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Dangers of Wi-Fi & the iPad

Published on August 20, 2012


I got quite a few letters in response to my endorsement and use of Apples iPad so I want to address the issues of danger that come from living in our modern world. A few people were actually shocked that I would give my kids an iPad. (What you are about to read is a record of my internal process over the last three days. It’s almost a book so watch out.)

On my side I am shocked to be in civilization at all and would have been happy to spend the rest of my life at the end of the world at my Sanctuary. But cell signals and Wi-Fi were even there in the most pristine place you can imagine—with turtle-speed internet access. The world is certainly saturated with microwaves, of that there is no doubt. Here in Brazil one cannot enter a restaurant or hotel without a TV and Wi-Fi waves being present.

I was convinced to come back to civilized world where of course the pollution is intense, to say the least, but I have the pleasure of living exactly ten minutes from the point furthest east in all of the Americas, and it’s beautiful and clean here—what I would call ideal city life if such a thing exists. Everyone in my family prefers life in the city to life at the end of nowhere so it feels like I did the right thing, at least for now, and it’s very necessary for work and education.

In years past I had given up my cell phone, cordless phones and Wi-Fi system because they represent dangers that most of us would rather not think about. I live about 500 meters from the nearest cell tower and that is about as good as it comes living in a modern city. Closer I would not like to go but I run around on a tennis court for a half hour a day less than 50 meters from a tower. It’s exactly in the place where they are building a new city of towers where all the rich people are going to live. I don’t envy them. But how many people calculate their life by how many meters from a cell tower they live or by how many miles they live from the nearest coal-fired electrical plant that is spilling an awful amount of mercury into the surrounding areas. Or who can navigate their toxic life by checking all the neighbors and making sure they don’t turn on a Wi-Fi system across the street or on the other side of a wall in an apartment building.

“We simply can’t escape the exposure to this radiation. It’s everywhere. There are so many people using cell phones and wireless connections today that you don’t even have to own a cell phone to be exposed. You’re just as exposed as everyone else. Every time someone makes a call from a mobile phone the signal is sent to a cell phone tower. There are so many calls being made by everyone all around us and now there are so many mobile phone towers in operation, that all of us are caught in the crossfire. It’s like second-hand smoke from cigarettes, except that we can’t get away from it. There simply isn’t anywhere to escape,” writes Lynn Quiring. But we can and do need to minimize the hazardous effect.

iPads Have Dangers

Interesting to get a dose of my own medicine via reader feedback! Obviously I had recently caved in on being concerned about microwaves and now it’s a bit painful to watch my children using the iPads. This essay describes my process and some of the changes we are already implementing, which of course includes time limitation on their use. (To make up for my lack in this area I promise a part two to this overlong essay but necessary essay.)

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One reader wrote that iPads (which are used in direct contact with children’s bodies—hands, lap, abdomen, etc.) “represent a health hazard to our younger generation. An average smartphone uses 35 times the bandwidth of a regular cellphone; a tablet uses up to 121 times the bandwidth. I have measured the microwave radiation of an iPad (with WiFi button turned on only, not browsing the internet and not downloading anything). The measurements from the Wi-Fi iPad spiked several times higher than an iPhone on talking mode. I have also checked an iPad’s magnetic field (WiFi off, just playing an already downloaded game) and it read 20 milligauss. On the Apple forum, there have been repeated posts of complaints from people feeling dizziness and nausea after using iPad and having to return them.”


Elizabeth Thode, one of my devoted readers, sent me a personal letter asking, “When did any type/form of radiation all of the sudden become safe?” The truth is that we cannot live without radiation though we cannot live very long with it either—starting with the radiation of the sun! Without its glorious rays we would all be in our graves. A little bit of a dangerous thing, in the case of solar radiation, is actually necessary for life.

Lifetime exposure to higher radiation levels shortens our existence because it beats down on our life force without letup. Perhaps we could live a few decades more but basically the physical world weighs down on us in the form of pathogens, chemicals, toxic heavy metals and many forms of radiation including the worldwide glut and saturation of microwaves. There are certain things, besides our genes, that determine how well and for how long we can stand up to such threats. My Natural Allopathic Protocol is ideal in stiffing our backs on a cellular level to help the cells maintain their balance.

The most overlooked anti-aging anti-disease factor is love itself, which provides a powerful centering force down to our genetic footprint. The spiritual heart, when open, represents a fountain of youth and a force that helps us resist environmental insults, infections and disease. Dr. Clancy D. McKenzie of Capital University says, “Enhancing the love energy of the patient is an effective way to increase the healing process.” The nature of my protocol combined with the spiritual psychology of my work assist in building up one’s strength to withstand toxic threats even if it’s the toxins of our own emotions.

