists digestion, counteracts excess acidity in the stomach, and delivers magnesium swiftly into the bloodstream for distribution to all the cells of the body. Minerals like magnesium in ionic liquid form are vastly superior to pill forms. Much more magnesium will get absorbed and absorption will not depend on hydrochloric acid levels.

Several years ago I told the story of a retired pediatrician Dr. Herbert Mansmann Jr., director of the Magenesium Research Lab who was a diabetic with severe peripheral neuropathy. He was able to reverse the neuropathy and nerve degeneration with a year of using oral magnesium preparations at very high doses. “For example it took me 6 tabs of each of the following every 4 hours, Maginex, MgOxide, Mag-Tab SR and Magonate to get in positive Mg balance. I tell people this not to scare them, but to illustrate how much I needed to saturate myself. Most will only need 10% of this amount (still about three grams). I was doing an experiment on myself to see if it helped my diabetic neuropathy. It worked so I did it for one year, and I have had significant nerve regeneration.”[7]

He was taking 20 grams a day but that was because he also had what is called magnesium wasting disease. He thought that about three grams would be sufficient for people without that disorder. When we are going for therapeutic effect with serious disorders like cancer or even autism we want to emulate Dr. Mansmann’s dosage levels.

There are over 200 published clinical studies documenting the need for magnesium and many examples of miraculous “cures” from the use of this common mineral. Yet DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors underestimate autistic children’s needs recommending only 50 mgs twice a day in oral form even though children with gut problems can absorb only small percentages through their intestines. The entire autism community needs to be acutely aware that its present dependency on oral magnesium supplementation is responsible for a sizable cause of less then excellent results from chelation. A complete changeover to transdermal/topical approaches to magnesium supplementation is called for with these children because their guts are seriously compromised meaning they cannot absorb magnesium well through oral consumption. Fifty milligrams twice a day is way too low. There is a huge difference between supplementing magnesium  and using magnesium chloride as a medicine to effect real and direct changes in overall cell physiology.

Turning Paracelsus on his Head

So what do we do in the middle of this mess? We turn medicine’s most basic principles upside down. Below is the very beginning of a chapter I published about two years ago called Beyond Paracelsus.[8] It describes the very heart of pharmaceutical pharmacology. As you read this remember that we are going to create a philosophy and practice of medicine exactly 180 degrees to the opposite. This is no small subject and it would be helpful to understand prerequisite information like the Science of Low Doses meaning that in reality we find that poisons poison people even at ultra low doses. That is what poisons in general do – they poison people, even in minuscule amounts.

While there is no such thing as a safe chemical, it must be realized there is no chemical that cannot be used safely by limiting the dose or exposure. Poisons can be safely used and be of benefit to society when used appropriately.– Royal Society of Chemistry

This statement by the Royal Society of Chemistry is one of the most basic assumptions of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies and the governments that supposedly regulate them. They use it as their guiding light no matter how wrong the assumption is, no matter how much death and disease is created from it. What we are seeing in the world today are massive spreads of chronic diseases like diabetes, neurological disorders, asthma, cancer and a host of other problems stemming from the in appropriate use of poisons. The assumption that poisons can be used safely is modern mans Pandora’s box; once opened the most greedy power hungry industrialists felt free to use poison in everything from house hold products like soap and shampoo to putting it directly in our foods, medicines and even drinking water.

The problem all started with Paracelsus, sometimes called the “father” of toxicology, who wrote: “The dose makes the poison.” The original quote actually is: “All things are poison and nothing (is) without poison; only the dose makes that a thing is no poison.” In other words, the amount of a substance a person is exposed to is as important as the nature of the substance. For example, small doses of aspirin can be beneficial to a person, but at very high doses aspirin can be deadly. In some individuals, even at very low doses, aspirin may be deadly. We all know that everyone can drown in water and even too much oxygen will do you in. Thus it was Paracelsus’ belief that it was not the substance which was toxic (since everything is toxic) but the amount. But is this really helpful to us today and does it reflect present realities? The big problem with people who fanatically follow Paracelsus comes down to this: hardcore believers in the dose makes the poison medical philosophy tend to forget one important thing and that is – poison poisons people, even at ultra low doses.

It is absurd to label pure water as poisonous simply because one can drown in it.

Though there is some perfect logic to Paracelsus statements there is a tragedy in the making defining everything along a poisonous scale as the world of medical science has done. Because we have defined everything as potentially poisonous, there are people (Codex) who are saying non poisonous helpful substances like vitamin C or any vitamin and mineral are dangerous like poisons if you take too much. Therefore they are already, in certain countries, limiting the amount that is available to consumers. This is a crime because the reality is that we are needing increasing amounts of antioxidants like Vitamin C, A, E, and minerals like magnesium, selenium and zinc to deal with the toxic overloads.

The basic principle of Natural Allopathic Medicine is just the opposite of orthodox allopathic medicine. Instead of using poisons at low doses we use concentrated nutritional substances at exceptionally high dosages. I am not suggesting we drown anyone or dump a ton of vitamin C on a baby to see if he or she can breathe under all that weight. Natural Allopathic Medicine is the name not only of a new book of mine in progress but is the name of the medical approach I am introducing to the world in 2009.

If someone is having a stroke or heart attack you certainly do not want to throw them into a bath with four ounces of magnesium inside.

My suggestion for cancer patients and anyone else with serious illness is to bring levels of substances like magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate up to very high levels. The dose makes the effect in Natural Allopathic Medicine were the dose makes the poison in modern medicine. When we are confronting serious chronic or even acute situations we do want to maximize the strength of our treatments.

In Natural Allopathic Medicine we assume all poisons have detrimental effect we only need calculate the total effect from the dose factoring individual sensitivity.

A sane rule of thumb for magnesium supplementation (not for therapeutic effect) is approximately 6-8 mg/kg (3-4 mg per pound) of body weight per day. That translates into a total dietary magnesium intake of 600 to 900 mg per day for a 200-lb man which is already way above the RDA, about double. With children some researchers indicate that 10 mg/kg/day are appropriate because of their low body weight and increased requirements for growth. Athletes also need more depending on their stress and training levels and we can always adjust upwards when under great emotional stress or when seriously ill.

Our cells are best served when they are brimming with magnesium reserves.

In general, for a large adult, spraying one ounce of Magnesium Oil a day all over the body is recommended for six months to recover cellular levels with that adjusted downward for children depending on their age and size. This coupled with oral intake, especially for adults, is necessary to get the maximum kick out of magnesium. When magnesium levels are at extremely low levels intravenous application is an option and is often necessary in emergency situations. Very strong therapeutic magnesium baths yield another level of effect which competes quite handedly with intravenous applications but they are no a substitute for them in emergency situations obviously.

Magnesium chloride and Vitamin C have similar toxicity profiles with overdose from both resulting at worst usually in diarrhea unless the kidneys are seriously compromised.

Strong therapeutic foot soaks are another option and are especially important for diabetics who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. Soak the whole body or just the feet in bath water for 20-30 minutes, at a temperature of about 108 degrees The most effective protocol for this therapy is to begin with a daily body or foot bath every day for the first 7 days, (starting at lighter concentrations and building up) then continue with a maintenance program of 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks or longer. Sensitive care must be taken especially with children as to dose levels, water temperature and magnesium concentrations. Muscle spasms might occur on rare occasions if one forgets to get out of the tub so it is necessary to supervise children and the length of time they remain soaking in magnesium chloride. All strong reactions like redness in local areas to diarrhea or even muscle spasms are indications to reduce concentration.

[1] The best cost effective magnesium bath flakes that I have found are Ancient Minerals. Six and a half pounds costs only 55 dollars.

[2] German research have shown Dead Sea salts have ultimately been the reason for reduced amounts of LangerhansA cells in the epidermis, and conversely salts of sodium chloride were void of any effect at all. (al G. S., 1990 December). Magnesium chloride is also discussed when the topic of dermatitis comes into play as an excellent treatment protocol.  The anti-inflammatory result of utilizing hypertonic Dead Sea solution on atopic dermatitis by means of magnesium ions is well known. (al., 2002)  Further studies also revealed that the magnesium solution greatly reduced inflammation in allergic contact dermatitis.  The study involved five patients with an identified nickel allergy, where magnesium chloride (not sodium chloride) stifled nickel-sulfate induced contact dermatitis. (Greiner J, 1990 November)

[3] Diffusion is the mechanism by which components of a mixture are transported around the mixture by means of random molecular (Brownian) motion (cf. permeation: the ability of a diffusant to pass through a body – dependent on both the diffusion coefficient, D, and the solubility coefficient, S, ie, permeability coefficient, P = D.S). Flynn et al. cite Berthalot as postulating, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, that the flow of mass by diffusion (ie, the flux), across a plane, was proportional to the concentration gradient of the diffusant across that plane.

[4] Dr. Raul Vergin offered the following guidelines for oral intake of a 2.5% Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2-6H2O) solution (i.e.: 25 grams or approximately one ounce of pure food grade powder in a liter of water). The quantity of elemental magnesium contained in a 125 cc dose of the 2.5% solution is around 500 mg.
Dosages are as follows:
Adults and children over 5 years old 125 cc
4 year old children 100 cc
3 year old children 80 cc
1-2 year old children 60 cc
Over 6 months old children 30 cc
Under 6 months old children 15 cc

125 milliliter = 4.2267528 ounce [US, liquid]
cc and ml are equivalent

Dr. Vergin indicates that “In acute diseases the dose is administered every 6 hours (every 3 hours the first two doses if the case is serious); then space every 8 hours and then 12 hours as improvement goes on. After recovery it’s better going on with a dose every 12 hours for some days. As a preventive measure, and as a magnesium supplement, one or two doses a day can be taken indefinitely. Magnesium Chloride, even if it’s an inorganic salt, is very well absorbed and it’s a very good supplemental magnesium source.”

[5] Magnesium chloride is an ionic compound because it has a metal, magnesium, and a nonmetal, chlorine. Magnesium will lose two electrons and form a +2 charge. Chlorine will gain one electron to form a chloride ion with a -1 charge. The formula for the compound is MgCl2. To get the formula weight, find the atomic weights and add them together taking the subscripts into account. Magnesium is 24.3; chlorine is 35.5; so two would be 71.0. The total gives 95.3 as the formula weight.

[6] Magnesium Oil from the sea weighs 12 pounds per gallon. Distilled water weighs only 8 pounds. Thus we can calculate in a straight away manner how much elemental magnesium is in each gallon.

[7] “I was saturated at about 3 grams of elemental Mg per day, but went to 20 grams for over a year. I now take 5 grams, and stools are semi-formed, and the surrounding water is clear, 3-4 per day.”  “Mg is very safe, since the gut absorption is regulated by serum Mg levels, and then the Mg stays in the gut and results in varying degrees of diarrhea. Then the dose is too high. Want soft semi-formed stools. Mine, while on high dosages of magnesium were liquid every 2-4 hours for 2 years, the electrolytes every month were normal, but for low potassium, part of my urinary Mg wasting, both,” wrote Mansmann.
Dr. Mansmann concludes, “I have had diabetic neuropathy for over 10 years. The most significant symptom is my neuropathic pain of burning feet, called erythromelalgia. With the aid of Mg I can completely suppress the symptom, but if my blood glucose level is acutely elevated, because of a dietary indiscretion, the pain flares in spite of an apparent adequate dose of Mg. It goes away with extra Mg gluconate (Magonate) in an hour or so in either case. Without the Mg it will last for six plus hours, even though the blood glucose level is normal in about two hours.” “It is my belief that every one with diabetes should be taking Mg supplementation to the point of one’s Maximum Tolerated Dose, which is until one has soft-semi, formed stools. In addition, anyone with neuropathy, without a known cause, must be adequately evaluated for diabetes and especially those with poorly, slowly, healing foot sores of any kind. Since the use of Mg is safe I see no reason that this should not be “the standard of care”.

[8] Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim, immortalized as “Paracelsus,” was born in 1493. Paracelsus, a Swiss doctor, pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine. His name appears as a significant figure among voluminous numbers of works on homeopathy, natural medicine, alternative medicine, and botanical studies. Many see him as the predecessor of chemical pharmacology and therapeutics and the most original medical thinker of the sixteenth century.

