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Uses of Magnesium Oil

Published on May 14, 2010

Magnesium Oil Massage

Magnesium supplementation is actually crucial for everyone today but we have to pay special attention to the method of supplementation because this is critical in terms of effective body utilization. “Magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. That is why I start off with injections. By injecting magnesium I can guarantee 100% to bring the levels up. I cannot guarantee to do this with oral magnesium,” says Dr. Sarah Myhill. Dr. Garry Gordon could not agree with her more. What Dr. Myhill did not know when she said this was the discovery of a natural form of magnesium chloride that comes from sea water.

Called Magnesium Oil, it is a natural substance that can be applied to the skin or poured into ones’ bath like Epsom salts. Magnesium chloride, applied transdermally is the ideal magnesium delivery system with medical benefits unequalled in the entire world of medicine. Yet one does not need a doctor to prescribe or administer it. One can relax in a medicinal bath, without a doctor’s prescription or simply put it on the skin and have someone massage you for sublime effect.

Transdermal delivery of medicines is generally considered safer, more efficient, convenient and less painful than injections or IV’s.

Most doctors and patients think of magnesium chloride as a medicine that can be injected while you are having a heart attack and it does save the day for both heart and stroke patients if used quickly enough. I first introduced “Magnesium Oil” in my book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Paperback and have been astonished from the beginning of what a wonderful thing this substance is and how it has benefited so many people.

What I have found is that magnesium chloride, applied transdermally, is the ideal magnesium delivery system – with health benefits unequalled in the entire world of medicine. Nothing short of a miracle is to be expected with increases in the cellular levels of magnesium if those levels have been depleted. There is no wonder drug that can claim, in the clear, what magnesium chloride can do. Most people will show dramatic improvements in the state of their health when they replete their magnesium levels in an effective manner.

When we first started talking about the magnesium I was dying. I knew it inside. I am no longer dying. I feel life in me. I am so happy.

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With magnesium oil, the concentrate can simply be applied to the skin or poured into bath water, and in an instant we have a powerful medical treatment. Intensive transdermal and oral magnesium therapy can be safely applied day in and day out for consistent health benefits.  Magnesium oil is nothing short of a miracle to a person deficient in magnesium. So clear and observable are the effects that there is no mistake, no mysticism, no false claim made.

There are not too many medicinal substances or medicines that can make this claim. It should be noted that pain management with magnesium employs magnesium oil applied transdermally to the skin. Dr. Linda Rapson, who specializes in treating chronic pain, believes that about 70 per cent of her patients who complain of muscle pain, cramps and fatigue are showing signs of magnesium deficiency. “Virtually all of them improve when I put them on magnesium,” says Rapson, who runs a busy Toronto pain clinic. “It may sound too good to be true, but it’s a fact.” She’s seen the mineral work in those with fibromyalgia, migraines and constipation. “The scientific community should take a good hard look at this.”[1]

Daniel Reid, author of Tao of Detox says, “Using magnesium oil is the quickest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. 2-3 sprays under each armpit function as a highly effective deodorant, while at the same time transporting magnesium swiftly through the thin skin into the glands, lymph channels, and bloodstream, for distribution throughout the body. Spray it onto the back of the hand or the top of the feet any time of day or night for continuous magnesium absorption. Regardless of where you apply the spray on the body, once it penetrates the surface of the skin, the body transports it to whichever tissues need magnesium most.”

Magnesium Oil and Sports Medicine


Magnesium Oil can be applied directly to inflamed areas.

Transdermal magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time. Magnesium Oil enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while propagating quicker regeneration of tissues. Topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a boon for athletes, coaches and doctors who practice sports medicine.

Dr. Jeff Schutt says that hamstring injuries can be avoided through nutritional support because contraction and relaxation is dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium. “A shortened hamstring is a result of lack of available magnesium,” he says. Liquid magnesium chloride can be simply sprayed and rubbed into a sore Achilles tendon to decrease swelling. And soaking the feet in a magnesium chloride footbath is the single best thing – apart from stretching – that you can do for yourself to protect from, or recover from hamstring and other injuries.

Magnesium Massage


One of the most luxurious medical treatments on earth is to receive magnesium massages with magnesium oil on a consistent basis. Having an ounce of magnesium oil rubbed over one’s body by either a trained or massage therapist or by a loved one is heavenly.

There are many ways to calm a person, many healing and medical treatments that can reduce stress, reduce sensory overload, slow the heart and help a person center and nothing does this better than touch. The most beautiful forms of touch are healing techniques and this is what professional massage therapists’ true aim is, to heal through touch. The skin provides the best avenue into the body for many medicinals. When it comes to magnesium we have a method in our hands that is similar in effect to intravenous magnesium treatments that are used to save peoples’ lives in emergency rooms. We simply use the magnesium oil like we would massage oils, or create a special blend mixing essential oil or other massage oils together with the magnesium chloride, which is quite slippery even though there is no oil in the ‘magnesium oil.’

Massage therapists should be introducing their clients to the tremendous benefits of a magnesium massage and it is they who should suggest to their clients to start using it at home. Transdermal application of magnesium is superior to the commonly recommended oral magnesium supplements where absorption is typically poor. In magnesium chloride oil we have a potent natural substance that penetrates the cells with stunning result on cell biochemistry and when loving touch is added to the mix the results are heartwarming to say the least.

In general, for a large adult, spraying an ounce or more of magnesium oil a day all over the body is recommended for six months to recover cellular levels, with that dosage adjusted downward for children depending on their age and size. This coupled with oral intake, especially for adults, is necessary to get the maximum effect out of magnesium. When magnesium levels are at extremely low levels intravenous application is an option and is necessary in emergency situations. Very strong therapeutic magnesium baths yield another level of effect. Such baths compete with intravenous applications but they are no substitute for in emergency situations.

Magnesium Oil and Relief of Pain


Pain relief and muscle relaxation for people with arthritis and muscle cramping is an important and significant benefit of magnesium oil. Magnesium applied directly to the skin alleviates chronic pain, muscle cramps, and in general makes our job of opening up and softening muscles and connective tissue much easier. Magnesium is a potent vasodilator, and smooth muscle relaxant.

The Purest Magnesium Oil

For the very purest magnesium oil we now have to turn to Europe. Deep underground is a 250 million old inactive sea of magnesium chloride oil that has never been touched by modern day pollution and there is enough of it down there to last humanity hundreds of years. It is so pure that I use it diluted as a mouthwash and then swallow what is in my mouth for oral supplementation. It is ideal not only for oral intake but also seems to be better tolerated by the skin, even when used at full strength. This magnesium oil is called Ancient Minerals.


Personally I have just had two cataract operations and I used magnesium chloride eye drops that I made up myself using this pure magnesium oil diluted 15 parts distilled water to one part magnesium. The surgery was a success and my recovery was quick. This same magnesium can be put in a nebulizer and can be used at home by patients both before and after surgery both orally and transdermally to great effect. Surgeons need to become familiar with the transdermal approach for then they can start their patients off with heavy application weeks before surgery and for weeks after since this method of application can easily be done at home by patients. For use with a nebulizer again I recommend only the purest magnesium available. Even the pharmaceutical grades have heavy metal contamination so are not suitable.


I’ve just started using the magnesium oil on my 7yr old ASD son. He’s always tested very low in magnesium and I don’t believe oral supplementation is doing that much. I put a few tablespoons of the oil in his bath water, and I also spray it onto my hands & rub it into his skin (tops of his feet & elbows). The reason I chose his elbows was because he’s had this rash (large, bumpy, flesh colored) for quite some time. The magnesium stung at first when I rubbed it on, but after just a few nights, the rash is gone from one elbow and fading from the other!
Rose Langford

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book Cover

For more detailed information feel free to consult my digital version of the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy that’s with a reasonable price, or for a more personal approach check my Consultations page.

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Ester Cromack

    I can’t tolerate magnesium oil on my skin, but it’s fine massaged into the soles of the feet. I also have it on the palms of my hands once I’ve done that. I have read online that the soles of the feet and palms of the hand have the best absorption. I’m only managing to massage 7.5mls in daily, but after just a few weeks, the cramping and locking up of my fingers had stopped. It’s depressing to think it could take months to fully recover at this rate though as I also have various food intolerances which are also caused by magnesium deficiency.

  • Zed Kay

    I have tried using pure magnesium oil spray and each time I use it I get leg cramps during the night. Can anyone shed any light on this`?

    • That’s a sign that you have enough in your system and anything more is an overdose! Causes tingling and cramps yes.

  • Carey Williams

    I been using magnesium oil from Asutra that I got on Amazon and it has just been life changing. I have tried all types of brands and Asutra Magnesium Oil is probably the best I have use. It has really helped me with a lot of my issues (pain, cramps, etc) I suggest everyone try magnesium oil!

  • Ramon

    So, is the type of magnesium recommended for oral intake, the same magnesium chloride oil?

  • Natalie

    I am on like day 5 of soaking in magnesium oil, and my teeth have begun to ache and hurt super bad when eating and drinking. It just appears to be getting worse. What could this mean?

  • Lyndel Thomas

    Magnesium oil hasn’t prevented or eased my migraines! Nor did magnesium oral supplements. Disappointed but worth a try!

    • pchild57

      I’ve had great luck with Magnesium Oil for migraines. I used to get the throw-up kind at least twice per month. No more going on 6 years. Magnesium Oil has been a life saver and my overall health has improved immensely. No more flu, no more cold sores, memory improved, bone density improved. Stay with it – I applied everyday X2 in the beginning and now use 3-4 times per week.

    • RadRosie

      Natrum muir cell salts and more water can knock out my migraines in minutes. Nothing else works for me.

  • Amer Sakr

    Why doesn’t this magnesium mircale work for his balding hair?
    I really want to see one health Guru who appears to be totally healthy.
    They are even fat or balding or wearing a thick eye glasses or looking so old.

    • Lucia

      I lived in the caribbean for quite some years and i loved their quotes on life, one which i particularly liked is this one; ” the house of the carpenter has no furniture ” and it’s true if something is your job, you sometimes don’t want to have anything to do with it in your spare time.

    • H. Davis

      You sure got that right.As to balding they need to address the galia a membrane under the scalp. It thickens more in men than women due to androgenic hormones,etc. This can greatly impact circulation. Women are affected as given too. Falling hair,etc.This starts around 20 or so maybe younger at times. Pure Pennsylvania only crude oil with magnesium oil will help.See Google.
      As to their health they promote supplements but leave off structure. Chiropractic aligns the spine takes undue pressure off spinal nerves that bring life to all cells and organs,etc.The Palmer Toggle recoil best,but you can contact National Upper Cervical Chiropratic Association.
      Atlas is key Atlas or first cervical vertebra is again,the key as it goes out of normal range of position 12 different ways placing pressure on the life giving cord that goes through the first two neck vertebra as through it pass some 327 trillion nerve fibers in a cord that branches off to all organs after second neck- called the axis -vertebra.
      Acupuncture is good too as it works on the nervous system which Grays Anatomy says is ‘master system over all other systems in the body! ‘
      As to being fat they need amino acids and digestive enzymes. If it’s a trait or genes are involved they can work on that as l have seen this and they are thin now.

  • Rene

    Why does it say on bottle to avoid contact with eyes if you are using it in eyes?

  • Raymundo Fries

    My children were needing VA 21-2680 several days ago and found a company with an online forms database . If others need VA 21-2680 too , here’s

  • aucoeurdestraditions

    I’ve been using it for after a challenging exercise and it’s help me to recover my body with pain. Most times after the workout I was a pain in my body but when I used the Magnesium oil treatment then I feel a relax after the workout. Really like this things, strongly suggest it.

  • Don Shetterly

    Are there any scientific studies that have been done to prove this (not ones that are poorly set up by those making a profit from this)?

  • Amelia

    I wonder if I didn’t use enough. I used it last night for the first time and I didn’t feel any tingling or burning like the others said. I also didn’t feel any relief. Maybe I am expecting too much from just the first try but how much should I be using?

  • Cindy Ostrom

    Great article. Thank you. Will start using it more often for pain and will give to my massage therapist also to use. I was wondering if you know of any good brands of transdermal minerals besides magnesium oil. I have SIBO and Klebsiella and want to bypass the gut as much as possible with supplements. Thank you.

  • Hemang

    Which of the two would you recommend – the ultra oil or the regular one?

  • ken

    I here like to ask about magnesium oil which is said to be effective for osteoarthritis, but I once read ( I don’t remember where) that someone wrote that her osteoarthritis became worse after spraying mag oil. Actualy I have painful osteoarthritis for a few monthes at my toes and I have now the medicines for that and so I like to know what you can say about the mag oil for the osreoarthritis.

    • Jen

      I was recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease due to arthritis after what seemed like a sudden bout of excruciating pain in my lower back. I started using the magnesium oil spray along with virgin coconut oil (VCO) rubs in the lumbar area of my back and have been able to relieve the pain. I stopped using my very strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory prescribed medication after three days when I used the magnesium oil and VCO and realised it was much more effective wwith no negative side effect. I also spray on the top of my feet and massage it in at night before going to bed. So far it works like a charm. You need to try it for yourself and assess how you feel.

  • Yves

    I would like to thank Dr Sircus for the valuable information concerning Transdermal mag therapy. every time I have tried taking magnesium chloride be it in capsule or transdermally I have reactions at nightime during my sleep , it makes me jump out of my sleep. A friend of mine who sold natural products told me it was the chloride in the magnesium . Is there any other kind of magnesium oïl that would not make me jump like that? Thank you for any information.

    • Try the approach I mentioned below. Good health food stores keep sample packets of C.A.L.M., and you will only need two or three servings to understand how it makes you feel. There are other potential triggers at play in this sleep issue, such as low selenium, and other functional brain supports. Note too, mag-CITRATE is immediately absorbed, but is very shallow in terms of regular supplementation.

  • Prairigrl

    I have a bottle of Mag Malate Renew. Each cap has 793mg Mag Malate Dihydrate – 100mg Elemental Mag and 545mg Malic Acid. I could not take this orally, but would like to try not to waste it and save some funds, before switching to Ancient Minerals in the future. Could this be substituted in the in a diy oil? At what amount do you think? Thanks for your help. 🙂

    • Sorry Prarigrl,

      Dr. Sircus does not recommend diy (do it yourself) oil. Also we have no idea how you would incorporate the pills you have.
      Please use only Ancient Minerals pure magnesium oil.

      Claudia French

    • As an avid experimenter, I wanted first to better understand the way I felt after taking simple doses of each form of magnesium when none appeared to be needed at all.

      Magnesium CITRATE, (sold as CALM,) had the most immediately comprehensive effect, while the (basically buffered) pharmaceutical you mention had the least noticeable effect, although I wouldn’t imply that this product is significantly less effective, due to the way that magnesium functions in the body.

      Vitamin D and magnesium both serve a direct function in CALCIUM assimilation, although the effects we must seek are not directly linear. First, you need to understand that MOST of the calcium we get in our bloodstream is BOUND-calcium salts, which need to be dissolved BEFORE they can be assimilated. This is where the Mag OIL, (and intravenous application) is so critical. Think of it as a fire-starter, and the calcium salts as charcoal. Once we get ignition to occur, yet another series of events begin to transpire, ALL OF WHICH are critical to understand to achieve our goals and to feel your very best.

