Physiological Needs

One of the keys to this protocol is that it directly addresses the basic physiological needs and issues most of which are universal to most patients. If you can make things better in the body down at the roots of cellular life we get better and this is different then hitting the body with a two by four with pharmaceuticals that can alleviate symptoms and pain but not correct what is fundamentally wrong.

There are certain things that everyone must do like breathing and drinking quality water, restore magnesium and general mineral electrolyte balance, bring the pH up out of the acid range, increase oxygenation to all tissues, and insure full nutritional nurturing and stimulate strong detoxification and chelation of metals. Natural Allopathic Medicine prioritizes medicinal substances and processes so one knows where to focus when turning away from toxic pharmaceutical or aggressive surgical interventions, or recover from them.

In essence, what we have done to create the core of this protocol is to take the power of emergency room and intensive care medicine and apply its instant life saving methods over a two to four week period treating multiple times a day. That’s a lot of healing and medical horsepower being applied. Our secret though is that we do not use pharmaceuticals meaning everything is available in natural form without great expense so you or your child does not end up looking like this boy from extremely harsh toxic medicines.


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