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Reader Responses

Published on May 15, 2012


I would like to share some of the comments that are coming in from publishing Seismologist Casts a Shadow last night. There are plenty of people who have not the slightest idea that there is anything wrong and they go about their business without a thought of the many guillotines about to fall down on us. One reader said last night, “Occasionally I mention the ‘critical mass’ of Fukushima to friends, but they look at me incredulously, as if I was speaking about something happening on another planet.”

From a cognitive therapist, “With respect to Mike Adams’ optimism, may I be so bold as to acknowledge out loud that hope and optimism, while stupid and illogical habits of thought, are really, really good medicine? When we comment, always sardonically, that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” we simultaneously acknowledge that without this stupid habit of hope, we would keel over in depression and despair and die. Such was the fate of the initial British colonists in Virginia, hundreds of years ago. In just three weeks, they died of nothing more than “fatal withdrawal.” They gave up, curled up, and died. The advice to those who want to live through this nightmare to see a better day is to keep up the dumb habit of hope. Find the silver lining. Crack jokes. Have fun. Indulge in black humor. Believe that somewhere the sun still shines, the evil genius of our species notwithstanding.”

I agree especially with the humor and hope that love will never desert us (if in fact we do have such love in our lives) but do not agree with false optimism and what I call the stupid belief or hope that big daddy (government) will save the day when they are doing their stupid best to ruin it.

“We are definitely in prophecy-fulfilling days, no doubt about it. I don’t believe the leadership of the USA—banksters, gangsters, mad scientists, etc.—are even human. Nobody could do such things as this, and cause such outrageous havoc on this beautiful planet.” I have to agree with this reader and I am sure Einstein keeps turning over in his grave. It’s a dark moment and the human race only has itself to thank for it.

“Recently I was informed via a German family from one of their physicist friends that if this happens, the entire planet is at risk, not just the northern hemisphere. Winds meet and reverse at the equator, and then flow south towards the poles. In short, there may be a decrease in hot particles of course, but there surely will be fallout in your area as well. Why not suggest in your reporting that all nations focus at this juncture on getting an international team to the scene to stabilize that facility?”

I would make such a call to the world but who seriously thinks anyone important would listen? The mainstream press does not even recognize that Fukushima has been a problem since the beginning. If these people were interested in doing everything possible they would be doing it already. And I agree with the assessment that the south would also be greatly affected and that the ability to have healthy human children is going to be cut from under us. Somehow I just do not feel like any kind of humor when I have to be honest and say something like this.

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What I pray for the most of course is the safety, wellbeing and health of my wife and children. If I were to call for a world prayer I am not sure what I would ask for. When the ancients were tested in the Bible, there was often some space to ask to let this pass me by, to be spared of a great test—i.e., taking one’s own son’s life upon God’s angels’ command.

In my soul—and I am pained to have to say this—I am more than doubting that we will be spared. We have to be realists here not optimists or pessimists. Even without reactor No. 4 caving in, we have the promise of constantly increasing radiation from Fukushima. Nobody shut that nuclear contamination flow down and it already is beyond bad and there are hundreds of other nuclear plants built right where they shouldn’t be, right on fault lines. The increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity is no joke to the nuclear industry. Today only complete fools trust anything they or the government says. I not see one shred of evidence that anything is being done. They cannot even talk about the situation, so who will resolve it or how will they do it?

At this point, and I say this as the eternal optimist, I think we need to face the things that need facing. For those who don’t understand how the world is quickly changing under our feet and above us in the skies, even sexual education is going to have to change. Avoiding pregnancy will take on new meaning as the rates of genetic mutations increase.

For more solid information and plenty of links on the subject of Fukushima read Fukushima fuel pool is urgent national security issue for America, ‘top threat facing humanity’.

“People don’t realize that the Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge. It’s near the tipping point,” said Dr. Micio Kaku. “A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion, could tip it over and we could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. It’s like a sleeping dragon.”

Suicide Brigade

One reader wrote me saying, “Fixing the situation would require great sacrifice. That’s something the Japanese can relate to, i.e., kamikaze, honor, face. Pay volunteers a million dollars each to sign up for a suicide mission, where the money will go to their families. I’m sure they’d get many takers. Those volunteers would then do whatever is needed to encase reactor No. 4 in concrete or similar, as happened in Chernobyl. It won’t be easy, but each volunteer could work for several hours before they succumbed. Horrible? Sure! Are there any alternatives? TEPCO has the money, as does the Japanese govt. Even if it cost $100m, it would be a massive bargain. The first volunteers should be TEPCO officers.”

One hundred million would only be 100 men when many thousands would be needed. But that is not a problem since the money can be printed and borrowed or brought in from mars!

