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Dear IMVA, May 2011

Published on May 2, 2011


I am starting to feel like a lonely soul who cries wolf. As those who control the press have clamped down on information about the nuclear disaster my voice has risen to a crescendo. It is not as if there were no information but one has to dig to get it. The official reports still sustain my nuclear shouting about the dangers, or even better put, sustain my clear pronouncement for appropriate defensive measure in terms of mineral and vitamin supplementation.

Nuclear radiation is much less dangerous when we defend our cell by saturating them with the necessary minerals, vitamins and amino acids they need to repair themselves. I am writing extensively about this and will publish shortly. Bottom line is that what medical officials say about the dangers, that there are none, is only true if a person is not nutritionally deficient.

Several Japanese are crying out like me. Hirose Takashi is telling us that, “The nuclear power plants in Japan are ageing rapidly; like cyborgs, they are barely kept in operation by a continuous replacement of parts.  And now that Japan has entered a period of earthquake activity and a major accident could happen at any time, the people live in constant state of anxiety.”

And Toshiso Kosako, a University of Tokyo professor, that has been employed since mid-March as a nuclear advisor to the government of Prime Minister Naoto Kan in Japan, quit with disgust at what the government and nuclear industry is doing to the children. In his April 29 resignation, Kosako blinked back tears and accused the Japanese leadership of ignoring his advice on how to handle the nuclear crisis, particularly the setting of radiation limits for schools. Kosako even charged that the government had not fully complied with the law in its response to the nuclear disaster. “There is no point for me to be here,” Kosako said in a tense press conference.

I went to the dentist the other day here in Brazil and looked at their national magazines and got mad. There was not one word about the nuclear disaster, not a box, not an anything but there sure were lots of pretty girls. I was also disgusted seeing our new president, the one who used to be a radical/terrorist, posing while receiving her flu vaccine. It seems like she has now joined the pharmaceutical terrorism bandwagon. The headline news now though is she caught pneumonia a few days after receiving the shot My Brazilian wife said we will never see a world leader with the courage to go against vaccines.

I thought life had given me a break about five years ago when it let me off the vaccine hook of spending the rest of my life crying in the wilderness about that. Life was good to me having opened up a pathway to the positive and helpful work with minerals starting with magnesium. But this disaster in Japan has dragged me into a nuclear struggle.

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The good news is that I am working on a comprehensive presentation of natural solutions to nuclear contamination that have been sustained by many including a very small group of women who decided to ignore their government and their health and medical officials and go tough it out in the very shadow of Chernobyl.

Twenty-five years after the world’s worst nuclear accident, More Magazine visited a hardy community of women who’ve made a home in Chernobyl’s desolate, radioactive surroundings. “Why they chose to live here after the disaster, defying the authorities and endangering their health, is an inspiring tale—about the pull of ancestral lands, the healing power of shaping one’s destiny and the subjective nature of risk.”

Most of the babushkas that went back to live near Chernobyl share the belief that “if you leave, you die.” They would rather risk exposure to radiation than the soul-crushing prospect of being separated from their homes. “You can’t take me from my mother; you can’t take me from my motherland. Motherland is motherland,” says Hanna. Aphorisms slip matter-of-factly from the lips of the babushkas. “Replant an old tree, and it will die,” says one woman. One refrain I heard often was, “Those who left are worse off now. They are all dying of sadness.”

An out of control nuclear disaster in Japan is going to harm the entire earth eventually. But thanks to these women we know increasing radiation will not kill everyone. There are many ways we can extend our lives in the face of this nuclear disaster and all the other disasters that are quietly going around on us. People don’t know it but it’s as dangerous to live downwind from a coal fired electrical plant as a nuclear one with all the highly toxic mercury that rains down on the surrounding lands and lungs of the people downrange.

I will be publishing a lot more in the near future about how we can use minerals and even seawater to thwart the toxic demons the rich like to unleash on us. What conventional medical science says is impossible is very possible when we use minerals and other concentrated nutritional foods as medicines.


I live in the southern hemisphere where I was gracefully invited to come 20 years ago. During the last five years I have been building my Sanctuary, a paradise here on earth that will become my lighthouse of hope and courage in the years to come. There I will create a common ownership business inviting the local community of simple folk into a marriage of cooperation.

I will practice Creative Conflict there, a process of listening that starts right off the bat with confronting our egos that do not want to listen to a thing. I have been a custodian of this process for decades but do not practice it with my fellow human beings who have too many other important things to do than really shutting up, sitting still and listening at a deep meaningful level of being to each other. It is not a surprise that our civilization is threatened because we as a race do not enjoy listening or resolving  conflicts.

My mentor Christopher Hills must have been a nut to even develop such a process for us humans who seem to love our own egos more than any other thing. I have lived a great part of my life on the Internet for 13 years and the thing that has most astounded me during all this time was the absolute absence of Creative Conflict and the work of Hills, which has been buried.

It is the about the only thing you can do a Google search for and find nothing specific to his work but you can still buy the Creative Conflict book. I highly recommend it though it’s like reading about riding a bicycle. You still have to go out and ride/practice this spiritual communication discipline with others for the reading to be meaningful. The process is actually very beautiful but takes conceptual people for a ride beyond their cherished thoughts and precious ideas. It’s like a wind on ones soul and can be terrifying for the ego, which has to face going over the water falls of the opening and vulnerable heart.

Truthfully, after all that has gone on these past several weeks I have been amazed that none of my professional friends have called begging for help to set something up here in the southern hemisphere. I do understand though how hard it is even to think of transplanting oneself in a foreign land. These women from Russia certainly make that point strongly.

