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Magnesium – Fastest Growing Mineral Supplement

Published on June 6, 2012


Above you see my second edition of my book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy for a wide variety of illnesses. It’s a book everyone should have in their home and every doctor should have in his office because the information in it presents magnesium chloride, the most important medicine on the planet. Magnesium oil, magnesium laden water, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salts and even pure salt water, which is full of all the necessary minerals, can all save millions of lives and also save people from much suffering and pain.

This is the work (Medical Miracles from the Sea) that put me on the medical map of the world. It is incredible but true that in the space of six short years I have been able to change the face of medicine and how it is practiced in all corners of the world. From Moscow to the Philippines and all over the United States, people are learning that my medical discoveries are true, real, effective and safe.

I believe my efforts over the last six years have had something to do with magnesium becoming the fastest-growing mineral supplement in the United States. According to a 2010 Gallup Study of Nutrient Knowledge and Consumption one in 10 (10%) of American adults are making a strong effort to consume more magnesium. But with at least 70% of people magnesium-deficient, this is not enough. Actually the figures are much higher since close to 100% of chronically ill people are seriously depleted of magnesium on a cellular level.

Magnesium supplement sales were up nearly 25% in 2010 in mass channels. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2011 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 8% of supplement users take a magnesium supplement, ranking seventh overall—just after vitamin E and before iron. Among supplement users aged 50+, 12% take a magnesium supplement.

Every doctor who has any sense is suggesting that their patients take more magnesium. Considering the fact that higher magnesium cell levels will dramatically reduce one’s chances of contracting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and a host of neurological disorders, one would think magnesium would be ranked number one.

The body requires magnesium to absorb and utilize nutrients. Without magnesium the body cannot properly use the fats, proteins and carbohydrates we eat every day. In fact the body cannot do anything well without sufficient magnesium. Magnesium is a prime medicinal substance for pain management as well as to stimulate enzyme production and mitochondrial activity, especially when used in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate.

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There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we will live healthier, happier and longer lives if we make sure we satisfy completely our body’s need for magnesium.

It is sad that we live in a medical world that ignores the hard science that conclusively concludes that magnesium is crucial for every single function in our bodies. From the moment we are conceived to the moment we die, magnesium is at the heart of life.

Magnesium & Surgery

When magnesium levels are corrected by the administration of magnesium before, during and after surgery, medical complications are significantly reduced to the point that it becomes simply imprudent to perform surgery without it. Dr. Minato at the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in Japan strongly recommends the correction of hypomagnesemia during and after off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (OPCAB) for the prevention of perioperative coronary artery spasm, and his team has actually said that they will no longer perform this surgery without the use of magnesium.

Oral & Intravenous Magnesium


“Magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. That is why I start off with injections. By injecting magnesium I can guarantee 100% to bring the levels up. I cannot guarantee to do this with oral magnesium,” says Dr. Sarah Mayhill. The problem with oral magnesium is that all magnesium compounds are potentially laxative. “One injection of 2 ml of 50% magnesium sulphate will usually keep levels up for two weeks (however, some people need them more often). By the third week, levels will usually have fallen again. For some people this is the only method that has worked, but it is tedious to have to keep injecting. The injection is painful because one is injecting a concentrated solution.”

Giving magnesium intravenously is the quickest way of restoring normal blood and tissue levels of magnesium, but the injections are just too painful to be considered for children and for long-term use in adults. They are also expensive because they have to be administered by a doctor or nurse. Transdermal magnesium chloride therapy is inexpensive, safe, and a do-it-yourself at-home technique that can replace uncomfortable injections in anything other than emergency room situations.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Transdermal magnesium therapy speeds up the process of nutrient repletion in much the same way as intravenous methods in terms of intensity and speed of effect. Transdermal application of magnesium is superior to oral supplements and is in reality the best practical way magnesium can be used as a medicine other than by direct injection.

The skin is actually an amazingly complex organ and, by weight, the largest organ in the body. It covers, on average, some 22 square feet and weighs around nine pounds (roughly 7% of body weight). The skin is involved in dynamic exchange between the internal and external environments through respiration, absorption and elimination. It is highly permeable though it has the ability to maintain its important function as a bacteria-inhibiting barrier.