Suicide rates are up all around the world anyway. In Greece the number of suicides increased by about 40% in the second half of 2011. Japan has also seen a steep rise in suicides since Fukushima happened.

We are really not a happy people though the happy people would probably resent me saying this. In my book HeartHealth, I deal deeply with ideas of happiness as well as with the avoidance of feelings. It is more than possible to revel in mental happiness without an idea of how closed ones heart is. Personally I am happy for many reasons. I walk around with my heart busted wide open so my vulnerability (I define the heart as the vulnerability of being) feels things deeply. So when pain and suffering come they come and the job then is to deal with the emotions and feelings with courage and strength.

One of my readers wrote some nice words but are they real or is this just another way the mind gets away with not feeling anything on a heart level? “The world is a holographic illusion. These catastrophes are part of 3-D reality or illusion. The key is not to give it reality by the low vibration of fear. The key is in raising your vibrations. In this way you affect the whole. Planet earth is moving into new regions of the cosmos. Higher energies are coming into earth. These energies connect with your DNA, your consciousness but it all depends what you focus on. Focus on the negative and you amplify it. The gap between idea and manifestation is vanishing. This means that if you think of something like a catastrophe, instantly this is what you will experience. If you follow your internal guidance from inside, look at the positive, choose to be happy, you will have another experience.”

Actually sounds like an ego talking about having egocentric experiences of happiness no matter what is happening to the people around us and to our civilization in general. Yes we do, in the end, have control over and responsibility to what we put in our consciousness, but what we deny creates the real illusions most of us live with until we die.

In my next newsletter I will share my personal feelings in an essay entitled, “Fear and Courage and Doing the Right Thing.” I will share some suggestions on what to do about this situation when there really is nothing to do in a large sense. As I keep writing, the essays get too long and so I am breaking them down to reasonable lengths. If you are not familiar with the medical consequences and what personal health choices would make you stronger in the face of increasing nuclear winds, I suggest you start with my book, Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome.

Last notes into my box

“What puzzles me is why the rich power elite are not seemingly worried.  They have their underground cities, and as you say all the psychopaths together (what would you give to be a fly on the wall), but after that…what….???? Do they have some hidden technology which will clean things up?”

“So if it is true, and may well be, then we might as well relax and enjoy life, since as Helen Caldecott points out also, “There isn’t a thing we can do about it.”

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • I am brand-new to blogging and also loved your website. I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking you out. Thanks for sharing your site.

  • robert

    I would SERIOUSLY suggest your readers check this link about the nuclear power plants not thinking that an emergency might be an issue. They still also say that LESS people will be evacuated AT FIRST. PLEASE pass this link on to Mike Adams and the other people who are in the know. I do not have their contact info to forward.

    Friggin God Bless us All!! I am going to get a drink, why not!

  • robert

    I totally agree with all the comments and the articles. I will continue to read. I DO believe you should all know: the government DOES know that there is an issue. I just signed up for a RADIATION DAY TRAINING, where they show you how to use a Geiger counter, show you how to recognize and treat radiation burns, and tell you how to control a mob. SO, now what?

  • Lloyd Bryant

    Why are you not promoting the use of zeolites? Cliniptilolite in particular has been used extensively for years for heavy metal and radiation chelation. Even Natural News posted articles on this last recently. Zeolite has a negative charge and it attracts positively charged heavy metal toxins including radioactive ones and holds them within its cage structure for excretion from the body.

    Avoid any sort of liquid zeolite as they are invariably sold by pyramid marketing schemes and do not have the proven benefit of the powdered zeolite. Liquid zeolite is highly processed and diluted and will cost many times more than the powder. Frequently, liquid zeolite marketing will deceptively quote research relating to the use of zeolite powder.

    Powdered zeolite is inexpensive and should be considered by everyone for regular use to assist with heavy metal detox, not just in the event of a nuclear emergency.

    Powdered zeolite also has many other potential health benefits that I will not go into here so please do your own research on this but be wary of the liquid zeolite marketing (but do not let this put you off)!

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Hi Lloyd,

      Dr. Sircus does not object to people using zeolites, and thank you for the information on clinoptilites.

      We have found that zeolites are often sold by MLMs, both liquid and powders, and really were not backed with credible research proving what they can do in terms of heavy metal removal.

      Dr. Sircus recommends chelators with proven clinical studies, and the concurrant use of clay and magnesium to support the cells and remove the metals from the body. (to prevent re-distribution in the body).

      There may now be good zeolite products, but as you said many marketed previously were done so with a lot of hype and little credible good research behind it. Its very important to make sure when you purchase zeolites that you get some that has been thoroughly cleaned … meaning all the little cages were cleaned of previously accumulated toxins. Some types sold are not!

