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Medical Marijuana and the Tragedy of the White House

Published on April 30, 2013

The Washington Post has two videos I think are important to see, one comes in sequence right after the other. There is an especially uncomfortable feeling I get when tragedy, ignorance and cruelty are displayed before my very eyes, and I wonder why the President of the United States, this one or any one of them, have not gone on TV and just called off the war on drugs. You really have to wonder about the honesty and compassion of these presidents and the army of drug warriors that follow them.

I have published about CBD (cannabidiol)—legal medical marijuana in every state of the union—which is helping parents find a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for their children with serious neurological conditions. CBD’s expansive curative power is becoming more and more accepted and discussed. I have been, along with many others, crying in the wilderness for the war central governments have been carrying out against their own people. Only the sickest sociopaths would design a war against people using a plant as an excuse. And only brute heartless sadists would carry out such an agenda.

The Hill reported last week that Congressman Steve Cohen and several other Democrats have introduced legislation to create a National Commission on Federal Marijuana Policy, which would “examine the conflicts created by state laws that allow marijuana use and the federal prohibition on marijuana.” Cohen’s own statement notes that a similar commission was established in 1971 and recommended decriminalization of marijuana in 1973. As we all know the government does not listen to anything it does not want to listen to.

Cohen states that in the four decades since then “the federal government has only expanded its War on Drugs and continued to prohibit the use of marijuana,” and that “public attitudes and scientific understandings of marijuana have changed significantly and it’s time to reevaluate federal policy, particularly in light of the growing movement toward state legalization.”

CBD’s molecular mechanism/mode of action in most ailments has not been documented, or that is what they like to say. Dr. Ben J. Whalley, a leading researcher on marijuana and its effects on seizures, says that while there are serious questions about giving the drug to children with severe seizures it may be the best option for some. Dr. Whalley like most researchers in the mainstream just cannot come out and say that CBD is fantastic and recommend it to every child with seizures and autism. You can see him talking on the follow up video on the Washington Post.

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My book Medical Marijuana covers the full range of use of this medicinal plant including getting high and kicking back and relaxing a bit with it. It’s the most uptight people that need medical marijuana the most (not counting all the men, women and children who are suffering and in pain). The biggest hypocrites in the world are those in Washington who drink whiskey at parties and then go hunting down the pot smokers they see hiding behind every tree.

They made the native Indians miserable and they are doing a good job against all men and woman who dare to light up throwing millions of them in jail. I could go on all day but just tell me why, if Obama is a good, decent human being, why he just does not get on television and call off the drug war in plain simple language?

I am personally using the products from Green Garden Golden, specifically a salve that I just would never want to be without. I use it for any problem on the skin including toe fungus.

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Marijuana is a wonder drug! When pharmaceutical companies no longer deliver their drugs, as is now happening in Greece, meaning when economies collapse into deep depressions, we .can learn to take care of ourselves with marijuana, a medicine we can grow ourselves. Marijuana was given to us by Nature for many uses and can only be considered beneficial and the people who are against it as incorrect and unfeeling in their judgment. There really is no grey area when it comes to marijuana, especially with CBD that has nothing illegal in it.

When it comes to helping cancer patients with medical marijuana Rick Simpson has his say on this video. Also we can see a presentation on why cannabinoids work as well as they do.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Isabelle

    Dear Dr Sircus. thank you for posting these videos. it is interesting that I am very good friends with Alan Schakleford’s ex wife Ulla, and that he was often at my house when I lived in Germany years ago.

    It is absolutely SHOCKING that the medical establishment and the government are so completely stupid as to administer steroids when they cause such rampant damage. I could not believe the pictures of that small boy after taking those and how normal he looks from taking the cannabis oil.

    If I had cancer, I would first get Bio Magnetism treatments. Do you know this healing method that was discovered by Dr Goiz Duran, a Mexican surgeon who has been healing people with magnets for 30 yrs? I find the method so amazing that I went to Ecuador earlier this year to learn it myself.

    If that failed for some reason – which I doubt, I would go see John of God in Abadiania near Brazilia (then I could pop in to see you too!) I might go see him anyway for an inspiring and very spiritual journey.

    And I would for sure take cannabis oil, the healing properties of which I am well aware. Clearly the governments of the world are in cahoots favouring sickly and deadly medical protocols which cost big bucks and which are not effective at all. It is time we take back our planet, as in addition to having superior medical properties, one can eat hemp, wear beautiful clothes made of hemp and build our houses of hemp.

    In my next life, I plan to come back to planet Earth…the OTHER one that’s in a different galaxy where there are no governments, no nuclear power plants, no GMOs, no electrical cables because they have Free Energy (Zero Point Energy), no plastics made by the likes of Dupont only those made out of Hemp! and NO pharmaceuticals. Did you see the film “The True History of Marijuana” on youtube? and also “Run From The Cure” a documentary by Rick Simpson about the medicinal values of Hemp oil…you must have seen them, They are terrific films….

    Dr. Sircus, thanks for everything you do….


    Isabelle Mikus-Klemm

  • Cathyaz

    So is making your own oral cannabis or buying the Dixie Botanicals the best options for treatments. Those interested in the compassionate care programs would be best served knowing if making your own and the quality of what you could get would be of = benefit to the Dixie botanicals.

    • Cathyaz,

      Growing your own and making your own would be great if you are in a state that will give you a license to do so. I believe right now there are 17 or 18 states that allow this for personal use. You would need to get a very high CBD strain of seeds to match the type of plant they are extracting from and they use a special process to ensure high quality. All of the Dixie Botanical (high CBD) products are available OTC here in the US and soon will be in other countries.

      If you’re licensed you can try to grow a good CBD strain or a good mix of CBD and THC, but the batch to batch quality would probably not be assured.

      • Cathyaz

        Thank you for this valuable information. You are always so kind. Question, Does Dr. Sircus offer a compassionate program for his books for people with verifiable need? Has he considered that before.

        • Cathy,

          You can always write to
          if you need special financial consideration. Send off an email explaining your circumstances!
          Dr. Sircus is also starting a special program for people to learn his protocol and get special pricing on his books and protocol items including the water filter he is now endorsing, and the special magnesium bicarbonate water that is truly a breakthrough for our health. If you go to his Facebook page you can learn more about this too, though it requires a bit more money to join and be eligible for his books and the products. Financial assistance is also available for that program!