  • Lu Lu

    I sprayed magnesium oil on my skin and it was irritating. It liked burned and itched. Why?

    • Lara

      I too experience burning and itching when I spray my underarms! Why is that??

      • Adriana Elbaunm

        it is doubtful that the magnesium is causing itchy armpits. Many people use magnesium oil as a deodorant under their arms with no problem. It could be possible that since you have increased your use of magnesium oil, more toxins are being released from your body and are coming out in the armpit area. Either cut back on the amount used and see if it stops, or bare with it for a week or so. Has your diet changed? You might want to increase your fluid intake.
        I hope this helps you but we don’t have a clear picture of how much magnesium you are taking in or have increased by. Just go slow with any increases and cut back when you notice untoward reactions.

    • I had the same reaction but felt much better rubbing it on my outer extremities immediately after showering. It only feels sticky till your skin is dry. You might try switching to a lower pH soap and shampoo combination if this persists.

    • Jessica

      If you read Dr. Sircus’s book, it will explain the why regarding the burning and itching sensation. If you buy the Ancient Minerals with MSM it can help to alleviate some of the itching and burning. I’ve found that as my skin got used to application, the itching and burning stopped. It is a normal and expected result of transdermal magnesium therapy.

  • Sean McGovern

    my 8 month baby daughter does not sleep. I have been told that Magnesium Oil Spray can be used on her that may help with sleepless nights. Is this true??

    • Sure it can help. But for a baby its best to put some in a bath before bedtime as it will make her sleepy. You can massage it into her skin too, but you should dilute it by half with a pure water and see how she tolerates it. Start with small amounts and work up till the effect you are hoping for occurs. Use only an ounce or two in a baby tub to start with.
      Claudia French

      • It seems the feet would be good to rub too.

  • Patty

    Can it be used on the face for wrinkles, in place of retin A ?

    • Its worth a try…though some people find it drying. Follow up with a good natural organic moisturizer like Aloe or Coconut or Olive oil.
      Claudia French

  • marsha

    Does mag oil help neuropathy in hands and feet from chemo?

    • Yes, Marsha,

      Use the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and rub it on lavishly a number of times per day.
      Claudia French

      • marsha

        thanks claudia – will get some today

  • David Smith

    I’ve been using it for after a hard workout and it’s help dramatically with recovery. Most days I don’t even feel like I’ve worked out the day before even though I know I pushed myself REALLY hard. Love this stuff, highly recommend it.

  • jenny b good

    How do I see the replies to the questions? Help!

  • Brit

    The first couple days after I started using Magnesium oil, spraying it on my arms and legs before bed, I saw significant differences. I used to wake up every single day with a headache/migraine and severe neck aches. Now, it has been cut down I’d say at least 75%. I only wake up with headaches a day or two a week. I am sleeping throughout the night, which I wasn’t before and it also is helping with the muscle pain in my face from TMJ. I think it is amazing. I also read that putting the oil on large body parts with more fat helps your body absorb it better into muscle and putting it on very thin areas of skin with little fat helps it absorb into the blood stream. I do not know if this is true or not, that is just something I cam across.

    It really is amazing. I saw results the same day I started using it!

  • Elisabeth

    Hello All,
    I have been suffering with major migraines and other mystery ailments since beginning menopause three years ago. I have migraines before, but now they are continual. It was mentioned to me that I may be deficient in magnesium. First, I tried magnesium citrate powder which gave me horrible stomach cramps. After researching, I bought the magnesium spray. I have been using this and I feel like it does help my migraines. However, my entire body has a horrible bone-achy feeling. So much so that I had to stop the spray. The ache is better now, so I think it was related to the magnesium. However, I feel I need magnesium, so I’m wondering if it’s actually because I’m low in calcium (I’ve been on a dairy-free diet for a year now–may have been a big mistake). Also, I’m very low in Vitamin D. Could anyone reading this explain the relationship between Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s important to balance all three. I feel that I am deficient in them all, but I don’t know how to go about balancing them. How much do I take of each? Any advice? Thank you so much.

    • Patty

      Go to, type in vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. Articles are very helpful.

      Everyone needs vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3 for proper absorption.

  • Lorna

    I bought Calm Canada Magnesium Chloride liquid, today. It has 120 mlg of magnesium and 470 mlg of sea water in each ML. How much should I use to rub onto my knees for osteoarthritis pain? Should I dilute this product with distilled water to use it? If so, how much distilled water would I add, for my problem? Thank you, for any help. The bottle really does not say anything, other than to use this stuff for rough skin. I thought it was for pain, etc. Sincerely, Lorna in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    • Maurice Guggisberg

      Dear Lorna,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

      Dr. Sircus has an entire protocol of a number of things that may help you. You can read about his protocol and about dosages in the ebook Treatment Essentials:

      Or you can choose a consultation with Dr. Sircus for an in depth recommendation for you. He is available to take patients via his online clinic.

      Please let me know if I can be of further help.

      Best Regards,

      Maurice Guggisberg

      IMVA Support Team

  • Lynn

    I read somewhere that it is ok to spray a couple of sprays of magnesium oil into your drinking water?

  • Michael (NW)

    Hi, I had a SpectraCell test done and I was deficient in Magnesium, manganese, zinc and B12. I started Magnesium Chloride liquid, but wow, it really makes me sleepy, almost lethargic if I take it during the day. I tried it just at night but may still feel sleepy the next day. I just went through 2.5 years of severe anxiety/panic, insomnia (still an issue) and depression. I also have adrenal fatigue it seems which I’m treating. In any case, my question would be, Magnesium has many benefits, calming, etc… But I’ve read also it helps the ATP energy process? I’ve had magnesium chloride shots, but they don’t seem to do much, or I might feel a little better the next day but it doesn’t last, but the oral liquid form really seems to hit me fast. Will this sleepy feeling go away after a while? I’m just wondering if i had been deficient for a long time and had all this anxiety, etc..if my body is just going into a parasympathetic mode, relaxed mode, and so I’m feeling this way for a while then might feel more energy after a while? Magnesium hasn’t helped with my insomnia much yet, I have an issue where my brain feels stimulated by something like adrenline and nothing helps with this happens. Anyway….I noticed a comment by someone about muscle cramps (legs) can be a sign of low thyroid. I’ve had muscle stiffness/cramp/spasms mostly just in my calves. Not sure if this is low magnesium and zinc, or what. We’ll see if this helps.My thyroid has been checked numerous times and it appears normal. Thanks.

    • Dustin

      Hi — I too felt sleepy the next day after starting, but noticed it does go away after a couple of weeks. I also take multivitamins during the day, notably B12 and the other B’s for energy, and vitamin C for clarity. Magnesium does have a soothing effect rubbed into the soles of my feet at night and I fall asleep within a half hour every time. Better than any sleep remedy I have tried, and gives all the added benefits too. I generally spray anywhere from 4 to 6 sprays in the palm of each hand and rub into the soles of my feet. Has cured my leg cramps too.

      • Jacky

        I can attest that using too much will make you very lethargic the next day. I was using about 8 to 10 sprays nightly on the soles of my feet but after a couple of weeks I was so sleepy during the day I could hardly function and I had terrible bowel gas and diarrhea. I would strongly suggest starting very slowly with the Mag Oil – probably two or three sprays every other day until you see what effect it has on your system. I gave my husband about 8 sprays one night and he slept like a log and then for another 4 hours during the next day when normally he never sleeps. Those that can tolerate larger quantities must be extremely deficient.

  • Shaggy

    Has anyone used the magesium in spray form to help with ED? It seems to me spraying or massaging directly to the penis would help with circulation and therefore enhance erections?

  • Liz

    Hi, I was diagnosed with a meningioma tumour on 16 Oct 2013 and went through a series of pain medication which really did me no good at all….the symptoms worsend instead until a really good friend bought me a bottle of Miracle Magnesium oil………I immediately went off morphine and any other pain medication! I have no sinusitus issues and have had chronic sinusitus, as well as eczema from birth. Whether u believe it or not….it has changed my life and I have passed this on to many others who have been in pain, with great relief within a minute!

  • BirdyJ

    I recently read that good result for tinnitus had been achieved with Mag Oil. Its certainly worth a try and I started yesterday. Has anyone heard of or experienced relief from this annoying problem with the use of mag oil?

    • Joanne Wozniacki Strobel

      I too have annoying tinnitus. I have a bottle of magnesium oil and your post is the first I read of someone asking how to use mag oil for tinnitus. I am very interested in a response to this question as well. I just started using listening to hypnosis at bedtime to help with my sleeping, but I am looking for a more permanent solution.

      • Elizabeth

        Dear BirdyJ and Joanne, I too have tinnitus. Have done for some 50 years. Have either of you had any replies from people who have had success using magnesium oil?

      • Nima

        Taurine supplementation, RingStop, and chinese herbs/acupuncture.

    • Nima

      Taurine supplementation and a product called RingStop could be helpful.

  • Peggy Arthurs

    I just got Magnesium oil for migraines as the Doc has me on the vitamin and it gives me diarrhea. But the first day I used the oil in spray form with half and half water to flakes, my teeth were so sensitive when I brushed them that night I barely could get them brushed. They are still sensitive. Is this the oil? I’m afraid to use it now. Used it for 3 days and stopped.

    • Dear Peggy,

      You do not give enough information for a determination to be made unfortunately. Magnesium is generally recommended for strengthening teeth and enamel and very few reports of sensitivity have been received. It could be that you are using the flakes instead of the oil which is a different concentration of magnesium, or it could be that you are using too much and have not started out slowly with a very low amount and built up to a higher dose. You might start using the oil again but at a much lower amount and see if the problem improves. The use of magnesium oil instead of flakes (used for baths) is generally preferred.
      Many people including Dr. Sircus have used magnesium oil sprayed full strength directly on the teeth to help improve gum disease. He is available for consultation if you need further guidance:

      Claudia French

  • Adam

    Hi Claudia,

    have a few questions that I hope you can answer for me. I have had a
    hair analysis test completed which relieved that I am high in a lot
    toxins. Also my hair is very patchy meaning I have one normal strand of
    hair and next to is like a baby one. I just purchased nascent iodine and
    magnesium oil. My question how much Nascent iodine should I be taking
    per day? And Magnesium Oil? I do know that I am deficient in both and
    feel very horrible and tired all day, and lately I have been getting a
    lot of white hairs too.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    • Adam, we have had reports from people that using magnesium oil on the hair and rubbing it in will restore hair color to original and will thicken growth. We used to have a before and after picture of what this had done for one of our professional contacts.
      Iodine dosages depend on a lot of things. First start taking a small amount and build up gradually till you notice a difference in how you feel. Without knowing your lifestyle, your exposures to radiation and your full deficiency, dosages cannot be recommended. You can get an iodine loading test to check for deficiencies but Dr. Sircus does not feel that is necessary.
      If you wish to discuss dosages for your personal situation you will need a consultation with Dr. Sircus so he can obtain more information from you.

      Claudia French

  • Andrew Drysdale

    I am looking for some help, i suffer from Calcific Tendonitis i have had it now for about 5 years i have tried steroid injections but thy dont work i was told about mag oil witch i have only started to use, i am in a lot of pain but mostly when i go to be at night and first thing in the morning i really hope this stuff works as i am running out of options,

    • Craig Bradbury

      try DMSO

  • Bluesmama

    what is wrong with epsom salts? It works for me.

    • Hi,

      Magnesium sulfate is fine and contains sulfur. Its great for aching muscles . But for raising our body’s magnesium levels magnesium chloride will be better as its effects last longer in the body than mag sulfate does. The safety profile of magnesium chloride has also been shown to be better than mag sulfate.
      There is a chapter in our book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy that compares magnesium sulfate vs. magnesium chloride:

      Claudia French

  • Twid

    I recently order Magnesium Oil from Ancient Minerals and I know it’s not supposed to give one diarrhea when it’s transdermal but I swear it gave me diarrhea. Has this ever happened to anyone else or am I an anomaly. I definitely cannot take it orally.

    • Twid this would be a very rare occurrence if you were only using it transdermally (on your skin). Please notify customer support of LL’s Magnetic Clay company so more details can be given. They will be able to give you more information on how many reports like yours they have received .
      Customer Service: All customer service inquiries please email us at:

    • Christian Elkjær

      You are not alone. It happened to me too. Afterwards – eventhough I stopped taking magnesium – I could not eat foods rich in magnesium for a couple of months without getting diarrhea (no whole grains, no chocolate, no almonds etc.). I also learned that I am intolerant to sulfur. So MSM (found in some Ancient Minerals products) and Epsom Salt is not for me. It makes me really, really sick. Probably some advanced biochemistry and genetics is involved.

      My advice: Be careful with magnesium (and MSM) – not always a miracle medicine!

  • Amanda

    I started magnesium oil treatments a few days ago and have since broken out in the most painful and itchy rash on my chest and inner arms. I’m also having mild asthma a result. I’ve read some blogs that say its a cleansing reaction and to keep going but have also read (on the ancient minerals site) that its a rare hypersensitivity and should try another delivery method. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Amanda some people with sensitive skin have a reaction initially, but it often settles down and goes away once your skin is more used to it and what you can do if using Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is to cut back on how much you are using, make sure to rinse it off after a half hour or stop using it and try a different type. You can also dilute it by half with spring water but if none of that helps or diminishes it you can stop using it and then choose one of the other preparations out there.. We do not believe magnesium oxide would help but others may help and Dr. Sircus recommends the ionic or liquid preparations over any oral magnesium tablet. The rate at which you build back up a deficiency will probably be slowed.
      Claudia French

    • mandy

      To avoid irritation I mix some with coconut oil and lavender oil. I apply it before bed and it is so relaxing

  • Marc Hanish

    I have been applying 6 teaspoons of the Ancient minerals magnesium lotion (approximately 1.1 grams elemental magnesium) per day in 2 divided doses for the last 3 weeks. While it has worked great for my low-magensium related symptoms, I have had two side effects that I can’t really explain and not sure what to do about. The first, which showed up nearly immediately, was incredibly fast pruning of the hands when coming into contact with water. I am somebody who would have to spend at least an hour in a bath before starting to prune, but now within minutes of touching water, even in a shower (which I never pruned in, despite long showers) my hands completely shrivel up. What is really strange is that I thought that might have been just from direct contact of my hands with the lotion (even after washing it off), but the last week I tried to wear a glove on one of my hands when applying the lotion and not on the other, and despite the difference, both hands are still pruning the exact same amount at the exact same time. So clearly there is something systemic going on with the magnesium chloride in my system?
    A possibly related problem is extremely dry and cracking skin on my hands, also pretty much right from the start, and again also not solved by using a glove, so also a systemic effect. What is going on here? Too much magnesium chloride and being sweated out in my sweat and drying my hands? Somehow the magnesium clogging my pores?
    I previously was on 1.1 grams per day of magnesium sulfate cream but had to stop that because the residue was getting to be too much (it would flake off the entire day). The ancient minerals lotion seems great in that respect, if only it didn’t have these other effects.

