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Construction Company

Published on January 18, 2011

Speaking about loyalty and devotion, which are the two ends of the same oar, my entire project at Sanctuary has been dependent on a simple man named Macondes. He is my builder but now he is also a partner in the project, for without him I simply could not have continued on. He has eight brothers and sisters in the area and I kid with people that he has a cousin behind every tree. I always remember three years ago leaving him with my blank check book as I had to be elsewhere (with wife and kids) for three months.

A great part of Sanctuary is bound with the local peoples and their support has been crucial. I fully intend to demonstrate another way of being in the world that transcends social and economic levels. Those of us who have more need a new way of relating to those who are far less fortunate in a material sense if we are ever to see a better world. Seems like the elite have been more like sucking vampires rather than giving, and that’s mostly how we got into the mess we are currently experiencing.

In the next few weeks I will exhibit more pictures as we race to finish Sanctuary.  The structure will also double as a model for my builder Macondes. The mayor of our town helped him organize a building company and we will support and promote him and his team that can provide full support to purchase land and build a survival center for those who have the resources to escape to a warmer and more pristine environment.

He has helped me build my dream and done so even though I live thousands of kilometers away and he has been my highway to the local people and their hearts. His company will be a common ownership company and that’s how we will run everything at Sanctuary.

Also with the launching of my Humane Pediatrics book, probably at the end of this month, we will also inaugurate our FOR THE CHILDREN foundation that will be devoted to bringing a new and better form of pediatric care to the world’s children. We will start that right from the Sanctuary center, the new home of the IMVA, to help the local children in our hidden valley.

I really think it’s going to be a fight for our own and our children’s lives during these next few years and even the most prepared are going to face tough going trying to make it and protect those we love. When I had trouble with someone trying to steal my land and building away from me last year most of the local town people came to my aid in a formal petition to the judge and that won my cause. Learning to develop deep and meaningful community relationships are important for everyone today because together we will stand, divided we will fall. That is, by the way, the name of a future essay of mine in progress.

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For financial collapses (seems like we are faced with financial and economic chaos at the exact same time Mother Nature is rising up) and ice ages both I recommend buying gold and silver, fleeing to the tropics and purchasing as much survival food as possible. Vladimir Paar said, “They might migrate to the south, or might stay, but with a huge needed increase in energy use.” The Ice Age “could happen in five, 10, 50, or 100 years, or even later. We can’t predict it precisely, but it will come. The reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the ice age. We are at the end of the global-warming period. The ice age is to follow. Paar says it will still be possible for man to survive in the ice age, but the spending on energy will be enormous. “Food production also might be a problem. It would need to be produced in greenhouses with a lot of energy spent to heat them.”

With prices of food set for large increases, investing in survival foods makes financial sense as well. Everyone who has paper assets should transfer that affluence to gold right now as the ultimate store of wealth that will protect hard work and savings.

Life is going to blow our assumptions right out of the water and you can believe me when I say most people are totally blind about the assumptions they make and the price of being wrong. Assumptions are one of our basic ego processes, and when they get shattered we tend to shatter. We build much of the edifices of our consciousness on assumptions but in the end, if they crumble, an average person (TV couch potatoes for instance) will go down like the World Trade Towers. But the cause is not from above (like the planes hitting the top floors) but from below, like in the foundations being blown out at the roots of the structure. In this case it’s the structure of our consciousness and our ability to cope and understand that we need to deal with next.

Rich or poor it does not make a difference when we are challenged beyond our capacity to respond. Assuming that life will go on as it has these past decades is perhaps one of the greatest assumptions most people are making today. The mainstream news media feeds this almost universally-shared assumption, so when this greatest of all bubbles bursts, there will be hell to pay.

Though I was born a Jew, people should appreciate that I am a servant of the Divine Mother Mary – have been visited by her – and have built a shrine for her as the Universal Goddess at my Sanctuary here in Brazil.

Fifteen years ago I have even had my own conversations with God and I wrote them down in writings I call “The Oneness of Being.” I don’t talk about this kind of stuff much but something must be nudging me in the moment to do so. I guess what I am saying or trying to admit is that I have a divine mission – a deep purpose – that is one of the most precious things one can have in life. Many psychologists define fulfillment in terms of meaning and purpose.

