Diabetes and Iodine


Doctors who prescribe high dose iodine therapy for other diseases such as breast cancer, are finding that iodine can lower insulin and oral anti-diabetic drug requirements in their diabetic patients, sometimes to the point of their not needing any anti-diabetic medication at all. Iodine is needed for proper glucose metabolism and for preventing the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.

Dr. Michael Donaldson says, “Iodine stabilizes the heart rhythm, lowers serum cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and is known to make the blood thinner as well, judging by longer clotting times seen by clinicians. Iodine is not only good for the cardiovascular system, it is vital. Sufficient iodine is needed for a stable rhythmic heart beat. Iodine, directly or indirectly, can normalize serum cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure. Iodine attaches to insulin receptors and improves glucose metabolism, which is good news for people with diabetes. Iodine and iodine-rich foods have long been used as a treatment for hypertension and cardiovascular disease; yet, modern randomized studies examining the effects of iodine on cardiovascular disease have not been carried out.”[1]

[1] ibid

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  • naturalhealing

    Transmax Resveratrol, a molecule used in most of the studies, also was shown in two recently published human clinical trials done by respected medical schools in the US and Germany reduce blood glucose, improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, and even lower body weight in the 58 male and female subjects. The scientist who did the transmax resveratrol study stated, “Resveratrol can be viewed as an effective adjunct therapy for type 2 Diabetics currently using one of the Metformin like drugs, or who are controlling their Diabetes without drugs.” We need to put more emphasis on prevention, and less on after the fact treatment with expensive drugs that must be taken for the rest of one’s life, and often have more serious adverse effects than benefits.

  • http://diabetes2.com.au/ Lorraine Gault

    I work with Diabetes Clients and I am very interested in what you are saying about Iodine and will now order some and test it for myself. Thank you so much.

    • http://drsircus.com/ Claudia French


      Be sure to read the works of the hi-dose iodine doctors on diabetes and iodine…..Fletchas, David Brownstein, and Abraham….and they could even be consulted, I believe if you need to. Most of their success was by giving doses of iodine in excess of what most consider normal and was with type 2 diabetics, though type 1 diabetics also found some lowering of dosages of insulin needed especially if they still had some measurement of C-peptide (shown by blood testing). Dr. Fletchas reports doses of iodine were between 50-100 mg. per day.
      Let us know your findings please!! We would be very interested to hear more about this!
      Claudia French

      • http://diabetes2.com.au/ Lorraine Gault

        Thank you so much you are truly appreciated. I will check out these people. I spent the day doing some research and even ordered a test kit for Iodine and some iodine so will use myself first as a test subject. I don’t currently have diabetes but did have it before and think that my clients would appreciate me testing first.

  • Terry Svejda

    You can buy it at infowars.com

  • Daniella melissa

    I am Américan but I currently live in México city, I would love to find nascent iodine here but after having looked for iodine intended for oral consumtion, I have found lugol’s in only one pharmacy in Mexico City; any suggestions? I am really interested in purchasing everything suggested by Dr. Sircus and the doctors in this website. Thank you

    • http://drsircus.com/ Claudia French

      Contact the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay Co and ask if they can ship into Mexico.

      LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc.
      PO Box 619.
      San Ramon, CA 94583
      Customer Service: All customer service inquiries please email us at: info@magneticclay.com

  • Algimantas Shimkus

    Your information is very important for diabetic patients and for me, because I am working in diabetology. Thank You very much. I am waiting more news particularly about preparations and doses of iodine for diabetic patients. A. Shimkus, MD, prof.

  • Charles

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    Be Blessed

  • rick fauteux

    going for esophagal removal and wondering if any of these treatments can be put into my feeding tube and ifso how long after surgery

  • Bo

    How do I gfet the tablets of iodine ?Do I need a script

    • IMVA Staff

      Dear Bo,

      The tableted form of iodine (of Lugol’s) is called Iodoral. Do a search on Iodoral and you will find many sources. I don’t believe a script is needed.

      Claudia French RN, LPHA