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Bicarbonate/Carbon Dioxide Medicine

Published on November 12, 2012

Description: Bi-Carb Formula 250 caps

My medical revolution is simple. Replace dangerous, ineffective, expensive pharmaceuticals with more effective, safe and inexpensive basic medicinals. But the mainstream world of medicine is stubborn and profit driven choosing to remain with the dangerous, expensive and ineffective medicines no matter how many people die from prescriptions for these hazardous medications.

The medical community continues to remain in ignorance about the most basic substances and how they might affect the outcome of cancer. The American Cancer Society demonstrates on their website their lack of knowledge of bicarbonate and human physiology:

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is promoted by some alternative practitioners as cancer treatment. This treatment is based on the theory that cancer is cause by a form of yeast infection and that sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast. This claim is not supported by science or clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology. Available scientific evidence also does not support the idea that sodium bicarbonate works as a treatment for any form of cancer or that it cures yeast or fungal infections.

This statement is way off the mark but I have seen doctors like Dr. Andrew Weil buying hook, line and sinker what the American Cancer Society says. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent and necessary nutrient emergency room medicine that has a powerful systemic effect of balancing cell voltage, cell and tissue pH, oxygenation and most importantly it increases CO2 levels. That’s quite a powerful medicine these people are dismissing out of hand. Are people that brainwashed that they cannot even think twice before discarding such a useful medicine that is universally used in emergency rooms across the globe?

I find it tragic for both the Cancer Society and Dr. Weil to beat down on Dr. Tullio Simoncini and his observations about yeast and fungus involvement in cancer. Mainstream oncology recognizes that infections frequently cause cancer (that means fungus too) and for sure it has always been recognized that late stage cancer patients suffer from late-stage infections (that means fungus too). It is really difficult to find a late stage cancer suffer who is not suffering from an infection and it just so happens that sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is an excellent anti-fungal as well as pulling the rug out from under bacteria and viruses especially when used with iodine.

Sodium bicarbonate is very easy to use in baths, orally or when nebulizing into the lungs when treating lung cancer. This is the least expensive member on my top 10 list and it works fast. It goes right for the jugular of tumors as well as individual cancer cells because it pulls the rug right out from under them. How?

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Sodium bicarbonate aims for the heart of cancer by almost instantly increasing cell pH, cell voltage, cell oxygen as well as CO2 levels. Everyone knows that cancer hates the breath of oxygen as well as disliking the alkaline range, so to dismiss baking soda as a treatment for cancer is ludicrous.

My mother recovered two years ago from cancer using bicarbonate and maple syrup. She had a tumor 4 inches across and 10 inches long which punctured her lungs twice (how it was discovered). She had grade 3b non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Took her three months but she did it. Many thanks for writing your Sodium Bicarbonate book and being instrumental in helping saving my mums life.

Vince Barnes

Everything in the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is as easy and legal to use as aspirin but I can assure you each medicinal I recommend is hundreds if not thousands of times safer than aspirin. Some new products, like CBD (cannabinoid medicine without the THC), put aspirin to shame in terms of both effectiveness and safety.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is as common as aspirin in pharmacies world over but even the most intelligent doctors fail to see it as the powerhouse medicine that it is. Over at Dr. Garry Gordon’s group there is a discussion on the subject. “I did the intravenous sodium bicarbonate protocols as Dr. Tullio Simoncini described but this did not give me dramatic results in my cancer patients,” wrote Dr. Victor A Marcial-Vega, a board certified oncologist.

He would have done better if he had used transdermal and oral means of increasing bicarbonate levels thereby allowing continuous treatment that is safer, much less expensive, and guaranteed to reach all tissues and pass through all barriers.

“Many patients state that they benefit from baking soda and molasses to alkalize something or other. I find this somewhat amazing since backing soda is an acid generally used as an acid buffer. Furthermore the excess bicarbonate is blown off as CO2 providing very little buffering capacity internally. Regardless of how much acid you add to a mixture it will never go alkaline,” writes Dr. Myron Berney.

Description: Sodium Bicarbonate e-Book - Second Edition

I am just about the only doctor in the world who can stand up on stage on the bicarbonate issue because I am the only doctor who has bothered to research the subject enough to write a book and full medical review about it. Dr. Simoncini uses bicarbonate but it is my experience even he knows little about its pharmacological characteristics and all the various ways it can be used.

