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Dear IMVA and The Waters of Life

Published on November 14, 2010


Dear IMVA,

This week has been intense at the IMVA with my newsletters touching on important medical and world subjects. Tomorrow’s newsletter is another confrontation with a supposedly holistic MD who is famous. I am surely not into winning friends and influencing people by being nice but I am certainly into being real. I was confronted with that about thirty years ago when living at the University of the Trees and back then I really could not understand that being nice is often not real at all.

I hope you understand that I will ebb and flow with my communications and even I need a break from such intensity of subject and expression. I did not read it but just saw a post about how it’s now open season on Christians in the eyes of Islam zealots, and that has a history too deep to get into now. I think most Christians appreciate the times that are closing in on us. Though I was born a Jew, people should appreciate that I am a servant of the Divine Mother Mary – have been visited by her – and have built a shrine for her as the Universal Goddess at my Sanctuary here in Brazil.

Fifteen years ago I have even had my own conversations with God and I wrote them down in writings I call “The Oneness of Being.” I don’t talk about this kind of stuff much but something must be nudging me in the moment to do so. I guess what I am saying or trying to admit is that I have a divine mission – a deep purpose – that is one of the most precious things one can have in life. Many psychologists define fulfillment in terms of meaning and purpose.

Being the voice in the virtual wilderness is my destiny as long as there is an Internet to shout out onto and as long as I have life and breath. Yes my purpose has been to lead a revolution in medicine and provide to as much of humanity as possible a life raft of safe and effective medicinals – the kind medical officials and even other people (as we shall see tomorrow) don’t want you to know about or use.

They will let you know medicinals such as baking soda exist but will advertise mostly the downside when the upside is huge and incredibly safe. Doctors and medical organizations, as well as government officials, love to use fear when talking about medicine, but the greatest thing we should fear is the principles and practices of contemporary medicine.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein

I am under no illusion about being divinely led by the nose into what I have discovered, into what I have created. Funny I did not even open up my imagination until I was about 38, and that’s now 20 years ago. That’s when I started writing my first poetry, which eventually evolved into divine verse. Then divine medicine. I don’t think any of us is that intelligent but when we plug into the divine beings that surround us we get supercharged with what they have to offer our minds and beings.

It is really not a good time in the world to be talking spiritually with so much fanaticism loose in the world. It is my experience that rigid thinking has nothing to do with true spirituality, yet that is the hallmark of much of religious life. Fixed concepts and ideas have drowned out much of the love that we have needed to create both a humane civilization and certainly humane medicine.

This morning I was frustrated because I could not penetrate the veil of the future, could not imagine well enough what needed to unfold for me personally, for Sanctuary here in Brazil, for the IMVA, and also for the world. The shadows were too thick and heavy but I burst through. It suddenly became obvious to me that if I could not imagine the changes necessary for myself, and if we as a race cannot imagine how we need to be to become a nobler race of beings, neither I nor we will get to a new landing that we can be more proud of.

I suddenly saw the Himalayan Mountains and saw that it was an immense project to visualize humanity in detail as a nobler race. Creating the full picture would be a long-term detailed challenge but the first piece of the puzzle is clear. Those at the top, those who aspire to take responsibility for the life and wellbeing of others, have to be perfect listeners.

And that is a tall order for it is truly terrible to listen to the things that we don’t want to hear. If we reach a point that we can listen to anything, even the things that point to our own weaknesses, our own Achilles’ heel(s), then we qualify for the noblest of all the necessary works that there ever was for humanity. We can become servants of earth, servants of a race of beings whose divine mission and purpose is the evolution of our race as a whole. Perfect listeners cannot separate themselves from anybody or anything because that’s the meaning of listening on a perfect level.

Thank God that it is possible to listen perfectly before we become perfect — so very few human beings have ever reached that state. In fact I don’t believe in perfection though I do believe in pure love. That too can be ours again, luckily, before we are perfect and in truth, pure love and pure listening are one and the same thing.

The Waters of Life

I am working hard on the water book and am now working with one of its most difficult sections, the one that has to do with the structure of water and many of its subtle properties, which includes its capacity for memory. My research takes me deep into the steps of Russian science with its more profound take on the mysteries of water and how deeply all life processes depend on it including memory.

I start out a chapter titled “Informational Medicine” like this:

Western man is obsessed with the material world trying to forget as much as he can about other worlds that do exist. Physicists have long known of invisible worlds of energy and information, and the ancient seers of India saw the fabric of the universe weaved from information (intelligence) and energy. Without energy there is no physical matter and without information or intelligence there is no organization or form.

Beneath, surrounding and interpenetrating the physical world, are universes of information and energy. It is naïve to assume that these levels do not affect the physical level. One of the problems that doctors and scientists have with dealing with these universes is that they bring us to the doorstep of the Almighty – to the one God that has many names, including Nature. We could define God as the light of pure consciousness. It’s the background total energy field encompassing the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy. God is the mega hologram of all holograms, tying all the parts into one great whole.

To believe in medical miracles is to believe in the impossible. Though this is not rational, it’s routine for God and his minions and angels who do respond to our prayers, intentions, and motives. My work with water extends into this domain, so when they say, “with God all things are possible,” The Waters of Life translates that into, “with pure water (with certain medicinals/minerals added) all things are possible in medicine.”

When it comes to health and medicine everyone needs to know and pay attention to the more subtle aspects of life, to what’s happening in the invisible world of thoughts, feelings, vibration, imagination, vulnerabilities, and even color – all of which have their direct bearing on our physical state of wellbeing. They also have their bearing on the water we drink and the waters of life that we want to turn into our best medicines.

Special Note:

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Ruth

    Fabulous movie 1hr22min long on WATER, the potential here is immense…..
    Mark your LOVE and SERVICE shines through this dark, toxic, polluted, goul infested world. Stay clean and pure in thought and deed and you will be protected all the way towards VICTORY, which is very close at hand, hold your sword high hermao.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    Best video I have seen on the subject! I was very happy to come across your research. It filled in gaps in knowledge that I never knew existed. Your methods are very practical and rates as necessary knowledge. Truth in one field ties in with truth in other fields. This is what is meant by ‘truth is one’. Spirituality is truth being lived.

    I am doing a book on Spirituality. I have come to a stop because the darksiders who are in control have blocked access to material sustenance. This is, probably, the main challenge that good guys are now faced with. This evil society is filled with male predators allied with darkside women. They use their jobs as weapons in their war against the good. There is no equitable treatment out there.

    Its good that you can produce work that the world needs. Water is the most mysterious fluid known. I have come across a video where water actually defies gravity and moves upstream. You do get to the root of things. Best wishes.

  • Isabel Hutchinson

    I wish to thank you for continuing your work for humanity. As a registered nurse I “took on” the establishment years ago for their mistreatment of people with psychiatric disorders. I paid a very high price: my professional life. So corrupt was the system that I could not remain part of it.

    Your writings for some time have helped me continue to live a life of richness [not financial 🙂 ] despite decades living with Multiple Sclerosis and problems resultant from autoimmune eye disease. I manage far better implementing changes such as you recommend than anything that allopathic medicine has to “offer”. I commend your writings to as many others as I can. My small effort to help people to awaken. I.H.