Dr. Norman Shealy has done studies on transdermal magnesium chloride mineral therapy where individuals sprayed a solution of magnesium chloride over their entire body once daily for a month and did a 20-minute foot soak in magnesium chloride also once daily.

Typical results before and after 4 weeks of foot soaks/body spraying:

Reference range:   33.9 – 41.9 (mEq/l) mg
Before soaking/spraying:   31.4 (mEq/l) mg
After soaking/spraying:      41.2 (mEq/l) mg

Transdermal administration of magnesium bypasses processing by the liver. Both transdermal and intravenous therapy creates “tissue saturation,” the ability to get the nutrients where we want them, directly in the circulation, where they can reach body tissues at high doses, without loss. Transdermal “magnesium oil” delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal symptoms, such as diarrhea, associated with oral use.


This is not to say that magnesium oil cannot or should not be taken orally. Taking minerals in liquid form is the best solution for oral intake and the magnesium oil I recommend—Ancient Minerals—is the purest medicine being from a 250-million-year-old buried sea. I always tell people to drink it as well as use it transdermally and to take it up to bowel tolerance level because this will clean out the intestines. Taking magnesium oil orally is the very best medical solution for constipation.

Because the magnesium oil can be absorbed easily through the skin many have found that they can get almost instant relief from the pains of arthritis by massaging a generous amount of magnesium into an area of discomfort or by taking a hot magnesium bath with sodium bicarbonate added.

Recent Magnesium News

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire have recently found that magnesium supplements offer clinically significant reductions in blood pressure.[1] In a paper published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers also discovered that the size of the effect increased in line with increased dosage.[2]

In another study researchers concluded that magnesium supplementation in overweight individuals for four weeks “led to distinct changes in gene expression and proteomic profiling consistent with favorable effects on several metabolic pathways.”

Four weeks of magnesium supplementation was also associated with a decrease in C-peptide levels. C-peptide levels are equal to the amount of insulin being produced in the body and is used to determine insulin production. In type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced in excessive amounts, but not used properly in the body due to insulin resistance, so the C-peptide levels run high. The decrease in C-peptide in type 2 diabetics is a positive signal that insulin resistance is decreasing and that the load on the pancreas is lessening. A reduction in the concentrations of fasting insulin levels was also noted by the researchers lead by Simin Liu, M.D., ScD and Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at UCLA.[3]

These studies add to the ever-growing body of science proving the crucial role magnesium plays in our lives and wellbeing. The Jerusalem Post reported on May 18, 2012 that Israel will begin a pilot project to restore magnesium back into all of its desalinated water due to its recognized health benefits in maintaining heart beats and preventing heart attacks.

[2]  Kass, J Weekes, L Carpenter. Effect of magnesium supplementation on blood pressure: a meta-analysis. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2012; DOI: 10.1038/ejcn.2012.4

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Paula

    How do you know how much Mg is in 1gram of 47% Magnesium Chloride flakes?

  • Sally Ban Geoengineering Parke

    I’ve just purchased some ‘pure’ Zechstein Magnesium flakes, but before that was using some from the Dead Sea, which was labelled as Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, but a lot cheaper than the Zechstein and you could also buy it very cheaply in bulk. Does anybody know if it really pays to buy the more expensive Zechstein?? Or is it ok to buy the other if you use a lot of it. The person I bought the Dead Sea Mag from did list the contaminants tested (Arsenic, Aluminium etc) in it, as only average of 0.01ppm.

    • Think straight

      I had the same question – logically if the chemical elements from both sources are the same AND Dead Sea product has been verified to be pure why would you pay extra for Zechstein? Brand name? More expensive due to labor cost / taxes in Netherlands? Can you please share your source of Dead Sea Mag? I would like to buy it.

  • mien

    is Magnesium Oil plus is available in the Philippines?

  • Jessia Bromberg

    Thoughtful analysis ! I Appreciate the insight , Does anyone know if I
    might be able to access a fillable 2005 Freddie Mac 70B / Fannie Mae
    1004C document to edit ?

  • ainthurtinnobody

    When using mg oil transdermally what percentage of mg should be in the solution? I’ve trid 50% and 25% solutions. The 50% solution produced some skin irritation especially behind the knees. The 25% produced only irritation behind the knees. So I’m wondering is a 15% solution will be enough to still produce results?