It’s the CO2 that creates the ideal medical effect of sodium bicarbonate. It’s CO2 that dilates the vessels so more O2 is delivered and that is just one effect of increased CO2 levels.

The bicarbonate ion is amphoteric, meaning that it can behave as either an acid or a base, depending on what it reacts with.

If a bicarbonate ion is combined with an acid, then it behaves as a base.

H+ + HCO3- <==> H2O + CO2

…and carbon dioxide is liberated.

If bicarbonate is combined with a base, then it behaves as an acid.

OH- + HCO3- <==> HOH + CO3

We normally think of it as a base because it raises the pH of water by accepting a proton:

HCO3- + H2O <==> H2CO3 + OH-

But if you add bicarbonate to a strongly basic solution, it actually lowers the pH by donating a proton.

HCO3- + OH- <==> CO3 (2-) + H2O

The use of sodium and potassium bicarbonate is the practice of CO2 medicine. In a nutshell, when a patient raises CO2 levels by using bicarbonate or breathing retraining, they raise O2 levels as well as pH and cell voltage.

Dr. Berney, if you put a little bicarbonate in water and put a pH paper in right after it turns blue because it is almost always alkaline, not acid. It is not just a high pH but high alkalinity, offering powerful shifts in pH to the healthy side for cell physiology. Did you know that sodium bicarbonate loading and continuous infusion protects cardiac surgery patients from acute kidney injury (AKI)?

Oral sodium bicarbonate eases hyperphosphatemia in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients with metabolic acidosis, researchers reported at Kidney Week 2012. Sodium bicarbonate was given orally with a total dose of 3,900 mg daily for one month. With oral sodium bicarbonate, serum bicarbonate improved significantly from 19 to 24.9. Results showed that 69% of treated patients had phosphate levels below 5.5 and calcium-phosphate product below 55, which are the target levels recommended by guidelines developed under the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative. The investigators concluded that oral sodium bicarbonate treatment corrects metabolic acidosis.

Many professionals believe that using baking soda in medicine is a bad idea. Try telling that to an emergency room doctor when one of his patient’s blood is boiling with acidity. He will of course push bicarbonate into the bloodstream to save his patient’s life. Doctors who reject the use of sodium bicarbonate are actually doctors who do not know much about medicine.

Sodium bicarbonate is not a shallow alkalinizer as anyone who takes several teaspoons a day will testify to. With appropriately monitored administration through baths and oral intake, one easily gets the urine up to the ideal cancer-treating pH of eight. It is the sweet spot to get the greatest therapeutic effect against cancer and other serious diseases including the flu. Sodium bicarbonate saved lives during the great Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 and it could save millions of lives today if doctors took off their blinders and made use of this great medicine.

In reality the best combination is to take sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate so I recommend these capsules with them already mixed, but make no mistake, the poor of the world have easy access to one of the cheapest and safest cancer treatments readily available to everyone—plain baking soda.

Description: Bi-Carb Formula 250 caps
250 caps, $17.90

For everyone’s convenience I suggest this bicarbonate formula, because it not only makes it easy to take your bicarbonate but you also get the needed potassium, which is very helpful for cancer patients and everyone else. When using this formula for cancer treatments one cannot give pre-set or pre-determined dosages because currently tested urinary pH is what guides the dose.

Cancer patients who are on chemotherapy though need to know that the side effects of chemotherapy, breakdown of tumor cells, hormones produced by certain types of tumors and extensive replacement of the adrenal glands by tumors can all result in high potassium blood levels, according to the Manual of Clinical Oncology. High levels of potassium can cause muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, abnormal heart rhythm, muscle paralysis, trouble breathing, and even heart failure and death.[1]. In addition, very high white blood cell or blood platelet counts can cause an artificial increase in potassium in a test sample after the blood is drawn.


Orthodox oncologists use bicarbonate to treat cancer; they just don’t brag about it. They do not use it in their minds that way but what they are doing when using bicarbonate to buffer the highly toxic chemo agents is that they are preventing patients from dropping dead on the table from the toxic shock when the poisons are pumped in.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini has not been the best champion of Arm & Hammer baking soda but he is a medical hero for sticking his medical neck out. His methods are difficult to replicate as many doctors have reported. But that does not make his choice of sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of cancer wrong.