      • robert

        While it is great to start stockpiling your chelators and zeolites, how the heck much are you going to need to survive in a country that is totally showered upon?? You cannot stock and be safe for upteen years to come. So what do we think now? Me, perhaps it may be better to lay down and die in the first onslot if it is big since I really don’t want to wallow in the bodies of others that will die from the sideeffects of the radiation. It is a terrible death.

    • Margie Kronewitter

      I am taking zeolite from It will even stop a Throbbing Tooth. Worked for me and a friend. Both better the next day, though we continued to apply the POWDER directly to the area. I also noticed it neutralizes the odor of urine. Seems to be verifiable Evidence Based Medicine. Easy to take.

  • James Chu

    Dr. Sircus,

    There is actually a brand new science and technology that can clean up the Fukushima mess. The discoverer of this science is Mr. M.T. Keshe in Belgium. I have told Mike Adams about him and suggested Mike to interview him in his program.

    Mr. Keshe actually offered to the Japanese government after the earthquake to take care of the nuclear problem, but his offer was turned down due to some reason. And recently, President Obama issued an presidential order that in essence out-lawed Mr. Keshe and his technology, most likely done to protect America’s interest and power in the world. You see, Mr. Keshe’s technology can render America’s arsenal to be completely useless. That is how the Iranian government captured one of America’s advance spy drone last November.

    So now, we are back to square one. Do man want to destroy ourselves simply because we want to hold on to our “power” of domination and control, or do we want to progress to a world of peace and happiness?

    Our failure to accept full responsibility for our lives will ultimately lead to total self destruction.

    Even though the world is going to have major disasters, I think by us taking full responsibility for ourselves, we can pass through them unscathed. This is not hope. This is logic.

    You can find out more on Keshe from this web site:

  • Beautiful Mark

    You are seeing through the shallowness of most spiritual adventurers … Please stay with what is true for you and shout it from the rooftops if you feel like it 🙂

    One of the harder things to accept from life if you have not experienced this is that life itself does nit care about the survival of one part of itself as opposed to another – it is neutral this way … And as horrific as it may seem to have a mass extinction of humanity at this point a cleansing is required as we cannot fix these problems from where we are …

    Exam time!

    Enjoy the ride 🙂

  • David

    Frankly, we can try to deal with what we know. Its what we don’t know that bothers me. The world will only get worse. That is a logical progression. May be its time that the evil masses get theirs. The evil elites have their escape hatches. We don’t!

  • Olive Oyl

    Doctor Sircus, your book Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome is a fantastic source of practical medical help.

    I think your readers also need to focus on the logistical aspects of a nuclear Armageddon. There are survivalist web sites which can help to answer the question, what would we do if . . .

    Among other things, people should identify a local source of drinkable water (preferably from a deep water well with the reservoir covered). They should have large containers for drinking water on hand, which can be filled quickly in an emergency. They should stockpile foods which will keep well for long periods — some stable cooking oils, legumes, rice, seeds, dried herbs, dried fruits, nuts in the shell, canned sardines, and so on. Baby food and pet food should not be overlooked. Certain paper goods should be stocked. Provisions can be kept fresh by rotating them, using what is oldest and putting new supplies to the back.

    They should have soaps, vinegar and baking soda on hand for washing. They should have flashlights and a supply of batteries; also candles and matches. They should keep vitamin C and D3 on hand, so that their immune systems can continue to function during the sunless “no-go-outside” days of nuclear fallout. They should have duct tape and newspaper to seal off doors, windows and wall fans against fallout. They should make a list of whatever supplies they might need to pack quickly, including clothing, in case events compel them to leave home to go to safer ground.

    They should network in advance with other families or friends, to be able to share resources (generators, sewing machines, etc.) and help each other. Church groups or community groups might pre-plan a soup kitchen for people who are left without food, or a communal sleeping hall for families left homeless. Every community should have Geiger counters or other equipment to ascertain whether food, water and other materials are safe. Parents would need to designate a guardian for their children in case they themselves fell ill.

    No one wants to believe that the unthinkable will happen, but it is possible. To plan ahead is a must for those among us who want to survive the coming times.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Thanks Olive Oyl for this good information. You are right, no one wants to think that this might happen but we must be prepared. Everyone should take a little responsibility to learn what they need to do just in case we are faced with coping with nucliear fallout. There are many sites on the web that can tell people how to be prepared in the manners you stated for such a catastrophe happening. Appreciate your comment!

  • Alan

    Thank You Dr Sircus,

    You wrote: ” I would make such a call to the world but who seriously thinks anyone important would listen?”

    Please watch

    also found at:

    Here’s a website about the man in the video… I’m very glad to see he is involved!
    Looks to be someone known to get the job done.

    Thanks again.