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Sanctuary Retreat and Survival Center

Published on May 17, 2010

Retreat and Survival Center

Sanctuary Imagery Blog

My project in Sanctuary is in one of the lowest population density areas in the world where the word pristine still has some meaning. In the area many even drink the Divine Wine or what is known as Ayahuasca, which is a very potent plant medicine and is what many consider a spiritual teacher plant. It is used primarily for physical, psychological and spiritual healing. The main function of Ayahuasca is to repair the body as well as the wounded human soul.

Purifying and cleansing ourselves brings about a sense of lightness, a greater sense of ease and movement within our bodies. Life force can flow through us with less effort, with more power. Rarely does this happen if we are toxic. The above picture is from the last fifty meters of a river that meets another just 100 yards below the retreat survival center we hope to finish building this year. One can drink right from this river 365 days a year though when it rains it surges up and last year washed our suspension bridge away.


This photo is the same river area at the foot of our land taken when the river is up during the rainy season. It matters where we live and it matters where we heal and often the only way we can cure ourselves of the diseases we have is to retreat back to nature to detoxify our mind, body and spirit. The most toxic place to be is in a hospital and of course most cities are toxic gas chambers.

I am surprised my phone is not ringing off the hook with pleas to help escape the unfolding disasters developing in the first world. I started talking about Sanctuary three years ago and now we are ready for phase two and a rebirthing time of finishing what we started. I hope that things will remain standing in commodity countries like Canada and Brazil but there is no previewing with clarity what a collapse of the first world will engender.

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The vast majority of people are continuing to live their daily life without much of a clue of what forces are butting up against the human race and that is why I wrote Into the Ashes. We humans have made muck out of things and in our arrogance we think we are better than we are despite all of our mistakes.

Two years ago we had a retired midwife from Canada invest and she now has a place of her own just a few hundred yards away. It’s the place where I will go if there is a widespread collapse in Brazil or if there is an intense nuclear war for Sanctuary is situated in a valley ringed by mountains and ridges. Meanwhile we will continue to live in a city on the coast but will support all aspects of the project from a distance except when I go there for my own healing retreats.

Very interestingly today as I write this we have The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada: Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth’s current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the on-going “solar hibernation.”  In follow-up to the specific global temperature forecast posted in SSRC Press Release 4-2009, the SSRC advises that in order to return to the long term decline slope from the current El Nino induced high temperatures, a significant global cold weather re-direction must occur.

I called Director John Casey from the SSRC and even though he is forecasting a return to a worsening cooling trend the cooling is hitting with record breaking cold during May in many parts of the United States and in the rest of the world. The sun continues to be blank of sun spots and if you have not already seen my site on climate change please visit.

I know that most only respond and react when the light gets the darkest and fear shows and knows no bounds. If there is anyone out there to answer this call now is the time to show your face. Time is short, very short for anything we or anyone can do.

Sanctuary Donations

Special Musical Note: I talked recently Bryun Kayler who is without doubt and extraordinaire guitarist. I am presenting links below to his music not only because many of you will enjoy sampling his music but also because he will donate 50% of music sales to our Sanctuary Retreat Center Project. His overwhelming passion for his instrument and his music has produced an incomparable guitar style that has him using all his fingers simultaneously, like a keyboardist, creating truly astonishing results. He can play the bass part, rhythm (accompaniment) and melody together for each of his unique and amazing arrangements or compositions, while at the same time embellish them with harp-like arpeggios, generating a rich, full-bodied sound. His songs contain great melodies, a good musical feel and catchy, clever songs that stick with you.

Kayler has his music for sale at CD Baby. The web addresses are listed below. Download MP3s (album or singles) or go to LINKS section of each individual page for a list of digital stores such as iTunes, PayPlay, Emusic, etc.

Across The Universe – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire Plays The Beatles
Viva Italia – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire Plays Neapolitan Songs
God Bless America – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire
Latin Spell – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire
Country Pickin’ Good – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire
Kayler’s Christmas – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire
Classic Country – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire
Time Was – Kayler Guitarist Extraordinaire Plays Latin Music
Kayler Songs

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  • EPC

    You had me at “wounded human soul.” I don’t just want to be there, I need to be there.

  • Anne-Marie Van den Bossche

    This is all very convincing and I follow the thought of going to the southern hemisphere. But there is a obstacle that I think is very unfair : money. One needs a lot of money to be able to move abroad. F.i. I am chronicle ill and housebound and almost continuously bedbound for over 20 years. My two children are ill too with the same disease CFIDS/ME. During all those years we have given unbelievable amounts of money to doctors, tests, medicines. We are lucky that my husband still can work. My point is : Are people who don’t have a lot of money and who are sick doomed to stay where they are and go down or do you have suggestions for them too ?

  • Wwilliam Humphrey

    …….I have just learned of your project in Brazil. I would like to know more about it. I have been looking for some time to build a similar retreat but unable to find enough interested and responsible partners. Please advise me on all particulars. I would be a serious potential neighbor. I am an experienced world traveler and have considered ,Bolivia,Ecuador as well as SE Asia. All who read feel free to write and offer suggestions.Sincerly ,William

  • Laura

    I have been interested in Sanctuary since I first heard you tell of it years ago, but need to know how much it would cost to build a modest home there. Would I buy part of it for my own land, or how are you handling this? And how is the midwife doing there? Is she able to buy any of her food and necessities, or is she completely self-sufficient?

  • Susie

    I am also interested in knowing what is needed to be involved the building of the Sanctuary.
    Mark – please be in touch.

    • I also have sciatica, I staterd meditating regularely 7 months ago and it really helps. I injured myself in a fall when I was a runner and before I learned to meditate and control pain through it I was taking pain pills, now I will not put that stuff in my mouth, they only cover up the symptoms so we don;t know what is really wrong with us. Stick to meditation twice a day and eat inti-inflamation diet (whole foods) and exercise and soon you will feel better. Good luck..

  • Jim Watt

    How much do you nedd to finish (or finish a phase of ) the santuary?? I may be able to help. I have been to Brazil several times, mainly in the populated areas. I love the country and if I were 40 years younger I would move there in a flash. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Carla

    There’s an old legend that says the “Virgin’s Rock” (an enormous boulder at the entrance of La Gran Sabana (Amazon Basin, Venezuela), will fall down and block this entry way when the end times arrive… those who are in will be lucky, those outside will not have access… this area, one of the oldest landscapes in the planet, is protected from almost all natural disasters, remote, with many wells of pure water.
    I live in the US now but always keep in mind this exists and awaits a select group who will survive the tough times ahead.
    Still, we must not align with fear, stay alert but keep our focuse in a positive outcome when we finally realize our only chanceo is to work together in cooperation, we’ll be able to manifest solutions, new ways of dealing with our problems.
    I highly recommend “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce Lipton, he explains, from a biologist point of view, how competition is an outdated way to interact with each other.