Wireless Radiation Sickens a Child

Elizabeth wrote, “My experience of watching my daughter become very sickened by wireless radiation has taught me much. And I am blessed to be able to report that my daughter has gone from a 10, being severely affected by wireless radiation, to a one. This was a long two-year journey, and having to reduce her exposure to this radiation meant a very isolated existence, particularly for a teenager. I have you to thank for much of this, as the Magnesium Chloride Oil, the Baking Soda, and the Iodine were tremendous tools in helping her; however, I did find that she responded only after I cleared my home of all wireless technologies.”

“Your situation is much above the average person’s, with respect to both health protocols and your own level of spirituality. In your case I would say to bless the iPads and continue to surround your children with the healing light of love. You are the epitome of an honorable person, and a wonderfully gifted healer. You have a heart the size of Texas, and a moral compass even larger,” concluded Elizabeth.

Bless the iPads I will, but I will also make sure the kids and everyone else uses pillows to put under them because every inch further away from the body greatly diminishes the intensity of radiation exposure. Another reader wrote, “It is literally the world at your fingertips! I agree they are going to change the way education is carried out. Focusing on raising healthy, happy, smart kids makes my days fun and worthwhile. You got to play the coyote sometimes.”

We will also have to limit the amount of time and thus for what purpose they are to use this potent technology. I have been aware for a long time the price and consequence of modern technology and even the electricity—which we take so much for granted—is very dangerous to us because of the coal-fired plants that emit tons of mercury each day and because of the nuclear plants whose safety concerns directly threaten life on earth as we know it.

I have made my life out of the joys of love and it is love that has me sitting here in front of a computer, with all its radiation, in a house, that is surrounded on two sides by numerous electric lines, in a city full of cell towers and cell phone users, among people who trust government and the doctors who attack men, woman and children with their pharmaceutical poisons and vaccines as a matter of routine.

Worrying About the Big Events

I believe the way I am seeing certain things has been changed by the seriousness of world events and what that means to our collective futures. We are stuck in a world hurling toward its next great depression, one that will crush people mercilessly as it is already doing in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy as well as in many towns and cities across America. The earth is shaking and the volcanoes are continuing to awaken and the planet’s weather is spiraling out of control, so right now I am not as worried about microwaves as much as I would have been in the past.

Since my public communications with Dr. Garry Gordon I have been more optimistic than ever and firm in my beliefs about what we can all do to strengthen ourselves against radiation and other toxic threats. This is important for me in regards to my children who I have brought into this crazy poisoned planet. I do believe all of our lives are being compressed—shortened from the potential to live extraordinarily long lives—by a host of factors including our own negative emotions.

We never hear about this or that killing or causing cancer in everyone. Why not? There is a lot to be said about detoxification and chelation and re-mineralization and a protocol full of other things that can put us on a higher footing in our fight against aging and premature disease. Add love to the mix and we can push back against the toxic winds and continue to live with grace, but this is obviously difficult and entails swimming against the herd tide of humanity, which would rather remain oblivious. We are in the era of the final days, whatever that means, of dramatic threats with little measure of long-term security except for the love and faith we carry in our hearts.

Personally I have been more worried about the imminent danger of the pools full of spent nuclear fuel rods at Fukushima going super nova (hot radioactive fire) than I am about Wi-Fi and other wave contamination, but that changed over the weekend while writing this essay.

I just finished listening to a recent Arnie Gundersen radio show that I am featuring in tomorrow’s post on Fukushima. There is too much I can say about this now but it figures in powerfully to how I see life and make certain decisions. I published my essay “Hanging by a Thread” a few months ago and the situation has not changed. We are living on borrowed time so we might as well enjoy and appreciate each and every moment. Actually this has always been true since our stay on earth is temporary.

Just before publishing this essay I got this in from Dr. Hank Liers:

My first comment is that the iPad is a tool that allows for educational and creative development for people of all ages beyond any tool we have had before! It allows us to learn in new ways and to express ourselves in wonderful new ways.

As with all things there may be risks associated with their usage (e.g., power plants, automobiles, playing sports, eating food, etc.), but with knowledge and care those risks are either minimized or the gains so great that the risks are worth it.

