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Published on July 21, 2017

Healing hemp

More and more people are wondering where they can safely buy cannabis oil with THC. Understandable, because this age-old home remedy can help tremendously in numerous disorders including cancer. Moreover, contrary to most regular medicines it has little to no unpleasant side effects.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) admits in their 2017 Drugs of Abuse resource guide that no one ha­s ever died from a marijuana overdose but still will not remove the substance from its list of Schedule I drugs — the same classification as heroin.

The United States government has trouble being reasonable about anything these days and its attitudes toward marijuana demonstrates this clearly. Despite its relative safety, marijuana remains one of the most strictly prohibited drugs in the country under federal law, even as increasing numbers of states have moved toward legalization. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and DEA classify it as a Schedule I substance, meaning there’s a “high potential for abuse,” no currently “accepted medical use in treatment” and “a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

The only adverse effect can be a stoned feeling, but that only happens when you smoke it or use too much orally at once (not if you take it as a suppository). Eating organic marijuana raw also does not get one stoned because it is not THC, you are ingesting THCa.

THC is one of the most beneficial of the known cannabinoids though cannabinol (CBD) gives it a run for the money as a healing agent. Demand for cannabis oil is rising yet in pharmacies, it is almost impossible to get.

In July of 2017, the FBI arrested once-trusted doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals who were corrupted by greed. These people inflicted a special kind of damage but this is only the tip of the iceberg, of a vast killing machine that modern medicine has become. These arrests were in part about the opioid epidemic, but what do we expect from a government that still prefers patients be denied much safer pain medication.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

This is an excellent video with real people who will tell you about marijuana the wonder drug, which God Himself put down on our planet for the good of people where governments are bad for people, something they prove over and over to be.

In Indian pharmacopeia, all parts of the plant are denoted as somewhat narcotic (the most powerful narcotic is in the plant’s resin, charas). But different parts of the plant can also stimulate digestion, act as analgesics, nervous system stimulants, can have sedative, spasmolytic, diuretic, and aphrodisiac actions. The plant is, according to ayurvedic basic energy (virya) differentiation, warming, and its long-term use dries up the body. With moderate use, it works first as a nervous system stimulant and powerful aphrodisiac, later its action is sedating. Habitual, prolonged use of Cannabis leads towards misbalances of all three basic physiological forces in the body (as Ayurveda recognizes them) – vata, pitta, and kapha – and as the result of this misbalance chronically poor digestion, melancholy, sexual impotence might occur.

For patients, especially in Europe who need cannabis oil there is a website one can find helpful people who are in contact with several private oil makers who produce organic hemp oil. They do not do this to get rich, but to help patients who really need it. If you fill out their form they will forward your request to them.

Unlike other hemp oil makers who often try to profit from the scarcity of THC oil and charge up to 100 euros for a small bottle of 5 ml, the oil makers in their database try to provide it at very reasonable costs (about a quarter of that price). They only work with people who manufacture their oil organically. They all have the quality of their oil tested by professional labs on a regular basis.

THC Oil Manual – How do I use cannabis oil with THC?

Start with one drop under the tongue. Try not to swallow it, but if it does happen, it is not a problem. Usually the mouth will absorb the drop within a few minutes. Then daily increase the dose until you achieve the right effect. For a successful approach to healing cancer you should go for the maximum dose of cannabis oil with THC, for other conditions often a lesser dose will be sufficient.

You cannot take an overdose of cannabis oil, so you can experiment yourself with what dose works best for you. If you reach your limit with the THC, at most, you will feel some tingling in your hands and feet, dry mouth and / or experience a warm feeling. That is the beginning of getting high if you have never gotten high before. These side effects usually disappear quickly, and the body will adjust within a few days or weeks.

You can also take THC oil as a suppository, for example, mixed with stearin or cocoa butter. The high will be experienced much less or not at all this way. You can make the suppositories yourself or order them at some of our cannabis oil producers. Usually a combination of THC and CBD-oil works best. The dose differs per person. For some one drop per day is sufficient to feel better, others need 20.

Please note that today most producers are diluting the concentration of THC because pure hemp oil can be very sticky and thus harder to take so doses have to be graded upward. The original recommendations from Rick Simpson was 1 gram a day of highly concentrated hemp oil for cancer patients.

Listen to your body

During the treatment, rely on yourself. Your body usually knows what it needs.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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    • Alex Richardson

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      • Mlinda Rose

        I was referred to him an expert in both medical and recreational marijuana and byproducts(THC, CBD oils, wax very good strains, seeds ,medical marijuana card etc). I placed an order and it arrived before i even new it. My health has improved remarkably all thanks to this good Dr. and also thanks to him, i’m able to grow my own plants from seed i got from him.Please for all your inquiries contact him via or you can call or text +1(313) 923-7690 and experience first hand quality of his products and services.+1(313) 923-7690 .

