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HOMEMEDICINEMedical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana (CBD) Book by Dr Sircus

Published on February 15, 2012


No one from the federal government of the United States should read this book for it exposes this government as a terrible terrorist organization that ensures the unnecessary suffering of its own people because of its obscene marijuana laws. It is one of many huge wrongs in contemporary civilization. Millions of lives have been destroyed and uncountable millions suffer and even die because of the dangerous pharmaceuticals that are thrust upon the public in place of cannabis. This is a great wrong that needs to be made right and it can only be accomplished through full legalization.

The full therapeutic potential of cannabis can be realized only when it is completely legal and people don’t have to go to their doctors to get it.- Dr. Grinspoon

This book is revolutionary in a medical sense. It reveals and champions the use of marijuana in clinical practice for adults and children for a wide range of diseases including cancer and diabetes. For the pharmaceutical companies it is a Waterloo type of event in that if the directions of this book are followed, specifically marijuana combined with magnesium chloride, most of these companies will be bankrupted—and for sure, the world will be a better place.

Though this book is principally about medical marijuana, it is also a book on general medicine or what I call Natural Allopathic Medicine. I have developed a comprehensive protocol around cannabinoid medicine where medical marijuana can be prescribed (or simply just taken) in combination with certain other substances (like magnesium oil) to amplify its effectiveness across a broad spectrum of disorders.

This book explains how my Natural Allopathic Medical approach combines cannabinoid medicine with magnesium medicine and then with pH and iodine medicine. This volume on medical marijuana makes it clear how the safest and least expensive medicines can outperform most pharmaceuticals by an extremely wide margin.

In this book I call upon all medical marijuana dispensaries, doctors, dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, acupuncturists, and other professional healthcare practitioners to welcome the discovery of how magnesium chloride can be most effectively combined with cannabinoids. Magnesium chloride and cannabinoids blend together magnificently in harmony and I like to think of them as the “Batman and Robin” of the medical world.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Batman and Robin Medicine

Magnesium chloride is a potent mineral medicine, it is safe and incredibly fast-acting, as is marijuana. When magnesium is combined with cannabinoid medicine we dramatically increase the medical horsepower we are applying and can expect superior results. For many conditions, using both together will yield results much greater than when using either alone. Magnesium is the lamp of life and without it we are toast! Cannabinoids tap into communication on cellular and intracellular levels like nothing else does, orchestrating changes in people not only on physical levels but also on emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence.

Magnesium, especially when applied transdermally, is the medical miracle we have been waiting for and, when used to support the use of medical marijuana, takes us to a new level of safe and effective medical practice. Cannabinoids have been around forever and so has magnesium in the sea, but it is only recently that magnesium has been discovered for the beautiful medicine it is. The two together should be stocked in medicine cabinets providing the safest, most effective medicine team we can recommend for patients.

Medical marijuana should be legalized as it has much medical value. It is one of the safest drugs in existence, certainly safer than anything the pharmaceutical companies put out but that should not surprise us. Mother Nature outdid herself with cannabis and we will talk about it as a holy herb, but my assistant, psychiatric nurse Claudia French, has seen people who have suffered from continuous pot use.

As with any medicine there are warnings and precautions and contraindications and we have a chapter on this as well as plenty of information and an exploration of addiction. But at this point in human civilization the cannabis plant offers a huge helping hand to our race at a time of great need.

The really bad news about marijuana though is reserved for the pharmaceutical companies whose profits would deteriorate enormously if the real truth of cannabinoid medicine ever got out to the public and to the rank-and-file members of the American Medical Association who used to champion its use before it was made illegal.

Our super-hero medical team (cannabis and magnesium) will vastly reduce our suffering and pain from diseases while at the same time taking these drug companies to the bankruptcy courts where they belong.

# # # #

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Introduction to Natural Allopathic Medicine eBook Cover


For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • Linda

    I’ve been ingesting marijuana leaves only by making butter with it and making cookies. Recently I started taking a magnesium supplement to help my bowels works. I experienced a scary high with the marijuana that I’ve not experienced before. Is it possibly the magnesium augmenting the marijuana? I’m doing this to help with parkinson’s tremors and side effects of carbidopa/levadopa?

    • Linda,

      Yes this could happen. Is this helping your tremors and medication side effects?
      Claudia French

      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Medical Marijuana


      A new comment was posted on Dr. Sircus – International Medical Veritas Association

      Linda (Guest):
      I’ve been ingesting marijuana leaves only by making butter with it and making cookies. Recently I started taking a magnesium supplement to help my bowels works. I experienced a scary high with the marijuana that I’ve not experienced before. Is it possibly the magnesium augmenting the marijuana? I’m doing this to help with parkinson’s tremors and side effects of carbidopa/levadopa?
      8:59 p.m., Sunday Oct. 20


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  • anne

    This guy is absolutely right. The pharmacuetical drugs are killing people and leadingn to all sorts of other illiness. Hydrochlorothiazide for blood pressure is leads to Diabetes, Kidney failure, gout, gangrene, etc. Hydrochlorothiazide is eventually going to bankrupt our health care system. It is given to Blacks, Hispanics, low-income Whites, and American Indians. This is why these groups account for the largest number of NOD New Onset Diabetes cases nation wide. Read the Book: Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) Diabetes & Gangrene.”