Being the voice in the virtual wilderness is my destiny as long as there is an Internet to shout out onto and as long as I have life and breath. Yes my purpose has been to lead a revolution in medicine and provide to as much of humanity as possible a life raft of safe and effective medicinals – the kind medical officials and even other people (as we shall see tomorrow) don’t want you to know about or use.

They will let you know medicinals such as baking soda exist but will advertise mostly the downside when the upside is huge and incredibly safe. Doctors and medical organizations, as well as government officials, love to use fear when talking about medicine, but the greatest thing we should fear is the principles and practices of contemporary medicine.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
– Albert Einstein

I am under no illusion about being divinely led by the nose into what I have discovered, into what I have created. Funny I did not even open up my imagination until I was about 38, and that’s now 20 years ago. That’s when I started writing my first poetry, which eventually evolved into divine verse. Then divine medicine. I don’t think any of us is that intelligent but when we plug into the divine beings that surround us we get supercharged with what they have to offer our minds and beings.

It is really not a good time in the world to be talking spiritually with so much fanaticism loose in the world. It is my experience that rigid thinking has nothing to do with true spirituality, yet that is the hallmark of much of religious life. Fixed concepts and ideas have drowned out much of the love that we have needed to create both a humane civilization and certainly humane medicine.

This morning I was frustrated because I could not penetrate the veil of the future, could not imagine well enough what needed to unfold for me personally, for Sanctuary here in Brazil, for the IMVA, and also for the world. The shadows were too thick and heavy but I burst through. It suddenly became obvious to me that if I could not imagine the changes necessary for myself, and if we as a race cannot imagine how we need to be to become a nobler race of beings, neither I nor we will get to a new landing that we can be more proud of.

I suddenly saw the Himalayan Mountains and saw that it was an immense project to visualize humanity in detail as a nobler race. Creating the full picture would be a long-term detailed challenge but the first piece of the puzzle is clear. Those at the top, those who aspire to take responsibility for the life and wellbeing of others, have to be perfect listeners.

And that is a tall order for it is truly terrible to listen to the things that we don’t want to hear. If we reach a point that we can listen to anything, even the things that point to our own weaknesses, our own Achilles’ heel(s), then we qualify for the noblest of all the necessary works that there ever was for humanity. We can become servants of earth, servants of a race of beings whose divine mission and purpose is the evolution of our race as a whole. Perfect listeners cannot separate themselves from anybody or anything because that’s the meaning of listening on a perfect level.

Thank God that it is possible to listen perfectly before we become perfect — so very few human beings have ever reached that state. In fact I don’t believe in perfection though I do believe in pure love. That too can be ours again, luckily, before we are perfect and in truth, pure love and pure listening are one and the same thing.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • Carol

    Mark, I loved reading your posts (as always) and looking at the many pix. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you 4 all you’ve done & do. Live the dream! ~Carol

  • Elaine

    ……OH! Now THAT is truly “awesome” in the deepest meaning of the word. I’m in a state of awe from reading this.
    First, I didn’t know Sancuary was like this, or the history behind it. It seems you truly ARE destined to be in this situation to have something truly wonderful unfold, Dr. Marcus. It is breathtaking. Especially with you sharing the depths of your soul in connection with it, and to the peoples’ of this land in this area. As well as your ispirations of humanity as a whole!

    I don’t think it was an accident that guided you to Macondes. He and his family being natural stewards of the land, and loyal to you for your desire to protect it, as well as your dreams to shape it…what a relationship made in heaven. His family and the townsmen feel like a trusting and loving group to not only BE there, but to be a PART of it, as well. I can say right now that I love this man…and his entire family, too!

    When the earth is loved, she loves back!

    The vision you have for a community who come together with heart and soul, who bear all truth of their character and give with their expression the best we could all co-create, is indeed, a path and the way to elevate our humanity into a race that could ultimately shine the way we were meant to! You express this so beautifully.

