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Retreat and Survival Center

Published on March 16, 2011

(Life Rafts for the Japanese)


Our Sanctuary project is a land ark. Noah built his to weather the rain and sea and I built mine in the interior highlands of Brazil. Before the nuclear disaster in Japan started I wrote the following for this presentation of my Sanctuary for my loyal readers:

There is still room and perhaps a little time left for a “few” families to join us. Though designed to be a naturopathic retreat center in good times, I am becoming convinced that the survival nature of the project will gain prominence as things in the world deteriorate during the next few months. Though built to be comfortable for nobility with “natural allopathic” treatments suitable for Cleopatra herself, its essence is tied to something humbler. Sanctuary is committed to common ownership of the business, which we will create with both our staff and our local community. Sanctuary is dedicated to open communication and conflict resolution models through a process of learning how to listen deeply to and understand the inner worlds of others, and to also appreciate the vulnerability of the human heart. So Sanctuary is not for just anyone.

Only a week later the world has changed and its peoples are frightened, especially the Japanese and all the foreigners who are living there. Many are being evacuated already and millions more will be wishing they were somewhere else. If things get totally out of hand and this whole thing goes off as a dirty nuclear bomb, people downwind, meaning people in Hawaii and the western coasts of the United States and Canada and of course regions further east, will be in harm’s way. It is not a good time at all to be in the northern hemisphere. It wasn’t a good time even before this nuclear event because of the threatening financial collapse and because of almost intolerable levels of pollution and toxicity.

I would like to offer to anyone who remains financially stable, the opportunity to come down here to Brazil and escape the consequences of the events in Japan. We have the capability of providing lodging and a healthier environment and can provide some help and guidance in making appropriate arrangements for you and your family.

Please understand that we are not a government agency and no matter how humanitarian we would like to be we have limited resources. Also locally we do not have the extensive medical resources of a large city but there is access to many alternative treatment practitioners. There are spas in the area that can offer instant detoxification programs that are augmented by the area’s pristine nature.

We are very close to finishing our Sanctuary and in this essay we are putting out an invitation for a partner or two to help us, hoping that some of the people we know and who have known us for a good while will respond. But please know, anyone who comes to our local area can get to know us at a lighter level of involvement, then possibly explore deeper participation.

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robi 043.jpg
We are approximately 10 weeks from completion of the main building.

We are nestled within one of the sweetest hidden valleys in the central highlands of Brazil just three hours north of the federal capital of Brasilia. We are flexible and intended to even offer time-sharing arrangements for yearly or bi-yearly detoxification retreats but are clearly gearing ourselves for surviving the storms and crises that are enveloping the world.

Together We Survive, Divided We Fall

Be-prepared conditions are spinning out of control. – Gerald Celente

Chris Hedges writes, “Civilizations rise, decay and die. Time, as the ancient Greeks argued, for individuals and for states is cyclical. As societies become more complex they become inevitably more precarious. They become increasingly vulnerable. And as they begin to break down there is a strange retreat by a terrified and confused population from reality, an inability to acknowledge the self-evident fragility and impending collapse. The elites at the end speak in phrases and jargon that do not correlate to reality. They retreat into isolated compounds, whether at the court at Versailles, the Forbidden City or modern palatial estates. The elites indulge in unchecked hedonism, the accumulation of vaster wealth and extravagant consumption. They are deaf to the suffering of the masses who are repressed with greater and greater ferocity. Resources are more ruthlessly depleted until they are exhausted. And then the hollowed-out edifice collapses. The Roman and Sumerian empires fell this way.”

robi 027.jpg
This is to be my office and music room.

Hedges continues, “Civilizations in the last moments embrace a total severance from reality, a reality that becomes too bleak to be absorbed. This time when we go down it will be global. There are no new lands to pillage, no new peoples to exploit. Technology, which has obliterated the constraints of time and space, has turned our global village into a global death trap.”

Though I would like to use Sanctuary as a retreat center, its main purpose is as a survival center with deep ties to the local community. I do not take Hedges’ or anyone’s word lightly about the near-term future and what to expect so I am preparing for worst-case scenarios and will just smile endlessly if they do not appear.

Stoneleigh for The Automatic Earth writes, “In difficult times, who you know, and how well you know them matters at least as much as what you know, and the most important connections are not necessarily those with the wealthy or powerful. There is simply strength in numbers, especially where those numbers are based on relationships of trust, and a trust born of mutual interdependence can be far more common in the lower echelons of society where it has been more necessary, and may therefore have been more firmly established already. It is necessary to know who to trust and towards whom to maintain a healthy skepticism. The poor are often more adept at telling the difference.

“Many wealthy people in disparate parts of the world effectively live in gilded prisons. The ready availability of money has also made many people soft and prone to take the path of least resistance. This has often lulled them into a false sense of security. Wealthy people are too often dependent on a functioning system—a system they have learned well how to navigate and function within, but a system that is extremely brittle in its economic efficiency. Without that all-encompassing life-support system, they may not be able to function at all.