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Angela

    what would be your recomendation of oral Mag for Intersticial Cystitis Bladder disease, I also suffer from Lyme disease?

  • Natalia

    At the begining when I started taking Magnesium trans-dermal my BP dropped down to 118/78 (I am taking Benicar 40/HTZ 25 , my bp without meds is 150/120 , 39 y.o. ) I was fine without taking meds for about a month ,only Magnesium Oil .After about month and a half my BP came slowly but surely back to where it was .
    Can you please explain why did this happen and how to fix it .
    Thank you very,very very much

  • Davinder

    Dear DR Sircus
    I got tendonosis from 4 months in elbow. Can taking magnesium help?

  • acesandeights

    Claudia, does Magnesium in any form cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

    • mogultm


  • Duende

    I live in Guatemala and only have powder available from the local drugstore.(and they’re fully aware of the transdermal application.. what a nice surprise) What are the differences between powder and flake when making ones own solution and any other considerations. Gracias.

    • Duende,

      I’m sorry but we don’t have the recipe for using powdered magnesium chloride in a topical solution. Check with the retailer.
      Claudia French

  • I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but
    your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road.

  • Kay

    Dear Dr. Sircus,

    I have been putting one teaspoon of magnesium oil in my daily amount of filtered drinking water and sipping on it throughout the day. I like getting my magnesium this way, and this method doesn’t cause diarrhea. Is this OK to continue doing this long term? I know you said it’s OK to use the ten sprays in water, but is what I’m doing OK, too?

    Thanks for all you do. I buy all your books and also get your newsletter. You have taught me so much. I just started on your book about baking soda. I am also putting 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 2 teaspoons of Celtic salt per gallon of filtered drinking water. I put my teaspoon of magnesium oil in my daily amount of this water, which is about two liters.

    Also, I appreciate your books being in paperback. I don’t have a Kindle. I like to have a real book.


    • Thanks for your kind feedback!

      You can add magnesium oil up to your bowel tolerance (the point at which it causes diarrhea) as long as it is a pure source of magnesium as Ancient Minerals is.
      Claudia French

  • Lincoln Thomas

    One of friend is highly diabetic (taking insulin and tabs), has undergone thyroidectomy (taking thyronorm), has frequent migraine headaches.

    Can you please advise the effect of taking Magnesium chloride considering above.

  • Mun

    Hi. Thank you for the rich articles on this website and for responding to everyone’s comments!

    I’m interested in taking a maintenance dose. As a 70kg male with no major health issues, I calculate I should take about 500mg/d. Previously I was taking about this much with Swanson Ultra Albion Chelated Magnesium Glycinate, but now I want to combine oral and transdermal based on the recommendations in this article.

    After reading the article and purchasing the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book, I’m still confused about a few things. Please could you help clarifying these questions?

    1) The article suggests the best form of oral magnesium is magnesium oil sprayed into water or directly into the mouth. Is this better than chelated Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium Malate?

    2) The article mentions taking a 100L bath with 2-4 pounds of magnesium chloride flakes. Roughly how much elemental magnesium would absorbed if everything below the mid-torso was submerged for 30 minutes in a 100L bath mixed with 3 pounds of magnesium chloride flakes? The reason I ask is because I want to do this bath once a week, plus 10 sprays of magnesium oil in my mouth every day. I want to work out if this will this be enough to hit the 500mg/d intake and be safe to do indefinitely?

    3) The article mentions the time the body is exposed to magnesium affects how much magnesium is absorbed.. I assume there is a point at which this becomes diminishing returns; ie. I assume you cannot lay in a bath for 20 hours or something to have all your cells fully saturated with magnesium? So what would be a good amount of time to spend in the bath to get a good benefit?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Mun,

      Dr. Sircus states that magnesium chloride as found in Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is the best absorbed magnesium since in this form it is the closest to the ionic state and can be used transdermally avoiding the GI tract where many absorption problems often exist and where diarrhea can limit the amount taken in.
      He also states that there is no need to worry about how much is being intaked since the healthy kidneys will excrete any excess in very efficient manner. I cannot tell you exactly how much will be absorbed in a bath and it may vary from person to person. Keep in mind that spraying 10 sprays into your mouth equals only about 120 mg. of elemental magnesium so there is little chance that a once a week bath would exceed your 500 mg. limit. If you are concerned you can skip the oral intake on bath days. Also please understand that many researchers and experts in magnesium are recommending upwards of from 600-1200 mg. of magnesium per day. You should be able to find this in the magnesium book.
      Amounts of time to spend in a magnesium bath should be about 20-40 minutes in comfortably warm water. Absorption can diminish after this amount of time. Any longer can cause a too rapid influx of magnesium in some people, especially when first using magnesium in a bath, and can overtake the stores of calcium, causing increased sleepiness, cramping and drop in blood pressure. It will take some trial and error on your part to determine your tolerance and it will build up as time goes on. Start with lower amounts and increase slowly.
      You may find more information about this at the Ancient Minerals website: and you can also write to them for more information.
      Claudia French

      • Mun

        Hi Claudia!

        Thank you so much for you advice and quick reply! Especially about limiting my bath time – I would have stayed in there for 1.5 hours otherwise!

        I’ll contact Ancient Minerals to see if they can give a rough mg number for elemental magnesium absorbed in a bath or footbath. Will let you know what they say!

        Kind regards,

      • Jennifer

        When he is talking about taking 5-10 sprays in a glass of water, is that the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil spray with OptiMSM? It didn’t give directions for orally dosages on the bottle.

  • Sherrie

    I bought Eidon’s liquid Ionic Minerals Magnesium. 1 tablespoon equals a dose of 8mg. My question is, how many tablespoons should I be taking daily to get a therapeutic dose? (The recommendation on the bottle is only 1 tablespoon per day) I’ve been taking three tablespoons but wonder if that is far too low.

    • Sherrie, the amount depends on many things. The RDA of magnesium is 320-400 mg. per day but many people only get half that amount. It also depends on what amounts you are getting from your diet. Many researchers and Dr. Sircus believe that MUCH more is needed each day. Probably best to check with the mfg. of the product you are using. Ionic minerals are better than most oral magnesium but we cannot comment on this product as we are not familiar with it and do not know what issues you are dealing with.
      You may be able to tell by how you are feeling as to whether you are getting enough.
      Claudia French

  • Iddy Yutt

    What’s wrong with epsom salts ?

    • Epsom Salts are great for sore and aching muscles, but the magnesium absorption is not as great and the effects don’t last as long in the body as when using magnesium chloride.
      More information is available in the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book available on our book site and on in print copy.
      Claudia French

  • TNTK12

    Can the ultra mag oil, the one with added MSM also be used in the mouth and eyes?

    • Hello TNTK12,

      Only the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil should be used for oral use or for use in eyes…..and must be diluted in the eyes 10-15 drops water to one drop oil.
      Claudia French

  • mhikl

    I am also so pleased to find you stepping into the MMS debate. Dr. Gabriela Segura is also a forthright naturopath, a level headed caring healer I hold in high regard. She is soon to be interview on Kim Greenhouse’s It’s Rainmaking Time site and I have asked her to ask about the MMS issue. I was using MMS, both as an external spray and soak and orally. However, my inner guide?, at least a sense of danger seemed to caution me and I stopped taking the drops.

    Namaste and care,

  • Can deionized water prevent a magnesium chloride oil mixture from working? As the definition of deionized is “To remove ions” basically about 3 days ago i mixed magnesium chloride flakes with deionized water to make my own spray, each time I use it I don’t experience any stinging at all, not even slight stinging, no burning, no heat.

    The reason that i mixed it with deionized water instead of distilled is because I don’t have any distilled water at the moment.

    At first I thought that maybe the mix is not concentrated enough but now I’m wondering is deionized water is the reason I’m not feeling any sting at all, could this be preventing it from doing what it should be doing?

  • Rob

    I recently bought ancient minerals magnesium oil as I am trying to alleviate symptoms and flare up from sarcoidosis. I have seen Dr. Sirius spray a few drops of magnesium oil in his mouth as well as in a cup dilluted in water. Can this be done long term? In other words, can you use the magnesium oil internally as well as externally?


    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Hi Rob,
      No problem ingesting orally the magnesium.
      Best regards,
      Maurice G.
      IMVA Publications Support

  • Lane

    Thank You!!

  • Lane

    I would greatly appreciate some input on some questions I had. I have Hashimotos and I started taking nascent iodine about 7 weeks ago. I am up to taking 24 drops a day of nascent iodine. I am also taking 7 brazil nuts 10 walnuts 10 almonds and about 25 pumpkin seeds give or take and a tablespoon of Carlson fish oil daily. I ordered Ancient Mineral Magnesium Flakes and found a recipe to mix half cup of flakes with a half cup of water. I read that you need to take magnesium and iodine together. With that mixture of magnesium flakes and water how many squirts a day should I use? My concern is the different nuts I am taking are high in magnesium. I don’t want to over do the magnesium. Am I ok to do the magnesium flake and water mixture without over doing it. Thank You Very Much for any input. I am really frustrated with trying to feel better I cant seem to get anywhere going to doctors. Thanks again!

    • Hello Lane,

      Specific recommendations for dosages are not given here in this comment section. For this you will need to get a consultation with Dr. Sircus and you can find your options here:

      In general, there is little danger of taking in too much magnesium especially from dietary sources. Good working kidneys will excrete any excess magnesium not needed by our bodies. But please read the chapter in the Transdermal Magnesium Book to learn the outlying possibility of taking in too much by supplements titled Warnings and Contraindications. This is generally considered to be over 2000 mg.per day of magnesium. There are only 18 mg. magnesium chloride in each magnesium oil spray.

      Claudia French

  • Asma Ahmad

    Hi! I’ve taken a keen interest in natural treatments for wellness and health, which has brought me to to this website. I have been reading about the benefits of Magnesium Chloride for a while now – so I went out to my local chemical market and bought some in a big bag. The only question I have now is regarding its toxicity. I live in Pakistan and branded products like ‘Ancient Minerals’ are not available here and ordering online would result in the customs confiscating it (unfortunately we have a terrible mail delivery system). Can you help me in understanding what kind of questions I need to ask my supplier regarding the metal content / source / toxicity? Much appreciated. Bless you for the great work your doing in spreading the word.

    • Hi Asma Ahmed,

      Ask your supplier of magnesium chloride to give you a copy of their most recent lab analysis which should show you the detected amounts of metals, minerals, contaminants etc. All companies supplying chemicals should have this available for their customers.
      Ask about the manufacturing process and how and where their magnesium chloride is obtained. Some is manufactured and some is more naturally obtained. If you read the information in this essay you will see the differences in some product manufacturing that you will want to become aware of.
      Claudia French


    Hello Dr. Sircus,
    I have had some very convincing signs of low magnesium. I supplemented some very low-quality magnesium last year when my symptoms were worse, and it began a spiral into some very bad arrhythmias and tachycardias. I thought I was going to die and even went to an emergency room. I have no idea what happened, but I stopped supplementing magnesium and things slowly balanced out over the next couple months.
    About 3 or 4 months ago, I decided to give magnesium supplementation another go. I started to take 3-400 mg of Opti-Mag orally and to supplement magnesium chloride (Ancient Minerals) transdermally (about 4-6 sprays a day). The results were good, but I slowly started to have more and more of my silent reflux without all of the weakness in the legs I’d experienced before.
    I burned my gut with a bile acid supplement (trying to fix the reflux) and developed acute gastritis and strep throat in the process. At this point, the magnesium supplements started to smell funny, and I even threw away a huge bottle of magnesium glycinate that I had switched to from the OptiMag (it had been just as effective up to this point).
    The low-magnesium symptoms I experienced at this time (pretty much for the 3 weeks of and after Christmas/New Years) were weak limbs, weak joints, high blood pressure, disturbed sleep, and anxiety. I must admit, I did have a lot of chocolate (w/no sugar or carbs by the way), but I had no idea chocolate depleted magnesium. I tried to correct the issue by supplementing different oral magnesium (always under 300 mg/day) and lots of sprays of the magnesium oil (now 7 to 10 sprays per day).
    Since then, I’ve tried going back to the OptiMag, continuing with sprays, and just all kinds of different experiments. It seems like it just keeps getting worse. My blood pressure, anxiety, joint pain, and muscle weakness get extremely bad when I wake up in the middle of the night. I usually just spray magnesium once and I am good to go back to sleep at least semicomfortable. Spraying more than 4 sprays usually makes me lightheaded and makes my heart feel like it’s pounding.
    Just a little background: I was diagnosed with low intracellular magnesium by an osteopathic doctor or integrative medicine. The number was like 31, when it should have been at 35. I had about 5 IV infusions of magnesium from March 2013 to November 2013 (at sporadic intervals). The price was too steep, so I only did it when I felt really bad. The results were usually hard to read. Sometimes I felt very tired while getting it, but it usually stabilized by later on that day. I’m not sure if the long-term effects were beneficial.
    I am just at a loss at how to correct this imbalance. I almost want to just stop trying and see if my body corrects it by itself. I do take good amounts of high-quality vitamin K2, vitamin C, vitamin D, artichoke extract, probiotics, cod liver oil, and krill oil regularly. I am going to try to not drink or eat any chocolate for awhile, but are there any other things you would recommend? Should I try ionic magnesium orally? Should I avoid the OptiMag? Should I do 5 sprays of magnesium chloride in water instead?
    Please help!