As most of my more dedicated readers know, Sanctuary is nearing completion. It’s been years that I have cast a net out for a potential partner in the project—and I have received a great deal of help yet am going down the home stretch alone except for my loyal builder, now partner and friend, who made it all possible.

I have felt that I still needed a partner who will join with me shoulder-to-shoulder in spirit—in consciousness—under the full spotlight of reality as it is being currently dished out to the human race but my wife mirrored to me the other night that perhaps it is in more in tune for me to race to the finish line alone.

What I have to offer is an incredible, extraordinary on many levels, but it can be offered to only a few people… really few, and I mean only to one, two or three families maximum that I can possibly hook up with and help for there is not much time to build new houses for people to occupy if they are looking to set up a permanent residence in the south.

construçao  do  marcondes  e  robi 038.jpg

It is my belief and gut feeling that there is not much time at all to prepare for the more hostile future in terms of economy, weather and intense earth changes. That is a great part of the meaning of my communication today. There is not much time before even bigger events come in like their own tidal waves destroying all the plans of mice and men.

And not much time before mountains of debt come avalanching down pulling the plug of our comfortable civilization. There are certain countries that do not have much of a future. Those with the least water and oil are already in trouble but when those with the most debt fall there will be all hell to pay.

# # #


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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • grumpy bear

    Hello Mark & readers, I enjoyed the “Dear IMVA” as it was sobering & reminds me of a bible story I remember from years ago, & I’m not a ‘bible thumper’. A father gave his 3-sons monies as he was going on a short trip. One son doubled his share, another spent all of it, & the last one hid the money under a rock. When the father returned, he was most angry with the son who hid his share. This metaphor is about gifts we are given or born with which we should not squander ‘under a rock’. Our gift is to share, to appreciate,give thanks, & offer this to whomever would accept, for there are those who will not, & thats okay as we should keep on moving on in a positive direction,open to challenges,loving ourselves & others & offering both ears to those that are troubled & need hope & compassion. I realize all the times I have been broken were gifts to learn & recognize that brokenness in others as myself.True healers see suffering as a gift, as another ‘us’ that has shown up & we have the opportunity to give of ourselves that which was given freely as our gift to heal. Bless all of us no matter what may come, & as we all are blessed. Forgiveness is key.

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    Some of us agree with you and wish you all the best. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to hook up with you in your sanctuary. Good luck to those who make it!

  • Elaine

    I hear your message loud and clear. I feel much the way you do. How do people go about finding out how they might be able to join you at Sanctuary? I feel so stuck between two worlds!!

  • Gilgamesh

    I use ORMUS gold in my bath water every morning, I just make about 600 mil in a bottle, and add about an ounce to the bath water. I m not sure, but I like to think, that the Ormus shield would neutralize most of the radiation, etc.Ormus gold, and Ormus products maybe some protection against radiation.
    And I think a people just build underground shelters for themselves, in case some Earth changes, or sever climate change, and the American Government is building underground shelters as big as cities underground to protect the American people.But A lot of the States are low laying areas, or faults on the west coast, the Madrid fault line in the central states, the best place for shelters are in the mountains. I plan to build my own underground shelter
    in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona.

  • Paul

    These are for sure trying times.
    Please keep posting.

  • Dear Dr. Sirius,

    There are many of us out here that are all alone! : ) It is a discussion that I have a lot with various internet friends. I wouldn’t know where to begin if I had to look around my physical area to find people of like mind. I, too have been searching for info and posting YouTubes, articles and my own ideas on Facebook. I think many of my FB friends have “hidden” me from their news feed due to overload.

    I came up with a creative idea for a worldwide protest movement against nuclear energy by planting masses of cherry trees as close to nuclear sites and proposed sites as possible. I started a FB page, but only 6 people have “liked” it. I have about 160 “friends” on FB.

    I have been involved with Waldorf Education and the work of Rudolf Steiner most of my life. He, too gave us a lot of material to work with involving community, economics and the process of truly listening. But even in the groups connected with Waldorf Schools, there is strife and conflict. Many schools die because of it. It is a sad reality of our time.

    I think our “Golden Age” is still a long way off. I personally believe that what is happening is under the control of a spiritual entity who has been given this time to work his will on humanity. There is little that we can do to “fight” what is happening. And anyone who rises up as a leader because he CAN solve our problems will be the worst thing for us. But I believe that we are being given this time and the freedom of the internet by Grace. I print and save everything I feel is important. We may not have this freedom always.

    We need to share consciousness whenever and however we can. We need to speak Truth as much as we can and to leave written records for our future selves in eons to come. Like the “White Rose”, some, many or even all of us may die for our audacity to speak Truth, but we will plant seeds. No matter how long those seeds remain buried and dormant, I believe that Spirit will germinate them in the future when the time and conditions are suitable.

    You are being heard. Keep speaking Truth. We may none of us ever know what difference it makes to someone else. Trust in Spirit to use our words as it will. Thank you for being you.


  • Natalie

    Dr. Sircus, I am also a student of Dr. Hills. I was a friend of the Hills family when they first moved from England to California, and later lived near the University of the Trees in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I went for classes and meditation. I have read many of his books, which influence me still. Like you, I am amazed that he didn’t have a bigger following, though he is still revered in dowser circles, at least. It is nice to see his name mentioned here on the Net with the kind of recognition he deserves.
    The world news does indeed look bleak, but I think there are many positive forces at work which do not make the headlines. The powers that be prefer that we live in fear, as that is their greatest weapon against us. That and are our failure to recognize how powerful we really are.
    I take comfort in Dr. Hills own observations and predictions about these times. He thought that we are on the verge of a great awakening and a wonderful Golden Age. It may only be visible if we listen to our hearts. The intellect, being the tool of the ego, can be very deceptive.
    Take care and be well!