    • The higher percentage of magnesium chloride will produce faster results. 15% is not much considering that most good magnesium oils are around 47% magnesium.
      Claudia French

  • GT

    I would like to know should I take magnesium supplements with food or on an empty stomach?

    Thank you

    • Dear GT,
      Many things interfere with adequate magnesium absorption. If you are taking an oral magnesiu supplement it is best to take it on an empty stomach. With transdermal magnesium this is not a problem and it can be applied any time.
      Claudia French

  • Claire


    I am suffering from severe depression and would like to try putting Magnesium Chloride flakes in my bath to see if they can help to alleviate my symptoms.

    I am currently putting sixty grams of Bicarbonate of Soda in my bath on a daily basis to soothe skin irritations, and I would also like to include Magnesium in that routine if it will help with my depression.

    If it is advisable to try this, could you please tell me the quantity of flakes I should be using, and how often I should be using them.

    Also, do I need to decrease or increase the amount of Bicarbonate of Soda I am currently using, or can it just remain the same?

    Many thanks for your help.

    • Claire,

      Magnesium is a great help to depression and anxiety and used in baths is one of the best ways to gain benefits in addition to using magnesium oils on the skin. Start out slowly and increase gradually till you notice effects. Start with only a cupful or two in a full bath and work up slowly to 4-6 cups in a bath. I do this two to three times per week. Best to do this before bedtime as it will greatly relax you. Bicarbonate can be used with it and you can use the amount you are comfortable with.
      Claudia French

      • Claire

        Hi Claudia,

        Thank you so much for your swift and informative reply. This website is excellent.

      • Claire

        Hi Claudia,

        I’m so sorry to bother you again but I forgot to ask you this when I last posted my comment. My Magnesium Chloride has finally arrived and I am going to take my first bath with just a cupful of flakes to begin with but am unsure how long I should soak for to get the maximum benefit. I normally soak in my bath of Bicarbonate for twenty minutes. Will this be a sufficient length of time also for the Magnesium?

        Many thanks once again.


        • Yes, Claire.

          20-30 minutes in comfortably warm water is adequate….don’t make it too hot. Drink plenty of fluids and plan to relax afterwards. I like a bath just before going to bed to sleep.
          Claudia French

          • Claire

            Thank you so much Claudia.


  • Miriam

    Hi, I was wondering if Magnesium Oil will cure Athletes Foot?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      It might but not as fast as a paste of sodium bicarbonate will. Sprinkle some innto your shoes and socks too.

  • PT

    Hello again.
    I have been using the transdermal magnesium pretty religiously until the last few days. The skin on the palms of my hands has become so dry that it is cracking open in sores. I have been putting coconut oil on them but is soaks in so fast that it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

    How do I apply the oil without using my hands? I have been wetting the skin on my body as well as wetting the skin on my hands before applying.


  • Good article! thank you for this post!

  • PT

    Although I take magnesium supplements (Mag Tabs SR and amino acid chelated Mag) at every meal I thought I might try the transdermal application of magnesium as well at bedtime as well. In the middle of the night when I was repeatedly awakened with multiple muscle spasms in my legs I was reminded why I put that bottle of magnesium oil away. The lateral hamstring spasm was so tight it felt like someone’s fist under the skin and I had to use e-stim to get it to relax.

    Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help you can give. I know I need more mag in my body.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      You state that you are taking two different magnesium supplements at every meal….then you added magnesium oil topically at bedtime. How much magnesium oil did you apply? It is very possible that you overwhelmed your body’s calcium stores causing the cramping. This can happen with rapid absorption of magnesium in some people and the remedy is to immediately take some form of calcium to offset the action of the magnesium.

      Remember magnesium should always be taken 1:1 calcium to magnesium or 2:1 calcium to magnesium. Sounds like you overdid the magnesium.

      A similar thing happened to me when I first started adding magnesium oil to a bath. I oversatayed in the water and added way too much to start with. By the time I got out of the bath my legs from ankles to thighs were so cramped up I was crying and could barely walk…it was only ingestion of calcium that made the cramping stop.

      Always go slowly when starting a new protocol…..start off low and go up in dose slowly.