Part of minimizing the risks is to learn how to live intelligently. For example, you recommend the use of magnesium chloride, baking soda, nascent iodine, intestinal rejuvenation formulas, Rejuvenate Formulas, detox methodologies, avoidance of pharmaceuticals, etc. to overcome many of the health risks in our society. Learning to overcome fear and express Love is a part of overcoming the risks and makes us better as individuals and societies!

I have no fear of letting my grandson to use my iPad. When using it I have seen him develop mentally in ways that no other tool I know of can allow while expressing great joy! Of course, he takes a lot of Rejuvenate!, loves his magnesium chloride baths, takes nascent iodine daily, eats organic food, exercises vigorously, and is a very happy child.

More to worry about – Dangers from Above

“Every form of life acts as a biological antenna. Trees, weakened by other environmental stresses, are dying in areas of Europe close to or in the channel of transmitters. People show higher rates of brain tumors, leukemia or miscarriages. The natural etheric forces are being raped by the ignorant use of this technology; we only consider short term comfort and gain, ignoring the impact of our actions on the living earth. Actions that will be very difficult to reverse! Thanks to Motorola (to begin with …), 66 low level satellites will in the near future bring us the ‘world phone’, enabling us to phone from anywhere to everywhere. Soon, they will drown everyone in HF microwaves and it will take years to establish that this has an impact on living organisms. Why not research beforehand? How can it be possible, that such a significant intervention into the natural environment can be made without thorough investigation?” writes J. Paul Herrmann.

At the end of his essay Herrmann concludes, “Anyone reading about this for the first time may feel somewhat daunted and react with disbelief, anger, depression, panic – I would like to share my view that we are actually facing a great chance and challenge, here. The attitude of using the environment for our short sighted personal pleasure and gain cannot be maintained any longer, as we realize how we don’t just destroy the earth but also ourselves. As we learn about the impact of HF on our own energy, we can’t help acknowledging the energy qualities of our body and of nature in general. The issue forces us to adjust our priorities for the sake of our health and to live more consciously a life of energy, inseparable from the energy around us. The more we accept the reality of this new form of pollution, the more we can do about it. We shall learn to look after and to constructively control our environment, which is really a part of ourselves.”

I stand firm in my heart but many are despairing and are ending their lives. Suicide rates are spiking in the countries being hit the hardest with economic calamity. People in Europe are abandoning their babies in increasing numbers as the floor drops out from under many people’s lives. There are so many things we should have avoided exposure to including the insanity of industry and science, which is the correct answer to the question above—why not research beforehand?

One has to understand that beyond denial, with all the facts of life at hand, there is a place beyond fear, doubt and worry that we can and do need to identify with. Pilots sometimes have to fly their planes right through storms but they do not despair; they respond with confidence and courage. I wrote yesterday morning that, “I feel like a pilot of a plane seeing a huge storm ahead and I am thrusting the throttles forward to climb above the storm when most will be trapped below.” I do suffer from psychic wind shear at times though as I plan for explosive growth in my work just at a time when the world’s system is facing severe contraction.

“There is far more pathology associated with stress and paranoia than anything an iPad can give off or consume,” wrote Nick Karapasas to the IMVA Facebook page. In another essay I will continue what I started here and get down to basic physics and now all forms of radiation impact us.

Special Note: In receiving that note from Elizabeth and writing this essay I remembered the first time someone said I had a big heart. It was around 30 years ago when I got to the University of the Trees in Boulder Creek, California to study with Christopher Hills. I remember someone saying that to me and me turning to look behind me to see who they were talking to. Actually it took quite a few years to break free of my mind, with all its thoughts, to start appreciating what the heart is all about and then to make my religion grounded on the heart’s vulnerability.

For Elizabeth to speak of the size of my heart is an uplifting moment for me and her comparing it to the now suffering state of Texas is something I will never forget. I think her communication is important for I take strength from it and I need that strength. Perhaps a bit more about my present sentiments that I have tried to express in this essay will become more apparent when I publish my essay, “Is the Right Wing Ready to Break Off?” I already posted the dramatic image to IMVA’s Facebook page about where we seem to be in terms of the world and its dramatically changing situation.

# # #


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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Joanel

    My ipads burn my hand. Overheating my skin wherever I put my ipads.
    Also; I only talk on my iphone using speaker, keeping it away from my ear.

  • Medavinci

    Warning: I have been diagnosed with a parapharyngeal tumor in my neck,and 2 tumors in my thyroid (one of the left and one in the right that are rapidly growing within a month). The iPad is the only explanation, bc it is in the exact area of the tumors. When I was on it I felt like my brain was scrambled, I had memory loss and inability to focus or concentrate. Now i have cancer. I have in-laws in Sweden,and more and more people are getting brain tumors and neck cancer. These devices are deadly.