    • Hi Marc,
      We have heard of this with certain skin types which are more sensitive , mainly to the chloride . Does the pruning go away and if so how long after getting out of the water? This should be temporary and go away gradually as your body becomes accustomed to the magnesium chloride. Same for the dryness. You might cut back on the amount you are using for awhile and see if that helps. We also recommend the use of a good natural body lotion for dryness…such as coconut oil on your skin .
      So this should resolve with time or a lesser amount of oil or lotion used. You can always go up in amounts used and do that more slowly.
      You can also contact the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay since you say you are using their lotion and see if they have other suggestions for this problem. They are the real experts on their products and can probably give some good suggestions to you too.

      Claudia French

      • Marc Hanish

        Thanks for the input. The prune hands do seem to go away in the normal amount of time as normal prune hands would (maybe 10-15 minutes after I dry they aren’t pruny). Honestly, I could probably learn to live with the prune hands, but the dryness seems to go along with it and doesn’t seem to be going away, no matter how much (and what type) of moisterizer I user. The prune hands is annoying, especially when I can’t even do something like wash my hands before dinner without them pruning up, but the rest of the time they aren’t pruned, just very very dry and cracked.

      • Susan H

        I also have this pruning on my feet from using magnesium chloride oil. Over the last year, it has only gotten worse. I am assuming some of this is caused by the fact that I need to use so much magnesium oil to treat my sulfite sensitivity issues.
        In addition, I have a buildup on my feet from the oil that I can’t figure out how to remove. I have even used a pumice stone which helped some, but didn’t remove the buildup completely. I have tried emollient lotions, also, to no avail. It is very unattractive.
        Because I am so magnesium deficient, I have no plans of discontinuing use, but would really like to know how to treat this unsightly buildup.

  • kel

    Has anyone used the oil to help with migraines?

    • GT

      menstrual once a month migraines. Spray on back of neck/muscles,accupressure points for the head (on hands and feet) Yes it works within minutes!!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    Do you have to be tested for defientcy first. i have fibromaylgia, spondalytis, psorias arthritis so lots of muscle joint pain,i’m also Vit D defecient. I wander if this will help me?

  • Lisa Rice

    I have a number of issues directly related to a nearly fatal car accident where I was T-boned in 2008. I sustained a minor concussion first, then four minutes later I was comatose and remained that way for 13 days. My thyroid is one of my issues, along with my lymphatic system (very common with brain injury). I noticed that my neck and shoulder blade areas are swollen. Would magnesium oil help with that?
    As far as my thyroid goes, after the accident I gained 60 pounds. Unfortunately, my blood draws are ‘normal’ and I don’t have a goiter. I have lived through this weight gain and loss twice in my lifetime before (that’s how I know it is my thyroid). I do get less exercise because of the nature of the severity of my other injuries. Maybe take extra zinc and copper?
    As you can see, I am at a loss because of no help from medical ‘professionals’ – surely someone has heard of this before!?! It is an unfortunate fact that I am on Medicare, and that in itself, creates a problem with the urgency placed on my situation. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do have a Facebook page, Lisa Rice, located in Kansas City, Missouri. You can message me there also – as I am on there regularly.

    • Hi Lisa,

      So sorry to hear about the difficulties resulting from your accident……souncds like you’ve had a very rough time.
      About the shoulder swelling….yes please try some magnesiujm oil on the shoulder. it is pain relieveing and is anti-inflammatory and helps to open up our body’s vessels …. so it should help. You can purchase a small bottle and use that for a week or two to see if you can notice a difference.
      get either the regular or the Ultra magnesium oil.

      Claudia French

  • Ranjit Thakker

    Hi , Dear Dr. Sircus ,

    I am Ranjit Thakker , as per reports I Have Ankilosing Spondilosing Due
    to metabolic disorder + bamboo spine in lumber spine + both hips are
    damaged by Pain killer & steroids like Voveron n Wysolon , and i am
    not able to walk properly & having too much pain in full body ,
    pl. suggest me treatment for this issue

    • Ranjit,

      For complete recommendations you will need to obtain a consultation with Dr. Sircus. You can also read about his full protocol which includes pain control in the book on Treatment Essentials. A BioMat would help with the pain as might cannabinoids as those found in CBD. Magnesium oil use is also very helpful. Drinking magnesium bicarbonate water can also work to dissolve any calcifications that impinge on your mobility. All of these may have a great impact as alternatives to conventional treatments for your condition.

      Claudia French

  • Jennifer


    I have been using magnesium oil for about 3 weeks. I spray 20-24 sprays on, leave for 15-20 min., then shower off.

    I was trying it to help with digestive issues (ulcerative colitis, not active now but was having some problems with gas and discomfort, slimmer stools) and menstrual migraines. I can already see that it is VERY helpful for both of these.

    I am, however, a bit concerned about side effects. I think it has been lowering my blood pressure too much. I notice some numbness in my fingers and rapid heartbeat, esp. a few hours after a dose and esp. when I have done a larger (24-spray) dose and left it on 20 min.

    I am lactose intolerant and do not consume much dairy. I thought perhaps the problem was insufficient calcium along with the magnesium. So yesterday I began taking 100mg of calcium with just D3 added (no extra mag) and skipped one day of the mag oil. Today I am doing both, and still having a bit of trouble with the numbness et al. Perhaps it will take awhile for things to balance out– or perhaps I should go have blood work done.

    Do you think this is a sign I should use less of the mag oil, or none at all, or just see if the calcium helps things? The mag oil has been so helpful in other ways that I am reluctant to stop, but the blood pressure issue does worry me.

    Thank you!

    • Vinnie

      The numbness sounds like another issue. Magnesium is a dilator of the blood vessels and opens up the arteries along with relaxing the muscles. It would not cause numbness in this case. Check with your doctor for possible neurological issues. You didn’t mention if you had HBP so I would check my pressure with a monitor to see if this is the case, Good luck!

    • Barbara Shaw

      I do not understand the showering off.. why not leave it on until the next am.?

  • Ranger

    I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last ten yrs. after a motorcycle accident. I used to go to the chiropractor 2 or 3 times a month. And at 50 bucks a shot, that gets expensive……….

    And then I found magnesium oil, and for the last 6 months I have not had a chiro treatment.

    Who would have thought that it would have worked so well.

    Mag oil is amazing. I tell everyone about it.

    • steddyneddy

      Mag oil is amazing. I tell everyone about it. Me too!

  • Kerra

    I have battled neck disc problems since whiplash as a teen and work with alternative practitioners. I can’t sit in most chairs without back spasms, so this limits my restaurant/theatre experiences and makes travel a challenge. In April the neck disc herniated quite badly and I was bedridden for 3 weeks. What remained was constant hard/painful back muscles. About 6 weeks ago I started with oral magnesium (500-750mg/day) and besides for the usual side effect, my back muscles relaxed quite a bit overall. Then I bought the oil and am currently using both. When I’ve overdone it and the back muscles are very spasmy, it is amazing how quickly I get relief using the magnesium oil! ALSO, for 2 weeks now I’ve religiously done the McKenzie neck exercises and some days I have almost no spasming at all. Amazing. (I still can’t sit in most non-eronomic chairs without spasming, though.) In addition, for decades I’ve had muscle twitching in my calves and then 2 years ago I started waking up at night periodically with severe charlie horses in my claves or feet. Since using the magnesium I haven’t had one charlie horse. Yea!! God answered my prayers by directing me to websites like yours – thanks for providing this information. I do wonder, though … the last 3 days I unintentionally slacked off on the magnesium (just oral 250mg/day), and last night I felt a foot cramp coming on at bedtime, so immediately used the oil and it calmed down. Am I dependent on magnesium for the rest of my life? (I’m a very young 60.) I can’t take the oil on airplanes and don’t like the side effects of pills when traveling. At some point are the body’s magnesium levels restored? Thanks!

    • Dear Kerra,

      Magnesium levels can be replenished after using oil and/or supplements for 3 to six months and then the amount needed daily can be reduced, but the truth is that with our soils and foods being depleted of magnesium we may need to supplement one way or another for the rest of our lives….magnesium is that important!!!
      Also more may be needed daily by some individuals if they have some kind of magnesium-wasting problem which some people do. Our bodies do not retain magnesium to provide its benefits over a long term…..unless there is some kidney damage…so we need adequate intakes from food or supplements every day, especially with so many toxicities from the environment coming our way these days. Adequate magnesium protects the cells from damage from heavy metals for instance. So make a point of increasing your dietary intake when traveling or bring some other form of magnesium, such as flakes which can be used in baths.
      Claudia French

    • Lee

      I have a condition called Cervical Dystonia which causes pain and spasms in the neck and back. I also have trouble sitting and need support. Have you heard of a back cushion called the Obusforme? It helps me to be able to sit in many chairs which I would, otherwise, not be able to sit in. You might want to check it out.

  • Celeste

    can magnesium be beneficial to lupus and kidney problems?

    • Absolutely it can be beneficial Celeste. However depending on the amount of kidney damage that there is your magnesium levels would need to be checked frequently to make sure that you are not building to toxicity which can happen more easily in people with Kidney disease. Work with a qualified health care practitioner only.
      Dr. Carolyn Dean discusses this in a recent newsletter of hers… can probably find it at her website.

      Claudia French

  • Diane

    I have occasional restless leg syndrome,and the magnesium oil gets rid of these sensations immediately. It does leave a slight residue feeling on the skin like you feel after swimming in the ocean, but nothing compared to feeling like you need to kick something.

  • Justme

    For the person with leg cramps, if you apply the Magnesium when you have them, it works immediately. I also would recommend vitamin E 400ius maybe to 800? The cramping as far as I know is the lack of circulation. If it is low thyroid, use kelp. It is a natural form of iodine.

  • Steve

    I have severe lymphedema, probably related to obesity. It is most apparent on my lower belly. My skin has become extremely bumpy, leathery, and red. Can magnesium oil benefit the lymphatic system and/or the indurated skin? Thanks

    • Steve yes, it can help lymphedema but you would be better off getting on Dr. Sircus’ full protocol and not just magnesium oil alone. However, magnesium oil is still on sale at a discount for IMVA readers till the end of Sept so get some now to try it out.
      Claudia French

  • Angel Bianca Agnello

    I appreciate your LIGHT, and I am grateful for all you have shared, thank you for your generosity and kindness to potentially, all humanity.

  • Angel Bianca Agnello

    can Mag oil leach heavy metals? has there been any studies posted on heavy metal detox with MAG OIL.?

  • Ted Powers

    I have chronic kidney disease (my gfr is around 45). My family has a history of kidney disease. Can I use magnesium oil?

    • Ted,

      use it under supervision and with frequent magnesium testing. Here’s some other tips for you that I posted awhile ago to a person on dialysis asking for assistance….perhaps these will also help you as its all good advice for anyone with kidney problems.
      1. Get rid of all fluoride in your food and drink, this includes tea…… can learn about fluoridated food and water by doing a simple internet search. Fluoride tips the scale to further kidney damage and dialysis.

      2. NO cola products or high phosphorous foods……phosphorous
      will build up in your body quickly with inadequate kidney function. Internet search will also tell you which foods and drinks and drugs to avoid.
      3. Watch magnesium supplement intake…….food is ok but magnesium supplements cannot be handled properly by your kidneys right now……. Some others with more kidney function can use more magnesium supplementation but must be VERY cautious. Maybe a back massage once or twice a week and preferably the day before dialysis so excess magnesium can be removed.

      4. Limit calcium rich foods….also can find on the Internet. These dietary restrictions are similar to what you were told to follow on dialysis.
      5. Sodium bicarbonate in research studies have shown that 650 mg. bicarbonate 2-3x/day prevented or reversed need for dialysis. 650 is equal to about 1/8 tsp of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water. Sodium bicarbonate is available in most food stores or health food stores or on the Internet. Do NOT get Baking Powder it is vastly different and may have aluminum additives…it must be 100% sodium bicarbonate.
      6. Coq10 can be found on the Internet….get the one called Ubiquinol Coq10, it is taken at about 200 mg./day.
      7. Hi doses of non-poisonous iodine taken orally should cause dieresis….or greater kidney urine output after about 6 weeks. Get Nascent iodine from some source near to you. Check with LLMagnetic Clay for a distributor near you. I add this to water and started taking 10 drops//day in water……go up to twice/day if you tolerate it well. Some doctors recommend much more and recommend using Lugol’s at much higher doses.

      8. LL Magnetic Clay Co also has clay baths and edible earth which should help with removing toxins from your body……write them and ask what to use and how much
      9. There are many other kidney remedies that are available in aruyvedic medicine which should be easy to find in your country…..just make sure that they do not contain any heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury in their products or herbal mixes. The site of the Earth Clinic often has many wonderful things that can be done at home and cheaply to control kidney disease. Go here and read:

      10 You will need a good diet of low protein , high vegetables, low salt etc. to preserve kidney function that you have left, Hi vitamin C from whole foods, adequate b vitamins.
      11. Drink only very pure water…spring water if you can.

      12. You can also try to find some arginine, or L-arginine and drink that daily, it opens the blood vessels and has been shown to increase kidney function ……. get a brand if you can afford it that has at least 1000 mg. of citrulline added to it…….it enhances the action of the argenine to produce nitric oxide and relax the kidney blood vessels.
      See this video:… His product is expensive but
      good. Another one that we at IMVA recommend is called L-arginine Plus and is available here: I would take this first and as top priority if I had to quit dialysis!!!
      13. Vitamin D3 supplementation…..the kidneys no longer make vitamin d when function decreases…….sun won’t help…you need to supplement with good quality Vit. D 3 that you can get at any pharmacy. This helps to keep the blood count and red cells up in your blood .. most people would need injections of Vit. D and or the hormone made by the kidneys to produce red cells. At least 2000 mg. /day of Vitamin D3

      14.Use spirulina of good quality….make sure no mercury is in it!!!!!! Available widely. This helps build red cells. We recommend using Rejuvenate which has hi spirulina in it….but you can buy it separately….just be careful of source.

      15. Chelate the heavy metals out of the body, especially cadmium. Use product called HMD or Chelorex, or Metal Free….available on the Internet.

      16. Stay as alkaline as you can with diet and the sodium bicarbonate.

      17. Keep your blood sugars down. High blood sugars cause an increase in creatinine levels

      Claudia French


  • Bhagwan

    Has anyone experience decreased bowel movements when using magnesium oil? I experienced it when I tried mag oil approx a year ago and now that I just started it again, the same thing is happening.

    • Hi Bhagwan,

      It would be unusual for the use of transdermal magnesium oil to cause what you seem to be describing as some degree of constipation.
      Magnesium if taken orally usually causes the opposite, loose stools. Though if used on the skin it does not go through the GI tract. You can cut back on the amount you are using till you reach a comfortable level.
      Claudia French

      • Bhagwan

        Thank you. I’ve continually used it on my head (about 15-20 sprays) without issue. When I increased the dose (40-50 sprays, twice a day) and sprayed on my arms and legs, my bowels decreased.