  • Kanchan

    There’s however clashing viewpoints on the technique of consumption of the cannabis seeds.

    graine de cannabis

  • Sheamus Warior

    seeds buy

    Your blogs and its stuff are so notable and worthwhile it can make me return.

  • How do you combine the two in a salve form? Since cannabinoids are fat soluble and mag CL is water soluble?

  • Hemp seed oil has 10 mg / kg CBD and many anticancer iis high in arachadonic acid you need to make natural cannabinoids. and ship meds in us. Mg cl is available at some stores in the bath salts as lifeflo.

  • Boris

    Hi, I’ve just seen Hemp Oil, 100% cold pressed Hemp seeds in supermarket in London. Can you tell me if there is any therapeutically potent properties in it.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Sorry, unable to answer this inquiry. We are not familiar with what kind of oil you are talking about. Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil? They are very different things but both have beneficial properties. You can read more about this in Dr. Sircus’ medical cannabis book.

  • Can you get magnesium chloride in the health food store?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Yes, Ancient Minerals magnesium oil is available in some local health food stores…..but I would suggest you write to LL’s Magnetic Clay to learn their locations.

      Oral products of most types of magnesium are widely available.

  • Jim

    The tip of the iceberg. If only more people had the courage to see what might be possible instead of listening to a stifling medical community, politicians, Big Pharma, & the moral majority-which is neither. Collectively we have far too much knowledge & wisdom by now to continue to let so many people suffer needlessly. If you’re opposed to marijuana, then do not use it. But do not tell me, or anyone else, I am not allowed access to a potential cure for my illness, pain & suffering.

    I have been recovering from chronic Lyme Disease for over 8 years now thanks to the blunders of conventional medicine. This illness presents a host of debilitating symptoms all by itself, from which I am finally recovering, before one is faced with the ignorance & horrors of allopathic medicine, from which I probably never will recover.

    Thank you Mother Nature & a few health care providers for helping me get what was left of my life back on track. I no longer suffer in an endless cycle of excruciating pain, but instead am able to now work part time & feel more like a human being & husband than a pile of garbage.

    Marijuana along with a host of herbs & supplements, including magnesium chloride, dietary & lifestyle changes are all contributing to the success of my long overdue recovery, which was blatantly denied to me for so many years. Thank you Dr. Sircus for your pioneering & humanitarian efforts so desperately needed in today’s world of diminished compassion & common sense.

  • great research THANX. I shall put a link to my website if thats OK and tell about books

  • Kevin Hughes

    Would it treat Tinnitus?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Magnesium should help with tinnitus

  • Control Grid

    While this seems to be reasonable and plausable, if you’re a good sheep, you’d better trust those who control various aspects of Big Medicine, and make sure you rigorously follow the instructions and guidance of typical agencies such as this:

    Otherwise, you will live long and prosper.

  • Gilgamesh

    Can people buy marijuana products, oils, tinctures, pills. in any of the Stated now, or on the internet, or maybe from Europe, or Russia, or Mexico or Brazil ?
    I was watching CNN yesterday, they were talking about the death of Miss Houston, an MJ etc. And I was reading in the bottom of the TV that ; Prescription Drugs Kill Someone Every 19 Minutes in the USA And at the same time someone came to my door asking me if I want to donate money for some drug research? Why would I, or anyone would want to donate money for some drugs that will kill people? But every week they come around and asking money for cancer, strokes, heart, liver, mental illnesses etc, so they could research, and make more prescription drugs that will kill more people? But so far nobody came asking for
    money for marijuana, or magnesium research.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Good point Gilgamesh,

      The state of research today is absurd……its no longer honest, always geared to developing new drugs, and always looking for donations…..unfortunately its the only thing we have go rely on when we want to find something to back up our own experiences and a lot of hard digging is required. Big Pharma has a lock on most of it as well as the Americal Medical Association and the ability to provide funding for such research as needed for medical marijuana only comes if the pharmaceutical manufacturers think they can develope a new “drug” out of it. Thanks goodness we have some researchers who are willing to do the research on marijuana and some other natural products with their own money.

  • Helder Luis

    When will it be available in print?

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      The Medical Marijuana book will be available as an e-book only in a few short weeks. Maybe sooner.

    • IMVA Support

      You can print them if you wish. You can make a trial before purchase – go to our site, download any of the ebooks you are interested in, read and print the free chapter, so you know if the printing quality matches your needs.

      • Jake

        Hi, I just downloaded the Marijuana book and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’d love to know how to print it out but when I attempt to hit the print button, it won’t allow it. Any ideas? I’m not sharing it with anyone (I understand and respect an author’s hard work and copyright law too). I just would rather read it on paper than on my computer screen which kills my eyes after awhile. Thank you, Dr. Sircus, for your groundbreaking work. I’ve mentioned this new book on several MMJ sites.


        • Claudia – IMVA Staff

          Hi Jake,

          Glad you’re enjoying the Medical Marijuana book. You should be able to print the book out, but I’m not sure of how to do this. I suggest you write to Luciana Valentim of IMVA publications for the correct instructions.

          she can be reached at

          • Jake

            Thank you. I’ve sent her an email and look forward to her response.