“The wealthy may have deliberately chosen to buy themselves out of the need for ‘messy’ human entanglements and interdependencies in favor of maximizing autonomy, but this can be an acute vulnerability in hard times. Community matters far more than money. No man is an island, and pooling resources can do a lot to help a group of people get through a bottleneck, even if none of them is wealthy. Time, skills, creativity and emotional support are at least as important to share as money in building a mutual support system,” concludes Stoneleigh.

We are looking to attract a few souls who can appreciate deeply Stoneleigh’s words. Marc Faber, the internationally famous financial consultant, says, “I know quite a few extremely well-to-do people who have second thoughts about life in big cities and security in big cities if the unrest in the Middle East were to also spread to developed countries. And they also know that we might have problems with modern warfare that would include cyber war, or switching off of the electricity or biological warfare—terrorism—that would touch the big cities. So, they want to be safe. They buy islands and they buy farmland in the middle of nowhere.”

We are certainly in the middle of a most beautiful nowhere and we intend to organize our entire valley to survive difficult times and even the prophecies converging on the year 2012. We are looking for some resourceful people who want to deliberately choose the opposite of what wealthy people normally do and choose instead to buy themselves into a situation with human entanglements and interdependencies, which will be absolutely necessary in the years ahead.

Please review our Sanctuary site to get a feel for us. We are open to building for others in the valley with our excellent team both inside and outside of our project, meaning interested parties do not have to get totally intimate with our deepest objectives that include the soul. But that said, we have an overall sense of responsibility to everyone in our valley and are cautious about anyone we would invite into it.

If you are interested please send us a message introducing yourself and informing us of your life situation. We do not promise to respond to everyone so please approach us as much as possible with your heart and soul.

Special Note and Challenge to Humanity: Now that I have shared all of this I had a vision of northern Japan being like the Titanic just after hitting that iceberg at full steam. The entire area including the city of Tokyo is threatened with increasing radiation to the extent that the entire area might need to be evacuated. People are already being evacuated by the Japanese and by foreign governments to get their people out of harm’s way. But if the worst-case scenario actually comes to pass, is the world going to stand by and watch 100 million people get fried with radiation?

Both France and Australia urged their nationals in Japan to leave the country today, Wednesday, as authorities grappled with the world’s most serious nuclear accident since the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine in 1986. Russia said it planned to evacuate families of diplomats on Friday.

The entire world is threatened with everything imaginable from food shortages, dramatic climate and now geological events, from pollution to water shortages to financial and outright economic collapse. There are a whole lot of people on our earth with a whole lot of needs. We will see and experience more and more need for forced migrations but it’s not like it was 500 years ago with a whole new world to explore and colonize. Many of us all around the world might not survive all that is coming but meanwhile many of us are still going about our daily life as if everything is normal and it’s going to stay that way.

Japan’s nuclear crisis appeared to be spinning out of control on Wednesday after workers withdrew briefly from a stricken power plant because of surging radiation levels and a helicopter failed to drop water on the most troubled reactor.

I think the entire world—even the Chinese, who bear much ill will toward the Japanese after they invaded China and acted like ruthless apes—needs to open their doors to Japanese refugees. The Chinese have entire cities that are empty and America has huge areas populated by empty foreclosed houses, and who cares about the illusionary importance to bankers’ bottom lines?

Foreigners are leaving Tokyo, or shutting themselves indoors; supermarket shelves are running empty despite authorities assuring citizens there is no need to panic from the crisis.

At this moment, before we meet our fate in the coming years, right now we can, as a race, do something that will touch our collective hearts. I challenge governments on all levels, the elite rich who have more money than God gives anyone the right to have (and keep his soul), and anyone and everyone everywhere to do what they can for the Japanese people. I am going to call the mayor of a nearby town later today and try to start the ball rolling here in Brazil.

I find it interesting this very moment to be releasing this communication as Sanctuary is about to take its first breaths in the world. Sanctuaries are going to be rare birds but it is my hope that many people and nations will take up the cause and give sanctuary to people who need one as long as it does not compromise the safety and security of others. We have to be able to afford our nobility and the graciousness of our acts. Or those in need have to be able to afford to rescue themselves out of their own situations. It is sad that they and we are dealing with limited resources, but still much is possible.

# # #


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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • mile

    thought i read that Russia offered to take the lot of the Japanesse, saying they were the best offered……and east of winds carrying posions eastward….

  • You guys are creating HUGE security problems by announcing your “Sanctuary Retreat and Survival Center.” The last thing in the world that you need in a crisis situation is to have hundreds or thousands of people who know about your retreat to figure out where you are and to flood the place with refugees. If you have a retreat and supplies for long-term survival, posting about it on the Internet, which you’ve already done, is asking for trouble. Jim Rawles of posted a link about your site:

    Look up the terms “OPSEC” or “operational security,” because by announcing your retreat you’re seriously diminishing your security. Just a word to the wise…

    • greg schwarz

      Check out the history of Brazil’s treatment of independent retreats. Google the word “canudos” to learn more. The Brazilian Army might kill all your occupants and confiscate your stuff.