        I have another question: can magnesium oil cause water retention or dehydration? Would there be any reason to drink more water when using magnesium oil?

        • Bhagwan ,
          Since magnesium will help to detoxify the body and its cells of many types of toxins, it is always advisable to drink plenty of water when using magnesium. Most people are actually dehydrated and adequate water will help with adequate bowel movements too. So first step is to drink more fluids.
          Some forms of magnesium such as magnesium hydroxide, will pull fluid from the tissues into the intestine to help with evacuation, and if too much of that is taken it can cause dehydration. But we’ve never heard of this with magnesium chloride in Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil. Could it be that there might be something else going on ?
          Claudia French

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    undertake alternative treatment choices is yours to create… we tend to ar
    simply writing from personal expertise, as a result of we’ve seen what a knee
    support will do for folks that have knee pain after they run.

  • LEO

    Que maravilha é disto que estou precisando, no Brasil existe este óleo, se não tiver como faço para adquirir.
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    Endereço : Rua das Papoulas, nr 2617 Bairro Setor-04
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    E-Mail :

  • MK Clark

    Claudia, thank you for the response. I have checked with the people where the product was purchased and realized that I was already into a detox situation. Your input is well taken. I am backing off of both until I am feeling ok again and will take your advice and use one or the other to start with and then add the other after a few days or so. I guess I get too excited about the healing and jump in too quickly. Appreciate the input. Thank you. M. Clark

  • MK Clark

    I am just into day 3 of using the oil. Is there any detox effect from it? I am also using the iodine and wonder if I might be flooding my system with too much good stuff all at once.
    Thanks for a response. I just feel like I am flu like and have noticed a great deal of twitching in one eye since beginning this. Thank you. M. Clark

    • To MK Clark,

      There is a detox response when first starting to use magnesium oil. Some people even have a mild rash. Its always recommended that a person start off slowly with lower levels of amounts used and to build up to higher amounts slowly. If you started both the iodine and magnesium oil at the same time this may intensify the reaction you feel. It is best to start each new item with some time separation (a few days to a week) before adding other new ones, so your body has time to adjust.
      Try cutting back on the amounts you are using till you do not feel such a strong reaction, then increase slowly in amounts used of the magnesium and iodine.
      Claudia French

      • Bhagwan

        Can decreased bowel movements be a part of a detox response? I’ve been spraying mag oil on my head to help with hair loss for a long time with no ill effects. But as soon as I increased my dosage a few days ago, my bowels have decreased.

        • Ann

          Hi Bhagwan, Has the Mag oil helped with your hair loss. I have ‘nearly’ bald patch on tge crown of my head and am always open to new ideas to restore the hair.

          • Bhagwan

            Yes. I haven’t noticed and regrowth but it definitely halts the loss. I’ve noticed that I don’t have to spray it on my head, either, a little bit anywhere and the loss stops.

          • Suzanne

            A friend told me to start rubbing it on my scalp everyday and it would help my hair to start coming back…I am very thin on top and it is an inherited thing. Has anyone had any luck with this?

          • Suzanne, we have had reports of this happening with others…….along with a return of hair color and diminishing of grey areas.
            Claudia French

          • Purplebutterfly

            Are the grays diminshed?
            Thank you.

          • yes, over time natural color is restored.

            Claudia French

          • Barbara Shaw

            Really.. this is amazing, but I guess the loss of color was caused by something in our bodies changing as we get older.

          • Tammy Daly

            Suzanne, I just started using magnesium oil for other things; however, I have found great results with my hair by taking Silica also known as Horsetail. It’s an herb, not the actual tail of a horse.

  • Care

    Does magnesium oil repair nerve damage? I am still experiencing nerve pain as well as itching, burning and numbness of the skin after a Shingles episode 2 years ago.

  • pattirose

    i just started using magnesium oil yesterday specifically as a deodorant but also hoping it might help with everyday aches and pains. As a deodorant it worked wonderfully today but I am wondering exactly how it works?

    • Pattirose,
      Magnesium is necessary for over 300 enzyme functions in the body…its necessary for almost every part of our metabolism and if levels are low, we will not have adequate functioning of many of our cells, energy production, or immune system.
      Please get the book Transdermal Magensium Therapy to fully understand the functions of magnesium in our body.

      Claudia French

      • pattirose

        Thank you so muchClaudia for the reply but what I was asking was in regards to the use as a deodorant specifically. I have the book ordered but I was just curious as to how it kills underarm odor and even helps with sweating. I have found that if I use it every other day I have no need for deodorant, which is better than I expected.

  • Rita

    I am 78yrs old and have had gradual degeneration of my whole spine from the age of 50yrs, with two episodes of herniated discs in my lower back in the last five years. This has been attributed to Osteoarthritis and has been controlled with paracetamol and anti-inflametories.
    I also have periodic flare-ups of entire body aches and painful joints and muscles. Lupus, psyoratic arthritis and fibromyalgia have all been suggested as reasons without confirmation of any. Recently I have had increasing pain, stiffness and weakness in my neck, shoulders and arms, limiting their movement and use. Unhappy about the increase of prescription medication, namely codeine and prednisone I began to look for another solution. After reading an article on Magnesium Chloride Oil, I ordered and purchased a 250 ml bottle and began using it two days ago both orally and topically. Two questions? Is one teaspoon [400mg] daily the correct dose and is it okay to mix it with a palatable liquid mixture of water, lemon and honey. As I am unable to reach some areas at the back of my shoulders, will it be just as effective wherever it is applied. Unfortunately I do not have a bath-tub so cannot immerse myself either.

    • Dear Rita,

      It would be very helpful if you could find someone to help to apply the magnesium oil directly over the sore areas, and then you could even put a warm towel over the area to help with the absorption. Doing this 3 or 4 times perday will help the pain and soreness a great deal.
      You should only put about 10 or so sprays of the magnesium oil into a glass of water that you are drinking. More may cause loose stools which is one way to ell if you are taking too much.
      You can also purchase from LL’s Magnetic Clay company , magnesium oil with MSM which will take it deeper into the tissues.
      By becoming a member of the IMVA you will be given discounts to the magnesium bicarbonate water concentrate which will help to dissolve calcifications in the body that are likeyl causing you pain. Please see:

      Claudia French

      Claudia French

  • ldjc

    I have been using magnesium oil for about 3 wks
    I have fibromyalgia and 3 diso blown in lower back.
    I read about magnesium oil and how it helps people.
    So I was excited to try.But not for sure why everyone
    Says its so great all I got was red bumps on my arm.
    Not pleased at all.

    • idjc,

      You may be having a mild detox reaction…the bumps should go away within a short time. Perhaps you are not using enough of the magnesium oil? I am assuming you are having pain from the blown discs…..and unfortunately, that situation will have to resolve, but the pain should be cut down with magnesium oil use.

  • Marie’s

    Hello Dr. Sirius,

    Would magnesium be effective for treating post shingles pain? Thank you.

    • Magnesium is a very effective pain reliever and we have no reason to believe it would be different for post herpetic shingles pain. Please give it try and let us know!
      Claudia French

    • Jodi

      ST Johns Wort OIL is what works best for Shingles … applied transdermally onto the blister lesions, before they burst, after they burst and whilst they are healing. I recommend it to everyone. It can clear up the lesions and help or even stop the post-neurological pain that can go on for months, or even years. Usually the sooner its applied, the better the results BUT I would apply it 3-4 times a day regardless. All lesions gone within days instead of weeks. Excellent results personally witnessed on Shingle outbreaks around the midriff, face, neck etc.

  • SM

    I am about to start using MG oil and was wondering how much is too much? How much should I start out with, and how much can I work up to safely?

    • Start out with a small amount on your skin and note any reaction…..dilute by half if it causes itching until your skin becomes used to it. Work up slowly and you can safely use 1-2 oz per day depending on your size and tolerance and current deficiency of magnesium. Excess will be excreted if your kidneys are working adequately and if not you will need to use with caution. Amounts can be divided as 2 oz is quite a bit. Later you can cut back a bit once your levels are where they need to be.
      Get the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy which will tell you all about this and the contraindications to using this.
      Or get Treatment Essentials which also explains how to use magnesium oil and other protocol items. Both available here:

      • SM

        Thank you so much for your quick reply! I am fervently hoping that MG oil will help with irregular heartbeat, sleep issues, and anxiety that I have felt for so long.
        Thanks again…

        • jr

          SM, are you still using magnesium? If so, how has it worked for you???

        • steddyneddy

          Quarter of a tsp daily taken orally controls my atrial fibrillation, any more than that can give me diarrhea. Any less, even when I massage mag chloride into my skin, and the atrial fib returns.

          Recently by mistake I was using an 1/8th of a tsp measure over a long period, which caused my atrial fib to return. I was very relieved when I realised it was just because of not getting enough Mg and not a progression of the atrial fibrillation horror.

  • Rick

    I have been spraying on magnesium oil for some time and find it quite relaxing. I would like to try it in the bath. Could you suggest how much mag oil should be added to the bath for a normal adult in a normal sized bath?


    • Hi Rick,

      What I use is about 3-6 cups of flakes in a full bath, once or twice a week, alternating days with magnesium spraying on the skin. The trick is not to go up to this amount of magnesium flakes too rapidly….start out much lower, with about 1 cup in a bath and gradually use more as you monitor your reactions. It is extremely relaxing and the best time is right before you go to sleep at night. Drink lots of water and watch for a blood pressure drop (temporary). I find this the best way to de-stress and relax! You can also add bicarbonate into this bath water.

  • I have have been struggling with anxiety, insominia, food allergies, pms, muscle cramps, autoimmune hypothyroidism, fatigue and brain fog….(this is just the short list)…….for seveal years and have been to several doctors. I have been told that I don’t absorb or digest well and have been put on a paleo diet as well as digestive enzymes and supplements. I also have been treated for candida and have had the saliva test done which shows that my adrenals are very sluggish. With this latest bout, the anxiety, muscle cramps, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia and breast tenderness have been terrible. I have been reading about magnesium deficiency and am I thinking maybe this is what has been goin on all this time. The more stressed I become the more symptoms I have. My question is can you take too much magnesium? I seem to be having a problem with detoxing as well. I am on oral magnesium supplements and I take about 800 mg per day in several doses, but this doesn’t seem to be helping other than giving me diarrhea and I know you mentioned that oral therapy isn’t very effective. So if I added magnesium oil how much should I use daily?

    • Dear Shannon,

      You are describing so many symptoms of magnesium deficiency!!!! Many people find that when they start using magnesium oil transdermally that these symptoms calm down…sometimes it takes a month or two but some notice major differences right away (and I mean within hours or application). You will find it calms anxiety, you will sleeop better and the cramping should ease quickly. Stay on your diet and get the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book and some Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and watch for the announcement on how to get the magnesium bicarbonate water to drink…… You should really get on Dr. Sircus’ full protocol to make sure you are getting enough of other needed things, like bicarbonate and iodine.
      Also look for the opportunity Dr. Sircus is offering if you join his special group that is testing the magnesium/bicarbonate water……you might gain a lot from joining in. See Dr. Sircus’ facebook post at :

  • Francis

    my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer stage II. She had surgery done to remove part of her breast and they took 14 lymph nodes from under her arm. My mom refused chemo or radiation and she is opting for alternative medicine instead. I recomended her to use the magnesium chloride oil and iodine for transdermal therapy. She sprayed some on the site of her surgery and under arm. Her lymph nodes got swollen and a ball the size of a lemon appeared under her arm. Is this normal?

    • Hi Francis

      You said: “She sprayed some on the site of her surgery and under arm. Her lymph nodes got swollen and a ball the size of a lemon appeared under her arm. Is this normal?”
      Dependinng on how long ago she had the surgery the magnesium oil could have irritated the surgical site and caused some temporary swelling during detoxification of those tissues. Its best not to apply the oil to sensitive areas and to cut back use if somethinng like what you describe happens. Apply to other areas of the body or use in a foot bath for instance. Start with small amounts of oil in the water and always build up gradually. Magnesium oil will sting more on fresh wounds, freshly shaven skin, or sensitive areas. Allow the affected area to rest till the swelling goes down and then apply more slowly onto different areas of the body.

      • Francis

        Thank you for your fast reply. She had surgery done in December 2012. I’ll tell her to spray in other parts of her body and I’ll keep an update on her progress. I read that iodine goes straight to cancer cells in the body. Could the swollen up be because she has some cancer tumor left behind?

        • Yes, Francis, that could be another possibility. You would need to talk to her doctor about that and see the surgical reports.

          • Francis

            Thank you Claudia.

  • Christin

    Is magnesium oil safe to use throughout pregnancy? If so, how many sprays a day should I use?

  • Julie

    Can you use Mag Oil for skin tags on the eyelids and neck areas and if you can should the solution be diluted?

    • Sumi

      Use oregano oil for skin tags. Very effective.

      • Julie

        wouldn’t oregano oil burn the eyelids though (I know very diluted tea tree oil hurt the eyes)…does it need to be diluted?

        • BevAnn

          Julie, I’ve used a tiny amt straight on my eyelids near my lashes and yes it burns so I bare the pain for 2 minutes then wipe it with a dry cloth then wash it off with a wet cloth. In 15 min there is no burning pain and the healing of my rash on my eye lids begins.

  • Dave

    I am using 40 sprays a day of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil transdermally. I know i need it because i am deficient and i have been feeling the benefits to my sleeping and depression. I do have have a problem though it does give me diarrhea, and dries up the skin in my hands severely. Can you help me with these problems please.

    • Try cutting back on the amount of magnesium you are using and see if this helps with the diarrhea. People do not usually get diarrhea from transdermal use of magnesium but give it a try.
      Use a good quality natural moisturizer on your hands and make sure to rinse them after applying magnesium to your skin. Use coconut oil, or Aloe to keep them moist. —– Original Message —–
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      On Sunday, March 17th, An unregistered user said:

      I am using 40 sprays a day of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil transdermally. I know i need it because i am deficient and i have been feeling the benefits to my sleeping and depression. I do have have a problem though it does give me diarrhea, and dries up the skin in my hands severely. Can you help me with these problems please.
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  • Honorlea

    Using topical magnesium spray. Can it create intestinal issues…..diarrhea and cramping?

    • Honoriea,

      Using magnesium oil topically bypasses the usual problems encountered in the digestive system. Diarrhea and cramping should not occur unless you have used markedly excessive amounts to start off with. Cut back on amount used to see if it stops. —– Original Message —–
      From: Disqus
      Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:04 PM
      Subject: [drsircus] Re: Uses of Magnesium Oil

  • Karen

    Just watched all 4 of your youtube videos;) I have very low blood pressure and awhile back I was getting very dizzy. I wore a heart monitor and it showed up that I have arrhythmia…I didn’t do anything about it, but started putting Himalayan salt in a glass of water to get pressure up a bit. Kind of been fine since. Until just recently I have been having heart palpitations and heart beating hard especially when I go to bed at night, can’t sleep, skin severely dry and loosing elasticity, anxiety, highly stressed, and a bit depressed. So, in my research I began to think I was deficient in magnesium, so I started taking Calm, which is a powder form you add to water, citric acid and magnesium carbonate. I can almost immediately feel it calming me and most of the time it does help me sleep, but not always…sometimes it doesn’t help at all? Anyway, I do suffer from gastritis/acid reflux and was actually diagnosed with Barretts. I think this form of mag is irritating to this problem, plus if I take too much I can get diarrhea. I think I read where a magnesium deficiency can attribute to GERD problems? Anyway, can all of these symptoms be related to a magnesium deficiency? I am wanting to order these products, oil/flakes, which would be best for me and which would be best for my poor skin. I just turned 60 and I have been in the sun most of my life, which has something to do with my skin, but can the mag help even if already damaged? Oh and what about for receding gums any correlation? Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.