    • Dear Rob,

      Sorry you are having so many troubles. Chocolate if of good quality is actually one of the highest sources of magnesium and chocolate does not deplete magnesium.
      Your situation is much too complicated for discussion here and it would be advisable for you to obtain a consultation with Dr. Sircus for proper guidance:

      Claudia French

      • RGB REC

        I understand that you have to make money. It is nice that you do answer these questions rather thoroughly and promptly even so. I cannot afford consultation at this time, as I have spent too much already trying to figure this stuff out (over $5000 last year from Integrative Medicine and another $2000-$3000 on supplements/labs/treatments).
        I am drinking the highest quality chocolate with the lowest amount of toxins possible. It is called Bulletproof Upgraded Chocolate, and the creator, having become very sensitive to mold from extreme amounts of exposure (like myself), ensures that the processes for creating the chocolate result in the least amount of toxins possible. No other chocolate producer is as toxin-minded as this, I can assure you.

        In any case, drinking low-toxin hot chocolate or coffee and eating this chocolate usually makes me feel great and then much worse later on. I have read that chocolate and coffee deplete magnesium. It’s almost as if a high-dose or quickly absorbed amounts of magnesium always leads to a further depletion later on. Does the research support this? I am trying to get a grip on what might be happening.
        I am also using lufenuron right now, so perhaps the detox of acetaldehydes and the numerous toxins of dying fungal cells may be causing a magnesium depletion?

        • Please see Dr. Sircus essay on Chocolate, with references:

          There is a great deal of free information on our website! Also if you cannot afford a consultation to sort out these problems and opposing views, you might consider purchasing some of Dr. Sircus’ ebooks on magnesium etc. They were intended for people to learn on their own and be able to institute self treatment. All books are supported by the research.
          Claudia French

  • Winnie

    Hi, people suffering from candida usually have low magnesium level Would it be the case that candida feeds on magnesium or what? If that is the case, should one take magnesium supplement or not? Or that using magnesium oil is the only way to take it since it can be applied topically without getting into the gut?


    • Winnie,

      Dr. Sircus does not feel that candida feeds on magnesium.

  • Katrina Carnes

    I am considering using magnesium oil.
    I have been having a magnesium defiency
    since Oct.2009. I was later diagnosed with
    Geitlmans Syndrome. I currently take oral
    supplements,which help temporarily. I seem
    to be ok for a couple months,then back to ER
    for IV of magnesium. I am in need of some

    • Dear Katrina,

      Yes Gitelman’s is a magnesium wasting disease, different from a nutritional magnesium deficiecy because no matter how much magnensium you ingest, your body does not hold on to it. Supplemental magnesium helps to continually proviide some magnesium for your cells use. Dr. Sircus highly recommends using transdermal magnesium therapy with this illness and we have had reports that people with your condition find it helps a great deal to delay magnesium injections.
      We hope you will find that this helps you and recommend using Ancient Minerals Magnesium OIl which you can get from LL’s Magnetic Clay and read about in Dr. Sircus’ book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.
      Claudia French

  • navela

    Dr Sircus could I use “Magnesium Chloride Flakes 2.2
    lb (35.27 oz) Flakes by Swanson Ultra” to make the oral solution? Is the only one I have found at the market. Thanks

    • Dear Navela,

      You would need to ask Swanson……we have not used this brand.

      Claudia French

    • Navela, it is recommended that due to the difference in processing the flakes and the fact that these generally are not recommended for oral intake….to use instead a magnesium oil…of the purest source if you are going to use it orally. Claudia French

  • Natsea

    In the article above, it says one spray of magnesium oil equals about 18 mg of elemental magnesium, but then mentions spraying that in drinking water. I just purchased magnesium oil to spray on my arms or legs. Does each spray on my skin give me the same amount of magnesium or is it less or more? Thank you.

    • Dear Natsea,

      Each spray gives 18 mg. of essential magnesium, but many things can affect how much is absorbed through the skin. Generally though, you should get the 18 mg. in one spray if you leave it on your skin at least 20 minutes.
      Claudia French

  • Nataliya

    Hi! I gave my 11-son Concern Trace Trace Mineral Drops 3 drops in a glass of water. It contains Magnesium Chloride, and I gave a recommended dose. After taking it he has terrible dizziness, strange feeling in different parts of the body, sort of lack of oxygen…. I am scared to death… He said he is feeling like dying… His face was red all over, palms were wet. Now, 6 hours later he is better. What was that? is he allergic to it ? or what could it possible be?

    • Dear Nataliya,

      Sounds like possibly an allergic reaction to this product or something in it. Do not give him any more and if he doesn’t get better please take him for an evaluation to a local ER. I would also contact the people you purchased this from to report this reaction.
      Claudia French

  • Guest

    So from your article are you saying that those of us with very low tolerances for magnesium (feeling flu-like and upset stomach for several days from only one spray of oil), you recommend much higher dosages initially (10 or more sprays) instead? To get levels up quickly?

    • No it is not being recommended that if adverse effects are felt that more magnesium should be taken to get levels up rapidly. It is normally recommended that lower doses be taken in sensitive people until a tolerance is built up. Other reasons for such strong intolerances should be looked at, such as kidney function…..perhaps something else is going on.

  • Guest

    Can you please advise me…I’m epileptic and have heard that magnesium is the way to curing this…Oral magnesium seems to do nothing for me…I am now trying this magnesium oil and don’t really know how much to use so I spray on 4 on my arms three times daily. Lately I’ve gotten a rash on my arms only. I am also breastfeeding my 6 week old and noticed that she has a rash all over her face and head, I’m thinking it’s related.

    Can you also advise me on how much magnesium to start with. I’m clueless as to how to use the magnesium oil, been searching google for answers and coming up with nothing.

  • Jay

    Could someone please advise me. I have a dear friend who is wanting to do the magnesium baths. He is 80 yrs old. I asked him if he has any kidney problems and he says he does not. In this article it says you can use magnesium “unless the kidneys are seriously compromised”. Other times you say “well-functioning”.

    He has regular checkups from his doctor and has never been told he has any kidney problems. However, in reality, due to his age, his kidneys may not be in absolute perfect shape. Would you say that it is safe for him to do baths with 1-2 cups of Magnesium bath crystals? He would like to do the protocol of 1 bath every day for 7 days, then 3 baths a week for 8 weeks. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Jay,

      Your friend would probably do ok on the regime you mentioned below. And you are right to be cautious due to his age. He might start out with a bath 3 times a week and if he thinks he needs them more often go up to a few more days per week. He will need to learn the cautions and watch out for them. They are all dilineated in the Treatment essentials or the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy books.
      Kidneys will excrete any excess magnesium but could do so more slowly in older people as our kidney functioning does slow down as we age.

      • Jay

        Thank you very much Claudia for your guidance. It was most helpful. However, I do not have either of the publications that you mentioned. Do you have an article or a website describing the kidney cautions and what to watch for, or possibly, if it’s not too much trouble, could you briefly list them. Thank you.

  • Christine

    I rubbed in just 12 sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil in divided doses the first and second day. The third day I increased to 16 sprays in divided doses, but immediately after the 2nd time, I came over really nauseous & thought I was going to be sick. My digestion has been a real mess & I have felt sick at times. I have had 4 days of feeling like this now & have tried increasing the dose to 24 sprays today. I mostly put it on my legs and they feel very hot, but also prickly & shivery! I know that taking magnesium internally makes me nauseous, but didn’t expect the transdermal to do that. It could be that it is a coincidence & I have a bug or something, but I just wondered what this may mean?

    • Christine,

      We always advise people experiencing uncomfortable reactions to NOT increase the amount so rapidly but instead to lower the amount used till the reaction stops and then to restart at a much lower dose and go up very slowly till your tolerance is realized. It takes awhile to become used to the magnesium oil. Perhaps you need more time at 12 sprays/day before increasing the amount used. Stick to this for a week or so and then increase……you could go to using it in a bath which is gentler on the body too. The bath flakes are more economical for baths.

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      I rubbed in just 12 sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil in divided doses the first and second day. The third day I increased to 16 sprays in divided doses, but immediately after the 2nd time, I came over really nauseous & thought I was going to be sick. My digestion has been a real mess & I have felt sick at times. I have had 4 days of feeling like this now & have tried increasing the dose to 24 sprays today. I mostly put it on my legs and they feel very hot, but also prickly & shivery! I know that taking magnesium internally makes me nauseous, but didn’t expect the transdermal to do that. It could be that it is a coincidence & I have a bug or something, but I just wondered what this may mean?
      3:55 p.m., Thursday April 11


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  • Barb

    I used mag oil for several months, hoping that it would help reduce PVC’s and PAC’s. I had read that it was affective for arrhythmias but to my horror, it seemed to make them worse. I switched to mag Taurate and that seems to help immensely. Do you have any idea why the oil did not seem to help vs the other form of mag that I now take? I have two large bottles of Ancient Minerals oil but afraid to use it again. Thank you for a reply.

    • Hi Barb,

      Its very unusual that Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil wouldn’t work for arrythmias.

      Most oral preparations of magnesium products need to be broken down in the body to mag chloride as the last step…..perhaps the action of bypassing the digestive tract caused too rapid a change in your system? Just speculating here as we don’t know how much you were using the magnnesium oil or how you were using it ….whether orally or transdermally or both.

      I’m glad you are finding some success with the Magnesium Taurate though!

      Your situation could be coincidence if you were going through more stress at the time, for example. Most people who say they cannot use magnesium oil due to problems were likely to be usinng too much.

  • Ladonna

    Is that found in his book?

  • Ladonna

    I have adrenal fatigue and battle low blood pressure typically 103/70 would I be able to use magnesium oil? I understand magnesium oil lowers blood pressure but I can’t afford for it to be any lower I’m already exhausted now as it is.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Ladonna,

      yes you should be able to use the magnesium oil, but you should also check your bp before and after using. Drink plenty of fluids andfollow Dr. Sircus’ complete protocol. Most people’s blood pressure will not drop so low that it will get them into trouble. Use the oil at a time when you aren’t planning on a lot of activiey, such as before bed.

    • yanktank61


      I had adrenal fatigue for many years and with the help of Dr. Lam I do not have the problem anymore. Getting rid of adrenal fatigue is a tight rope because it depends on how your body can handle large quantities of vitamin C, sea salt, pantothenic acid (B 5), etc. People with adrenal fatigue have a sodium potassium imbalance with too much potassium in their bodies. Provided you do not have high blood pressure, you obviously do not with 103/70, sea salt will invigorate your adrenal gland. So will vitamin C, B5 and omega 3s. Take supplements for all of these. I am not going to advise you as Dr. Lam did with me because he slowly raised my daily dose of vitamin C to the tune of 25,000 percent a day – the maximum amount a person can consume a day. How he did it was by having me consume low ascorbic acid/slow release vitamin C; actually I was consuming 4 different types of vitamin C most hi tech (including nano technology). I hope this helps and if you want more information please respond.

      Best of luck.