Special Note: Dr. Myron Berney got it right when talking about the use of bicarbonate with molasses instead of maple syrup saying, “My money is on the molasses which is the vegetable juice concentrate from the sugar cane plant minus most of the sugars. Molasses is loaded with vitamins and minerals. The juice from the leaves of edible plants is a standard modality in cancer therapy as are many trace minerals and various vitamins so why not molasses the reduced sugar juice of sugar cane?”

I agree on the blackstrap molasses and that is why I recommend people turn away from the use of maple syrup, but I do not universally recommend molasses either except in certain late-stage conditions. Patients on my protocol normally are getting all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals through my recommended superfoods.

# # # #

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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For questions pertaining to your own personal health issues or for specific dosing of Dr. Sircus's protocol items please seek a consultation or visit our knowledge base to see if your question may have been answered previously.
  • amable

    Does someone knows the voltage of sodium bicarbonate??? Hydrogen Peroxide 1.80 volts

  • Mike Flenniken

    Dr. Sircus, your thoughts about using CO2 (humidified) and a whole body bag to deliver the gas to the skin of the entire body, excluding the head, using a pediatric flow regulator as with ozone?

  • glenda crook

    I have been diagnosed and and hurting for 3 yrs with acalculas choleyystitis, I have read that carbination is a contraindication to this desease,what say u ????thnxs

  • Coach K

    Claudia, I have heard that baking soda mixed with DMSO can penetrate and destroy breast tumors that are open and weeping fluids. Can you comment on this as it was not mentioned in any of the books.

  • sanjay

    I have been diagnosed with adenoids cystic carcinoma of left external auditory canal.The tumour was removed by surgery in April 2012. Now I am having facial palsy on my left cheek I can feel some main in inner ear also. I am taking sodium bicarbonate with water three time a day from last 2 days. Please advice.

  • Vladimir Dimitrov


    I did buy Dr. Sircus book “Humane Pediatrics” hoping to find exact dosages for children for sodium bicarbonate, but did not find any. Would you share that information, please?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Vladimir,

      There are no set dosages for using sodium bicarbonate with children as it depends on what you are trying to accomplish, whether cxancer, better alkalinity or something else. All dosages are guided by the pH readings taken each day. For children often baths are used for detoxification by putting in a tolerable amount of sodium bicarbonate. More specific dosages can be given only in consultations when Dr. Sircxus has more information about the child and the problem.
      Claudia French

      • Vladimir Dimitrov

        The reason I’m asking is that the past year my daughter had antibiotics prescribed 3 times. She is healthy now, but I would like to have a different approach the next time she gets a cold or a flu. I bought the book to educate myself on how to treat my child in a natural way and I was hoping to find detailed description on how to treat cold and flu with natural remedies. I hope you can clarify that, if not I guess I will search other resourses, because I don’t feel like I should buy all the books in your library or schedule a consultation to find the simple information I am looking for. Thank you!

        • Vladimir,

          There is a chapter in the sodium bicarbonate ebook titled Baking Soda Uses in Daily Health. In this chapter it describes the recommendation and experience of Dr. Volney Cheney about rapidly alkalinizing when the first signs of a cold or flu come about in adults and children and the rapid halting of progression within a short time…often within 24 hours. This chapter is online on Dr. Sircus’ site also right now and you can read it here. This old recommendation still works today for many….I personally use it myself with full relief of symptoms in 24 hours though children may take less than a full – grown adult.
          Since Humane Pediatrics is an older book coming ahead of the sodium bicarbonate book this chapter may not be in it but there are similar chapters from chpt. 32-38 that should give you a good idea of what would be needed and how to start. .
          Dr. Sircus would also want children to be treated adequately with iodine in place of antibiotics whenever possible as this can do away with most viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause the perceived need by allopaths for antibiotics. Have you read The End of Antibiotics? This chapter is also in the Humane Pediatrics book and while it doesn’t give specific dosages it should guide you to determining what might be best for your child. As always if more information is needed a consultation is always available.