    • Dear Karen,

      It would be a good idea for you to get a copy of the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book and learn why Dr. Sircus and we at the IMVA believe that use of transdermal magnesium is far more effective than any oral product including the one you are using now.
      Magnesium can have a very big role in all the problems you are describing that you’ve experienced so it wouldn’t hurt for you to get some magnesium oil and try it out. LL’s Magnetic Clay Co is now making many different types of magnesium chloride for use…including lotions, gels, and oil enhanced with MSM and melatonin. You can purchase small sizes to find what works best for you.
      Their bath flakes are magnificent and you can’t go wrong with using them, especially before bedtime, will help you sleep. There are so many different ways to use the magnesium products that you would need to do some trials to see which would help you most and it also depends on how sensitive your skin will be to the magnesium chloride. For some it is a bit drying, but for others not at all. For myself, it is not at all drying. Research has shown that magnesium can strengthen the barrier that the skin provides to our bodies and it can turn grey hair back to normal colors….but each effect is somewhat individual.
      Transdermal Magnesium is a must for people with heart problems and a new article just came out the other day stating that in a review of all the studies done on Magnesium, it has been shown without a doubt that it impacts the heart in positive ways, and in all types of heart disorders.
      Here’s a link to the Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Book and you might also read the book on The Ultimate Heart Medicine also available here:

      just click on the book cover photos at the top of the page to scroll through what’s available and their descriptions. :

      —– Original Message —–
      From: Disqus
      Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2013 10:26 AM
      Subject: [drsircus] Re: Uses of Magnesium Oil

      • Karo

        And if I can chime in, the magnesium oil does wonders for grey hair. I am keeping a photo journal and will post the pics soon!

      • Reba

        Can you tell us more about the gray hair? I want to know exactly what you did and your resulsts

  • sylvia

    i have been using Magnesium oil for a number of months and feel I am still deficient – I often wake with leg cramps even after massaging oil in before bed. Should I be taking it orally as well? and what is the best form? Also I have recently made up a new batch of the oil and thought I’d make it more concentrated.. now it leaves a slight crystalline residue on my skin, a bit like when you come out of the ocean sometimes. Is this ok?

    • Debra Cake

      You need to have your thyroid checked, leg cramps are a sign of low thyroid, which could also be why you are not absorbing magnesium. If your deficant in mag, than you can’t absorb calcium. Thyroid controls everything. Do not drink sodas, caffeine or those energy drinks. They all deplete you. Do not eat raw leafy veg. Like spinach, they block they thyriod hormone. Raw is not always best, with a lot of veg. Hope this helps you, I feel for ya. Debra cake

    • Kellie

      Sounds like you need more Iodine. I would try taking Nascent Iodine.

  • Karo

    Hello, I have been reading about and using magnesium oil for the past two weeks, and I feel amazingly energized, rested, and my skin is smoother than ever. Thank you so much for your work and sharing the info! I have lots of issues with my eyes and was wondering if there is an easy way for me to make an eye wash, or could you guys make a custom order of eye drops that would contain magnesium and other minerals?
    Thanks again

    • Hi Karo,

      So glad you are noticing such a difference with the magnesium oil.

      Its very easy to make an eyewash with magnesium oil for use in the eyes. You just dilute the oil 15:1 with pure water and use it daily or more. Dr. Sircus has put up a video on doing this and here it is:
      —– Original Message —–
      From: Disqus
      Sent: Monday, January 21, 2013 1:12 AM
      Subject: [drsircus] Re: Uses of Magnesium Oil

      • Karo

        Dear Claudia, Thank you for your reply and the video! I will definitely give it a try now that I built up tolerance for magnesium in my body. I have no lenses in my eyes, and since magnesium works on a cellular level, does it help in the regeneration process of the lenses?
        Thank you for any advice,
        – Karo

        • Hi Karo,

          Magnesium is necessary for most regenerative functions in our bodies, so it makes sense that it will help with your problem. Not sure how you would best use it though, whether using in your eyes themselves would help or whether you just need to be sure your levels in general are up where they belong. Magnesium in general is recommended for many eye problems and can positively affect macular degeneration and many others. —– Original Message —–
          From: Disqus
          Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 2:41 AM
          Subject: [drsircus] Re: Uses of Magnesium Oil

          Karo (unregistered) wrote, in response to Claudia French:
          Dear Claudia, Thank you for your reply and the video! I will definitely give it a try now that I built up tolerance for magnesium in my body. I have no lenses in my eyes, and since magnesium works on a cellular level, does it help in the regeneration process of the lenses? Thank you for any advice,
          – Karo

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  • Sharon

    Will this product help for Graves’ disease in any way

    • Hi Sharon,

      Magnesium is found to be deficient routinely in Graves disease so keeping your levels up with the use of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil should help you. In Grave’s disease, magnesium is often wasted ….excreted excessively in the urine, so it pays to ensure getting good amounts regularly… Transdermal applications of magensium chloride work the best.

      Please read Dr.Sircus’ book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy:

  • Jay

    How much mag. oil should I use and how fast will it take for bone to begin to grow?

  • Jay

    I was recently told to try putting mag. oil in my mouth and hold it for 20-30 minutes morning and night and that it would cure periodontitis and help regrow bone in my jaw. Is this safe? Will this work?

    • Jay,
      Dr. Sircus has himself used magnesium chloride oil in his mouth for this condition, but I don’t believe he had to hold it there for 20-30 minutes. He would do a “swish and swallow”.

      This is perfectly safe as long as you use an exceptionally clean source of magnesium oil such as the Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil from LL’s magnetic Clay.

      • Magnesium oil burns when I put it on my skin so would it burn the inside of my mouth if I would swish it around for awhile and then swallow it?

        • Hi Sheldon,

          It might sting a bit and if its too uncomfortable for you to withstand for a few minutes……..just dilute it with water before swishing it around your mouth. Just do a trial with full strength, the burn will go away when you rinse it out.

  • Avis

    Is transdermal / topical magnesium safe for people with kidney disease since it is not going thru GI tracts? I am wanting to get the lotion and oil for my mom for her arthritis but wanted to check first. It would be used lightly probably 2 – 3 teaspoons a day

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Transdermal magnesium oil needs to be used very sparingly in people with kidney disease. It still gets absorbed into the body, even though it doesn’t go through the digetstive tract. All magnesium is regulated by the kidneys mainly, and any excess amount our bodies take in will be excreted from the kidneys. But if kidney functioning is compromsed then there is a chance that magnesium will not be excreted, but will build up to toxic levels in your body. Of course this also depends somewhat on the degree of functioning loss of the kidney.

      Some people who have a milder form of kidney disease that has not reached “end stage” can still use magnesium but you need to talk with your M.D. about your personal situation. End stage means there is less than 10-15% of kidney functioning left, not enough to sustain life for very long.

  • Amy

    Hi questions since i am just starting to use ancient minerals MO.

    1. How many tablespoons can i use altogether for my feet, underarms n other lymph areas?
    2. I bought the ultra version which has MSM; i hear people putting MO in toothpaste n brushing making their teeth stronger…. Can i use the ultra with MSM? Is it safe?
    3. can i simply add my MO ultra to jojoba oil or lavender oil for massaging? What would be the ratio please?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Amy,

      So glad you’ve decided to try transdermal magnesium. Depending on your size you can use up to 2oz. of magnesium on your skin per day. Start with a much smaller amount though and work up to what’s comfortable for you.

      For specific uses of the Mag Oil Ultra, please contact LL’s Magnetic Clay Co who formulated this. They will be able to better answer your questions about adding this lotion to other oils or toothpastes. It is very safe to use, but sometimes magnesium oil doesn’t mix well with other oils.


  • ole bader


    Can one use magnesium flakes or magnesium oil or the gel with dmso to get a better transdermal treatment?

  • Vicki

    Thank you so much getting back to me so quick. I have been to 3 different hospital I am so besides myself. There has been no doctor yet to help my dad. I ask all sorts of questions on how to better get magnesium. Not one has told me anything. My dad has no food restictions at all. Its a vicious cycle he is going through with the diarrhea, nausea, he I starving and can’t eat because his minares. They keep him on the Slow Mag. And they say that’s what is giving him the diarreha. I mentioned to them about magnesium oil. They never heard about It, and looked at me like I was crazy.
    I do paritoneal dailysis on him every night, he is on the cyclermachine. And then I do a manual exchange on him mid day. As for his magnesium being checked I found out on his last labs that they don’t check his magnesium unless there is an order from the Doctor .
    I was like well he is feeling bad again like last time you need to check it. And look she called me on Thursday to tell me everything in his labs were good except his magnesium was very low again at .7 , two weeks ago it was .5 the hospital told me if I didn’t bring him in that his heart would have stopped. I am just at a lost with his Doctors. I know he is not going to live forever. I want him to be as comfortable as possible. And if all he need is this magnesium, then I don’t see why they are not concerned about it. They look at me like I am trying to heal him and make him 100%. He choose this dailysis to live a little longer just like they other dailysis patients or cancer patients, or anyone else that suffers from any kind of disease. They want to feel better. Why I contacted you is if these doctors don’t believe in this mgnesium oil. Would it be safe for me to just do it for him? Its obvious that he can’t take the oral magnesium i’ts killing him.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      I’m so sorry your doctors are so unfeeling and not checking enough with your father.

      You can use magnesium oil but it would be at some great risk as you would have no way of knowing if he is retaining excess magnesium. I used to have hemodialysis and found a way to use the magnesium oil 3x/week the night before my dialysis session. That way any excess that couldn’t be excreted through the urine was takenn out by dialysis. But my doctors were listening to me and checking my magnesium levels more frequently.

      Your experience with slow-mag reflects what we have always said, that the oral magnesium supplements greatest limitation to bringing up levels quickly and sufficiently is the diarrhea it causes.

      I wish I could assure you that it is safe to use for your dad, but there’s is too much research showing that with renal failure, magnesium levels can both go up and build up very quickly. You need to work with your doctors, ask him if you can trial with mag. oil (really a nutritionnal supplement delivered through the skin) and then repeat the lab testing for magnesium after 1 week. Show him Dr. Sircus book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy so he can know what mag oil is all about. But with renal failure you must work with a qualified health care provider on how best to bring up his magnesium levels. I hope he your M.D. will allow a heart-to-heart talk with him. At least ask him for more frequent magnesium testing. maybe weekly..till you see how he reacts to the magnesium oil.

      You could also get a second opinion, but I see you’ve already been to several hospitals about this.

  • Rohanna

    Please let me know if Magnesium Oil can help someone suffering from crohns disease.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Yes, magnesium oil can help Crohn’s disease as people with this disease are often deficient in this essential mineral. The use of a good prbiotic is also essential as may other things on Dr. Sircus’ protocol be. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and Prescript-Assist probiotics are both available at LL’s Magnetic Clay :

  • Vicki

    I was wondering if a kidney patient. On paritoneal dailysis. I do this for him at home. Can he use magnesium oil. My Dad has been the hospital 3 times because of low magnesium. He is taking mag supplents 3 to 4 times daily. He has had diarrhea since fathers day of this year. I think that is how he is loosing his magnesium. He is 92 yrs old is full of life still has his mind walks on his own very independent and wants to live. These Doctors talk about Hospice. My dad has no other complications. I don’t get it. All he needs is magnesium. Hospice is not going to give him magnesium!!! My dad is not ready for Hospice. I have been doing some research. One doctor mentioned you can put it on your skin or bath in it…when I asked him again he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. That’s when I found this website. Last labs that were taken said his mag level was .7 he has only been out of the hospital 2 weeks. And already are back down. The doctors told me to give him Imodium A-D up to 3 times a day. To keep him from having diarrhea. He has had a couple of BM that were diarrhea. And I gave him Imodium. Please Help me help my dad. It seems these Doctors don’t want to help him because of his age like he Is not worth caring for. The way I see it he will die because of diarrhea and the lack of magnesium. I am not getting any direction here with the Doctors. Just them pushing hospice…
    Thank you for your time.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Vickie,

      You need to be more cautious about using magnesium for your dad because of his lack of normal kidney function. You will need to work with your MD, but it may be possible to use magnesium oil on his skin (not orally) on the evening before dialysis is performed. The doctor will have to check his magnesium level more frequently to be sure that its not going to high, which can happen with kidney failure. Magnesium is excreted from the kidneys but the dialysis can also remove magnesium and excesses from his system. I’m not real familiar with peritoneal dialysis but used to be on hemodialysis (removal of toxins from the blood instead of the abdominal fluids) and the fluid used, called dialysate, was adjusted for my magnesium levels when they were too high or too low. Talk with your practitioners about this. A magnesium massage or bath the night before dialysis might work out for him.

  • Rohanna

    I have had two hip-replacement surgeries, the last one just 6 months ago. Since then I have suffered a lot with pain in both legs
    (not the hips).My varicous veins have gotten much worse since the last surgery, consequently worsening the RLS ( restless leg syndrome). I have ordered and use the Magnesium Oil but feel a bit confused about how much to use. Mostly I spray the magnesium on my legs and feet and leave it on. Is that the right thing to do?

    Looking forward to receiving an answer, thank you.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Rohanna,

      You should apply it liberally…..and use 1-2 oz daily, you can divide the amount into multiple applications/day.

      Soak in a tub with 3-6 cups of magnesium flakes

      Use to your tolerance as long as you have good kidney function.

  • Gabriel

    Is there a way to procure an IV drip that could be administered in the comfort of ones home? The benefits of transdermal application are very clear but what if one desired immediate restoration of magnesium levels?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Generally you would need MD supervision or prescription for that. Unless you know a nurse or doctor who could help you. IV magnesium is only available by prescription, I believe.

  • carmen malski

    Carmen Malski said:

    Hello again, my husband recently had an operation in his knee for patella mal alignment causing pain and inflamation. He had a “lateral release” cutting a tendon and smoothing of the cartlidge under the knee cap. What will be your recomendation. Many thanks.

  • carmen malski

    Carmen said,
    Hello, i have been diagnosed with calcifications in my both breasts.
    What is your recomendation? will magnesium help?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      The answer to both of your questions is that yes, magnesium chloride will help in numerous ways. For example its been shown in research that adding magneisum when recovering from knee surgery reduces the amount of pain medications needed and enhances more rapid healing.

      For breast calcifications magnesium chloride will help to reduce those calcifications along with iodine applications.