      PS. The way to find out your cortisol levels is by taking a saliva test and they can be purchased cheap through My cortisol levels were as follows: 8 at 6 AM;

      4 at 12 noon; 2 at 6 pm; and 1 at midnight. 8 is fine but 4 is in the low functional level range and 2 and 1 are off way too low. The lab wanted to put me on hormones and I said no because my therapy with Dr. Lam was going well. I was retested 12 months later and the problem was no more. Here is his website and it is full of information for those with hypo adrenal problems:

  • Thomas

    Great, I have been using HMD.

    Quick question. Does HMD remove magnesium because other chelators do and that is why doctors state a rescue period each week of a few days of non chelation with extra intake of magnesium, zinc etc. (recommended by dr Sarah Myhill)

    Do we need a “rescue period” with HMD if it also chelates magnesium?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Thomas, most chelators will also deplete the body of necessary nutrients and supplements are generally recommended to take along with them to counteract this and make sure adwquate amounts are taken in.

      At the site of HMD is found this:

      Does HMD™ remove other good minerals and trace elements?

      In some of the testing that was done it showed that this was not the case. In fact, due to the natural minerals and trace elements that some of HMD™’s ingredients contain, such as the Cilantro and the Chlorella Growth Factor, we have reason to believe that it is actually feeding the body with these good minerals.

      However using additional magnesium oil while chelating will certainly not hurt you.

      You can also write to Dr. Georgiou and his staff if you have more questions about this. Contact information is available on the HMD website:

  • Thomas

    Is the Dr George Georgiou mentioned in the magnesium book the same as the Dr George Georgiou who invented HMD (Heavy metal detox) as shown in the below link?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Yes, Thomas

      One and the same and HMD is the chelator that is recommended by the IMVA…..good verifiable science behind it.

  • Thomas

    I have purchased yje ,agnesium book and am a little confused over what appears to be a contradisction in the iodine chapter:

    that a higher iodine intake may benefit cardiovascular function. 2
    Regional iodine intake has been shown to be associated with the prevalence of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, where autoimmune hypothyroidism is the more common of the two in regions with moderate to high iodine intake. Both of these thyroid abnormalities have been shown to negatively affect cardiovascular

    Basically for clarification, is higher iodine intake good or bad for the heart?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Thomas, it all depends on who you ask! Its still a highly controversial subject, but Dr. Sircus believes a higher iodine intake is necessary for a healthy heart as well as to protect us from any radiation drifting our way from Japan.

      You can go to Dr. Sircus’ blog site and do a search for iodine or hypthyroidims to come up with some of his more recent essays on this topic.

  • Thomas

    To quote from an article link I posted earlier:
    !we have three different kinds of transporters: The AEPs (releases the ion at the outer layer of the outer cell membrane), the aspartates (releases the ion at inner layer of the outer cell membrane) and the orotates (releases the ion at cell plasma organelles)”.

    Where does magnesium chloride fit in with regard to the above 3 transporters relation to the cell membrane?

  • Thomas

    Why are there warnings regarding kidneys when taking magnesium. I read it on a post here and on another site :

    Thank you

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Because the kidneys regulate the excretion of excess magnesium in our bodies and if they are not working properly you can acuumulate too much magnesium which can be toxic rapidly.

      See the chapter on Contraindications in the Transdermal Magnesium Bookk which explains it well.

  • Solomon Osayi

    Hi Claudia. please did you see my last comment?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Solomon,

      I’m not clear on what your question is?

      Sodium Bicarbonate can be bought in any supermarket. Magnesium Oil and Iodine are both part of Dr. Sircus’ protocol and would benefit you greatly. Make sure your kidneys are well functioning. Read up on Dr. Sircus books and sites on these things and purchase from LL’s Magnetic Clay co. at:

  • Solomon Osayi

    Thanks Claudia for the Iodine angle. I was actually considering placing an order for Magnesium oil, Sodium bicarbonate and edible clay, except if you have any reservations about these.

  • Solomon Osayi

    Sorry I failed to add that I also feel pains all over the inside of my tommy (as if from sore)…and around my back too.

  • Solomon Osayi

    With respect to my August 5 question, the whole episode actually started April 2011 when I finished a course of anti-malaria Camosunate. Three days after finishing the course I started feeling some pressure at left side of my body (just under the ribcage area). About 4 months later the pressure gradually turned into pain and in Sept, I started feeling some muscle spasm and fatigue with some stomach disturbance.

    Since then, doctors have diagnosed ulcer and treated for H.Pylori eradication with what they called the “tripple therapy”. Muscle spasm reduced but stomach problem persisted.

    I’ve tried several treatment options since then and everything finally simmered down to the current condition. Additionally, my bowel movement reduced from about 2 times a day to just once. My observation seems to show that the undigested part of what I eat stays up to 1&1/2 to 2 days before exiting my body…i’m not so sure, but it seems so.

    My blood pressure has been ok all along, although initially my WBC was swinging from high to low, to high, low, …The cholesterol test I did was ok. Since the whole incident started, I have done normal scan twice and CT-scan once and all seem ok.

    Please advise. If further info is required pls let me know.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Solomon,

      In order to get proper guidance for the questions you have, you will need to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Sircus. He will need much more information from you and will want to speak with you directly. We cannot help with individual situations like yours, here in this format.

      Please see: for more info on getting a consultation.

      It sure sounds to me like you would benefit from being on Dr. Sircus’ full protocol which would include iodine.

  • Thomas

    Thank you frr your your excellent research and advice. I thought I would share some info that I hace recently picked up.
    Professor Christopher Busby, here in the UK has been involved with many legal cases re gulf war veterans and “illnesses” they have acquired.

    In a nutshell calcium in milk is affected because of Strontium 90 which is the throw off from using depleted (and enriched) uranium weapons in the Libyan, Afghan and Iraq war. The strontium 90 has hit the jet stream and has been detected in cows milk in Oxforshire in the UK. Apparently this leads to a deficiency of calcium in us and he recommends taking natural calcium supplements. Genetic disturbances are being detected in new born babies, but not in the adults who carried as a result of the strontium 90. I think the Falluja babies were as a result of this.

    However, I found a couple of articles on the internet that appears that taking calcium as a supplement can (or does) lead to heart problems after a year. However, I also discovered other articles that indicated that taking calcium did NOT cause heart problems. I sent an email to Professor Christopher Busby about 2 months ago, but he has not replied. I know this is a magnesium site, but any clarification on the above calcium issue re heart problems would be useful.

  • Solomon Osayi

    I often have some disturbing irritation somewhere at the back of my head and experience some tingling in my leg muscles (as if I can’t stand or walk well or coordinate). What could be responsible and do you think the magnesium therapy might help?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      You are asking us to make a diagnosis by the very limited information you give. We cannot do that as much more information would be needed, even to make a speculation. However, magnesium chloride would certainly be worth a try in your situation and certainly cannot hurt you unless you have poor kidney function. Try it and let us know if it helps.

  • Dan

    Hello there,
    I really appreciate the efforts you are making to help people get well, thank you!

    I have experienced recurrent, rather severe depression over the past 20 years or so. I am 42, 140 lbs,in good physical health, not taking medication – I have not responded to a few SSRIs I have tried over the years. I have done basic blood work and all is “normal”. I take basic supplements – Omega3 Oil, mutiB, a multi-vitamin, and vit D.

    Currently experiencing depression I am feeling rather desperate – lack of joy, considerable anxiety, very flat mood, poor motivation, sometimes hopelessness and helplessness overcomes me.

    I have started taking half a teaspoon of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, four times a day. I have not experienced any diarrhoea. I know that you encourage transdermal use, but I find it itchy and inconvenient, and don’t know how to attain the right dose.

    So my first question: is it ok to take the oil orally and can that be effective?
    My second question: can you suggest a dose if I want to experience rapid results?
    My third question: is it ok to take the oil at the same time with sodium bicarbonate?

    Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you for your great work and great effort.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Dr. Sircus feels its ok to use magnesium oil and sodium bicarbonate in a bath together but that its best not to take them orally together. Separate doses by about one hour.

      For answers to your questions in more detail you will need to get a consultation with Dr. Sircus:

  • Thomas

    What would be a good regime for atrial fibrillation. I have just read this excellent blog and have has some suprisingly positive results with iodine.

    There is alot of data about this and this page alone is abundant, so, by regime, I mean:
    1) What and what amounts to take orally – product recommendations gladly received. (I’m In London, UK)and what changes to the amounts over time. I have noever taken magnesium supplemens.
    2) As above, but transdermally.

    Thank you and kind regards

  • Michele

    Hi. I spent a year suffering with unrelenting spasms in my right hip/leg. (Along with restlessness at night, m. “ticks”, migraines, etc.) Your site made me consider mag therapy; thank you!

    Here is my confusion/question:

    Recently (the last 4 to 5 months), it seems as if I am losing ground tho– despite increasing my dosages to very very high levels. Originally I did body sprays only… 1000 mg a day (along with 800 mg oral mg-glyconate to keep me “regular”) This lower dosage was because I was pregnant and my midwife advised against more than that. Sometime after the birth (last July), I started doing one to two foot soaks a day with 1 to 2 ounces. At first I continued the spraying, but eventually discontinued it becasue the foot soaks were so effective and comfortable. I continued to do well it seems until sometime at the start of the year. I started to need more: added another foot bath (up to 3 foot baths now with 4 ounces each), added spraying again… as much as before, continuing the oral…. (All this was gradually added) and this continues to be my regimine now. (The gradual increase in symptoms are: insomnia, had another migraine or two, muscle twitching, UE paraesthesia along with some right LE m. involvement again….) I am trying to figure out why, and here are my theories– wondering what you think of them??

    1) Switching delivery. Origially I used pre-made DermaMag mag oil for soaks and sprays. But, in Feb, I “discovered” a recipe for making my own mag oil online and started using that instead to save money: equal parts flakes to water…Life-flo brand with the label saying that it supplies 51 grams mag-chloride per cup.

    2) Poorer absorption due to “leathery” skin on feet from so much soaking.

    3) A TERRIBLE GI “bug” I contracted after Christmas…over 12 hours of severe liquid diarrhea every 15 minutes…. depleting me.

    4) severe demands of my life: 6 kids (some w/ special health/dietary issues) including a full time nursing baby… this after the pregnancy with the limit on mag replenishment. (I discovered mag oil, literally, at the same time i discovered I was pregnant, so I wonder if I really got to build my supplies back up as needed, even tho my symptoms were eliminated?)

    5) I am not magnesium deficient, but lacking in something else and completely on the wrong track….

    Anyway, I am very discouraged with the symptoms returning, now with paraesthesias in my UE. (Is this a symptom of mag. deficiency?) What do you think???? (I do take 700mg food based Calcium a day, but have for years; so that is nothing new. I am allergic to dairy.) Also I tried a low dose of iodine somewhere in tere and had a HUGE detox reaction: anxiety, insomnia, emotional issues, etc. Wonder if that is still playing out…

    Sorry so detailed. So desperate for answers!!! my family needs me better able to take care of them and i can’t right now –like they need–due to my symptoms!
    THank you so much,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Michele,

      Your situation and questions are too commplex to give appropriate answers here. Please consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus to sort through all of this.

      We are not familiar with these brands of magnesium you are using nor how good they are, and too much calcium can cause improper absoption of magnesium and vice versa.
      More information is needed from you.

      Please see the following doc. for information on your options in talking with Dr. Sircus directly:

  • I have already got two bottles of mag. Citrate liquid that was to be used to have a colonoscopy, it reads 1.750 grams of Mg. per oz. until I can afford the whole program, can I utilize these somehow? Either orally or topically? If so how much?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      I have no idea how to advise you on this. It was given to you to cause diarrhea and is not the same thing as magnesium chloride…….you might ask the manufacturer of this if it can be used some other way or for some other purpose.

  • Jim

    TO ALEX:

    You should stick to metric or get a conversion table..

    16 ounces = 1 pound
    1 gallon = 128 ounces

    128 divided by 16 equals 8

  • Donna

    I have chronic fatigue or something similar and weigh about 200 lbs. I’ve been spraying 1 ounce daily of magnesium oil onto my skin for the last 2 weeks but then started to feel a little dizzy (even though no reduction of pain in a recently twisted knee). After 3 days of feeling dizzy, I stopped the magnesium oil and the dizziness was gone the very next day.