  • CD

    Emailed to me from PEER:

    As an intense atomic drama plays out in Japan, our own Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after “radiological incidents.”

    This is taking place without announcement entirely behind closed doors because this plan is “guidance” and does not require public notice as a regulation would. The radiation guides (called Protective Action Guides or PAGs) are protocols for responding to radiological events ranging from nuclear power-plant accidents to “dirty” bombs. Drinking water, for example, would have a huge increase in allowable public exposure to radioactivity, including –

    * A nearly 1000-fold increase in strontium-90;
    * A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for iodine-131; and
    * An almost 25,000 rise for nickel-63.

    The new radiation guidance would also allow long-term cleanup standards thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted, permitting doses to the public that EPA itself estimates would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed.

    These relaxations of radiation protection requirements are favored by the nuclear industry and allies in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Energy Department but they are vigorously opposed by public health professionals inside EPA, according to documents PEER obtained by suing EPA under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

    Unfortunately, the internal battle within EPA may be over, as an internal e-mail obtained by PEER last month indicates –

    “…a voice mail from Gina [McCarthy, the EPA Assistant Administrator for Air & Radiation] saying that she talked to the Administrator about going forward with the PAGs, and Lisa [Jackson] said go for it! We guessed she would say that. We now have a clear path forward…”
    The e-mail ended with a cheerful emoticon — :).

    PEER has a pending FOIA request to obtain the timing and strategy of the next move in this nuclear chess game. And we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you would like to support our search and other efforts, please do and if you would like to contact EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to tell her that she should not “go for it!” you can e-mail her at
    Jeff Ruch
    Executive Director

    P.S. We wish we were making this up, but unfortunately the following is true–

    Because of internal politics NOAA is putting the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on an island in Pearl Harbor where it is vulnerable to being knocked out of commission by…a tsunami;

  • Gilgamesh

    Your sanctuary will be only for people, or there will be also room for the animals?

  • Jim

    You have a great idea; it’s too bad the governments of our countries haven’t taken on the same ideas. Instead, a lot of governments are telling people they don’t need Iodine/Iodide; even if we don’t need it due to Japan’s fallout, most of the population of G8 countries suffer from low levels of Iodine. My point, they should be telling us to take some anyway, but it seems they prefer to keep us unhealthy.
    I do believe the world is going through some major changes, those of us who have taken the time to prepare for the worst will at minimum be better off than those that listen to MSM and make no preparations what-so-ever. In Canada, most people will freeze to death if they don’t starve first under any major catastrophes; only a few know how to survive in extreme cold. Even now it isn’t odd to see a few weeks of -30/-40 temperatures; if we are looking at the world cooling – Canadians will be in real trouble. I am sure most will not survive if we are cut off of heating fuels.
    One thing I can say for Canada is that the government has television ads that tell the population to keep at least three months supply of food and clean water on hand; the ads are not seen often but are seen. I haven’t heard of any other country doing that; I do wish governments all over the world would. Although, starting that kind of program right now might deplete the food supply quickly since so many over the world are all but panicking over Japan’s problems. Further, there are a lot of people that just want to take advantage of others. I have see some people on the internet trying to sell Potassium Iodine for ten times its value, in two case, I saw one person asking for $500, and another asking $1500; pure greed.
    As for the Japanese people, I cannot speak for all of Canada but I would certainly be in favor of taking in several. We have a lot of unused land here, a lot of natural resources, and a very small population for the size of our country. I hope if it comes down to it, the Canadian government will be willing to accept as many as we can reasonably host. I have already written my MP to give him my view on welcoming Japanese people.
    I would like to thank you for your encouragement, as you and others such as J. Celente convinced me a long time ago to start preparing.
    Good luck to you and your sanctuary! I am sure we will all need a lot more then luck.

  • Mike

    Stop trying to impress everyone with what a great humanatarian you are and your love for the Japanese and concentrate on your santuary. People have to make their own way somehow and many will and be better for it.

    Keep your opinions that the U.S., Australia or anywhere else have to take in a million or more Japanese. We have enough problems without listening to do gooders like yourself. We will do what we can. We always do even to our own detriment. Mike Kelly

  • Gilgamesh

    I think a survival center is a good idea. The American government is building secret underground shelters in many States.
    I m going to to build my own big underground shelter in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona, after I retire, in 15-20 years.

    • In 15-20 years? You think you have that long? Pull off the blinders, you’ve got 6-9 months.

      • Gilgamesh

        I dont think the Government is into new age stuff, and Maya calender, and 2012, but I think they are building underground shelters for possible, severe climate change in the next few decades, if not in the next few hundred years.We had a few ice ages, and a few warm ups in the past, it is all depend on the workings in the Sun.So I think, I have more than 6-9 months to build my underground shelter, I hope will be 10-20 years , and maybe longer.

  • Kelly

    I hope the sanctuary works out well for you. I believe it is a good idea, given what is coming, and it surprises and saddens me that so few are doing anything to help themselves.

    Best of luck and I hope the people who accept your hospitality are grateful and contribute in a meaningful way.