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Dear IMVA, October 2011

Published on October 4, 2011

Dear IMVA,
We have been having some big difficulties with our sites specifically with We recently transferred our sites to a new server and it keeps crashing and so far no one has been able to understand what is happening. This has been very frustrating to say the least, for being at Sanctuary without Internet has made this all the more difficult.

If you have been trying to purchase an e-book and have run into a brick wall please be patient and try again for the site keeps going up and down.

The up side is that after so many years of total dedication to my work it is a pleasure to be offline and to enjoy nature and my family. I am truly sorry for the difficulties the site problems are causing and expect to have these fixed very soon.

I do check the news but am putting much less of my consciousness into all the disasters and threats and that certainly is a relief to my wife. Both Nature and the financial world continue to threaten the world’s populations but when you are sitting in the woods or by a river its’ hard to be so concerned.

I feel I have done my part to bring my readers attention to the world situation so they are not blindsided. Now my attention is on the medical marijuana book and it is very nice to be able to concentrate so much on it, should have that one out in November some time.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Tekal

    Dear Dr Sirkus: the good news is that the OccupyWallStreet movement is spreading. Some U.S. Marines in full combat gear came out to protect the protesters! It’s time the NYPD cops, many of whom were first-line victims of the WTC attacks, caused by the very same gang of banksters and their accomplices in government, it’s time that these dumb cops get smart, and go arrest the real criminals instead, the ones hiding at Goldman Sachs and the New York Federal Reserve. Shut down Wall St., Bay St., The City, and all of the world’s stock exchanges. Let’s get the records out, let them show all of the evils, wars, the reduction and collapse of the economies of hundreds of nations, the loss of pension plans, the famines, and all the rest, committed by the speculators at the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, the Schroeder Bank, N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan, to name only the leaders. Let us see real change for once, and arrest those criminals and lock them up forever. Perhaps a real world economy, based on barter and trade, like the Global Exchange Network, la Moneda Social, then emerge.

  • OliveOyl

    Amen, you have done your part! You deserve to take some enjoyment from this interlude of quiet. God bless you.

  • You might like to take into consideration the number of recent solar flares & close encounters with asteroids of late. There is a tendency to experience mayhem in electronic devices, Internet & so forth.

    Keep the Faith ~

  • David

    Dr Mark,

    Life seems to be getting harder all around. Maybe the inevitable will happen. It is difficult to escape unscathed since the situation gets worse every time one updates. Lets hope for a good solution. The masses are no help!