    I do not have renal problems/failure nor any of the other possible reasons listed on your website (Excessive intake/Lithium therapy/Hypothyroidism/Addison’s disease/ Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia/ Milk alkali syndrome/ Depression) except for hypothyroidism for which I take a high quality natural thyroid tablet. I take no other prescription drugs and I avoid OTC drugs too. I am taking potassium bicarbonate powder (1/4 teaspoon) daily which I had also stopped at the same time as the magnesium oil but re-started this once the dizziness went away.

    I made my own magnesium oil from equal volumes of distilled water and Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride flakes but am now afraid to spray magnesium oil on myself any more. Can you explain why I got dizzy from the magnesium oil and whether I should just give up taking magnesium oil?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Donna,

      What about your blood pressure? Sounds as if it might have gotten too low from the magnesium or something else causing dizziness? Without more information its hard to speculate on what caused the dizziness. You can start the magnesium oil again at a lower rate (try half an ounce of mag. oil) and see if the problem occurs again. Were you applying the magnesium oil to your entire body or just to the knee where it would be concentrated on the painful area?

  • alex

    eehrr.. maybe a weird question.. but how can distilled water (said in the text) weigh 8 pounds per gallon?
    1 gallon is 3,785411 liter
    1pound is ±453,59 grams
    that would mean 453.59×8 = 5628.72 grams per gallon
    which means (5628.72 divided by 3,785411) 1486.95 grams per liter

    …. correct me if im wrong.. but half the planet knows that 1 liter of distilled water weighs about 1 kilo (0,998kg to be precise..)

  • Vishwaraj Chauhan

    Is there any correlation between magnesium deficiency and partid gland swelling?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Vishwaraj,

      That is definitely a possibility, but so is infection. What you can try is to get some Ancient Minerals magnesium oil from LL’s Magnetic Clay Co and rub it over the area of the glands. Many people have reported to us that when they do this, the swellings go down and disappear.

      You may also try painting the skin over the swellings with iodine.

  • Debbie

    I have been using Mag. oil every night now for 12 days yes I am sleeping deeper. The burning and itching is still there but passes
    in about 20 minutes or so, I do leave it on over night. My chest and face do not itch just my arms and legs, I will continue to use
    and log any information about my experiences with the mag oil. This site is very helpful to me thank you for all your information.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Thanks for the feedback and I’m so glad you are doing better!

    • Emmanuel

      You should wash off the Magnesium after 20-30 min. You shouldn’t have to suffer through the night with the itching and burning. You’ve already absorbed it long before the night is over.

  • Lori

    I finally decided to do what was suggested and use an ounce a day and do a foot soak as well. But the skin irritation seems more severe today. Is it going to be as affective if I rinse it off after 30 minutes? I am small and to put an ounce on, even splitting the dose into halves is covering me. I dont want to have to cut back down though, because I feel this will help me faster than anything else and I dont want to have this cramping anymore. The rash is mostly the chest and under my breasts and arm pits. But I can feel bumps other places, they just dont seem noticable or itch or sting. Actually my chest doesnt either, just looks bad. I do notice I prune up faster now just washing my hands, that’s weird! And I lather up with a minimal amount of body wash too.
    But to my main question, after 30 minutes time is the oil absorbed enough to be rinsed off and still be beneficial? Also is the rash a detox symptom? Does the body adjust to transdermal therapy eventually? I am now using Ancient Minerals so I know the dosing will be more accurate.
    THANK YOU!!!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      YES, after 20-30 minutes your skin will have absorbed the magnesium from the magnesium oil and its fine to rinse it off.
      Its very common for people to experience an itchy rash at first and this usually disppears after the skin becomes accustomed to the magnesium oil. You can also dilute the magnesium oil in water by half water half magnesium oil to decrease the irritation till your body becomes accostomed to it. You can use less than one ounce per day if you feel this is too much for your sie and weight. And a foot bath or whole body bath with magnesium chloride flakes is alwo extremely beneficial.

  • Sue Stoner

    Hi I have been using Ancient Mineral magnesium oil for three months now. I am wanting to get my magnesium levels checked,so I can see where I am at. I have sent a message to you before about me having osteoporosis, and I know how important magnesium is for this condition. I want to make sure I am not using too much oil, and also checking whether I am using enough. How is the best way to check your magnesium levels, so people say by hair and others by blood? Also is two and a half to three months long enough to be able to tell?

    Kind regards

    Sue Stoner

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Sue,

      After using Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil for 3-4 months you should see your magnesium levels at good levels if you have been using enough and don’t have any kind of wasting syndrome or other problems that will be constantly depleting your magnesium levels.

      Blood testing is NOT the best way to check magnesium levels as this will only relflect what amount is in the blood but not the tissues of your body…….when mag levels get low in the body the blood will pull from other organs and tissues to replenish the amount in the serum which must be kept in a very narrow range or severe consequences will occur.

      There is a chapter in the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book that describes the different testing available and which are the best to do if people feel they need to test. Hair tests, urine tests, exatest and other means are available. I encourage you to read that chapter. Dr. Sircus himself does not recommend any one particular test . He feels that testing is not necessary if you have healthy functioning kidneys which will excrete any excess… Of course if you feel you might have a magnesium wasting disease, tests will help to show this.

      Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Dr. Sircus is a must-have book which will answer most of your questions.

  • Lori

    I am using Pure Mag Oil Prehistoric Magnesium oil™
    “Exceptionally Ultra Pure” Premium. They claim to have 115mg of magnesium chloride per pump/spray. Does this equate to what in actual magnesium per spray in your estimation? This all gets very confusing. I used Swanson previously. One sight said it is about 60mg of actual magnesium to 500mg of magnesium chloride. PLEASE help me figure out this measurement.
    kind Regards,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      For questions about the specific magnesium oil you have chosen you need to as the retailer you purchased it from. We are not familiar with this brand.

      You can also inquire of LL’s Magnetic Clay about the specific properties of their Ancient Minerals Magnesium OIl and their contact information is:

      LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc.
      PO Box 619.
      San Ramon, CA 94583
      Customer Service: All customer service inquiries please email us at:

  • Lori

    THank you! Could you also tell me if I should be taking equal amounts of a calcium supplement? I take Coral calcium when I do take it. I read on your sight that without calcium the body could actually cramp more with the addition of magnesium. I get very little calcium from my diet in general. I hate milk! Also how much D3 is recommended?
    I had suffered from an eating disorder off and on for many years so I feel this is one of the key reasons I had such a magnsesium deficit. Same with calcium…although that didnt show up.
    Thank you,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      The most calcium you should take is a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio to magnesium….unless you are extremely deficient in calcium. Milk is not the only thing that we get calcium from, its in a lot of other foods. Sesame seeds for example…and you can use this on salads etc. In fact milk is a pretty poor source for calcium.

      Dr. Sircus cannot give information on specific dosages here on this site. Each person is different in their needs and specific conditions and you must seek a consultation with him for more detailed guidance. There are a number of options for doing this.


  • Lori

    I have Mag oil by a different company. But it seems good and has gotten good reviews. I am magenesium deficient! Horrid foot cramps. My other electrolites are all good. Magnesium tablets are giving me unreal diarrhea so I worry that it is all washing right back out of me. I just received Jigsaw magnesium malate. I am really hoping that helps. I am 5 feet 2 inches and weigh 115 pounds. I may be in perimenopause and am also hoping this helps my pms. I get very sore breasts, weight gain, and moody. I basically dont know how much to use transdermally. Also how many ounces in a foot soak and how much magnesium would that give me?? This is all very confusing and math is not my strong suite! So for spray it looks like I would need 83 pumps for 1500mg…holy moly!
    I am working to correct my diet, eating mostly raw at this time all due to fear my cramping wont improve. This is debilitating and it is affecting my life adversly. I also have had panic attacks for many years and am hoping magnesium will also help here as well. Sorry this is so jumbled…
    Kind Regards,
    Lori in Denver

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Lori,

      It sure sounds llike you have a lot of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium should help with the cramping, pms, moodiness, and panic attacks. Some people also need to take Vit. B6 along with magnesium. Using the magnesium oil is generally better than oral products as it doesn’t cause diarrhea that limits the amount oof mangnesium that can be taken.

      Not knowing what brand of magnesium oil you use makes it difficult to say how much is needed. Check with the company you bought it from for this. Not all magnesium oils on the market are coming from the same places and may not be as effective as Ancient Minerals from LL’s magnetic clay company.

      In general it is recommended that 1 or 2 ounces per day of magnesium oil be applied to the skin. This combined with foot soaking daily with about 2-6 oz in the water, should bring your magnesium levels up to par withing 2-3 months, though you should feel relief before this. I can’t tell you how to adjust the amount of magnesium oil when you are also going to be taking another magnesiuum product orally.

      You can divide the amount of oil used on your skin into twice a day applications if you want to.

  • Debbie

    i am 57 years old I do not sleep well I started using Mag glycinate in a pill form I take 1000 mg it helps me sleep
    somewhat would the mag oil work better?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      We believe magnesium oil would work better for you and would increase your magnesium stores in your body much faster.

  • karen

    Hi, I’m 48 and have been diagnozed with what I can only describe as severe osteoporosis in my hips and mild in my spine, after starting the menopause due to my ovaries being removed my doctor in France sent me for a routine bone scan, thank goodness she did otherwise I’d still be blissfully unaware of the silent disease. I’ve been prescribed a daily 1200 mg calcium with vitamin D3 and alendronique acid once a week. After reading Carolyn Dean’s book about magnesium I understand it could’ve been caused by taking inhalers and steroids over a period of 30 years for my asthma, which explains a lot to me as I have been a vegetarian for 30 years so my calcium intake has been very good and I live in France so am getting plenty of vitamin D, plus I’ve always kept myself fit.
    At the moment I’ve started taking 400mg magnesium oxide twice a day, and after reading your articles I’m wondering if I should change to transermal magnesium oil, my 19yr old daughter has endometriosis would this help her as well and if so how do we apply it and what quantities would be both use.

  • Maciej

    Hello again!I did tramsdermal mag chloride quite vigorously and looks like magnesium overdose.Is that possible with transdermal t.?the horse is really upset,it is visible pain around belly,and low part of abdomen is hot and painfull with some watery blain at both sides.she is upset really.she got pyralgine with some improvement.Just curious?
    Great regards

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Maciej,

      Please consult a vet about the problems your horse is having. These symptoms do not sound like magnesium poisoning.

  • Maciej

    Hello!Great site and comments!I have a horse that is visibly magnesium deficient(nervousness,excitability,stiffening muscles during training,inability to relax,skin and noise overreaction etc) and I checked last 8 months diet ingriedients and yes-low magnesium,and veeery high calcium,vitamin d).I’m using transdermal t. second week now and improvement is visible but slow-could it be that body is restoring bones depletion first or magnesium is ‘busy’ with doing something about high calcium etc. and that is why muscle relaxation is small?How long it can take to be back in normal form?Some people say that it is very quick to see results and to replet magnesium.Sorry for my english!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Maciej,

      Some people will feel better right away after starting to use magnesium oil, and for others it takes a while longer. n general it akes humans about 2-3 months to bring their magnesium levels up expecially if you are very deficient to begin with. I would guess that its similar for horses.

      You can add some magnesium oil to the horses drinking water too and I understand there are even salt licks with magnesium added for horses!

      Increase amounts of magnesium used gradually, and be sure to count magnesium from all sources.

  • elise

    I started using the oil daily but after several weeks had to stop because I became “too relaxed”, not wanting to do anything and finding it increasingly difficult to find words and remember things. I was finding this with even one spray. As far as I know I don’t have a problem with my kidneys – my mother was having the same symptoms. Could it be that we are not taking enough calcium with it, or could there be another reason?

  • Jean

    I spray the oil on daily and feel nothing. Then I spray and it burns to the point that it takes my breath away. Does the burning happen whe the dosage is increased?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Jean,

      Not sure I am understanding how you are using it, but yes when amount used transdermally increases, it could sting more. If this happens cut back on how much or how often you are doing the spraying or dilute by half with water and spray more often. See if that helps.

  • Gwyn Jones


    Thanks, appreciate the contact.