          • Vladimir Dimitrov

            Thank you, for the thorough answer, Mrs. French!
            I do find “Humane Pediatrics” very interesting and yes I have read End of antibiotics chapter. I was searching for specific dosages for flu symptoms and the book is focused on high toxicity cases dosage which would be a bit extreme in case of flu. Before buying the book I also read the article on sodium bicarbonate use in colds and flu cases, however the dosage is for adults. I guess common sense should be applied when used with children, but I wanted to have an opinion based on Dr. Sircus’ experience. With Iodine I am a little confused, too. First the dosage mentioned on the bottle is usually too low, but then one should be careful not to over do, because it could be harmful. The dosage recommended for Iodine in the book is in grams even for children, so that raises the question for how long in case of flu the dosage 12.5 – 65 grams would be considered safe.

          • Hello Vladimir,

            Yes you will need to adjust for children’s dosing according to the problem, the child’s size, age, tolerance and many other factors. Each child is different so dosages and tolerance will be different as well.
            You said:

            The dosage recommended for Iodine in th e book i s in grams even for children, so that raises the question for how long in case of flu the dosage 12.5 – 65 grams would be considered safe.
            I’m afraid you have misunderstood about the higher dosing of iodine. The doctors who recommend using higher doses rarely use amounts of iodine in grams…..generally they recommend in milligrams as opposed to the commonly seen microgram recommendations for iodine intake.
            With extremely severe problems dosages in grams could be used but this should only be under the care of a health care provider. In the book Dr. Sircus recommends considering the dose of 12.5 -65 mg. not grams (gm)P. This is a huge difference. Please re-check the information you have looked at and if it indeed says grams instead of mg….please let me know the page and book so I can check for the possibility that an error has been made when the book was published.
            Please review the essay here:
            Even though it discusses radiation problems if you look to the second half you will see comments from other doctors about iodine doses in the reference range of 6.25-50 mg.
            If you have more questions about this or specific treatment for your child, you will need to get a consultation with Dr. Sircus.
            Claudia French

  • Hi Dr Sircus,

    I am just wondering about the molasses and baking soda. Can you suggest a recipe or ratio for that and how much would be taken a day? Thanks.

    • Dear Hella,

      The ratio of sodium bicarbonate to molasses is 1:3 one part baking soda to three parts molasses, water, or top quality maple syrup. The dosage depend on each person individually and on the daily checking of your pH to monitor how fast it goes up to necessary levels . Please read the book of Sodium Bicarbonate. The ratio given above is for cancer treatment and does not apply if using baking soda for other reasons.
      In Dr. Sircus protocol using baking soda for cancer is not a stand-alone treatment. —– Original Message —–
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      Hella Delicious
      Hi Dr Sircus,

      I am just wondering about the molasses and baking soda. Can you suggest a recipe or ratio for that and how much would be taken a day? Thanks.
      5:11 a.m., Sunday April 14

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  • Muslim

    taking baking soda (reached PH 8 urine) an attack of pain appears…in stomach … The pain is unbearable that’s why we use painkillers (the size of tumor in peritoneal carcinoma IV stage) what do
    you recommend?

  • anti_banker

    Dr Berney sounds like a complet idiot, I decided to google him and managed to find his website. Found something interesting while there and wondered what your thoughts are. He writes:
    ” In 2006, the NIH announced that for sure, when Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate, given iv, reaches a blood serum level of 350-400 mg/dL, Ascorbate acts as a pro-drug to selectively kill human cancer cells but not normal human cells. The National Institute of Health finds and reports that 14 hrs after infusion of Vitamin CThe Cancer Cells POP, a-POP-tosis, Natural Cell Death through Wellness.”
    Claudia maybe you can respond. I wonder what you and Dr Sircus’ thoughts are on this treatment with Vitamin C intravenously ?

  • teenager suffering with faaicl redness?i’m 18 years old and for as long as i can remember i’v always had a red nose and where my cheek bones are. i don’t have acne.. in fact i have pretty clear skin except for blackheads on my nose and the occasional pimple or two. does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it? i tried googling it and all what came up was ROSACEA which im positive is not what i’m suffering as it usually only targets people 30+, and i have looked at the photos and my face does NOT look like that. its not a rash i have, its just red.. even when i’m cold :S any ideas?