      • PT

        Thank you Claudia. I take mag at every meal but not two kinds at every meal. I take the MagTabs SR with breakfast and the a chelated mag capsule with lunch and dinner. I only used a small amount of the mag oil because I know I am sensitive and react to things.

        I was taught to most recent ratio was 2:1 mag to calcium.

        I will try again with even less mag oil and perhaps not on my legs but on my tummy or buttocks where I have a bit of adipose tissue to buffer the absorption. It was interesting to me that it took more than 4 hours for the cramping to develop. I would have thought if there was going to be a reaction it would have been within an hour or two. I may have reactivated the mag oil when I wiped my legs with wet hands because they were feeling gritty from the oil.

        Thanks for your reply.

        • Claudia – IMVA Staff

          Hi PT,

          You are right that reaction probably would have happened sooner than four hours after using mag. oil, but since you are taking a long-acting and shorter acting mag oral preparations who knows when their peak effects might have hit you? Many things could affect you during the day that will change the expected absorption rate of medicines/supplements. See if this occurs again and keep some calcium at hand, too.

          Your plan is a good one…start slow and best of luck!

          • PT

            Thank you. I have now done 2 nights putting the mag oil on my buttocks and have not had a repeat of the incident. I think that will be my answer.

            I appreciate your assistance, Claudia.

            Be well and happy.

  • Marlene Stec Jones

    Buenas Dias!!

    Wondering if there is any information on the site about autism…a friend of mine has tried everything for her child…I’m wondering if AM can do some good here…
    It’d be great if there was a search box on the site…:) and I realize that is asking for a lot!! Is there some way to search that I have missed? Thanks worlds, marlene

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Dear Marlene,

      We have numerous articles on autism on all of our sites! You can find these on the blog site, the magnesiumforlife site, the cannabis information, and there is a lot in the Humane Pediatrics Book.

      On the blog site alone there are about 10 essays that come up in the search where autism is discussed.

      You will also find a great deal of information on autism in the 2nd Edition of the Transdermal Magnesium Book. Dr. Sircus’ work was originally born of his interest in autism and the spectrum disorders.

      The search box is at the top right hand of each and every page and on each site.

  • Tim Webb

    I detect an element of confusion over the difference between organic and inorganic substances. Zechstein MgCl2 is inorganic, despite what Claudia says. I think she is confusing “naturally sourced” with “chemically synthesized”. Organic magnesium would be in a form manufactured by some natural bodily process and attached to a carbon atom. It is this carbon that differentiates an organic from an inorganic chemical. So if the MgCl2 comes out of the ground as the residue from some ancient sea, then it is natural but inorganic. If it were to be partnered with for example ATP, the body’s primary energy-containing molecule, it would be natural and organic, similarly if it were bound to yeast .
    Hope this clarifies.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    I have been seeing the ad for Magnesium Infusion. Reputedly from Dead Sea Salt , it is said to be ultra-pure and 100% absorbed. Compared to regular Magnesium oi, it is about 5 times more absorbable, without dehydration side effect and without chloride or impurity deposits. It is the ideal transdermal magnesium. That is what the ad says. What does IMVA say?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Dr. Sircus recognizes the benefits of many magnesium products but is not intimately familiar with the dead sea salts you are talking about. He recommends above all ese, Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil available from the unadulterated Zechstein Sea and available from LL’s Magnestic Clay and their worldwide distributors.

  • Chuck

    Minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium are readily absorbed from their mineral salts, and generally the most compatible of these would be their respective chloride. Without inorganic sodium chloride in our bodies we would all be dead.

    If you think you require organic magnesium, this is readily available in nature…it is called chlorophyll. Pick your green salad preference and eat about ten pounds three times a day. Grazing animals…horses, bovine,sheep, goats, deer, bison etc are not likely to be magnesium deficient. However we have found that magnesium chloride (flakes or magnesium oil) added to our horses’ grain benefits them when we see them lethargic, or congested. Magnesium oil applied topically also promotes healing when we see them injured.

  • alison

    Is Ancient Minerals magnesium oil an inorganic form?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      No Allison, Ancient Minerals is a purely organic form of magnesium chloride.

  • caupurinho

    My concern is that every mineral in its inorganic form is received by the organism as an invasive substance that needs to be to expelled quickly;and it’s not really available to the cellular methabolism, instead it is a sorce of stress for the system.