  • Dejan Milinkovic

    Thank you Claudia, I will contact them.

    Have a nice day,
    Best regards,

  • Gwyn Jones

    Looking to buy some Magnesium in bulk, so don’t want to make a mistake. A bit confused I don’t know whether Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate is one and the same thing, the hexahydrate version seams more redly available in bulk. Are these two different if so which is the better for bathing and making some mag oil also.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      It might be helpful for you to get in contact with the people at LL’s Magnesium Clay company for their expertise on the type of magnesium that can serve your needs. They are experts on the types of magnesium available.

      Please call them at customer service:

      phone: 800-257-3315

  • Dejan Milinkovic

    Thank you Claudia,

    And percentage of pure magnesium in MgCl2 is around 25 (24.3/95.3)?

    Best regards,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      You might want to contact the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay for further information on your questions. They are more than willing to help people understand their products and would be your best resource. To my knowledge, the % of magnesium in the Ancient Minerals Oil is 31%…..the reduction by use of heat to make the flakes, makes it more concentrated in the flakes.

  • Dejan Milinkovic

    Dear Claudia,

    Thank you very much for the prompt answer. Just one clarification – could you confirm that bath flakes contains arround 12% of pure magnesium?

    Best regards,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      This information was taken from the site of LL’s Magnetic Clay on Ancient Minerals products. This is the most pure and the one recommended by Dr. Sircus:

      Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes are dry flakes of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and other trace minerals, in a convenient and economical form for utilization in baths and foot soaks. Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes are approximately 47% magnesium chloride by weight.

  • jean

    please inform on your knowledge of magnesium oil as an effective antifungal used topically or full strength or concentrated foot bath-soaks…… my partner has thick nail fungus, and we’d like to treat it naturally. thank you for answering!

    i’m doing occassional foot baths with dead sea mineral and clays and or magnesium oil to treat residues of swelling,weakness and stiffness, a year old serious ankle sprain injury.
    curious if using either ancient minerals oil or flakes products at high or full strength,and reheating foot bath solution for ongoing multiple personal use foot baths might be better investment for deeper spa level treatment of my foot and or for my daily mineral magnesium absorption levels. Throwing out a dilute magnesium foot soak water each time seems a bit wasteful or costly.I don’t think the straight oil would get funky too soon -please clarify as to its use during surgeries-is it for its ionic or electrical qualities or is it antibacterial and self cleaning?
    thank you so much again!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Jean,

      Magnesium used during surgeries are often used for its ionic effects or effects on the blood vessels (such as in heart surgeries, it prevents arrythmias). It is also used to stop premature labors in pregnancy and often used post surgically for its incredible pain relieving effect. It also has antibacterial effects as discovered by Dr. Delbert who is acknowledged in the Transdermal Magnesium book and others.

      Alternating mag chloride in foot baths with iodine treatments and sodium bicarbonate treatments should help foot fungus. Dr. Sircus will be publisheing an article about this soon.

      You can re-use the magnesium water for a foot bath a number of times before it will need to be thrown away. In waters with high amounts of magnesium, no germs can grow, neither bacterial, viral or fungal. It can be reheated. Just make sure you are using a very pure source of magnesium oil such as that from Ancient Minerals at LL’s Magnetic Clay.

  • Dejan Milinkovic

    I have ordered Ancient Mineral bath flakes and plan to use them mostly transdermally but also orally. My question is how many grams of flakes would you recommend me to put in 1 L of water for dilution (oil) for transdermal use? The same question for dilution intended for oral use.

    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      We prefer the magnesium oil over the bath flakes for transdermal use as mixing the flakes with water leaves it too runny to do much good transdermallly and its not quite as potent as the oil. But if you want to try this for transdermal use, just add water to the flakes till it is absorbed.

      For oral use we also recommend the magnesium oil over the flakes. Please see this essay on our magnesium site for a discussion of doses: .

  • Cindy

    This is all so informative – thank you for all the replies that are a great learning tool!

    The one thing I have not seen addressed is the “feel” of the oil on the skin. I usually do a daily foot soak and also will spray the oil all over after a morning shower. However, when I go to bed at night the feel of the oil on my skin is still present and really bothers me as it makes my night clothes and sheets stick to my skin. Is this a common problem?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Cindy,

      Some people are bothered by the feel of the “oil” on their skin and some are not… depends on your skin type. If you don;t like how it feels it can be rinsed off after 20-30 minutes….most of the magnesium will be absorbed by then. Or a short rinsing shower before bedtime will help.

      There is really no need to leave it on the skin all day…its a matter of preferance. I like it on my skin throughout the day, and it does not feel oily to me once absorbed and nothing sticks to my skin. It seems to leave a pleasing glow .

      Your feedback on the responses given here is much appreciated! Thank you.

  • Sue Stoner

    Hi I have just started using Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, I have Osteoporosis and am taking calcium and vitamin d supplements. I would like to know if using magnesium oil will cause absorption problems with my calcium supplements. I was taking magnesium tablets and this did not agree with me, but I was told to take them with a gap between them and my calcium tablets, as they stop each other absorbing. I have only been using the oil for a week, starting off with foot baths, and now spraying every morning after my shower. I am not having any problems, so far using the oil. Last night I actually slept all night without waking, first time in about six years, as I have had problems sleeping since I went through early menopause at 39. If you could let me know about the absorbtion of calcium with the oil, I would be grateful, as it is very important I get all the calcium and vitamin D that I can.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Sue,

      Since in today’s world and diet of fortified foods, most people (USA) are estimated to be taking in 6-10x the recommended calcium. Calcium and magensium rely on each other for proper absorption in the body, but excess calcium will cause the bigger problem of preventing magnesium absorption. Though osteoporosis is touted as the “main ” cause of osteoporosis, other research is showing that it is really magnesium which is needed to prevent the leaching of the calcium from the bones.

      Magnesium and osteoporosis
      Bone health is supported by many factors, most notably calcium and vitamin D. However, some evidence suggests that magnesium deficiency may be an additional risk factor for postmenopausal osteoporosis [4]. This may be due to the fact that magnesium deficiency alters calcium metabolism and the hormones that regulate calcium (20). Several human studies have suggested that magnesium supplementation may improve bone mineral density [4]. In a study of older adults, a greater magnesium intake maintained bone mineral density to a greater degree than a lower magnesium intake.

      The ratio of calcium to magnesium in our diets should be 1:1 or 2:1,

      If you must take calcium you can take that and use the magnesium at a different time of day, but it is more the ratio of calcium to magnesium present in your body that really makes the difference.

      So glad you finally got a good nights sleep!!!!

  • Greg Lake, Columbia, TN

    Thank you for all of the detailed information! I came to this site after reading many blogs, articles and advertisements in search of answers to my health issues. All of my symptoms mirror those of Magnesium deficiency. I am a retired fireman after 28 years (no stress there ~)and after 2 years of retirement landed in the Hospital with atrial fibrillation last January. I am sure that my standard American diet, lack of exercise, super stress, anxiety and issues of the heart all have had a destroying effect on my overall health. I decided that I wanted to live instead of continuing to die slowly, so I began researching.
    I have taken four steps prior to arriving here that have changed my life, but still have not addressed the need to balance my Magnesium. (Angrily, my Cardiologist and even my GP didn’t mention any of the measures noted in this blog.) I am very excited to start Mg oil ASAP. I should have started this therapy 30 years ago, but today is not too late!
    My other measures: Knowing Jesus, becoming Vegan (McDougal), using the Healing Codes, walking two miles a day.

  • Hi, I’m Donna Thompson,Very interesting to read this blog.. I really do appreciate what you are written.. And I’m sure to be back again for the latest update of your blog. I am looking forward to see more content like this .. Keep it up and keep on writing this kind of blog ..

    If you have time you can also visit this site that I managed to surf in:
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  • joan

    I only take calcuim vit d , iam in menopause, which has given me extreme anxiety and some depression. So i tried magnesuim several times, first time used way too much, could not sleep for a week, next time used about 200 miligrams could not sleep for 3 days, the other day tried again use 36 miligrams could not sleep for 2 days, i normally can sleep, i use it at 700 am in the morning only. It helps so much for the anxiety and seems to help for hormone imbalance. I dont want to give up. What do yall think. i will try only 1 spray which is about 18 miligrams next time, cant even use it everyday, it makes me calm and feel like iam going to go to sleep but up all night.Thanks for imput

  • Jim

    There may be other possibilities for the “insomnia”….it should be noted that balanced nutrition is always step one…if a person were deficient in other nutrients and dramatically increased just their magnesium levels, side effects are possible…or maybe you’re just not as tired; like experiecing an increase in energy levels or brain function…also, any side effects may be temporary. As well as magnesium, maybe you are taking other supplemental products, and/or medications…

  • joan

    i am trying mag oil, but it seems to give me insomia, i only spray 3 sprays and could not sleep for 3 nights, whats up with that, i use it for anxiety and menopause, and helps. What to do

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Joan,

      Magneisum is generally very helpful for insomniacs, but if you are noticing this effect then cut back on the amount being used, and make sure to spray earlier in the day. See if that helps.

  • darrell

    I have taken mgcl 30 grams per liter, about 30ml each night. It has helped my cleanout the digrestive and urinary track very well. It also will remove all dental plaque from teeth, if you rinse the teeth for a while before swallowing it. No plaque means no cavities!

  • Krissy

    Hi, I have a six yr. old who has had trouble sleeping for all of his life. He also had slow digestion, only going #2 every other day. I also discovered that some multi- vitamins efected his sleep, seemed to be the ones with iodine in them.
    For about two years I have been giving him magnesium supplements of ionic magnesium drops (200mg 2x a day). I also give him a calcium supplement with this.
    Within a couple of days it improved his attention, which he was having problems with(getting in trouble at pre-school for not listening, ect.) and he started sleeping through the night, although if he does wake up to pee or something, it still takes him forever to go back to sleep,(one to two hours sometimes). He did not get diarrea, but did start going every day instead of every other day. So, I do feel that it has had a very positive effect.
    The only thing I am concerned about is that he has gone from being too skinny to wearing husky sizes sense I started to do this therapy, noticable weight gain after about a month of therapy. I don’t want to stop it, because he needs the sleep, and I believe it has taken care of an auditory discrimination problem he was having, (he was having so much trouble listening that his teacher wanted him tested for add.)
    I also notice he seems to require more magnesium in the summer, which makes sense,being that we live in texas and he probably sweats some out. Kind of scared to give him too much though. Was originally thinking thyroid, because of him being so skinny, and sensetive to thyroid, but now, he is not skinny, although I think he is just borderline overweight, we have to put the husky pants on the last button, to make the adjustable waist as small as possible.
    I am not sure what to do, my doctor is useless.
    Wanting to know if anyone has had a problem with weight gain after taking magnesium, it does eem like anything that lowers you blood pressure might also lower you metabolism.
    Any feedback would be welcome.
    Maybe he just isn’t burning as may calories because he’s actually sleeping at night:)
    Thank You in advance for any help.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Magnesium is necessary for energy expenditure, blood sugar control, reduction of fatigue and stress as well as many other things. Good magnesium levels are generally associated with good weight control, although research has shown us that overweight children, even though they are taking in an adequate amount of magnesium from diet and supplements are not retaining the magnesium and still appear deficient. It was speculated that this was due to poor absorption from the digestive tract or excessive excretion of magnesium in the urine. See this study for more information

      Its important to judge his activity level while awake, is he up and active or sedate and quiet? Could he be hypothyroid now?

      Do you know if he is insulin resistant which is found to be a problem in many overweight children……

      So many things could be causing this sudden weight gain……you might want to try magnesium oil used topically instead of the ionic magnesium which has to be absorbed through his digestive tract, and is not completely absorbed if a digestive problem exists. . The oil will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

  • Pascal

    Thank you,

    I just ordered from that Dutch website, so it will clearly be a first edition one that they have in stock… That is too bad, I do not see myself buying the book twice in order to have the last edition…that is why I asked about the new themes in the second edition…

    I will certainly consider some of the other books in the future, first things first! 🙂

    I discovered something amazing today… I took “the risk” of increasing my dose of Magnesium oil up to 10 sprays every 90 minutes… (last week I limited use to 4×8 sprays/day). I already felt this noon that I felt a little better than the previous days/weeks… and then I saw something amazing happening.

