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Over Forty Children Paralyzed by Vaccines in One Village

Published on January 8, 2013


I am so glad (not!) that we have people like Bill Gates to make sure vaccines are funded for African children. I am not alone in that perspective but there are brave people like Christina England, a U.K. journalist and author who alone is reporting about the unspeakable harm that international vaccination programs bring to the children of the world.

Christina reports that:

On December 20, 2012, a vaccination tragedy hit the small village of Gouro, located in northern Chad, Africa. According to the newspaper La Voix, out of 500 children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed. Those children also suffered hallucinations and convulsions.

Since this report, the true extent of this tragedy is coming to light, as parents of these vaccinated children have reported yet more injuries. The authorities in the area are shaken, as citizens set fire to a sanitary administration vehicle in a demonstration of their frustration and anger at the government’s negligence.

At the end of her report England asks:

How can at least 40 children become paralyzed after receiving a vaccine, and no news organizations provide coverage of this disturbing situation? The media has gone completely silent. There appear to be no reports of this incident on any government website. The only available information, apart from this one newspaper report, appears to be buried on a small blog titled, “Le blog de Makaila,” which has been reporting regular updates on the situation.

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Where are statements from the involved organizations – WHO, GAVI, PATH, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Why has this vaccination program not been suspended? What are these organizations going to do about the atrocity that has happened in Gouro?

Description: vaccines paralyzed mmr 1

Emma is a little six-year-old girl who is suffering from severe vaccine damage that has been verified by several leading experts. Emma is totally paralyzed and unable to move any part of her body. She cannot speak and breathes with the aid of a small tube inserted through a tiny incision in her windpipe called a tracheotomy. (The picture above is Emma at around age two.)

England writes:

Instead of the help and compensation her family should be receiving, Emma has been stolen by the state and spends her days in what her mother describes as a “dreadful institution for the disabled.” Instead of the support Emma’s mother needs to come to terms with what has happened to her daughter, she has been accused of trying too hard to find answers and get the professional help that she believes her daughter needs.

I wrote in “Vaccine Damages Are No One’s Illusion” that India has seen three vaccine disasters in 2010, resulting in four deaths after the measles vaccine and six deaths after the HPV vaccine. Also, in 2010 Poland became the only country to reject H1N1 vaccines.

Description: Description:
Nine-year-old Hannah Poling is shown.
(AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Spink)

The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim was a big one. Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million for her life care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering for the first year alone. In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah’s care.

It is clear that vaccine damages can be life-long and cost a fortune to the family as well as the state. Medical officials still say there is nothing to worry about, but when we look under the hood of vaccine dangers and damages we find a completely different story.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
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  • Rose Baker

    I have Been stalKed my entire life By murderers that wanted toliet paper Cigarettes and meducatiOn.These people kill baBies and still staLk me. Is there anY help?

  • quicksilver

    Terrible but compared to the 1 adverse effect in 1 500 000 injections this is one blip on the horizon of vaccine preventable illnesses.

    How do you know that it is 1 adverse effect in 1 500 000 and that case of no terrible consequence or life threatening?

    All you need do is LIE.

    And after 200 years of LIES it is now UNETHICAL to do any studies of vaccines and compare them to people UNVACCINATED.

    But GARDASIL did used to provide this study free until they now inject the stuff into boys.

    But until recently you could find DEAD vaccinated girls but no such contingent of DEAD boys.

    And for the pregnant mother even the vaccine research cant find ONE SINGLE benefit from them and the statistics going from 0, 0, 0 to over 101 dead foetuses probably doesnt mean much except that previously mothers didnt claim ANY dead foetuses after vaccines but today do so by the hundreds.

    And did you note the TRACHEOTOMY for one vaccine victim.

    What happens if we dont cut holes through direct to the lungs?

    Dont tell on SIDS!

  • The shocking truth about what’s really in vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formald…..

  • Julia Kibble

    Did they develop Guille Barre Syndrome which is a stated real side effect of vaccinations.

  • Robby

    I have recently returned from working in the northern territory
    of australia. the medical centres have mobile units
    that push the h1n1 vac in first nation communities many have become
    very sick and several people that i knew well have died

    • margaretbartley

      Could you provide more details – names, pictures, connections to authorities, etc?
      This is very important, and needs to be treated as such.

      Thank you.

    • possie

      Robby – I have been in the Kimberley on a regular basis this year and am very aware of this issue. I have been wanting to connect with someone about this and assist with an awareness amongst those I work with up there (not medical). Can you email me?

  • voltaic

    If many of those paralyzed children were white kids from a suburban town in US, then there would be some US media attention, but since it’s African children, there is little desire for US media to find it worth reporting, sadly.

  • originalone

    More of the corruption that’s ruining the world. Just where did the drugs originate? Were they old, contaminated, that’s why the seller got the money from the funds, but inserted garbage for the real thing? Disgusting.

  • DebbyBruck

    How is this information suppressed from worldwide news?

    • Because it’s not politically correct for the Elite who run the Mainstream Media, that’s why!

      • Exactly!! But I think it’s time something was done about the pharmaceutical companies that get away with this. They know what they are doing and just don’t care. As long as they are lining their own pockets. I wonder if they would administer these vaccines to their own families??

    • possie

      Pharma OWNS the news. (e.g. Murdoch has 70% ownership of Telegraph in Australia. He also has financial ties to the pharmaceuticals.

    • Prudence Dagg

      It’s not suppressed; I think they just won’t run it, if you consider that a tiny difference.

  • peggyn

    thank you. every bit of info helps. i have sent this out widely and have received a number of good responses.


    this is terrible