      Please keep reading our sites on these things and purchase the book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy -2nd edition, to learn more.

      There are other things on Dr. Sircus’ protocol that will be helpful to you such as sodium bbicarbonate and other supplements. But for specific amounts and treatment directions you would need a consult with Dr. Sircus himself.

  • mary

    Can the magnesium oil keep me awake at night? I would have thought the opposite but I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Mary,

      Generally magnesium oil is recommended for use before bedtime to assist in more restful sleep so it is unusual to experience what you describe. Try cutting down on the amount used and try using it at a different time of day to see if this helps. Could it be something else? Iodine taken after 2 pem can sometimes cause wakefulness at night.


    So many people asking about magnesium oil treatments , but no one really posted the results they got after using the oil, guys please post how you feel after using magnesium oil for few months, has any one seen significant benefit in depression, panic attacks and anxiety?

    • Rachel

      My husband did not sleep through the night for years. He was in a state of “sympathetic dominance” and he had lots of muscle tension that could not be massaged away, cystic acne, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on. We decided to try the mag oil and the first time we used it he slept through the night. I have been giving him magnesium massages once, sometimes twice a day for about 3 weeks now. He falls asleep quickly and sleeps through every night (unless our daughter wakes us), his muscles are becoming more relaxed, his skin is clearing up, his elimination has increased, and he doesn’t feel panicked all the time like he used to.

      I am pregnant and have been using some too. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel less stressed. I have also noticed a reduction in heartburn, though I’m not completely sure if that was the magnesium or something else.

      Overall, we are very pleased and we have been telling everyone about the stuff! It is well worth the money!!!

      • brit

        I just wrote a comment and it sounds exactly the same. I never slept through the night, I was always stressed, anxious, tense, woke up every morning with horrible neck and upper back pain and migraines and face pain from TMJ. The VERY FIRST TIME I used magnesium oil… I slept through the whole night and woke up feeling so wonderful!! It truly feels like a miracle oil.. It is amazing.

  • Paul Reynolds

    My son-in-laws father has a terrible case of shingles that give him constant pain.
    Has there been any information about this helping the shingles problem ?
    Thanks again and I have ordered some to give it a try for myself and my daughter, who has bad migraines.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Paul,

      At this time we have not researched Dr. Sircus’ protocol use in Shingles specifically. But being a virus, it would stand to reason that his protocol of magnesium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate would help that painful problem.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Again Claudia, I ask:
    This less expensive product response says it is a moisterizer not a transdermal product. Isn’t a moisterizer applied to the skin actually a transdermal application ?
    Also you say :
    Different products have different additives in them. And they also have differing amounts of actual magnesium chloride in realtion to their additives. These things must be considered when looking at pricing and value.
    If both products say they are totally pure Magnesium Chloride does that not mean they are without additives ?Or are there additives to the “totally pure” product which gives different valuations to each ?

    I’m trying to understand the differences here .

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Sure a moisturizer can be considered a transdermal application of something.

      Your questions would best be answered by the retailer or mfg of the product you are looking at. 100% magnesium chloride would have more meaning for me than “totally pure”. Natural additives can be totally pure too.

      And most magnesium chloride oil is a combo of magnesium and water. Most magnesium oils are not 100% magnesium chloride and some mfg. add more water so the amount of mag chloride so it will actually be less than in Ancient MInerals. (for example, there could be many variations).

      If by “pure” they mean free of contaminants or pollution then they should state that as well and have a lab result to share with you to show as much. Ancient Minerals does.

  • Paul Reynolds

    In searching for a Magnesium Oil to use transdermally as you suggested to me in a prior post I find the prices are inconsistent .One company has three 8 oz. bottles of Dr. Barbara Hendel’s Magnesium Oil for $18.99.The other web site has the oil for one bottle for $29.00. A major difference and both claim to be pure.
    This less expensive product response says it is a moisterizer not a transdermal product. Isn’t a moisterizer applied to the skin actually a transdermal application ?
    This has me quite confused as the expense of the higher priced product used at 1 oz per day means that it will cost $29.00 for 8 day which is out of my budget over a long period of time .
    Can you help me understand the difference in costs ?
    Many thanks

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Different products have different additives in them. And they also have differing amounts of actual magnesium chloride in realtion to their additives. These things must be considered when looking at pricing and value.

  • Ednalor

    Since I started using the mg oil, I am more tired than usual. Is that an expected side effect? Am i using too much? Should i stop using it altogether.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Ednalor,

      We have no idea how much you are using of the mag oil. Remember that magnesium is very relaxing to the blood vessels and the body in general. You should try cutting back on the amount you use at any one time, or use it before sleep. You could be using more than you need. So cut back on the amount used and see if you feel less tired.

  • Heather

    My son is very sulfate sensitive. We found this out when he was taking epsom salt baths, swimming in a chlorinated pool and taking zinc sulfate supplement. By removing each of these and replacing with a non sulfate version (magnesium glycinate orally, salt water pool and zinc picolonate) his eczema cleared up. He also has a fine balance of magnesium he needs(min 400mg per day as glycinate) or else he grinds his teeth in his sleep and stims by tapping when concentrating and easily sensorily overloaded.

    He is soon to start swimming lessons at school where they will be going to the chlorinated pool. Would applying magnesium oil on him before swimming prevent him from developing eczema again from the chlorinated water?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Heather its worth a try! Many people are sensitive to sulfur and I’m glad you discovered what the problem was with your son.

      We need to listen to our bodies and reactions!

  • calgary411

    Is there any research / information on whether or not transdermal magnesium therapy is effective for familial tremor.

    Also, if one is taking Propanalol for familial tremor, is there a problem with adding transdermal magnesium therapy?

    Thanks very much.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that transdermal magnesium use helps calm tremors of all kinds. We hear about it from people all the time. Studies are not done using transdermal applications of magnesium, no one wants to put out the money for this when there are pharmaceutical drugs used for tremors …like Ppropanolol.

      There should be no problem using transdermal magnesium treatments while taking propanalol, except that your need for the drug may decrease.

  • Dewy

    Hello, I started taking Magnesium Oil supplements three weeks ago for palpitations and back aches. Had test done for palpitations and nothing came back. You mentioned in previous emails that one should take calcium supplements to negate cramps because I observed I was having cramps in arms at night while sleeping. What ratio of calcium to Mag should one take? I already take Centrum multivitamins so am I getting enough Calcium? Also is there something like taking too much magnesium and does magnesium help with adrenal fatigue?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      It sounds like reading Dr. Sircus’ book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy would be a big help to you. There is also a lot of information on our Magnesiumforlife website which will answer a lot of your questions

      See: click on the menu headings under the “search” box for more essays posted there.

      In general, you should get a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium.
      Cramps can also occur as a result of magnesium deficiency, especially during sleep….rubbing magnesium oil on the cramping muscle relieves this. Most people get enough calcium in their diets but adding such things as flax seed to salads can provide calcium without having to use supplements. We generally get too much from our diets as it is. Some research suggests people get more than 6x the needed amount of calcium from today’s fortified diets. We are not recommending supplements of calcium for anyone except under special circumstances. Get calcium from natural food sources instead.

    • Kathleen

      Hope you’re feeling better by now. I have to share that anyone who takes Centrum, One a Day, Spring Valley is deceived. These are marketing ploys, now quality vitamins. There is the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements which details how to find a quality vitamin supplement, not all are created equal. I used to rep for a company where I learned so much about these differences. I no longer rep for them but still value them highly and thankful for the years I have taken them. Just like with this Magnesium oil, there are others on the market that may be inferior. Go to You Tube and search Centrum Apple Test. Many actually feel better in their body and especially limbs when they stop taking it.

      • janice

        A friend told me that in port-o-potties lots of pills are found, undissolved. Turns out the overwhelming majority were Centrum vitamins! If you buy them you are literally flushing your $.

    • Lori

      Centrum is not a healthy multi-vitamin. Try baking a tablet at 250 degrees for 10 mins. You will see a black tar-like substance oozing out of the top of your tablet, that is because they have a petroleum substance in their vitamins. Any well made, safe & healthy mult-vitamin tablet would only get a golden brown appearance.

  • Judy

    I am wondering if magnesium oil might help with the pain associated with pancreatic cancer? Also, because of weight loss, I have to make sure that the mg oil would not cause diahhrea. Thanks for this great site!!!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Judy,

      Magnesium oil will not only help with the pain associated with pancreatic cancer, it may help with the cancer itself.

      Magnesium oil should not cause diarrhea if used on the skin or in baths. If yu drink it, like any orally ingested magnesium, it could cause diarrhea depending on how much you ingest.

  • Garry

    Thanks for your message. I found a link that directly addresses the issue I believe I am facing.

    If I am low on Mg now, am I right to understand about a month of magnesium oil treatment should help replenish my stores? Also, I am not sure how to determine when my body is ‘replenished’. Will I have a symptom like diaherra or something else to help gauge by?



    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Garry,

      While it is possible that Vitamin D will diminish the stores of magnesium in magnesium deficient people, it is easy to get your magnesium stores back up with transdermal Magnesium Oil…..keep in mind that no matter what anyone says, the gut often prevents adequate absorption of magnesium so it is a limiting factor in how long it will take to get levels up.

      With magnesium oil it will take from 1-4 months to get levels back to normal….while with oral magnesium preps it can take up to a year to do this. Its a big difference.

      Be careful who you listen to, as there are many out there promoting various products just to make some money.

  • Garry

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Per what I’ve read, when trying to increase/optimize your Vitamin D level (i.e. supplementing >4000 IU/day), Ca and Mg levels will be affecged. The Vit. D enables the calcium to be absorbed, but magnesium is one of the co-factors in this effort. If the magnesium level is low already, when this effort/reaction is completed, one may become magnesium deficient.

    A link to the Vitamin D Council’s webpage that mentions this issue (look up the Magnesium Deficiency area on the webpage) is Also, Dr. Stasha Gominak, a neurologist from Texas, mentions this issue (magnesium deficiency symptoms) sometimes happening with her practice/patients when trying to optimize D levels. Her focus is increasing the Vit. D level to help with sleep disturbances (which is why I’m doing this)…and now I understand the importance of Mg. There are videos of her discussing this at a medical seminar, but she does not get too much into magnesium…just mentions that you may need to supplement….”…eat some sunflower seeds” is one recommendation. A link to this nifo on a webpage is Other Vit. D sites say to take Mg when supplementing. I’ve stopped supplementing until I get my Mg level corrected.

    From what I’ve read, Vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium are not given proper ‘due’ in our medical community, but a lot of information is pointing to the same areas (Vit. D/Ca/Mg) are interlaced and major drivers in health.

    Per the dosage you mentioned…I may need to up it. I have been measuring by the number of sprays…usually 15 or more sprays. I need to convert that to ounces to see if I am using enough. If there a general “# sprays/ounce” that one could use?

    Thanks so much for this website and your response.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Thanks for your information! We’ll take a look at this and the sites you recommended. But seems prudent to supplement with magnesium when trying to get Vitamin D levels up at all times. Dr. Sircus feels everyone should be supplementing with magnesium as the RDAs are too low for our needs as they stand now.

      All sprayers and sprayer bottles are different with different sized sprayer holes. The best way to check is to spray into a small measuring cup and count the sprays that will fill the cup to the one ounce mark.

      Thanks again for the resources. I will suggest Dr. Sircus write about this in an upcoming essay so everyone will be aware.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      I just started looking for information to confirm what you have found online and wanted to show you that the NIH site states this:

      Taking vitamin D can raise the level of magnesium in people who have low magnesium and low vitamin D levels. In people with normal magnesium levels, this doesn’t seem to happen according to NIH :

      So it seems from this that if you are deficient in magnesium to begin with, taking Vitamin D will help to raise magnesium levels.

  • Garry

    I started Vitamin D supplementation and then started getting small muscle spasms from time to time in my legs/feet/arms. I read that Vit. D will ‘use up’ Magnesium and sometimes uncover a magnesium deficiency. I’ve used the Mag Oil for 3 nights now, plus a 250 mg Mg Amino Acid Chelate, but haven’t seen an improvement (I stopped the Vit. D supplementing).

    Have you heard of this Vit. D and Mg relationship before and had any experience with restoring the Mg level from this issue? Would I need to add Calcium supplement also (over drinking Almond milk, cheese, etc. already in my diet). Also, I have not been able to find the level of Mg in the amino acid chelate form. Would you know OR is another oral form better?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Garry,

      As you probably already know by now Dr. Sircus rarely advises using any oral form of magnesium. Transdermal use of magnesium chloride is absorbed into the bloodstream without having to go through the gut where absorption problems occur.

      We will look into this problem with vit D depleteing magnesium….if you can send me some references to this I would appreciate it greatly. It doesn’t sit right that this should be so.

      Also how much transdermal mag do you use daily? To replete a deficiency you must use about 1-2 oz daily applied to the skiin which is really quite a bit. Are you using enough? You can divide this into multiple applications.

      We all need to increase vitamin D….unless we are sun lovers, which is actually the best way to make sure your body is making enough vitamin D….naturally.

  • Thank you for this wonderful blog and all the information you provide.

    Magnesium chloride has been quite life changing for me. Sleeping like a baby again and calm even when business situations would previously have stressed me out.

    The other very interesting benefit has been restoration of libido which I thought was long gone. Without Dr Sircus’s books this would not have been the case. My husband says thanks too.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Rohanna

    I need to know where I can buy this magnesium oil in Canada.
    Are there any reports of it helping patients with RLS?
    I have severe RLS and hope this oil will help!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Check here….a distributor in Canada:

      Promedics Neutraceuticals Ltd.
      PO Box 155
      2498 W 41st Avenue
      Vancouver, BC V6M2A7

      Toll Free: (877) 268-5057
      Phone: (604) 261-5057
      Fax: (604) 730-7186


  • Christine

    Hi I have Mortons Neuroma on my right foot for about one month. I bought some ‘Natural Calm Canada’ Magnesium oil and am wondering if I should do foot baths or apply it directly to the skin. I also bought Magnesium Bisglycinate Plus (New Roots) which says to take 1-2 capsules/day, should I take 1 or 2 or more (150 mg each)? And how long before I will see improvement? Thx

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Christine,

      We are not familiar with either of the products you mention and you would be advised to check with the retailers or manufacturers of these magnesium forms for usage directions.

      If you have some pure magnesium oil from the one company you can apply it directly to the neuroma on your foot or do foot baths. It is your preferance as to your tolerance and the effects it gives. There is no way to tell how long before you notice improvement with this neuroma. You should also think about using sodium bicarbonate and changing your diet to a more alkaline diet.

  • Jessy Terry

    I have just come across this site and it culdn’t have at a better time.
    I have two kinds of Breast Cancer which I have refused surgery for and I have also refused medication. Diagnosed Dec 2010.
    Last christmas a rash came up on my arms and quickly enveloped my whole body except my face. It has been diagnosed as an unspecified rash. For the past two months I have been on a high predisone dose. The rash abated while taking predisone. Since taking this medication I now have poor circulation in my legs and cannot walk far without pain in my ankles, my hair is falling out with a large bald spot on the left side, I get cramps, I cannot tolerate the cold and I have the cold shivers even when the weather is hot. I came off predisone four days ago and the rash has flared up all over my body again.
    What is your recommendation? Will magnesium oil help?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Jessy,

      Rashes like you describe may be caused by many things.