    I measure my temperature daily… and since my chronic illness started, it always fluctuated between 35,9°C when waking up towards 36,4°C at noon… Well since this noon, my temperature has risen to the ideal 37°C for the first time in years… after two hours it starts dropping slightly, and after 10 sprays and 30 minutes, it goes up again… I’ve read on several locations that low body temperatures are always found among people with chronic illness and depression and that temperatures between 36,7 and 37 mean optimal health…(or in case of disease that you are applying the right therapy as your body responds with normal temperatures again)

    If I keep spraying at this rate, I will end up today spraying only one third of an ounce and see what happens already! Hopefully, this really symbolizes the slow return of towards health…

    Kind regards, Pascal

  • Pascal

    Dear Claudia,

    I feel an infinite gratitude for the completeness with which you answer my questions ! You must know that even (paid) doctors do not even take the time to put me at ease with all that info… not that they are aware of al you say. 🙂

    I will explore every link but I already have a pretty good idea know of the do’s and don’ts… I will do it your way !

    I ordered the book yesterday from a Dutch website, so they have it in stock and it will certainly be the first edition… Is there any way to be put at height of the added info of the second edition ? As the book was never translated in Dutch (neither is The Magnesium Miracle), buying the original version is the only way of obtaining it… But in Belgium and Holland, only Dutch books are sold, and the same goes for books on e-commerce sites.. It was pretty difficult to find copies of those two books… Therefor again: 1000x thanks ! (for not losing your patience with me) 🙂

    I will leave you for know and explore the website as you suggest.. I do not think that I will have to ask much of your time after that. (if any)

    Kind regards and a wonderful day to you.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Pascal,

      Thanks for your kind words and I am glad to help.

      When the 2nd edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is available we will make an announcement of where to obtain it. It should be available for online ordering.

      Dr. Sircus has many other books on magnesium, iodine, sodium bicarbonate, and diabetes that are e-books, available for download to your computer. These can be obtained from our IMVA publishing site:

      This week his new e-book on Toxicity Syndrome, dealing with how to cope with radiation from Japan, and the Gulf Oil spiill dangers , should also be available.

  • Pascal

    Dear Claudia,

    Thank you for the info. I managed to find a website where I could order the book of Transdermal Magnesium therapy…It will arrive next week… I will first read that and than eventually consider a consultation with mister Sircus… Is a telephone consultation possible and is it affordable? I can imagine that it costs a lot of money to speak directly with the top expert, no ?

    Do you mean that dizziness may occur when blood-pressure drops quickly from 135-85 towards 125-75… or are you talking about dizziness when having suddenly low blood pressure below 100/60… The latter, I did not experience yet.. I always ended up with 110/68 in the evening and a slowed heart rate of about 56 BPM… That only when applying 500mg of magnesium. That is why I am afraid to take 1or2 ounces Magnesium… afraid that heart rate or blood pressure become dangerously low.. you see ? It is very difficult for me to understand whether dizziness is still a consequence of magnesium deficiency or magnesium suppletion.

    Say I start multiplying my doses tomorrow, what do I have to consider as being symptoms of kidney failure?

    Can you tell me how much milliliter of 31% Ancient Minerals Oil goes into an ounce ? How many sprays?

    Kind regards, Pascal

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      I am going to refer you to our magnesiumforlife website where there are numerous essays available for you to begin to gain a better understanding of how magnesium oil works. Many of these are in the transdermal magnesium book and the 2nd edition is coming out in about 2-3 weeks.

      Magnesium will not CAUSE kidney failure, other things cause kidney failure, but poorly working kidneys can re-absorb magnesium meant to be excreted and can lead to magnesium toxicity symptoms. This is different than symptoms of kidney disease. There could be many causes for the kidney pain you sometimes feel, such as an infection. You said your blood work is good showing no signs of kidney failure. Kidney failure usually has few observable signs, but when it gets close to being severe you might have nausea and vomiting, decreased urine output, weight gain of over 2-3 lb overnight, edema of the legs and ankles. Earlier findings might include foamy urine, indicating protein being spilled into the urine, and test results that show increased albumin or protein in the urine along with elevated creatinine and BUN>. You should be worrying more about your blood pressure affecting your kidney functioning as high blood pressure can damage kidneys to the point of failure.

      Dizziness can occur both when it drops quickly, or when it drops below about 100/60. Some people have a rapid drop of blood pressure when they change positions from sitting to standing. Your overall blood pressure is pretty good where it is.

      You can find information on the dosing and amount of magnesium in sprays at this essay:

      Each spray of Magnesium Oil contains approximately 18 milligrams
      of elemental magnesium.[5] An ounce would contain just over 3,300 mg.
      Five sprays in a glass of water would thus be almost 100 milligrams.[6]

      There is a tremendous amount of information on this website for you to read.

      Information about consultations is available at:

      Using Magnesium Oil sometimes requires a bit of trial and error to see where your tolerance is and determine the most beneficial dose of oil. Start slowly and don’t change the amount of oil applied for a few days to allow your body to adjust. Then go up in amounts a little at a time.

  • Pascal

    Dear Claudia,

    I have been suffering from a panic disorder for some years and since March, new symptoms as head aches, exhaust, rapid heart rate and an annoying feeling in the right kidney area were adding up to the list of complaints…

    When blood was tested, only a vit D deficiency came up… so I started supplementing vit D in high doses which gave me only more headaches… I also became very dizzy and got muscle spasms and cramps… Then I found out that these were symptoms of magnesium deficiency, that was caused because vit D needs a large amount of magnesium in order to transform in its active form.

    So, what I think happened is that during years of adrenaline rush and chronic stress, cellular magnesium lowered until -since March- new symptoms appeared. Since serum levels of Magnesium were “normal”, we started treating the vitamin D which worsened my cellular magnesium status! A double disaster 🙂

    Three weeks ago I started taking oral Magnesium supps, but as I read about the power of Magnesium oil, I ordered the oil.. I wondered about the doses…I spray about 4x100mg per day, because adding my food intake, I would end up using 600 Mg per day…

    But above in the article, they talk about spraying 3 grams per day for a year is the normal dose… Dr Carolyn Dean advises people with anxiety to take 600mg of Magnesium citrate per day, adding 500 Mg of calcium..

    Dr Sircus advises 5 times as much with a product that is better absorbed than oral.. and he doesn’t talk about adding calcium…Isn’t such a high dose of magnesium going to rule out calcium and Iron (which are both influenced by magnesium intake)?

    I also want to ask from which stage of renal insufficiency, taking large doses of Magnesium would be dangerous… since March I always feel a strange pain in that area (could be adrenals too).. blood tests and echo didn’t point out any renal problems, but as I sometimes get extra dizzy after spraying the magnesium, I want to make sure that I am not doing dangerous things.

    Thank you very much. (and a happy fourth of July for all you Americans !)
    Pascal / Belgium

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Pascal,

      A few things come to my mind, though you may want to consider a consultation with Dr. Sircus directly to sort out the issues you mention.

      First, please realize that magnesium can cause a drop in blood pressure which may account for the dizziness you experience after taking magnesium. If you can check your blood pressure this would be good. You may be correct about the Vit D and magnesium need. You are probably very deficient.

      When usinng magnesium oil, you should spray 1-2 oz per day all over your body (can divide up the doses and frequency if desired). It has been shown in studies by Dr. Norm Shealy that transdermal application of magnesium oil repletes magnesium levels much faster than using oral magnesium will do.

      If you kidneys are functioning normally your body will excrete any excess magnesium thus preventing any possible mag toxicity. From what you say, your kidney functioning tests have come back with normal readings so you do not need to be concerned about this. Anyone with any level of kidney dysfunction should start to be very cautious about using magnesium and do so only under doctors supervision. This should be watched carefully.

      Many researchers are finding that our calcium intakes are over 6x what we actually need due to the enhancement of foods, so often its not necessary to supplement with calcium. You can add some calcium to your diet if you wish, using toasted sesame seeds if often sufficient to provide the necessary calcium.

  • Steve

    I think it’s best to start with transdermal therapy using the purest magnesium chloride at least until you get your immune system and gut at full strength, and magnesium levels high enough to eliminate the toxins which other products might contain. Once your gut is perfect and able to fully absorb oral supplements you can be confident they and magnesium-rich foods will do the job.

  • Jim

    Very interesting info!

    Much thanks.

    Magnesium is indeed one of the most epidemic deficiencies, yet no one nutrient is ever going to be a cure all. Eat healthier, as in more raw organics, drink more and better water, minimize toxins from all potential sources. Cleanse and chelate. There may be other problems related to malabsorbtion, leaky gut, dysbiosis, or H.Pylori for example, that would need to be addressed as well in order to achieve wellness….

    Its important to remember that minerals are still needed in balance with other minerals, and other nutrients, to be most effective. If a person is deficient in magnesium there are likely other minerals and nutrients needed in icreased amounts as well. Iodine is a great idea but increasing glutathione levels and perhaps selenium and other trace minerals would be complimentary.
    I’ve seen magnesium-citrate -oxide -malate -gluconate, as oral supplements but I would still tend to think that natural organic sources trump the less natural ones. Of course in the case of chronic deficiencies more stringent therapies are needed to restore balance. It seems magnesium chloride transdermally may indeed provide that.
    Dr. Russell Blaylock is also a big magnesium advocate too and recommends a product called “Jigsaw Magnesium with SRT(sustained release technology)” which is BiMagnesium Malate…also highly absorbable. Are you familiar with this oral form? Perhaps in combination with transdermal magnesium for more desperate cases.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Jim,

      I have personally used Jigsaw’s magnesium product. I thought it was very good though I noticed a more rapid reduction in some symptoms (such as painful areas) much faster with the transdermal magnesium chloride. This is one of the great advantages of using magnesium oil, its versatility for a number of problems.

      Jigsaw Magnesium might be beneficial if you wanted to combine oral and transdermal, but you can do that with magnesium oil alone.

  • Ben

    JESSICA, the symptoms that you describe were not present before you started de magnesium oil? In my case i think it was detox so i stopped for a few days and resumed after with lower doses and felt better

  • Jessica

    Someone called Ben on 2 Aug asked a question about possible detox effects such as nausea, dizziness, increased fatigue, or whether these symptoms could result from over-dose, and there was no reply. I am worried about similar reaction only using maximum 1 oz oil per day, about three weeks now, am headachy, spells of nausea, stomach discomfort – bowels open only once a day but quite soft. Dopey but stil sleeping very bad. I have very sensitive system with ME/CFS and am slim, but want to take as much magnesium in as possible. Do some people have to use smaller amounts, are these symptoms indicating the dose is too much?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Jessica,

      These could be detoxification reactions. Cut back on the amount of magnesium you are using daily and see if there is any improvement. Its difficult to use too much magnesium oil as healthy kidneys will excrete any unneeded amount. Are your kidneys in good working condition? If they are not, you could be building up magnesium in your system. Kidney problems are the only contraindication to using magnesium oil as toxic levels can build up quickly.

  • John

    i was reading in Dr. James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Blog, i will quote him, that – “Magnesium is absorbed best when taken at night after 8 PM…”though absorption of magnesium during the day is not as great as after 8 PM” “Like magnesium, calcium is absorbed best after 8 PM”

    Is there any cientific on this?Can you comment on that?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Dr. Wilson is probably saying this in regards to oral magnesium and calcium supplements. And this probably refers to the fact that the intestinal tract will have less food in it after 8 pm and thus nothing to interfere with magnesium absorption.

      Using magnesium transdermally bypasses the GI tract altogether, so absorption should be the same no matter what time of day it is applied.

  • tess


    my sister is a diabetic and hypertensive,she also has asthma attacks,and later on has complications on her it safe to use magnesium oil on her?she is taking some medications though…and what should the dosage be?

    thank you so much..God’s blessings be upon you!


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Magnesium oil will help with both asthma and with your sister’s diabetes. It will also help with hypertension. Get some magnesium oil and use it transdermally. Is her kidney functioning good? Poor kidney functioning which often happens in long standing diabetes is the only major contraindication to using magneisum and must be supervised closely. Have you read our book on diabetes? Please see our Diabetes site: and our Magnesium site for more information:

  • SennP

    My husband has kidney cancer. he has a tumor in his left kidney and the lymph nodes surrounding it. Will the Magnesium Transdermal Therapy help him?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear SennP,

      Magnesium plays an important role in any type of cancer. Caution must be observed when there is impaired renal function. Use mangesium only under a health care provider’s supervision.

  • Steve S.

    Is magnesium chloride bad for a septic system?

    It is after all a salt, is it not?

    If you use it in your bath tub and drain it into your septic tank can it cause problem with the septic?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      I have been using magnesium chloride in baths for about 4-5 years now and its not caused any problem to my septic tank whatsoever.

  • Francis

    Does spraying the magnesium chloride in the hot sun [making it to dry very quickly be a bad ideia or there is no problem with it? Does it still works fine?


    • claudia – IMVA Staff


      It works just fine in the sun….many people do this, and its especially great if you are having some pain . It helps to alleviate it..

  • Cindy

    My brother-in-law has Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Would magnesium be of any help in this neurological disease?

    • claudia – IMVA Staff


      While we havent had experience with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, it would be worth a try because magnesium has a beneficial effect on so many other neurological disorders. Let us know!

  • Francis

    I´ve been using magnesium oil on and of feeling the benfits in abou t a week and sometimes it does not seem to work as others times. Don´t know what can it be, since i use always the same brand..

    So i was wondering if it can be caused by mild dehydration and cells don´t get enought water,so that can cause also that magnesium doesn´t reach the cells very effectivly

    Could that be a possibility that magnesium doesn´t work so well?


    • claudia

      Francis ,

      Dehydration can definitely affect how medications are absorbed and distributed throughout our bodies.
      Stay well-hydrated!

      Claudia French

  • Jason

    Can I use Magnesium Chloride sold in bulk as ice melt for bathing? The bag says it is 100% magnesium Chloride but I am guessing it is not food grade. I just want to know if this is safe.

    Thank you,

    • claudia

      Dear Jason,

      It’s probably ok for bathing (in a pinch) but DO NOT use that for ingestion, use in the eyes etc. Many of these ice melts are NOT 100% magnesium chloride…so be very careful what you purchase as some may have carcinogenic additives.

      Claudia French

  • Maria


    Where i live is difucult for me to use magnesium oil because of the cold. i have no heated house, so is not confortable beeing naked in the house and i was wondering if i use a bath robe after putting the oil all over my skin causes any absorbtion problem.

    Do you know if Anyone is used to cover them up after sprayin the oil?Does it still works well?

    Sorry, if it looks like a silly question.

    Thank you


    • claudia

      Dear Maria,

      There are no silly questions!

      I’ve not heard anyone complain about absorption problems by putting on a light robe after spraying with mag oil. Why not try the mag oil in a full bath or in a foot bath? This can be just as effective, and in addition you could spray the oil on the exposed parts of your body, like your arms. No need to be uncomfortable.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • john

    Claudia can you tell me why in summer time(with no body sweating) when i apply the magnesium oil it takes 2 or plus hours to dry and in colder time it dries in 10 minutes?

    • claudia


      I’m not sure but I would guess it has something to do with the relative humidity amongst other things. I don’t believe this has to do with absorption of the magnesium into the skin, though. That will still take place.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Ron Velarde

    Can the Magnesium Cloride flakes be heated and used as a hot press for back aches? What kind of cloth do you recommended to be used when applying.

    Can DMSO and Magnesium Cloride be mixed together to alleviate back pain?

    Thank you,


    • claudia


      You can make a solution of magnesium chloride by mixing the bath flakes with water, just enough to fully saturate them. Any cotton cloth will work for use as a hot pack.
      Right now we don’t recommend using magnesium chloride with DMSO.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • kathy

    I am really interested on taking Magnesium Chloride orally, I would like to know how many times a day a person should take it and what is the difference between chloride and Malic acid. Which works better? I am a 45yr old female with some back pain and muscle aches and have been taking malic acid for over a year but I was still feeling like I needed more. Is Magnesium good for the Thyroid?


    • claudia

      Dear Kathy,

      Malic acid is the principal acid contained in apples and many other fruits and vegetables and is what gives the somewhat sour or tart taste to them.

      In both the KREB and glyoxalate cycles it provides the cells with energy and carbon skeletons for the formation of amino acids. A relatively large amount of Malic acid is produced and broken down in the human body every day.

      Magnesium is a mineral needed by the body for more than 300 biochemical reactions and is necessary for proper heart function, adequate immune response, normal muscle and nerve function, blood sugar control, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis among many other things. It is also effective as a treatment for pain from various causes.

      You would need to read the information on Dr. Sircus’ sites to get a better understanding of magnesium’s necessity in our lives. Please visit our Magnesiumforlife site for a wealth of information:

      You ought to consider trying some magnesium oil used transdermally for body aches and pains.

      Both Magnesium and Iodine are essential for good thyroid function.


      Claudia French

    • claudia

      Dear Geraldine,

      Try some magnesium oil, either rub into your feet with it or soak your feet in a tub with water and magnesium oil and see if this helps. I’ll bet that it does!

      Claudia French RN,LPHA

  • Lin-Marie

    I am very interested in both the oral and the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy as my body has been subjected to chemotherapy within the past two years. I have recurring non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, Indolent, B cell. I have not been able to go into remission for more than a few months. I want to try the maple syrup and baking soda oral therapy to kill the tumors so that I can go into remission much longer. The subject of magnesium deficiency is evident in my body’s state. I want to start these simple but more effective treatments as soon as possible. I am 59 years old and was in very good shape up until 2006, when I was stage iv Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Indolent B Cell. Thank you in advance for your input.

    • claudia

      Dear Lin-Marie,

      Please start out by reading the Sodium Bicarbonate E-book available on the IMVA Publications Site and the essay on Magnesium and Cancer. Magnesium deficiency is frequently caused by various types of chemotherapy. Using transdermal magnesium therapy can help to bring these levels back up to their maximum functioning levels to help the body in healing. Transdermal use of magnesium has been found by Dr. Norm Shealy to be more rapidly effective than the use of oral magnesium preparations.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Laura Randall


    Very interesting read.

    I have seen Mark Sircus’ videos about Magnesium Oil on YouTube and I am interested in learning more!
    My husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis. He is constantly in pain and recently his shoulders and neck have become hunched forward.
    From what I’ve read about Magnesium Oil I think it may help him but I am not sure what to do next.
    Massaging Magnesium Oil all over his body definitely sounds like a good start. Do you think taking Magnesium Oil orally would help him, and if so, what dosage?
    Thanks in advance.

    • claudia

      Dear Laura Randall,

      One of magnesium’s greatest benefirts is in treatment of pain. Combining oral and transdermal magnesium will certainly help your husband. But for specific dosages you will need to cosult directly with Dr. Sircus , as dosing depends on many things like specific medical history, other meds used, size weight, diet and other natural substances used.

      But if his kidneys are in good function, you can put a few sprays into a glass of water, besides rubbing it on the painful areas. Use only the most pure source of magnesium oil, Ancient Minerals, from LL’s Magnetic Clay.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Scott LeFoll


    In the above article, you said: “Now you can buy flakes of high quality (low heavy metal profile) in quantity and use three pounds (which is equivalent to a gallon of oil) in an adult bath for approximately 15 dollars.[1]”

    Would the Magflake product from Dead Sea Works be free from heavy metals, as it is very affordable.



    • claudia


      You would have to ask the manfacturer for an analysis of his product, which he should be willing to give to you readily.
      Any manufacturer of magnesium oil or magnesium products should be happy to show you their chemical analysis. If they aren’t I would hesitate buying from them.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Robert Kunzler

    I just found out that Magnesiumchlorid contains about 12% Magnesium.
    Oral intake of 125cc of 2.5% Magnesiumchlorid hexahydrate contains therefore about 400mg of pure Magnesium.

    Thank you


  • Robert Kunzler

    Dr. Raul Vergin offered the following guidelines for oral intake of a 2.5% Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2-6H2O) solution (i.e.: 25 grams or approximately one ounce of pure food grade powder in a liter of water). The quantity of elemental magnesium contained in a 125 cc dose of the 2.5% solution is around 500 mg.
    Dosages are as follows:
    Adults and children over 5 years old 125 cc

    125 cc = 125 ml = 0,125 l (!) This would be more than 3 g per intake and not 500 mg.
    Therefore daily oral intake should be around 20 cc not 125 cc as I see it. Or do I see it wrong?

    Thank you.


  • Craig Laing

    Can you tell me how to take sodium bicarbonate?
    Also, what is a good daily adult amount and what is considered a maximum dose?
    Thank you for the great articles.

  • judy williams

    Two days ago I took my first dose of magnesium 440mgs oxide and 175mg phosphate. I slept all night the 2nd night and feel more settled in
    my body. The reason I take mag. is my hair is falling out and I read that mag may help. Have just begun to read up on transdermal mag. oil form. Not sure about that yet. But just for interest, I gave up most of my SUGAR intake and feel terrific. It took a couple of weeks to adjust as the cravings are huge! And my arthritis has gone. I feel great and look forward to learning more about magnesium oil.

  • Ben

    Magnesium oil is said to be a powerfull mineral for body detox..HAve you in your practice had people who started magnesium oil and had symptoms of detox like nausea,dizziness,more fatigue? Or it may be toxic dosage magnesium that is harming?

    Thank you


  • Lourenço

    Hello claudia, thanks for the reply.

    Have another question:

    In the video on youtube -“Magnesium Deficiency – No Test Required – Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD ” it is said that “Magnesium chloride oil treatments address systemic nutritional deficiencies.”

    What it means it adresses systemic nutritional deficiencies?
    Does help the body to better assimilate others minerals and vitamins?

    Thank you

    • claudia

      Hi Lourenco,

      Systemic nutritional deficiencies mean throughout the entire body. Yes, it will help the body to assimilate and utilize other minerals.
      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Lourenço

    “An ounce would contain just over 3,300 mg.”

    “In general, for a large adult, spraying one ounce of Magnesium Oil a day all over the body is recommended for six months to recover cellular levels with that adjusted downward for children depending on their age and size”

    Is that 3,330mg recomended in a general way?I worry is is not to much.Is there any risk to have to much magnesium in transdermal application to cause side effects?


    • claudia

      Hello Lourenco,

      The kidneys excrete any unneeded or excess magnesium in a healthy individual. Excess magnesium will not be a problem unless there is a kidney insufficiency or failure from disease. Kidney disease can cause an accumulation of too much magnesium in the blood and resulting side effects. The instructions to use one oz/day of magnesium oil on the body should not cause side effects. Dr. Sircus commonly uses 2 oz/day without a problem. Yes, the instructions above are for general use.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Patrick Hickey

    Wonderfully informative!

    Now I’m thinking that maybe by taking magnesium oil orally as well as transdermally, maybe I won’t be needing bicarbonate of soda very often. As I’ve been eating more raw fruits as well as more raw and cooked organic vegetables, and avoiding chemicals that stress the liver and kidneys, my system is staying on the ph7.4 button. I’ve gotten so I can recognize the subjective feeling when my acid/alkaline is near the ideal balance.

    Transdermal magnesium has done more for my health than I could have hoped for. It brought my irregular heat rate back to normal. Too bad I didn’t know about it three years ago when a pesticide exposure sent my heart rate skyrocketing and beating very irregularly.

    I couldn’t even tell the cardiologist about my extreme vulnerability to toxic chemicals because I knew he would consider me to be some kind of nut. After he couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart other than it’s rapid rate (189) and irregular beating, I went along with the drug (verapamil) which worked. Then I threw out the drugs, lost a lot of weight, exercised a lot, and took all kinds of supplemets, spending a small fortune on them.

    Within months my heart rate was even and at a resting 45, then I let the carilogist give me a nuclear stress test. That set me back — heart rate remained low, but the uneven beating returned.

    I never even bothered to mention this to the cardiologist, but within 8 months I was back to my ideal heart function, because I stumbled on magnesium oil. In my case it only took a few days, surprisingly.

    I have been able to give up most of the expensive supplements, and I feel great without them. Thanks to Dr. Sircus helping educate me about magnesium oil!