  • Brad Yale

    Cannabis is the best medicine and i feel better using it. I have forgotten what means muscle spasms thanks to AnnCannaMed. For your health prescriptions and medical purchases, visit AnnCannMed and feel support talking to licensed physicians.

  • Dale L MockMD

    Dr Sircus,

    I am an allopathic physcian and in no way do I wish to criticize you and what you do.

    We MD’s are being criticized for “Creating the current epidemic of Overuse of Opiods”. It is true that there has been a great increase in the use of opiods, that has risen over the past 7 years, BUT the reasons for this overuse should be found elsewhere than blaming the doctors.

    Most likely it will be found at the feet of the FDA hierarchy. Reason? In 2010, the FDA suddenly mandated, in it’s wisdom or stupidity?, that Darvon and its compounds would no longer be allowed for use in the United States. This was based on some cockamamie report that Darvon was causing heart disease. There was never given any source or study results.

    While I won’t deny there may indeed have been some heart attacks while a patient was using Darvon, it has been used for approximately 40 years without serious side effects being reported, except that it was lethal at low doses and thus people could commit suicide easily.

    I have had patients using Darvon compounds many years for pain control and do not ever remember a serious side effect being reported. In any case, with the cessation of use, suddenly patients who had gotten by for years, on usage of a lower class analgesic (Darvon) for their pain control were now left with no other alternative or good analgesic to go to, except Opiods. They were stuck, and so were their doctors, (with what to do) Most of us resorted to the use of Opiods because we had to, as there was no good other choice. It was not done with malicious intent despite the “current thought”.

    I know that there are “feel good” doctors out there who have written narcotic prescriptions willy-nilly, but the MDs I know, are very caring and cognizant of the risks of overuse and misuse of Opiods, and I suspect that the bad results of this misuse are the result of the patients own failure to responsibly use the drug as prescribed.

    Me thinks that the recalcitrance of the FDA and other governmental forces about THC and Cannabidiol Oils stems from the fact that they will loose control, but they have anyway so what is the big deal?? As the result of the non legalization to these products, the price is going up just because some body else sees the “Big Bucks”. Last I was quoted, was $30,000 per gallon??

    Keep pushing, as there is a good rationale of the use of Cannabidiol and THC oils.

    regards, dmock

    • deannaM

      its also to cover up the heroin trafficking for “large agencies” via illegal immigration ,hence ,the “need” for “sanctuary” .ALL heroin goes through mexican networks here in oregon anyway ,most cocaine and meth also

  • Barbara Ripley

    Hi, Dr Sircus. Thanks for the video, it was very good. I knew quite a bit but this taught me more. I appreciate you sending it. I will pass it on.
    How do I continue watching the series? How do I let them know? I’d sure like to see all the series.
    Barbara Ripley

  • Guy

    The tincture form of cannabis would be the best ,as it hold both the THC and all the cannabinoid elements of the plant , through the transfer by the high level of pure ethanol alcohol used.It is said that both are needed.One can easily make it at home.Check out how to make tinctures and do a double pass to increase the strength.To your good health !
    Thank you Dr.Sircus for the good work that you do .

  • Oswaldo

    It is quite disturbing that countless stocks are now being sold to make huge profits as cannabis is legalize throughout the States. Hence, the price for one gram of THC oil starts to skyrocket, eventually leaving terminal cancer patients at a loss not being able to afford it. In this case, it is the government that should regulate the pricing on this medicine so that it remains accessible to most incomes. Wishful thinking, given that money talks.

    • Dorothy Lamour

      I think we need to get proactive in learning about cannabis. In Oregon & California it is legal and there are resources, books, etc to help. I know Seniors who are growing the plants themselves, making cookies, brownies, salves etc. We can’t depend on the ‘Establishment’ to help us. There is nothing in it for them ($$$) to do so. As more and more States come on board and legalize it, we can take back our power and learn to heal ourselves. The Divine created cannabinoid receptors inside or brains and body. We are naturally set up to accept and use medical cannabis to heal. They do not want us to know that. They want to sell drugs. The more we know, the more EMPOWERED we become.

  • bahmi

    Makes me wonder how long this mania with dispensing harmful “medications” will continue. I’d love to reduce my intake of pharmaceuticals, but my doctors know squat about natural products. The great Dr. Mercola is laughed at, according to the establishment he’s just a profiteer. This attitude shows big Pharma is an oppressive killer of humans worldwide. Disgusting!

  • Dorothy Lamour

    Thank you for sharing this, Dr Sircus. I saw this whole series and now they have a 7 part series of questions and answers each week. What an amazing couple for bringing this awareness to the world. I love your newsletters. Namaste’ Dorothy

  • Lydiaca

    Thank you Dr Sircus. You share so many basic truths with us about our world and its magic harmony with our bodies. May the sun shine right into your dear heart and fill you with the warmth of love., eternally. Lydia

  • Craig Martin

    Love you Dr. Sircus! Your fearlessness and devotion are greatly appreciated. Thank you