The Simoncini Treatment of Cancer

Destroying our fixed ideas about Cancer

Dr. Tullio Simoncini

Listen and watch Dr. Tullio Simoncini demonstrate live fungi colonies and their destruction with sodium bicarbonate.

Dr. Simoncini deserves the highest award in medical science for his genius and medical courage in discovering and developing what might come to be seen as the single greatest medical breakthrough of the century. Literally billions of people are going to owe him a debt of eternal gratitude. Simoncini makes the connection that fungal colonies and cancer colonies are the same colonies called by two different names. He is not alone in this and he is not alone with the knowledge that sodium bicarbonate is effective at wiping out fungal colonies. What he is alone with is connecting the dots between cancer, fungal, yeast infections and sodium bicarbonate.

Dr. H. Takeuchi et al in Japan analyzed 20 cases of urinary fungal infection. Candida albicans was the most prevalent of the fungi affecting the urinary tract. Torulopsis glabrata and Candida tropicalis were also prevalent. Antibiotics, indwelling catheter and obstructive uropathy were the most prevalent predisposing factors of the fungal infection. Of 20 cases of fungal infection, 5 cases were cured only by elimination of the predisposing factors, and 15 cases were treated and resolved by administration of sodium bicarbonate, 5-fluorocytosine and or irrigation with amphotericin B. But one case of bilateral renal torulopsiosis developed into renal failure, and 4 cases died of the primary disease.[1]

Sodium Bicarbonate has successfully proven its antifungal value in agriculture to resolve fungal issues in vegetation, including many destructive diseases such as anthracnose, powdery mildew, black spot in crops and horticultural industries.  It has been successfully used to protect crops from fungus during storage.

Dr. Simincini uses the lab procedures and protocols for using intravenous sodium bicarbonate as approved by the FDA for cardiac infarctions to treat most cancers. Being that the present day survival rate of 5 years in the US is less than 2.75 % due to toxic protocols the medical profession uses, Dr. Simoncini’s outstanding success in the 90% remission rate and some as long as 20 years should shatter modern medicine’s fixed ideas about cancer. “If the fungi are sensitive to the sodium bicarbonate solutions and the tumour is smaller  than 3 cm, the percentage will be around  90%, for terminal cases in which the patient is in reasonably good conditions is 50% and for terminal patients just a small percentage,” reports Simoncini, whose treatments take approximately 30-45 days.

Breast Cancer Patient in Europe Shares her success with bicarbonate.

These videos reveal an astonishing truth about cancer and its safe successful treatment. For other videos see Dr. Simoncini’s site at Doctors and medical scientists have made the mistake of assuming that fungal conditions develop after cancer treatment have begun. Researchers contend that cancer therapies, aimed at destroying cancer, also destroy the immune system of the patient leaving them vulnerable to yeasts and fungi, which multiply out of control. They consider these invading colonies to be “secondary” to the actual cancer.

Candida, and its many variants are not only the cause of cancer, they are the cancer. Cancer in great part is an invasion invited by deteriorating/rotting cells) of yeast and fungi colonies. The 100 year old hypothesis that has led medical science in circles, that cancer are human cells multiplying without limit, turns out to be just another unproven fantasy that no one has ever demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt. Dr. Simoncini insists that there is no evidence at all for the genetic hypothesis and this gets proven out with the fact that orthodox cancer treatments do not work out very well. Modern oncology is a complete failure and every doctor knows this in his heart and soul.

One will find many chapters on the subject of sodium bicarbonate and also on mycology, the study of molds, yeasts and fungi.

[1] Takeuchi H, Arai Y, Konami T, Ikeda T, Tomoyoshi T, Tatewaki K. Hinyokika Kiyo. 1983 Oct;29(10):1273-7.

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  • errol

    Hi,my wife has stage 4 breast cancer,bone and liver metastasis.her right arm swells cause of some affected lymph nodes,her right breast has lessions,the surgeon didn’t recommend surgery..we just finished our 6-cycle chemo and the swelling reduces but she has difficulty in breathing..she is 56..please help me how to administer baking soda to her..God bless you.

    • Dr. Sircus will need to talk with you in consultation to guide you through what you can be doing for your wife. Please see your options for consultation here:

      You can also learn about what he is recommending in addition to sodium bicarbonate here:

      Taking sodium bicarbonate for cancer treatment is dependent on getting the ph up to 8 and keeping it there for a week or 10 days, then stopping administration of it and allowing pH to return to lower levels. Then another round is started till the cancer disappears. Dr. Sircus does not believe in Dr. Simoncini’s treatment method of injecting sodium bicarbonate to the site of cancer, but feels oral ingestion is just as powerful and much safer.
      Claudia French

  • Cesar

    A friend of mine was currently diagnosed with leukemia? Any way she can be helped with your protocol?

    • Yes, Cesar,

      Dr. Sircus’ protocol can help people with leukemia. You can direct her to our website and the essays on cancer or she can contact Dr. Sircus for a personal consultation.
      Claudia French

  • Holistic Healer

    Cancer is fungus all diseases start with too much candida in the system which then can turn into a cancer and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can help balance the pH in the system because the body’s acidic levels are so out of balance and need to be alkaline so the cancer has a host of candida or fungi to bread on and keeps multiplying. here’s a good suggestion if you are still able to eat or drink then stop the processed foods and start a raw food diet to eliminate the toxins and waste the body has been building up for so long. juice with a vitamixer or nutribullet so the nutrients stay in the food and get what your body has been lacking for so long this works great for anyone with any so called disease. it’s getting an understanding what cancer is and how we as a society need to educate ourselves . I am a health coach and working with people and their health issues is my number one priority I know what it is like having a parent or family member in poor health but we need education on healing our bodies properly and stop the madness of taking medication after medication and using harsh therapies to heal the body because this rarely works. here is a saying I use everyday. If you eat food created by people in white coats you end up seeing people in white coats.

  • My Dad has Papallary Renal carsonoma kidney cancer stage 4. Can he recieve treatments? He is also diabetic. ot sure if that matters.

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, your Dad can receive treatment even with late-stage cancer. Dr. Sircus’ protocol can be started at any stage.
      Please see this posting on kidney cancer and sodium bicarbonate. You need to get this book so you can learn about sodium bicarbonate and cancer and about Dr. Sircus’ protocol.
      In addition you should get Treatment Essentials for more practical information on treating cancer with his full protocol. Treatment Essentials also includes a protocol for diabetes.

      Claudia French
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    • Tim,

      Here is the link to the post with testimonials from people about using Dr. Sircus’ protocol with kidney cancer:
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  • Monica

    My husband has been diagnostic with linitis plaastica gastric cancer stage 4.He is been feeding by the j tube and also has a g tube for drain and stop can we do the sodium bicarbonate treatment ? Is there any clinic in Florida that we can go? He is very young 41, 4 kids and he also is a Pastor.please help me.

    • Hi Monica,

      You will need a consultation with Dr. Sircus to discuss the best way to administer the sodium bicarbonate to your husband. I believe it can be given through the feeding tube for gastric cancer.

      I’m sorry but we do not keep listings of the clinics in the US who offer the sodium bicarbonate treatment. You might call around to naturopathic doctors in your area and ask if they would administer or guide you in this. Dr. Sircus could consult with them.

      Best hopes for rapid improvement.