    • anti_banker

      Could be that you just have a rosy, healthy, young complexion.

  • Colleen

    I stopped the baking soda molasses protocol and now have a painful 2cm lesion in my L3 of my spine. I am undergoing 10 Radiation treatments but am missing my protocol. Should I wait until after the radiation to start…I don’t want to hinder my current treatment but I need the protocol to protect the rest of me. Breast cancer was bone mets

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      It would be best to consult with Dr. Sircus on this and perhpas he can work with your oncologist on what your treatment should be at this point in the midst of your radiation treatments.

  • Hendrik

    For emotional problems try EFT. It works like magic!

  • Marv

    Dr. I have a “relatively” mild case of arrthymia that my cardiologist has put me on metoprolol to balance out what appear to be random electrical charges in my heart. Is some combination of Bicarbonite or magnesium likely to A) stop the arrythimia ad B) support the elimination, over timeof the meds which are very hard to want down from.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff

      Hi Mary,

      If I were you I would try magnesium first as it has a great deal to do with the heart and arrythmias. Bicarbonate baths can help to detoxify your body from some medicines but this is more difficult and its hopeful you can get off the metropolol.

      You should read Dr. Sircus’ book The Ultimate Heart Medicine:

      • anti_banker

        I second that and say do a blood test for magnesium levels first to see if they are low and possibly causing this if that is possible (I am not sure, I’M not a doctor). It may be lack of magnesium, or even something else !

        • Magnesium deficiecies can absolutely be a cause of various arrythmias. If you have good working kidneys you do not need to have your blood tested for magnesium levels as this test will innacurately show the amount of magensium in all tissues, it only shows magnesium leves in the blood and these are very tightly controlled levels, with the body pulling magnesium from all other tissues to maintain a safe blood levels. Blood levels of magnesium are the last to show a low level of mag in the body and when this happens danger is very near and you are at risk from possibly heart attack. Dr. Sircus does not recommend getting tested for magnesium levels unless proper 24 hour urine mag. tests or red blood cell testing can be done. These give a more accurate picture of total body and cell magnesium.

          In addition, any excess magensium taken in will be excreted by healthy kidneys, so there is little danger of trying magnesium without a blood test first.

  • alison

    Dr. Sircus,
    This question is related to magnesium–not having to do with cancer. Nephew reported to emergency room with heart rate of 300. I do not know the details. He is under 30 6ft. tall, probably 200lbs. No heart related problems up to this point. I was wondering if magnesium would mitigate symptoms quickly and how best should or could he have been treated with magnesium. I was told that docs are going to cauterize a vein through his leg. I know this is sketchy info, but just wondered what your thoughts might be.
    I am a user of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil regularly and understand it’s blessing for the body. Any thouthts?

  • grumpy bear

    Andy Weil is still trying to live down his past experimentations with psychedelics,so it follows him like a shadow & he’s had to ‘tow the line’.He makes a decent living on PBS,& selling supplements,etc. Simoncini had his med license pulled by the Italian gov’t because of too much exposure which became a threat to ‘std drug protocols’ for M.D.’s. You can’t patent sod-bicarb but you can patent GMO,aka,frakenfoods,just don’t tell the public its GMO.That’s my rant for now. Thanks Mark!

  • Mariah Adams, R.N.

    Thanks so much for stepping over the abyss. I was wondering if you agree with the use of Magnesium Oil in conjunction with your formula, and what is your feeling on the use of Boron as well?

    I run a non-profit (Gateway Alternatives Ministry) in Colorado, and work very privately. I am also a Medical Intuitive and have some very interesting stories, particularly about people who choose dying based on fear, and the inability to see a solution to their problem (s). What I would like to find is an easy remedy to heal the psyche. Not many want to descend into Gilgamesh’s world.

    • Claudia – IMVA Staff


      Absolutely the use of magnesium chloride is a vital commponent of Dr. Sircus’ protocol and is recommended for use as the number one most important supplement. Dr. Sircus and the IMVA advocate the use of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil over any other form of magnesium for its ease in use, its better safety and quicker and faster bioavailability over oral magnesium products.

      Dr. Sircus has written much on this and I encourage you to read his book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy:

      and visit our site Magnesiumforlife to read the wealth of information posted there as well: