PH and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

When body pH drops below 6.4, enzymes are deactivated, digestion does not work properly; vitamins, minerals and food supplements cannot effectively assimilate.

Understand that pH can move all over the place.[1]This is so because most individuals “total alkalinity” is not very strong and that is exactly what bicarbonate therapy as well as exercise, dietary sanity and good breathing promote, total alkalinity.  So for instance two hours after a meal you may find the urine going acid as it is a reflection of the meals acid components pushing the pH. Now really, with life threatening situations especially, we don’t want to be eating meals with large acid components so our urinary drift into the acidic with meals can be very mild if one is eating and even fasting correctly.

The food we consume stores the flame of the sun. The more perfect our body’s biological terrain, the more capacity we have to extract that flame to give us vibrant health and energy. Likewise we can eat close to the sun. Spirulina, for instance, from a esoteric energetic perspective can be viewed as practically crystallized sunlight that is most easy for the body to extract from. Its one of the reasons it makes a perfect survival food but as a mono fasting food it practically becomes the perfect medicine. When we eat this way or raw food our intake is highly alkaline so the acids being cleared in the urine would be more from the detoxification of the tissues then from the food.

Sustained high urine pH is not what we are looking for though we do want to maintain “total alkalinity.” One does not want to go over the deep edge with an alkaline urinary obsession. Some practitioners say you do not want to see urine above 6.5 for long periods of time and we should expect urinary changes up and down strongly depending on ones diet.  We should not be surprised or disturbed when we see urinary pH getting down into the 5 range sometimes as this is a reflection of kidney capacity and it shows metabolic acids can and are being removed from the system. You want your urine able to move acid, and to essentially be acid when appropriate. If you are keeping urine above 6.5 and day to day are into neutral pH (7) or above numbers, this is actually not normal unless one is eating very purely. But for cancer treatment we want to break past this and establish a pH of around 8 for two weeks and then take a break letting urinary pH fall. The chapter on pH in the bicarbonate book deals in depth with this very important indicator of health and in the oral usage chapter is full information about oral use.

[1]The average of the five days of saliva pH will give you an idea whether your physiology is being dominated by emotions. If emotional overload is a factor, this also needs to be addressed to prevent the patient from being disillusioned after trying to raise his/her urine pH and not getting anywhere. A simple key is when the pH readings vary greatly on arising each morning, It is almost certain that anxiety is influencing the individual’s physiology.

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