  • medavinci

    I have an iPad and a Samsung cell phone. Years ago I had a Nokia cell that wasn’t a smart phone, and it didn’t have speaker options. I remember feeling buzzed when I was on it, and it got hot, WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS! I am so sensitive to radiation. I traded in my Samsung. GAlaxy5 for the next model “The Edge” bc we had an unpgrade, and the minute I got out of the store and texted my daughter, I felt my brain switch. I got head pain, back pain, ear pain and overall felt horrible. I won’t go near it and am going to return this death trap. I get forgetful from these devices as well. I’m sure the iPad gave me the neck tumor I have – a parapharyngeal mass between the carotid artery and jugular vein. For yrs I kept saying that I felt like my carotid arteries hurt…no one believed me. The otolaryngologist said my cardiologists should have taken my complaints seriously. Doctors do not believe there is a correlation between iPads and radiation, and the nurses use them in the Drs offices…Denmark did a study that cell phones definitely cause cancer. We know that if you hold it to your ear, tumors can form in that area the shape of cell phones and are fatal and inoperable… I feel like the blood is throbbing in my head. My daughter, now 21′ has encephalopathy of the brain, and it was discovered at 17, but she had head and eye pressure for yrs and cognitive difficulties. Drs said it was all in her head, until we finally got to a dr who ordered a brain spect and pet scan and full body pet MRI. Her symptoms began once she got a cell phone and laptop (school gave them to students in 5th grade). I went to the head of the school and showed documentation from PowerWatch UK where teachers in Belgium, Sweden, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland took laptops and wifi out of the school per the teachers requests. My daughter’s school ,got their IT Manager say it wasn’t a problem. Wifi and mobile devices are the cigarettes and cancer of this generation. It is a curse and double-edge sword. When I see young children with these devices, I wonder what the parents are thinking. No child should be on these devices and many of them keep them in their rooms and are on them all hours of the night. A company named POGO provides radiation screens for Apple devices. Also diatamaeous earth is supposed to remove radiation and ground you. I was told to keep a bag under my desk…routers and mode,s do seem to bother many people. I’m just frustrated because there are no warning labels on any mobile devices and smart phones (just like there weren’t on cigarettes years ago). I saw three people returning cell phones the day I picked my phone up…and they had complaints of headaches, dizziness and nausea. This world is so poisoned and all the town’s in my state are going completely wifi….so even if you don’t own devices, you’re still exposed…and if you complain, people think you’re either a hypochondriac or the skunk in the room and they give you an eye roll…..each state should track anyone with head or neck cancers, eye disorders, neurological issues or ovarian/pelvic issues for young girls and testicular problems for boys…

  • Sylvan Moir

    How can you notice the dangers of microwaves and still use i-pads etc. ?
    Greatest tool for learning ? How can they be if they are so destructive? We have no existence here apart from the earth. If you are aware of extreme damage from microwaves what are you playing at by thinking you can continue to use them?
    A few short generations and you will have sealed your own destruction : how can that be the greatest tool for learning?
    Is this not, in fact, albeit collective, insanity?

  • Valerie

    I just want to add here that earthing doesn’t work for wifi low microwave radiation.
    Most people think that would be safe from the wifi if they are grounded. Microwave radiation doesnt go away if you use an earthing mat.The voltage-electricity- will go down but not the microwave radiation.I watched a couple of David Wolfe’s videos and although he describes in details everything regarding the voltage, and he has all the devices +plus an ipad in frond of him, He doesnt even touch the subject regarding microwave radiation and the difference between an iphone/ipad and a computer device.
    Only metal can stop microwave radiation.Metal wall paint etc

  • Valerie

    Extremely dangerous devices. My 10 year old used it everyday for almost a year,
    She was a very healthy child -her diet is very clean and had a gran mal seizure.
    We stopped using anything wireless in the house and she fully recovered. it took us a couple of months with extra magnesium chloride , iodine , selenium , zinc and superfoods
    (spirulina and chlorella). We will never use anything wireless again and we have an Alpha wave device to protect us from the neighbors wireless.

  • Diane H

    Please consider:

    Resonance: Beings of Frequency

    Wireless radiation emissions are being identified as having a role in: autism, ADHD, childhood leukemia, cancer, Alzheimers, and the list goes on. I am working diligently to get the unprecedented amount of radiation emissions out of our children’s schools. Wireless classrooms are NOT safe. Our children’s health should never be traded for wireless devices when safe, wired technology is available.