    It’s like understanding what must be done selflessly with a group of likeminded people, so the goodness of all combined could be the start of a shared goal that is realistically achieveable!!
    Natural people on nature’s land, interconnected and needing one another, and working towards a common goal. What a beautiful canvas to paint the future into being. A miracle in the making.
    I think many of us see this mission you are nutruring into being.
    Oh, I DO thankyou for sharing this, Dr. Mark. I am honored to even see a “peek” of this most beautiful Utopia in a world sidetracked with so much sadness and negativity. Things MUST change if we are to be truly sovereign beings away from greedy governments, and back to the basics of a community based living with respect to eachother and to Mother Earth.
    Perhaps it was Mother Mary who blessed this into becoming an opportunity for you to put into motion.
    There are many varieties of thoughts about “the future”, about “2012”. But one thing they seem to leave out, that you have so beautifully worded, is the perception that our future is going to “Become” what we choose it to become…in listening, acting and creating. Oh, you are blessed, Dr. Mark.
    As you said with your interview with Gerald Celente,…doors began opening for you. But unlike many others, you followed through with those opportunities. And I believe many will benefit from it. God Bless You Dr Mark….God Bless you with every step forward you make.
    And, yes, I do believe you are a humanitarian. You set the example in your words and in your actions.
    I SO very much appreciate you.

    Keep doing what your heart knows is good,
    Elaine ~*~

  • carole strack

    i have been following marcus sircus for a long time now. I am also excited about the santuary. i have dreams of joining you, but i am so poor and can offer nothing except pure love. Would you believe, years ago, i got involved with the plight of animals, as i saw how cruel man can be. At the time, i was working in real estate and after i was done working, i would go to the local pound, as there were some stray cats there.It was a blizzard and i did not care, all i knew is they were waiting for me, as i brought them hot food. I was determined to trap them, and set out with a trap and roast beef.
    As i went to a dangerous part of town, i had no fear, and walked in knee deep snow to get to them. But the male cat,as hungrey as he was refused to go in. I took the trap and the food, figuring he would be hungry the next day, and left. next day, i knew he was starving, and again, he refused to go in or to eat the food. I gathered everything up and started to walk away, but something made me glance back. to my amazment, i saw he was looking at a fallen tree and behind the tree, i saw a mama cat with 3 babies, peering over the top,as if to say to me, please dont leave, we are hungry. wow, i turned back, left the food and left, watching them as i walked away. that was the turning point in my life when i saw how the father cat knew if he eat the food, he would never see his family again, so he chose to starve.SUCH DEVOTION Sometimes, something so simple can teach us what perfect love is. its sacrifice and giving freely. That cat taught me the most important thing in life. HOW STRONG THEIR BOND WAS. now at 74 and have a hard life, barely existing day to day,but wake up so positive, as i look at my kitties, and thank God for them. They ask nothing out of life but love. My heart yearns for the day, people will wake up to learn, th beauty is all around us, in everything, old and young, large and small.

    • Carole…your story is truly inspiring. The unconditional love of animals should be a eye-opening experience. My daughter opened my eyes when she brought home a stray kitten. We were able to enjoy her for 13 with his years true love attitude. You are an inspiration don’t ever forget that.

  • Phyllis Novik

    Dear Dr. Mark, I love when you talk about your spiritual experiences. I am now 80 years old and have been working for enlightenment for the last half of my life. I know it comes when I am ready and therefore I have a lot more work to do before the Divine Goddess will show herself. I know today that the Goddess lives inside of me, that I AM the Divine Goddess but intellectual knowing is not the same as having the experience. I love Brazil, have been twice to see Joao de Deus and have indeed gotten healing. If I were 25 years younger and $100,000 richer I wouldn’t think twice about moving to Goias and participating in the great work going on in Sanctuary (I am a massage therapist and I do use magnesium oil with wonderful results) and Abidiania in the Casa de dom Inacio where Joao does his healing work. May you and your family be always blessed for the great works that come out of your pen and your Being. Muito Amor, Phyllis

  • Hector Sanz

    Would like to visit your sanctuary. Is it finished?
    Getting married this year and my fiancee is a firm believer in our Lady, just like me.
    How can we get additional information on what is available and how to get there?
    We live in Puerto Rico, and I have been an avid reader of your posts for quite some time.
    My respect for your cause, and may you be blessed in your task.