      You might want to consider a consult with Dr. Sircus as he would need much more information from you before proper advice can be give.

      Please see this site for more information:

  • KJ

    Some questions: Can the water from a foot soak with magnesium flakes be reused? How often? How much of the flakes, and in how much water? And would soaking just up to my ankles be enough? Also, would a stainless steel container be okay to soak in or should it be non-metal? Advanced thanks for all your answers!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear KJ,

      Soaking up to your ankles in a tub of water with magnesium in it is just fine….better to use a plastic tank, but aluminum or stainless steel is ok.

      The bottoms of our feet have a very high rate of absorption.

      You can reuse the water 2 or 3 times but then change it. Use about a cup of flakes in the water. You could start with a lesser amount and work up to even 2 cups depending on your own reaction to the mix. After a month or two of doing this, you might also cut back and need only a smaller maintainence dose.

  • Vicki

    I have an interesting reaction to the magnesium oil & gel. Wherever I apply it.. my nipples will get red soon after. I have always been extremely reactive to many things..also have fibromyalgia ..anxiety disorder & multiple sensitivies to foods etc.ever heard of this reaction?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Vickie,

      We have not heard of this reaction, though magnesium chloride will sometimes have the effect of increased sexual stimulation in some women.

  • Lilian

    Kindly i am a mother of 17 years girl who has been having seizures since 2008 recently i learned about epsom salts which you can find in kenya easily but wanted to enquire about magnesium chrolide whether it is the best for her and where i can get it here in kenya , Nairobi.

    Thank you

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Lillian,

      Definitely magnesium chloride would be better for your daughter, as its effects last much longer in the body than mag sulfate does.

      Not sure of a source in Kenya, but perhaps you can contact LL’s Magnetic Clay Co for that information. They have distributors all throughout the world.

      Here’s their contact information:

      Professional Service: 800-257-3315

      Mailing Address:

      LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc.
      PO Box 619.
      San Ramon, CA 94583

      Customer Service:
      All customer service inquiries please email us at:

  • cassie

    Can I put the magnesium gel in the bath as it is really uncomfortably sticky and a bit itchy on my skin? Does it help arthritis of the hips? Thank you

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Cassie,

      You can write to the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay for questions about their gel.

      I’m not sure if it can be added to a bath or how to dilute the gel itself if its irritating. And you might be better off getting bath flakes for a bath….they would work wonders for your hip arthritis.

  • Christine


    I use the magnesium spray after coming out of my evening shower. I suffer from quite dry skin (as well as eczema and keratosis pilaris) so after a couple of minutes I follow this up with moisturizer. The next morning upon waking up I spray more or less the same amount on dry skin (I don’t shower anymore in the morning). Will the moisturizer from the night before affect its efficacy? Should I aim to shower again before applying the oil?

    Thank you

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Christine,

      Its best to apply the oil to clean dry skin. Its possible lotions could set up a barrier on the skin surface.

  • Andrew

    Thank you for your reply. What do you mean, “This is not an approved use of the flakes”? What is “approved”, and by whom? Thank you.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Andrew,

      I guess I should have said “recommended” use instead of approved. It is not recommended by Dr. Sircus nor by the experts at LL’s Magnetic Clay co. to use the bath flakes for drinking because of the changes that occur in the drying process. You can write to LL’s Magnetic Clay to get more information about this.

  • Andrew

    Another question, if I may:
    Given that LL Magnetic Clay Inc’s “bath flakes” are much cheaper than their “oil”, is there any reason not to make up our own solution (say 25% magnesium chloride) using the bath flakes and spraying and massaging this onto our skin? It would still work, won’t it? It won’t be quite as concentrated as the “oil”, and this means that it won’t pass through the skin quite as rapidly, but we’d get a lot more value for money wouldn’t we?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Andrew,

      I have personally tried this and even when saturating just to the point of reaching full saturation and disolving of the flakes, it is too runny and does not have the same consistency as the magnesium oil. I ended up using mine in the bath because it just did not “stay” where I was putting it and ran off my skin and body. You can do this and perhaps you will have better luck than I did…but very little water is needed so go easy. Add a little bit of water and let it sit on the flakes for a few minutes before adding more.

      This is not an approved use of the flakes however. Its best in a bath or footbath. I think I actually used up more when using the solution with the flakes than I do with the oil.

  • Tera

    Thank you so much for your prompt response. I agree that the baths are calming and relaxing! That’s a good idea to alternate- thanks!

  • Tera

    I am wondering whether the oil or bath flakes are most effective. My doctor recommended the baths, but it’s difficult to find the time to do them regularly. I see that 8 sprays of the oil delivers about 100mg of magnesium and that 1 cup of bath flakes delivers 15g to the bath. Does the body absorb that entire 15g? I am using the magnesium primarily to aid in detoxification from treatment for chronic lyme disease. Thanks!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      No the entire amount of magnesium may not be absorbed from one bath. The skin, water temp, and many other things determine how fast and how much is absorbed. In general the skin will absorb what it needs and the rest stays in the tub water.

      Because magnesium is so relaxing, it is better for someone like you to use it at bedtime. It will promote deeper sleep and provide the perfect environment for healing. And it could be that your body is not deficient in magnesium or that you have adequately replenished your personal magnesium stores by now and can cut down on how often you are using it as a spray or in a bath. Since you’ve been using magnesium oil for several weeks now, cut back onthe amount and frequency and your problem should improve. You can increase your calcium intake, but keep it at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. Count your magensium intake from ALL sources.

      And sometimes its just not good enough to say that our kidneys are working properly. Sometimes we need the labs that confirm this.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      No the body does not necessarily absorb all the magnesium added from flakes into the bath. See my responnse to Elise.

      Both the bath flakes and the spraying are effective… need to find what works best for you in terms of time and necessity.

      Personally I do both, body spraying and baths. baths 3 times a week and heavy body spraying on alternate days. But the baths are really special as they are so calming and relaxing besides increasing mag levels and aiding in detoxification. Foot baths can also be done along with body spraying.

      If you have healthy kidneys, any excess taken in will be rapidly excreted. so don’t worry too much about amounts used unless you show some unusual effects.

  • Marie

    Can transdermal magnesium oil help heal hypothyroidism? Thanks so much!

  • Kevin

    I have a friennd who suffers badly from scleroderma.
    Is this another manifestation of too much clacium without enough magnesium?
    If so would transdaermal magnesium likely be of benefit?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Kevin,

      Calcium deposits are definitely connected with scleroderma, though some feel that the painful reaction that occurs is not due to lack of magnesium and they often recommend calcium intake be increased. We have not looked in depth at this issue yet, though with the associated problems of poor circulation, calcium deposits, inflammation etc. it makes sense that magnesium would help. Your friend might try the magnesium oil transdermally!

      Get him a small bottle to try!

  • liisa

    I definitely am magnesium deficient, but the oil stings on my skin and is just too painful to use. Do you have any suggestions. I have cut the spray to 50/50 with diluted water, but it still stings too much.

    Thanks, Liisa

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Try using it in baths for awhile till you get more accustomed to it. Start with a cupful in the bath (or foot bath) and watch your reaction……increase the amount slowly. Cut back if you still have a problem or experience cramping.

  • Kory

    Is there really any OIL in this Magnesium Oil? I read that there is no such thing as a magnesium oil? Can you explain the “oil”?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      No there is no real “oil” in magnesium oil. The mixture of sodium chloride and sea water gives it a slightly oily consistency, and thus the name stuck!

  • Bill Handorf

    Will magnesium help with eye problems, such as retinitis pigmentosa?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Bill,

      Hypomagnesemia has been definitely linked to eye diseases including Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and Retinitis Pigmentosa which can cause loss of peripheral vision leadfing to loss of central vision and possibly blindness.

      Magnesium and alpha lipoic acid are both recommended for use in these eye diseases oftentimes preventing further deterioration.

      Here is a url to a list and description of some of the research that has been done on diseases of the eyes and nutritional supplements that will help:

      Dr. Sircus recommends, and has himself used, eye drops made from a mixture of a pure water source and only the purest magnesium oil. We recommend care in which product you use as not all magnesium oils are filtered and pure as Ancient Minerals. See the video on how to instill mag oil into the eye here:

  • Cecilie

    Am 57 yrs. old. I have been having occasional heart flutters for two months and after many tests there have been no heart issues discovered. A friend with similar problems suggested the Mg oil spray. Can I take my lopressor meds (25 mg / day) with this spray? Do you think this will actually help with the palpitations? Also, should I take Calcium (citrate) to go along with the spray? Just started the spray today.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Cecile,

      The magnesium spray should help you a lot…..if you eat a normal diet you should not need added calcium supplements…..the ratio should be 1:1 or 2:1 calcium to magnesium….most people get enough calcium in their diet. Please look for the essays on this magnesium site regarding this and also in previous questions here.

      Milk drinkers for example have a 10: 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium which is problematic.

      When using magnesium oil…keep a watch on your blood pressure as it can lower it. Your bp medicines (lopressor) might need adjustment.

  • Rachel

    I have essential tremor in my hands. I have heard rubbing magnesium oil on them can help? Any suggestions on application or any other methods?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Rachel,

      Yes rub the magnesium oil all over the hands heavily . You may dilute the oil half and half with pure spring water if it is irritating. Leave it on for about a half hour…do this several times a day. I think you will be surprised how much this will help.
      Alternatively you can soak your hands in a sink full of water with magnesium added into it. Or take a full bath with Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes available from LL’s Magnetic Clay.

  • Jim

    I greatly appreciate this web site and the info presented, but what about FOOD sources of magnesium? No list is a bit curious.

    If you want your car to last, you wouldn’t wait until symptoms appear and then start mickey mousing…you’d follow the manufacturer’s specs and recommendations….an ounce of prevention always costs far less.

    Prevention is king. Somehow our sense of smell and taste (which comprise a tiny fraction of our cells) betray the trillions of other cells in our bodies. We’re creatures of habit so we repeat our mistakes over and over again. Of course, the politics, greed and disinformation don’t help! Your body wants to heal itself and constantly hungers for the right micronutrients. We give it calories instead, without the micronutients needed to heal us (not enough to even to process all those calories).

    Balanced nutrition and balanced information is what I strive for. If possible, limit your exposure to all toxins, from cleansers, cosmetics, meds, water, food, air, etc…Eat more raw organic foods for micronutrients and fiber. Cleanse digestive organs and chelate heavy metals and toxins. Re-mineralize your body, because chances are other minerals are depleted.
    Supplemental magnesium is important because of bad habits, over cooked and processed foods, depleted soils, toxicity, etc. Many medications also deplete magnesium! Your ability to digest and absorb nutrients may be impaired as well. (Note: transdermal Mg by-passes the GI tract). I’m an advocate of many natural therapies including transdermal magnesium to restore health. However, neither drugs nor supplements can ever replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. Stop buying into all the marketing hype and eat more raw organics! Otherwise you will always need supplements…and/or meds.

    What about foods high in magnesium? Green leafies! spinach, swiss chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, etc….and don’t over cook them. Nuts and seeds (preferably raw), raw pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds… black beans, soy beans, pintos…fish, halibut, salmon… avocados, summer squash, broccoli, cucumbers (with peel), celery, okra, green beans… basil, peppermint, ginger root, coriander, cloves, molasses(black strap), WHOLE grains. Mineralized water, coral calcium, himilayan salt…

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Thanks Jim

      Its very easy to forget that there is still good nutrition in some of the foods out there!! Thanks for reminding us all that we need to eat properly and can get magnesium and other crucial minerals (and vitamins) from fresh organic foods.

  • Skye

    I went to hospital suspecting low magnesium as my potassium dropped which i know how it makes me feel when it gets low as i have been having trouble with it since i had my second child 10 months ago. The levels range for magnesium are for from 70 to 100 and when i got tested at hospital they came back at 80. I recently had my bloods done again and the blood test was done about half an hour after applying ancient minerals mag oil all over my body. The magnesium levels came back at 101 which is getting high. I know that the blood test for magnesium is not viable due to most of the mag being stored in tissues and bone. But could the magnesium oil application done bfore the test falsefied my magnesium test?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      It takes some time for the magnesium oil to go throughout the bloodstream and be absorbed where its needed and then to filter back to the kidneys where the excess is removed….so yes, using the magnesium oil just before testing might skew the test results but sure does confirm that magnesium is being readily absorbed from the use of tthe transdermal application, doesn’t it?

      It’s best to have testing done before mag is applied. And as you already stated, a different kind of magneisum test would be more accurate than a blood test in showing the mag amounts in your other tissues.

  • Barbara

    Many thanks, Claudia. I am continuing the magnesium with slightly more calcium than before and it seems to be working – no more cramps 🙂

  • Barbara


    Many thanks for this valuable information. But here’s the thing: I ordered some magnesium oil and rubbed on just a little to start with – underarm as an effective deodorant, and a little elsewhere. After a few days I noticed cramping in my calves during the night, which never usually happens – the only time it has happened before was when I took some extra oral magnesium (not a huge amount) while waiting for the oil to arrive – that time I got a severe cramp in the middle of the night. Once I stopped the extra oral magnesium and reverted to one Ca/Mg/Zn supplement at night, I had no more cramping. This seems to be the opposite of what Mg is supposed to do! I gather the Mg/Ca ratio is crucial and that Ca deficiency (or imbalance?) can cause cramping. At the time I had also cut down on dairy intake to reduce Ca and casein, so that may have added to the problem. Can anyone comment on this, please?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Barbara,

      Magnesium and Calcium should be intaked on a 1:1 basis. Most of us get enough calcium from our dietary intake, but you may be more sensitive. Also, if you are very deficient in magnesium, the initital doses may overwhelm the calcium stores in our bodies and cause some cramping. (your body will soak in all the magnesium rapidly) ..this happened to me when I first started using magnesium oil in baths. Go slowly and be aware that your body needs to adjust to increased magnesium . Use calcium at first to decrease this cramping.

  • Lupe

    Hi there,

    I have just purchased the oil and the latest edition of Dr. Sircus’book. I read most of it this past weekend.

    I have been swimming in my sister’s pool the last few weeks to help my arm ( I had 14 lymph nodes removed and a masectomy July 2010); I was wondering if it is dangerous to be spending time in a chlorinated pool? I spend one hour at a time 3-4 times a week.

    Please advise and thank you so much for all the information.


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi Lupe,

      Chlorine pools are generally not recommended. But you can use some of the things on Dr. Sircus protocol that will help detoxify any chlorine that might have been absorbed , such as the magnesium oil (protective of the cells) and iodine and sodium bicarbonate.

  • David

    Hi you mention “one ounce”of mag oil, do you have a guide as to how many sprays / squirts that approximates to please

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi David,

      This is easy to figure out for yourself, and should be done because sprayers are not all equal in how much fluid they eject out…… due to size of spray hole and tubing.