  • Steve

    I am 25 yrs old and am recovering from surgery and have been using my mini iPad quite a bit due to my inability to go to work. I have noticed my when I put my iPad on my abdominal area my stomach starts to convulse or feel like I am being shocked ! Extremely weird feeling. I hope this has not affected my recovery or nervous system.

    • MaybeYes

      Your body is reacting to the electromagnetic fields of the iPad. There are high readings of magnetic radiation as well as the constant pulsing of RF microwave radiation (wireless features). WiFi using the same radiofrequency 2.45 MHz as a microwave oven.

      By putting the iPad on your abdominal you are cooking your body. Albeit at a slower rate than a microwave oven but just give it time.

      Solution: Since you are now electrosensitive EHS you need to take special care to remove all wireless devices from your area to allow your body to heal. You will never be the same. Your health has been impaired and everyone will think you are nuts. You are not. You are suffering the effects of what used to be called Microwave Sickness by the US Military. They are fully aware of the dangers of this technology. Take a look at Dr. Magda Havas’ work.

    • John

      such a strange post because I am also around the same age and recovering from surgery and am having bad feelings from using my Ipad. I will definitely lower my time I spend on the Ipad.

  • Creation Station

    Guess what…our Creator, the Sovereign God of this Universe, Jesus Christ, IS the Love, the Spritiual Energy that you are speaking of…not something that we drum up ourselves. I Am the way the truth and the Life. Read the book of John — King James Version of the Bible and place your life, health, spirit and soul in His hands and you won’t have to use your time given by Him here on earth worrying about it. Spend some time studying on God’s mercy and grace….it’s the only Way. God bless.

    • Sean

      Crackpot lol.

    • John

      exactly having love is good but not will fix our lives or the world. following jesus teachings will

  • This is an amazing documentary (with MRI proofs) about the danger of WIFI:

  • Concerning iPad and wireless radiation, please take a look at these new videos:

    Then read the advice from these doctors’ groups:

    And the letter written by this Harvard Neurologist who specializes in Pediatric Neurology, explaining her research and concern that WiFi damages children’s brain function:

    Wireless technology offers convenience, but the stake for children is high. Not worth compromising their health and safety. Better use wired computers.

  • Pat

    I have a 3 year old and I just got the ipad 4 with all the bells and whistles. I heard you can set things to reduce the radiation but Im bad at that stuff, it took me 3 hours to figure out how to get it to switch from Chinese to english. Has anyone purchased a protective shield from I hear its not bull but would love it if Dr. Mark could check it out as if on a childs lap.

  • rick

    Escape the exposure to radiation.
    Stop pain.
    Get healthy

    Google: David Wolfe’s Earthing Experiment

    more info:
    Earthing. The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clint Ober

  • Mark,

    I did quite a bit of “research” (internet searching and reading) on EMFs for the company I work for, and decided upon EarthCalm ( as my solution of choice. The proof of its effectiveness is experiential, meaning the products were developed by trial and error, by their inventor, Jean Gallick, who previously had severe symptoms related to electrosensitivity. I would suggest you look over the content at the site (unless you’ve already discounted this solution) as a potential solution for the EMF impact on our bodies.
    Thanks for all your great info and writing! I look forward to a new article each time one appears! God bless!

  • Claudia – IMVA Staff

    New information released to the press on August 27 on a study showing how i Pads etc. can effect melatoninin, especially in teens and cause disruption in sleep.:

    Light From Self-Luminous Tablet Computers Can Affect Evening Melatonin, Delaying Sleep

  • I’m sure I saw a thing advertised as a: ‘Tesla Sheild’, to protect against EM radiation, etc: – Google Image: ‘Tesla Sheild’:

  • andrew

    As for new, clean technology, look up Dr Keshe at The Keshe Foundation – likewise for cleaning up toxic radiation.
    Events on 6th & 21st September.
    I have no professinal/financial connection with the FOundation or Dr Keshe.

    • Gilgamesh

      I use a small Tesla Purple Plate.
      I bought it over 30 years ago, but it last forever.
      It is about the size of 2 business cards. and I keep it in
      my shirt pocket all the time, with all other credit cards and gas cards.

  • Here’s a video, “Electromagnetic Fields: A Scientific Overview”, by the late Dr. Theodore (Ted) Litovitz, Physicist and EMR Researcher, Catholic University of America, showing adverse health effects at levels 75,000 times lower than what Health Canada, without relaying a reported Error or Omission, claims is allowable under Safety Code 6.—dr-ted-litovitz.php