      One ounce equals 30 cc (30 ml)…. this is equal to approx. 2 tablespoons. so get an appropriate measure and see how many sprays it takes to fill up a tablespoon…..that’s 1/2 oz.

  • Betty

    I just purchased Mag. Oil for arthritis in my knees. I am confused. Do I massage it into my knees? OR put 1 oz in the bathtub? I was told to put 1 oz in a footbath….however it is for my knees, not my feet. Is this just to get it into your system? I would think rubbing it directly into my knees would be best.????? Thanks!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      rubbing it directly on the knees would be a place to start……and put a warm cloth over this to help drive the magnesium into the tissue. You can also do a foot bath or regular bath, but you need more than an ounce. Try the oil directly on the knee first and dilute it half and half with spring or distilled water if it causes any irritation. Rinse off after 20-30 minutes, and apply 3-4 times/day or as needed.

  • Theresa

    I’ve just begun using Mag. Oil and feel great! Two questions arise,
    1. I just pour some into my hands and rub it on as i would any lotion so is it okay to leave on all day?
    2. Health and Wisdom is the brand I found…do you know if it is a reputable oil ie purity, effectivness stc… Thanks so much, Theresa
    Also, thank you for this sight and your info. I am just finishing Dr. Sircus’ book Transdermal Mag. Therapy…a must read!

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Theresa,

      Yes it is ok to leave magnesium oil on your skin all day if you have no irritation. Some people do have irritation and for them it is advised that they wash it off after 20-30 minutes.

      We are not familiar with the brand you purchased. IMVA only recommends Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil because we are sure of the potency and purity of this oil which has never been contaminated by environmental toxins. This brand you mention does not list the source of their magnesium, so it could be from surface seawater which is usually contaminated (by birds etc) or it could be sourced from magnesium processed with hydrochloric acid and may be more laden with heavy metals. Their certificate of analysis is not very informative and thus does not instill confidence in the product. You might want to request a certificate of analysis from LL’s magnetic Clay on Ancient Minerals to compare. : Customer Service: All customer service inquiries please email us at:

      You can also look at Dr. Sircus informative essay on the quality of Magnesium Chloride products at:

  • John

    Hi there,

    Just ordered the book and have been doing the full body spray every night for the last month. Last night I tried it on my face (i have a slight case of rosacea) and left it on all night. Woke up look very inflamed.

    Do you think diluting it with water or coconut oil is useful or is putting on the face not necessary?


    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Hi John,

      To increase your magnesium levels it is not necessary to put mag oil on the face. The chlorides in mag chloride are irritating your rosacea. Some people have had reduction of rosacea by using magnesium sulfate or hydroxide on their faces, but this is probably partially due to the sulfur being applied.

      Moisturize your face well and leave the magnesium chloride off for now….it will dilate blood vessels and can cause redness in a sensitibve individual. It is advised that people with rosacea use nothing irritating on their faces and it really is not necessary. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer.

  • damir

    I would like to buy magnesium oil for treat pain in my foot, fingers. Primarly, I have colitis ulcerosa (diarhea…) Is it possible tu buy the oil in Croatia, in Zagreb?

  • carol

    I am hoping to make my own Magnesium Oil and have found a reputable supplier of the powder in Western Australia who sources their Mag chloride from Okinawa. Will this work with a dilution one part Mag Chloride to 2 parts pure water?
    I have a friend who is in her early 60’s and has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I wonder if Mag Oil would be a good thing for her, both for absorbtion and pain relief?
    Thank you.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      Magnesium oil would be very good for your friend. We do not know if mixing powdered mag chloride with water would be adequate for use. You would have to do a bit of trial and error. It might be too runny compared to regular magnesium oil which has more of an oily consistency that holds it to the skin.

  • Islabella

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Islabella

    I bought a big bottle of ancient secrets magnesium oil and a big bottle of iodine from a nice seller I found in Brisbane (Australia) with slight discounts which I began today (only very slight tingling from the magnesium- I didn’t plan to wash it off if my skin could handle it which it can, luckily)- I will see how I go. I have other transdermal magnesium and tablet iodine/iodide to compare it to too.

    I have tried every form of oral magnesium imaginable- though I just came across magnesium chloride in tablets- are these worth using at the same time?

    I have fibromyalgia type pain- all of debilitating muscle pain and very tight muscles all over every day for the last 9 years since crushing vertabrae. I also have steoporosis, hypothyroidism for which I was put on medication since age 11, hyperparathyroid and not very good hormones in general. I started serra enzyme too today (after having another brand the two days prior) both brands of which I already like as an anti-inflammatory. I react badly to a lot of pharmaceutical meds but am on the ones I can tolerate for the pain. Would be great to get off them!! I hope this is the final treatment! I have tried everything. I am wondering if the answer may just be a simple one like this and doctor are complexed by simplicity. I have started Himalayan salt too and do feel better straight after eating them. Mmm, thinking of trying the salt for breakfast with the rest. 🙂

  • cathy

    I love the Mg Oil and use it almost every day, but I always get itchy and little bumps where it’s applied, it goes away in an hour or so. I’m very sensitive to anything I put on my skin. I thought after continuous use I would stop being so sensitive. Should I start diluting the mg oil with coconut oil or water?

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Cathy,

      You can dilute the magnesium oil by half with pure water….that should help, but if the itchiness goes away within an hour, thats not too bad. Most people do stop reacting like this after about a month of magnesium oil use. Make sure to rinse it off after 20-30 minutes and then follow up with application of coconut oil.

  • Islabella

    Do you need to use the expensive forms of magnesium chloride such as the brand recommended here for it to be effective? I remember an interview with the doctor of the site talking about healing not having to be expensive such as in the use of sodium bicarbonate.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Islabella,

      You can use other less expensive forms of magnesium oil if you want to however Ancient Minerals magnesium oil is known for its purity and appropriate filtering process, whereas others may not be. The deep sea beds that this magnesium has been taken from are uncontaminated. Plain ocean water from which other sources of mag oil are derived, are likely contaminated with many things due to their exposure. IMVA appreciates the quality of Ancient Minerals, and it is so pure that it is the ONLY magnesium oil that Dr. Sircus recommends for oral use and use in sensitive tissues (eyes).

  • J Williams

    Is it specifically the MgCl2 that is of benefit, or could a concentrated (or otherwise) solution of MgSO4 (Epsom salt) be as effective? It is certainly easier to come by.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Studies have shown that the effects of magnesium chloride last longer in the body than mag sulfate.

  • Julie Lamey

    I am wondering if i should give Ancient magnesium chloride oil an opportunity to benefit me. I am 46. Dx’s: Fibromyalgia age 23; hypo-thyroid after the birth of my son 15 yrs ago. Have severe chronic depression and diagnosed with Lupus last summer. Severe chronic muscle joint pain!! I have maybe 2-3 days a week i feel really really bad where i am housebound and in bed for a day or two. When i am bed bound my breathing is so shallow that it scares me and i become very weepy. sleep is not good either. I am on a malarial drug, antidepressants and sleep meds. On what i call a good day i only feel about 50 to 65 percent okay and i have to push my self so hard to get the mundane things done around my home and really have to physically and mentally prepare days in advance to leave my home for any special occasion or just getting to the groceries for the family. No longer able to work in the school system i am now on partial disability to supplement my family.i am full of shame and pain.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      You should give transdermal magnesium therapy with Ancient Minerals a try. You might be surprised at how much it helps several of your issues.

  • Daniella

    I’m convinced that magnesium is the way to go for me. I’ve been suffering from post partum depression, that led to major depression that no matter how hard my psychiatrist tries, it does not lift. It’s been painful physically, and not being a good enough wife or mom. So I decided to try to find out natural alternatives. My doctor checked my magnesium levels, as well as my DHEA levels, which were both really low. (My DHEA-S was 26, the range was 35-450, and the doctor told me the range should have started in the 100’s). He told me these low numbers could be the reason for my depression, for my fat stores not burning off after the pregnancy, and for the fatigue and migraines and chronic pain. After reading this, I am convinced transdermal magnesium is the way to go, but I was hoping to find out how long it might take before I see a change in the numbers, and then of course am hoping to feel a lift in my depression more than the others so very much (I know there’s no cookie cutter number, but I am just hoping for a very basic possible number?) Any possibility of doing anything to make a difference fast, or anything suggested to also use for low dhea? So desperate after all this time of pain and depression! Thank you so much.

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Daniellla,

      Transdermal Magnesium should help with your depression and DHEA levels. Dr. Norm Shealy has shown that magnesium levels can be raised within a few months of body spraying and foot baths with Magnesium Chloride oil…..almost twice as fast as any oral product would take. Some people feel a difference much sooner!

  • I am sure my Grandmother who is 85yrs old has severe magnesium deficiency, especially after the nursing home has given her haloperidol. She is now in my care, and all her symptoms point to hypomagnesia. She is now incontinent, has had signs of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, excessive sweating, shaking, headaches, hallucinating, just to name a few problems.
    Her Dr has done a magnesium blood test,but came back “normal”. I have since read that blood test can be inaccurate due to magnesium being stored primarily in bone and cells. She also has osteoporosis and used to be on calcium meds!!!!
    I am currently giving her a low calcium diet and rich magnesium diet, excluding caffeine, sugars, etc. Then I came across your oil mg supplement. Will this be enough to build her store up or would she need IV? The Dr`s won`t listen to my concerns, I am a nurse and could give her IV if need be. Your advice what the best magnesium option would be greatly appreciated. I do not like watching my Grandmother go through this “torturous” time. Thank you Rachel

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff

      Dear Rachal,

      IV administration of Magnesium Oil would be the fastenst acting, but Magnesium OIl will be right up there too. If you use magnesium oil as a spray or lotion all over her body along with a footbath with magnesium in it, you can raise her levels fairly quickly. Try it and notice the rapid changes in her behavfior.

      Ancient Minerals Magnesium OIl:

    • Claudia French – IMVA Staff


      You are correct, serum magnesium will not give an accurate picture of magnesium stores in the body since the bloodf only holds 1% of our magnesium and the levels are tightly controlled. It will be pulled from other areas (bones) before the levels in the blood drop.

      You might try the magnesium oil first. It is easy to use with the elderly. During a bath it can be applied to their body, all over. You might even see rapid improvement in some things. Daily use of an ounce or two (less is needed for elderly) per day should bring her stores up fairly rapidly, though IV would be faster.

  • Jason

    Thank You Dr. Sircus for bringing the importance and benefits of magnesium oil, sodium bicarbonate, and nascent iodine into the public’s awareness.

    I’m interested in dilution and dosage guidelines/recommendations for using magnesium oil in a nebulizer alone and/or in combination with sodium bicarbonate, food grade hydrogen peroxide and/or nanosilver hydrosol. both for systemic delivery as well as for lung health. And separately for emphysema.

    How many drops, sprays or teaspoons per amount of distilled or saline or per nebulizer cup?

    I have read that the nanosilver is inactivated in the presence of salt but not sure if that is due to the sodium or chloride. So would it be contraindicated for use with mg oil or sodiun bicarb?

    • claudia


      Specific dosages of magnesium, bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, iodine and other substances can only be given to you through a consultation with Dr. Sircus, so he can take into account other information about you and the condition you are wanting to treat. There is no “cookie cutter” amount that can be used by anyone. Cautions need to be observed when nebulizing hydrogen peroxide.

      Please see the essay on nebulizing medicinals:

      See also: for more information on obtaining a consult with Dr. Sircus

      Claudia French

  • Colleen

    Hi Mark or Claudia

    I have purchased the magnesium chloride powder & flakes and wish to dissolve it into coconut oil to massage on my skin. If I heat the oil and add the mag. chloride will this change the chemical structure.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • claudia


      No heating the coconut oil before adding the magnesium flakes will not change the chemical structure.

      Claudia French

  • Darcie

    Hi! I am a massage therapist and have just been enlightened about this wonderful product. I have several clients with fibromyalgia and was wondering if i used the oil how much I need to use and where would be the best place to use it on the body? Should I mix it with my massage lotion? What does it feel like, will it offer immediate results? Some people report stinging. Is this on areas where there is an actual skin problem?….I think that is all my questions for now. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • claudia

      Hi Darcie,

      The best thing to do is to read all the information on the Magnesium site where you will find answers to most of your questions. A number of books are available on use of magnesium oil too. General recommendations are to use 1-2 oz. of magnesium oil all over the body/day. If stinging occurs you can dilute the oil half and half with spring water. There is a lotion now available from LL’s Magnetic Clay that is suitable for massage.
      Some people mix magnesium oil with their own lotions or coconut oil, you would have to see what works for you.
      Good Luck and glad to hear you are using magnesium oil. It will provide wonderful benefit for your clients, who will most often feel some results right away.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Jenny Taylor

    I am thinking of investing in a swimming pool system that uses Magnesium and Potassium Chloride, called Magnapool. I am concerned that you say some magnesium chloride is heavy metal contaminated. How likely is it that this will be a problem? I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 30 years, then 4 years ago bilateral breast cancer, now battling severe muscle and joint pain problems. Thank you.

    • claudia

      Dear Jenny,

      This sounds like a wonderful swimming water solution. I think the answer to your question lies in the source of the magnesium used in the system . To find out you would have to write to the manufacturer and ask for their lab analysis of the magnesium and other minerals used. This should be freely available to you upon requesst.

      Best Wishes,
      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Karen Scribner

    By any chance does magnesium oil on the skin repel mosquitos? Even thought it is not oil, does it do any damage or cause staining to fabrics? Thank you.

    • claudia

      Dear Karen,

      We have had reports that magnesium oil on the skin definitely does repel mosquitos and no reports of damage to clothing.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • peggy

    hi –

    my 14 lb dog was just diagnosed today with a stage 4 heart murmur. i was wondering if magnesium chloride would be beneficial here. thank you.


  • Ben

    What does Dr Sircus say about Nigari,is it pure to use it as oil and how much of elemental magnesium is there in 1 gram flakes?


    • claudia

      Nigari can be used but you have to be cautious of what you are buying since there are many different forms of Nigari. Some are magnesium chloride and some are calcium chloride and some are mixed, some are powdered and some are liquid. You would need to ask the retailer of the specific magnesium content.

      Dr. Sircus believes Nigari is good to use if nothing else is available but it is not as good as Magnesium OIl, which is pure magnesium chloride.

      Do your research and be careful what you are buying when purchasing Nigari.


      Claudia French RN, LPHA

  • Kenny

    Do you have any reports of the oil keeping people up at night? I rub it on morning and at bedtime. I feel like I’m almost sweating, too much energy and I can’t sleep. Should I do my last dose a few hours before bedtime? I read in one place where if you are magnesium deficient, taking it can give you energy. Thanks for your time.


    • claudia

      Hi Kenny,

      We’ve had very few reports of magnesium keeping people up at night. But you can try using the oil a few hours before bedtime and see if that helps. Generally magnesium has a marked relaxing effect on the body which promotes sleep. Are you also using iodine? Frequently iodine used later in the day will keep people up at night.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA
      Assistant Director IMVA